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All My Children Transcript Thursday 11/13/08


Episode #10,001
Written by Charles Pratt, Jr., Chip Hayes, Daran Little, Tracey Thomson, Addie Walsh, & Jeff Beldner

Provided by Boo
Proofread by Gisele

Erica: Colby, good morning. Join me for breakfast?

Colby: Hi. What are you doing here?

Erica: Oh, didn't your father tell you?

Colby: Tell me what?

Adam: Erica's moved in with us.

[Adam laughs]

Adam: Oh, my God. How do you manage to look as spectacular this early in the morning as you did last night?

Colby: Ok, ok. I'm going to wake up now.

Reese: And I thought we could take advantage of having to replace the structural beam and just open up the area right over here.

Zach: In here?

Reese: Yep. What do you think?

Zach: I -- I'm impressed. That's very good.

Reese: Great. You know, I could oversee construction, if you wanted me to, that is.

Zach: You serious?

Reese: Well, yeah.

Zach: Can I afford you?

Reese: Oh. Well, I could give you the family discount.

Zach: I guess that means you are going to stay a little while longer.

Reese: Yeah.

Zach: I'm glad.

Reese: Yeah, we are, too. Hey, did, um, Bianca talk to you about the christening? Because we wanted to make sure you were going to be there.

Zach: Who's going to keep me away?

[Baby cries]

Reese: Oh, ok. You know what? Why don't you go on to the office, and I'll meet you there. I want to check on Bianca. She was up all night with Gaby.

Zach: Sounds good.

Reese: All right. See you later.

Bianca: Oh, God.

Reese: Hi.

Bianca: I'm sorry, what? Who said that? Who are you and what are you doing in my nightmare?

[Waves crashing]

Aidan: You get any sleep last night?

Greenlee: Not much. It's been two days. We haven't heard anything. What if he found the kidnapper? What if he --

Aidan: Killed Ryan? Can't even say it, can you? Because if they killed Ryan, that would kill you.

Ryan: You want to tell us how long it's going to take to fix the plane?

Man: I don't know if I'm going to be able to, señor. The tools I have on board, they don't reach the connector of the broken fuel line.

Ryan: Well, then can you call for another plane?

Man: The radio was broken in the landing, and I have no cell phone. Do you?

Ryan: The battery is dead. You?

Annie: I -- I told you. The kidnapper took mine.

Ryan: This is -- this is -- this is just great. This is great. This is what I want you to do. I want you to get whatever you need, get whatever you need, go outside, fix the plane, and get us out of here.

Annie: I'll go help him. We'll get out of here, Ryan. We will, I promise.

Ryan: Ok, all right. I'm just going to stay here and cool off a little bit, ok? You go ahead.

Annie: Ok.

Greenlee: Please, God, let him be safe. Let him come back. Let him find his little girl.

[Phone rings]

Aidan: It's him.

Greenlee: Ryan?

Ryan: Yeah.

Greenlee: Oh, I thought something happened to you.

Ryan: No, I'm ok.

Greenlee: What about Emma?

Ryan: We haven't found her yet. I don't have a lot of time. Can you get Aidan on the phone please?

Greenlee: Please be safe.

Aidan: Where are you?

Ryan: Some God-forsaken island off the coast. Annie had a lead on a hotel on one of these islands except the pilot of the charter claimed that we had a fuel leak, and we had to land here.

Aidan: He claimed? What, you don't believe him?

Ryan: I don't know. I don't know. I don't know. I'll tell you one thing that I do believe -- that Annie is in on this. I think she planned the whole kidnapping.

Adam: Erica is a guest in our house, Colby. You will treat her accordingly.

Colby: I'm sorry. This just really took me by surprise.

Adam: Mm-hmm.

Colby: I've got to get going.

Adam: Sorry about that.

Erica: Her life has been turned upside down, and she obviously has the wrong impression of what I'm doing here.

Adam: Oh, does she? Hmm.

Erica: She obviously thinks I'm pursuing you.

Adam: And you aren't?

Erica: Adam, you're the one who had my things moved in here.

Adam: Oh, just anticipating your desires. I left my door ajar last night thinking you might want to come pay me a visit.

