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All My Children Transcript Thursday 10/9/08


Episode #9976
Written by Chip Hayes, Charles Pratt, Jr., Tracey Thomson, Daran Little, Addie Walsh, and Jeff Beldner

Provided by Boo
Proofread by Gisele

Dr. Price: Mrs. Lavery was quite forthcoming. I'll have no trouble convincing the judge to deny Annie custody.

Zach: Good.

Dr. Price: The woman is exhibiting a number of paranoid behavior.

Annie: I know you're there.

Dr. Price: She has a pervasive distrust of others, interpreting their motives as malevolent. She believes most people around her are actively plotting against her.

Annie: Why are you following me?

Dr. Price: And that people are gathering information about her.

Annie: What do you want?

Dr. Price: Imagining it somehow used against her.

J.R.: Annie, stop! My God, you almost killed me.

Dr. Price: She's quite unstable. I'll have no compunction about testifying as much.

Amanda: No, as of now, there are no plans to re-supply or re-launch. I know, we liked the way it smelled, too, but unfortunately we can't risk anyone getting sick. Yes, yes, just send it all back C.O.D. Ok, thank you, ok.

[Phones ring]

Amanda: Hi, thank you for holding. I'm sorry, you're going to have to talk to our legal department about that. Hold on, I'll transfer you.

Kendall: Hey, how goes it?

Amanda: It's freaking insane. I just want to open a vein now and get it over with, crawl in bed with Jake and never come out.

Opal: And they still do regular disaster drills around her, don't they?

Jake: Yeah, of course. We do fire drills, natural disaster drills, hazardous material drills, you name it.

Opal: So, the hospital is prepared for the worst?

Jake: Yeah, I'd like to think that we're uh, -- thank you -- prepared, but why, why do you ask?

Opal: It's just my sixth sense. I'm telling you it's gotten so bad that I'm scared to even look at my cards anymore. I'm getting so many dire readings and bad signs. And the dreams, every night another premonition that just curdles my blood. Horrible, horrible images. Well, I mean, I could be wrong. I have misread the cards. I've misread the signs, but this time there's so many of them, they're all around me all the time. I just know that something awful is coming to Pine Valley, and it is going to shake every single one of us.

Jake: What is it?

Opal: Last night in my vision, it was about him. It was about Ryan.

Ryan: Hi, guys.

Opal: Hey.

Ryan: What's up?

Greenlee: Hey.

Aidan: Hey, how are you? Welcome home, you must be exhausted.

Greenlee: Yeah, I got to go back for more abuse. This whole Bella mess is killing us. How are you?

Aidan: I'm fine, then again, I got sleep last night.

Greenlee: Yeah, I am running on fumes. What are you up to?

Aidan: I just, you know, did some research on a case.

Greenlee: Well, I'm just going to shower, change, and then go back to the madhouse.

Aidan: Hey, come here.

[Shower runs]

Aidan: Testing, testing, one, two, three. Testing, one, two, three.

Frankie: You tell me when and where, and I'm there.

Taylor: Don't you even want to know what I have to do?

Frankie: Does it even matter? Didn't think so. Plus, by the look of your face, it doesn't look like I'm going to be taking you down to the car mechanic either.

Taylor: No, thank you, because it's about Brot. His mother lives nearby. Well, I mean, a town not too far from here, and he talked about her a lot, but I never met her. And I haven't contacted her since I've been stateside.

Frankie: You want to see her?

Taylor: I need to see her. I need my friend to go with me.

Amanda: We're wading through it. The recall itself is going smoothly, actually. It's just really depressing.

Kendall: Why are you doing all this yourself? Where's your little partner in crime, Miss Bella herself?

Annie: Someone was out here, watching me. I had to stop him.

Babe: It's ok, nobody's trying --

J.R.: Oh, no, it's not ok. She tried to take a swing at me with this.

Annie: I am so sorry. I thought you were whoever has been stalking me.

Colby: J.R., she's going through a lot right now.

J.R.: I don't care. She tried to take my head off.

Annie: You don't understand.

J.R.: I understand. You're crazy.

Annie: I am not crazy.

Babe: Ok, come on, let me take you upstairs and --

Annie: No, someone is doing this. Don't you see that? Someone is setting me up to make it look like I'm crazy.

J.R.: Yeah, and doing a fine job of it.

Annie: It's Greenlee. She's doing all this because she wants me gone, and she wants Ryan to get full custody of Emma.

J.R.: And if the judge has any sense, that's exactly what's going to happen.

Annie: You're a fool.

