AMC Transcript Friday 10/10/08

All My Children Transcript Friday 10/10/08


Episode #9977
Written by Charles Pratt, Jr., Daran Little, Tracey Thomson, Addie Walsh, and Jeff Beldner

Provided by Boo
Proofread by Gisele

[Loud music playing]

Erica: Adam? Colby? Carmen, are you home? Colby? Colby, have you seen your father? Colby?

Colby: What?

Erica: Is Adam home?

Colby: Hold on a sec.

[Colby turns music down]

Colby: Hi, what did you say?

Erica: Oh, how can you read with all that -- that music blaring?

Colby: These help.

Erica: Well, why don't you just turn it off?

Colby: And let my dad win? I don't think so. Sooner or later, he's going to get fed up and have to come out here to turn it off himself.

Erica: Out from where?

Colby: Uh, he locked himself in the library. He moved to the nursery. Babe and J.R. picked up Little A and moved to San Diego. Let's just say Dad isn't handling it very well.

Erica: No, I'm sure he's not.

Emma: Mommy! Mommy!

Annie: Oh, hi! Oh, my girl, hello. Oh, I missed you so much.

Emma: I missed you, too. Now can we go home?

Annie: Not yet, baby.

Emma: Why?

Zach: Well, remember how we told you about the judge? Your mom and dad have a couple questions first.

Annie: That's right, and the judge heard what a special little girl you are, and he just wants to make sure that we're all keeping you safe and happy.

Zach: Come on.

Emma: Are you happy?

Annie: I am always happy when I see you. Yes, I am. Now, give Mom a big hug. Squeeze tighter, tighter, tighter.

Zach: What? I think a hug never hurt anybody.

Kendall: Yeah, well, not showing up does. Where is Ryan? He should be here by now.

Ryan: Don't shut me out, ok? We need to talk about this, Greenlee.

Greenlee: "This," whatever it is, can't happen.

Ryan: It already has. You know that it wasn't a coincidence that we were both drawn in by the moon that night, that we both ended up at the boathouse together -- so many other examples of this, Greenlee. There is something that is drawing us together.

Greenlee: There is no "us." I'm married, remember?

Ryan: Yes, to the wrong person, Greenlee. We both are. The difference is I'm done lying about it.

Greenlee: Get out.

Ryan: No. Not until you say it, not until you look me in the eye. Tell me that you don't love me.

Greenlee: I love Aidan. 

[Adam making train noises]

[Knock on door]

Adam: I told you I didn't want to be disturbed.

Erica: Not even by me?

Adam: My father bought this for me for my tenth birthday. The Seaside Comet, knew -- the shore's finest train, went all the way -- all the way down the coast, all the way to Atlantic City.

Erica: Oh, well. It must've been a really special gift for you to keep it all of this time.

Adam: I'm surprised my father could afford it, but I -- I'd forgotten all about it. I -- I guess J.R. put it together for Little Adam.

Erica: Colby told me they moved out.

Adam: Yep, well, he's a grown man, even though he doesn't, uh, always act like one. He can do whatever he wants.

Erica: Well, still, that doesn't make it any easier. I'm sure you miss Little A terribly.

Adam: Oh, don't be ridiculous. He's been gone a few hours is all.

Erica: And here you are in his room.

Adam: Yeah, well, somebody's got to help him pack all his stuff. His parents obviously aren't bothering.

Erica: Well, I'm -- I'm sure you could let Carmen do this.

Adam: Carmen? Yeah, well, since when -- when is Carmen going to grace us with her presence again? She's out gallivanting with Montgomery, you know?

Erica: Well. I see no reason why Carmen should be the only one in this house having any fun. Why don't you let me help you with all of this? I'd love to do that, ok? And then, we can get on with our evening.

Angie: Right. Baby?

Jesse: Mm-hmm?

Angie: Baby? Um, I've got rounds in 10 minutes, and I still can't find my keys.