Erica: Funny. I was thinking you might want to pay me a visit last night. That's why I double bolted mine.

Reese: Let me go get you some juice.

Bianca: No, no. I don't need juice.

Reese: But I feel guilty.

Bianca: No.

Reese: Oh, honey. I have a meeting with the contractor at, like, now actually, but I'm not going to go unless it's ok with you.

Bianca: No, it's fine.

Reese: You've got four kids here with you.

Bianca: I know. It's good though. Rachel will be here soon. She's going to take Miranda to school. We're fine.

Reese: Yeah?

Bianca: Mm-hmm.

Reese: All right. Well, will you try and get some rest when Gaby sleeps?

Bianca: Mm-hmm. Try to stop me.

Reese: I love you.

Bianca: Mm, I love you, too.

Reese: Just call me if you need me, all right?

Bianca: Ok.

Reese: Bye, sweetie.

[Baby cries]

Bianca: Ugh. You've got to be kidding me. Yes, yes, yes. I'm coming. God.

[Phone rings]

Bianca: Hello? What? Oh, Rachel, no. You are? Ugh.

Jake: Hey. How long has she been at it?

Man: I got paged at dawn.

Jake: Why don't you take a little break and eat something?

Taylor: Hey, put that back.

Jake: I just was going to give it to you to refuel.

Taylor: Put it back. I will get up, and I will get it when I can get out of the bed by myself.

Tad: Fact is I've been thinking a lot about what you said.

Frankie: About what?

Tad: About all the reasons that Taylor's fiancée doesn't want her to know that he's alive. While maybe I don't approve of what Brot is doing, you know, you're absolutely right. I have no idea of comprehending what you two went through over there.

Frankie: I saw him at the V.A. Hospital. I talked to Brot.

Tad: And?

Frankie: And it didn't go well. I screwed it up. He left, just disappeared. No one at the hospital has any idea where he went.

Woman: Taylor Thompson? Just a moment. She's in Room 325. Would you like me to connect you? Hello? Hello?

Tad: Frankie, how bad was it? I mean, what exactly happened at that hospital?

Frankie: I lost my cool. I told him that he was selfish for letting Taylor think he was dead. Right. I guess I'm not the right guy to be having that rational discussion with him, but I made it personal. Scratch that. It is personal, but I should have known better. I mean, this man, he's in a world of pain, and I don't need to be pressing him like that.

Tad: Don't start beating yourself up. Just out of curiosity, what are we going to do now?

Frankie: Yeah, I don't know. I mean, if I tell Taylor, what's next? We may not even be able to find him, and if we do, he could end up pushing Taylor away. She's just now getting her fight back, and God only knows what this news would do to her right now.

Tad: It's a tough call.

Frankie: Yeah. Maybe she's better off not knowing, but how do I hold a secret like that and still have her as a friend?

Jake: How is she really doing?

Taylor: You can ask me. Don't bother him. I'm sitting right here. Look, watch. Let me do this myself. Watch this. Huh? Paralysis my ass, huh?

Jake: You're like a little kid at the swimming pool. "Look at me, look at me." It's very impressive. I'm just -- I'm just saying that I -- you should maybe, she should maybe take a little --

Taylor: Come over to this side. You come here. All right, I don't care if I have to go around looking like a drunken sailor. I want to go for a walk around the corridor. Come here.

Jake: I'm just thinking you're pushing it a little too hard, you know?

Taylor: Help or leave.

Erica: Well, thank you for breakfast, Adam, but now I really do have to go upstairs and pack. I have to get going.

Adam: Pack?

Erica: Yes, pack. I told you I was only going to stay here for one night, Adam, and besides I -- I'm doing a press tour for Fusion. I'm leaving first thing in the morning, and I'm going to take a side trip to visit Kendall.

Adam: Are you, um, going to miss me?

Erica: You just don't give up, do you?

Adam: No, I calls 'em like I sees 'em.

Erica: Is that what you was doin' when, uh, you told Jackson that you were in love with me? That we're in love?

Adam: Well, I -- I thought that he should know so he doesn't -- doesn't get all bent out of shape trying to get the two of you back together.

Erica: Adam, I'm afraid it's you who's all bent out of shape. Ok, how can I put this to you in a way that you will actually understand? I don't love you.

