AMC Transcript Thursday 10/16/08

All My Children Transcript Thursday 10/16/08


Episode #9981
Written by Rebecca Taylor, Charles Pratt, Jr., Daran Little, Tracey Thomson, Addie Walsh, and Jeff Beldner

Provided by Boo
Proofread by Gisele

Erica: You didn't?

Adam: Oh, I most certainly did.

Erica: Well, I thought that you were going to let J.R. and Babe live their own life?

Adam: Oh, yes, absolutely. Just as soon as we get rid of this Fusion mess.

Erica: And you're using this mess to create your own.

Adam: I'm sure J.R.'s come to his senses. I've given him the perfect excuse for coming back. So he won't have to admit he was wrong to leave, you see?

Erica: I see.

Adam: Ah, oh, oh, I think he got bigger. He's grown some. Welcome home.

Aidan: We've both been pushed over the edge by our spouses. Who wouldn't go a little nuts?

Annie: So, I guess we're not so different, after all?

Aidan: Oh, no, no. You and I, Annie, we're nothing alike.

Annie: Keep telling yourself that, Aidan. But there's not much difference between one piece of roadkill and another, and right now we are both flat under the tires of the Ryan and Greenlee truck.

Greenlee: Thought I finally had it figured out. I was going to have the life that I always wanted with my feet on the ground. And now here I am, running away from Aidan, my father, Ryan. Why can't I get it right? What am I supposed to do?

Kendall: I think you should stop running, Greenlee. You know who you love. You love Ryan. So, stop fighting it. Go to him, Greenlee, go to him and be with him.

Officer: Turn around and place your hands on the vehicle.

Ryan: I'm not doing this.

Officer: Oh, yes, you are.

Ryan: Not good.

Police Radio: Attention, all units. A severe storm warning has been issued for Pine Valley and surrounding areas. Residents are advised to remain indoors and take proper precautions.

Ryan: Hey, hey, Officer, uh, Whitehead, hey, hey. How are you doing?

Officer Whitehead: You're under arrest.

Ryan: I know, I know, I know. Hey, hey, hey, I know, I know, I'm under arrest. I know, I know.

[Thunder rumbles]

Krystal: Yeah, yeah, Kathy just got dropped off. Listen, thank you so much for taking care of Jenny. If she gives you any fits at all, you just call me, ok?

Tad: Love you, Mom.

Krystal: Ok, give her some sugar for me, all right.

Tad: How's it going?

Krystal: Good.

Tad: Yeah?

Krystal: Yeah.

Tad: Tarot cards still in the trash?

Krystal: Last I looked.

Tad: That's my girl. What did I tell you, hmm?

Krystal: Nothing bad is going to happen.

Tad: All seeing, all knowing, you can take that to the bank.

Opal: Oh, thank the moon and the stars you are here.

Tad: Mom, what are you doing walking in the back?

Pete: Mom thought she saw a black cat.

Opal: You can't take any chances at a time like this. Now, I'm begging you, you have got to close this place down. Death is at the door.

Adam: I'm sure you two would like to freshen up a bit. Your room is ready, so is Little Adam's. Hey, maybe you and I could play with that old train set of yours after awhile?

J.R.: This is business, Dad. You want depositions, let's get started.

Adam: Well, unfortunately, Barry got stranded in New York. Could we have dinner together?

J.R.: No, we're going to be at the Valley Inn.

Adam: Oh, no, no, please. Lucretia's gone to so much trouble.

Erica: Your father has gone to so much trouble, because he misses you.

Adam: Oh, that's ridiculous. No, we have a lawsuit here.

Erica: And that's an excuse to see you.

J.R.: You didn't have the decency to say good-bye. Now you scam us back into town. Call us when the lawyers are ready.

Adam: J.R., please. I -- I hated the way that all turned out. Please, just stay.

J.R.: I don't think that's such a good idea. Plus, I have a reservation.

Ryan: That's a little snug.

Officer Whitehead: Well, you could have run. Why didn't you?

Ryan: Uh, I got nowhere to go, I guess. I just, um, there's some stuff in my life that's a bit of a mess right now. I took it out on you, and I shouldn't have done that.

Officer Whitehead: Ah, woman trouble.

