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Episode #9986
Written by Kate Hall, Charles Pratt, Jr., Daran Little, Tracey Thomson, Addie Walsh, and Jeff Beldner

Provided by Boo
Proofread by Gisele

Annie: Promise me we'll find her. Promise me we'll find her together.

Ryan: Together, we will bring Emma home together, ok?

Annie: But how can you be so sure? Can you honestly tell me you are not picturing our daughter stuck underneath those rocks?

Ryan: Let's just dig, ok? Let's just dig, come on. Let's dig. Annie, be careful. Be careful, here we go.

Erica: Adam? Adam? Adam, talk to me. Adam, Adam, do you, do you hear me, Adam?

[Adam murmurs]

Erica: Oh, Adam, Adam, oh, thank God. Oh, thank God. Oh, Adam, I thought I had lost you.

Frankie: Natalia's my sister. How is this possible? Why didn't Dad tell us?

Bianca: She's going to be ok. We all will.

Zach: Let's get away from the glass.

Bianca: No, no.

Zach: It's ok.

Tad: We've got to get the kids --

Jesse: Get down, get down --

Tad: No time, in here.

Jesse: Under anything you can.

Krystal: Down, down.

Tad: It's going to be all right.

Zach: You all right?

Bianca: Yeah. No, where, where are you going? Zach, it's not safe.

Zach: Kendall.

J.R.: It'll be all right.

Babe: I know.

Zach: Greenlee, get down.

Jake: Hold on, Kendall. Hold on.

Angie: Frankie, move away from the window!

Jake: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Staff: Look out, look out.

Jake: Are you ok? Are you ok?

Staff: We're fine.

Angie: Frankie?

Jesse: Where the hell is that generator?

Angie: Are you ok?

Zach: Greenlee?

Babe: J.R.?

Zach: Greenlee, you ok?

Jake: Somebody get me lights, or this patient dies. 

Joe: Here, take this, my light. Everybody, try and stay as calm as possible. Now, listen, if you're staff and you're injured, you won't be helping anybody by not getting yourself treated. Otherwise, keep following the emergency plan. Ok.

Jesse: I need every available officer. I don't care if they're halfway around the world, you get them in here. If he's got a badge, they're reporting for duty.

Angie: Frankie, please, say something.

Frankie: I'm ok. I'm all right, I'm all right.

Angie: Oh, thank God.

Frankie: I just hope I didn't hurt her.

Angie: Hurt her? Sweetheart, you saved this woman's life.

Frankie: This woman, my sister.

Angie: Oh, my God, Frankie, your hand.

Tad: You are going to have one heck of a story for show and tell.

Krystal: I have to go see Babe. Here.

Tad: Honey.

Krystal: I got to go.

Tad: Honey.

Jesse: Nothing?

Joe: Nah, all the lines are down. There's no power, there's no phones, no anything. Try and track down maintenance. Remind them the generator has first priority, ok? I want you to double-check every ventilator patient. Make sure they have emergency back up or are covered with an ambu. Here. Hurry.

Jesse: Look at this place, huh? I wonder what the rest of Pine Valley looks like.

Ryan: Can anyone hear me? Hey, guys? Can you start working at it from that angle over there?

Pete: Yeah.

Ryan: Do you mind? That would be great. Get it from both sides, you know what I mean? Why don't you take a break, ok? I can handle this for awhile.

Annie: No, no, no, if I don't help, I'll think. And I'll think about where my daughter is and what's happened to her.

Ryan: Hey, we're going to find her. We're going to find Emma together, remember, ok? Let's keep digging then, ok?

Annie: Ok.

Ryan: All right, I'm going to come down here. Be careful, all right?

Annie: Take that one.

Ryan: There we are.

Annie: Ok.

Erica: There was someone there, Adam. He grabbed me just before the tunnel caved in.

Adam: You're delusional. The lack of oxygen finally went to your head.

Erica: I'm not the one who passed out.

Adam: The whole ceiling fell on top of me.

Erica: Well, while I have been slaving away, trying to dig us out of this hell hole, you've done nothing but lie there.

Adam: You haven't been slaving away. You were desperate to revive me. You are adorable when you're worried.

Erica: Worried? About you? Ha, please.