Adam: Oh.

Erica: I never have, and I never will.

Adam: What -- what if I were the last man on earth?

Erica: I'd have to become a nun.

[Adam laughs]

Adam: Yes, well, you would manage to make the nun's wimple look like, um, haute couture. Hey, how about dinner tonight? I'd like to give you a bon voyage.

Erica: All right.

Colby: Erica Kane just moved into my house.

Pete: Whoa.

Colby: She and my dad tried to convince me it wasn't like that, but I'm not stupid. They've been scoping each other out for months.

Pete: Still, they are adults. They must know what they're doing. They've got, like, 43 marriages between them.

Colby: It's childish and wrong. Why do people leap into relationships knowing they're a mistake going in?

Pete: The heart trumps the brain, I guess.

Colby: Or something does. I made that mistake once. Never again. The next time I hook up with someone, it's going to be for the right reason.

Pete: I feel the same way.

Aidan: Why would you think Annie's behind all of this?

Ryan: You said yourself it doesn't add up. I mean, how was Annie able to make all those phone calls to us?

Aidan: Ryan, Annie was shot.

Ryan: Yeah, but even that -- I mean, the bullet wound is -- is too perfect, you know? It's as if she planned it. The bullet didn't hit any bones, any arteries, ok? And even though she's been shot, Annie still wants to deal with this on her own with no cops, ok? And then all of a sudden, conveniently, we end up on a deserted island with no radio, no fuel. Ok, think about it. Too many variables here don't add up at all. I honestly think Annie planned this so that we would be alone, and we would become closer.

Aidan: Well, maybe you're right, so what do you want to do now? How do you want to handle this?

Ryan: The important thing is -- is that we need to find Emma. We need to make sure she's safe. Ok, so Annie mentioned a hotel at Pine Key. It's called the Palm Hotel. Ok, I need you to go there and find Emma and make sure she's safe. All right. I'll take care of Annie.

Aidan: Got it.

Greenlee: What? What's going on?

Aidan: Ryan thinks Annie's been playing him.

Annie: The pilot's still searching, but -- but it doesn't look like there's anything that could help us. We may be stuck here, Ryan, and Emma is still out there somewhere alone. I'm just -- I'm starting to get really scared.

Ryan: We'll find her. I promise.

Bianca: Nope, you're not going to school today. Poor thing. Why don't you crawl back into bed again, and I'll come up in a few minutes and give you some juice.

Miranda: No, I want to stay here.

Bianca: Oh, ok. Oh, oh, no no no no no. Oof, Ian. Why didn't you tell me you needed to be changed? What is this, like the fifth time? Oh, buddy.

Colby: I hate doing this.

Pete: I -- I understand. It's cool. You know, it takes two, after all.

Colby: Yeah, I'm sorry. I'm already late reporting in. I'll see you.

Tad: You know, kiddo, from where I'm standing, it seems to me like your good friend Brot put you in a hell of a position.

Frankie: Yeah, but you know what? I can't even blame him for it. I mean, he was the one who's had his whole life and flesh blown away. He's the one living through his own hell. Me? I'm one of the lucky ones.

Tad: Well, for what it's worth, I'll play this thing any way you want me to play it. You just let me know if you want me to start looking for him. You can always call your uncle Thaddeus if you feel like talking about anything, ok?

Frankie: Thanks.

Taylor: Frankie.

Jake: Hold this up.

Taylor: Help. I need you to step in. First Eric had to leave and now Oliver has to. Thank you. I'm going to let the grunt take over for five minutes.

Jake: We created a monster, that's all I'm telling you.

Taylor: Ok, I need to rest a minute, and then you boys are walking me all the way to Philadelphia and back. I have a hankerin' for a cheese steak.

Erica: Hi.

Bianca: Hi.

Erica: What is going on?

Bianca: Well, the babysitter's sick, Miranda has a cold, but apparently is feeling better since she decided that she wanted to take over Kendall's cosmetics empire. Spike has decided that his word of the day is "scream." Ian pees like Niagara Falls with just as much consistency and volume, and little Gabrielle here is an insatiable lactose vampire, and everybody wants an early lunch. Hi, Mom. How are you today?

