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All My Children Transcript Thursday 11/6/08


Episode #9996
Written by Charles Pratt, Jr., Rebecca Taylor, Daran Little, Tracey Thomson, Addie Walsh, & Jeff Beldner

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Taylor: Rise and shine.

Jake: Who took my wallet?

Taylor: You snore. You laugh. You snort.

Jake: I'm sorry. You didn't get any sleep? Good.

Taylor: Could you get up and come over here, because I'd just love to kick your --

Jake: You know what? You don't get to sleep. I'm the doctor, so I'm the boss of you, and I say no sleep.

Bianca: No change?

Zach: No.

Bianca: You know, my mom talked to the specialist again. She's convinced that she can bring Kendall out of the coma.

Zach: Yeah? Well, then the good doctor can do it here.

Bianca: That's where her team is and her equipment. She -- she needs Kendall to go there.

Zach: She's not going anywhere.

Bianca: Zach, what if she --

Zach: Back off!

Ryan: Yeah, our -- our plane just landed, and we're supposed to be hooking up with another charter from Pine Valley.

Man: I'm sorry, sir, but I don't know anything about that.

Ryan: The flight should have landed within the last 24 hours. Can you please check your records?

Man: I'm not at liberty to divulge --

Ryan: Listen to me. My wife and daughter were on that plane, ok? And they're in danger, and you are going to help us. Do you understand that?

Tad: Hey, Frankie? You got a second?

Frankie: Not if my dad sent you.

Tad: Oh, no, not about that, Babe. Listen, uh, it's about your tour of duty. You know, your unit in Iraq?

Frankie: What about it?

Tad: Do you by any chance have a friend, a buddy, that might have ended up at the V.A. Hospital at Bethesda?

Jake: Do I have bed head?

Taylor: Why don't you just leave? What are you doing?

Jake: Why? You got gum? Or one of those things that you open, and you go --

Taylor: All right, you -- you got to get out. You -- you got to get out.

Jake: Oh-oh. Memory loss. That's bad, Vern. Write that down. "Memory loss." All right, you know what? We should review. That's what we need to do. Here's the story. I walk out of here when you tell me you're ready to walk out of here.

Jake: Uh-uh. It's just you and me.

Taylor: This is ridiculous. I get to choose my treatment or to not have my treatment. I get to choose that.

Jake: Right, you get to choose that because you're not a victim, although you do kind of look a little bit like a victim at the moment.

Taylor: You can't make me. What are you doing now?

Jake: Blocking out the light, because where you're going, you don't need light, grave and all that. And this here? Meds? You don't need these. Too much swallowing involved. It's a lot of work, every day, swallowing.

Taylor: Oh, my God. You are crazy.

Jake: I'm crazy? I'm crazy? I'm trying to help you achieve your goal here.

Frankie: Why the interest in some guy from my unit?

Tad: Well, it's kind of unusual, but I got hired by somebody, you know, "somebody," who wants me to keep an eye on Taylor Thompson.

Frankie: He didn't leave a name?

Tad: No name.

Frankie: That's weird.

Tad: Yeah, it is. That's one of the reasons why I haven't gone to her with it yet.

Frankie: Hmm. So you're investigating a guy who's investigating Taylor? You think he's trouble?

Tad: No, no. It's just that I -- I don't -- I don't get that feeling, but I would like to know what's up with the secrecy.

Frankie: Why do you think he's Army?

Tad: Well, see, I was able to trace one phone call back to a -- a phone at the -- the V.A. Hospital at Bethesda. Any ideas at all?

Frankie: There was a guy, Tim Richardson, who was at Bethesda. I tried to go visit him, but he's in really bad shape. He's not having any visitors.

Tad: R -- Richardson?

Frankie: Yeah.

Tad: That is -- that is great, Babe. That's great.

Frankie: Yeah, and if you see Tim, tell him he owes me from the last poker game, and I want my money, all right?

Tad: I will do that.

Frankie: All right. Hey, let me know what you find out.

Tad: Absolutely, baby.

[Frankie chuckles]

[Elevator sounds]

Reese: Oh, perfect.

Jack: Well, thank you. That's the nicest thing anybody's said to me all day.