Adam: Now, come on, I saw your face when I, when I woke up. And there was only word to describe what I saw in your eyes.

Erica: Disgust?

Adam: Love.

J.R.: No cuts, no bruises?

Babe: Mama, is Little A ok?

Krystal: Like he'd been on a ride in Disneyland. How are you two?

Babe: J.R., you're bleeding.

J.R.: It's just a scratch.

Babe: You should have seen him, Mama. He was so brave.

J.R.: Since when is getting in bed with you an act of bravery, huh?

Babe: You could have died.

J.R.: So what? At least we'd be together. I mean, look, I --

Babe: It's ok. I know I'm dying. And no, you can't go with me.

Bianca: All right, you're ok, little girl. I'm right here. Mommy's here and everything's going to be ok. I will never leave you. I love you so much, and I know that it's scary in here with all the lights off, but the storm has passed. We're ok, your daddy's ok, and your Auntie Kendall will be, too.

Jake: What's with that generator? I need light, please. I need it right here, right here, thank you. How are we doing, Dr. Shaw?

Dr. Shaw: I've switched to manual ventilation, but get me an ambu and an oxygen tank, just in case. Dr. Martin, this battery is limited as it is. I -- I just, you know, I can't keep her under and monitored without power. You're going to have to close.

Jake: No, I don't.

Zach: Go get a doctor. We need some help here.

Greenlee: I'm ok, I'm ok. What happened?

Zach: There was a tornado. How do you feel?

Greenlee: Oh, oh, like I just got hit by a tornado?

Zach: There's a storage closet by the nursery. Take her there. Bianca and the baby are there. You'll be safe.

Greenlee: Tell Kendall I love her.

Jake: I've got the flap open, I've got good exposure, I've got to keep going. This is her only chance.

Dr. Shaw: You can't complete the procedure without power.

Jake: The generator's going to kick on any second.

Dr. Shaw: You don't know when.

Jake: No, but you know what I know? If I don't get the skull fragments out, she'll end up brain dead or worse.

Dr. Shaw: All right, get me a portable cardiac monitor.

Jake: I need pledgets, I need pledgets, and hemostatic foam. I also need a battery-operated cautery. I need that.

Dr. Shaw: What do you want to do about the bleeding?

Jake: Put her on nitro, reduce the pressure. We can do this, it's ok. It's ok, I'm not going to lose the patient.

Tad: Pop.

Joe: Yeah?

Tad: I'm going to take the kids down to the basement. They'll be safe down there. Mom can watch them.

Joe: Good, good, Ruth has Jenny down in the storm shelter. Now, you all be careful, ok?

Tad: Yeah, you, too.

Joe: All right, sweetheart.

Tad: Come on, guys.

Nurse: Chief Martin, we have a problem.

Jesse: Taylor, hey, are you ok? Are you hurt?

Taylor: No, I'm fine. I brought somebody else in. I'd love to help. Can I help somehow?

Joe: Well, I don't know. You know how to fix a generator? Head of maintenance knocked unconscious by the tornado.

Jesse: Oh, you're kidding me. Dead generator, that's just what we need.

Taylor: I think I can bring it back to life.

Joe: Really, really? Come, this way.

J.R.: What am I supposed to do without you?

Babe: Live, be Little A's daddy. You have to make sure that he's happy and safe. But most of all, make sure that he knows how much his mama loved him every day.

J.R.: I will, I will. But after I tell him how much I loved you. I can't do this. I can't let you go.

Babe: You don't, you don't have to. Because soon we're going to be married, and I'm going to live in your heart forever.

J.R.: You have lived in my heart since the first second we met. Babe, Babe?

Babe: No, I'm here, I'm here.

J.R.: Are you ok? What can I do for you? Are you in pain?

Babe: No, we don't have time to find a minister, J.R. We have to get married now.

Bianca: Greenlee, have you seen Zach? Is he ok?

Greenlee: Yeah, he saved me and then he took off.

Bianca: And where is he? With Kendall? How are the boys?

Greenlee: The boys are fine. But Kendall's in surgery, Bianca. With no power.

Bianca: But they -- the hospital must be equipped to handle emergencies like this.

Greenlee: It better be.