Ryan: Yeah, woman trouble.

Jesse: What the hell is going on?

Officer Whitehead: Chief, what are you doing here?

Jesse: I was in the neighborhood. I heard the call. Ok, this is getting old, Ryan. What happened?

Officer Whitehead: He was driving erratically. I thought he was drunk. I pulled him over, he sucker-punched me. I called for back-up, because things are still spinning.

Jesse: All right, man. Take a seat. I'll handle this. You need to stay out of trouble, Ryan.

Ryan: I'm trying.

Jesse: Try harder. Emma ok?

Ryan: Yeah, Emma's fine, why?

Jesse: Just saw Annie. She's a hot mess. You looking for her?

Ryan: No, I'm not looking for her.

Jesse: Well, what are you -- you're looking for Greenlee.

Greenlee: If you start in on kismet and fate and destiny, I swear to God, I'll hit you.

Kendall: You love Ryan.

Greenlee: That doesn't mean we have to be together.

Kendall: You married someone else to prove that to yourself. Now, how did that go?

Greenlee: Ok, Ryan and I love each other. So what? It doesn't work. It never has, it's too intense.

Kendall: Oh, my, Greenlee, you have never been afraid of intense.

Greenlee: I don't want to end up in pieces again. I couldn't survive it a second time.

Kendall: Wait a minute, why are you going straight to the worst?

Greenlee: When Ryan and I were together, yes, sometimes we were all sparkly and perfect. But look at how it ended. And now, the second time around, I mean, look at all the ground that we've pulled out from under people's feet. The mother of his child?

Kendall: A crazy woman.

Greenlee: And the man I love.

Kendall: The man you're married to.

Greenlee: I don't know what to do, or what to think. I mean, it's as if we're just tempting fate, and we're not honoring it, taking a chance on something that can only end badly for everyone.

Zach: Hey, you guys feel like playing little mermaid in the sand?

Greenlee: I'll get out of here. I didn't want to interrupt you guys.

Zach: Hey, tears? You must be talking about Ryan.

Aidan: Ryan and Greenlee can't stay away from each other. I mean, they can deny it and they can fight it all they want, but they'll end up together, and there is nothing that you and I can do about it. So, I'm done and I suggest you do the same.

Annie: Ok, ok, fine, whatever. Will you at least help me with Emma? I think she's in serious danger, Aidan.

Aidan: This guy that's stalking you?

Annie: Yes, and he's real, ok? He's grabbed me before.

Aidan: Any idea who it might be?

Annie: At one point, I was sure it was Ryan.

Aidan: Oh, you can't honestly believe that Ryan would do anything to put Emma's life in danger.

Opal: No one is safe, not tonight. I am begging you, Krystal, please, close this place down. Get these people out of here.

Krystal: That's not such a bad idea, Tad. The storm is getting fierce.

Tad: No, no, no, look, enough is enough. Come here for a second, would you?

Opal: But, Tad --

Tad: Hey, hey, hey, stop, all right? Stop it, you're freaking everybody out.

Opal: I am trying to save lives.

Tad: Mom, if you want to save lives, then throw away your tarot deck. Or get a new one, ok? Because the ones you have are on the fritz.

Opal: I was right about Petey, wasn't I? And I am right about this. Death is coming.

Tad: What?

Opal: My God --

Tad: Momma?

Opal: My chest, my --

Tad: So help me, if you are pulling my leg, Momma. Frankie?

Jesse: A little advice, whatever's got you stuck on stupid, Annie, Emma, Greenlee, handle it. Make it work.

Ryan: I've been trying.

Jesse: Oh, so you clocked one of my guys in the head? Well, that really screams trying to me.

Ryan: Ok, you're right. No excuse, all right?

Jesse: Stop punching my men, all right? All right, Annie is worried that Emma is in some kind of danger.

Ryan: Emma is safe with me, Jesse.

Jesse: Yeah, I know she's safe with you. It's the fool in you that I'm worried about.

Ryan: Keeping secrets, trying to do the right thing for the family sometimes, there's just no right way to go.

Jesse: I feel you, I hear you, all right? Let me tell you something. Keeping it all bottled up inside like that until it explodes doesn't do anybody any good. Ask the guy you just punched in the head.

