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All My Children Transcript Tuesday 9/9/08


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[Annie gasps]

Richie: Got a headache, sis? Contemplating murder will do that to you. Thinking about this is so much different than what happened to me, isn't it? I mean, a quick whack on the head -- bada-bing, bada-boom, it was done. But this -- oh, this? This is what they call premeditation, which means planning it all out. And it's so much more worse than what happened to your arms. Those little bruises. Actually, it's quite like a wedding. You have millions of details you got to think about. And then you have to tediously follow all the many, many ways something could go wrong, and you have to make sure that they do not. But then, Annie, there's the moment of truth, the point of no return. Now, what was that lesson that you learned in History class? What was it called? "Crossing the Rubicon"? Do you think you can do that? Huh, sis? When it comes time to actually kill Greenlee, do you think you can cross the Rubicon? The way Ryan wrote you off today, I think he crossed his.

[Ryan gets on his motorcycle and takes off]

Kendall: It's not going to happen. You can't punish Josh like he's some creepy hand-mucker.

Zach: And if I do, we're finished, right? Your brother stole more from me than anybody ever has at a casino table, and you let him get away -- for now, not forever.

Kendall: Well, I'd do it again. Your goons had no right to touch my brother.

Zach: They're not goons, they're my employees. They're doing their job. What are you doing spraying them down with mace?

Kendall: Do you remember when we got married, when you married me, and I saved your casinos with my name? That makes them my employees, too. Now, this is between you, me, and Josh, and the money that he stole --

Zach: He will give back and deal with the fallout.

Kendall: What are you going to do? You going to break his kneecaps or hold him over a tank of sharks?

Zach: Shut up.

Kendall: No, come on, tell me. If you're not ashamed, then tell me.

Zach: You know what I'm ashamed of? That I gave your brother a chance to steal from me. I didn't see how screwed up he was from the very beginning, but as far as what's going to happen next -- no, I'm not ashamed of that at all.

Kendall: He's family.

Zach: Yeah, and that's the only reason he's still alive.

Erica: Josh, Josh, stop. Just slow it down. Just explain it to me.

Josh: Ok, it's -- it's not good. It's just -- oh, God, telling you this, Erica, it's --

Erica: Whatever -- whatever it is, we are going to work it out.

Josh: I pissed Zach off really bad. So if something happens to me, you know who's behind it.

Angie: No, Frankie. We lost you to that war long enough the last time. There is no way that you can go back to Iraq.

Frankie: Mom --

Angie: Now, I heard you talking to Jake. You cannot have made the decision to go back there.

Frankie: It's done.

Angie: It's not done. Now, look, we need more time, and we can fix this.

Frankie: When the orders come down, you report to duty, period. There's nothing to fix. After the war, I'll be home again.

Angie: The last time you came back, you ended up in the woods away from everyone who loves you.

Jesse: Hey, what's going on? What's going on?

Angie: Frankie's going back to Iraq.

[Taylor laughs in her memory]

Taylor: Oh, if I did not already love you, I would start right now.

[Explosions and gunfire]

Jesse: Offered to go back?

Angie: They reactivated him. The Army wants him and just like that they take him, and Frankie won't even fight it.

Frankie: I got my redeployment papers. We all knew it could happen.

Angie: "We," who? I didn't know. Did you know?

Jesse: Well, of course, I knew it could happen. But, Frankie, the papers -- what, it's a done deal? There's no --

Frankie: Dad, it's a war -- a war, and I'm a soldier.

Angie: You're a doctor.

Frankie: I'm both.

Jesse: Hey, look, this is not the place for this. Can we go somewhere?

Frankie: I have a cardiac arrest to check on.

Angie: Look, don't you just --

Jesse: Hey --

Angie: Don't...walk away. Baby, we're going to lose him.

Jesse: Ok, all right, calm down. Now, these papers -- they came, and --

Angie: They came out of the blue. You belong to us again. Even though he was a hero, even though they discharged him. It's not right.

Jesse: Well, so what? He ships out tonight, tomorrow, next week -- when?

Angie: No, they give him time to get his affairs in order -- like sell his car, draw up a will.

Jesse: Ok, let's not go there.

Annie: It's reality.

