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All My Children Transcript Thursday 9/18/08


Episode #9961
Written by Chip Hayes, Charles Pratt, Jr., Daran Little, Tracey Thomson, Addie Walsh, Amanda L. Beall, & Jeff Beldner

Provided by Suzanne
Proofread by Gisele

[Doorbell rings]

Annie: Hi.

Ryan: Hi.

Annie: I was -- I was hoping you might stop by. Do you want to come in?

Ryan: Uh, I don't think so. I just -- I was just thinking about Emma. I just wondered how she's doing. How she's handling things.

Annie: She seems all right. She's watching a movie with Little Adam right now. Emma's a strong girl, you know? She'll be ok. Would you like to see her?

Ryan: Yeah, that would be great.

Annie: I'll go get her.

Greenlee: Can't you find a way to work this out without getting her involved?

Kendall: Would you just relax? If anyone can find out what Adam is up to with Fusion, it's my mother.

Greenlee: Yeah, but how reliable is she? She's fresh out of prison, she just broke up with Sam Woods, she's watching my father move on with Carmen. I mean, I doubt she's at the top of her game.

Kendall: Ok, even at the bottom of her game, she's still a force to be reckoned with. Don't worry about it.

Greenlee: What about Zach? Talk about a force to be reckoned with.

Kendall: No, my husband does not need to be involved. My husband, my call.

Greenlee: You really think Erica can get it out of him?

Kendall: Adam's one weakness is women.

Erica: [Screams] How dare you.

Adam: Oh, my goodness. I'm so sorry, I thought that was Carmen's derriere.

Erica: Oh, you did not.

Adam: Yes, I did.

Erica: Oh, stop.

Adam: I did.

Erica: It doesn't. My derriere looks nothing, nothing like Carmen's derriere. Are you crazy?

Adam: [Laughs]

Erica: Well, anyhow, is this what you do? You make a habit of just smacking Carmen on her derriere?

Adam: Well, only when she's very naughty.

Erica: And exactly what did you do to her today to make her so strangely, and loopy and don't give me that story about heat stroke.

Adam: Yeah, well, I don't know what made her so loopy today. It didn't stop Jackson from hauling her out of here for her birthday dinner. I think I did detect a certain "I may get lucky tonight" glint in his eye.

Erica: Well, I'm surprised you can still recognize that glint, Adam.

Adam: All this begs the question, what are you still doing in my house?

Amanda: Who are you and what the hell are you doing here?

Pete: Hey, hi there, I'm Pete.

Amanda: Where have I seen you before?

Pete: I was at the launch party you guys had. I'm a friend of Annie's.

Amanda: Well, what are you doing on our loading dock, going through our merchandise?

Pete: Oh, I was, I was just on my way to see Annie. And I wanted to know what all the hoopla was about. And that's all. Just, you know -- is Annie here?

Amanda: Annie's out sick and this is not the public entrance to the offices.

Pete: Oh, sorry, I didn't mean to freak you out. Just tell Annie that, you know, Pete stopped by.

Amanda: Not so fast, actually, you're coming with me.

Pete: Oh, no, that's ok. I know you seem to --

Amanda: Come on, let's go. You're going to see the boss ladies. Now, before I call security and get your ass arrested, now.

Angie: Listen, I'm starting to freak out. Either I'm going crazy or Jesse is lying to me.

Tad: All right, just talk to me.

Angie: There have been more phone calls, more hang ups. Something is going on.

Tad: What kind of something? You said on the phone something happened today?

Angie: Jesse told me that he had to work at the station late today. I got home early, so I called him. They told me that he had been gone all afternoon with orders not to be disturbed. They assumed it was family-related.

Tad: Well, what do you want me to do?

Angie: I want you to find out what's going on. You were an investigator.

Tad: Wait, wait, just a second. Jesse's my friend. You want me to spy on him?

Angie: Tad, what are you talk -- you are my friend, too, ok? And I'm scared. Now, what if this is something dark? I know that you think that it's not Papel, but it could be something just as dangerous.

