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All My Children Transcript Thursday 10/30/08


Episode #9991
Written by Charles Pratt, Jr., Daran Little, Tracey Thomson, Addie Walsh, & Jeff Beldner

Provided by Boo
Proofread by Gisele

Krystal: It's just not right.

[Clears throat]

Krystal: We should be planning a wedding, not going to a funeral.

Tad: We'll get through this.

Krystal: How?

J.R.: By leaning on each other.

Colby: You're late.

Pete: The funeral doesn't start for an hour.

Colby: Sorry, I want to get there early and spend some time with Babe, let her know she doesn't have to worry about J.R. He's going to keep it together for Little A.

Pete: Sometimes, grief brings out the worst in people. What if J.R. can't cope?

Colby: Then I'll be there to help.

Adam: So will I.

Colby: If you had any respect for J.R., you'd stay the hell away.

Amanda: Knock, knock. Hey. I was at the florist picking up some arrangements for Babe's service, and I thought these might cheer you up.

Taylor: You were on your way to someone's funeral, and you thought of me? Why, do you think my life is over?

Amanda: No, of course not. I -- you just need time to heal.

Taylor: You know what I need, Amanda? I need for you to get the hell out of my room. Why don't you take these with you? I said get out!

Annie: Why hasn't the kidnapper called? I mean, if this guy took Emma for the money, why hasn't he told us where to make the drop?

Ryan: He will. We just got to be patient.

Greenlee: You have been, and what has it gotten you? Emma's been missing for days. You swept this place for bugs, right? I can speak freely?

Ryan: Yeah.

Greenlee: You can't wait anymore. You have to go to the police.

Zach: How is she?

David: Her heart's beating. I'd say that's a marked improvement over yesterday.

Bianca: Thank you for saving my sister.

David: What, Slater, no hugs from you?

Zach: When is she going to wake up?

David: My guess would be never.

Bianca: David, don't say that.

David: Slater asked a question, I gave an honest answer. Would you prefer I lie?

Bianca: She is going to wake up. She's already doing better. Her heart is stronger.

David: Your sister's heart condition was a separate issue. Could she have died? Yes. Is it certain she'll wake up now that it's fixed? No. Kendall sustained severe head trauma. Add in the fact that it's not her first brain injury, and the deck is already stacked against her. Now, letting an incompetent Jake Martin tinker around in her skull during a power outage, that pretty much sealed the deal.

Zach: Get out.

Bianca: David, I know how hard today must be for you. No parent should ever have to bury a child, let alone two. But taking out your grief on Zach who's going through his own hell in there isn't going to bring Babe back.

David: Yeah, well, sitting vigil at Kendall's bedside isn't going to bring her back either.

Bianca: What if the situations were reversed and it was Babe in that bed right now? Would you give up on her? Yeah, I didn't think so. I'll see you at the funeral.

David: No, you won't.

Bianca: You're not going?

David: No. That service isn't for Babe. It's for the Chandlers so they can feel better about themselves for treating her like dirt.

Bianca: It's for the people who loved her to remember her. Her father should be there. There's still hope. I have to go feed the baby before the funeral. I'll be back very soon. I love you.

Colby: You barely pretended to like Babe when she was alive. Why put on the act now?

Adam: Well, I -- I may not have cared much for Babe, but your brother certainly did.

Colby: Then why couldn't you let them be happy? All J.R. wanted was to go to San Diego and move on with his family.

Adam: We are his family.

Pete: Your dad's right. J.R. needs you both right now.

Colby: If you do anything to make this harder for him --

Adam: I won't, I promise. I give you my word. Thank you, Pete.

Colby: We need to go. There's something I need to take care of before the funeral starts.

Adam: Well, in that case, would you do me a favor? Little A might need these when -- when he starts thinking about his mom.

Colby: Babe has a thing for cows. Little A got mama and baby cow when he was a baby. Still can't sleep without them.

Adam: You tell Little A that these are not the only two people that miss having him around.

Colby: You can tell him yourself. He'll be at the funeral.

Adam: Why would -- why would J.R. take his son, put him through something like this?

Colby: Little a just lost his mother. He deserves a chance to say good-bye.

Krystal: She made this on the first day of kindergarten. She was all excited, brought it home, and couldn't wait to put it up on the fridge.

J.R.: It's just not fair. When Little Adam comes home from his first day of kindergarten, Babe's not going to be there waiting for him.

Tad: You will be. Clearing away space on the refrigerator for his first masterpiece.

J.R.: What if that's not enough?

Krystal: It has to be. You're all that little boy has left.

