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All My Children Transcript Wednesday 9/10/08


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Kendall: I thought you might like some breakfast.

Zach: Thank you.

Kendall: Have you been working all night?

Zach: Yeah.

Kendall: The boys missed you.

Zach: Missed them, too.

Kendall: I thought that maybe we could --

Zach: I worked all night not because I like my office so much, but because there's work to be done. I'm still not finished.

Kendall: Well, maybe you could take a break later.

Zach: Hey, Kendall. Your brother embezzled $20 million. You helped him get away. Now please allow me to get back to work so I can fix his mess. Thank you.

Babe: Good morning to you, too.

J.R.: I checked your room. You were already out of bed. And dressed.

Babe: Uh-huh.

J.R.: You know it's still early.

Babe: And I would love nothing better, but "Bella" needs me at the office.

J.R.: No, "Bella" can wait.

Babe: And what if Adam walks in?

J.R.: Let him.

Babe: You behave.

J.R.: See, that's why we need to get a mansion of our own. For privacy.

Babe: You know, Adam has been pretty cool lately. Supportive, even. Did those words just come out of my mouth?

J.R.: I don't trust him.

Babe: I get that. I'm just saying that life is pretty damn good right now.

J.R.: Yeah, and it's only going get better, Ms. CEO.

Babe: I'll see you later.

J.R.: Ok.

[Annie dreams that she's poisoned Greenlee]

Greenlee: Oh, thanks for the coffee. You're the best.

Ryan: Don't thank me -- thank Annie.

[Greenlee gasping for breath]

Greenlee: Help me! Please --

[Continues gasping for breath]

Kendall: I will apologize for Josh for the rest of my life.

Zach: I don't want you to apologize. I want to get back to work.

Kendall: Ok. You're angry because I helped Josh. But Zach, he's family.

Zach: Enough with the "Kendall code" and the "Kane code." I can't do it anymore. You want to forgive him? That's great. Me, I got to protect my family and my business.

Kendall: End of discussion?

Zach: Yeah, unless you got something else. You want something? You want some water with some lemon or something?

Kendall: No, I just -- I want to know what happened. What happened after you and Ryan left my mom's.

Zach: Don't worry about it.

Kendall: How can I not worry about it? Ryan said that you can get restitution from him, not Josh.

Zach: All right, it's taken care of.

Kendall: What does that mean? What's going on?

Ryan: Restitution, remember?

Kendall: What are you going to do to him?

Zach: Josh is gone, and Ryan said he would make good on the crime that Josh committed. Now say "thank you" and go home.

Kendall: Thank you. But I want to know. I mean, is this an eye for an eye or what?

Ryan: I offered to work for Cambias and, uh, clean up the mess that Josh left behind.

Kendall: Oh, well, that's good. That's -- that makes sense.

Zach: Goodbye.

Ryan: Tell Spike that I'll stop by later, ok?

[Kendall leaves]

Ryan: So, what do I need to know?

Zach: Josh did more than steal. He left the casinos vulnerable.

Ryan: He did, courtesy of Kendall and myself.

Zach: Yes. Well, now people think they can move in on me, and I can't have that.

Ryan: I understand that. Ok.

Zach: So I need someone that I can trust.

Ryan: I did help Josh get away.

Zach: You also took Cambias, made it stronger, and gave it back. You didn't have to do that.

Ryan: Well, that was the right thing to do.

Zach: That's why I want you here. Someone who can look me in the eye and tell me the truth.

Ryan: I will do that. Whether you want to hear it or not.

Zach: We agreed?

Ryan: Yeah. You know I have no casino experience at all.

Zach: You'll figure it out.

Ryan: Ok, let's get started.

Zach: What?

Ryan: Just you and Kendall. You guys all right?

Zach: That's not part of your job description.

Ryan: So it's just about Josh?

Greenlee: "Bella" is riding a buzz. Or maybe just the headlines, thanks to the dead guy.

Kendall: Josh embezzled a bazillion dollars from the casino.

Greenlee: Your brother Josh? Charming Josh? The Josh I slept with?

Kendall: Yeah, Zach busted him.

Greenlee: Oh, my God. And he's in pieces all over Delamont County?

Kendall: No. Well, almost. I don't know. Zach was -- I have never seen him like this, Greenlee. He was so cold. If I hadn't have helped Josh escape, I don't know what would have happened.

Greenlee: Well, Zach would never really kill somebody.

Kendall: That's what I thought. But last night I wasn't so sure. And -- and now, I mean, he's just -- he's so angry with me.

