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Episode #9994
Written by Charles Pratt, Jr., Kate Hall, Daran Little, Tracey Thomson, Addie Walsh, & Jeff Beldner

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Taylor: I told you people, get out!

[Crashing sound]

Joe: No luck?

Man: Still got my head. Guess you can call that luck.

Joe: Yup. Hmm.

Jake: What's going on?

Joe: Oh, it's Taylor. We're trying to set her up with Physical Therapy.

Jake: She doesn't want to do it?

Joe: Well, we'll send in one therapist after another, and no one has gotten much further than through the door. We're going to have to invest in body armor.

Jake: Well, Dad, aren't you exaggerating a little bit? The woman can't even get out of bed.

Joe: Well, why don't you give it a try?

[Crashing sound]

Jake: How much is a suit of body armor?

David's voice: All the years -- all the years I missed. You completely locked me out of Babe's life.

Tad: Darling? Did you hear what I said?

Krystal: Oh, no, I'm sorry. What did you say?

[Tad chuckles]

Tad: Wow. You were really somewhere else just a minute ago. Where was that?

Zach: How is she?

Dr. Barnaby: Stable. I'm afraid there's no change.

Zach: Because of Hayward?

Dr. Barnaby: Had I performed the surgery, it would have been the same result.

Zach: Now what?

Dr. Barnaby: We wait.

Zach: We wait? That's it? That's your prognosis -- we wait?

Dr. Barnaby: I'm sorry, Mr. Slater. I know what you want to hear. I don't know when or if your wife is going to wake up.

Zach: What's going on? Can I get some help over here? What are you doing? What's going on with you?

David: Dr. Barnaby, can you tell me what's going on?

Dr. Barnaby: My --

Zach: What did he say?

David: This man is having a heart attack. Nurse, can I get a nurse down here, please?

Ryan: Any progress?

Jesse: Uh, still looking. So far, nothing concrete.

Greenlee: What about the phone the kidnapper left?

Jesse: We dusted it for prints, but it's clean.

Greenlee: And the call?

Jesse: The call didn't last long enough to trace it. We installed some tracing equipment on your phone. Hopefully, he'll call you again. Keep him on the phone as long as you can. We might be able to figure out a location.

Greenlee: What's next?

Jesse: Well, we finish up the search. We get the evidence over to Forensics, and they tell us what's what.

Ryan: Ok, great. So, what are we talking, like hours or something?

Jesse: Could be hours, and, Ryan, it could be days.

Ryan: This is my little girl that we're talking about, Jesse. I need some answers!

Jesse: I understand what you're going through.

Aidan: Attacking Jesse isn't going to bring Emma home any sooner. You need to let the police do their thing.

Ryan: I -- I'm sorry about that, Jesse. I -- I -- I know you guys are doing the best job you can. I apologize.

Jesse: It's all right.

Officer: We're done here, Chief.

Jesse: All right, get the stuff over to the lab, and if he contacts you, call me.

Ryan: Absolutely. What was that -- what was that about? What's going -- you called him?

Aidan: Well, you came to me for the tracking device, remember?

Greenlee: And now that the police are involved...

Aidan: I'm your best shot at finding Emma.

Ryan: So, what -- I'm confused here. You told me to let the police do their thing, and now what are you telling me, that they're idiots, and they can't?

Aidan: No, but they don't have my background. Right, I have access to different equipment, faster equipment, and I don't have to deal with any red tape.

Ryan: Why do you want to? Why are you so set on this?

Aidan: Let me just be real clear. I'm not here for you, or you. I want to save Emma.

Ryan: Where do we start?

Aidan: From the beginning.

Taylor: You know us. We have to always make a difference. Like you say, make a difference. Um, really soon, really soon -- sir, I already got my redeployment papers. Yeah. Hey, Dad, um, why don't I call you back next week? Yes, sir. Yes, sir. Bye. You should let me know you're coming. I'll put it on speaker. You can hear every word.

Jake: You're going to be calling from Iraq next week. That's going to be an expensive phone call. Lie to him all the time?

Taylor: That's none of your business.

Jake: Really? Well, let's talk about what is my business. What are you doing? Lying in bed, acting like an invalid. Refusing everybody's help, refusing to try. Look, all I can say to you is, as your doctor --

Taylor: Oh, save it. I am not your patient.

Jake: Oh, really? Because look at the chart. On the chart it has my name right there at the bottom.

Taylor: I don't care what the chart says. Get yourself another chart. Because as of right now, Doc, you're fired.