Jesse: Look, baby, come here. Come here. I know this is really hard with Cassandra gone, but it's not like he's leaving tonight, ok? Besides, come on, you got to give the boy a little credit for his sense of duty.

Angie: You don't get to talk me down, and you don't get to lecture me on duty. I didn't sign up for service, but I watched the news. I sent care packages. I died every time the newspaper listed the dead and wounded, and I waited for that visit from soldiers in dress uniform.

Jesse: But they didn't come, did they? No, our boy came home instead.

Angie: What if he doesn't make it back this time? What then?

Jesse: It's not our decision to make, babe.

Angie: You -- you did this to him. You went back to the force, and now he's going back to the war. You put it in him! You put it in him, and -- you did!

Jesse: Wow.

Erica: Start slowly and tell me. You -- you upset Zach how?

Josh: Yeah, that's the thing. I don't even know how this whole thing blew up. Ok, I mean, it was -- it was a few weeks ago at work. Zach and I were there, and -- and I said something stupid about Kendall, about he -- how he should be watching over her and her whole Greenlee obsession instead of tending to business. I mean, it was just a joke. I wasn't trying to call him out or anything. I mean, you and I both know how Kendall can be, but he got all pissed off about it. And then he starts in about how I got too close to Hannah, how I should have known that she was nuts, and then he says that Greg Madden is my family -- not Kendall, not you -- how my dad practically kidnapped Kendall when she was pregnant, hid Kathy from Tad. On and on.

Erica: Well, that doesn't sound like Zach.

Josh: Look, I know you love the guy. I love him, too, Erica, but he's still the same control freak that you met in Vegas. The same guy that married Kendall to teach his own son a lesson. The same guy that cut the power to the entire city. He's not innocent.

Erica: No, well, none of us is.

Josh: Well, you didn't see the look in his eye. When that switch flips --

Erica: Ok, did you -- what did you say to him?

Josh: I told him that I was -- I was a Kane. I told him I was a Martin, that I was just another one of Greg Madden's victims. And then I think everything's all right, and then -- and then a couple weeks later he calls me into his office. He tells me the numbers in the casino are off. He says he's got the paperwork to prove that it's my fault. He's saying I embezzled, Erica. He's calling me a thief. Why would I embezzle from my own sister and brother-in-law? I've got a job, I've got money. It doesn't make sense.

Erica: Josh -- did you take some money from the casino?

Josh: No, no, I swear to you, Mom.

Kendall: Zach, the person that you call you brother needs help.

Zach: Yeah, he needs help.

Kendall: He thinks he's owed.

Zach: He's owed for what? For what your mother did to him, what we did to Greg Madden? For what? So $20 million of our money is going to make him feel better?

Kendall: Can you -- can you imagine how he feels? Imagine knowing what he knows.

Zach: Go see a therapist. You don't -- don't steal from your family.

Kendall: Oh, my God. You are so fixated. Like this one thing is the sum of who Josh is. He also held our tiny baby, Ian, in the hospital. He moved in to our house to be with the boys when you were missing. I mean, when we're together as a family, he sang to our boys. He watched hockey with you. He called Bianca to make sure that Miranda liked preschool. He's our family, Zach, family.

Zach: When he moved in, he was already stealing from us, stealing what he thought he was owed. In offshore accounts -- he was lying, lie after lie after lie.

Kendall: So what? So what? Hannah went after me with a gun. She took a shot at me. She tried to kill the mother of your child. And what do you do? You try to save her life, not ruin it. But my brother --

Zach: Yeah, he was there. He was there for Spike and Ian. He was there when Ian was about a pound, and he held him in the hospital and -- and no one else would even look at him. He kept my boy alive, and that's when I knew that he was my brother, too. But this, Kendall -- this is not nothing. This is not nothing.

Kendall: Oh, my God. Of course, you won't forgive him. Josh didn't just steal from you. He broke your heart.

Richie: Turn on the TV for me, would you, sis?

Annie: Go to hell.

Richie: Too late. Oh, come on, I'm serious. We can maybe, like, find a cool way to off the Greenster if we watch one of those police procedurals on TV. I mean, you're sure as hell not going to beat her brains in with a lug wrench like you did me, because that would show an embarrassing lack of creativity, not to mention an icky-wicky mess.

Annie: Just shut up and let me think.