Reese: Tall, and I like that in a man.

Jack: Mm.

Reese: Especially when I need help measuring something.

Jack: Ah.

Reese: Hmm?

Jack: Ulterior motive.

[Reese laughs]

Jack: Here you go.

Reese: Oh, you got it? I'm thinking about raising it just to create more scale.

Jack: Well, scale is always good as far as I'm concerned.

Reese: All right, 10'6", 10'6". You're Jackson Montgomery, aren't you? I recognize you from Bianca's photo albums. I'm Reese.

Jack: You're Reese, of course.

Reese: I know.

Jack: I've seen pictures, too. Nice to meet you. You're Bianca's partner?

Reese: No, fiancée.

Jack: Ooh, fiancée. That deserves a hug. Come here. Welcome to the family.

Reese: Thank you, thank you.

Jack: Aw, nice to see you.

Reese: It's so nice to meet you.

Jack: Yes, thanks. You, too.

[Amanda sighs]

Amanda: This place feels so empty without Babe.

Jack: Amanda. Krystal, I am so, so sorry.

Krystal: Yeah, thank you.

Jack: Sure.

Amanda: Here, I'll -- I'll walk you to your car.

Krystal: Ok, thanks.

Erica: Oh, Amanda? Amanda. I need office supplies, lots of them.

Amanda: Oh, uh, Randi takes care of that.

Erica: Well, Randi's not here, and you are. Thank you. And then, on your way back, could you pick up my dry cleaning? It's at Bernard's. Thank you.

Jack: So -- how's Kendall?

Erica: Well, there's no change. We are praying for her, of course. Have you met Reese?

Jack: Actually, Reese and I are old door-measuring buddies already. I saw your press conference.

Erica: Well, then you know that I will do everything I possibly can to protect my daughter's interests. Actually, I have already started. The class-action suit against Fusion has already been taken care of.

Jack: Because you announced you're at the helm?

Erica: Well, I actually had a little help.

Bianca: I know Kendall recovered here before, but she's not pregnant now. There are other drugs they can try. There are other techniques.

Zach: My wife is already beyond my reach. I'm not going to send her hundreds of miles away.

Bianca: Well, what if she could come back to us?

J.R.: What if she doesn't? And if you think it's forever, you blink. You turn around. You look away. It's gone. "Till death do us part." It's not just words any longer.

Zach: I'm sorry about Babe.

J.R.: Look, don't make my mistake, ok? Hold onto Kendall. Don't let go, don't look away, and don't always assume that you have tomorrow. Get off me, Hayward.

David: Babe's death was not your fault. I was wrong to blame you. Holding Kendall's hand might make you feel good, but it's not going to make her better. I know Dr. Farrington. She is the best. So if you want your wife back, you should put her on the next plane to Canada.

Bianca: He loves Kendall so much.

David: Hmm, enough to let her go for a while?

Bianca: We've already lost so much. J.R., if you need anything --

J.R.: Yeah, thank you.

David: I thought you and my grandson would be walking the beaches of San Diego by now.

J.R.: Oh, give it up, Hayward. I know what you're up to.

Ryan: Now, for the last time, I need you to tell me when that plane landed. You check your records.

Man: Sir, I cannot help you. If you do not unhand me, I'll call security.

Aidan: Hey, you two. Excuse -- excuse me. You have to forgive my friend. His wife just left him, took their kid. He's -- he's a little edgy. Come here.

Ryan: What are you doing? We need that information?

Aidan: Yeah, but there are better ways to do it than that.

Greenlee: We'll find them, Ryan.

Ryan: How? How, you guys? My daughter is missing, ok? And we have nothing at all.

Aidan: Hey, excuse me. You mind telling me why you're watching us?

Jack: So, Adam, let me see if I've got this right. You dropped your lawsuit against Fusion, and you convinced the other plaintiffs to settle out of court. Just doesn't seem like you to back away from a fight like that.

Adam: I have more important things to fight for now.

Erica: Without the lawsuits, we can focus all of our legal energy on working with the FDA to close that investigation. I've already set up a meeting.

Jack: Has Greenlee approved of that?

Erica: I didn't ask her.

Jack: Well, maybe you should. She owns 50% of Fusion.