Greenlee: Well, he'll get over it -- eventually.

Kendall: I don't know. It's not just Josh. It's like every single thing I do seems to tick Zach off.

Greenlee: Well, you have that effect on people. [Laughs] Oh, come on. Zach is crazy for you. He lives for you and the boys.

Kendall: The boys -- yeah, absolutely. But me -- I don't know. I feel like maybe one day he'll either combust or be gone.

Zach: I know how to take care of my business. Kendall's stepping all over it.

Ryan: You can't really blame her for trying to help her brother.

Zach: Trying to help a lot of people these days.

Ryan: Yeah. Honestly, I think that Annie and I fanned a lot of that drama.

Zach: Well, that's your life. Kendall's making it a part of ours.

Ryan: I'm hoping that, you know, things will settle down for all of us.

Zach: For Kendall? Come on, she loves this. If it's not you and Annie, it's going to be Greenlee and Aidan, or Erica and Jackson, or the mailman. She'll find someone.

Ryan: I'm just saying that, you know, maybe Annie and I will, uh, fall off that list.

Zach: What does that mean? Is it over?

Annie: Did you sleep well, sweetheart?

Emma: I miss Daddy.

Annie: I miss him, too, baby, but we're going to see him so soon.

Richie: Somebody had sweet dreams last night. Let me guess -- was it the one where you killed Greenlee? How are those bruises coming through, sis? At least that puny Cortlandt kid is good for something.

Annie: So what do you want for breakfast, huh?

Emma: Ice cream.

Annie: Ice cream? How about, uh -- cereal and strawberries?

Richie: How about you, sis? What would you like for breakfast? How about a big bowl of guts? Because you sure as hell don't have the sand to kill Greenlee.

Annie: Shut up.

Emma: Mommy, what's wrong?

Annie: Nothing, sweetheart. Everything's fine. Everything is going to be just fine.

Krystal: Have I thanked you for doing this?

Tad: Six times. I still think we're overreacting. She doesn't need professional help.

Krystal: Well, then I do. Because I need to learn how to cope with a child that's acting out.

Tad: Listen, all Kathy needs is for us to keep loving her. That's it.

Krystal: Well, so far, that hasn't stopped her from trying to hurt me. And she could have hurt jenny. Honey, hugs and kisses and cookies and milk are not going to fix this. That's why we're going to get Kathy the help that she needs.

J.R.: Have you seen Colby this morning?

Adam: Uh, she had to leave for class.

J.R.: Mm-hmm. She's all right?

Adam: Why wouldn't she be?

J.R.: I don't know, Dad. Maybe because she got drunk at the launch party.

Adam: Well, she was sick.

J.R.: Oh, come on. Don't make excuses.

Adam: She had a fever.

J.R.: And now she's fine?

Adam: Yeah. One of those 24-hour bugs or something.

J.R.: And that's it?

Adam: Uh, pretty much.

J.R.: You're not concerned about her behavior?

Adam: Anything that concerns Colby concerns me, but she, uh, swore that she didn't have a drop. And I believe her.

J.R.: Uh-huh. You know, I could have used some of that trust when Richie Novak drugged me. Instead, you slammed me as a drunk.

Adam: I was wrong, but history has a way of repeating itself with you. Colby, I can trust. How about you, J.R.? Huh? You have anything you'd like to come clean about?

J.R.: Oh, no. No, you first.

[Adam laughs]

Adam: Touché.

Babe: Amanda worked the marketing, but there's no way a man being killed is a good thing.

Annie: Yeah, it's like even when you think you're safe, you're not. I never used to worry with Ryan around.

Babe: You're safe at the mansion. Who's got more security than Adam? He keeps a gun in the parlor.

Annie: A gun? Where? Emma and Little A run around that room all the time.

Babe: It's safely locked away in the clock. And he keeps the key at the bar, so it's totally safe, I promise.

Kendall: Oh, finally, you're here.

Greenlee: Yeah, get to it, women. Your perfume seems to be taking off, and no one's steering the boat. Somebody didn't sleep well.

Kendall: Are you sure we can't fire her?

Babe: Whoa, look how many website hits there are. "Bella" is definitely breaking out. You're coordinating the post-launch marketing, right?

Annie: Yeah, I have a meeting with them later.

Babe: Good, good.

Annie: Whew, is anybody hot in here?

Babe: It's you. I was sweating the whole time I was pregnant with -- whoa, what happened to you?