Police radio: All units, a tornado watch has been issued for Pine Valley and environs until midnight tonight. Repeat. A tornado watch has been issued and is in effect until midnight tonight.

Jesse: Damn. Dispatch, this is Hubbard. Listen, I want all off-duty officers to report to the station. I want all patrol units to clear the streets. Get everybody inside, locked down, under cover. This could be an ugly night.

Greenlee: I should go.

Kendall: No, you shouldn't, you should stay. I'll make you some tea.

Zach: Tea? So, tell one of your jokes. It would be a good time for that. It's not funny, but --

Greenlee: I'm fresh out. Unless you count me as a really, really bad joke. Screwing up again, my life, everyone else around me, except no one's laughing.

Zach: I know what's going to help. Straight from Scotland.

Greenlee: Yeah, if I drink that, who knows what I'll do. Run to Ryan, or back to Aidan, or maybe I'll just implode right here. Kendall says that I should go to Ryan, and my dad says to stay away from him, and --

Zach: What do you say?

Greenlee: If I knew, would I be here?

Zach: No, we're your friends. We'll do whatever we can, but you've got to decide what you want.

Greenlee: Yeah, what if I make the wrong choice?

Zach: You won't.

Greenlee: How can you be so sure?

Zach: Because you're you. Do what you think is right. It's your life. Whether you want to have a life with Ryan or without Ryan, you've got to decide.

Aidan: Ryan would know when you're telling the truth or not.

Annie: I'm not doing this for attention, Aidan. I'm not doing this to get Ryan back. Emma's really in danger and nobody believes me.

Aidan: Well, can you blame them?

Annie: Zach and Kendall and Greenlee, they want to make sure that I never have Ryan. They want to make sure that I never have my daughter. They want to make sure I never have a life. Please, please, help me prove that this man exists. I'm all alone here. Will you help me?

Aidan: I can't, Annie. All right, I'm done with Greenlee, I'm done with her friends, I'm done with Ryan. I'm moving on.

Annie: You want to move on, Aidan, but you can't. Can you?

J.R.: You couldn't offer a simple invitation?

Adam: Would you have come?

J.R.: No. We're at the Valley Inn.

Adam: What is so horrible about me wanting to be with my family?

J.R.: Uh, let's see, the lies, the manipulation, and the fact that you never apologized.

Adam: I'm sorry, really.

Babe: Until next time. Adam, how many times have you sworn that you wanted to be a family? That this time was going to be different? And then you've hurt J.R., you've, you've lied to him. You've made him doubt himself.

Erica: Babe, maybe you should just let J.R. and Adam settle this.

J.R.: Oh, it is settled. Babe and I have a new life, free from this house and free from your control.

Adam: You belong here. You can't just quit on us. Real family doesn't do that. Real family works through the hard times.

J.R.: We create the hard times. We feed off each other's misery. We grind each other to dust.

Adam: No, we test each other. We're strong, that's nothing to be ashamed of.

J.R.: I don't want my son to be like me, or like you. He deserves a real life and that's impossible here.

Adam: All right, I'll make it possible. I'll do anything, anything you want. Just tell me you'll come home.

J.R.: Well, then what? We'll be at each others' throats in what, one, two days?

Erica: Oh, maybe 23 minutes?

Adam: All right, we fight. All families fight. That doesn't mean I don't love you.

J.R.: Well, all this love that you're feeling, does Babe fit in there?

Adam: If she makes you happy, yes.

J.R.: You'll tolerate her, sit next to her at Thanksgiving? Babe and Little Adam are my family and they come first, always. And the best thing for them is to be as far away from you as possible. To hell with subpoenas, we're flying out of here first thing in the morning.

Adam: Damn, pig-headed fool. He's worse than his old man. Admit it, he is, he's worse.

Erica: Adam, J.R. loves you.

Adam: Oh, yeah --

Erica: He does.

Adam: Well, what about his definition of love? Bad, evil, damn him, damn her, damn her.

Erica: Well, they are going to be divorced again, you know, in no time.

Adam: Babe is responsible for this. She is the one who's turned J.R. against me. I may not have been the best father around, but J.R. and I were always able to work things out when we were together. The hell with her and the hell with him for letting her run him around like that.