Richie: Hmm, how about poison? I mean, it's a classic. [British accent] I say, Holmes, this woman's decaf mocha, triple-cap latte has the distinct odor of bitter almonds.

Annie: No, too risky. Plus, someone else could get poisoned by mistake.

Richie: [Normal voice] Yeah, not to mention, these cops are quite clever at tracing these things back to who did them. Maybe you should get a pro.

Annie: No, no, even worse. No one else can be involved. I have to do this by myself.

Richie: Hmm, how about electrocution? You break in while she's in the bubble bath, you throw in this live toaster, and she's all --

Annie: No. I know what I have to do.

Zach: I just sent you a file. Distribute it to all VPs. Thank you.

Kendall: You did this because Josh let you down. You think he wasn't loyal enough, he didn't love you enough.

Zach: Don't analyze me.

Kendall: He made a mistake, ok? He made a huge mistake. Haven't you? Haven't I? We're family, Zach. We forgive each other.

Zach: Yeah? I don't. I don't give second chances. I'm sorry. I'm not a Kane.

Kendall: Are you kidding me? You're kidding me. This is a Kane thing now? Fine. Ok, hell, yeah, we forgive each other. Bianca, Mom, and I -- we've all gotten past some horrible things. I have done some hateful things to people that I love, because I was angry or hurt or just cruel. We, you and I, have forgiven Greenlee for taking Spike and almost killing him. We've forgiven Ryan for wanting to sacrifice our child when I was in that coma. My God, you can forgive them for -- for things that have to do with our children but not about money? Something as stupid as money?

Zach: This is not about money.

Kendall: I brought my mother's rapist back to Pine Valley. Babe lied to Bianca, but we forgive, and we move on.

Zach: It's a little different.

Kendall: How? Why? Make me understand.

Zach: You don't want to understand. You just want what you want, as usual.

Kendall: Well, what do you want?

Zach: I want to protect my family and my business.

Kendall: Ok, fine, protect it. But not by ruining Josh's life.

Zach: Go home.

Kendall: No, don't talk to me like that. Don't disregard what I think or what I want. I'm your wife.

Zach: I heard you! But the decision is mine.

Kendall: Oh. Ok, that's it? So, boom, it's over? I'm here, Zach. I'm right here. Please, help me understand. Talk to me.

Zach: You don't want me to talk to you. You want me to agree with you. Well, you got to accept that that's not going to happen. Your brother stole from me. He created this mess. I have no choice but to clean it up.

Kendall: Zach, I'm telling you, no!

Zach: It's done!

[Kendall walks out, slamming the door]

Josh: Erica, he is flipping out right now, ok? Who knows how bad this thing can get? It's not a good idea for you to be messing with him.

Erica: No, no, no, this is a misunderstanding. Once I speak to Zach, we can straighten this whole mess out, and we can be rational again.

Josh: No, look, this is my problem, ok? I'll deal with it. You two have already dealt with a lot of bad stuff.

Erica: Yes, we did. And that is marvelous. We'll do it for you.

Josh: Look, it's time for me to move on anyway. I've never spent this long in one place, one job.

Erica: Josh, Pine Valley is your home now.

Josh: Yeah, but with me out of the way, maybe he'll calm down. Maybe -- maybe he'll listen to reason. But for right now -- for right now I just need to borrow a little bit of money.

Erica: To do what? To go where? Tell me.

Josh: It's better if you don't know.

Erica: That's why you came here to me -- to get money for your escape?

Josh: Erica, Zach had my accounts frozen. My pockets are empty. I'm scared as hell of that guy. Look, I could be wrong. Maybe you might be able to get through to him, but for right now, I just need to be gone.

Erica: No, not a dime. We have barely begun to scratch the surface of our relationship. The thought of losing you now, I --

Josh: Erica, listen to me. You are my mother. It has taken us a hell of a lot to get to this point. But me leaving right now is not going to change that.

Erica: Josh, I need you here now. Seeing you, seeing the man you've become -- there is so much more we have to say to each other. I -- I just can't let you leave now. You can't leave now. We'll make Zach understand.

Josh: Erica, Zach doesn't want to talk. He wants to hand me a white satin ribbon like his dear old dad gave his victims.

Erica: No, don't even think that.