Tad: What if it's not? What if he was telling the truth at Fusion? What if it's the job? It's something undercover? You know, we both know he's not satisfied. I mean, the gig isn't exactly what he thought it was going to be. Maybe it's just that simple. Oh, don't look at me like that. All right, ok, fine. You know, I'll see what I can do.

Jesse: Hey, nice surprise. What's up?

Emma: Did you water the tree?

Ryan: Did I water the tree? Well, that's for the people that take care of the park, they do that, and of course, God. God does that every time he makes it rain.

Emma: Did it grow?

Ryan: You know, it takes a little bit of time for trees to grow, ok? Just like you. It took you, gosh, six years to get as big as you are, and you're going to keep growing for a very long time. So is the tree. I know you probably want it to grow big now, right? I mean, you want it to be big right away, but you're just going to have to try and be patient, ok? I have an idea. I know what we could do. We could go and take a picture of you right next to the tree and then go back in a month and take another picture of you next to the tree and then go back in a year and that way we can keep tabs on how you're growing and how the tree's growing. Would you like to do that? Yeah? Would you? Good.

Annie: All right, sweetie, it's time to brush your teeth and get ready for bed. Say goodnight to your daddy.

Emma: Goodnight, Daddy.

Ryan: Oh, goodnight, goodnight, goodnight, my sweetheart. Sweet dreams, my princess. Ok, ok.

Annie: Come on, baby. I'll be up in a couple minutes, ok?

Ryan: How are you doing?

Annie: I'm still sad. Things are so uncertain right now, you know? And I'm going to have to find a new place to live soon, and it won't be with you. It's not easy. Plus I'm going to have to go back to work at Fusion soon, which is like the last thing I want to do. So, I guess I just feel lost.

Ryan: Well, it's probably going to take some time, you know?

Annie: Yeah, what about you? You doing all right?

Ryan: Yeah, I'll be ok.

Annie: Are you sure?

Ryan: Yeah, I'm sure. Goodnight.

Greenlee: If Adam really is trying to take a shot at the company, I still don't know how he plans to do it. I mean, certainly not brute force. He'd have to get you and me to agree to a buyout, because we own all the shares.

Kendall: I don't know, maybe he hired someone to approach us. Have you had anyone ask you to buy your shares?

Greenlee: No, besides, there's not enough money in the world to make me give up this place.

Kendall: Me either. Maybe it's just wishful thinking on his part.

Amanda: Hey, I found this guy sneaking around at the loading dock. He was poking around in a box of Bella.

Pete: Good evening, ladies.

Kendall: Hello, Petey.

Pete: Wow, you've really turned this place into quite a successful enterprise.

Greenlee: What were you doing poking around our loading dock?

Pete: That was just a misunderstanding. I was, you know, explaining to Amanda. I actually came to see Annie Lavery.

Kendall: How do you know Annie?

Pete: It's a long story. Well, she actually dispensed some sage advice regarding my pursuit of a certain young woman.

Greenlee: So, what does that have to do with you sneaking around Fusion?

Pete: I wasn't sneaking around, I promise. I couldn't find parking in the front, so I came through the back and thought that, you know, I'd just come through here, through the loading dock. That's all. And I was thinking about working here as an intern.

Amanda: And that's why you came to see Annie?

Pete: Yes, you know, I'm going to be entering Harvard pretty soon with my eye on a business degree, and I thought, what better way to get real world experience than here? You know, an entrepreneurial success story.

Kendall: Well, Annie's not here, and I'm sorry, but we don't really have any positions available, intern or otherwise. But thank you for your interest.

Greenlee: Suggestion for the future, Pete. If you're out looking for work, try using the front door.

Erica: I promise you, I was just about to leave. But Carmen has just left a mess in here, and so I was just picking up before I went.

Adam: Mm-hmm.

Erica: Oh.

Adam: Ow.

Erica: Ow.

Adam: Oh, oh.

Erica: Well, I'm sorry, I really didn't expect you to help.

Adam: You still have the hardest head on earth, not to mention the toughest skin.

Erica: What are you talking about?

Adam: I'm talking about -- you, aren't you the least bit bothered that Jackson is out there, tripping the light fantastic with your old cell mate?