Erica: You know what, Adam? Maybe this is for the best. Maybe now J.R. will come into his own.

Adam: Yeah, fine, good, maybe um -- eating granola and having yoga at the beach. No, the hell with her and the hell with him.

Erica: Adam --

Adam: No, what? All right, I miss him. It hurts like hell.

Kendall: Where's Greenlee?

Zach: She had some thinking to do.

Kendall: Well, she could have done that here.

Zach: Not really.

Kendall: I guess you're right. You're right, she has to do this by herself. You know what else you're right about? This, 48 hours, no interference, no TV, no phone, no outside world, just us.

Zach: Just us.

Kendall: Mm-hmm.

Zach: Me and the boys were talking, and we want to build something a little bigger. So, we're going to go get more sand.

Kendall: You know what? I'll get the sand. I will get the sand. You guys hold down the fort. You want to go see Daddy? Go over to Daddy.

Zach: Ok.

Kendall: Ok, be right back.

Zach: Team hug.

Jesse: All right, you get out there. I want everybody off the street. Help anybody you can, all right? We need to shut this town down, get out of here.

Officer Whitehead: Roger that, Chief.

Jesse: You, I'm going to let you go this time, Ryan. Next time, jail.

Ryan: Not going to be a next time, Jesse, not going to be a next time.

Jesse: Excellent.

Ryan: I mean, what's going on here, Jesse? I mean, a little bit of lightning, some wind, maybe some rain on the way, but getting everybody off the streets, what's up with that?

Jesse: Opal, I don't know. She's all over me about some big storm, big trouble.

Ryan: Yeah, I got an earful of that voodoo myself, but come on, Jesse.

Jesse: Yeah, trust me, it's not voodoo. But it never hurts to be prepared, right?

Ryan: All right, well, you know, if you're done with me, I'm going to just head home to my daughter, ok?

Jesse: You do that.

[Cell phone rings]

Ryan: Hello?

Kendall: Ryan.

Ryan: Kendall, this is so not a good time, ok?

Kendall: It's Greenlee.

Ryan: What about Greenlee?

Kendall: Well, she was here, and she's a mess.

Ryan: Was? So, where is she now?

Kendall: I don't know, I don't know, but I'm really worried about her. Where, where could she have gone? I mean, where do you think she would be?

Ryan: I think I know.

Angie: Opal, you're going to be all right.

Opal: Doesn't feel like it.

Tad: Momma, you're going to be just fine.

Krystal: Yeah.

Angie: What is it?

Pete: Mom?

Angie: What is it, Opal?

Frankie: All right, call 911, tell them we have a possible coronary.

Opal: Yep.

Pete: A heart attack?

Angie: All right, listen, I want you to just calm down. Just, just try to stay calm.

Colby: She'll be ok, I've been through this with my dad. She'll be fine.

Randi: I'm calling from The Comeback bar.

Tad: I've been torturing her for three solid days now.

Randi: We need an ambulance --

Krystal: She's going to be all right, Tad.

Tad: Nothing in any of her visions said anything about all right.

Opal: Tad --

Tad: Mom, be careful. Mom! Momma?

Angie: Opal?

Tad: Momma, can you hear me? Momma?

Angie: I don't have a pulse.

Krystal: Ok, I have a defibrillator behind the bar, hurry.

Angie: Opal, come on, come on, Opal, come on.

Tad: Come on, Momma.

Frankie: All right, Opal, we're going to do this right here. You're not going anywhere. All right, everybody, stand back, get back.

Krystal: All right.

Frankie: Clear.

Opal: Ah.

Angie: All right, all right, she's back.

Krystal: Oh, God, she's back.

Adam: I'm not very good company, Erica. I understand if you want to leave.

Erica: Why? So you can waste perfectly good crystal against your fireplace wall? New York, that's what you need. You need a good dose of New York. I'm going to call my driver.

Adam: To hold your purse while you shop? Excuse me? No, I'll pass.

Erica: No, apartment hunting. I would really like your expertise.

Adam: You're humoring me.

Erica: Well, I don't do it very often, so you should take advantage of it.

Adam: Heh heh.

Erica: A beautiful hotel suite overlooking the park, room service, massage, two bedrooms.

