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[Jake laughs]

Amanda: I am. I'm impressed.

Jake: Yeah?

Amanda: Mm-hmm.

Taylor: Ugh, of course. Crap!

Jack: Erica, um, I'm sorry. Now is -- now is -- now's not a good time.

Erica: Well, I haven't been able to get in touch with Carmen. As you know, she was very, very upset last night, and -- and you two ran off, and I was just afraid that maybe she was -- run off somewhere else, because she was very distraught.

Jack: I'm sure she'll call you when she's ready. Good-bye, and I'm going to shut the door.

Carmen: I raided the kitchen. How about a picnic in --

J.R.: In my inner sanctum? What is it? A special occasion?

Babe: I've been here plenty.

J.R.: Oh, really? Under a cover of darkness.

Babe: You know what? We have to be together. I mean, really together before Little Adam sees us share a room together.

J.R.: Yeah. Did I say there was anything wrong with cover of darkness? No. I actually think it's hot.

Babe: Oh, you want hot?

J.R.: Mm-hmm.

Babe: I've got Bella.

J.R.: Role playing? That hooker wig.

Babe: No.

J.R.: Mmm.

Babe: Fusion's newest fragrance named after guess who?

J.R.: Arabella. Sweet.

Babe: It is. It's a much lower price point than Fusion's regular products, and when Bella hits the market, Fusion is going to explode.

J.R.: No. Go back and start over.

Adam: What are you supposed to be?

Pete: Protection is key.

Adam: Huh. Do you have the ingredient already?

Pete: Do cows have udders? In this, I have the beauty I call "Blast," the chemical additive that will tank Fusion and blow your mind.

Ryan: You had to know that we would find about Richie eventually.

Greenlee: You gave Ryan a reason to admit he loves me, wants me, only me.

Ryan: Emma will be fine with us, and when the new baby comes --

Greenlee: We'll take that one, too. Toodles.

Annie: But --

Ryan: It's over, Annie. You lose.

[Annie gasps after she swings a lug wrench at Greenlee]

Annie: Ryan? Ryan?

Ryan: Look, you want a beer, I got some in the cooler.

[Ryan grunts as Aidan decks him]

Ryan: What -- what the -- what the hell was that?

Aidan: That's for messing with my wife's head.

Ryan: What are you talking --

Aidan: You're in love with her, Ryan, and I'm here to fix that. I'm here to beat it out of you. 

[Ryan sighs]

Ryan: I'm not going to fight you, Aidan.

Aidan: Oh, you playing noble now, huh? You used to like a good fight.

Ryan: Yeah, I did, I did. I'm trying really hard not to be that guy anymore.

Aidan: No, you're just the guy who's been after my wife. You messed with her head for months, and now you want her back.

Ryan: My wife is right upstairs, Aidan.

Aidan: Yeah? And you're down here with me, Ryan. You don't give a toss about your wife.

[Ryan grunts as Aidan punches him again]

[Ryan breathes heavily]

Ryan: I made a promise to Annie, Aidan, and I intend to keep it.

[Ryan grunts]

[Phone vibrates]

Aidan: You're never satisfied, are you, Ryan? First, you break Greenlee's heart.

Annie: Ryan, where are you?

Aidan: You send her over the edge. And you make her do things that she hates herself for. And now she's happy, with me. And you want her back.

Ryan: I'm happy that she has you, Aidan. Greenlee knows that.

Aidan: No, she knows that you're suddenly in love with her again. But what now? What are you going to do? Leave your wife and your kids? What did you expect? You expect Greenlee to drop me and go back out with you again?

Ryan: Would you just stop? Stop! Just listen to me, please, for a second. I don't want Greenlee! I don't want her!

Aidan: What do you -- what do you take me for, huh?

[Annie gasps]

Richie: Did you miss me?

Annie: Go away. I don't want you here.

Richie: I thought Lancelot was going to look after you and the superhero fetus. But, alas, here you are, alone. Alone with the phone. And he's off with Greenlee, his lost love.