Erica: Not in the least. I'm thrilled for Jackson. I'm thrilled for Carmen. Two of my favorite people finding each other, enjoying each other. I mean, what could be better? If you had ever seen my TV show, you would know that's what I'm all about, New Beginnings, second chances.

Adam: Yes, yes, what about you?

Erica: What about me?

Adam: Do you believe in second chances for yourself?

Zach: What are you doing here?

Ryan: I'm here to work. You said these files don't leave your office.

Zach: It's the casino that works 24/7, not the executive.

Ryan: Well, when I said that I want to help out here, you warned me that I might be up to my ass in work for a while which is exactly what I need. What? That's exactly what you do when the rest of your world goes to hell. You bury yourself in work.

Zach: When I've tried everything else.

Ryan: Yeah, I have tried everything else. I planted a tree. I've comforted Emma, I've comforted Annie. Now it's time to take care of myself. So, where did we leave off?

Zach: That's the mess that Josh left.

Ryan: I'm on it.

Amanda: Caught you.

Babe: Sometimes you wish these elevators would last a little bit longer. You know what I mean?

J.R.: Yeah.

Pete: Hey, there.

Babe: Hi.

J.R.: You guys, hold the elevator. I'm going to be coming back down. You make this quick, I'll be waiting for you back at the house.

Babe: What could you possibly have in mind?

J.R.: I don't know, just a little something that's going to take all night long. All right.

Babe: Bye. What was Petey Cortlandt doing here?

Greenlee: You know him?

Babe: Yeah, he's being hanging around the mansion a lot lately.

Kendall: He has?

Babe: He was crushing on Colby, but she made it very clear she wasn't interested. Instead, he's been hanging around there with Adam.

Kendall: With Adam? As in just like the two of them?

Babe: Yeah, J.R.'s beginning to get suspicious. What was he doing here?

Greenlee: I'll take the stairs, cut him off.

Kendall: Go, go, run. He wanted a job here, and it looks like he's already working for somebody else.

Pete: So, what's going on now?

Kendall: You know, after you left, you got us thinking that we really could use some help with our workload around here.

Pete: I did?

Babe: Yeah, and since Annie's going to be out, we're going to be spread fairly thin.

Greenlee: And an internship isn't a bad idea.

Pete: It isn't?

Kendall: You were serious about wanting to work here, weren't you?

Pete: Yes, absolutely, every word of it.

Kendall: Great, ok, so why don't you be here tomorrow morning at 9:00 a.m., and we'll go over the money and all of your responsibilities?

Pete: Sure, see you then.

Kendall: All right.

Babe: All right, guys, what's going on? If he's so cozy with Adam, why do you want to hire him?

Kendall: Well, maybe we can find out what Adam's up to through him. Keep your friends close.

Greenlee: And your enemies closer.

Erica: Well, second chances implies that you missed your first one. That's certainly not me. I'm flying high right now. I mean, my life is so completely uncomplicated without a man in it and all the baggage that a relationship brings.

Adam: Oh, yes, ok, Erica Kane without a man on her arm, it's like the Mona Lisa without a smile.

Erica: Well, you never know what the future may bring. And I've still got my smile. And as you know, I've never been one to chase after men.

Adam: Yes, that's right. They always come after you, don't they? Falling on their knees, acquiescing to your, your siren song. How do you do it? How do you get so many men turning into marshmallows around you?

Erica: Just always been like that.

Adam: Well, not always, I mean, it's -- you and I were married twice. I was never like that.

Erica: Well, Adam, I guess your memory is just a little bit faulty. Because you were so in love with me you practically had to wear a drool bib around your neck.

Adam: Well, I hate to burst your bubble, but you were a blast in the bedroom. But I was never, ever in love with you.

Jesse: You ok?

Angie: Yeah, yeah, I just --

Tad: She was just talking to me about Frankie. I saw how upset she was the other night at Fusion. I figured maybe I'd swing by, and I could talk to him.

Jesse: Come on, Frankie is a grown man. All right, we have to respect whatever decision he makes. I don't any more pressure put on him than there already is, ok?

Angie: Ok. So, how was your day?

Jesse: Busy, very busy. Tad, stay for dinner, ok? I owe you one for ditching you the other night.