Jesse: Now, you know it'd be a hell of a lot easier to find keys around here without Frankie's stuff all over the place. Tell you what. I'll look for your keys. You grab the elevator.

Angie: All right.

Jesse: Might actually be here by the time I find your keys, ok?

Angie: Huh -- don't tell me. Waiting for your friend?

Natalia: Seems like all I do.

Angie: What kind of man keeps a pretty girl like you standing out in the hall like this?

Natalia: A busy one. I'm not going to get any time with him at all.

Angie: Well, you know, between you and me, you're too young to waste your life on any man. It's just my opinion, not that you ask, of course. I'm Angie, by the way.

Jesse: Baby, you know what? We'll be here all day --

Angie: And this is my husband Jesse.

Jesse: Looking for those keys.

Natalia: Natalia. Nice to meet you.

Greenlee: I made a commitment to Aidan.

Ryan: You don't love him.

Greenlee: Yes, I do.

Ryan: Not like you love me, not even close, Greenlee. We are connected in a way that -- I can't even explain how we're connected.

Greenlee: Why are you doing this?

Ryan: Because I have tried to do the right thing by everybody else, and it's been a huge disaster. We're fighting against something here. We're fighting against fate. We're -- we're -- we're destined to be together, Greenlee.

Greenlee: I want my marriage to work.

Ryan: Then what were you doing kissing me?

Annie: Ok, so now Louise is going to take you to the playroom.

Emma: I want to stay with you.

Annie: I know, baby, just not this time, ok?

Kendall: You know what? You know what we can do? I think maybe we could draw a really nice picture for Mommy.

Annie: Yeah.

Kendall: I think Mommy would like that, wouldn't you, Annie?

Annie: I would love that, especially if you use all your favorite colors, ok?

Kendall: Yeah, so why don't we go and see if we can --

Emma: Could I make one for Daddy, too?

Kendall: Aw, absolutely.

Annie: Yes.

Kendall: Yeah, let's go find some great crayons and have some fun.

Annie: I love you.

Zach: She'll be fine.

Annie: I can't believe it's come to this. I mean, Ryan and I used to be in love. We were happy, and it all just fell apart. Now he's trying to take Emma from me? She should be with me, Zach. She should be with her -- her mother.

Zach: She should have some stability.

Annie: What, and I can't give her stability?

Zach: You have to work through some stuff first.

Annie: What is that supposed to mean?

Zach: I was in Dr. Price's office. I was behind the mirror. I know that you killed your brother.

Annie: You were spying on me? You pretended to be on my side. I thought you were my friend, but this whole time you just wanted to put me away. I can't -- I can't believe you're just like everybody else.

Zach: Stop, sit down. Sit. I understand why you did what you did. I was going to kill him myself. You just got there first. That's all.

Annie: It was an accident, Zach. I swear.

Zach: It doesn't matter. That's my point. It doesn't matter. The world's a better place without him. The only thing that does matter is Emma. Did you tell anybody else?

Annie: Just Dr. Price.

Zach: Well, unfortunately, that was the wrong person to tell. He's coming to the courtroom today.

Annie: What? Why? No, I'm -- I'm not going to have him testify for me now.

Zach: He's not here to testify for you. He's here to testify against you. He doesn't think you should have custody.

Annie: What? No, he can't do that! That would break the doctor-patient confidentiality --

Zach: Shh. Well, he's willing to break it to protect the child.

Annie: Ok, you said that he owed you a favor, right? So you can stop him then.

Zach: No. You can.

Annie: How?

Zach: You go in there and tell the judge that Emma should be with Ryan.

Greenlee: You know, I don't even know why we're talking about this. You kissed me, remember?

Ryan: Yeah, you could've pulled back.

Greenlee: I did.

Ryan: After you kissed me.

Greenlee: This is ridiculous. What does it matter who kissed who? It never should've happened.

Ryan: But it did happen, Greenlee, and it felt right, and that scares the hell out of you because all the feelings, all -- all of the heat, all -- all of the passion, they're all still there. Why can't you just admit that you still love me?