Erica: Where's Reese?

Bianca: She's busy. Zach needs her to help do this massive rebuilding project.

Erica: Well, forget about Zach. You need her.

Reese: Oh, Zach Slater, Chris Pax. Chris is the best damn contractor east of the Mississippi.

Zach: Hey. Chris: Hi. Nice to meet you, Mr. Slater. You figure out what you want to do here?

Zach: Yeah. Get it done. Reese is in charge.

Chris: I'll get busy budgeting these out. Miss Williams, we'll be in touch.

Reese: Yep, thank you. Well, that's very impressive.

Zach: I don't mess around.

Reese: I'm not going to let you down.

Zach: I know that. Well, get going. Find yourself a place and, uh, crack the whip. I've got work to do.

Reese: All right. Hmm.

[Mutters indistinctively]

Reese: Yes, yes, yes. Whoops.

Zach: Hello, beautiful. Told you I'd talk to you every morning, every afternoon, and every night, so I hope the doctors play this for you like they're supposed to. All right, uh, it's Thursday, beautiful day, I'm at the office. It's a bit of a mess, but, um, it'll be good. Spike and Ian are getting bigger every day, and I love you so much and I miss you, and the Wings keep turning the puck over in the neutral zone, and I don't know what that's all about, but --

Aidan: We can't get a flight out of here until tonight.

Greenlee: Just when I thought Annie wasn't as crazy as I thought she was. This is insane. Look at what she's put Ryan through, what she's put her own daughter through.

Aidan: What she's put Ryan through? You don't think Ryan has had any part in this? You think he's innocent? Ryan's pretty much driven Annie crazy.

Greenlee: What are you talking about?

Aidan: You weren't there, Greenlee, when Ryan seduced her. I was, all right? Living at Wildwind with Annie, he pushed her, ok? He pushed her -- he pushed her real hard, and she didn't want to get involved, but he just kept on pushing, romancing the hell out of her. He told her, "I'll be there for you forever and ever and always love you," so she finally gives in. She finally gives him her heart, and he just tosses her away like some used beer bottle. If Annie had anything to do with this, well then she's wrong for what she's done, but Ryan is just as guilty for what he's done to her.

Annie: I couldn't have survived this without you.

Ryan: I, um, I feel the same way.

Annie: Do you mean that?

Ryan: Yes. Yes I do.

[Phone rings]

Aidan: Annie, Ryan is on to you. Come on, pick up.

[Phone rings]

[Phone rings]

Aidan: Annie, is that you?

Taylor: Wait, wait, wait, wait. Hub, I do have some feeling back in that part of my body. Watch your hands!

Frankie: I'm just checking.

Jake: Paging Dr. Octopus. Paging Dr. Octopus. Are you ready?

Frankie: All right.

Jake: Five, six, seven, eight --

Frankie: My grip, my grip, please. Please, we don't want to drop her.

Jake: All right, on one.

Taylor: You guys are going to do the work, right?

Jake: On one, what?

Taylor: That was good.

Jake: And two. I'm good, and one. And two. Bet you didn't know I could count that high. One.

Taylor: You needed some help -- a little.

Jake: And two. That's the spirit. That's good.

Taylor: Ow.

Jake: We're having a rest. That's good, my back is going out.

Taylor: Going down, going down, going down, going down!

Jake: You all right?

[Taylor laughs]

Jake: Oh, my.

Frankie: Look at you. Trying to throw yourself into next week or what?

Taylor: Please. Even in basic training, you couldn't keep up with me.

Frankie: Ah, whatever.

Jake: Elevate her up.

Frankie: And up we go.

Taylor: Hi.

Jake: Oh. [Imitating Cary Grant] Well, hello.

Taylor: Hi.

Jake: Pleased to meet you. [Normal voice] You can leave now.

Frankie: I'm sorry.

Jake: I'm only kidding.

Adam: Pull out all the stops, André. I want this to be a dinner this woman will never forget.

André: Yes, sir.

[Door opens and closes]

Adam: Ah, Colby's not here.

Pete: Yeah, no kidding.

Adam: Oh, you're here about the, uh -- the, um, lawsuit? Well, that's -- it's over. It's over. Erica's taken us off her list.

