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All My Children Transcript Friday 8/22/08


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Aidan: Come on, baby, come on, baby. All the way. All the way, you can do it. Come on, you can do it.

Greenlee: 10. Yes, I did it.

Aidan: I only helped you out on that last one.

Greenlee: I didn't need it.

Aidan: Ok, maybe I, uh, helped you out on the last six reps. I just wanted to give you some self-confidence, you know?

[Greenlee scoffs]

Aidan: What's that look for? Come on, don't be like that.

Greenlee: You don't understand me at all, do you?

Aidan: Greenlee, come on. I'm sorry.

Greenlee: Psych.

Aidan: Ow. What are you trying to do? That's it, come here.

Greenlee: No, no.

Aidan: I'm going to get you.

Greenlee: No!

Kendall: George.

George: Yes, Mrs. Slater?

Kendall: You seem like you would know one key from the other. Do you have any idea what this one might be for?

George: Hmm. Fairly small lock of some kind. Oh, this number, C109.

Kendall: Mm-hmm.

George: Any idea what it's for?

Kendall: No, no, it's just a copy I made. The original had that number stamped on it.

George: Just a sec. Oh, the original look like this? The stamped letter and numbers, I mean.

Kendall: Yes, yes, exactly. So, where does the key go to?

George: My post office box. I'll bet that's what it's for.

Kendall: I love you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

J.R.: Mm. That's what I'm talking about.

Babe: Talking? I don't remember too much talking going on.

J.R.: I'm talking about you. Not holding back, taking what you want. I mean, I just came over here to make you smile, give you your first movie night in this place. The next thing I know, buttons are flying off.

Babe: You did make me smile. What, are you complaining or something?

J.R.: No, hell no. It's what made me fall for you way back then. You're like the surprise dip on a roller coaster.

Babe: Oh, really? What else?

J.R.: Well, you take charge, and you grab life, and you make everyone else want to grab it, too, and it's exactly what you need for running Fusion.

Babe: J.R., we talked about this, ok? I haven't made a decision yet.

J.R.: You're right. I shouldn't have brought it up, especially now. I mean, especially right now.

Adam: J.R.

J.R.: Oh.

Babe: Adam.

Adam: Oh, uh, I thought you two were keeping separate bedrooms for good reason.

J.R.: Dad.

Adam: Well, it's all right. This won't take long. I've had a brainstorm, son. You and I have to talk.

J.R.: Dad, what the hell are you doing?

Adam: Could you just give us a minute?

Babe: No, but I'll be happy to give you this.

J.R.: Whoa, whoa, wait. As you can tell, we're a little bit busy right now, so there's the door!

Adam: This is important.

J.R.: All right, go ahead.

Adam: No, all right. You finish up, and then come see me. And remember what we were talking about before. And consider the environmental angle. That could be the backdoor we're both looking for.

J.R.: Out! Come on!

Adam: Ok. Um, yeah.

Babe: God.

J.R.: Remind me to start locking that door.

Babe: Oh, no, no, he would just sneak through the tunnels and pop out, you know, in the walls somewhere. Anyway, what is he babbling about?

J.R.: Oh, nothing I want to think about right now.

Randi: You still haven't told me. Who told you about Sherrie? How do you know about her?

Frankie: Fletcher. The time that I went to go see him, before I beat him up. I just remember him saying something about Sherrie.

Randi: He killed her.

Frankie: How do you know that?

Randi: I just do. All the girls did.

Frankie: What happened?

Randi: Fletcher had just upped his cut of the profits. She wanted out. He used her as an example for all of us.

Frankie: And what about the police? Did they do anything?

Randi: No. They said it was an accidental overdose and closed the case. Just another dead hooker strung out on meth.

Frankie: And you're sure it's Fletcher who --

Randi: She was my best friend, Frankie. She didn't do drugs. She used to make me hold her hand when we'd get blood tested. She hated needles. When they found her, she still had tracks on both of her arms and marks all over her wrists from being tied up. To explain that, Fletcher had one of his girls say that she was into this rough bondage stuff, but that was a lie, too. Somehow, I got lucky. Fletcher just let me go.

Frankie: Yeah.

Randi: But you didn't ask me to meet you here just to talk about that, did you?

Frankie: No. No, I didn't. I, uh, just --

Randi: Frankie, your dad just walked in.

Frankie: I know. I asked him here, so it was just --

Randi: What's going on?

Jesse: Hello again. You said it's urgent? Everything ok? What's the matter?