Erica: But she didn't even stay in town during this crisis. She's off somewhere with Ryan.

Jack: Uh -- be that as it may, and you need to slow down a little bit. This is not a one-woman show.

Erica: Who better than I to take a cosmetics company right to the top?

Jack: And who could dispute that? The thing is, Erica, it's not your company. You're acting by legal proxy.

Erica: For my daughter, and Kendall would agree with all of my decisions.

Jack: Yeah, but what about my daughter, huh?

Adam: Fusion would be in Chapter 11 right now if Erica hadn't stepped in.

Reese: Um, not that an architect's opinion matters in the world of high finance, but I think what Erica is doing is brilliant.

Adam: Well, who is this astute young woman?

Reese: I'm Reese Williams, and you must be Adam Chandler.

Adam: An architect?

Reese: I'm working on the, uh, remodeling of Erica's new office.

Erica: Reese is actually Bianca's fiancée.

Adam: Fascinating.

J.R.: The new and improved David Hayward. Dedicated doctor, selfless philanthropist. How long till you rip into the flesh and start eating Pine Valley?

David: You can believe what you want, Junior. I'm just trying to try to live the life I should have when Babe was alive.

J.R.: Oh. Obvious has never been one of your choices. What, you think you're going to do a few good deeds, going to get custody of my son? Well, I think not. That's not going to happen, just like this Babe Hayward wing.

David: Well, I am putting up a lot of money. I should have my name somewhere, right?

J.R.: Yeah, well, I'm on the board. I'll block your name. Hell, I'll get you fired.

David: All right, look. I get the hate. I really do. I blamed you for Babe's death. I made all kinds of threats. I was out of control, but I'm trying to turn over a new leaf here.

J.R.: Nobody changes that fast, especially you.

David: I'm not out for revenge, Junior, and I don't want custody of Little A. I swear on Babe's memory.

J.R.: You never even knew Babe.

Krystal: Hmm. Your new leaf isn't going over so well, is it?

David: Well, I guess talking's not going to convince J.R., but, eventually, he'll see I've changed and hopefully ease up on the attacks.

Krystal: J.R. mention that he's staying in town?

David: No. Thank you.

Krystal: Oh, it was -- it was his decision.

David: Yeah, right. I'm sure you had something to do with it. Well, I just hope he doesn't try to interfere with Babe's hospital wing.

Krystal: Hospital wing?

David: Yeah, I met with the board. I'm donating the money in Babe's memory.

Krystal: Oh, oh, my God. Thank you.

Man: May I help you?

Tad: Yeah, yeah, sure. I'm sorry. I, um, I'm looking for a soldier, a patient, a guy named Richardson, Tim Richardson. Well, is it possible for me to see him?

Man: I'm sorry. Only family's allowed. He's on complete life support, has been for months.

Tad: Huh.

Man: Would you excuse me? Welcome.

Woman: Thank you for having us.

Man: Absolutely. You want to go ahead and come meet everybody?

Woman: Yes.

Man: Folks?

Woman: Hello, my name's Kate.

Tad: Um, sir? Excu -- um, I'm just wondering what's the deal. What's up?

Man: They're doing a segment on Iraq vets. Several of our patients have agreed to be interviewed. They served their country. Too many end up here. Lives changed forever. They want to tell their stories.

Taylor: I am seriously going to have to register a complaint against you. This isn't normal.

Jake: Shh --

[Spanish dialog in background]

Taylor: You don't even know what they're saying.

Jake: You don't really need to understand the words. It's about a woman -- obviously talking about a woman. No, it's a donkey they're talking -- no, it's a woman.

Taylor: I think they're doctors fighting over a patient. See how egomaniacal? They're trying to save the world, obviously overcompensating.

Jake: That's what you're getting out of this? No, it's -- it's a woman. Listen, and this guy right here, he's a good guy, and he's trying to defend her honor. He's the one that she should fall in love with. This guy right here? He's the bad guy. He's -- he's like, you know, Mr. Sleazebag, "I sleep with everybody," you know, break-your-heart guy, this one.

Taylor: You have no clue what is going on up there.

Jake: Yes, I do. It's about a woman. Pfft, clown.