Little Adam: Daddy?

J.R.: Hey, buddy. You need some help with that? Here, come here.

[Doorbell rings]

Krystal: Oh, that's Corrina.

Tad: Yeah. I'll get it. Honey, you should get dressed.

Krystal: Ok.

Little Adam: Daddy?

J.R.: Yeah, buddy?

Little Adam: When's Mommy coming home from heaven?

Annie: No, if we go to the police, the kidnapper will kill Emma. Paying the money is our only option.

Greenlee: The longer we wait, the harder it will be for the police to find Emma. The more people you have looking out there, the better.

Annie: No --

Greenlee: Call Jesse. Let him help.

[Phone rings]

Ryan: Hello?

Distorted voice: 926 Old Mill Road, Apartment number 5. One hour. Come alone, drop the money inside the door, then leave.

Ryan: What about Emma?

Kidnapper: If the money's all there, you'll get instructions on where to pick her up.

Ryan: You will get your money, but not until we see Emma.

[Phone clicks]

Ryan: Hello? Hello?

Zach: Erica hired a specialist to take over Kendall's case, so she's going to need all the details of how your son screwed up the operation. Can you do that?

Jake: You know, if the specialist that you're talking about wants details, she -- she can ask me herself. And I will be delighted to explain to her that your wife came in with a severe skull fracture with bone fragments embedded in her skull, causing swelling and hemorrhaging. And you know what this specialist will explain to you? That left untreated, your wife would've experienced massive brain damage and/or she would've bled to death.

Zach: As opposed to the full life she's leading now.

Jake: If you want to hold a grudge or something, go ahead. Just leave my father out of it.

Zach: Your father's the chief of staff at this hospital. He's responsible.

Jake: I am responsible for my actions, so why don't you just stick to pushing people down the staircase? Do you -- maybe you don't know this, but Taylor might not walk again.

J.R.: Do you remember when I told you that Mommy went to heaven, because the angels came and got her, because she wasn't feeling good? Yeah? Well, she made it there. And they made her an angel. And she's looking down on us right now. We might not be able to see her, but she's there watching over us, loving you. And you know, when I miss her, you know what makes me feel better? Just being with you. Come here.

Tad: J.R.? It's time.

J.R.: Ok, come on.

David: Don't bother.

Realtor: The house may show better in the light.

David: It's all right. I've seen it. Just draw up the lease and make the start date effective immediately.

Realtor: I'll go get the papers.

Annie: You have to give him the money.

Greenlee: Give it to him now, and this guy will never tell you where he's keeping Emma.

Ryan: Who says we need him to tell us? We get a tracking device, and we put it with the money, and we let him think that we're following his instructions, but he leads us straight to Emma.

Annie: And -- and what if this guy finds the tracking device before we can get to her, Ryan?

Greenlee: There are ways to make it blend in with the bag. If it's done right, the kidnapper won't even know it's there. Aidan can help. Look, you have to put your feelings aside and talk to him. Like it or not, Aidan can help. And where else are you going to find a tracking device this fast? You won't go to the police.

Ryan: You guys going to be ok? You going to stay in your separate corners while I'm gone?

Greenlee: We'll be fine.

Annie: Ryan may buy this little act of yours, but I don't. I know the truth. You don't want Emma to come home at all. You want her dead.

Joe: You did what you thought was best for Kendall.

Jake: You don't have to do that, Pop. You don't have to defend me, ok? I screwed up. You already told me once I screwed up, I screwed up. The lights went out, I should've closed.

Joe: Yeah.

Jake: It's what I should've done.

Joe: Jake, now, I've gone over the notes again. And I've now interviewed everybody who was in the O.R. at the time. If you had waited to complete the surgery, Kendall could've died. So, what you did wasn't standard procedure, but it was the right decision.

Jake: Well, good luck telling that to the board when you're slapped with a lawsuit. Actually, Dad, you're probably going to get slapped with two lawsuits. I'm telling you now, because Taylor's not very happy with my treatment either, so -- you know what I'll do? Maybe I'll just resign. No, seriously, Pop. I'll resign, I'll save you the trouble of firing me. I can do it right now.

Joe: All right, all right, that's enough, that's enough. You're not responsible for what happened to Kendall any more than you're responsible for what happened to --

Jake: Not true, it's not true. I -- I shouldn't have gotten into a shoving match with Zach. Maybe Taylor wouldn't have fallen down the staircase.

Joe: Well, in that case, as I said, you've -- you've got two choices. You can keep on beating up on yourself over something that can't be changed. Or you can focus on helping someone who can.