Annie: Oh, nothing.

Babe: You're black and blue.

Annie: No, I'm fine.

Kendall: If she says she's fine, then leave her alone.

Babe: Who did this to you? Annie --

Annie: Ryan.

Tad: You know, I mean, Kathy's already lost two mothers -- two families. It's perfectly natural for her to act out, right?

Krystal: It's the way she acts out against me.

Counselor: What specifically has she done?

Krystal: She locked me out of the house --

Tad: No, they were playing a game, ok?

Krystal: She pushed me off a ladder.

Tad: Honey, she's a kid.

Krystal: And when I fell off the ladder, I nearly landed on our one-year-old baby.

Tad: She doesn't recognize the consequences of her actions, ok? She gets upset. She acts out.

Krystal: Well, next time, she could hurt our Jenny.

Tad: I understand that my daughter's got issues. You know, I get it. I get it. But I really don't think she would intentionally hurt her baby sister.

Krystal: No, no. But if Jenny gets caught in some other attack that's meant for me --

Tad: Attack? Attack?

Krystal: I just want to know why Kathy is doing these things.

Tad: She just needs time, right?

Krystal: Is it something that we're doing wrong? Is it our fault?

Tad: Is it my fault because I didn't find her sooner?

Annie: I made Ryan angry.

Babe: When a man hurts you, it is never your fault. What happened?

Annie: Just forget it, ok?

Greenlee: You can't drop a bomb like that without some explanation.

Annie: I pushed Ryan too hard. And -- I just love him so much, and before I knew it, he grabbed me.

Kendall: Oh, my God. All that crud you've pulled and Ryan's been a flipping saint. Now you expect us to believe that he did that to you?

Annie: I don't expect you to believe anything, Kendall.

Babe: Is that one of the reasons why you left? You were afraid of Ryan?

Annie: I never used to be.

Babe: But now?

Kendall: Oh, my God. This is bull. He didn't do it to her, ok? You don't believe this, do you? I mean, no matter how ridiculous or manipulative she is, there's no way Ryan would get violent.

Babe: Aidan and Ryan got into that fight. They showed up at the party with matching beat up faces.

Kendall: That was different.

Annie: Ok, I'm really sorry this even got brought up, ok?

Kendall: Right.

Babe: Annie, if you need to talk to me or anybody else, just please, let me know. You can stay at the mansion as long as you need to.

Annie: Thank you, but honestly, I just want to get back to work, ok?

Babe: Ok.

Kendall: You don't honestly believe -- you didn't believe her, right?

Greenlee: When Ryan gets angry, he gets kind of out of control. Motorcycle-over-a-cliff out of control.

Kendall: Yes, that night changed everyone forever. But still, he never hit you.

Greenlee: Kendall, I told Ryan I believed he would never hurt a woman now.

Kendall: Yeah, exactly -- never.

Greenlee: But seeing those bruises -- you and I both know.

Kendall: Yes, we know -- we know where Ryan came from. We know the violence that was in his household, but that's even more reason why he would have never done this to her. Ryan swore he would never be like his father.

Ryan: I've told Annie that the marriage is over.

Zach: How'd that go?

Ryan: Not well. Not well at all. But, um, there's no going back, you know? I think the sooner that she realizes that it's done, that it's honestly done, the better it's going to be for everybody.

Zach: She loves you.

Ryan: I love my children more than anything else in the world, but I don't love Annie, and I can't lie my way through a marriage.

[Phone rings]

Ryan: Give me one second. Sandra. Really? Ok. Uh, maybe just have it forwarded to Cambias Industries, ok? Great. Thanks. Special delivery. All right, so let's get started. What do I need to know?

Zach: Pick a department. Accounting, Security, whatever. Find somebody who was helping Josh who just wasn't paying attention, and fire him.

Ryan: Ok, as long as you don't want him kneecapped. That was a joke.

Krystal: We did the right thing. We'll bring Kathy in, and we're going to get her the help that she needs.

Tad: Oh, terrific. I've only had her how long? And already I've managed to screw up her life.

Krystal: Honey, you are the light of Kathy's life. We just have to help her understand that there's plenty of that light to go around.

Tad: It's my fault. I know it is. If I had found her sooner -- She was under my nose the entire time.

Krystal: No, no, stop it. Just stop it. The counselor said that you're not responsible for Kathy's behavior. It's not your fault.

Tad: So why do I feel like the world's worst father?