[Speaking Spanish on TV]

Jake: He's going for a gun. He's got a gun, he's got a gun! Oh.

[Speaking Spanish on TV]

Jake: It's good stuff, right? It's good.

Taylor: It's crap.

Jake: Crap? No, no, it's about a woman. They're -- it's always about a woman. Unless its about a bullfighter or a toreador or a matador, you know, machismo types, not the ones that wear tights and twinkly shirts and ballet shoes. What's that right there? What was that? It was a laugh?

Taylor: You better stop.

Jake: No, I think it was a laugh. Definitely heard something.

Taylor: No.

Jake: Was it a snort? Wasn't a snort. It's a laugh, see? The patient lives.

Krystal: I figured I'd give you a little time to cool down. There's a lot of rage boiling underneath that grief.

J.R.: David's trouble.

Krystal: He has been more than trouble.

J.R.: He's not anymore? You can't seriously believe that.

Krystal: Babe's death has changed him.

J.R.: He tried to kill me.

Krystal: That was just his grief. What heart David had belonged to Babe. She owned it.

J.R.: And yet, he had the stones to try to take custody of my son?

Krystal: No, he -- he knows that Little A belongs with you. He just wanted to watch his grandson grow up. He never had that chance with Babe.

J.R.: Yeah, well, thank God he didn't.

Krystal: All the love that he felt for Babe he feels for that little boy.

J.R.: What has David done to you?

Adam: I hope Thai chicken salad interests you.

Bianca: Great.

Adam: How's the, uh, how's the baby and -- and Miranda?

Bianca: Gabrielle is -- is great, thank you, and Miranda is playing with her cousins, so I thought I would help out.

Reese: Hey, you know what? Why don't you help me out? I'm going to show you what I'm doing over here.

Bianca: Oh, cool.

Reese: Yep, let's see if you like it.

Erica: This was very thoughtful of you, Adam, really, and totally unnecessary.

Adam: Yeah -- you are so busy taking care of everyone else, then someone has to take care of you. Now eat. Eat something. You've got to keep your strength up. Come on.

Erica: Always when I'm dealing with you.

Reese: What is going on with Erica and Adam? Are they together?

Bianca: Oh, if they are, then my mother needs to get her head examined.

Erica: Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no. I don't want this desk moved. I don't want it touched. Everything needs to stay just the way it is until my daughter Kendall is sitting in that chair, and she will be.

Reese: Ok, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I did not realize --

Erica: No, really, I -- I want everything just to stay the way it is. Nothing moves. Nothing of Kendall's changes. Everything needs to stay exactly the way it was. Everything has to be exactly the way it was.

Bianca: Ok, it will, it will. It will be, mom. Everything's going to be ok. She's going to be fine.

Aidan: You were watching us. Why?

Man: I -- I heard him with the agent. He mentioned Pine Valley. Something about a wife and child in danger? I'm a family man.

Ryan: So, sir, well, did you pilot a charter from Pine Valley?

Man: Yeah.

Greenlee: Were a woman and a child on the plane?

Pilot: I can't say for sure. I was ordered to stay in the cockpit, no contact with the passengers.

Aidan: When you landed, you didn't see who picked them up?

Pilot: Uh, black van picked up whoever was on board, and they took off.

Ryan: Any idea where it was headed?

Pilot: They -- they mentioned a -- a deserted sugar plantation near -- near Toa Baja off Highway 167.

Aidan: Anything else?

Pilot: No, sorry. I hope you find them.

Kate: What is your name?

Bryan: My name is Bryan Anderson. And you are?

Kate: My name is Kate. Lovely to meet you. And what was your rank?

Bryan: Sergeant, E5.

Kelly: My name is Kelly Dougherty. I was a sergeant in the Colorado Army National Guard.

John: Uh, John Jones, Staff Sergeant, United States Marine Corps, retired.

Dawn: My name is Dawn Halfaker. I was a captain in the United States Army.

Derek: My name is Derek McGee. I was a sergeant in the Marine Corps.

Jamal: My name is Jamal Daniels. I served in the United States Marine Corps, and my rank was corporal.

Dan: My name is, uh, Dan Lasko, served in the United States Marine Corps, um, as a corporal.