Pete: How'd you manage that?

Adam: Well, it should be obvious. She's smitten with me.

Pete: Really?

Adam: Yeah, really.

[Pete and Adam laugh]

Pete: Do you like her?

Adam: She amuses me.

Pete: How so?

Adam: Well, Erica claims that she has no feelings for me at all. Now you'll find as you get older and have a little more experience at reading the signals that women are basically transparent. The more they protest, the more they really care.

Pete: Really? Do you believe that?

Adam: Son, you're listening to a man of experience. This is the challenge, to get a woman to admit that she actually loves you. You have to romance them until they finally break like a wild horse. And once that happens, they're yours.

Erica: Thank you so very much for coming by so quickly. Ok, I'll give you lay of the land. First of all, Spike is a two-year-old boy. He's upstairs playing. Miranda is the four-year-girl, and she's taking a nap right now. She has a cold, so please keep an eye on her. Just let her sleep. And Ian is the one-year-old. Just to let you know, he seems to need his diapers changed frequently. Ok, and over there in the bassinet, that's the newborn. My daughter has actually put some milk aside for her next few feedings.

Nanny: We're on it.

Erica: Ok, thank you.

Bianca: Hello. Thank you so much for coming.

Nanny: Our pleasure, miss.

Bianca: Ah, thank you, thank you, thank you.

Erica: Oh, you are so, so welcome. And I want you just to know that they come with the highest recommendation possible from people I actually know. Oh, oh, honey. You missed some of Miranda's makeover. Ok, here you go.

Bianca: Ah, thank you.

Erica: So the reason I actually came over here in the first place is because -- yeah, that's it, it's gone. The reason I actually came over here in the first place is because I wanted to ask you to stand in for me at Fusion while I go in this press junket. But seeing all you've got going on here, I know that you are the one who needs some help. And you have to let Reese know that.

Bianca: Oh, Mother, it's ok. It's not as though she flaked out on me. I insisted that she go.

Erica: Well, I just hope that she's not taking advantage of your good nature.

Bianca: I love her. She's everything I've ever wanted in a partner, and I know that she feels the same way about me. We have a beautiful daughter together. Miranda adores her. We're getting married. She is the love of my life.

Erica: I just want you to be happy.

Bianca: Well, good. Your wish is granted. Reese makes me very happy.

Annie: What are you thinking?

Ryan: I was just thinking about how we got here, about what went wrong. You know, and I'm not just talking about Emma. I'm talking about with us, too. I ruined it. I mean, we were really happy, and I screwed the whole thing up.

Annie: It wasn't just you. I've done a lot of things that I regret, too.

Ryan: Well, you did those things because you were trying to save our family, because -- because you love me.

Annie: I still do love you.

Ryan: I know, and I turned my back on you.

Annie: Because you still love Greenlee. What? What, what is it? Ryan, please. Talk to me.

Greenlee: Why are you calling Annie's cell?

Aidan: To see if she'll answer. To see if Ryan's right. Maybe get her to slip up.

Greenlee: Ryan's handling her.

Aidan: Ryan's emotionally involved, and if this is one of Annie's schemes, and Ryan slips up and lets on that he suspects her, then God knows what she's going to do and what it will mean for Emma.

Greenlee: Yeah, well it's a moot point. You're going to have to let him deal with it. She left her phone here. Wait a minute. She left her phone here. Maybe there's evidence on here that she's behind all of this, like people that she's called, like phone calls that she's --

Jake: I'll be back.

[Frankie sighs]

Taylor: Ok, he's gone. We're finally alone. You can talk to me. It's just you and me. What's bugging you?

Frankie: Ghosts.

Taylor: Anyone in particular?

Frankie: How's your head these days?

Taylor: About?

Frankie: Brot.

Taylor: I'd say better than it was. Is that who you've been thinking about?

Frankie: I've been thinking about them all, Taylor.

Taylor: I'm beginning to see some light. I mean, it's a pinpoint -- it's just a pinpoint. But Jake -- Jake figured out something about me. I wanted to go back to the desert not to fight...but to die. And then this happened, and, um, not only could I not go back there, I couldn't go anywhere. It's like having to go on living but not really wanting to.