Tad: You buying?

Jesse: Of course.

Angie: Well, let me go get myself a little bit more together.

Tad: You know, you can't hardly blame her for wanting to keep her own son from going back over there.

Jesse: Yeah, I know. I can't. It's not going to be easy for any of us. So, what were the two of you really talking about, Tad?

Tad: I stopped by to talk to Angie about you.

Jesse: What the hell for?

Tad: Don't you what-the-hell-for me. After the way you acted at Fusion the other night. Taking off like that without so much as a bye, you're leaving, any explanation of what you were into.

Jesse: Tad.

Tad: You know, somebody who cares about you might think you're getting into something you might want to talk about.

Jesse: I get called out on cases all the time. You know what a cop's hours are like. And sometimes there are just things I'm working on I can't talk about. Not to you, not to Angela.

Tad: Ok, I guess I stand corrected.

Jesse: Yeah, so then drop it, ok?

Tad: Easy, Jesse.

Jesse: Tad, right now, I really need you to stay the hell out of my business.

Angie: Hey, don't you talk to him like that. I asked Tad to come over here, because I'm the one who's been wondering what's going on with you, not Tad.

Erica: I completely understand, Adam. When someone breaks your heart, even when it's calcified as yours, you try very hard to pretend that you never cared in the first place.

Adam: Well, you're free to think whatever you'd like about me. It's just I don't dwell in the past, really. I'm much more interested in the here and the now.

Babe: Oh, hi.

J.R.: I didn't realize we had company.

Erica: Hi, J.R. and Babe.

J.R.: So, what are you two up to?

Adam: It's a private conversation. If you two wouldn't mind playing somewhere else?

Babe: I think that was a hint. Let's fuel up. How about some ice cream?

J.R.: With some chocolate syrup?

Babe: Yeah.

Erica: My, my, my, looks like young love has returned to this old mausoleum.

Adam: Oh, no, I don't think it's love. I think it's preternatural lust, is what I'd call it.

Erica: No, if there's one thing I know when I see it, it's love. And it's the same look I used to see in your eyes when I lived here.

Adam: No, I think what you're calling love is love of the game. And I'll hand it to you. No one is better at the game than you are. In fact, I have a sneaky suspicion that you are playing one right now. I just haven't quite figured out the stakes.

Erica: My goodness, I'm so flattered that you think all that of me, Adam. You very well know there's only one reason I came over here and that is for my friend, Carmen.

Adam: Oh, yes, but she's gone on her date, and you're still here.

Erica: Well, that is only because I was greeted with a slap on the tush. You didn't think that I, of all people, was just going to run out into the night, did you? Of course not, I had to stay here. I had to stay here and stand my ground against the grumpy, self-centered, chauvinistic pig that you are.

Adam: I have no plans for dinner, how about you?

Erica: Why in the world would you want to know?

Adam: Well, because this little piggy would like to ask you out, that's why.

Erica: I'm so sorry, Adam, but I make it a policy never to date little piggies. I limit my dating to gentlemen, and gentlemen don't just toss out dinner invitations like some refill at the bar. Gentlemen ask a lady out in advance, on the phone. So, if you'll excuse me, goodnight.

[Cell phone ringing]

Erica: Hello?

Adam: Erica, how lovely to hear your voice. I was wondering, I know it's last minute and all, but could you possibly join me for a spot of supper this evening?

Erica: Well, let me check my book. Oh, you seem to be in luck. My choice of restaurant, of course.

Adam: Oh, of course, anything Ms. Kane desires.

Colby: What the hell are you doing?

Pete: I was actually looking for you. I was going to knock. But I saw your dad in there with Erica Kane. And I was going to wait for her to leave, but I can't decide if she's a friend, or --

Colby: You've got to stop this. You've got your nose way too deep into my family and my life. Something sneaky is going on with you.

Pete: Sneaky?

Colby: Yeah, time to spill, Cortlandt. What is it you're really up to around here?

Erica: So, why don't I go back to the Yacht Club and change my clothes? I'll meet you there in about an hour and we can have dinner on the terrace, weather permitting.

Adam: Sounds delightful.

Erica: Ok.