Derek: I joined the Marine Corps in '99, after I got out of college.

Dawn: I was in the Army for about four years. Um, I deployed to Iraq in 2004.

John: I've been in the service for 12 years. Um, I retired recently due to my injuries in Iraq.

Kelly: Well, I deployed during the first year of the war as a military police sergeant.

Dan: I was actually swearing in on September 11, 2001, the morning of, and then three years later, I found myself serving in Afghanistan.

Bryan: I was driving a Humvee and smoking a cigarette at the same time. And then the -- the -- the explosion went off, and it was to my front left of the vehicle, and -- uh -- I saw it. I didn't hear it.

Dawn: I was actually in the first vehicle in the convoy, and we came around the corner, and just out of nowhere, a rocket-propelled grenade went through the front of my Humvee and just tore down the side, and then tore off my arm and exploded right next to -- to my head, when it hit the back.

Jamal: And, uh, we was four miles away from our base, our FOB, and we got hit with an IED.

John: Uh, I was on a convoy. I got hit by a double-stacked anti-tank mine. Dan: Um, I was in a seven-ton vehicle. The vehicle ran over two IEDs, improvised exploding devices, which resulted to losing my leg below the knee.

Bryan: As soon as I saw the flash, the next thing that I saw was smoke and fire coming through the door, and it had taken my -- both my legs off and my left hand off, instantly.

Dawn: I didn't really know what was going on. I couldn't really see because the flash is so blinding. Uh, the sound is deafening.

John: I keyed the radio, and then all of a sudden, I saw a flash.

Jamal: I looked down. I see really a lot, a lot of blood.

Bryan: I didn't know that I had gotten hurt yet. I was just like, "Oh, wow, we got hit, we got hit." So my first reaction was to ask if everybody else was all right in the truck.

John: I didn't know what happened. I knew we got hit, but I didn't really -- it didn't dawn on me. I was telling my guys to stay in the truck. That's just the first instance that came to mind, was, we hit a mine. Stay in the truck. Which they didn't -- they didn't mind me. Uh, they ran out. My -- my corpsman came to me, and he started to do his first aid, and he gave me some -- some good medicine, uh, and he did a fasciotomy right there on the battlefield, which is -- fasciotomy is they take a razor blade, and they cut from here down to your boot.

Jamal: My legs were basically twisted in a fishtail as they pulled me. It was fishtailing along the way.

Dawn: When I really came to is -- the pain just started shooting through my body. It just felt somebody -- felt like somebody was just hacking away at my right shoulder with an ax. I mean, it was -- it was really painful. Um, I just remember -- then I started kind of getting a little panicked, you know, because I -- like I said, I was having trouble breathing, um, a lot of pain, and then I started to think like, "Oh, my God. What if -- you know, what if -- what if they're cutting off my arm?" And then I started yelling at the medic not to cut off my arm, and --

Jamal: And I was just thinking to myself, "Oh, my God. This is the end. I don't want to go like this." So, I was just praying to God, "Oh, my God, not now. Why now? Why me?"

Dawn: So it's just kind of an out-of-body experience, trying to wrap my head around what -- what was -- what was happening, um, and then I remember kind of snapping back into it.

Bryan: They tried to force my head back down to the pavement, but I saw, anyway. And then, I thought to myself, I was just like, "Whoa." Then I looked at my buddy, and I said, "Do you think I'll get laid again?" And he started laughing, and he said it kind of put him back into the moment, back into, you know, letting him know it was me still in -- in there. It wasn't just like a lifeless body, it was --

John: And it took them, you know, not very long at all to get me back. Uh, once I was there, I had a bunch of my friends that were coming to the, uh -- I went in, and I was doing thumbs up, and I was like, "Hey, I'm ok." You know, "I'm fine." And then, I don't remember, but I guess I was -- I was cursing at -- at everybody and anybody, saying, you know, "You need to get these guys who did this" and everything, because, uh, for me, I took care of my guys, and that was the biggest thing, and that's -- and I felt kind of robbed whenever I got hurt, because I wasn't able to do what my job was, was to make sure my guys were fine and safe. I was like Dad. I was Grandpa. That's what they called me. I was the oldest guy in my platoon, and that's what -- that's what they just called me, which, I still beat them on all my P.T. stuff, but --


Jamal: When I did wake up, I was actually at National Navy Medical Center, which is also Bethesda.