Aidan: That's a damn good question, Greenlee. Why can't you? I mean, how long you been fooling around now, behind my back?

Jesse: You're going to miss your rounds if we don't leave now.

Angie: All right, did you find my keys?

Jesse: No, as a matter of fact, I've got mine, ok? So, listen, I can -- I can drop you off on the way.

Angie: I hope you don't have to wait too long.

Jesse: Come on. You want that ride, right? Let's go.

Angie: Ok, bye.

Natalia: Bye.

Angie: All right --

Adam: Don't pull too hard. The hitch'll break. Careful.

Erica: You know, I would do this a lot faster if you would stop looking over my shoulder.

Adam: Oh, I'm in no hurry.

Erica: Ok, then why don't we wait to do the rest of this until after dinner?

Adam: You know, I'd really like to -- to get through with this now, if you don't mind. You you go ahead and enjoy your evening.

Erica: What, and leave you here to wallow in self-pity? I don't think so.

Adam: No, wallowing is, uh, your standard, not mine.

Erica: Oh, Adam, come on. When have you ever known me to wallow?

Adam: Uh, the, uh, second that Jackson chose that free-loading felon.

Erica: You actually think that I care who Jackson spends his time with?

Adam: Mm-hmm.

Erica: I told you we're over. I have moved on.

Adam: Jackson has.

Erica: You know something? I have a table waiting. I'll just leave you to your toys.

[Door slams]

Greenlee: I don't know what you think is going on here, but Ryan and I were just talking.

Aidan: No, I know exactly what you two were doing all over the damn office.

Ryan: What? What -- what are you talking about?

Aidan: You need to keep your hands off my wife.

Greenlee: Ryan and I haven't been together in years.

Aidan: Look, I heard both of you, ok?

Greenlee: What are you talking about?

Aidan: Those earrings that I bought you, darling, they weren't just a honeymoon gift. They were a way to prove that our marriage could work.

Ryan: Wait a minute, wait a minute. You -- you, like, literally heard? You bugged your own wife?

Greenlee: You should go.

Ryan: Yeah, maybe you should, too.

Greenlee: Aidan and I need to get a few things straight.

Aidan: Oh, well, like what? What vows you actually kept? Or did they all go out the window the moment you started bumping and grinding on the desk? Or was it the floor?

Ryan: What the hell are you talking about?

Greenlee: Right, you know what? I can handle this. You need to go. Please, think about Emma. I couldn't stand it if you lost custody of her because of me.

Frankie: Oh, sorry. Didn't see you there.

Natalia: It's ok. My fault.

Frankie: Yeah, well, have a good night.

Natalia: You, too.

Natalia: Excuse me. Do you think I could use your bathroom? I locked myself out of my place, and the locksmith is taking forever.

Frankie: Sure, come on in.

Natalia: Thanks.

Pete: Miss me?

Colby: No.

Pete: Not even a little bit?

Colby: Go away.

Pete: Uh, one quick question. You didn't happen to mention to your dad about the whole Bella conspiracy or, more importantly, the fact that I confessed every last detail?

Colby: That's two questions.

Pete: My life kind of depends on both, equally.

Colby: I still can't believe you let my dad drag you into his plot to snag Fusion. What were you thinking, teaming up with him?

Pete: That the risk was definitely worth the reward.

Colby: Meaning me.

Pete: Yeah. You are pretty much the holy grail of dating, some might say Achilles' heel. Achilles? Trojan war, Greek hero?

Colby: I know. What's your point?

Pete: Every hero has a weakness. Superman's was kryptonite. Wolverine's was magnetic fields. The Green Lantern was the color yellow, but, you know, they found ways around it.

Colby: Pete, the point?

Pete: The point is you're my kryptonite, Colby. I'd do anything for you, and your dad knows it.

Adam: Erica. Wait.