Ryan: You guys are having way too much fun working out.

Greenlee: Yeah, and I almost broke my neck. Thanks for the catch.

Ryan: Yeah, no problem. Glad I could be there for you. So, you guys finishing up? What's going on?

Aidan: Actually, we, um, we just started.

Ryan: Ah.

Aidan: So if, you know, want to join us --

Ryan: Yeah, sure, I'll work out. Absolutely.

Greenlee: That's my cue to sit and watch the testosterone fly.

Ryan: Why, you didn't come here to work out?

Greenlee: Yeah, I've already done my reps for the day.

Aidan: She broke her own personal record, didn't you, baby?

Greenlee: Yeah, right, with a little excessive help from my hubby.

Aidan: You ready?

Ryan: Yes, absolutely. I am ready. I'm just going to do about 400.

Greenlee: Hey, guys, I'll be right back. Good luck with that.

Ryan: Ok, sure.

Greenlee: What's up?

Kendall: This is.

Greenlee: You're still on Annie? Why are you obsessing like this? She left Fusion. She quit. Let it go.

Kendall: No, she's hiding something. I think maybe that's why she left, because she knows that I'm on to her.

Greenlee: You know, you really need to get a hobby, because you have way too much spare time on your hands. When are you going to let go of Annie and this stupid key thing?

Kendall: When you and I find out which post office box this key fits.

Babe: Ok, I am really hungry now.

J.R.: For food or for some more?

Babe: Well, I could definitely go for round three if you can.

J.R.: How about we go get some nourishment, and then we come back and resume play?

Babe: Sounds like a plan. But you know Adam's going to pounce you the minute you get downstairs.

J.R.: That's all right, we'll sneak out. Go get a quick bite over at ConFusion, huh? What? You want to go somewhere else?

Babe: No. No, I was just, um, having a flashback.

J.R.: To when?

Babe: To five years ago when we first met.

J.R.: Hmm. Yeah, they couldn't keep us apart if they tried.

Babe: A lot's happened since then. Good and bad, but you know, we're nowhere near the same two people that we were back then.

J.R.: No, we're not. The question is, who are we now? I, for one, am having a good time finding out.

Annie: Hi.

Bartender: Hey.

Annie: Club soda, please.

Bartender: Sure.

Jake: I, uh, I can't -- I got to -- I'm impressed.

Amanda: Oh, yeah?

Jake: I'm impressed because I never thought that you would -- that you'd actually go through with it.

Amanda: Well, something you'll learn about me is that I never turn down a dare.

Jake: Really?

Amanda: And besides, the shirt fit perfectly, and I still owed you for fixing my eye.

Jake: Mm-hmm, and I love, I love the parrot.

Amanda: Oh, yeah? You like my bird? Why don't you scratch its neck? Go on.

Parrot: [Squawks] Oh, yeah, baby, that's good. Now a little lower.

Jake: Oh, really?

Parrot: [Squawks] Oh, that's heaven, pure heaven. Now lower. [Squawks] Oh, sweet mystery of life, at last I've found you!

Jake: Oh, my -- oh, my God, it's a classic. That is just classic. Where did you get him?

Parrot: [Squawks] I picked her up at the bar here. Couple of drinks is all it took.

Jake: How -- how are you doing that?

Amanda: Is this cool or what?

Jake: Of course, yes.

Amanda: You can program it from your computer to say like 10 different things.

Jake: Uh-huh.

Parrot: [Squawks] The duck's buying this round. Just put it on his bill.

[Parrot laughs]

Jake: That's funny. Well, speaking of drinks, um, maybe I can get the two of you something. Would you like a captain and coke or a bottle of rum? Maybe a straight bottle of rum there for you?

Amanda: Hmm, you know what? I think I'll have a marrr-tini.

[Amanda laughs]

Jake: Right, I'll get that. I'll see if they have one of those for you. Ok, Cap'n?

Annie: Hi, I have to talk to you.

Amanda: Uh, I'm kind of on a date here, Annie.

Annie: Yeah, I can see that. Are you going to a costume party or something?

Amanda: No, it's a long story.

Annie: Ok, so I wanted to find out how pissed off Kendall and Greenlee were after I quit today.

Amanda: Well, they weren't happy with all the drama, especially Greenlee, but I mean, life goes on. None of us are irreplaceable.

Annie: That place is toxic. The two of them take all the credit for all the work that we do.