Babe: Annie, stop it.

Annie: All of you, don't you see she's playing you? Just like she is Ryan.

J.R.: You know, maybe the judge would be interested in hearing exactly what happened here.

Babe: J.R., please, ok? You're making things worse right now.

Annie: Stay out of my life. I am warning you. Do not interfere.

Colby: Whoa, meltdown city.

J.R.: You know, I think we're getting out of here just in time.

Annie: Dr. Price, it's Annie Lavery.

Dr. Price: Yes, Annie?

Annie: I have to see you.

Dr. Price: Well, the custody hearing is only a few hours away. Can't it wait until we see each other there?

Annie: No, I need to see you now.

Dr. Price: Very well, I'll be expecting you. I think something's happened. She sounded quite upset.

Zach: She's realizing she might just lose her child.

Babe: I'm sorry, she's just really freaked over the thought of losing Emma.

J.R.: I was really freaked over the thought of losing the top of my skull.

Colby: So, thanks, you two, for moving out west right now, leaving me with her.

J.R.: Don't worry, once we're gone, Dad's not going to put up with Annie hanging around this place.

Colby: I'm going to miss you guys.

J.R.: We're going to miss you, too. And in San Diego we're going to have a spare room with your name on it, I promise.

Colby: This is really sad.

Babe: Ok, ok, you can't get me all emotional yet. I still have to go into work and tell Kendall and Greenlee the news.

J.R.: Mm.

Colby: I'll finish packing up Little A's stuff while you're gone.

Babe: Thank you. I'll be back really soon.

Ryan: I just swung by to pick up Emma's strep prescription. You, by the way, are her new favorite doctor. I thought you'd be happy to hear that.

Jake: Yes.

Ryan: Opal, you ok?

Jake: She's having bad dreams.

Opal: Oh, Jake.

[Pager beeps]

Jake: Oh, that's me. Where is my antique? That's me, got to go. All right, you two, take care. And listen, don't worry, ok? Because I think we're ready for just about anything.

Ryan: Hey, Opal, these dreams you have, are they like regular dreams? Or are they, you know, your kind of dreams?

Opal: I've been having some pretty bad omens lately. A whole truckload of them in the cards and in my visions, and, um --

Ryan: What, what? Opal, what is it? What have you seen?

Opal: Well, bad stuff, and last night it was -- I saw you. You were on the beach and then it was the biggest, broadest full moon I ever saw. You were looking for something or someone and then all hell broke loose. The waves got big and angry and the sand was blowing all around you, and it blinded you and you, you were calling out to someone.

Ryan: For who?

Opal: Oh, someone you love. Someone you cared about and lost -- could it be Gillian? Could Gillian be maybe trying to get you another message? Oh, I don't know, but I remember the look of pain on your face the night you lost her. And that was the same look I saw in your eyes last night in my vision. Everybody's got to take care of themselves now, Ryan, please. Something is coming, that much I know. I know that for sure.

Aidan: You feeling better?

Greenlee: Yes, much. I just have one more thing to do.

Aidan: Mmm.

Greenlee: I wish I could stay here with you.

Aidan: Well, I have about 10 ways to persuade you.

Greenlee: Mmm. I can't. I can't, not because I don't want to. I just, we're having a crisis at Fusion, and I have to help put out the fires. You understand?

Aidan: Of course, I do. I love you.

Greenlee: I love you, too. And I'll make up for it later, I promise.

Aidan: Yeah, you better. Greenlee, don't forget your um, your earrings, darling.

Greenlee: Oh, yeah, thank you. See you.

Amanda: Babe called, said she'd be here soon, some personal stuff going on at home.

Kendall: So, Arabella is lounging around at home while her namesake perfume tramples my company? That's nice.

Amanda: She said it was urgent, and she knows what's going on here, so I'm sure she'll be here as soon as she can.

Greenlee: I was here all night. Where were you?

Kendall: I was with Ryan. He spent the night at our place last night to be with Emma. We think we have a mess here? Well, what he's going through is 10 times worse. He is so damn alone.

Greenlee: Stop, I know what you're trying to do. Ryan's a big boy. He can take care of himself.

Kendall: I'm just saying that a mutual friend of ours needs a little support. I mean, he's got to go to the courthouse later today to fight for Emma, so she doesn't have to go back home to tropical storm Annie. I intend to be there for him. I hope you will be, too. Oh, well, it's very nice of you to show up. We've all been busting our ass trying to clean up the mess that you've made.

Babe: I'm sorry I'm late, but I'll make it up to you. I'm resigning from Fusion, effective immediately.