Josh: Erica, he runs casinos. Do you think he got there by playing nice?

Erica: But your sister did not marry a killer. Don't you open the door. Don't answer the phone. I'll be right back.

[Josh grunts in exasperation, then tries to get into the safe]

Annie: Greenlee has a lot of valuables at her place -- jewelry, art. I'll stage a break-in, steal some stuff. Greenlee will die when she stumbles in on the intruder.

Richie: Yeah, maybe, but you still have a lot of holes to fill in. I mean, for instance, there is Mr. Special Ops who's living with her now, and I know -- I just don't see you overpowering the both of them, uh-uh.

Annie: I'll just make sure that she's alone that night.

Richie: Ok, well, then there's the whole question of an alibi. I don't think Chief Hubbard is going to believe another movie ticket stub.

Annie: I'll just make sure that I'm covered, ok?

Richie: I don't know. Planning a break-in is pretty risky. I mean, what if she has an alarm system, or what if the building manager comes in?

Annie: I'll deal with it. I'll make it the perfect crime. I'm going stir crazy in here.

[Door opens]

Kendall: What the hell are you doing now? What, are you stealing from our mother?

Josh: I already talked to her about it. She understands Zach has lost his freaking mind.

Kendall: Ok, well, then why didn't she hand it to you herself?

Josh: Because she doesn't want me to leave. She's deluded when it comes to your maniac husband -- thinks I can stick around and stay alive. Not possible.

Kendall: All right, ok. Josh, this is a hideous mess, but Zach would never kill you.

Josh: Never -- what? Kendall, the guy who knew that Greg Madden was buried underground alive? What is he not capable of?

Kendall: Ok, listen to me a second. Listen, all right? Well, what was all of that -- that garbage about you being family, you being there for me and the boys? Was that all crap?

Josh: Oh, I'm sorry I can't be there for you, Kendall, when your husband wants to make me fish bait.

Kendall: I defended you to him.

Josh: Oh, you know what? You get a medal, Kendall. You really do, because when I was out there babysitting for your sons, you were out cheating on your husband, but you get a medal for defending me.

Kendall: No, no, don't -- don't you dare -- don't you dare turn this back on me. We opened our arms to you. We -- we took you in. We treated you like family even though you --

Josh: Even though what? What, Kendall? I'm a crime against nature? Go ahead and say it.

Kendall: No, I wasn't going to say that.

Josh: Yeah, you were. Listen, everyone knows that you and Erica took years before you were even civil with each other, and now I'm just supposed to stand here and go, "Rah-rah, Team Slater, Team Kane"? Well, you know, I'll tell you something. You know what my team is? Team Josh, family of one.

Kendall: How long have you hated us?

Josh: I don't hate you, Kendall. I just wanted something for myself -- the guy who shouldn't exist. I just wanted to go someplace where no one knew, so I wouldn't be a freak show.

Kendall: You're not a freak show, Josh. You're my brother. We love you. I mean, didn't you feel it? Has this whole time just been a lie?

Josh: When I first came to Pine Valley, I stopped being a person. I started being Erica's "how is he even possible" son, your brother, Zach's buddy, his right-hand man. I am so sick to death of it. Would you wish that on your worst enemy?

Kendall: Is that what you are now? You're my worst enemy?

Josh: Kendall, either I leave or Zach erases me. That's how it is. And I guess right now it's up to you.

Frankie: Hey. Hey, hey -- hey, easy. What, you going for your piece?

Taylor: You're such an idiot.

Frankie: You going to shoot me?

Taylor: You would bust in on me like that?

Frankie: God, you need to be resting your foot anyway.

Taylor: I'm a fast healer. All soldier, right? Stamina, resilience.

Frankie: Yeah, well, if you keep pushing it, you're going to do more damage.

Taylor: You look like crap.

Frankie: I just got my redeployment orders.

Taylor: You lucky bastard!

Frankie: Ugh.

Taylor: Oh!

Jesse: And could you put in for a unit out by the campus? Yeah. Yeah, I'll be there later. All right, thanks. Dr. Hubbard?

Angie: Chief Hubbard.

Jesse: You mind if I steal the doctor for a second?

Angie: Let me know about that consult. You waited.