Amanda: Well, listen, I guess it's a perk of being an owner. But listen, I'm really enjoying being away from work so --

Annie: Ok, you know what? You know what I think? I think you and Babe should quit, too. We could go into business together. We could get start-up money from Ryan or, I mean, you have money. We could be our own bosses for once.

Amanda: Listen, I understand you had too much today. You finally blew a fuse, but don't go trying to take down me and --

Annie: Ok, together we could do it, Amanda. We could beat them at their own game. Come on, what do you think?

Parrot: [Squawks] Step away from the bird and back out of the room slowly.

Adam: You dig deep, Barry. They're crowing that it's ecologically, uh, friendly, and it's, uh, pure as the driven snow. Yeah. I'm on the phone here. Thank you. Yeah. There has to be something involved that doesn't -- doesn't live up to their advertising.

[Carmen sneezes]

Adam: Oh, gesundheit. Yeah. Doesn't it make sense to you? That if a man is on the phone, you don't turn on the vacuum cleaner?

[Carmen sneezes]

Adam: Gesundheit. Jeez, what is wrong with you?

Carmen: I don't know. I just walked over here and started sneezing.

Adam: Well, maybe it's the dust from all that racket you're making.

Carmen: No. I walk in here everyday and start vacuuming, and I don't have a prob -- wait --

Adam: For God sakes, woman, why don't you go find an allergy pill or something?

Carmen: I don't understand. The only thing I've ever been allergic to is -- you're wearing new aftershave?

Adam: Yes, my daughter bought it for me for Father's Day.

Carmen: That's it. I'm allergic to you. I'm going to finish up in here when you're gone.

Adam: No, no, wait, wait, wait. That -- that's it. You are allergic to my aftershave.

Carmen: Yeah. I once went out with this guy who wore this stuff that made me break out in all sorts of nasty hives and they got all oozy and --

Adam: That's it! You are brilliant!

Randi: Frankie, is there a reason you wanted me to meet with your dad you're not telling me about?

Frankie: I, um, I'm sorry. I went about this the wrong way. I really screwed up.

Jesse: Screwed up what?

Frankie: Well, you know, I just, uh, I just wanted you to get to know Randi. That's all.

Jesse: Well, that's all good, but urgent call?

Frankie: Well, I just -- I just figured that if you got to know Randi the way I did, you could help Mom get over her first impression.

Randi: Frankie, awkward.

Frankie: Yeah, I know. I noticed that as soon as you -- he walked through the door. I just -- I knew you didn't want me to push it like this, and I knew you were going to say you were too busy with everything you have going on. I just -- I didn't think it through. Sorry.

Jesse: Hey, it's ok. Really, it's ok.

Frankie: It's just that I'm so proud of Randi. I mean, she has a new job at Fusion, and I want to say, see -- I want to say, "Look at this woman who has enough strength and courage to pull herself out of a bad situation and make a new start for herself."

Randi: Frankie.

Jesse: No, actually, this is -- this is great news. Congratulations.

Randi: Thank you. But this is just --

Jesse: This is actually the perfect opportunity for me to buy you two dinner and hear a little bit more about your job. How's that?

Frankie: Yeah. Thanks, Dad.

Kendall: Ok, I've done the research. These are the only two packaging and shipping stores here in Pine Valley that have a post office box that this key could fit. Now, if you still want nothing to do with this, you can go back out there and climb some stairs to nowhere. I'll just keep whatever secret Annie is hiding to myself.

Greenlee: We are so going to get in trouble for this. I'll go change. Hey, guys? I, uh, just got a sudden case of shoppingitis. I'm going to head to the mall and do some damage to my credit cards, ok? I'll see you at home.

Aidan: All right. Be home in time for dinner.

Amanda: Come on, Annie, I'm on a date here, ok? Like the first good thing that's happened in forever, so don't make me get ugly with you. I'll pull out my hook.

Annie: All right, all right. All I'm saying is just think about it, ok?

Amanda: Yeah, yeah, fine.

Annie: Ok.

Amanda: Oh, hey.

Jake: Hey.

Annie: I was just, uh, keeping your seat warm.

Jake: That's ok.

Annie: Excuse me.

Jake: Bye, Annie.

Amanda: Thank you.

Jake: Here you go. All right. So, is she all right?

Amanda: Yeah, yeah. She, uh, she quit Fusion today, so she's not a happy camper.

Jake: Oh, sorry to hear that. I didn't know.

Amanda: No, that's ok. Cheers. It's, uh, been pretty crazy there for a while. Mmm, nice. But it -- it's not just that. I mean, she's been kind of off for a while now.