Dr. Shaw: We need the power back on.

Jake: Can you hold the light steady, please? I need to see. Steady. See, this fragment is way too close to the M.C.A.

Dr. Shaw: Patient's heart rate is up and her pressure is falling.

Jake: I need a clip. There's too much blood on it.

Zach: Hey, what are you doing?

Dr. Shaw: Martin, we need to stop.

Jake: Can't get a good visual.

Zach: What are you doing? You're operating on my wife in the dark?

Jake: Somebody get him -- Zach, leave.

Dr. Shaw: Dr. Martin, we need to take care of this, you need to give her more blood.

Jake: All right, listen, hold on a second. I think I see it.

Zach: You see what?

Jake: I think I see it.

Dr. Shaw: Her B.P. is dangerously low.

Jake: Ok, I got it.

Zach: Jake.

Jake: Ok, I got it, I got it, hold on. All right, no, no.

Zach: Jake, what is happening?

Dr. Shaw: She's in sinus rhythm. It's weak, but holding.

Jake: All right, give her more blood. Discontinue the nitro. I have your consent on this surgery.

Zach: Not like this you don't. You're in the dark here.

Jake: If we wait, we could lose her. She could die, ok? So, do me a favor, leave and let me do my job.

Bianca: Is she ok?

Zach: She's alive.

Bianca: Thank God. Come on.

Taylor: It's not broken. You want to try it manually?

Jesse: Nothing. You thinking batteries?

Taylor: Maybe we should jump it.

Jesse: I've got one of those portable jumpers out in my car.

Taylor: Oh, I'll get it, I'll get it. I'm the runner, I'll get it.

Jesse: All right, it's the black S.U.V. out in front of E.R.

Taylor: Black S.U.V.

Angie: You have sensation and full range of motion, but I want you to see a hand surgeon as soon as things calm down, ok?

Frankie: I'm fine, Mom, really.

Angie: You're a doctor, Frankie. Your hands are everything.

Frankie: I have bigger things to worry about right now. I'm sorry.

Angie: It's ok. It's been a long day.

Frankie: Tell me about her.

Angie: Beside the fact that she's 19 years old and allergic to penicillin, I don't know much.

Frankie: What did Dad say? I mean, who is she? How long has he known about her?

Angie: Your father had another family, Frankie, with a woman he met when he was on the run. Now, up until nine months ago, I believed this girl was living with your father.

Frankie: And that's when he came here?

Angie: Because of you, you were so sick.

Frankie: But when I got better, I mean this, this other family, did they just let him go?

Angie: I don't know.

Frankie: Gosh, this is unreal.

Angie: I saw them together.

Frankie: Yeah, me, too, at The Comeback bar. Except for Dad said that he was helping her out with some legal issues. He lied to us, Mom.

Natalia: To protect you. [Moans]

Greenlee: How's Kendall? Did they stop the surgery?

Bianca: No, they're still going.

Greenlee: What, with generators or something?

Zach: No, they've got tons of flashlights. She's holding her own.

Bianca: She's going to be fine. Here, she needs you.

Zach: You ok?

Adam: Come on, Erica. You are in love with me. Go on, go on, go, just admit it. It will make you feel better. Ok, I'll start you out. I --

Erica: Detest you.

Annie: Hey, do you remember the last time we were at the beach with Emma?

Ryan: I do, actually. She had me build that, that monster sand castle with the huge moat and everything.

Annie: Yeah, you know what she told me when we got home?

Ryan: What?

Annie: She said that our apartment was like a sand castle. Because every time we were all together she, she felt like a princess, Princess Emmaline.

Ryan: Hey, we're going to be ok, all right? Emma's going to be ok.

Annie: Let's find our daughter.

Ryan: Ok, come on.

Colby: What if --

Pete: If Adam's alive --

Colby: What if he's already--

Pete: If Adam's alive down here, we'll save him. Won't be able to call me a worm then, will he? Uh.

Colby: Pete!

[J.R. carries Babe into the chapel]

J.R.: I don't know where to start.

Babe: Just say whatever you feel. Whatever's inside you.

J.R.: What's inside me is you.

Babe: That's a great place to start.