Annie: No, he's not. He -- Ryan wouldn't do that.

Richie: Shows how much he cares about you and Junior. How's that humiliation? Is it cold and frosty? Take a big swig.

Annie: Go back to hell!

Adam: Will your "Blast" work?

Pete: I told you. It'll tank Fusion, so you can take it over.

Adam: I never said a word about takeover.

Pete: Come on. My dad's done this trick before. A little corporate sabotage, wait 'till the lawsuits hit, and then step in and play savior.

Opal: Peter Cortlandt. Didn't I ever teach you never to open the door when Satan comes calling?

Pete: He just came to see --

Adam: If your son would leave my daughter alone.

Opal: Oh, yeah, Palmer gave me an earful about that smooch our Casanova laid on Colby.

Adam: It was an assault.

Opal: Oh, stuff a soggy sock in it, Adam. I wish to heaven we still had the Dobermans.

Adam: Your son and I need to talk alone, man to man.

Opal: Man to snake, you mean. There is no way in heaven I'm leaving my boy alone with the likes of you.

Pete: Mom, you're impugning my manly dignity. You want me to look like a mama's boy?

Opal: Oh, oh, I'm sorry, my sugarplum. No, you are my full grown, man boy.

Adam: I may be ill.

Opal: I won't be far, Adam. You keep that in mind.

Pete: Thanks. Take a seat, Adam. Ahem.

Opal: All right. You holler, I'll be here.

Pete: Thanks.

Adam: Move it.

Babe: Bella is going to bring in a lot of money. Why would we ditch the idea?

J.R.: Because no one should link their personal name to a low price point. Hey, burger flipper, want you to wear my name, along with that hat.

Babe: You're such a snob. You're just as bad as your father, who came out of the coal mines, mind you.

J.R.: Ugh.

Babe: Look, work is work, ok? People who take pride in their work and their appearance, they deserve to feel good about themselves, too. Why -- why shouldn't women who shop discount and bargain stores feel beautiful, smell wonderful, be -- be sexy for their lovers?

J.R.: Lovers? I thought we were talking about working.

Babe: We are. We're talking about work and lovers, friends, family, coworkers, kids, everything that a woman deals with day in and day out. Look, if -- if Fusion can help, if I can help, if I can make it a little bit easier or -- or better or more awesome, then that is what I intend to do. There -- there are enough TV shows and magazines out there that are saying that women aren't worth squat unless they are rich, famous, stick thin, and carry a designer purse, but Bella is there to say, "Hell, yes. You deserve the best." And that is what I'm going to bring them.

[Door closes]

Erica: Carmen, I'm so glad that you're all right. I was so worried about you.

Carmen: I didn't mean for you to worry.

Erica: All night long, that's all I could think about. I was so worried that maybe you would run off somewhere and maybe jeopardize your trial.

Jack: Oh, you don't have to worry about that. Carmen is absolutely committed to her freedom.

Erica: Huh, yeah, I know she is. I'm so glad you didn't do anything to jeopardize your trial. You know very well how important your freedom has been to me and your happiness.

Carmen: I'm great. Fine. Ok, I'm just ok. I'll be right back.

Greenlee: Dad? Oh, you. Carmen? Is that your shirt?

Jack: Greenlee --

Greenlee: It is your shirt.

Carmen: Excuse me.

Greenlee: How are you feeling there, Erica? Woke up in your own worst nightmare?

Erica: Actually, I happen to have run into your dad and Carmen last night, and so I already knew that they were getting closer.

Greenlee: Closer is right.

Jack: Now is not the time for this conversation.

Greenlee: No, you're right, but what we do need to do is this. Erica, Dad has finally acknowledged that you two are over and moved on. Now, it's your turn.

[Greenlee smugly holds the door open for Erica]

Aidan: Admit it, go on.

Ryan: Get out of my face, Aidan. Please, just get out of my face.

