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Episode #9992
Written by Chip Hayes, Charles Pratt, Jr., Daran Little, Tracey Thomson, Addie Walsh, & Jeff Beldner

Provided by Boo
Proofread by Gisele

Reese: Oh, my goodness. Oh, she is stunning.

Bianca: I mean, she is, isn't she?

Reese: Yeah.

Zach: You three make a beautiful picture. Four, I should say four. Hey! Ah!

Bianca: Hey.

Zach: Hi, how are you doing?

Bianca: My goodness. Hey, sleepyhead. Come here. Come here. Because there is somebody that I want you to meet.

Reese: Oh, yes. Miranda, look. Look, this is your little sister.

Bianca: Really.

Reese: You should say hi.

Miranda: Hi.

Zach: She really does need a name, mija.

Reese: Oh, yes, she does.

Bianca: Yes.

Reese: You do, don't you? Well, I was thinking about names on the flight.

Bianca: Oh, great. I -- I was, too. You go first.

Reese: Well, what do you still think of Dylan? Because it works for a boy or a girl.

Bianca: Oh. Yeah. That's really cool.

Reese: Hmm.

Bianca: It's -- no, it is. It's -- it's cool. It's strong. It's -- it's artistic.

Reese: Oh, wonderful, ok, but --

Bianca: No, it's a good thing.

Reese: Is it -- yeah, mm-hmm. What was the name that you had?

Bianca: Actually -- Zach was the one who suggested it, but I think it's -- Gabrielle. We were trying to think of, um, angel names, like Gabriel.

Zach: It means "God's hero."

Reese: Aw, Gabrielle. Ooh. I like it better. I like it a lot.

J.R.: Bet you're wishing that you offered me a drink from a flask instead of a glass bottle.

David: Relax, Junior. I forgot you had a problem. That's all.

J.R.: No, not you. You don't forget nothing. You still hold grudges from grade school, hmm? You've been after me ever since I stepped between you and my mom, and now you want me to fall off the wagon. Challenge me for my son? I should end your miserable life right now.

David: Then why don't you do it? Go ahead. Kill me.

Ryan: Ok, this is it. This is where Annie brought the money.

Greenlee: So what do we do?

Ryan: "We" aren't going to do anything. You're going to stay here, and I'm going to take care of it.

[Door opens]

Ryan: Oh, my God.

Jesse: Hey. Hey, how's, uh, how's Natalia doing?

Frankie: I don't know. She's not my patient. You should check with her attending physician.

Angie: Cute as a button.

Rebecca: Cute.

Angie: So Halloween?

Rebecca: It was Thanksgiving.

Jesse: Rebecca?

Rebecca: Hi, Jesse.

Jesse: What -- when did you get here?

Natalia: Well, Mom got here yesterday.

Angie: Rebecca and I have been getting to know each other. Haven't we?

Zach: I'm -- I'm glad you made it here so quickly. Bianca was upset you weren't there when the baby was born. It's, uh -- huh.

Reese: Me, too. You think you could tell me what it was like? To bring your little girl into the world?

Zach: The truth? I haven't been that scared in a long time. I forgot all about my, uh, emergency baby-birthing classes, and I was sure that that twister was coming back any minute. But I was looking at her, and she helped a lot, you know? She wasn't about to give up. It's a tough kid you got there.

Reese: Yeah, well, I wonder where she gets that from.

Zach: [Whispering] Yeah.

Bianca: I got her back to sleep.

Reese: Good. Gabrielle's sleepy, too. Aren't you? Gabrielle. "Gabrielle." That's just like an angel, isn't it? Isn't it?

Zach: Ok.

Reese: [Whispering] Let's see if we can get you down.

Zach: I'm going back to the hospital.

Bianca: Ok. I -- I'll be there really soon. Please tell Kendall I love her.

Zach: Yeah.

Reese: [Whispering] Ok, ok. It's ok. Oh, I know. I know. It's ok.

[Door closes]

Reese: Wow. He is hurting.

David: You know you want to do it. You know you want to slit my throat. Come on. Do it. Over to the side, you'll be right over the carotid artery. Within moments, I'll be out of your life for good. Come on.

[David snickers]

David: Forever the coward, aren't you.

J.R.: You got a suicide wish, go jump off a cliff. I'm not giving you the satisfaction of going to jail for murder.

David: So what now? You playing the tough guy?

J.R.: Babe meant nothing to you, nothing! And you mean even less to me. I've got a son to live for.