Krystal: Because you love her so much and you want what's best for her. And when she hurts, you hurt more. But you're in luck, because I happen to know that you are the world's greatest father. And you have me. And we're going to get through this together. And our daughters and our family are going to be just fine.

Adam: My daughter's not here. Go home.

Pete: I'm here to see you.

Adam: All right, you've seen me. Run along.

Pete: Love this humor, but, uh, we've got to talk about the party.

Adam: The party's over.

Pete: Yeah, it rocked, except for the dead guy and Colby -- how is she?

Adam: Completely better. I'll tell her you stopped by.

Pete: That's it? Clue me in. What's next?

Adam: For me? The op-ed page.

Pete: No, about "Blast."

Adam: There is no next "Blast."

Pete: But our plan worked.

Adam: No, my plan worked. Thanks for services rendered. Now you're done.

Pete: Mr. C., we're simpatico.

Adam: Does the word "adios" mean anything to you? Our deal is over.

Pete: All right. If that's how you want to play it. But Colby will be so bummed when she finds out that Daddy poisoned her with perfume. It sucks that everybody thinks she was drunk. They're on her case, and it was your fault.

Adam: You are just like your father -- pure Cooney.

Pete: The blackmail angle? No, no, no -- I got that from you. That bogus rape story you threatened me with so I'd shut up about the blood on Colby's car -- classic.

Adam: Yeah, well, you can learn. That's, uh -- that's something. What do you want?

Pete: This -- us. Dude, you and me? Total synchronicity.

Adam: I will not pimp out my daughter.

Pete: I'll get Colby without your help. But the chance to work with you? Once in a lifetime. Think about it. I'll be around.

Zach: I want every single one of them questioned and held accountable.

Ryan: And packed up and shipped out.

Zach: If need be.

Ryan: You're not going to ask where we took Josh?

Zach: You're not going to tell me.

Assistant: Mr. Lavery?

Ryan: Oh, thank you. Great. You've got to be kidding me. She slapped a restraining order on me.

Richie: Way to work it, sis. Hell, you almost had me believing Ryan went after you. But don't worry, it's just between us that you actually smacked him.

Annie: It's Greenlee. If it wasn't for her, Ryan would still love me. I know he would.

Richie: Well, are you going to just sit around here and whine or are you going to be proactive?

[Greenlee and Babe laugh]

Babe: Annie? Annie? Can you come over here and look at the proofs for the "Bella" point of purchase?

Annie: Sure.

Babe: I really like this one.

Greenlee: This one's calling to me.

Babe: Annie, which one do you like? Which one speaks to you?

Richie: Kill her.

Annie: Definitely this one.

Greenlee: You're agreeing with me?

Annie: We must have the same taste.

Babe: Hey, since you're, uh, "batching" it tonight, you want to have some dinner?

Greenlee: Uh, thanks, but I got big plans.

Babe: What, you're having a bubble bath, a mani-pedi?

Greenlee: No, "Dr. Terror's House of Horrors" -- Anniversary Edition. My little wuss of a husband, Aidan, doesn't like scary movies, so this is my night. I'm going to have "Dr. Terror," wine, popcorn, perfect evening.

Richie: Are you going to crash Greenlee's party of one?

Annie: I'm going to do it tonight. I'm going to kill Greenlee.

Kendall: Hi. Well, back in your work position.

Zach: Well, I got to -- I've got to finish --

Kendall: I know, I know, you've got a lot of stuff to do. I was just hoping maybe you could take a break.

Zach: I've got to finish this.

Kendall: Dinner -- one hour.

Zach: I can't leave.

Kendall: I'll order in.

Zach: You know what you can do? You can go home.

Kendall: I -- I just -- I would like to be with you.

Zach: And I would like to sort out this mess that your brother left me.

Kendall: Do you hate me now?

Zach: I don't hate you.

Kendall: Then what? Zach, what is it? I mean, what is wrong? You haven't spoken to me. I mean, even for you. I mean, you won't even look at me.

Zach: Yeah, everything's ok. I love you.

Kendall: Oh, give me a break.

Zach: I don't have time for games.

Kendall: Nope. No. Not until you talk to me.

Zach: See, that's the problem. The drama. What do I have to do? I told you I love you. That's enough, right? That would just be more -- more drama.

Kendall: I'm just -- I just want to know, I just want to understand what's going on.

Zach: What do you want to understand? Our whole life is consumed with Annie and Greenlee and Aidan and Ryan.