[Taylor throws the chart]

Krystal: But you were trying to tell me something?

Tad: Oh, it's ok. We'll talk about it later, honey.

Krystal: No, no, go ahead. Go ahead. Really, I could use the distraction.

Tad: Well, I mean, I was just checking our e-mail, and... the insurance came through on The Comeback. It means you could rebuild if you want to.

[Krystal sighs]

Krystal: Rebuild, huh? Hmm, the beginning and the end. The last place I saw Babe stand on her own two feet. But I don't know if I could stand it.

Tad: Well, one thing's for sure -- we don't have to make a decision right now. Welcome back.

Krystal: Welcome back who?

Tad: My mystery employer. You know, the guy that wanted me to ask questions about Taylor Thompson. He was missing for a while.

Krystal: Yeah, how do you know it's a he?

Tad: Well, I guess I don't. It's just a sort of educated guess. Huh.

Krystal: What does he want?

Tad: Apparently, he wants to know how she's doing after the tornado.

Krystal: She's not doing good.

Tad: Yeah, I know.

Krystal: Are you going to tell him?

Tad: I --

Krystal: Tad, maybe -- maybe it's time you brought Jake and Taylor into this.

Tad: Yeah, maybe. Maybe.

Krystal: What's all this?

J.R.: This... is goodbye.

Zach: Is he going to be ok?

David: Let's hope so. Uh, did Dr. Barnaby have a chance to update you on Kendall's condition?

Zach: Mm-hmm.

David: What did he say?

Zach: Same as you -- not much.

David: Yeah, look, about that -- I was extremely negative the last time we spoke.

Zach: You? Get out, come on.

David: Well, I apologize. I was in a very dark place. I had just lost Babe. But you should know, Zach, I was overly pessimistic regarding Kendall's prognosis.

Zach: And now, what, are you singing a different tune? There's no change with Kendall.

David: Well, that doesn't mean you should give up. Trust me, once you do that, there's no turning back.

Krystal: Come here. You be good for your daddy, ok? And I want you to keep me in the loop, all right? All right, I want you to tell me all about how much you love your -- your new school in San Diego and all your new friends.

J.R.: We're going to call and visit a lot. Right, buddy?

Krystal: Yeah, and I'm going to visit, too. In fact, you'll probably see more of me now than you did before. But I am going to miss you.

Little Adam: Like you miss Mama?

Krystal: Yeah, I do miss your mama. But what helps is I see so much of her in you. I love you to pieces. Don't you ever forget that.

Tad: Can I get one of those hugs, too? Come here, you. Ooh, I love you, boy.

Krystal: Same goes for you.

J.R.: Think about her every day and smile.

Krystal: That's a deal.

J.R.: All right.

[Tad and J.R. hug]

J.R.: Hey, let's give them a wave goodbye, huh? Bye.

[Krystal breaks down crying in Tad's arms]

Jake: You know, we have a very nice staff here. People want to help you. All you have to do is apply yourself.

Taylor: Who, who -- you? You and the amazing staff of Pine Valley -- you're going to fix me, are you? Let me tell you what I think about hospitals. A hospital couldn't fix Brot. Why would I be any different?

Jake: Oh, so -- wait, let me get this straight. Because Brot didn't make it, you think you deserve to die? Is your life over or something?

Taylor: I can't feel my legs. I can't feel my legs. I can't feel this. So what do you want me to do? Do you want me to get up out of the bed, and you want me to fall on my ass again?

Jake: Well, I think it's better than holing yourself in a room and being rude to everybody. That's what I'm saying.

Taylor: It doesn't matter if I try or don't try. I'm out. Medical discharge -- do you get that?

Jake: Yes, I get it, and that sucks. It sucks for you, but I'm so tired of hearing about you want to go back to Iraq. I'm saying that because things change. Things change, ok? Being a soldier --

Taylor: Is my life.

Jake: Being a soldier is not everything. It's not everything. Well, what happens in a year from now -- what happens in five years from now? Were you really planning to be stationed in Iraq for the -- for -- forever?

Taylor: Is there a point to this?

Jake: I'm -- I'm saying, what about the rest of your life?

Jake: Do me a favor. Just -- for a moment, just pretend this never happened. Ok, the accident -- this accident -- it never happened. The war is over. That uniform that you love so much is hanging up in a closet somewhere. Now what?

Taylor: Um, I'm a soldier. I'm waiting for my orders.

Jake: Now what about the rest of your life? About living the rest of your life?