Adam: Uh.

[Carmen and Jack are kissing in the foyer]

Zach: I'm going home to spend some time with my family.

Ryan: Hey, how's Spike? I haven't had a chance to come by and see him as much the last couple of weeks. How is he doing?

Zach: Spike's good. He's Spike, you know?

Ryan: Yeah, he just changes so quickly, you know?

Zach: Well, there's one thing that's not changing. That's his love for you.

Ryan: Tell him I'll be by real soon to come and see him, ok, ok?

Zach: I'll do that. Do me a favor. You've been through a lot. Don't be so hard on yourself.

Kendall: I can't believe you let Babe leave. You're too easy on her.

Greenlee: Am I?

Kendall: Yeah, I mean, we're swamped with work. We're short-handed, and we're surrounded by assassins.

Greenlee: This isn't really about Babe. So, why don't we put her aside for a moment and talk about you? You're still beating yourself up over what happened to Annie?

Kendall: I don't know, maybe. Actually, it's everything. It's Adam's threat and Annie's miscarriage and Ryan --

Greenlee: Ryan's going to be fine.

Kendall: Is he? You know, a tragedy like this could actually bring Annie and Ryan closer together, unless he has someone else to be there for him.

Greenlee: Hey, don't look at me.

Kendall: Greenlee, Ryan needs you. If not, he's going to end up leaning on Annie's shoulder by default.

Greenlee: Stop it, already.

Kendall: No, no, you know I'm right.

Greenlee: What I know is that you are throwing yourself into everyone else's life to avoid dealing with your own.

Kendall: What?

Greenlee: You heard me. Pushing yourself to the max here at work, trying to butt into Ryan's life, trying to get me to risk my marriage to go and take care of him, anything to avoid dealing with your own problems.

Kendall: What problems?

Greenlee: Your marriage, I know you're unhappy with Zach.

Kendall: Well, where in the hell did you get that idea?

Greenlee: From watching you, from listening to you. From listening to Zach. He told me.

Jack: Erica.

Erica: Well, what a short birthday celebration.

Jack: Well, Carmen and I got to the restaurant and then she wanted to go to bed.

Erica: Oh.

Adam: Talk about cutting to the chase.

Jack: To sleep, Chandler, to sleep.

Adam: Ah.

Carmen: I was still feeling woozy, and Jack, he's such a gentleman, he said we can have a chain wreck -- rain check.

Erica: Yeah, I see what you mean.

Carmen: Well, I'm going to be fine. Thanks again for my birthday present.

Jack: Sure.

Carmen: Night-night, everybody. Happy birthday to me.

Erica: Can't help but wonder what got into her.

Jack: Yeah, I don't know. She's not drunk. She swears she hasn't had even one drink, so --

Adam: Yeah, well, maybe -- maybe some kind of a bad reaction against some medication or something.

Jack: I can't believe you're still here.

Adam: Well, actually Erica and I have been going over old times together. Now we were going to dinner to continue things.

Erica: Yes, I was just going home to change.

Adam: So, I don't suppose we needed permission from you, did we, Jack? After all, Erica is an eligible woman again.

Erica: It's ok, Adam, please, really. Jack and I have both moved on, and we're perfectly comfortable with one another seeing other people. It's all right. We're adults.

Jack: Absolutely.

Erica: So, I'll see you in about an hour, then?

Adam: I'll look forward to it.

Jack: I'll see you to your car.

Erica: Oh, no, I know exactly where my car is, thank you. Thank you.

Pete: It was wrong of me to stage that sit-in. You were just trying to say goodbye to Dré.

Colby: Wow. Well, you did get something right. I was a little hung up on him, and I guess I'm not so great at rejections, so apology accepted.

Pete: Thanks. And I know something about rejections. And part two of why I'm hanging around so much is that I grew up with this whole family feud thing drilled into my head, and I'd like to see it come to an end. And...

Colby: And what?

Pete: You look -- moonlight and the wind... you look really spectacular right now.

[Thunder rumbling]

[Door opens and closes]

Adam: Ah. Just the one I'm looking for.

[Thunder rumbling]

Kendall: Zach?

Ryan: Not here.