Aidan: Now is truth time. I want to hear the truth, come on.

Ryan: Leave it alone, ok? Just walk away and leave it alone right now. Leave it alone.

Aidan: I want to hear you say it.

Ryan: Leave it alone.

Aidan: I want to hear you say it.

Ryan: Leave it alone.

Aidan: I want to hear you say it out of your mouth, come on.

Ryan: Fine! I love Greenlee! There, I said it!

Taylor: Nope, fine.

Jake: Really? Well, you've twisted the ankle, and this is the same leg as the plantar fasciitis. That's good. You keep -- you keep focusing on this leg.

Amanda: You have warts?

Jake: No, love, no. Never mind, no.

Taylor: Really, it's fine.

Amanda: Well, you're missing out. He has magic hands, too bad.

Jake: True what she says. They're magic. Once tried to have them insured, too valuable.

Taylor: That's why I'm here, to see the magic hands. I'm in awe.

Amanda: Well, the magic really comes out at night or in the morning or anytime actually.

[Jake chuckles]

Jake: We need to get the ankle taped up, so look. Can we get you back to your apartment?

[Tea kettle whistling]

Taylor: Not the apartment.

Jake: Ok, sure.

Taylor: I don't need help.

Jake: Ok, all right.

Amanda: If you say so. Hey, what do you say? Two out of three, make it interesting with a bet?

Jake: Ok. You sure I just can't help you? Come on.

[Taylor gasps]

Jake: Tough guy.

Taylor: Just not the apartment.

Jake: All right, not the apartment. Not the apartment. Can we -- can we go?

Amanda: Yes.

Jake: Let's just -- just get under there. Just one step at a time.

Erica: Well, marriage has certainly done nothing for your personality.

Greenlee: Hmm, you're a jealous wreck, and you can't stand to have a witness.

Jack: Listen, I want the two of you to take this outside and leave me in peace, huh?

Greenlee: Sure, sure, and I'll let you get back to Carmen. You listen to me. You jerked my dad around for the last 20 years. He visits you in prison, holds your hand, stays by your side. Then when you get out, who do you run to? The slick politician with the spray-on smile. I always knew you had no sense, but, boy, did you prove it all over again. You got out of prison, but my dad's the one who's free. Leave him alone.

Jack: Greenlee, you're done.

Greenlee: Don't ruin this for him.

Jack: You're done --

Greenlee: Now, I'm done.

Erica: You're done.

Greenlee: I'm leaving. I'm really happy for you.

Erica: I have no intention of trying to ruin things for you and Carmen, if you want Carmen. Do you, Jack?

Jack: Why do you keep asking me that question? You know the answer.

Aidan: Finally, the truth comes out. You love Greenlee.

Ryan: Yes, Aidan, for the same reasons that you do, all right? But you are married to her. She's your wife. I have a family, and that's not about to change, ok?

Aidan: You're wrong.

Jake: You don't --

Aidan: You just show up at our wedding out of the blue. Do you really expect Greenlee to drop me for you, huh?

Ryan: Greenlee -- Greenlee wouldn't do that, Aidan.

Aidan: And you're damn right she wouldn't.

[Ryan grunts]

[Aidan groans]

[Ryan sighs]

Ryan: What -- what's the matter with you? Are you not very smart or something? You think that Greenlee doesn't love you, Aidan? Come on, man. She's not interested in me at all, all right? You know how I know that? Because of the way that she looks at you, the way -- the way she looked at you when you got married to her, every time she holds you, every single time.

Aidan: What, do you look at us? You -- you watch us now? Is that it?

Ryan: I was with her in the bathroom when she dropped her wedding ring in the toilet. Remember that? She asked -- she asked me for my help because she didn't want to ruin her memories, all right? That's how much she loves you.

Aidan: And what, you tried to talk her out of it, did you?