Frankie: What pulled you out?

Taylor: Well, I did. But with a lot of help from Jake. And I realized I have a right to a life even if Brot lost his. I loved him. I will always love him. But I know that. He knew that. Brot is gone, but I'm still here. And I'm getting to a place where I think I can live with that.

[Knock on door]

Zach: Come on in.

Reese: Hey.

Zach: Hey. How are you doing with the contractor?

Reese: Oh, everything's going great. They're going to start tomorrow, and we are working on a time schedule, so all the subs I lined up and ready to go. Ideally, there will be no downtime waiting on any department.

Zach: Good.

Reese: You know, um -- wow, just looking at you now, you -- you kind of remind me of someone.

Zach: Who?

Reese: A man that I love very much.

Erica: Oh.

Adam: Well, you're -- you're early. Very early.

Erica: Oh, no, actually I'm running late, Adam. I'm doing a talk show in New York in the morning, so actually I'm going to have to leave this afternoon.

Adam: What do you -- you can't do that. I've been preparing an amazing dinner. Millions of flowers, a string quartet, I've got a bunch of candles -- no. And you just missed the jeweler.

Erica: The jeweler?

Adam: Um, here. Might as well open it now.

Erica: Oh, Adam. It's very nice.

Adam: Tell you, I'd love to see it on you.

Erica: All right.

Erica: It's so beautiful.

Adam: Yes.

Erica: Can you see it?

Adam: Ok. Yes, yes.

Adam: Stay with me here. Erica, be with me.

[Erica and Adam kiss]

Erica: Adam. This is really spectacular. But I'm afraid I do have to leave.

Adam: Erica, Erica, come upstairs with me right now.

Erica: Adam, Adam, I'll be back. Promise.

Frankie: I'm proud of you, L.T. I am. And Brot, he would be, too.

Taylor: Thank you, Hub.

Jake: Hey, look what I got you. A long distance runner and energy bar.

Taylor: Running. Didn't I see a sign out there -- a marathon that they run here in town?

Frankie: Yeah, yeah, the hospital sponsors one every spring.

Taylor: Spring, that's perfect. That's perfect. I can sign up for that.

Jake: Are you serious?

Taylor: I am dead serious. I'll tell you something. You're going to run it with me, and I'm going to bet you money, Martin. Not only -- not only am I going to run that marathon, I'm going to win it. Huh? Well, that is if the Army's not begging to have me back by then.

Pete: Excuse me. Have you seen Colby Chandler?

Nurse: She's still on duty, I believe. I haven't seen her in a little while, though. Dr. Welman, you're needed in radiology. Dr. Welman to Radiology, please.

[Overhead speaker squeals]

Pete: Colby Chandler, it's me, Pete Cortlandt. I love you, Colby.

Colby: Sir, sir? I'll get a doctor.

Brot: No, don't.

Zach: A man you love? Wow, that is a loaded statement, and I'm going to need some clarification, please.

Reese: Ah, my father.

Zach: Oh, that's -- that's weird. I like him already.

Zach: Daddy. Well, do you know that my parents actually have the love story of the century? My mother is a concert violinist, and my father went to one of her concerts one night. She's first chair, playing Vivaldi. And he fell in love with her from Row D.

Zach: And I can't wait to meet them. Are they coming to the christening?

Reese: No, mm-mm. I don't talk to my parents anymore. Actually, um, they don't talk to me.

Zach: Why?

Reese: Why do you think? When I told them that I was a lesbian, it kind of destroyed the little world they'd made up in their mind for me. They shut me out. They basically don't talk to me anymore or acknowledge my existence.

Greenlee: Why won't you let me look at Annie's call list?

Aidan: Well, sometimes you don't think before you act, ok? This may be a phone, but it's just like a computer. And like a computer, you press a few wrong buttons, and you can erase everything. I need to download the phone's eprom to my laptop before you start messing around with any of the little numbers.

Annie: What are you thinking about? You're thinking about Greenlee, aren't you?

Ryan: No, I'm thinking about us. I'm thinking about what we lost.

Annie: It's all I ever think about.

Ryan: I know. I wish...

Annie: What? What?

[Ryan kisses Annie]

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