Jake: Oh, that's understandable. Went through hell with her brother. I'm sure it's not easy dealing with a psychotic relative.

Amanda: Yeah, tell me about it. No. No, actually, why don't you tell me about your adventures in Africa?

Richie: There is an air of desperation about you, sis. Trolling for sympathy, begging pirate wenches to join your cause.

Annie: Please, just go away.

Richie: [Sighs] You're never going to get anywhere like that, sis. Nobody wants to help you out. You're still playing the victim. And before you get found out, you need to take some action.

Randi: It's pretty basic stuff, you know? Coffee, phones, copying, but it's a start.

Frankie: And it's a great way for her to watch and learn how a business operates. I mean, sales, marketing, distribution.

Jesse: Wow. It's a great opportunity here.

Randi: Yeah, but actually, our head of marketing quit today. Annie Lavery. She just walked out.

Jesse: Wow. See? There you have it. You just never know when opportunity's going to walk up and knock you right in the head, huh? Listen, I got to get back to work. It's really been nice sitting here, getting to know you a little better. And thanks for the phone call. Don't worry about your mother so much, ok?

Frankie: Ah, I got it.

Jesse: No, you don't. See you.

Randi: Bye.

Jesse: Later, ya'll.

Randi: So --

Frankie: Listen, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have surprised both of you like that. That was wrong.

Randi: Yeah, obviously. Now that he's gone, you want to tell me what that was all about?

Jake: So, that was my first week in Africa. And it was the first night actually, and I wake up in the morning, there's a big snake curled up right next to me in my bed.

Amanda: Well, I actually know some people here in town that wake up to that every morning.

Jake: Really?

Amanda: No, come on. Seriously, a snake in your bed?

Jake: Yes, yes. A big sucker.

Amanda: Was it poisonous?

Jake: Probably, I don't know. I didn't stick around long enough to find out. In fact, it was like one of those cartoons where the cat is there one second, and then the next second, he's hanging off the ceiling by all four claws. That's what it -- in fact, to this day, I cannot just, you know, go to bed without checking the bed to see if there's something in the bed that I don't want to be in the bed. You know? Anyway, uh, I hope -- I hope that this is making you happy or you're having a good time, because I'm -- I'm having a good time. I don't know if you can tell, but I'm kind of rusty with the, you know, dating thing. Not that this is a -- well, it's a date kind of, but I don't like to call it a date.

Amanda: No, stop it. You're -- you had me fooled from the beginning. Come on, look. You've already got me in costume here. I'm laughing at your snake stories.

Jake: Uh-huh.

Amanda: You're way ahead of the game.

Jake: Hmm.

J.R.: You know what I'm craving?

Babe: What?

J.R.: Big, thick, juicy steak.

Babe: Mmm. You know what? We are totally in synch. Do you want to share that porterhouse with me?

J.R.: Well, that sounds perfect.

Babe: So, tell me, what was Adam babbling about before he so rudely interrupted us?

J.R.: I don't know. He's just been pushing me to get involved with this company. I'm just --

Annie: Hey, Babe. Hey, J.R.

Babe: Hey. Um, you doing ok?

Annie: Um, I guess so. I just kind of had it today, you know?

Babe: Believe me, I totally understand.

Annie: Hey, do you have a second to talk?

Babe: Um, you know what, Annie? We're -- we're kind of in the middle of something, but maybe we can have lunch tomorrow?

Annie: Sure, I guess so. I just -- Babe, I feel like something needs to be done.

Babe: Well, you kind of already did it. You quit.

Annie: I know, but don't you agree with me about all the garbage going on in that company?

J.R.: You know, Annie, I don't want to be rude, but Babe and I are having dinner, just the two of us. I mean, maybe you could just save it for lunch?

Annie: Yeah, sure. Sorry, guys. I'll see you later.

J.R.: If I wouldn't have said anything, she would've sat down with us.

Babe: Well, she's just -- she's regretting that she quit like she did.

J.R.: Yeah, well, lesson's learned.

Babe: So, about Adam.

[Cell phone ringing]

J.R.: Oh, shoot. Yeah, about Adam. Hi, Dad.

Adam: Yeah, where did you sneak off to?

J.R.: Dinner.

Adam: I told you, we needed to talk.

J.R.: In case you didn't get the hint earlier, this is my date night with Babe.

Adam: Well, that's backwards, isn't it? Dinner's supposed to come first.

J.R.: Whatever you need to talk to me about, Dad, it can wait.