David: Yeah, well, good luck with that. Because you're not getting rid of me that easily. The way I see it, you need to lose for what you've done. You didn't deserve Babe. And then you tricked her into coming back to you, and now she's dead because of you.

J.R.: Babe loved me. She loved me. And you can't stand that. You can't stand it. How I was able to prove myself to her and make her happy. When you tried to prove yourself, you failed. But that's happened your whole life. See, that's the problem with you, Hayward. It started with Babe, my mom, Anna Devane. The list just goes on and on because you're toxic, and you know what? I've got a warning for you. If you even think about coming near my son, don't! Because he's just going to end up hating you, too.

Ryan: Annie? Hey. Oh, my God.

Greenlee: Is she alive?

Ryan: She is, yeah. She's -- she's got a pulse. It looks like she's been shot. I -- I don't know how bad it is.

Greenlee: Um, here. Wait, here, here.

Ryan: What?

Greenlee: Use this.

Ryan: Give me that. Great. Oh, my God. Annie? Hey.

Annie: Uh, ow!

Ryan: Ok, ok, ok, ok, ok. Don't move, don't move! Please! We're going to get -- you're going to be all right. We're going to get you some help, ok? We're going to get you some help. Ok?

[Annie groans]

Ryan: What happened?

Annie: Somebody -- somebody grabbed -- somebody grabbed me when I came in, and -- and he slammed -- ah -- and he slammed the door, and I -- I tried to take the money, but -- I -- I told him that I wouldn't give it to him until I saw Emma.

Ryan: Ok, did you see what he looked like, huh? Did you see him at all?

Annie: No, he was -- he was wearing a mask -- ow. He was -- he was -- he was wearing -- he was wearing a ski -- a ski mask, and then he just heard a bang, and he -- he went that -- that way up there.

Ryan: Ok, all right, all right. You take care of her, ok? It's ok.

[Annie moaning]

Greenlee: Yes, hi, um, we need an ambulance. Someone's been shot. Uh, the address is --

Annie: No! No. No ambulance, no police. Not until we find Emma.

Greenlee: You broke it.

Annie: Uh.

Greenlee: And there's no phone in here. If you're bleeding to death, you just screwed yourself over.

Annie: I don't care about me. I care about finding Emma. You wouldn't understand. You don't have children.

[Annie moans]

Greenlee: If Ryan's not back here in five minutes, I'm going to the police. I don't care what you say.

Annie: That's all you care about, isn't it? Ryan. That's all you care about. He's out there, trying to find his daughter, and you only care about him. It's amazing.

Greenlee: Even with a bullet in you, that's all you're thinking about.

Annie: Ryan may be infatuated with you, but the love of his life are his children, ok? And that's never going to change, no matter what you do.

Reese: Come here.

Bianca: Mmm.

Reese: I just don't know what I would do if anything happened to you.

Bianca: Oh, don't worry about it. Stop thinking about what ifs.

Reese: Ok.

Bianca: Mmm.

Reese: Mmm. Well, since the kids are asleep, you think we should start packing?

Bianca: Packing?

Reese: Well, yeah, and go to that suite at the Valley Inn, get out of Zach's hair?

Bianca: Oh, no, we can't do that.

Reese: Well, why?

Bianca: We can't leave Zach. Not now.

Jesse: Why didn't somebody call me, tell me you were here?

Angie: I was going to after the funeral, but you had your hands full with more tornado problems.

Rebecca: It's all right, Jesse. We're getting along just fine.

Angie: I like her.

Jesse: Ok, that's -- that's -- that's good. How are -- how are you feeling?

Natalia: Better.

Angie: I'm releasing her today.

Jesse: Already?

Angie: Yeah. She's doing fine.

Natalia: You know you need to talk to Mom before we go home.

Rebecca: Uh, honey, Jesse and I talked, weeks ago on the phone.

Natalia: Yeah, but you didn't talk about what you need to talk about. Mom, you're not in good shape.

Rebecca: Ugh, she's overreacting again. Remember how she was at your birthday party last year?

Natalia: Whoa, this has nothing to do with your surprise birthday party, Dad.

Rebecca: No -- no matter what she says, I am not in some deep state of depression. I am fine. I'm sorry this has caused the two of you so much emotional pain.

Natalia: Don't listen to her, Dad. She's lying.

Krystal: J.R.

J.R.: Don't worry. I was just taking out some trash.