Taylor: God, don't you people ever knock?

Zach: The door was open.

Taylor: The nurse just got through telling me I needed to rest, and then she let you in.

Zach: I just want to let you know how sorry I was about what happened and for you not to worry about medical expenses, physical therapy. It's all taken care of, ok?

Taylor: You going to throw money at the problem, and it'll fix it? Thereby relieving you of your guilt and responsibility? What is it about men like you? Rich, powerful men -- you make a phone call and boom, we're in a war. Only you don't give a damn about the grunts on the ground fighting it, do you? Don't worry about me. I fought that war, I'll fight this one. Your wife is the one fighting for her life. What are you going to do about that? You going to cut a check to God to bring her back? Make a phone call? Here's what you can do for me, Mr. Slater. You can take responsibility for your situation, and I'll do the same.

Greenlee: If I wanted Emma out of the way, why would I put up $8 million to get her back?

Annie: Because you want to look good in front of Ryan. You want to make it seem like you give a damn about his daughter -- our daughter. But I know what it really is about, Greenlee. You're jealous.

Greenlee: You can't be serious.

Annie: I had a life with Ryan. We had a family, which is everything you always wanted. But you couldn't stand to see us happy, so you've been going around trying to convince everybody that I am crazy. When in reality, guess what? There really was a stalker, trying to grab my daughter, and now Emma is out there, and she's scared, and she's alone.

Greenlee: We'll find her --

Annie: Get away from me. Get away from me. Why -- why are you even here, Greenlee? You got everything you wanted. You got Ryan back. Are you just here to rub it in my face? Just -- just go, ok? I mean it, get out!

Greenlee: Fine. I'll wait for Ryan in the hall.

Singer: When the night is long and dreamless and the winds of time blow through, when I feel the space between us, I will think of you. When I start to lose direction, and I cannot find the truth, when my heart needs protection, I will think of you. You reach me where no one else has been. You teach me with every day that life begins again. We can't know the journey we must make, but I will feel you're here with me with every step I take. If love's a thing we live for, but it's not a thing we choose, so as long as I have air to breathe, I will think of you

Stuart: Babe was like a ray of sunshine. Cheerful and warm, and a smile that could light up any room. She brightened a lot of my days. I just hope that some days, if you -- if you look at this, well, it'll brighten yours up, too.

Krystal: I never knew what love was... until the first time I held Babe in my arms. And looking down at that sweet face, and that baby soft skin -- it -- it just all made sense. I was put on this earth to be her mama. And I knew in that moment that I would give my life to protect her.

[Krystal sniffles]

Krystal: Sorry, sorry.

J.R.: When I first met Babe, I knew she was going to be the woman that I'd marry. When we said our vows, I became a husband. And when Little A was born, I became a father. Just one thing I've tried to get right... is how to be a better man, the kind of man that deserved Babe's love. And I only hope that she was as happy as she made me. Hey. We have to say goodbye to Mommy. Ok? Your mom... she was an amazing woman. She loved you very much. The kind of love that doesn't go away. It stays right here. Right there, always. Babe, you were more than just the mother of my child. You were the love of my life, the woman of my dreams, and the kind of person that will have my heart forever. [Whispers] Say goodbye.

Little Adam: Goodbye, Mom. I love you.

Bianca: Oh, little one, this has been the worst day, but I take one look at you, and I forget about everything.

[Doorbell rings]

Child: Trick or treat.

Bianca: I guess including Halloween. Um, just -- just a moment. Hold on a sec. All right, stay here, little girl. What do I have?

Bianca: Well, hello! Aren't you a cute little puppy?

Child: Woof.

Bianca: What's your name?

Child: Fifi.

Bianca: Fifi, bonjour, Fifi.

Child: Bonjour, Madame, ca va?

Bianca: Miranda?

Miranda: Hi, Mommy.

Bianca: Oh, my gosh, hi. Oh, you're here. How did you get here? Did Reese bring you?

Reese: Surprise.

Bianca: Oh. I am so glad you're here.

Reese: Good, I missed you so much.

Jake: Well...

Taylor: What do you want?

Jake: To say hello. Can't a guy just come and say hello?

Taylor: I'm never going to walk again, am I? So why don't you stop wasting my time and yours pretending that I am.

Jake: This is what they teach you in the Army, how to give up the minute things get tough, huh?

Taylor: Shut up.

Jake: Can you make me?

Pete: Maybe you should lie down.

Colby: I don't need to lie down.