Adam: No, it's a whole lot more. I have come up with a damn brilliant idea, if I do say so myself.

J.R.: For the last time, we'll talk later. I keep forgetting, the world revolves around him.

Babe: What is he after you about?

J.R.: [Sighs] He just wants me to help him with something.

Babe: This wouldn't have anything to do with what you and I've been talking about, would it? Not taking Fusion away from Kendall and Greenlee?

[J.R. sighs]

Babe: J.R.?

Adam: You're not going to start sneezing again, are you?

Carmen: I took an antihistamine.

Adam: Good.

Carmen: So, since, uh, I seemed to have helped you with some brilliant idea, whatever the heck it is, I thought maybe you can give me the night off.

Adam: Oh, really, you have a hot date or something?

Carmen: Yes, I do, actually.

Adam: With whom?

Carmen: Uh, I don't think that's any of your business.

Adam: Have you ever heard of corporate espionage?

Carmen: Yeah, spying.

Adam: Yes, well, I'm in a position where, unfortunately, I have to keep a close eye on all of my employees, even if, unwittingly, they become involved with somebody who wants to know more about them that your work in here. And you hear all sorts of things that my competition would love to hear. So I don't think it's too much for me to know with whom you're spending time. Especially since you're supposed to be working here tonight.

Carmen: Well, you don't have to worry. It's Jackson Montgomery.

Adam: You have a date with Montgomery? You -- you mean a, uh, romantic date or an attorney-client date?

Carmen: Romantic. Why are you so surprised? We like each other.

Adam: Hmm, yeah. It's, uh, you and, uh, Erica's ex. Fascinating.

Ryan: So, you, uh, you and Greenlee got any plans for a honeymoon or anything?

Aidan: Well, Greenlee and I have a couple of possible trips planned, but nothing concrete. You know, we just got married, so we just want to concentrate on each other at the moment.

Ryan: Yeah, that's -- that makes sense.

Aidan: Besides, I don't know what I'm going to do career-wise. New wife, new life. Tad just left the P.I. business, left it to me. I don't know, uh, if I'm going to carry on with it or if I should start something new.

Ryan: What does, uh, what does Greenlee think?

Aidan: You know, she, um, she and I haven't really spoken about it yet.

Ryan: Yeah.

Aidan: But I reckon she's -- she'll be cool with whatever happens.

Ryan: Absolutely. Absolutely, when Greenlee believes in something or someone, she pours her heart into it like nobody I've ever met. I -- I am, uh, really glad that you guys found each other. I'm -- I'm happy for both of you. I really am.

Aidan: Thanks.

Greenlee: It's either here, or you've totally wasted my entire evening.

Kendall: C107, C108. Here it is, C109.

Greenlee: You realize this is illegal?

Kendall: Well, has it ever stopped us before? This can't be any worse than breaking into a sperm bank. Ok. No wonder Annie didn't want anyone to know about this.

Greenlee: This means...

Kendall: Yeah, it does.

Richie: Oh, what's the matter? Nobody wants to talk to poor little Annie?

Annie: Stop.

Richie: Where's your spine? Are you really waiting around for someone like Babe or Amanda to come rescue you? After all this, you still can't take care of yourself? Come on, let's go get some revenge on these bitches.

Annie: I quit work. Kendall and Greenlee win. There's nothing I can do.

Richie: You'll never know if you don't try. I'll tell you one thing for sure. Nothing's going to happen while you're sitting here feeling sorry for yourself.

Frankie: Yeah, this was just a clumsy way of me trying to make things right with the family. Now, clearly it wasn't well thought out and I put both of you guys in a pretty lame position. Will you accept my apology?

[Randi giggles]

Randi: Yeah, of course. I guess I just, you know, it's going to take me a while.

Frankie: What?

Randi: Getting over my past and my past job. I mean, even when I met Kendall and Greenlee they just kept on going on about taking pictures of me and being the new face of Fusion.

Frankie: Randi, that's great.

Randi: No, it isn't. I don't want my picture out there. Do you know how many people might recognize me? Blow my only chance of being legit? That's all I need, bring that kind of bad news down on Fusion. Their new model's an ex-hooker. They'd love me then.

Frankie: Hey. You are going to bury your past. You are going to succeed, and I'm going to do everything I can to make sure of that.

Randi: Yeah, well, don't try so hard, ok?

Frankie: All right. I'll give you a call after my shift.

Randi: Yeah. Thanks, Frankie.