Taylor: You don't hear me when I talk to you. Being a soldier is my life. If I don't have that, I may as well be dead.

Ryan: He was wearing a mask, and he spoke into one of those scrambler things, like his voice was all distorted.

Aidan: And what exactly did he say?

Ryan: He said that he was going to take Annie and Emma.

Aidan: And not you?

Ryan: No, not me, and then when Annie started walking towards this psycho, I got up. I mean, I couldn't handle it. You know, I lunged at him.

Aidan: Well, I take it that's where the gunfire came in.

Ryan: Yeah, that is, and I took cover for a little bit. By the time I got up, he was gone. He took Annie, and they were both gone.

Greenlee: You see, that's what I don't get. He had the money. He had Emma. Why take Annie, too?

Aidan: To get to Ryan. Sounds to me like this is personal. One by one, he was picking off people that you care about. First Emma, and then your wife. You need to be careful.

Ryan: I told her the same thing.

Greenlee: Fine, he's out to get Ryan. But who -- I mean, who would do that to you?

Ryan: That's what we need to find out.

Greenlee: Where are you going?

Ryan: Anywhere -- I don't know where I'm going.

Aidan: Wait. Going off on some wild goose chase isn't going to solve anything.

Ryan: What do you want me to do, Aidan? This is my kid that we're talking about here, ok? I've got to start searching for this guy.

Aidan: No, you need to start searching your memory. Now, you know this person, Ryan. So think -- who hates you enough to take everything and everyone you love?

Tad: Saying goodbye is terrible, but, honey, they need to do this.

Krystal: What about what I need, huh? I mean, I know that sounds awful, but why is -- why does what's best always have to hurt so much?

Tad: Because you can take it. I know you can, because you are nothing if not strong.

Krystal: I don't feel so strong right now.

Tad: Which is why you've got to lean on me for a while. And we're going to get through this together.

Krystal: That little boy was all I had left of Baby Doll. And now he's gone, too.

Adam: What time are you leaving?

J.R.: Our flight's in a few hours. I'm going to stop by the cemetery and say goodbye to Babe.

Adam: Well, um, may I have a minute alone with my grandson?

J.R.: Sure. Stay with Grandpa, ok?

Adam: Oh.

[Adam laughs]

Colby: I can't believe you're really going.

J.R.: We were never really here to stay.

Colby: Yeah, but, God, J.R., we just buried Babe. I don't know, I thought you'd stick around, at least for a little while.

J.R.: I can't.

Colby: Even though your family's here?

J.R.: So is David Hayward.

Colby: Ok, the guy's a creep, but he already told you he wouldn't try to take Little A. He said a child belongs with his father.

J.R.: And he's lying.

Colby: You don't know that.

J.R.: I do, Colby. Babe's gone. Why else would he stay in Pine Valley?

Colby: To prove to everyone he's changed. What, that's impossible?

J.R.: With scum like Hayward?

Colby: I just -- I don't want you to go.

J.R.: I know. Well, you know, you could always go with me.

Colby: And leave Daddy here alone? No way. Someone has to keep him in line. I'm really going to miss you.

J.R.: Me, too. Do me a favor.

Colby: I -- I know. I know. If Pete Cortlandt asks me to marry him, just say no.

J.R.: Uh, yeah, that, and stay away from David Hayward. I don't care what he says. I don't care how many lives he's saved. Do not trust that man no matter what.

Joe: Dr. Barnaby, our head cardiologist, suffered a heart attack this morning.

Angie: Oh, my God. Is he all right?

Joe: David Hayward happened to be there, and he saved his life.

Jake: Oh, maybe we'll find a trophy around here some place.

David: Hmm, and I'd be happy to accept it. Thanks, Jake.

Joe: With Barnaby out of commission and the other cardiologist injured, we are going to need a replacement.

Jake: Well, I know you're not suggesting --

Angie: Joe, shouldn't the board discuss this before you make a decision?

Joe: They're the very ones that are pushing me here to act. We're going to lose our certification if we don't get a cardiologist on staff immediately.

Jake: Well, we'll find somebody because this would be a huge mistake.

David: Don't you think you're being a little bit dramatic?

Joe: Ok, now listen to me. It's much worse than you think. The damage to the hospital from the storm was far worse than we anticipated. Zach Slater's threatening to sue us.

Jake: I'll deal with Slater, Dad, all right?

Joe: All right, all right. Then we don't know the fallout from Taylor's accident anymore, so my hands are tied. And if ever there was a time for all of us to put our personal feelings aside and pull together, this is it.