Ryan: No, I didn't. I didn't try and talk -- I wouldn't do that, Aidan. I wouldn't. But even if I did, even if I tried, I couldn't, ok? I couldn't possibly make her love me again, even if there was the slightest chance.

Aidan: Yeah, well, there's not, Ryan. There's no chance.

Erica: You know, I'm sorry, but I have an appointment.

Jack: Erica, stop. For years, it was you. To be totally honest, it was never, ever anybody else. But we could never make it work. Not for very long.

Erica: All that love and still --

Jack: We failed. We failed. I love you, Erica. And I know you care about me. All those feelings and all those years, they don't just go away. The obvious irony of all this is that you were the one that showed me what an incredible woman Carmen is. Beautiful, funny, smart, grabs every moment like it's her last. And I can't regret being with her, because she is so special, but Erica, listen --

Carmen: Please, stop. I think Erica gets it.

Jack: Excuse me.

[Erica sniffles then sighs]

Erica: I shouldn't have come. Ahem.

Carmen: Uh, maybe I shouldn't have come. Maybe when you said it was ok to date Jack, maybe you thought it was ok, but really, it wasn't. I love you, Erica. You're like a sister. If you tell me "no more Jack," then I'll never see him again.

Babe: Explain to me why normal women don't deserve anything fabulous, but the women who already get everything, they -- they get all the good stuff.

J.R.: All right, stop. You sold me.

Babe: Really, really? Please, do not humor me, J.R.

J.R.: Hell no. I want a case. And I'm a guy. No, seriously. Can you get me a case of that stuff?

Babe: Mm-hmm.

J.R.: How about you give it a test drive? Put Bella on. Give me a whiff.

Babe: Ok.

J.R.: Oh, man. That is just evil.

Pete: Where's my payment?

Adam: Forgive me, I don't have my daughter crammed in my back pocket, and I wouldn't hand her over to you if I did.

Pete: Colby and I will hang. She'll see past my nerd factor and realize I'm Clark Kent, and you won't hassle her, bad mouth me, or get in the way. That's the deal.

Adam: If you can keep her in the same room with you, you have my blessing. And if that product works.

Pete: Part of R&D is testing. We have to test it first.

Opal: Petey -- [Burps] Oh, pardon me. I'm so sorry. Is there some kind of a weird bug going around? All of a sudden, I -- I got the itches and a belly ache.

Pete: Well, what did you ingest today? Eat, drink.

Opal: Just my morning coffee and, well, with the milk, of course.

Taylor: Wow. Mild-mannered doctor by day and weird, cabin-loner guy at night.

Jake: Now, who's fault is that? You got the apartment, right? I'm sure there's a little crease ironed into the cushion pillows by now, and the ketchup and the mustard is standing at attention. Elevate this.

Taylor: Yeah, that apartment is not all it's cracked up to be.

Jake: Why, what's the problem?

Taylor: Well, for one thing --

Richie: Ring around the rosie pockets full of posies ashes, ashes, we all fall down that's right, sis. Breathe deep. Calm down. You can't hurt baby. Baby's Ryan's. Baby is why Ryan's still here. Baby's why Ryan still cares.

Annie: He loves me. Deep down, I know he does.

Richie: No, he doesn't, sis. He doesn't love you. You're a liar and a killer, and you're just not Greenlee.

Annie: I need him.

Richie: Oh, he knows you need him. You just don't stop. And you're chasing him away. And, Annie, one more little push, and he won't look back. Greenlee doesn't chase him. Greenlee married another man. And Ryan, oh, he loves Greenlee. That's what he wants.

Annie: He wants me.

Greenlee: Oh, my God.

Annie: Oh, my God.

Carmen: It's beautiful.

Erica: Yeah, it's from South Carolina, where Jack was born.

Carmen: I never should've said yes to dinner. I never should've come.

Erica: Of course, you should've said yes to dinner. If you and Jack enjoy each other's company -- so many words. If you like Jack, you should see him.