J.R.: My dad has been poking around the idea of a run on Fusion.

Babe: And you told him that now was a good time to start poking?

J.R.: I told him I wasn't going to do anything that would jeopardize your position.

Babe: Why didn't you tell me sooner, J.R.?

J.R.: Well, you were already so down on the takeover concept. I knew if you heard that Adam might be involved in it, you would just forget about it. I told him the only way that I'd work with him is if you were involved with every agreement, every decision made. I'm not going to let him do this without you.

Babe: Well, I tell you this much, we let Adam start pulling the strings on this takeover, nobody's going to be left standing.

J.R.: That's a distinct possibility.

Babe: I'll be right back. I'm just going to go to the ladies' room.

Adam: What time are you meeting Jackson?

Carmen: 8:00 at the Yacht Club. Why?

Adam: Well, I want you to have a specially wonderful time tonight. So, you take this. Go buy yourself a new dress, some shoes, a purse, whatever you want. Knock yourself out.

Carmen: Why are you doing this?

Adam: Because if you hadn't had that sneezing attack a while ago, I wouldn't have had the brilliant idea that I had. So, consider this just a, um, well, a reward for a job well done. Now, if you're going to go shopping, you better be on your way.

Carmen: Yeah, ok. Thanks, Mr. C. Thanks a lot.

Aidan: Has it sunk in yet? You becoming a dad again?

Ryan: I think, yes. Just really wasn't expecting it, you know?

Aidan: Yeah, I mean, I can't even imagine, you know? Some people have babies unexpectedly, but you --

Ryan: Yeah, I was, uh, a little surprised all right. Well, uh, I am kind of like you in a sense I'm just sort of thinking about the future right now, thinking about the kid's future. Give me something to really focus on. You know what I mean? With Annie and I settling back into things, I can start thinking about the next chapter of my life. Getting back in the game, career-wise.

Aidan: Well, sounds like it's working out for both of us.

Ryan: Well, I'm going to go. I'm going to hit the showers and head home. See you, man.

Jake: Well, I just want to thank you for making me laugh. You do make me laugh.

Amanda: Well, thank you for having such a whacked sense of humor. I never would've guessed that.

Jake: Really? Why? Am I too serious?

Amanda: No, no. But slightly serious.

Jake: Mm.

Amanda: It's nice to finally meet the man behind the stethoscope.

Jake: I'll work on that.

Amanda: You know, they're about to start the dance music in a few, if you want to stick around.

Jake: Really? I'm a break-dancer.

Amanda: Really?

Jake: Professional.

Amanda: Wow.

Jake: I would, but I would, but I have and apartment that I think is coming through, so I have to, I mean -- but I'd love to do this again, you know?

Amanda: I would love to, but under one condition. You are the one that has to dress up next time.

Jake: Really? I don't have anything to wear that would be on par with an eye patch. Look what I've started.

Amanda: Oh, you've created a monster.

Jake: Uh-huh.

Amanda: The wheels are turning.

[Cell phone ringing]

J.R.: Hello?

Adam: Are you and Babe finished yet?

J.R.: You know, you're really starting to get on my nerves, Dad.

Adam: J.R., I want you, for once in your life, to put business ahead of pleasure. Just once, just once. Because I have had an epiphany about how we can make this whole thing work.

J.R.: You know, you may have already ruined our evening. Whatever idea you have to take over Fusion can wait, all right? Don't call me again.

Richie: Just like it was handed to you on a silver platter, huh, sis?

[Zipper closing]

Dré: You sure you want to bring that lamp with you, too?

Cassandra: How is that everything you have?

Dré: Look, I have more. I'm just not bringing it.

Cassandra: But, Dré, this is it. After tonight --

Dré: Hey, you'll be with me, right?

Cassandra: Yeah.

Dré: Well, then that's all I need. You think your mom and Jesse have any idea?

Cassandra: No, they just think I'm going back to Paris. They have no idea that I'm never coming back.

Fletcher's voice: Give me enough pills and Randi -- Randi -- Randi will never have to worry about me again.

[Cell phone rings]

Jesse: Hubbard. Idiot.

J.R.: So, be honest, has any of this ruined your evening?

Babe: No, no. Um, it made things a lot clearer, though.

J.R.: How so?

Babe: I want to do it. I want to take over Fusion. But not with Adam's plan. We're going to do things my way.

[Doorbell rings]

Adam: What do you want?

Annie: I want to help you.

Ryan: I know that look. What's going on?

Kendall: Um, here. We think you need to read this.

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