Taylor: I want Brot's mother to know how brave he was. And how much he meant to me. How much we loved each other.

Frankie: Well, I would be honored to go with you. This seems like a good sign, hmm? I mean, for you being able to handle seeing her.

Taylor: Yeah, well, I just had a conversation with Jake's brother Tad. And he was asking me all these questions about my family. And you know me. It's like whoa, too close, back off. But I realized after that he was only asking me because he was genuinely interested. Because that's what the Martins are into, family. I mean, Jake was the same way when I first met him.

Frankie: Yeah, they're always like that. I mean, even if you're not blood-related, you hang around with them long enough and eventually you start feeling just like family.

Taylor: I think this whole town is that way. I mean, look at your family.

Frankie: Yeah, I don't know what I would do without them.

Taylor: Well, unfortunately, Brot was not as lucky. He was an only child and his mom's a widow. So, she lost her son and her husband. She has no one else. At least, not from what Brot told me. And I feel like, I was going to be her daughter-in-law there, for about a minute, so I just, I want her to know me. Know that I'm there for her if she needs me.

Frankie: So, when are we doing this?

Taylor: How about now?

Dr. Price: Tell me more about what upset you this morning. What exactly happened?

Annie: I was alone in the parlor, and I heard a noise outside.

Dr. Price: Were you scared?

Annie: Of course, I was. No, more than that, I was angry. I am angry that somebody is doing this to me. I am angry that nobody believes me. I'm angry that this could affect whether or not they're going to give me my daughter back.

Dr. Price: And that's when you picked up the fireplace poker?

Annie: Yeah. I went outside, and I called out. Nobody answered back, so I went to look to in the bushes to see if somebody was hiding. And I heard somebody behind me, so I turned without looking and I almost hit J.R. I could have killed him.

Taylor: Mrs. Monroe?

Mrs. Monroe: Yes?

Taylor: I'm Taylor. Taylor Thompson.

Mrs. Monroe: Yes?

Taylor: I served with Brot, your son?

Frankie: We both did, ma'am. I'm Franklin Hubbard. Is this a bad time?

Mrs. Monroe: Uh, no. Of course not. I'm glad you came. Please, come in. Would you like some coffee or a tea or anything to --

Frankie: Yes, yes, that would be great, thank you.

Colby: Coward. Chicken. Deserter.

J.R.: You know I don't want to leave you here by yourself if you can't take him on.

Colby: I've done it before, remember? The last time you moved out of here? I can do it again.

J.R.: It's going to be different this time. I'm going to be all the way across the country.

Colby: A challenge. I'm up for it. Besides, I've got a few new weapons in my make-up bag now. And at the end of the day, he's --

J.R.: Our dad.

Colby: And he can't survive here all alone without one of his kids to torment.

J.R.: Yeah, about that, make sure you put a limit on it. I don't want you becoming one of these kids who doesn't have a life because they have to live for their parent.

Colby: Don't worry, it's not going to happen. I'll have him adopt Carmen first.

[J.R. laughs]

Colby: You know, when you first said you were moving away, I was upset, but now I realize how good this is going to be for you and Babe and Little A. I'm really happy for you.

J.R.: Will you promise me one thing?

Colby: Maybe.

J.R.: When Petey Cortlandt proposes to you, just say no.

Colby: Yeah, right, like I'd ever agree to that.

Babe: Here's my letter of resignation. This will show that Fusion is taking steps to correct matters, and I also want you to put out a press release putting the blame on me for pushing the product through, despite knowledge I had about potential problems.

Amanda: This isn't fair to you, Babe. I'm just as responsible as you are, if not more.

Babe: Actually, it's kind of karmic justice since I was plotting a takeover of this place.

Greenlee: You what?

Kendall: So, Adam wasn't lying.

Babe: No, he was actually telling the truth for once. I was going to use the success of Bella to push for a palace coup around here. Don't blame Amanda. She wasn't in on it. I teamed up with her because she's talented as hell, and she had enough guts to front her own money. So, if you're smart, you and Greenlee will hold onto her long after I'm gone.

Greenlee: Wow.

Kendall: Resignation happily accepted.

Babe: Thank you. I just want everybody to know that I have valued my time and my opportunities here, but most of all, I'm going to value my friendships. I'm going to miss all of you. Yes, all of you. But it's time to move on, and it's time to move away.

Amanda: What? You can't move away.

Babe: J.R. and I are going to move to San Diego.

[Phone rings]

Amanda: No, you can't do that.