Jesse: Well, my wife was upset. I wanted to make sure she was ok, see if she might need a strong shoulder to lean on.

Angie: I hate it, Jesse. The thought of him there, that life. You know, the day in and day out, the danger.

Jesse: I know, I know, I know.

Angie: How is it that I am so afraid, and you're so calm?

Jesse: He gets it from me.

Angie: I didn't mean that.

Jesse: Yeah, you did. But you know what, it's the truth. Come on, baby, he's a soldier. When the orders come in, you've got to comply. That's just the way it works. I'm just -- just sorry I wasn't there for you when the papers came.

Angie: You know, those papers crashed in like a ton of bricks. And he's going. Our son is going to just pack his gear and -- oh, God.

Jesse: Hey, hey, hey.

Angie: Where were you? I called you at the station when the papers came in. I thought you were supposed to be there.

Jesse's voice: Yeah, it's me. Yeah, you're right. We have to meet.

Jesse: Angela, there are things, other things I haven't told you.

Angie: Well, tell me now.

[As Pete throws pebbles up to a window, Annie comes out, removes her robe, and jumps into the pool]

[Phone rings]

Ryan: I'm not in the mood. Don't say life or death unless you mean it.

Zach: So how come you haven't found him yet?

Man: I have six teams out looking. We'll find him, sir.

Zach: Uh-huh. Put some people at my place, Josh's place, Fusion, and Erica's suite at the Yacht Club.

Erica: The Yacht Club is my territory. You go near my suite and the security will just toss you out on your ear.

Zach: Go. Hello, Erica. How can I help you?

Erica: You seem very calm for a man bent on revenge. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised.

Zach: Whatever you think you know --

Erica: About revenge?

Zach: Whatever you think you know about the casino business, Josh did what he did. It's on his head now.

Erica: You really think it's wise to take on your wife's entire family?

Zach: He's not going to hide behind you or Kendall forever. He started this battle, and he will lose.

Erica: Think again.

Josh: Kendall, Zach's thugs are probably on their way over here. We don't have time for this.

[Knock on door]

Ryan: So what's -- what's wrong?

Kendall: A lot. Almost everything.

Josh: Zach has already tried to have Aidan killed in Southern Sudan. I'm next.

Kendall: Shut up.

Ryan: Why? What did you do to Zach?

Josh: Does it matter?

Kendall: Something really bad, so huge that I might not forgive him.

Ryan: Ok, so, why am I here?

Kendall: Because you can't betray family and think that life will just go on.

Josh: What? Are you selling me out?

Kendall: I need you to help Josh disappear.

Taylor: So, where are they going to send you? Don't tell me you got the same unit.

Frankie: Slow down. Damn. I don't know.

Taylor: You are so --

Frankie: I just got my papers, and I had to peel my mom off the ceiling.

Taylor: All right, you can't sweat that. You know civilians don't understand. It's all right.

Frankie: And my dad, he's just amongst the living again. What, I tell him, "See you later, Pops, see you when I see you?"

Taylor: No, your dad is cool. He's a cop. He gets it. He'll have your back here. And I should have your back there. Listen to me, hub. You have to go to my doc. You've got to get him to sign off on me. I could deploy with you. It'd be perfect!

Frankie: Right here. Migraine, right here.

Taylor: I know what you're thinking. Listen, I know, I know. You thought you'd do one tour, and it would be over. It doesn't always work that way.

Frankie: I did my time.

Taylor: Stop making it sound like prison. I hate that.

Frankie: Tour, whatever -- I done it. It's -- it's done, ok? I have a life here, and I can't talk to anyone about it, because all they want to do is fix it for me.

Taylor: So you came to me, because you knew I would kick you in the ass and say, "Get on that plane!"

Frankie: I came to you because you're the only one who was there with me. I'm done, you know? Inside, I'm done. I -- no more guns, no more killing, no more heat, no more dust, no more seeing our guys -- our guys come back with no arms, no legs, no lower intestines. I'm done. I don't want to go back to war.

Angie: Tell them I'll be in later. So, you were ready to tell me something. Where were you when I called?

Jesse: Ok. When I was gone, in the hospital --

Angie: When you had yourself committed?

Jesse: I would see doctors and nurses in their white, and I would imagine you.