J.R.: The first time I saw you, I can remember everything. The smell of the ocean, the way the air felt, the sun on the masts of the sailboats. Something -- something was about to change. And what do you know? There you were. You saved me, Babe. These eyes, these lips, this heart. You gave me strength to be a better man. Well, at least the strength to try, anyway. And it took me a while to get there, but I did. We did. And we have a great kid to show for it.  Before I met you, Babe, I was suffocating. And you taught me to breathe. With the help of Little Adam, you taught me to love the way that you both deserve. Everything that I admire about myself, that I respect, every single one of those things came from you. And I love you, Babe. I love you from the deepest part of my soul. And no matter what, I will never stop.

Colby: You guys, you guys, someone's down here. Someone knocked Pete out, took our flashlight, I didn't see who it was.

Annie: What? Oh, my God, he could have Emma.

Ryan: Whoa-ho-ho!

Erica: Honestly, has nobody realized that I'm missing? Where are my children? My fans? Where's --

Adam: Where's Jackson? I'm sure that since your row with my ex-maid, that she and Jack are just tripping all over themselves trying to find you.

Erica: Ahh! Ahh!

Joe: Welcome back.

Bianca: What happened?

Joe: You passed out.

Bianca: The baby.

Zach: With Greenlee.

Bianca: Joe, what are you doing here?

Joe: Me? You're supposed to be in Paris.

Bianca: No, I'm serious. There are a lot of other patients in the hospital that need your attention more than I do, and I'm fine.

Joe: Bianca, you just gave birth.

Bianca: Yes, and I'm tired. But I'm ok. Really.

Joe: Keep an eye on her.

Zach: Sure.

[Door opens and closes]

Bianca: I need my daughter.

Zach: I'll go get her. Sit down. I'll be back.

Bianca: Wait, Zach, don't you need to be with Kendall right now?

Zach: I'm not doing anybody any good being camped out outside E.R. I'm going to let Jake do his thing.

Bianca: Let's hope the maintenance people are doing theirs.

Taylor: That's good to go.

Angie: Your kidney was badly bruised. We went in and took care of the internal bleeding, and we were able to --

Natalia: Don't be mad at Dad. It wasn't his fault. My mom knew about you from the beginning. She still fell for him anyway. When she realized he had a shot at another chance with you, she let him go.

Frankie: Was it easy?

Natalie: No, it was horrible. She begged me to understand, to not be angry. I tried. I just -- I never wanted to lose him.

Angie: What about Jesse? What did he want?

Natalia: Deep down, he wanted to be with you guys. But at the same time, he didn't want to leave us. So, we made him.

Frankie: And what does that mean?

Natalia: My mom convinced me that it was best, that he needed to go for his own happiness, and in the end, ours, too. He belonged with you. So, we pushed him away and staged this big fight. And I told him I never loved him. I lied.

Bianca: Hey, hey. I missed you. How've you been?

Greenlee: Come up with a name yet?

Bianca: No, honestly, I thought I was having a boy, so Reese and I didn't even consider girl names.

Greenlee: Where is this Reese?

Bianca: She's still in France.

Zach: She's pretty cool. Quite an architect.

Greenlee: You've met her?

Zach: Yeah, business trip last year was Cambias Paris.

Bianca: Reese is amazing. She's a great mom to Miranda. Can't wait to introduce her to this little one.

Zach: Baby girl and little one, but we do have to find a name for her.

Bianca: Fine, come up with one then. You get a vote.

Taylor: Try it again.

Jesse: There's got to be some juice in this thing.

Staff: Ah.

Jake: That's about time. Perfect.

Greenlee: Oh, thank God.

Zach: Told you everything's going to be all right. What?

Greenlee: You're the father, aren't you?

Erica: Adam! Adam, he's back, and he won't let me go!

Adam: Blast it, woman.

Erica: Let me go!

Adam: Is there nothing you won't do.

Greenlee: The looks between the two of you? And then when you passed out, and you said to Zach, "She needs you."

Zach: She did need me. She was about to fall on the floor.

Greenlee: No, no, it's way more than that. In your voice, and the way you two are acting, I mean, come on. The way that you are with this baby? You're not just some uncle. You're way more than that.

Zach: Um.

Bianca: You're right. He is.