Krystal: J.R., you need to get home, all right? Little A is in pretty bad shape. He needs his daddy.

J.R.: Are you coming?

Krystal: I need to talk to David.

J.R.: I don't think you should do this alone.

Krystal: It's all right. J.R., please, I -- I need to do this, so just -- just go on home.

[David sighs]

David: Let me guess. Yet another suggestion for me to get out of Dodge.

Krystal: The sooner, the better.

David: Don't worry. I know when I've worn out my welcome. I'll be gone before you know it.

Rebecca: Jesse, you have nothing to apologize for. You never lied to us. I knew what I was getting involved with from the beginning. I -- I knew about Angie, from the moment I got involved with you, and I don't regret a moment. Natalia needs to accept this.

Natalia: You're just putting on your brave face, sucking it up for his sake.

Rebecca: I am just accepting what has to be. Now, I -- I'm very happy that you came here, because it gave me a chance to meet Angie and to talk to her and -- I understand so much more now.

Angie: So do I.

Rebecca: Well, I'm going to go see what's taking those release papers so long.

[Rebecca exhales]

Rebecca: Excuse me. My daughter's being discharged this afternoon, and I need -- oh, wait a minute. You're, um, are you Frankie? You're Jesse's son?

Frankie: Yeah, I am.

Rebecca: Well, I'm Rebecca. I'm Natalia's mother.

Frankie: I'm sorry, but I -- I cannot help you.

David: I had such plans, such plans coming back to Pine Valley. I even rented Wildwind.

Krystal: You can't be serious.

David: Yeah. Yeah, and I actually thought that you might even give me some decorating tips.

Krystal: But I thought you just said you were leaving.

David: It's all right, Krystal. I'm not plotting anything, not now. I'm not proud of a lot of the things that I've done in my life. But Babe, from the moment I found out she was there, just knowing she was there made me feel like -- like my life was worth something, you know? You gave me that, Krystal. You gave me Babe, a reason to exist. Thank you.

[David kisses Krystal's cheek]

David: Goodbye, Krystal.

[David sniffles]

David: Goodbye, my darling beautiful Babe.

J.R.: Hey, buddy. You miss your mom, don't you? Well, I know how much you love going trick-or-treating. I know that she knew that, too, and I know that she wouldn't want us missing it this year. Wait a -- she didn't finish sewing it, did she? Well, I bet between your dad and Tad, we can do something about that.

Greenlee: You know what? We can't wait anymore. You're losing blood. I'm going to get help.

Annie: No, don't! Please!

Ryan: I didn't see anybody, but I found this back in the alleyway. Is this it?

Annie: That's it. That's what he was wearing.

Ryan: And there were motorcycle tracks. The guy got out of here in a serious hurry, headed east.

Annie: Ryan, we have to follow him.

Ryan: Ok.

Annie: Please, we have to find her. Oh -- ow!

Ryan: Easy, easy, easy, easy, please, please.

Annie: We have to find her, Ryan.

Ryan: Come on, we're getting you to a hospital right now. Let's go.

Reese: The two of us staying here, Miranda, the new baby. Don't you think that Zach has enough going on without us under foot?

Bianca: No, that's -- that's exactly why we have to stay. He needs support, and not just from anyone, from family. I -- is that ok?

Reese: No, of course, of course, it is. Look, I saw it when he visited us in France. He just adores you.

Bianca: Well, I adore him. We're family.

Reese: Yeah. Yeah, and -- and it's exactly what he needs. You're right, because under that tough facade is a very frightened man. He needs people around him who he loves, who he trusts, and from everything you've told me, there aren't a lot of people who fit that bill.

Zach: What are you doing here, Father?

Father Clarence: I'm saying a prayer for her recovery.

Zach: Who asked you to do that?

Father Clarence: Um -- Mrs. Banks' sister.

Zach: Well, this isn't Mrs. Banks. You got the wrong room.

Father Clarence: Oh, I'm sorry. Uh, things are still a little chaotic around here.

Zach: It's all right.

Father Clarence: How are you doing? I'm here to offer a little, uh, spiritual support.

Zach: Spiritual support, huh? This is not the first time I've held vigil at my wife's bedside. She's been hurt before.

Father Clarence: She pulled through?

Zach: She beat the odds.

Father Clarence: What do the doctors say?

Zach: Doctors. Well, they screwed up. That's why she's here in the first place.

Father Clarence: So it wasn't the tornado?

Zach: Ah, yes, of course. An act of God, right?