Kendall: Ryan. Where is he?

Ryan: He went home to be with his family.

Kendall: So, what are you doing here?

Ryan: What am I doing here? I'm trying to make sense of the mess that your brother made while he was embezzling from the company, that's what I'm doing.

Kendall: Ok, I get it. You're frustrated and you're angry. But it's not about Josh, is it?

Ryan: Ok, you know what, Kendall? Just go home to your family please and leave me alone.

Kendall: No, Ryan, that is the last thing you need right now is to be alone. I mean, you have no one that you can talk to about how much you're hurting. No one that you trust enough to share out loud just how you're in pain.

Ryan: God, I am so sick of hearing that, Kendall. Maybe what I need right now is to be left alone, ok?

Kendall: Ryan, I know you better. I know. You are hiding your feelings. You're keeping them bottled up inside of you. You can't do that, Ryan, not with people who care about you.

Ryan: Ok, you know what? This is not what I need right now, and please don't tell me how I feel.

Kendall: Please, if you won't let me in, then find someone you can. And whatever you do, do not keep your feelings bottled up inside of you. We know what can happen when you do that. Don't go there again, Ryan, please.

Annie: It's ok.

J.R.: You know what?

[Emma crying]

J.R.: It's ok, Emma. Your -- your dad is going to be back tomorrow to see you. And I know just the thing to chase all those bad feelings away, and I'm pretty sure that we have a tub of it still left. You know what I'm talking about? Strawberry ice cream.

Annie: Ooh.

J.R.: Mm.

Annie: Yum.

J.R.: So, what do you say, Mom?

Annie: I say, absolutely. That'll be yummy, huh? Thank you, J.R.

J.R: All aboard the ice cream express!

Babe: Whoo!

Annie: He's something special.

Babe: Yeah. I see the man that I fell in love with.

Jesse: Baby, if you need to ask me anything, you ask me. Do not use Tad. What is this, because I ducked out the other night on a case?

Angie: And today. They said that you were away from the station all afternoon.

Jesse: Baby, I am in and out of that station all day long, and I -- you know, there's -- I just can't tell you everything I'm doing. It's police business. Tad, you should know better. Look, my plate is really full at work right now, so can we just leave it at that? Let it go.

Tad: You know what? I -- I think we should take a rain check on dinner, you know, and --

Jesse: Tad.

Tad: I'll come back later.

Jesse: Come on. No, don't let this -- aw.

Tad: It's all right. It's all right, you've got a lot to talk about. And I'll come back some other time when we can all have some laughs.

Angie: Listen, you were such a sweetheart. Thank you for coming over.

Tad: Any time you say.

Angie: All right.

[Door closing]

Angie: I'm sorry. I should not have brought Tad into this.

Jesse: No, you shouldn't have. Don't do it again.

Adam: Uh, Colby, why don't you run upstairs and get away from this weather that's coming in? I'd hate for you to get sick again.

Colby: Yeah, sure.

Adam: I'm not happy, Cortlandt.

Pete: Yes, sir, I understand.

Adam: I don't like mavericks. You stole that Blast and went out on your own, didn't you?

Pete: I know.

Adam: Were you at least able to spike the perfume?

Pete: Actually, I kind of got caught.

Babe: You know, it's been a long road with J.R. There's been a lot of ugly turns along the way, and times that I thought for sure that we were over forever.

Annie: It's like a miracle that the two of you are back together, isn't it?

Babe: Yeah. It's taken a long time though, but J.R. truly believes in me, I am convinced of it. You know, he defends me against his father, and he says that we have a really bright future together. He even talks about having babies again someday soon. Oh, my God, Annie, I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to --

Annie: Oh, no, no, it's ok. I hope you do have more. Selfishly. If it works for you -- you guys can overcome so much, then maybe --

Babe: Anything is possible. It's taken a long time though, and a lot of patience. I had to finally come to believe in J.R. the way that I did when we first fell in love. And it may be a long road for you and Ryan, too. But, Annie, don't stop believing.

Jack: Dear God, Erica, Adam Chandler? The man's a walking ulterior motive.