Erica: No need to start being a gentleman now, Adam. I'm perfectly capable of showing myself out, thanks very much. Jack.

Jack: Well, Erica. Adam.

Adam: Where the devil have you been?

Carmen: Jacky and I had to go out of town to file some legal papers for my re-trial. I told you, remember?

Adam: You said you'd be gone for the day.

Carmen: Yeah, well, it got so late that we got a hotel room, even fancier than this place.

Adam: I don't pay you to, uh, take spontaneous vacations.

Jack: Adam, why don't you lighten up? She was only gone one night.

Adam: Mm-hmm. I'll dock your pay, as is appropriate. Now, just, uh, in case we, uh, we want to make that dinner reservation, I'm going to have to, uh, change.

Carmen: What's up with the Silver Bullet?

Erica: Uh, J.R. and Babe, they took Little A. They moved to San Diego.

Jack: What's that all about?

Erica: Well, you know what it's like to be in love. You make all sorts of impulsive choices.

Greenlee: This is what it's come to? Spying? How could you do this to me?

Aidan: How could I not, Greenlee? Every time I turn around, you're with Ryan. You're either helping him with -- with the custody fight, bailing him out of jail. You're even looking at the same damn moon together.

Greenlee: He's a friend.

Aidan: You told me right in front of him that you could no longer be his friend, but then you -- you even said on our honeymoon, "Of course, I can have your baby, Ryan."

Greenlee: I was delirious.

Aidan: Delirious? You can never stop thinking about the guy, what life you could've had if he'd had never married Annie.

Greenlee: We had a life. I gave him my heart, and then he drove off a freaking cliff and left me to pick up the pieces. Why would I want to put myself through that again?

Aidan: Oh, gee, I don't know, maybe because you're still in love with him.

Greenlee: I love you.

Aidan: Really? You got a funny way of showing it.

Greenlee: I didn't have sex with Ryan.

Aidan: I heard you, Greenlee, moaning and kissing.

Greenlee: No. You heard Amanda with Jake. They were right next to the earring I had taken off. Yeah. Wrong moan, wrong kiss. Guess that's the risk you take when you bug your own wife.

Zach: Go in there and tell the judge that Emma belongs with Ryan.

Annie: Emma belongs with me. I'm not just going to give away my daughter.

Zach: Uh -- ok. So Dr. Price is going to walk in there and tell the judge that you killed your brother. What do you think is going to happen? You're going to lose Emma, and, worse than that, you're probably going to go to jail. Think about what you're doing. I'll take care of Price, tell him to forget all about who killed Richie, so no one's going to know.

Annie: Except for you.

Zach: Except for me, but I'm not going to say anything.

Annie: Yeah, for now. How do I know you won't use it against me later?

Zach: You don't know.

Annie: Exactly. So why should I take that chance?

Zach: Well, what choice do you have? Either you trust me, go in there, give up Emma, and get some help, the help that you need, or you go in there and fight and lose her forever.

Annie: Or I could go in there and tell the judge that I killed Richie out of self-defense, get a really, really tough lawyer, get acquitted, and get to keep Emma anyway.

Zach: That's quite a gamble.

Annie: I have nothing left to lose.

Zach: No, you have everything left to lose.

Officer: Case number FC9732, Lavery? Are all the parties present?

Kendall: They are now.

Officer: Right this way.

Natalia: Thanks again. I mean, this stupid locksmith was supposed to be here by now.

Frankie: It's no problem. Oh, see? I didn't even get your name.

Natalia: Oh, I'm Natalia.

Frankie: Frankie.

Natalia: Nice to meet you, Frankie.

Frankie: Nice to meet you, too.

Natalia: So, you're moving out?

Frankie: Well, yeah. I mean, my parents are great. Don't get me wrong, but it's about time I get my own place.

Natalia: Is this them?

Frankie: On their wedding day.

Natalia: They look happy.

Frankie: Yeah, it's a long time coming.

[Phone rings]

Natalia: Oh, that's the locksmith, finally. Hold on one second. Hello.