Father Clarence: Hmm. Seems he has tested you and Kendall before.

Zach: Gee, I don't buy that, a supreme being that keeps pushing you until you cry "uncle." Just doesn't sound like God to me. It sounds like my dad. And I'm not going to get on my knees for someone like that.

Father Clarence: Faith is what makes us what we are. Faith brings us together. Faith keeps us together. Don't give up. Have faith. He really listens.

Reese: Open it, open it.

Bianca: Ok, ok. What --

Reese: It's our house. I've been working on it ever since you told me that you were pregnant.

Bianca: Oh, my God. It's beautiful.

Reese: You like it?

Bianca: Oh, so that impossible new client that you were designing something for --

Reese: Yeah, that was us. Ok, it was me.

Bianca: That makes sense.

Reese: Yeah, honey, you ready for surprise number two?

Bianca: I don't know really. I mean, how can you beat this?

Reese: Well, it's built.

Bianca: What?

Reese: You remember that lot that we saw last fall? In the Loire? I bought it, and the house is almost done.

Bianca: Oh, my God.

[Reese chuckles]

Bianca: I -- I'm -- I -- I don't even know what to say. It's -- nobody has ever built me a house before.

Reese: No?

Bianca: No, and I -- I can't believe it. I think you're amazing. Thank you so, so much.

Reese: Aw, mmm.

Bianca: Oh, God, I love you. God.

Reese: And, um -- there is one more thing.

Bianca: There's more?

Reese: Yeah, just one more little thing. Oh, Bianca. I, um, I wanted to give this to you. I wanted to give it to you after Gabrielle was born, but --

Bianca: Oh, Reese.

Frankie: Nice try.

Jesse: What are you talking about?

[Frankie scoffs]

Frankie: Trying to get your woman to come over and play nice with me.

Jesse: Franklin, what --

Frankie: Don't, just don't.

Jesse: Don't walk away from me.

Frankie: Don't -- don't try to defend them or what you did. For the last 20 years, I felt like I only had half a life, because you weren't there. I lost a father, and all that time, you were out living it up, alive and well, with another woman and another family? I bet you were putting presents underneath her tree. Did you teach her how to ride a bike? Did you make it out to her parent-teacher conferences, her -- her soccer game, her school plays? And you're supposed to be a hero. Pfft. You're nothing.

Angie: Frankie, what are you doing carrying on like this here in the hospital? And apologize to your father.

Frankie: Are you serious? You are serious. You know, how can you be on his side? He cheated on you. He cheated on both of us. He's a liar! He's lying!

Angie: I will not tolerate you talking to him like this. Now, stop it.

Frankie: You know what? That's too bad. And you? Ugh, you disgust me. That's what you do.

J.R.: Well, looks like your grandfather's sewing skills are, how do you say, interesting?

Tad: [German accent] Yah, well, you know what they say about fashion. One day you are in. The next day, you are eaten by a tiger.

J.R.: You ready to go out? Yeah? Well, how about now? All right. Want me to take Kathy and Jenny with me so you can man the candy bowl?

Tad: Bless you, my son.

J.R.: All right.

Tad: [German accent] All right.

J.R.: Who wants to get the door?

Tad: [German accent] Out, out, out, Schnell.

[Speaking German]

Tad: J.R.?

J.R.: Yeah?

Tad: She'd be proud of you. I know I am. I love you.

J.R.: I love you, too. Thank you. All right.

Frankie: The bullet went clean through, missed the major artery. A very lucky woman. We couldn't do more but irrigate it and, you know, pack it up. We'll hit you up with some IV antibiotics, but she'll have to stay the night. How'd this happen?

Ryan: It was a -- it was an accident.

Frankie: Hmm, well, I do have to report any gunshot wounds to the police.

Annie: No, no police. He'll hurt Emma.

Frankie: Ryan, what's going on, man?

Annie: Ryan, please.

Ryan: We can't do it alone anymore, Annie.

Greenlee: I'll go call Jesse.

Frankie: Has something happened to Emma?

Ryan: We need to talk to your dad.

Frankie: He's here in the hospital. Try the waiting area. I'll be back.

Annie: What did we just do? We might've just killed our daughter, Ryan.

[Phone rings]

Man: [Distorted voice] Well, that wasn't very nice for Mrs. Lavery to fight me like she did. She's lucky I didn't kill her.

Ryan: You have your money. Where is our daughter?