Jake: Well, that's a pretty tall order.

Joe: So, David, I -- I know you know what I'm going to ask you, but I should make it formal. Would you consider rejoining the staff of Pine Valley Hospital?

Ryan: I've considered all the possibilities here. I'm thinking. At first I thought maybe it was David Hayward after what he pulled with Emma last time, but -- I mean, he just lost Babe. I don't see that.

Aidan: Ok, who else?

Ryan: Well, there's Jonathan.

Aidan: You think your brother went off the deep end again?

Ryan: No, I don't think that. You know, the tumor's gone. The doctors didn't say anything about it coming back.

Greenlee: You know, I thought it was Jonathan, too, at first, but that really is a long shot. And that's saying a lot coming from me. What?

Aidan: From the trajectory of those bullets, if you were standing where you said you were, he was shooting over your head.

Greenlee: So?

Ryan: So he wasn't trying to kill me.

Greenlee: What, he just wanted to scare you?

Ryan: Yeah, he was trying to buy time. He knew that if I heard gunfire, I'd probably hit the deck. So I gave him the opportunity to grab Annie and to get out of here.

Greenlee: Hey, hey, hey, hey, you couldn't have known that he wouldn't hurt you.

Aidan: You've got that phone. Let me see that phone he left here.

Ryan: Jesse said that the call wasn't long enough to trace.

Aidan: I'm not trying to trace it. I just want to listen to it.

Greenlee: There isn't a message.

Ryan: No, there was a call on it. I didn't hear very much. I mean, I heard Annie, and then I heard what I thought was Emma in the background and then Annie screamed, and the line went dead.

Aidan: Do you still have the laptop at our -- at your place?

Greenlee: Yeah, you left a lot of stuff there.

Ryan: Why -- you think somehow you can play back the call?

Aidan: With the right equipment.

Ryan: Let's go. What are you doing there?

Aidan: Trying to find an echo call on the phone's memory.

Greenlee: What does that mean?

Aidan: This.

Annie: I'm with Emma. She's alive.

Greenlee: That's incredible.

Ryan: Why couldn't the police so that?

Aidan: Like I said, Special Ops is a whole different world.

Greenlee: Ok, we can hear the call again. What does it tell us?

Aidan: Hopefully, Annie and Emma's location.

[Whooshing noise]

Aidan: Do you hear that?

Greenlee: What, static?

Aidan: That is sound of an engine.

Ryan: Sound of a plane.

Aidan: A jet plane from the pitch of that whine.

Ryan: So, the kidnapper put Annie and Emma on a private jet out of here.

Aidan: If we find the plane --

Ryan: We find out where he took them.

Jake: I don't know, I don't know. I don't know how to help her. She's -- she's in treatment.

Tad: What do you -- wait, I don't understand. You're saying she doesn't want to get better?

Jake: She says that if she gets, um, medically discharged from the military, she'd rather be dead.

Tad: Well, what does her family say?

Jake: They don't know.

Tad: Well, why not?

Jake: Because she hasn't told them. In fact, it's just the opposite. She's told them that everything is fine and actually, she's going back to Iraq in a couple of days.

Tad: Wow.

Jake: Yeah, wow. The amazing thing is, I don't know even know if the damage is permanent or not.

Tad: And if she doesn't get out of bed --

Jake: How are they going to find out?

Tad: Admit it, you really care about her, don't you?

Jake: Mm.

Tad: Joseph, there's something you got to --

Jake: There's something I got to tell you, by the way. You know that David Hayward was re-hired at this hospital?

Tad: Will you stop bitching at me for two seconds and listen?

Jake: It's worse than that. I don't want to hear it.

Tad: Hey, look. A few weeks ago somebody -- somebody contacted me -- specifically wanted me to look into Taylor Thompson.

Jake: Somebody who?

Tad: That's just it, they didn't say.

Jake: What did they want to know?

Tad: Well, you know, like, how she was doing, whether or not she was ok, when she's going to get re-deployed back to Iraq. The last time I heard was e-mail this morning, and they specifically asked me how she was faring after the tornadoes.

Jake: You were going to tell me this when? Were you going to get around to telling me?

Tad: What can I say? Come on, give me a break. I decided I wasn't going to tell you until I knew who it was. However, you know, now with circumstances, given her condition --

Jake: Is it a family member?