Pete: Funerals freak out a lot of people, something about facing up to one's own mortality, not that we have to worry about it anytime soon. I mean, statistics show that --

Colby: Babe didn't think she would have to worry either. You never know when it's all just going to end. I don't know about you, but when it does, I don't want to have any regrets.

[Colby kisses Pete]

Tad: You know where to find me, huh? Remember, I love you, huh?

J.R.: Thank you. I love you, too. Hey, you, Tad and Nana are going to take you back to their house, ok?

Krystal: You're not, uh, coming with us?

J.R.: No, I'll meet you at the cemetery.

Krystal: Ok.

Tad: Come here, little man.

[Krystal sighs heavily]

Krystal: Sweet dreams. I love you.

J.R.: I love you, too.

Krystal: Come on.

J.R.: I, Adam Chandler, Junior, take you, Arabella Carey, to be my wife. I love you from the deepest place in my soul and no matter what, I will never stop.

Tad: Kids are taken care of.

Krystal: It's amazing how many lives she touched.

Tad: She was an easy person to love. Just like her mama.

Krystal: Her mama barely made it through the service, and I kept waiting for David to break in and pick a fight.

Tad: Hopefully, the only thing David's doing is walking out of our lives, for good this time.

David: Leave it open.

J.R.: You're not welcome here.

David: I gave you your space to grieve, to say your goodbyes in peace. I'm just asking for the same courtesy. I want to see my daughter.

J.R.: The service is over. You need to leave.

David: You're not the only one who loved her, J.R. Like it or not, Babe was my family, too. I'm just asking for a few minutes. I'm sure Babe would want me to have at least that.

Colby: What happened to living in the moment?

Pete: I think, right now, you need a friend, someone to listen to you, to hold you when you cry, someone who will always be there, you can count on. I want to be that person for you, Colby. Whether it ends today, tomorrow, or 10 super-eons from now in a galaxy far, far away, I'll be wherever you need me.

Bianca: Ok, Miranda, why don't you go and see your cousin Ian and Spike and surprise them. Show them you're here.

Reese: Bye, honey.

Bianca: They'll be so surprised.

Reese: Are you ok?

Bianca: Yes, I'm ok.

Reese: Are you sure?

Reese: That's her, huh?

Bianca: Hey, little girl. Hi. I got someone that I want you to meet.

[Baby gurgles]

[Reese chuckles]

Bianca: Say hello to your other mom.

Reese: It's ok. It's ok. Goodness. Hello.

[Baby cries]

Reese: Oh, it's ok.

Ryan: What are you doing out here?

Greenlee: Separate corners wasn't cutting it. Did you get the tracking device?

Ryan: Yeah, yeah, I did. We just have to somehow fit it in the lining of the bag, flip the switch. Aidan is all set to monitor the signal.

Greenlee: We should get going.

Ryan: Yeah, let's go. Where's the bag?

Greenlee: It was right there. You don't think Annie --

Ryan: Annie, Annie?

Reese: When I think of you trapped in that house all alone, I just--

Bianca: I -- it could have been a lot worse. If Kendall hadn't -- hadn't protected us, we probably wouldn't be here right now.

Reese: Sweetie, how is she?

Bianca: It's not good. They don't know whether she's going to wake up out of her coma.

Reese: Oh, honey, I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry you had to go trough this alone. I should have been here.

Bianca: Oh, no, no, no, you're here now. That's what matters.

Reese: Look at this.

Bianca: I know.

Reese: Family, hmm? I didn't think ours could get any better, but now that she's here, we're complete.

[Car drives up]

[Door closes]

Zach: I see you two have met.

Reese: Oh, my goodness. Here you go.

Bianca: Busy hands, sleepy, sleepy --

Zach: Hey.

Reese: Oh, God, thank you. Thank you so much for being there for Bianca and helping to bring that amazing little girl into the world. You have given us the most incredible gift. I can't believe we have a daughter.

Taylor: What do you want from me?

Jake: What do I want? I want you to fight. I want you to fight. The Taylor I know would not just roll over. The Taylor I know would do whatever it takes to get up and walk out of this room.

Taylor: Don't you get it? There's nothing left to fight for. Jake, my career is over, Brod is dead --

Jake: But you're not.

Taylor: But I may as well be.

[Breaking glass]

J.R.: You try to wave some booze in my face and break me, huh?

David: Oh, everyone has a weak moment, huh, junior? You, on the other hand, have had quite a few.

J.R.: You trying to bring me down, take my child?

Greenlee: The address is gone.

Ryan: So is Annie, fire escape window is open, there's no sign of her or the money.

Greenlee: If she makes the drop without the device --

Ryan: Let's go.

[Gun shot]

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