Adam: Mm-hmm. Yes, well, that suite sounds interesting. It might even be better if it had a white water view. I know an island, a very, very small island, very private, no phones, no computers, no business, no family, just -- interested?

Erica: I will pack my suitcase and meet you at the airport.

Adam: No, no, no. We can't do that if we're going to beat this storm. What do you say? Just the two of us out of here? Just like that, right now, ok? Interested? Heh heh.

Erica: What are we waiting for?

Aidan: I'm not going to wait around for the fallout, Annie, all right? The last thing I want to see is Ryan and Greenlee all over each other.

Annie: Say whatever you want to, Aidan, but I didn't think you were the kind of man that would give up.

Aidan: Well, I don't know what kind of man I am anymore.

Jesse: Hey, guys, the storm is getting worse. It is now a tornado watch. The best place for everybody right now is home.

Annie: Not until I know that Emma's safe.

Jesse: Ryan thinks that Emma is perfectly safe, all right?

Annie: How do you know that?

Jesse: Because I just saw him.

Annie: Was Emma with him?

Jesse: No.

Annie: What? Well, was he heading home?

Jesse: Well, that would be the smart thing to do but -- never mind.

Aidan: What is it, Chief? Is Ryan with Greenlee?

Jesse: No, apparently nobody knows where Greenlee is.

Aidan: Is Ryan looking for Greenlee?

Annie: I don't -- I don't give a damn about Greenlee right now. What did Ryan say about my daughter?

Jesse: Go home, Annie. Call Ryan. Find out, ok? I'm sure Emma is safe.

Annie: You have no idea, do you? My God, if something has happened to her --

Aidan: Annie, don't.

Jesse: Aidan, I think you need to go home, too.

Aidan: Well, this is my kind of weather, brisk and windy, so I might just walk around here and enjoy it for a while.

Jesse: Could you do me a favor? Leave Ryan and Greenlee alone.

Aidan: There's nothing that I would rather do, all right? But if Greenlee is out there somewhere, I'm going to make sure that she's safe.

Jesse: Leave it alone, Aidan. What's this?

Paramedic: Possible heart attack.

Jesse: Hey, what's going on?

Tad: It's Mom, it's Mom.

Krystal: In here, come on. Hurry. Oh, great. Back off. Give them some room here.

Tad: Give me a hand.

Krystal: You got it?

Tad: Yeah.

Paramedics: One, two, three, lift.

Tad: Easy, easy.

Pete: You're going to be ok, Mom. You're going to be ok. Tell me she's going to be ok.

Frankie: If I have something to say about it, she will.

Angie: She's stable, thank God.

Jesse: Yeah, the trouble is not over yet.

Frankie: All right, let's get on the bus. I'm going to ride with you guys.

Paramedics: Hubbard, here?

Tad: I'm going to with Momma to the hospital.

Pete: I'm going, too.

Tad: No, no, listen, I want you to do me a favor, ok? With the weather, I want you to take care of Colby.

Pete: But Mom -- Dad's out of town.

Tad: I'll be with her every moment, ok? Just take care of her, please.

Pete: She needs me. But you have to tell me if anything --

Tad: You're first on my speed dial. I promise.

Pete: Ok.

Krystal: Look, I'm going to stay here with Kathy. She's going to be ok in the back, and I don't think she saw anything too scary. All right? Be careful.

Frankie: All right, let's go.

Krystal: You're going to be all right.

Babe: Momma, what's going on?

Krystal: Opal, Opal, her heart.

Babe: No, her cards, all the terrible things she saw, it was this?

[Storm sounds]

Krystal: Or it could just be the start?

Jesse: All right, people, I guess you haven't heard yet, but there is a tornado watch going on.

Annie: Ryan, let me in. Ryan, are you there? Emma? Corrina? Emma? Movies.

Jesse: All right, give me the update on available shelters.

J.R.: Hey, it's really starting to kick up outside. I think we should go over to the Valley Inn.

Krystal: No, no, you'll do no such thing. We have a safe basement, and we'll have to use it if we need to. I'm just -- I'm glad you're back. I know it's selfish, but I'm just glad I could just put my arms around you again.

Colby: My dad must be wrecked. J.R. totally shredded him.