Tad: I don't know. I got to tell you, I've got no idea, but one thing is for sure. Whoever they are, they care about her, too. So, I sent them back an e-mail with my phone number, saying that if they want to take this thing any further, they want any more from me, they were going to have to give me a call.

Jake: And?

Tad: And I kind of think it's high time we bring Taylor in on it. You know, maybe she's got an idea who they are.

Jake: Ooh, I don't think that's a good idea.

Tad: Jake.

Jake: What?

Tad: You said yourself, you got no way of getting through to her, right? Maybe this person does.

David: This must be killing you.

Joe: Well, let's put it this way, your first wrong move, you're out the door. So, don't make me regret this decision.

David: Now Joe, would I ever do that?

Joe: We'll make this official in 30 minutes or so when we meet with the board.

David: Keep myself occupied.

Krystal: What are you doing here?

David: I'm just about to start work.

Krystal: Joe gave you a job.

David: Yeah and I accepted. I meant what I said at the burial, Krystal. I'm going to get my life on track. I'm going to stay in Pine Valley to prove to you and J.R., everyone that I'm no longer out for revenge.

Krystal: You're staying because of Little A.

David: Yeah. Yeah, someday, sure. I mean, of course, I want to spend time with my grandson, see him grow up. Now, I know that's not going to happen overnight. So --

Krystal: It's not going to happen ever. They're gone. J.R. took Little A, and they're moving back to San Diego.

Adam: Will you tell your dad that your grandpa loves and misses you both?

Little Adam: Yes.

Adam: Yes, you're such a good boy. I couldn't ask for a better namesake.

Little Adam: Thank you.

J.R.: You all set to go, little buddy?

Adam: Ah.

Little Adam: Grandpa loves and misses you.

J.R.: Oh, he said that, did he?

Adam: I was supposed to remind you of that later.

J.R.: Mm-hm. Well you tell your grandpa that we'll be back to visit.

Colby: A lot, right?

J.R.: Well, you ready to go? Ready to say good-bye?

Adam: Uh, no, no, we've been doing far too much of that, lately. What do you say we, uh, say, see you later or see you soon? That sounds better, doesn't it?

[Adam chuckles]

J.R.: We'll see you soon, Dad.

Adam: I'm going to hold you to that.

Taylor: What is so difficult about get out?

Jake: Grazie, prego. Hey, I come bearing gifts.

Taylor: That is your idea of a gift?

Jake: Yeah, I was going to wrap but it's got a lot of awkward angles and, you know, paper comes in --

Taylor: You need to get that out of my room.

Jake: Aw, come on, this is great. You have no idea. And besides you're not wanting to do the therapy and so, that means you're not going to walk out of here, and eventually we're going to need the room, and I don't know, I thought, you know, you'll have to wheel yourself out.

Taylor: No, thank you.

Jake: Are you sure? Because this is a lot of fun. I leave -- I'll help you get out of bed. Just try it.

Taylor: Don't touch me.

Jake: Mm, all right. You don't know what you're missing. Honestly, look at this. Woo! Woo woo hoo hoo woo! Look at what that cabinet did. Woo!

Taylor: How dare you?

Jake: Hold on a second.

Taylor: How dare you? How dare you come in here and act so flip, like I'm just supposed to accept this - accept that as my life?

Jake: Doesn't have to be your life.

Angie: Hey.

Jesse: Hey.

Angie: What are you doing here?

Jesse: I had to drop off some evidence to Forensics on the Lavery case.

Angie: Any leads?

Jesse: Nothing yet but hopefully that's going to change. How -- how are you doing? I mean, uh, uh -- you release Natalia, yet?

Angie: She's still in her room. Jesse --

Jesse: What? What's wrong? Is she ok?

Angie: No, it's not Natalia, it's Rebecca. She collapsed.

Jesse: What? Why?

Angie: We ran some tests. As it turns out, Rebecca has a brain tumor.

Jesse: A brain tumor. Oh, my God. Can I see her?

Angie: Uh, she's heavily sedated. There not allowing visitors just yet.

Jesse: Oh, my God. She must be freaking out. And Natalia, I mean first she thinks I abandoned her, now -- what can I do? What can be done?

Angie: Nothing.

Jesse: Nothing? What do you mean nothing?

Angie: The tumor is inoperable.

Jesse: No.

Angie: And, uh --

Jesse: No.

Angie: All we can do is make sure that Rebecca's comfortable.

Jesse: You mean just sit back and watch her die?

David: J.R. can't just take Little Adam away from the only family he has left.