Dawn: And then the next thing I knew, I woke up at -- in Washington, D.C., at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

Bryan: And then I woke up seven days later at Walter Reed in Washington, D.C., and I woke up, and my mom was there, and it was just like, "What are you doing here?" Because I thought I was still in Bagdad.

Dawn: What's my dad doing here? Where -- where am I? You know, I -- I thought I was still in Iraq, but why -- why is my dad in Iraq?

Kate: And what was it like when you got back home to the States?

Dan: When I came back, I found myself slipping to -- slipping into a hole where I -- I started drinking. Um, I was addicted, too, with my pain medication, and if it was happening to me, I knew it was happening to a lot of other guys coming back.

John: You have to fight depression. You have to fight, you know, everything else.

Derek: It's good for me to come here and hear these stories of these other people, because it reminds me of just how lucky I am, because I do, in fact, have all my limbs.

Jamal: And the first person I thought about was my son and my wife. Um, at that time, you know, they were my motivation.

John: Daily support and everything is very important, so -- in, you know -- if I -- if it wasn't for my wife, you know, after marrying her in the hospital with no family and everything, it -- that's your strength. That's your rock.

Dawn: My mother was like my rock. She was -- she was there. She was, you know, just anything I needed. I mean, she -- she was really the one that -- that really got me through everything.

Dan: Um, I am married. She was there every step of the way with me. She was there from when I joined to when I was injured, and she's been there every single day.

Kate: So did your family think when you came home the first time, and then you were going -- you volunteered to go again? I guess they were --

Derek: Yeah, well, my mom would love to answer that one.

[Kate chuckles]

Derek: Um, my mom basically was like, "How could you do this to me again?" You know, and, in fact, I don't think I told them I volunteered. I don't think they found that out until later.

Kelly: I have people in my unit who are over there now, and it's hard for me to believe that I was there during the first year, and this is into the sixth year, and Afghanistan, we're into the seventh year, and it's very weird, because it seems that I was in a different war, or I was there so long ago.

John: You know, they knew dad was at war. They knew that that's where I was. They knew I was taking care of the bad people to help the good people in Iraq. Well, now they call me "Dad with robot legs." They accept it much better than adults do. You know, the adults -- the kids in the grocery story or wherever, whenever I've got my kids with me, they're like, "Mom, look at his legs," and then the parents are like, "shh, don't -- don't say that. That's -- that's so rude." You know, and I'm like, "it's fine. They need to know," and then they'll come up to you. "What happened to you?"

Dan: Well, Wally here, he's a -- he's a black lab, and what he does is -- he's a service dog. He provides physical service for me. When I didn't have him, it was awkward for me to wear shorts and go out and have everybody stare at you. I'm sure a lot of these other guys have that problem, but when you have -- when you have a service dog, and you have, you know, a dog, a great dog like Wally, he's -- he's that icebreaker, where little kids see him, and they say, "Aw, look at this dog," and it -- it, um, distracts the attention from me to -- to Wally here. I am a tri-athlete. Um, I'm on an injured and Marine team called team Semper Fi. We go out and compete in triathlons and marathons to raise money, raise awareness, and have a positive physical outlook on life. And when they -- when we found out they -- they were starting this team, I was like, "I have to get on this and inspire others to, you know, get yourself out of the hole and start getting yourself physical again and start traveling the country and meet-- meet, you know, the -- the great heroes of our country."

[Camera clicks]

Zach: Erica and Bianca, they -- they want me to send you away, but I can't do that. I need you here. So I can -- I can see you and feel you and -- you know?

Kendall: Yeah. I love you so much. And I love that you love me so hard, you never give up. But, Zach, you have to let me go.

Zach: I can't do that.

Bianca: This is so you. You -- you take on so much. You work yourself like a maniac here and at New Beginnings, all so that you don't have to think about Kendall, but if you keep going at this pace, you're going to collapse.

[Phone rings]

Erica: Zach, yes? Is -- is everything ok? Has anything changed?