Kendall: Yes -- yeah, they're -- they're friends. And they're family. My God, I mean, Annie is lying to Ryan. She's manipulating him. Do you know what she pulled today at the office? She came in with these bruises on her arm, and she claimed Ryan did it. But he didn't. I mean, am I just supposed to just ignore that?

Zach: Why don't you let them deal with it? It's their life, right? Deal with your own business.

Kendall: No -- but, Ryan needs a friend.

Zach: Ok. Well, then be his friend, but don't interfere all the time. You're making things worse.

Kendall: I'm not interfering. Well, I don't mean to. I just -- I want everybody to be happy.

Zach: Everyone to be happy, huh? Maybe that's the problem. You're so busy living everybody else's lives, you're forgetting to live your own. You're forgetting to live ours. You know, I want -- I want to live my life. I want my life back.

J.R.: Well, hi, gorgeous.

Babe: How are my men?

J.R.: Well, Little Adam's down for the count. So is Emma. It was a hard day in the sandbox.

Babe: Well, our sandbox was pretty tough, too. Do you want to join us for dinner tonight?

Annie: Oh, thanks, but last night was more nightmares than dreams, so I think I'll follow Emma's lead and go to bed early.

Babe: Listen, if there's anything I can do about Ryan -- I meant what I said. If you want to talk.

Annie: Thank you, Babe, but I'm good. You know, I think I got used to Ryan saving me and protecting me, and now I realize I need to start protecting myself. So that's exactly what I'm going to do. But thank you both for everything.

Babe: Sure.

J.R.: How about some moonlight?

Babe: Sounds good.

[Annie gets Adam's gun out of the gun cabinet]

Babe: I'm really worried about Annie. Ryan seems so out of control. It's just not like him.

J.R.: I have this feeling that Annie is going to be able to take care of herself.

Adam: Can I help you?

Annie: No, thank you. Good night.

Adam: Good night.

Babe: There is so much demand, we had to push up production on "Bella." The first shipment to the press and buyers is due in next week.

J.R.: Yeah, well, you kill a pimp at a party, it's a hell of a marketing strategy.

Babe: Well, he definitely brought us the attention, but people are really responding to the concept.

J.R.: Your concept.

Babe: "Bella" just may be Fusion's hottest fragrance yet.

Adam: And that is why you will be such a great success, Babe -- always working the angles.

Babe: Thanks, Adam -- I think.

Adam: Well, I'll leave you two to enjoy the evening air.

Babe: Wow. Adam's being almost friendly.

J.R.: Well, don't get comfortable. He's up to something. I'm just not sure what.

Adam: Are you still here?

Pete: I thought Colby might be hanging with Stuart and Marian.

Adam: She's probably hiding from you.

Pete: Yeah. Have you thought about my proposal?

Adam: You are an obnoxious little pain in the ass. But I think you might be interested to know that the first shipment of "Bella" will arrive at Fusion next week.

Pete: Awesome.

Adam: Yes, awesome.

Pete: So what do we do next? You want me to whip up some more "Blast"? You know, do you want me to taint the whole batch, or just a little bit?

J.R.: Are you still here?

Adam: Uh, he -- he was just leaving.

Pete: I'm -- I'm going to check and see if Colby's --

J.R.: You want to tell me what this little power huddle's all about, Dad?

Annie: Oh, hey. You -- you startled me.

Pete: At least there aren't flying objects this time.

Annie: Oh, yeah, sorry about that plant thing. I hope it didn't hurt you.

Pete: I'm tough -- sometimes.

Annie: Great, well, um, Colby's room is down the hall, so --

Pete: I know. About Colby --

Annie: Like I said, just go for it.

Pete: I'm -- I'm down with that. It's just -- even if I get contacts that don't give me zombie eyeballs, I'm still me. I mean, I -- I can talk great game sometimes, but I -- I just feel like Colby needs something more.

Annie: Well, I think that you're enough for any woman. You are smart and funny and strong.

Pete: Too smart, funny in a laugh-at-me kind of way, and strong? Come on.

Annie: Well, I think you have your own strength and heat. I think any woman would be lucky to have you.

Pete: You think?

Annie: I know. You're very special.

[Annie kisses Pete on the cheek and goes into her room]

Annie: I love you, my angel. And Mommy is going to make things right for all of us.

Richie: You can't even load the damned thing. How are you going to use it?

Annie: I don't have a choice.

Richie: Annie, everybody's got a choice. You just have to make the right one for once.

[Annie sneaks out the window]

Kendall: I thought -- I thought you had a life.