Pete: The weather is getting worse. If there's really a tornado coming, I should take you home.

Colby: You need to be with your mom. Go to the hospital. I'll get a ride.

Pete: No, we'll see if your dad's ok first, ok?

Adam: I'll text Colby so she doesn't worry.

Erica: Hi, sweetheart.

Kendall: Mother, why are you whispering?

Erica: I'm -- I'm at Adam's, and I just have a minute.

Kendall: Did you find out something? Did you get proof that he sabotaged Bella?

Erica: I am about to find out all the details just as soon as I get Adam out of town.

Kendall: Where you going?

Erica: Somewhere where I can have him all to myself.

Kendall: Well, he doesn't stand a chance.

Erica: That's the idea. Look, J.R. has decimated him. Adam is so vulnerable at the moment, and I certainly know how to use that to our advantage.

Kendall: Well, when will you be back?

Erica: Ok, I have to go. I'll call you.

Kendall: Get over here. Get, get, get, get over here.

Zach: I thought we had a deal.

Kendall: You know what? It, it -- it was my mom, ok? She's going out of town.

Zach: So, you won't need this anymore?

Spike: Da-da.

Kendall: Absolutely not. No.

Spike: Da-da.

Kendall: Yes, I know, because I think we have some games to play, don't we, Spikey? And just so you know, I'm probably going to win.

Zach: Psh.

Kendall: Mm-hmm.

Zach: Let the games begin.

Kendall: Let them begin, let them begin.

Zach: Whoa, easy. You trying to distract me?

Kendall: I'm just loving you, even if you are going to be a sore loser, right? He's going to be a sore loser.

Zach: Sore loser? What are you talking about? I got this one, I got that one, I got this one. I'm happy. I've already won.

Kendall: What you think about that?

Zach: Come here. Family hug.

Adam: Oh, damn this storm.

Erica: Adam, maybe we shouldn't go.

Adam: No, I'm not going to let a little weather stop us, come on. Come on, I can protect you from the thunder. Here we go. There's a flashlight somewhere in here.

[Erica gasps]

Erica: Adam.

Adam: What in blazes -- who is that?

Erica: Do you think it's -- it's Annie's stalker?

Adam: Her -- her fantasy has come to life? I doubt it. Right in there.

Erica: What -- what are you doing? Adam, call security.

Adam: Oh, those incompetents? No. I'll take care of this. I can handle this myself. Whoever you are, show yourself.

[Erica gasps]

Adam: Stop, damn it.

Erica: Do you -- do you think he's inside?

Adam: There's only one way to find out.

Erica: Oh, my God. Someone's been staying here.

Colby: Electricity's out. There's a flashlight somewhere.

Pete: Hold on.

Colby: Dad, are you here? Daddy? Don't worry about me, Dad. He went out of town with Erica.

Pete: In tornado weather?

[Ryan finds Greenlee at their gazebo]

Krystal: Something about family being together kind of helps ward off the chill, huh?

J.R.: Mm-hmm.

Krystal: If we had a basement here, we could just hunker down here.

Babe: Well, as soon as J.R. and I are married and settled, we'll invite you out to San Diego where there is nothing but blue skies and sunshine -- and maybe a baby or two?

Krystal: Really?

Babe: Mm-hmm.

Krystal: Well, I'm going to hold you to that, babies and all. Is everybody ready to go?

Angie: Will you go to the shelter with us?

Jesse: Are you sure or not? Well, let me know.

J.R.: Worse before better?

Jesse: Tornadoes have touched down just north of town. The watch has been upgraded to a warning. Looks like we're in for a long night, folks.

Krystal: Wait, Jenny is at Joe and Ruth's. I've got to go get her.

Jesse: No, no, no, no, no. You can't go anywhere. It's too dangerous out there. You're going to have to ride this storm out right here.

Annie: Hi. Oh, thank God, you're all right. I was so worried about you.

Emma: We saw the best movie, Mommy.

Annie: Oh, you did? I'm so glad. Hold on one second, ok? Can I talk to you for a second? Um, do you know where Ryan is? Where he went?

Corrina: No.

Annie: But he said that you could bring Emma here to a public place?