Jesse: What did I tell you? My place is not a good place.

Natalia: I need to see you.

Jack: So you're having dinner with Adam.

Erica: I am. At the Yacht Club. I'm famished.

Jack: Erica, what the hell are you doing with him?

Erica: Well, that's not really any of your business, is it, Jack?

Jack: The man is poison. Most of his family has moved across the country to get the hell away from him, but you seem to want to spend every spare moment with him.

Erica: As I said, this really isn't any of your business, but I just happen to enjoy his company.

Adam: Good. Because I thoroughly enjoy yours. Ahem.

Pete: It's a proven fact that women are attracted to powerful men, men like our fathers, who own companies and plan takeovers and men who are not afraid to go after what it is they want, and they don't care about the consequences or -- or the cost.

Colby: That kind of thing might impress a woman like Erica Kane, but me, not so much. I don't want to be with some power-hungry control freak who'd throw everyone under the bus just to save himself, and don't think for a minute my dad wouldn't. He already threatened to do it to you when I told him I was going public about his Bella plan.

Pete: You what? Oh, my God. Adam's going to kill me. I'm so dead.

Colby: No, you're not. I told him I'd keep quiet as long as he promised to leave you alone.

Pete: You -- you made a deal to protect me?

Colby: I wasn't going to let you take the fall when my dad got you into this mess.

Pete: Wow. Thank you.

Pete: Does this mean that you --

Colby: No.

Pete: What if I --

Colby: Look, you really want to impress me? Quit trying to be someone you're not.

Greenlee: You completely invaded my privacy.

Aidan: Not for the reason that you think. I wanted to believe that you were telling me the truth, that all this stuff with Ryan was in the past, that our marriage and our life was all that mattered.

Greenlee: It is.

Aidan: Well, I needed proof, all right? Reassurance that it was all in my head.

Greenlee: I'm not some case you're working, Aidan. I'm your wife. You could've asked.

Aidan: Well, you haven't been that forthcoming when it comes to the topic of Ryan, have you? And why did I have to hear it from Annie, of all people, that you bailed Ryan out of jail?

Greenlee: She was just trying to make trouble.

Aidan: There wouldn't have to be any trouble, would there, if you'd have just trusted me enough to be honest with me.

Greenlee: I did trust you, Aidan, right up to the point where you slept with my best friend. If anyone should have trust issues here, it's me, but I found a way to forgive you, to move on and give you the benefit of the doubt. It's too bad you couldn't have done the same.

Judge: This is an informal hearing to determine whether the minor child Emma Lavery should remain in protective custody. As her parents, it is imperative that you put aside any differences and act in the best interest of your child. Is that clear?

Ryan and Annie: Yes, your honor.

Judge: Now, Social Services has already provided the court with a recommendation regarding placement. However, I would like to hear from each of you about --

Annie: I -- I have something to say. I'm sorry to interrupt, your honor, but this can't wait.

Kendall: What is she doing?

Zach: Shh.

Annie: There are, um, there are some things going on in my life right now, things I can't really get into that make it -- that make it impossible for me to provide Emma with a stable home environment.

Judge: What are you saying, Mrs. Lavery?

Annie: Emma is my world. And all I care about is her happiness and her safety. But I realize even though I love her more than anything, I can't give that to her right now, so I think Emma would be better off living with her father.

Natalia: You're really here.

Jesse: I said I would be.

Natalia: You said a lot of things.

Jesse: And, apparently, you still don't listen to me. Natalia, come on now. This has got to stop. The phone calls, coming to the house like that, talking to Angela. We -- we've been over this. We made a deal. What about the deal?

Natalia: The deal. The deal is off. You can't just walk away. Not when Mom needs you.

Jesse: Yeah, well, your mother is the one that told me to go.

Natalia: What was she supposed to do, beg you to stay? For what? Look, there's no point in having you if your heart's with somebody else. And she knew it always would be. That's why she asked you to go, ok? Because she wanted you to be happy.