Greenlee: When? How?

Bianca: I was so desperate to have another child, and so Reese and I were go through with the whole anonymous donor thing, and then Zach came to Paris, and we told him our plans, and --

Greenlee: You offered to help. Why didn't you tell Kendall?

Bianca: I didn't want her to know until I knew that the insemination took.

Greenlee: Clearly it took.

Zach: She wasn't the only one in the dark.

Greenlee: You didn't tell Zach about it, either?

Bianca: I had a very rough first trimester. And the second trimester wasn't much better, and I just wanted to make sure that everything was ok with the pregnancy until we -- before we started telling people, and then, by the time I got up the nerve to tell Kendall --

Greenlee: You got on a plane to do it in person.

Bianca: But the tornado hit before I could actually tell her.

Zach: Here we are.

Bianca: You can't tell anyone, not yet.

Jake: Good job, everyone. It was a little crazy, but we did it. Can you close for me? I'm going to give the family the good news. Thank you.

Dr. Shaw: She's seizing!

Jake: All right, give a bolus of diazepam. Kendall, honey, stay with me. Stay with me, Kendall.

Krystal: I want my baby doll here with me, where she belongs. Why, why is this happening? Why?

Tad: That I don't know. Baby, tell me what you need. Tell me what to do. You want to go to the chapel?

Krystal: No, no.

Tad: We'll go right now.

Krystal: They deserve this. They deserve so much more. I know. I know I should be strong, I know that. I just -- I don't know how to say goodbye.

Tad: No one ever does.

Krystal: But there should be words. There should be a way, there should be a way I just could tell her how the second I held her in my arms, my life just changed for the better. You know? There should be words to describe that bond, you know? How sometimes when she would -- she would hang on so tight, I didn't know where she ended and where I began. There should be words.

Tad: Darling, you don't need words. You never did. She knows.

Krystal: You know what scares me the most?

Tad: What?

Krystal: When she's -- when she's gone, I won't know who I am anymore.

Tad: Well, I will. I will, and I promise I'll remind you every day.

Krystal: What if it's not enough?

Tad: I don't know. I don't know.

Babe: I was lucky enough to find you. Thank you for seeing the good in me. You were the first man who ever made me feel special. From the first moment I laid eyes on you, you did that until this very moment. Well, there were a few breaks in between, but -- you have to promise me something.

J.R.: Anything. Anything.

Babe: You have to make Little A feel that way, like he can reach for the stars every day.

J.R.: I will.

Babe: I love you from the deepest place in my soul. And no matter what, I'll never stop.

Joe: Thanks, Taylor, from the staff, from the patients, from all of us.

Taylor: Sir, it's no big deal, really.

Jesse: Oh, what are you talking -- are you kidding? It's a huge deal. You did great. Thank you, Lieutenant. Ok, I -- I got to go check on somebody.

Frankie: How are you feeling?

Natalia: Out of it. Not much pain, though. You guys don't have to hang around here.

Angie: I just -- I need to ask you something, Natalia. If you and your mother agreed to let Jesse go, why has she been calling him? And why do you come to Pine Valley?

Greenlee: Jake, how is he?

Zach: What are you doing here? Is the surgery over?

Jake: I have some bad news.

Colby: Oh, Daddy, you're ok.

Ryan: Erica, what are you doing down here? Are you ok?

Erica: I am now. Adam, do you see? This -- I mean, this is a proper rescue.

Ryan: Listen to me. Kendall was hurt pretty bad in the tornado.

Erica: Oh, my God. How -- where -- how is she?

Ryan: I don't know, I don't know. I just know that it was pretty bad, that's all I know.

Erica: I have to get to her.

Annie: The roads are a mess, you can't.

Adam: Erica, you can't just go. You can't drive. You were unconscious.

Erica: I'll call 911. This is an emergency.

Ryan: Adam, Adam, listen, listen to me, ok? Was there anybody else down here? Emma has been missing. She's missing.

Adam: No -- Emma? No, but there is someone else down here.

Pete: A huge, violent Neanderthal by chance?

Adam: Annie, you were right. There is a stalker in these tunnels. He's been here for quite some time.

[David opens the door to the chapel to find Babe]

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