Corrina: Listen, we're not supposed to --

Annie: Not supposed to what? Talk to me? Let me see my own child? Corrina, which parent is here, which parent is off chasing their girlfriend?

Corrina: I should call Mr. Lavery.

Annie: Ok, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I was just really worried. But at least I found you guys and Emma's ok. Emma? Emma? Oh, my God. She's gone. Emma!

Greenlee: How did you find me?

Ryan: Because this is our place, Greenlee. That's what you said when you brought me here to help get my memory back.

Greenlee: I came here to think.

Ryan: About us?

[Booming thunder]

Greenlee: Maybe that's my answer. You and I get together and the sky rips apart, so we should end it now.

[Booming thunder]

Ryan: Sounds like the heavens are celebrating because we're finally getting it right, Greenlee. We're finally together.

Greenlee: Why doesn't it feel right?

[Siren blares]

Babe: Hey, guys. Isn't this the coolest hideout ever?

Little Adam: Yeah.

Kathy: I'm scared.

Babe: You know what? There's nothing to be scared of. It's just a little bit of noise and wind, ok? It'll be over before you know it.

Angie: Hey, how about some sandwiches?

Randi: Peanut butter.

Kathy: Yes.

Angie: Here you go.

Jesse: No, that is not going to work. I can't hear you. I can't -- I've got to go. What are you -- are you ok?

Natalia: Yes, I'm fine. You said we were going to leave tonight to see Mom.

Jesse: No, no, no. Not tonight.

Natalia: You promised.

Jesse: Baby, you are not going anywhere either, all right? There's a tornado happening.

Natalia: You changed your mind, didn't you? You don't even want to help her.

Jesse: Natalia.

Angie: Jess? What's going on?

Erica: Is that a siren? Do you think it's about the storm?

Adam: Babe and J.R.'s wedding announcement and an article about Babe and Little Adam's football. Who would -- who would have this? Who would collect these things?

Erica: Whoever it was, they've been staying here. This is very frightening, Adam.

Adam: All right, all right. I'll get security.

[Door slams and locks]

[Adam and Erica bang on the door]

Colby: That siren can't have been a good sign.

Pete: At least it stopped.

[Siren wailing]

Zach: I've got to ask you, why do you have to cheat every time we play a game?

Kendall: I did not cheat.

Zach: Oh, yeah.

Kendall: No, no. I didn't cheat. I won fair and square. Didn't I win fair and square? That's right. And I think the winner wants s'mores. Yeah.

Zach: Go in the kitchen.

Kendall: No, no. We have the fire, we have the fire but we don't have any marshmallows.

Zach: Uh-huh.

Kendall: Or chocolate. Or graham crackers.

Zach: I'll get supplies.

Kendall: Ok, but can you just be careful. It's picking up out there.

Zach: Come on. It's just down the road. I'll be right back. Just a few minutes.

Kendall: Ok.

Zach: All right, you guys, watch your mother. She cheats.

Kendall: Ha.

Zach: Bye.

Kendall: Ok. Spikester, I'm coming to get you, because we're going to get your brother. You know what, you guys? No, it's ok. It's ok. Here, I've got a bucket for you. I've got to tell you. Yeah, there you go. Look at that. Your dad's pretty cool, isn't he? He's pretty cool. I think we're going to have to let him win every once in a while. Ok, Spike, stay right there. Zach, wait. I guess we better keep the fire going for Daddy.

Annie: Where could she be?

Corrina: I -- I don't know. We've checked all over this place, outside, at the park.

Annie: I knew it. You don't pay enough attention.

Corrina: No, you were too busy yelling at me to notice her.

Annie: Opal was right. Opal was right. Emma's in danger. Somebody took her, I know it. It's the man that's been stalking us. Oh, my God. Emma's been kidnapped.

Greenlee: Look at this, Ryan. God's ticked off, and it's our fault.

Ryan: Last I heard, he's all for love.

Greenlee: What we've done to Aidan? To Annie? Is that love? What we've done to each other in the past?

[Booming thunder]

Greenlee: This is a sign, Ryan. An omen.

Ryan: It's a storm, Greenlee.

Greenlee: We can't do this. We can't be together.

Ryan: Yes, we can.

[The wind blows as Greenlee takes Ryan's hand and a tornado forms in the sky]

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