Angie: Hey, baby, listen, you don't have to tell the world about your breakdown. You survived all those years. You got yourself help. Sweetheart, I -- I ache for you, but I am proud of you too, proud that you hung on. And I thank God for those doctors and nurses, for anyone who kept you in one piece for the last 20 years. They kept you strong, so you could come back to us.

Jesse: After I told you about that time, I didn't go to the station like I said I would.

Angie: If you need me to help you deal with the memories, I want to. But if you need time, take it. Take it and then come back to me.

[Pete sneezes]

[Annie gasps]

Annie: Who's there?

Pete: It's me, Pete, again. I swear I was not looking at you swimming naked.

Annie: Then how did you know I was swimming naked?

Pete: I -- I mean -- well, I saw you come out, and when you suddenly just took off your robe, I -- I panicked, and I dove in the bushes because, you know, I didn't want you to think I was some kind of sicko or any-- anything. I, uh -- I was -- I was just chilling here -- you know, just hanging out and, you know -- ooh, nice weather. Uh, please don't think I'm some kind of weirdo.

Annie: It's ok. I believe you.

Pete: You do?

Annie: Yeah.

Pete: I mean, yeah, thanks.

Annie: You're probably wishing I was Colby, right?

Pete: No, no, no. Colby's not crazy enough just to get naked and -- no, not that it's crazy, just -- you know, I just -- uh --

Annie: It's ok. It's ok, Pete. I won't tell anybody you're out here, ok?

Annie: So, you really like this Colby, don't you?

Pete: Yeah, I do.

Annie: But she's not really on your wavelength, is she?

Pete: No, no -- yeah, she is. Deep down, I think she is. I mean, she -- she won't admit it, but she's totally in denial. I mean, what girl is going to admit she likes the nerd? I mean, hey, that's me. I'm the guy you call when your computer has a meltdown, not when you want a hot night out. But it's just tough when you want someone, and you know they want you, but they're just resisting it. You know?

Annie: Yeah, I do. Stick with my advice. Whatever you do, do not give up.

Josh: We don't need Ryan in this.

Kendall: Who knows what Zach's men will do to impress him? Now, if you go out there alone, I can't protect you. We need Ryan. Can you do for Josh what Zach once did for you? Can you make him disappear?

Ryan: No.

Josh: Oh, son of a -- you know, you did this on purpose, didn't you, to stall me? His guys are probably on their way over here right now.

Ryan: I can work most of it myself, but I'm going to need somebody with a few more connections, like maybe Tad.

Josh: No. No way, not Tad.

Ryan: Wow. You're asking a lot, aren't you?

Kendall: Ok, then, Aidan. I don't care -- I don't care -- I don't care what he did to your face.

Josh: Hubby finds out, you might be the next one off to the Sudan.

Kendall: You turned on him, on us. If you ever, ever imply that my husband would hurt me --

Josh: What, you'll fit me for concrete shoes? Stand in line.

Kendall: We don't have to save your ass. We can hand you right over to Zach and forget we ever knew you.

Josh: Can you?

Zach: You want some water? We got lime and lemon.

Erica: The topic is my son.

Zach: What about juice or hot chocolate? I'll get Gina to get you some. The topic is done. There's no room for discussion. I'm sorry.

Erica: Who does that work on? Of course, there will be discussion. We are discussing my son, Josh. Leave him alone.

Zach: All right. Josh stole from me, which means he stole from your daughter.

Erica: That is not the point.

Zach: No, it's not the point now, because it's not your company. But when there was New Beginnings and Josh came in as a new producer and wanted you out of the way, I got the point then, right? I got stabbed, remember that?

Erica: Look, that was a mistake. And if you're looking to blame someone, blame me. If you are so hell-bent on punishing someone, here I am.

Zach: Nothing to do with you. My problem's with Josh. He's a big boy. He can handle it.

Erica: Zach. Zach, you and I share a very special bond. We both love Kendall and the boys. That's a bond that is almost impossible to break, but if you go after my son -- if you go after Josh, then it will be broken. You will break it.

Zach: My job is to protect my family.

Erica: Josh is part of your family.

Zach: Uh-uh. He betrayed me. He's not family anymore.

Annie: Sometimes people deny their feelings, because they don't have faith in themselves.

Pete: But how do you convince them?