Babe: I'm sorry, Amanda, but we are.

Greenlee: Ryan?

Ryan: I need to see you.

Greenlee: I can't.

Ryan: Greenlee, I need to see you right now.

Annie: J.R. just said that I was crazy.

Dr. Price: And that upsets you, doesn't it?

Annie: Of course, it upsets me. I am so sick of everybody saying that. I was trying to protect myself. Somebody is trying to hurt me. I'm not just going to let them do that. Someone who just wants to take my life away from me, take my daughter, my sweet, sweet, little girl. I mean, what would Emma do without me? No, no, I am going to do whatever it takes to protect her, to protect us. So, the J.R. thing was -- I wasn't going to hurt anybody, at least not on purpose. I really thought that J.R. was -- God, it's just like it was that night. I was, I was just scared, and I was afraid, and, and I didn't, I didn't want to hurt him. I was just protecting myself. But he was, God, he was so ugly and he was screaming at me and laughing at me and mocking me. Oh, my God, he was my brother. And I didn't want to, but I had to, I had to, he was going to destroy my life. He was ruining my life, and he was taking everything away from me, and I couldn't let him do that. But I swear, I didn't mean to kill Richie. No, what I meant was I still feel responsible for my brother's death, but I didn't actually --

Dr. Price: Would you like to sit down, Annie? You've been carrying this around for quite a while now, haven't you?

Annie: No, that's -- that's really not what I meant.

Dr. Price: Guilt, remorse, they're powerful feelings. They can be toxic to a person's psyche unless we find a way to deal with that.

Annie: He wouldn't leave me alone. He was blackmailing me and torturing me. And he destroyed my marriage and he was picking me apart piece by piece.

Dr. Price: People have done desperate things over much less.

Annie: I didn't mean to.

Dr. Price: It's a matter of survival.

Annie: Yeah. Yeah, it is. Oh, my God, you -- you have to tell the police now, don't you? You have to tell them, and I'm going to go to jail, and I'm going to lose Emma forever. Kendall and Greenlee and Richie, they -- they all win after all, haven't they?

Ryan: I have to see you, please.

Greenlee: What?

Ryan: Greenlee, listen, I know we spoke about me getting out of your life, I understand that, but I have to see you.

Greenlee: Ryan, hold on. Ow.

[Cell phone feedback]

Greenlee: Where are you?

Ryan: Fusion roof.

Greenlee: All right, I'm coming right up. I need to get out of here for a little bit, just to take care of something.

Kendall: Does it have to do with Ryan?

Greenlee: Back off.

Amanda: God, I'm going to miss you.

Babe: Me, too, but this decision is for the best.

Kendall: Babe's right. It is for the best. Got to hand it to you, coming clean like that.

Babe: What about Amanda?

Kendall: Well, Amanda's a good piece of talent and Fusion will survive. She will always have a place here if she learns her place.

Babe: Thank you. Now before I get even more emotional, I think I should probably go home and pack. Good luck, Kendall.

Kendall: You, too.

Randi: A Mr. Florian with the FDA is on the phone. He needs to speak with you.

Kendall: Oh, thank you. This is Kendall Hart-Slater. Yes, I'm the co-owner. What? No. No, you can't do that.

Randi: What happened? What's wrong?

Ryan: I am -- I have been wrong for a while now.

Greenlee: What are you talking about?

Ryan: I've been dishonest with myself. I've been so focused on trying to do the right thing by everybody else.

Greenlee: Well, what's wrong with being selfless, not that I'd know?

Ryan: I, um -- I have a loveless, lifeless marriage. I have a wife that is honestly a few steps away from being in a mental institution. I have a court date to fight for my daughter. I have all of that because I've been -- I've been just trying to do the right thing.

Greenlee: So, what? Are you going back to being a con man?

Ryan: No. I'm going back to fighting for what I know is right. And when you and I came together at the boathouse the other night, that's what's meant to be, Greenlee. You and I together, I know it. And you know it, too, because I saw it in your eyes the other night. And I see it in your eyes right now. We belong together, Greenlee. We're destined to be together, and I'm not going to lie or deny it anymore. You shouldn't, either.

Mrs. Monroe: You two aren't the first from Brot's unit to visit, you know?

Frankie: Really? Who else came by?

Mrs. Monroe: A very polite young man named Boomer. And another fellow named Hitch.

Frankie: Hitchcock made it by? That's great. He and Brot meant a lot to each other.

Mrs. Monroe: Yes, well, it's very nice that you two came over to talk to me. What was your name, dear?