Jesse: I know. I know.

Natalia: Well, she's not happy. She's tired, depressed. Most days she won't even get out of bed. I need your help. Hey, I've never seen her this bad. You have to come home.

Jesse: Oh, my God. Baby, if I came back, do you have any idea how much that would just mess th -- it -- it would just make everything worse.

Natalia: Things can't get much worse. Look, if you won't go back for her, do it for me. I just lost you, Dad. I don't want to lose Mom, too.

Angie: Whew. Hey.

Frankie: One more load, and I will be officially moved out. Ah. Oh, by the way, I met our new neighbor Natalia.

Angie: Oh, yeah, nice girl. Pretty, too. She doesn't live in the building, though.

Jesse: Really? She says she was waiting here for the locksmith to come and let her in.

Angie: Oh, well, she probably got fed up waiting for that boyfriend of hers. I don't know why he didn't just give her a key.

Frankie: That's because a key is a big commitment.

Angie: Moving in is bigger.

Frankie: Oh, subtle, Mom.

Angie: So, how are you and Randi? Still getting along?

Frankie: You don't see me asking about you and Dad, do you?

Angie: Well, your dad and I are fine. Thank you very much. As a matter of fact, we're better than fine. As a matter of fact, I need you to leave, because I'm planning something very special tonight.

Frankie: Oh, well, this -- this empty nest is working out for you, huh?

Angie: It has its perks.

Frankie: Mm-hmm.

Angie: Now, don't let the doorknob hit you where the good Lord split you.

Frankie: All right.

Angie: Bye.

Frankie: Bye.

Dr. Price: Annie. What you did in there took a great deal of courage. I know how difficult it must have been for you to give up Emma.

Annie: Yeah, well, you didn't really give me much of a choice, did you?

Dr. Price: There's always a choice. In this instance, you chose to protect your daughter.

Annie: How do you know I wasn't just protecting myself?

Kendall: Who's Annie talking to?

Zach: Who knows? Maybe it's someone who tried to help.

Ryan: Well, if he's the guy who talked her into giving up custody, I should probably go over and thank him. I -- I can't believe what just happened in there. I thought I would come here, and Annie would be fighting tooth and nail to hang on to Emma.

Kendall: Yeah, I know. It's not like Annie to roll over so easily.

Zach: What makes you think that any of this was easy for her?

Aidan: I gave you every possible out. You wanted to take it slow. I backed off. Then you jumped in head-first and proposed. I was the voice of reason. I was the one making sure that you were ready, that you wanted to spend the rest of your life with me.

Greenlee: I never thought in two short months that life would involve planting bugs and listening to my conversations.

Aidan: What, you think I wanted to spy on you? Huh? You think I really wanted to hear you pour your heart out to Ryan? It was torture, Greenlee. I don't want to hear you talk about the same moon and fate and how connected you two are.

Greenlee: You didn't have to listen any more than you had to plant that bug. So why did you?

Aidan: Because I wanted the truth. I wanted to hear it for myself.

Greenlee: You want the truth? Here it is. I'm not sleeping with Ryan.

Aidan: Well, you might as well be. Because now I know, now I know that you really are in love with Ryan.

Greenlee: Ah, there's just no point in talking about this.

Aidan: Oh, but why, why? Because it's the truth.

Greenlee: Because you're going to believe whatever the hell you want anyway.

Jesse: Look, I know I haven't seen you in a while, but you will always be my little girl. I love you, baby, and that'll never change.

Natalia: Ok, well, I have, and I'm not a little girl anymore. I have my own life, my own dreams, and I don't need you giving up on yours just to make it ok for me, ok? It's Mom I'm worried about.

Jesse: Your mother's a lot stronger than you think.

Natalia: Not anymore. She's not the same per -- I mean, things -- things changed after you left. She won't eat, won't sleep. She won't even leave the house. But I didn't come here to make things hard for you or to cause problems between you and Angie. She actually seems really nice.