Zach: Yeah, I do. It's a great one. I sit on the couch and wait for you to come home and tell me the latest drama about -- about, uh, Ryan or Greenlee or Aidan or Annie or somebody.

Kendall: I'm just -- I'm just concerned.

Zach: Yeah, I am, too. So all I do is sit on the couch and hold your hand and tell you that everything's going to be ok. While I'm doing all that, my business went to hell.

Kendall: Zach, you are the strongest man I know. We will recover from this.

Zach: Yeah, that's not the point. Yes, we're going to recover, but it's made me look weak. I can't afford that. So I want to get back to what I want to do, and take care of my business -- be with my family.

Kendall: You have your family.

Zach: I do?

Kendall: Yeah. Zach, I love you.

Zach: Yeah, but not enough to give me 48 hours, huh?

Kendall: Zach, I'm sorry. If I could turn back the clock and give you your 48 hours, I would.

Zach: You said that before. Right after you slept with Aidan.

[Annie sneaks into Greenlee's window]

J.R.: Petey spends more time with you than he does Colby.

Adam: Because Colby's hiding from him.

J.R.: So what, you're giving him a little pep talk?

Adam: No, no. The boy is -- has Palmer Cortlandt for a father. He's desperately searching for a strong male role model.

J.R.: Mm-hmm. So you welcome him into the family. Oh, come on, Dad, what is this really about?

Adam: Oh, I forgot -- I forgot to tell you. Uh, Colby's stay -- spending the night at Corrina's.

Pete: Damn.

Adam: Yeah. So goodnight, then.

[Knock on door]

Ryan: Where the hell is she?

Adam: Ryan, get out of my house.

Ryan: Where the hell is Annie? I'm not leaving until I see her.

J.R.: She went to bed. Get out.

Ryan: No, I'm not leaving until I see Annie, all right? Did you know about this? Annie got a restraining order against me.

[Knock on door]

Tad: Hey, honey.

Greenlee: Hi.

Tad: Listen, I'm sorry. I know it's rude to stop by unannounced, but I was kind of hoping that Aidan might want to buy me a pint.

Greenlee: Um, Aidan is out of town on a job. It's just me and Dr. Terror. You're welcome to watch his "House of Horrors" with me.

Tad: Oh, honey, you're sweet, but to tell you the truth, I've already had enough horror for one day.

Greenlee: Oh. All the popcorn you can eat.

Tad: It's tempting, but I need something a little stronger. So, you know, tell him I stopped by.

Greenlee: I'll tell him you stopped by.

Tad: Thanks, darling.

Greenlee: Bye.

[Annie points the gun at Greenlee then draws it back]

Richie: You can't do it, can you? Oh, it's one thing when it's just you, the moonlight, and a lug wrench all in the heat of the moment. But this -- this is quite another, isn't it? This is cold. This is the real deal, and there's no turning back, and there's no hiding. And you -- you just don't have the juice to do it, now do you?

[Annie aims the gun again]

Zach: I'm sorry. That wasn't necessary.

Kendall: Do you still love me?

Zach: More than anything.

Kendall: What? Too much drama for you?

Ryan: What the hell is this? What is it? Did you know about it?

J.R.: All right, you know what? You need to back off.

Babe: No, it's all right. I'm not surprised.

Ryan: How could you possibly say that?

Babe: I saw the bruises.

Ryan: The bruises -- on Annie?

Babe: On her upper arms? You guys got into a fight last night?

Ryan: Yeah, we got into a fight. It wasn't physical. I mean, I -- I lightly -- I gently touched her shoulders. There's no possible way that I actually hurt her.

Adam: Get out, Lavery.

Ryan: Don't you see what she's doing here, people? This is another lie, ok? I -- I told her that the marriage was over, and she's trying to keep me from -- from my daughter. That's what she's doing. This is her response.

J.R.: All right. You need to just chill out.

Ryan: You can't stop me from seeing my own daughter.

J.R.: You're not going up there.

Ryan: Like hell I'm not. Like hell I'm not.

Richie: It's easy. You hate her. Just pull that trigger, and she's gone. Annie! Grow a spine. No wonder Ryan left you. Now come on, look at this bitch. She has everything. What the hell do you have? Look, Annie, sweetheart, it's one shot. Just do it, ok? Do it for me.

[Gun clicks]

Richie: She stole Ryan. She deserves this.

[Annie lowers the gun]

Richie: You loser.

[As a woman screams on TV, Annie suffers cramping and sits down]

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