Krystal: They were starting a new life in San Diego.

David: For two seconds.

Krystal: All right. J.R. thinks it's best for Little A.

David: What's best? Getting him away from me.

Krystal: Can you blame J.R. for not believing you're a changed man story?

David: All right, what about you? What do you believe?

Krystal: What does that matter? Ok? They're leaving. They're getting as far away from you as possible.

David: Me? [Chuckles] No, Krystal, you have this wrong. I can follow them to the ends of the earth, if I want to. You, on the other hand are stuck here. I mean, you've got a husband, you have children, you've got roots in this town. They're abandoning you, Krystal, not me.

Krystal: Whatever makes Little A happy, that's what matters.

David: What? Wait -- wait a minute, are you telling me that you're ok with losing your daughter and your grandson in the span of one week?

Krystal: It's going to be fine. It is. They're -- they're going to be back to visit. It's -- it's not going to be that much different. Ok, look. I don't know what to do, all right?

David: Yes, you do. You've got to stop this, Krystal. You have to stop this or that little boy is going to walk out of your life for good.

Aidan: Both airports are closed to commercial aircraft. They just starting allowing private jets to take off.

Ryan: And?

Aidan: Two planes have taken off since the restriction was lifted.

Greenlee: Who?

Aidan: One flight was registered to ABC News. The other one was a charter flight from Puerto Rico.

Greenlee: When did it get here? Before the tornadoes, obviously.

Aidan: A month ago.

Ryan: Which is exactly when Annie started talking about this kidnapper. If had just believed her then -

Greenlee: No, don't.

Aidan: We need to get to Philadelphia Airport and get on the next plane to Puerto Rico.

Ryan: No, I have a better idea. You two get ready to leave when I come back.

Angie: Are you ok?

Jesse: Are you ok? I mean, you're so calm. I mean, what are you -- what are you feeling right now? You -- you've got to be feeling something.

Angie: You know, there's no guidebook to this situation. I can't talk about what my feelings are right now, because I don't even know what they are. Natalia, Rebecca -- it's all new.

Jesse: I know. I should have told you sooner. I'm -- I'm -- I'm sorry.

Angie: Don't apologize. Just promise me we'll do this right.

Jesse: Oh, baby, you don't have to take this on.

Angie: Natalia is a part of you just like Frankie, and whether I asked for it or not, that makes her a part of me, too.

Jesse: Wasn't supposed to be like this. Oh, my God. When Rebecca dies, Natalia --

Angie: Natalia -- she's going to be all right, ok, because she's going to have us. She's going to have all of us.

[Phone rings]

Tad: Thaddeus Martin.

Man: You said to call for updates on Lieutenant Thompson. I'm calling.

Tad: Yeah, I tell you what, how about, uh -- how about you give me an update on you, ok?

Man: That wasn't part of the deal.

Tad: Look, as far as I'm concerned, you can have your money back, you know, but, uh, I'd really, really feel better about this if I knew who you are. I mean, it's real simple, ok? I'll tell you all about Taylor, you just tell me your name.

[Phone clicks]

Tad: Hello? Hello? Guess not.

[Looking at the wheelchair, Taylor drags herself out of her hospital bed and promptly falls down]

Joe: Now, we are in a bit of a spot and due to the storm damage to the hospital, we have a great deal to do and not all that much time to do it in. So, what I need from all of you is input at how to prioritize.

David: Well, then let's get right to it. My top priority is to bring my daughter back to life.

[J.R. lays flowers on Babe's grave]

J.R.: You ready to go home?

Krystal: No, J.R., you can't take him.

Ryan: Hey, Spike, I missed you. I missed you so much, little boy. Ah, is this a bad time?

Zach: No, come on in.

Ryan: Ok. How's Kendall?

Zach: She's the same. I'm meeting with a specialist from Canada, some woman that Erica came up with.

Ryan: All right, well, I hope she's got all the answers.

Zach: Me, too. What about Emma? Any news? Any --

Ryan: No, no news, in fact Annie is now missing as well.

Zach: What do you mean Annie's missing? What do you mean?

Ryan: It's a long story and I think I've got a lead. I need the jet.

Zach: I'll get it ready.

Greenlee: This is stupid going off on our own. Should we call Jesse?

Aidan: And wait around for them to follow procedure? We don't have time. I mean, as it is --

Greenlee: What? As it is -- what?

Aidan: We may already be too late.

Greenlee: You think Annie and Emma are --

Aidan: I think the kidnapper killed them both.

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