Taylor: Taylor. I'm sure that Brot must have mentioned me to you.

Mrs. Monroe: No. Did you have one of those nicknames? Maybe that's why I don't recognize you.

Taylor: They called me L.T. For short, for Lieutenant.

Mrs. Monroe: No.

Taylor: He never -- he never said anything at all about me?

Mrs. Monroe: No, dear. You're a very attractive girl, though. I'm surprised he never did. He did like the pretty girls.

Taylor: I'm so sorry. Please excuse me. It was very nice to meet you.

Mrs. Monroe: Did I say something wrong?

Frankie: Of course not. It's just -- we loved your son very much. I'm sorry for your loss.

Kendall: Uh, everyone, I need your attention, please. The FDA has just informed me that they will be closing down Fusion, pending conclusion of their investigation into Bella.

Amanda: They can do that?

Kendall: They just did. So, basically, I need all of you to shut your computers down and clean up your personal belongings and put your phones on voicemail. And basically just go home. Greenlee and I will keep you informed as the situation moves forward.

Amanda: This isn't right. What are we going to do?

Kendall: Well, right now, I am going downstairs to have a stiff drink.

Jake: Hey, Kendall. What's going on?

Amanda: They just shut down Fusion because of my perfume. Oh, my God. It's all gone, Jake. All my money, all my dreams are all gone.

Greenlee: We can't do this. I can't do this.

Ryan: It's who we are, Greenlee.

Greenlee: No, no, no, this is who I am. I am a wife. I love my husband. I love Aidan.

Ryan: You married Aidan because I turned my back on you, Greenlee, because I married Annie. And that was my mistake. But -- and I want you to really hear this, ok? I have never stopped loving you, and I never will. And I'm done giving up. I'm not going to give up anymore, ok? I'm going to court, I'm going to get custody of my daughter, and then I'm going to divorce Annie, and I will be here, waiting for you, and I will have a life with you, Greenlee.

Greenlee: No, no, stop it. I can't do this to Aidan. I made a promise to him to be faithful and to love him, and I won't break that. I won't. I can't.

Jake: You're going to get through this, ok? This is all part of the craziness of this ride with its highs and lows in life. I know that it hurts right now. I know that it's not just the money. I know you put every single piece of yourself into this project, I know that. But you know something? You're wonderful. And you're talented, very talented. And you're beautiful, inside and out. So, I know -- I can honestly say I know you won't be down for long, ok? I promise you that. I promise, ok?

[Kissing sounds]

Aidan: Oh, God, Greenlee, no.

Greenlee: What's going on? Where is everybody?

Amanda: The FDA closed us down.

Greenlee: What?

Amanda: Kendall's downstairs at ConFusion. She said to close up shop. Fusion is out of business until the FDA says otherwise.

Jake: Sorry.

Greenlee: Oh, God.

Annie: You're going to the police now to report me, aren't you?

Dr. Price: I want to help you, Annie. To do that, I need you to be honest with me about your feelings.

[Phone rings]

Kendall: Zach, it's me. They've closed down Fusion. Please call me.

Frankie: Maybe Brot wanted to surprise his mom when he got home. I mean, being engaged? That's not something you exactly put inside a letter.

Taylor: Well, you know, he told me he wanted to shout it from the rooftops. Maybe he wasn't so sure after all.

Frankie: Oh, come on. Don't go there. Please don't go there. I've seen this man. I've talked to him. He loved you like crazy.

Taylor: Did he? I loved him. I loved him with everything I had to give. Maybe he didn't love me at all.

Babe: Guess we should get it over with. Tell Adam goodbye.

J.R.: He's in the library. The door was locked. I knocked, tried to get him to talk to me. He never even answered.

Babe: I'm sorry.

J.R.: Yeah. So am I.

Babe: He'll come around in time. Ok?

Colby: Dad, he loves you too much to say goodbye. Big Adam Chandler doesn't want anyone to see tears in his eyes.

J.R.: Goodbye, Dad!

Annie: This is a two-way mirror, isn't it? Like they use at the police station? You have someone watching me, don't you?

Dr. Price: Absolutely not.

Annie: You have someone spying on me. I could hear their cell phone ringing through the mirror.

Dr. Price: Annie, please. Come back and sit down. There's -- there's nothing behind the mirror.

Annie: Liar.

Dr. Price: Annie.

Annie: You're lying.

Dr. Price: Look -- no. Wait -- no!

[Annie screams as she shatters the mirror]

Greenlee: Please just leave.

Ryan: No. We need to talk about what just happened. About us.

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