Annie: You got to give them a little push to make them realize that you're the one that they want.

Pete: Ok. I get the metaphor, but in practice, how do you suggest I push Colby?

Annie: Hmm -- tsk, tsk, tsk. Surprise her, maybe. Let me see these. Wow. You look like a whole new man.

Pete: I wouldn't know. I'm as blind as a bat without them, and contacts just make my eyes look red and scary looking.

Annie: I think you look very, very attractive without them.

Pete: But I'd be risking my life walking around like this.

Annie: When it comes to love, sometimes you have to take that chance. Good night, Pete, and good luck with Colby.

Pete: Thanks.

Gina: Thank you, Mr. Slater.

Zach: Thank you.

Erica: Does she have any idea the kind of man she works for?

Zach: I made Josh my right-hand man. I have some trust issues, so you know that wasn't easy for me.

Erica: And then he stole from you.

Zach: We're agreed on something.

Erica: Look, whether he did or he didn't, that really is irrelevant.

Zach: What? You and Kendall have that same bizarre perspective. I don't even know what that means.

Erica: Do I have to beg you, Zach? Do you respond to threats?

Zach: Why does everybody want to threaten me? What did I do? Kendall's talking about taking the kids, and I hope she's going to reconsider because our family -- that's the most important thing we have. What about you? What's your threat? What you got?

Erica: Love makes concessions, Zach. Love tries to understand.

Zach: What you feel for Josh is not love, it's guilt.

Erica: You have no idea how I feel about Josh.

Zach: You've spent a lot more years without him than with him. I think you'll survive.

Erica: Ok, you've gone too far, Zach. You've gone too far in the past and the repercussions never end. So, who or what is going to get destroyed in the bargain this time, Zach? Your relationship with Kendall?

Zach: All right, that's enough. I'll deal with Josh myself.

Frankie: Stop it. Don't. Just -- just stop.

Taylor: Don't what? Don't what? Tell you that this is the job? That this is why God blessed you with brains and power and common sense so you could be over there saving your brothers' lives?

Frankie: My discharge papers said I was done.

Taylor: What about the guys that are still there? They don't deserve to have you with them? Let me tell you something. This is the job. They give us orders, and we follow them. They tell us, "You're going," and we say, "Yes, sir." Why don't you just suck it up and acknowledge that you have the honor of serving your country?

Frankie: Honor? It's an honor fulfilled. I served my country.

Taylor: Well, now you have the privilege of doing it again.

Frankie: You just make sure you stay off that foot.

Angie: Oh, gosh, I was so angry.

Jesse: Well, you get angry when you're scared. It's what you do. Frankie knows that, and he knows that you love him.

Angie: I am. I'm so scared.

Jesse: Sweetie.

Angie: Jesse, I just want to -- I just want to shout to the Army, to the president, "Leave my son alone."

Jesse: If he goes -- all right, if he goes --

[Angie cries]

Jesse: Look, if he goes, I'll be there with you. All right? This time I'll be there with you. We'll -- we'll watch the moves like hawks. We'll email him, send packages. We'll -- I don't know -- write a big "welcome home" sign when -- when it's all over.

Angie: When he comes home.

Jesse: When he comes home, I'll be there with you.

[Explosions and gunfire]

[Woman screams]

Richie: "When it comes to love, sometimes you just got to take a chance." Pardon me while I blow chunks all over this room. What are you hanging out with that little twit for? You already got the bruises you need. And, luckily for you, you turn black and blue with the softest grip, because Opal's little pansy son -- he couldn't cause any real damage.

Annie: It's all part of the plan. I need to get everything set up right with Ryan; so when Greenlee dies, he'll cry in my arms at her funeral.

Erica: Ryan, Kendall, what are you doing here?

Zach: Where is he?

Kendall: Somewhere where you can't find him.

Erica: He's gone? You just let Josh leave?

Ryan: He's totally, perfectly safe, Erica. You have my word.

Zach: This is not a game.

Ryan: Which is why you won't be able to track him down, Zach.

Zach: You're making a mistake.

Erica: We didn't get to say goodbye.

Ryan: You want restitution for what Josh took from you?

Zach: Yeah, and I'll get it.

Ryan: Yeah, but not from Josh. You'll get it from me.

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