Erica: Well, Jack, it seems to me that's what you're always accusing me of. And besides, I mean, thank you for your concern, I appreciate it, but the other thing you're always telling me is that it's really none of your business.

Jack: You're absolutely right. It's none of my business. Good night, Erica.

Ryan: I don't speak with anyone about anything, all right, Kendall? I am going to deal with this on my own, and doing this, working on this, keeps me busy while I deal with it, all right?

Kendall: Well, you know I'll always be here for you, no matter what.

Ryan: I know that, I know. I know, ok? And I appreciate it. But you can't help me with this one, Kendall. You can't, ok? Especially considering how you feel about Annie right now. God, you've hurt her enough already. And, no, I'm not talking about the miscarriage, ok? That's not what I meant. I know that's not your fault. Really, that's not what I mean. Just -- I need you to stop pushing me, ok?

Kendall: Stop pushing you toward Greenlee, you mean.

Ryan: Yes, yes.

Kendall: But, Ryan, you have to know that Greenlee is the only one who can really help you right now. Admit it. You know what? It's really none of my business, anyway. I mean, I've got more important things to deal with, like my own messed-up life. So, what the hell am I doing worrying about you?

Angie: Jesse, I'm still having these thoughts about the past 20 years, and I have to tell you, they're really starting to scare me.

Jesse: Look, I've told you time and time again, my past is history. It has absolutely nothing to do with us today. You understand that?

[Angie nods her head]

Jesse: Good.

Adam: They caught you spiking the perfume?

Pete: Actually, I never got the chance, but I covered really well. They bought the story that I was there for a job. And they gave me one, just as an intern. It just -- it just popped up. But if you don't think it's a good idea, I just --

Adam: No, no, no. No, I like it. You can be there for the precise moment for tainting the perfume.

Pete: You're going to let me do it?

Adam: Yes. Suddenly, the wrong kid for the job just became the right man.

Babe: I mean, look at me. I'm in a house that I used to hate, that I used to fear, and with Erica poking around, and your father plotting and scheming, and Annie in so much pain, yet all I can think about is how much I love you and how much I love being in the same bed with you again.

J.R.: You see, that's what matters. The two of us, not just the same bed, but, you know, two hearts. You know, I was going to wait for the perfect time. I was going to set this whole thing up, but right now I feel like it's the right time, and, I don't know, I just don't want this magic to end right now. Um, Babe? I love you more than I ever have. I want us to spend our lives together. Will you marry me again?

Zach: Hey. The kids were hoping for a goodnight kiss, so maybe you can go in there and, um... what'd you do that for?

Kendall: We need to have this out once and for all. After all this meddling that you accuse me of, and the criticism, and saying that I put my nose in everyone else's business, you tell Greenlee that I'm happy in our marriage?

Zach: Well, are you?

Annie: It's ok, sweetheart. Everything's going to be just fine. You're here with Mommy and nobody is going to hurt you, I promise. I promise.

Ryan: So, I guess you're who I should be telling all my troubles to, right?

Bartender: I am?

Ryan: Yeah, I mean, isn't that what people do? People just pour out their hearts out to their bartenders?

Greenlee: Actually, they usually do with a friend. I, um, was headed home, and I saw you here.

Ryan: You know, Kendall thinks that... that you're the only person in the world in the world that I can share my feelings with. Do you agree with that?

Greenlee: Ryan.

Ryan: I don't know what the hell I'm talking about. I mean, truthfully, I actually -- I don't know what I feel right now. Greenlee, I don't. I mean, I lost a child that I didn't even get the chance to know and people are basically telling me, they're saying that it's better this way. And I don't understand that, Greenlee. I mean, how does anybody lose a child and it's basically better that way? But there is -- there is this kind of, like, horrible guilt inside me that understands why they would say that to me, you know? And when I look into my daughter's eyes, all I see is a little girl who doesn't understand why her world is completely and totally falling apart, and there's nothing I can do about it. I don't know how to take away her pain. I don't know how to do that. And I haven't been spending enough time with Spike, and I know he misses me, because I miss him like crazy, and I just have this -- this void inside of me, and I don't know what to do. I just -- I don't know what to do.

[Greenlee and Ryan hold hands]

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