Man: I'm a man of my word. Now, I'm only going to say this once, so listen to these directions carefully.

Angie: Listen, I'll talk to Frankie. You know, he just -- he needs time to sort of --

Jesse: No. I mean, why are you being so, um, understanding?

Angie: What?

Jesse: Frankie's just being a hothead, you know, blowing off some steam, but I'm with him in wondering why you're playing Switzerland here. I mean, what I did was wrong -- well, the way I did what I did was wrong. I -- I feel like I betrayed you.

Angie: I have gone through the shock and the anger and sadness. You weren't forthcoming with me, Jesse. You weren't, but I don't feel like you betrayed me. You know, when I thought about the 20 years that we were apart, I was with other men, married to one. The only difference is that I thought you were dead, and I was up-front with you when you came back to me.

Jesse: I know. And I lied to you.

Angie: To protect me, to protect us. Rebecca helped me understand that. We talked a lot, all night, in fact. She's a wonderful woman, and I'm sure you know that. She told me how she helped you during your breakdown, and she was modest about it, but it's clear that she saved you, and when it was time to let you go, she did. You know, it's, um, really, really just amazing, because if it wasn't for Rebecca, you may never had made your way home to me again.

Bianca: I -- I don't know what to say.

Reese: Shh, you're going to make me mess up my speech. Oh, Bianca. I never knew how full my heart could be until I met you or how much a ball to the face could really hurt.

Bianca: You could've ducked.

Reese: No, I couldn't have. I was too entranced. I was too entranced sitting in that park, looking at the most beautiful woman I have ever seen play with the sweetest little girl in the world.

Bianca: Uh, God, I still -- I still feel so terrible about that.

Reese: Yeah, well, good, and I like your guilt, because your guilt is what made you take me home and patch me up, and I have not been able to tear myself away from you since. God, you're so kind and so warm and caring and compassionate. God, and you made me laugh so hard, I forgot all about my eye hurting.

Bianca: Oh, my God, I remember that laugh. I remember thinking, "This is a woman who does not have trouble showing her feelings."

Reese: You know, Bianca, I fell in love with you on that day, and it has just grown stronger and stronger since. That day, that day, I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you, and I knew -- I knew that I wanted to have a home with you and Miranda and a future family, and so, today, I am asking you, my beautiful, beautiful, beautiful Bianca, will you marry me?

Tad: Hey.

[Krystal sniffles]

Krystal: David was just here. It's -- it's all right, it's all right. I'm fine. He just, um, he wanted to thank me -- for giving him Babe. He always said he loved her, but until now, I guess I just didn't realize how much.

Babe: Daddy?

David: Babe?

Babe: It's all right. I'm happy here. There's no more pain, no more anger, no more emptiness. You'd be happy here, too, Daddy. You'd be with me.

[David reaches for Babe's hand, but she disappears]

[Zach sighs as he sits in the chapel and remembers]

Zach's voice: I will spend the rest of my life making sure that I make it right for you, because you deserve that. You deserve more, but will you marry me, please?

Kendall's voice: Yes. Yes, yes! My God, yes! Of course, yes.

Zach's voice: I thee wed.

Kendall's voice: With this ring, I thee wed.

[Zach starts to leave, then gets down on his knees]

Bianca: Yes. I will marry you.

[Reese sniffles]

Natalia: It's just going to start all over again, Mom. You know it is. We'll get home, you'll get depressed, and we'll be right back where we started.

Rebecca: Have you thought about the possibility that some of what you might be attributing to me might really be you? Projecting all your anger and disappointment?

Natalia: Don't try the shrink routine on me, Mom. I know it's your way of just trying to change the subject, but seriously.

Rebecca: Yeah, I am trying to tell you that you have overreacted to a very difficult situation, and in doing so, you have caused a great deal of pain for Jesse and his family.

Natalia: What about the pain that he's caused us?


Rebecca: Angie. I'm sorry. It just, um -- I would like to get Natalia out of here and get back on the road as soon as -- is there any way that you can expedite the release of --

[Rebecca faints]

Angie: Rebecca!

Natalia: Oh, Mom! Mom?

J.R.: Hey. Did you have a good time, pal? Yeah, so did I. Come here.

[David loads his gun and points it at his head]

Krystal: David, no. Don't.

Greenlee: Everything's ok. They'll explain everything.

Jesse: Including the gunshot wound?

Greenlee: Yes. They're gone.

[As Zach continues to pray in the chapel, Kendall moves a finger]

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