Carmen: You mean that? Deep down, all the way?

Erica: Yes, I do.

Carmen: He's out of my league. A lawyer.

Erica: I told you in prison, Carmen, no one is out of your league. Jack is a wonderful man. He's very kind. And he's honest. He doesn't hide behind lies or excuses. He acts on his feelings and his thoughts, so if he says he wants to see you, he does.

Jack: Sorry about all this.

Erica: It's fine. Oh.

Jack: Listen, we're going to go get some breakfast, so if you'll excuse us.

Erica: Oh.

Carmen: You can come with us. Not the Yacht Club. I promise.

Erica: Thank you, but no. I have other engagements I'm juggling at the moment. I was worried about you, but I'm not anymore. Not at all.

Jack: Erica, thank you. Thank you.

Erica: I really have other plans.

Jack: I mean, thank you for the nice things you said to Carmen about me. Listen, I, uh, I said some things at the Yacht Club.

Erica: Yeah. You accused me of not being a good friend to Carmen.

Jack: I was wrong. I'm sorry.

Erica: You enjoy the rest of your day.

Amanda: Well, sorry. Awkward.

Taylor: Sure, when did you start wearing women's underwear?

Jake: Well, my brother was the macho one. I guess I just didn't get enough attention.

Taylor: Well, pink is not your color.

Jake: Thank you.

Taylor: Is there anything else I should know, you know, for gift-giving time?

Jake: Right.

Taylor: Push-up, lace?

[Taylor chuckles]

Jake: Well, my panties aren't under there, are they?

Taylor: Oh, oh --

Jake: I'm kidding.

Babe: You moaned. You put your face to my neck, and you moaned. Please, do no tell me that it was just perfume.

J.R.: Ok, first of all, it's sort of like springtime air at night, you know, when you leave the windows open. It's very fresh. It's very innocent. And then there's something sharp, playful, a good time. And then underneath that, once all the other scents have faded, it's very rich. Sexy. Bella.

Opal: My lord, babe, I'm going to float away. That's the fourth glass. Well, that is if I don't itch myself raw first.

Pete: Go take an oatmeal bath, and next time sniff the milk.

Opal: Oh. All right, I will. Oh. Oh.

Pete: Who drinks milk next to a Chemistry lab?

Adam: You may have just committed matricide. But then who would blame you?

Pete: Watch it. She's my mother.

Adam: Oh, yeah.

Pete: Thank God she didn't drink the whole thing. You know, the acids in her stomach did more damage to Blast than it did to her. It's a topical application.

Adam: I want a vat of that stuff. I'm going to set up a lab far away from your mother's sticky fingers.

Pete: We need to test it on the fragrance first, test it on something other than the coffee and see just how much of it will do the trick.

Opal: Petey, did you swipe my Epson salts for one or your experiments?

Adam: Go tend to your beloved mother. I'll take care of the rest.

Opal: Petey?

Pete: Coming, Mother.

[Adam pours the potion into a tube and takes it]

Aidan: Well, did you expect me to do?

Greenlee: I don't now. I love you. What Ryan feels doesn't matter.

Ryan: I was just, uh, it was just a -- a misunderstanding. I -- we're -- we're both completely fine --

Annie: Who -- who is "both"? Who are you talking about?

Ryan: Aidan. He -- he's totally calmed down. How are you? How's the baby?

Annie: Aidan? Aidan came after you because of Greenlee.

Ryan: Did you get some sleep? Do you need anything? Can I get you something?

Annie: Because he knows -- he knows that you still love her.

Ryan: Annie, like I said, it was -- it was a complete misunderstanding, ok? I'm married to you. We're committed to each other. The rest doesn't involve us.

Annie: Of course, it involves us. You love Greenlee. I deserve to know for how long.

Ryan: Annie --

Annie: It's not just going to go away, Ryan. Just because we don't talk about it doesn't mean that it doesn't exist.