Zach: You're right. It's time to send Kendall where she can get the help she needs.

Krystal: I know better than anyone what David's capable of.

J.R.: Then how can you fall for his bull?

Krystal: David is making an effort for Babe, and I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt for Babe. I just wish you find it in your heart to help bring some peace --

J.R.: By leaving my back wide open? Not a chance in hell. And if you were smart, you'd watch yours, too.

Amanda: Couldn't hear me knocking with all that beautiful music.

David: Amanda.

Amanda: Hi, I, uh, you mentioned dinner sometime, so is now good?

David: Well, it's a little early for dinner.

[Amanda sighs]

David: Are you ok?

Amanda: Peachy flipping keen. Pomegranate mojito wine cooler. You want some?

David: I think I'll pass.

Amanda: Hmm. Dry cleaning, office supplies, ha. I am not her assistant anymore. I'm an executive. Where does she get off?

David: Who?

Amanda: Erica. Woman can pick up her own dry cleaning.

David: Are you sure you're ok?

Amanda: Takes more than a diva wearing Prada to get me down and a jerk ex-boyfriend who likes G.I. Janes and my best friend gone. Like you said, don't let them see you vulnerable.

David: You look like a handful to me. Come on.

[Amanda whimpers]

Jake: It's a lot more fun when you're kicking my ass at this.

Taylor: Don't you have a radical bunion to remove or something?

Jake: No, I'm off the clock.

Taylor: Oh, well, you should go home.

Jake: No, and do what?

Taylor: Well, you could show off your big guns to Amanda. She's a huge fan.

Jake: Ah, I can't do that.

Taylor: Why, do you have a pedicure appointment?

Jake: No, because, uh, we broke up.

Taylor: Really? Why?

Jake: You know, if you worked your legs as much as you ran your mouth, you might actually get someplace.

Taylor: Wh -- what -- what -- what happened?

Jake: I'm losing count here. 999 --

Zach: Thank you, Dr. Farrington. Uh, my wife and I will be there soon. Ok.

Erica: You'll be there soon?

Zach: Yeah, wasted enough time. Can you and Reese help Rachel with the kids? Is that ok?

Bianca: Of course.

Erica: We all will. Look, Zach. I know how difficult it is to let her go. Thank you.

Bianca: The sooner Kendall starts treatment, the sooner she'll be coming home.

Tad: Hi, this is Thaddeus Martin. You've reached my answering machine. Leave a message. I'll get back to you. Bye.


Man: Listen, Martin, I paid you to get information on Taylor Thompson, not me.

Jake: Now this should be a good life. It should be good. As long as you have a nice ceiling wherever you are and four shiny walls.

Taylor: So what happened?

Jake: Nothing holding you back but yourself.

Taylor: Jake. Wh -- why did you break up with Amanda?

Jake: Uh -- because of you.

Amanda: I swear I lose everyone I care about. My dad. My mom. Jamie. Jake. Babe. What if this is the way it's always going to be? Me, alone.

David: You're not alone.

Krystal: David is not manipulating me. We lost our daughter. We're grieving.

J.R.: Is he drying your tears? Holding your hand? Saying all the right things? What's next, Krystal? Are you going to fall back into bed with him, create another bastard child?

[Krystal slaps J.R.]

Adam: Ambulance chasing?

Jack: Only if you were in the back, Adam, and there was a chance you might fall out. No, I'm here to see Kendall.

Adam: Yeah, not a good time. Uh, the family's with her. She's -- they're saying goodbye.

Jack: What do you mean "goodbye"?

Adam: Oh, Zach is taking Kendall to Canada for treatment.

Jack: Adam, let me ask you a question. Why are you here?

Adam: Why am I here? Well, you're the one that's irrelevant.

Jack: All right, let me try another one. What are you doing with Erica? What angle are you playing with her?

Adam: Angle? There's no angle. It's love. Erica and I are in love.

Bianca: Can't have a wedding without my matron of honor, so you better hurry up and come home, ok? You've also got a new niece that I'm just dying for you to meet, and I know you're going to love her.

Erica: Kane women. Feel our love. Feel our strength, honey. We've never given up, and we are not going to start now. We love you, sweetheart. Kendall, you get better now. Get strong.

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