Jesse: She is. She's great. Baby, I really wish things could be different. I wish I could have you here with me.

Natalia: But I can't. Mom needs me. She needs us both.

Jesse: You know how hard it was for me to leave the two of you?

Natalia: Then go see her.

Jesse: You also know it's not that easy.

Natalia: Look, Dad, I know that she told you to go, but things are different now.

Jesse: Baby, you have to know that if I could, I would be there with you every day of your life, if I could.

Natalia: This is not about me. Just one day to see Mom. That's all I'm asking. You don't have to stay long.

Jesse: I cannot sneak out behind Angela's back like this. It -- it wouldn't be right.

Natalia: Then tell her the truth. If she loves you, she'll understand.

Adam: You ready?

Erica: Are you sure you want to spend the evening with someone who wallows in self-pity?

Adam: I could ask you the same question.

Erica: You know it's ok for you to miss J.R. No one is going to think any less of you because you show actual emotion.

Adam: I know, I know. It's -- it's uh, it doesn't really matter. He'll, uh, come crawling back on his hands and knees one day. He always does.

Erica: And you'll push him away again the way you always do. You always push everyone away. Why do you do that, Adam? Why?

Adam: When you spend your entire life clawing your way to the top, and using your own, just your own, force, your own will, and your fierce determination, then isn't it disappointing to see all the weakness around you? Is it too much to expect our children to prove their capability for us?

Erica: Well, Kendall certainly has. I mean, she runs her own company. She has her family.

Adam: She's up to here in lawsuits. Faulty merchandise. If you'd been in charge, none of this would have happened.

Erica: Well, I'm -- I'm sure that Kendall is going to find a way around it.

Adam: Kendall is an emotional wreck. There's no way she can hold a candle to her mother. Nor could she ever hope to fill the shoes of the great and beautiful Erica Kane.

Emma: Daddy!

Ryan: There's my beautiful little girl. Oh, my goodness. I've missed you so much. I sure have.

Emma: I missed you more.

Ryan: You did? You missed me more? How much more? How much more, this more? Or this more or this more or --

Emma: Daddy, stop!

Ryan: Or this much? Or this much? Oh, I missed you.

Zach: Looks like everything worked out the way Ryan wanted.

Kendall: You actually sound happy for him.

Zach: I have no complaints.

Kendall: All this time, you weren't helping Annie. You were working on her, weren't you?

Zach: The only thing that matters is that Emma is safe.

Emma: Did you talk to the judge?

Annie: We sure did, and the judge decided that you're going to go home with Daddy.

Emma: Can Mommy come, too?

Ryan: Um, not tonight, honey, ok? You're going to see Mommy real soon, though.

Emma: When?

Ryan: Um, well, we'll, uh, we'll talk about that when we get home, ok? All right? And speaking of getting home, it's -- it's getting really late. I think it's almost your bedtime, all right? So go and give Mommy a hug and a kiss.

Annie: Come here, my angel. I'm going to see you so, so soon, ok?

Greenlee: Hey. Is the hearing over?

Emma: The judge said that I could go home with my daddy.

Greenlee: He did? That's the best news I've heard all day. I'm glad it all worked out.

Ryan: And what about you? Do you work it out?

[Glass breaking]

Greenlee: I bet you can't wait to go home. You get to sleep in your own bed and let your daddy tuck you in. How many stories are you going to read tonight?

Emma: 10.

Ryan: 10? Try two.

Emma: Three short ones?

Ryan: Ok, you got a deal.

Greenlee: The girl drives a hard bargain, doesn't she?

Ryan: Oh, yeah. Tell me about it. Come on.

Kendall: It's ok. Ryan will take good care of her.

Annie: Yeah. With the help of Greenlee. Look at them. They make one big happy family. What? What? Taking my husband wasn't enough? You had to take my daughter, too?

Kendall: It's ok, it's ok. It's ok. It's ok.

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