Ryan: Ok, look, you know what? You need some rest. Let me get you something. You want me to get you something to eat?

Annie: I'm well rested, and the baby is fine. I am calm. I am sitting here. My voice is low. You can check my damn pulse, if you want to. I need to know.

Ryan: When I got my memory back.

Annie: The whole time?

Ryan: Yes.

Annie: On the water. With Greenlee. You got it back, and you realized --

Ryan: That I'm in love with her.

Annie: Thank you for telling me the truth. Does Greenlee know?

Ryan: Yes.

Annie: But you didn't want her to know? The words just came flying out when you were locked in the bathroom.

Ryan: She didn't hear it from me, Annie. Look. Honestly, this -- this really doesn't have to change anything at all, ok? I -- I am -- I am completely committed to you.

Annie: Do not say that word to me again, Ryan. It makes my skin crawl. "Committed" is being locked up with no way out. That's what this marriage is to you, a trap. A cage.

Ryan: Annie, we can fix this, ok? We can fix this. I am -- I am here, and I'm not going anywhere.

Annie: Really? You're really not, are you? With all of this out in the open, you still don't plan to leave?

Ryan: I was ready to renew our vows. I mean, we're still a family.

Annie: You would have stood in front of a minister and said, "love, honor, and cherish"?

Ryan: Yes.

[Annie scoffs]

Ryan: Annie, I said I'm not going anywhere. Can you -- can you please put that --

Annie: You would say those words knowing that they were a lie? Do you know how sick that makes me?

Ryan: You can't leave, Annie.

Annie: One of us has got to do the right thing, Ryan.

Ryan: Ok, look, we can go to a marriage counselor, all right? We can -- we can sleep in separate bedrooms. Whatever. And that is fine, but, Annie, you're pregnant, ok? Running is not the answer here.

Annie: I will not raise Emma in the middle of all this mess.

Ryan: So it's -- just like that, you're going to take her from her home, Annie?

Annie: Emma and I will deal with this together. And you, I'm sure, have plenty of friends to lean on. I can hear Kendall clapping already, and, oh, Greenlee. How flattered she'll be.

Ryan: In two seconds, you're going to make this decision for everybody. That's not how it works.

Annie: You are married to me but in love with Greenlee. That is exactly how this works, Ryan.

Taylor: I should've known better.

Jake: You do know better. You're not supposed to be jogging on the ankle, but it's not your fault that you have a staircase to contend with at your apartment building.

Taylor: Yeah, that apartment. I'm not sure that's going to work out.

Amanda: What? That place is adorable.

Taylor: I know, um, it's just the price. I can't afford it. I didn't factor in the utilities and all that stuff, you know? But this place is great.

Jake: Thank you.

Amanda: The yacht? I mean, there's plenty of room, and you could move in. You could kick in for some utilities, maybe some rent.

Taylor: Are you serious?

Amanda: Yeah, yeah. I mean, I'd love the company. Well, other company.

Jake: Hmm. Yeah, I've heard of worse -- worse things than a yacht.

Taylor: It's great. It -- thank you. That's really nice.

Amanda: Yeah, all right, so I will meet up with you later at the yacht cabin, and, uh, I have, right now, I have some party planning at Fusion, so don't have too much fun without me. Bye.

Jake: Bye.

Amanda: Bye, roomie.

Taylor: Bye, roomie.

Jake: Oh, my God.

Taylor: What?

Jake: I give it two days. Just --

Taylor: Why?

Jake: Because, you know, apples, oranges. You're Army, she's --

Taylor: Nice. She's nice.

Jake: She is nice. And she's spontaneous, a free spirit. She only cares about what feels right or good, you know? There's no debating, no analysis, no rules. She's not big on rules. Or clothing. Sorry, that was too much information.

Taylor: No, it's ok.

Jake: I -- my inner monolog.

Taylor: It's fine. I'm used to it. I'm usually the only girl with a bunch of guys. Kind of makes me feel like I'm back with my men. Kind of. I cannot get back there soon enough. Where I belong.

Waiter: Sparkling water with lime.

Erica: Thank you.

Naughty Erica: He thinks you're alone. You, Erica Kane, alone. No companion. No man. I bet he's about to call the paparazzi. Who the hell does Jackson think he is?

Good Erica: It was a wonderful, generous thing you did for Jackson and Carmen. You should be proud.

Naughty Erica: That was all an act, you simp. Erica wasn't about to let Jackson and Carmen see the blood that they drew.

Good Erica: But Carmen is your friend, and she looked so happy.

Naughty Erica: Friend? What kind of a friend betrays you like that? You send your former cellmate back to prison.

Good Erica: But you gave Carmen permission to see Jack. She asked you before they went on their first date.

Naughty Erica: Oh, your damn halo is on too tight again. It's stopped your brain from working. Carmen is not your friend. Carmen is nothing but a two-faced phony. You got her her freedom, and what did she do to repay you? She went right after Jack.

Good Erica: Stop it. Erica has grown. Matured. And Samuel is a very attractive man.

Naughty Erica: This has nothing to do with Samuel. Jack brought your so-called friend into your bed. You teach him a lesson that he will never forget.

Good Erica: But you still love Jack.

Erica: At this particular moment, I'm not so sure how I feel. Let's teach them both a lesson.

Naughty Erica: That's my girl. Erica: Something devilish that Jack and Carmen won't see coming until it's too late.

Good Erica: In time, Jack will realize his mistake. He always does. And he always comes back to you.

Naughty Erica: Invite Jack over for some legal nonsense, spritz the bed with Enchantment perfume, and open the door in that new negligee he hasn't seen yet. And lead him on.

Adam: Are you in a hurry, Erica? I hope not to see Jackson. Because, uh, that, uh, useless housekeeper you inflicted on me has taken time off to spend it with Jackson. Basically, it's -- it's just you and me now, Erica.

Erica: There is no you and me, Adam. And if you don't leave me alone, I'm -- I will sic security on you.

Adam: Are you -- are you going to go see Jack? You're going to let him steal your dignity? Reduce you to -- to -- to -- to begging?

Erica: No, damn you. I beg for no one.

[Erica yelps]

Adam: Hmm. I bid you farewell until, uh, till we meet again.

Erica: Don't you ever put your lips on me again. You put your lips on me, I'm going to rip them off your face, and I'm going to feed them to a piranha.

Adam: Oh, my.

Jake: So all the boys talk to you about their love problems.

Taylor: Yeah, love problems and, you know, their sex lives, their partying, their gambling, their bitching and moaning, all of it, sure.

Jake: You talk to them?

Taylor: No, I'm a Sphinx. Of course, I talk to them.

Jake: I'm talking about do you talk to them about your love problems, your love life?

Taylor: Well, you know what? We know when to stop talking. Thanks for the wrap, doc.

Jake: You want a ride? You really shouldn't be walking on the ankle.

Taylor: Leave it alone.

Jake: Leave it alone.

J.R.: Bella could be just the answer you're looking for.

Babe: To me running Fusion. You know, I didn't think about that.

J.R.: Yeah. Well, you would get industry attention, and then Greenlee and Kendall would have to acknowledge it.

Babe: And maybe I could move up from within. You know, no sneaky plans. I would much rather do it that way.

J.R.: But there is one downside to releasing that to the public.

Babe: What?

J.R.: We'd never get any work done, stock market would crash, and then we'd want to breed like rabbits. Oh, yeah, I think we should probably keep this one to ourselves, you know, for the good of the public.

Babe: It's my patriotic duty?

J.R.: Oh, yeah.

[J.R. laughs]

[Babe squeals and giggles]

Greenlee: Mmm. Everything I have is because of you.

Annie: Let her have one more night before her world falls apart.

Ryan: Can I -- can I --

Annie: This is hard enough. Don't make it worse.

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