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All My Children Transcript Monday 8/11/08


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[Bell rings]

Cassandra: Are you ok?

Dré: Yeah, everything's cool.

Cassandra: Cool? Dré, they locked you up.

Dré: I'm out now.

Cassandra: For how long?

Colby: Pete, sneak up on people much?

Pete: I didn't mean to scare you.

Colby: Hmm. What -- what are you doing here? Oh, oh, let me guess, you just happened to come by the pool today?

Pete: It's hot.

[Colby chuckles]

Colby: You're such a stalker.

Pete: I'm not stalking you, Colby. I'm -- just keeping tabs.

[Colby chuckles]

Colby: Um, that's called stalking.

Cassandra: I'm so sorry.

Dré: For what?

Cassandra: Because Jesse's my stepfather. I mean, watching him arrest you --

Dré: He did what he had to do.

Cassandra: You know, he doesn't think we should even be seeing each other.

Dré: My dad said the same thing. When Colby called me and told me how wrecked you were, I had to.

Cassandra: Why is this happening? It's not like you meant to hit him.

Dré: But I hit him, Cass. Richie Novak's dead. That's all on me.

Jesse: What are you doing?

Tad: What do you mean, what am I doing? What are you -- what are you doing? Did you follow me?

Jesse: Mm-hmm.

Tad: Mm-hmm. Don't come at me with the hairy eyeball, all right? I mean, for all you know, the reason I'm here is because I lost something.

Jesse: Your mind? Well, you're not going to find it in Annie's car, Tad.

Tad: How do you know that? Listen, people leave stuff in the glove compartment all the time.

Jesse: Do I really need to remind you that I am the chief of police here, man?

Tad: No, no, not necessary, no.

Jesse: Well, then, you know I should be dragging your ass down to the station right now.

Tad: Shh, shh, shh, right, you should, but you're not going to. Which leaves you two options, number one, you can turn around, go back the way you came, let me do my thing, or we can both find out what really happened to Richie Novak.

Kendall: Ok, all right, listen to me a second.

Zach: What?

Kendall: Just come here.

Zach: Hey.

Kendall: Do you think that Annie knows something about Richie's death?

Zach: I don't want to talk about this right now.

Kendall: You can't just say something like that and expect me to ignore it.

Zach: I thought we agreed we came here to watch, see if Annie's going to get in any serious trouble.

Kendall: Well, clearly she did. What did she say to you?

Zach: Nothing that proves anything.

Kendall: Proves? Oh, my God. You think Annie killed her brother.

Annie: I can't believe we're doing this. I mean, is this too much, renewing our vows in Vegas?

Ryan: So what if it is, Annie? You deserve this.

Annie: Are you sure, Ryan? Because you really don't have to --

Ryan: Hey, stop, I'm sure, ok? I'm totally sure. After everything that I put you through, you deserve some peace and some happiness. Ok? And I'd like to be the guy to give that to you.

Greenlee: I don't mean to steal our funky new friends' thunder, but I love you.

Aidan: I love you, too.

Greenlee: Then what are we waiting for?

Aidan: I don't know. The -- friends, family. I mean, I know you said simple but you really want to get married with these cheap little flowers? What about your dress? Greenlee, this is not going to stay in Vegas. I don't want you to regret this.

Greenlee: The only thing I'll regret is walking out that door without a husband.

Aidan: You're going to have me, regardless.

Greenlee: I deserve more. You -- we deserve more. So, what do you say, Devane? In front of God, Elvis' ghost, and more tacky cherubs than I've ever seen in my life, will you marry me? This is the part where you shout, "Yes, yes, yes."

Aidan: Well, I am -- I am ready to do that and more but are you?

Greenlee: I almost died this year how many times?

Aidan: I haven't forgotten.

Greenlee: But I'm still here, and after everything that's gone down, so are you. That has to mean something.

Aidan: It does, it does. It does mean something. But you really want to get married in a tacky Vegas chapel?

Greenlee: Why not? If not now, when? While I've been sitting here, waiting for the perfect time, life has been passing us by, Aidan. Just look at Babs and Foster and all the time that they wasted. I don't want to waste another second with you.

Aidan: Neither do I.

Greenlee: You accused me of pushing you away because I was scared to be happy, and you were right. I was scared but I'm not anymore. I want to be happy. You, Aidan Devane, make me happy. Do you see where I'm going with this?

Aidan: I think I'm catching on.

Greenlee: This is meant to be. This city, this day, this ridiculous and cheesy chapel, we were supposed to get married right here. No bomb shelters, no gas leaks, no drama. For once, finally Aidan, it's just you and me.

Zach: Come on. We got to go be witnesses.

Kendall: No, no, no, no. Sit, sit one second. Not until you spill.

Zach: Ahem.

Kendall: You think Annie knows more than she's saying.

Zach: I think a lot of things. I don't know anything for sure.

Kendall: All right, well, then let's find out, come on.

Zach: What are you going to do? You going to accuse Annie of things? We're going to be right back where we started from.

Kendall: Ok, so, what, we sit, and we do nothing?

Zach: For now, yes.

Kendall: No, Zach, this is insane. Annie is dangerous.

Zach: She can't endanger anyone right here.

Kendall: Ok, well, what about when they go home? She's playing stepmom.

Zach: You think I'd let her hurt Spike?

Kendall: Yeah, well, I'm not letting that woman near my son ever again.

Ryan: Maybe -- maybe this baby's a sign.

Annie: A sign that we should renew our vows?

Ryan: A sign for us to remember what's important and -- and your health and your peace of mind are at the top of that list, Annie. I mean, God, you're carrying Emma and Spike's little brother or sister in there.

Annie: But that's not all this is about, though, right, Ryan? I mean, I know you want me to happy and calm for the baby but --

Ryan: But what?

Annie: Asking me to marry you again, you did that because you love me, because you want to be with me, right?

Ryan: Yes, Annie, yes, of course. You don't have to keep asking me that, ok? I love you. All right? You and this family -- I am not walking out on you.

Pete: What are you looking for?

Colby: Just making sure nobody followed us here, besides you, obviously. We had to lie to sneak out here.

Pete: What's the big deal?

Colby: Cass and I aren't really supposed to be hanging out with Dré right now. It could hurt his case.

Dré: Could hurt your case, too, if the D.A. decides to press charges.

Cassandra: I don't care.

Colby: Yeah, we're just stoked you're out on bail.

Pete: It's weird I wasn't asked down to the station. I thought they would have some questions for me about the night of Novak's hit.

Colby: You mean the night you had nothing to do with? What part of "you weren't there" isn't sinking in?

Pete: I'm still the one who found the blood, tested it.

Colby: Yay for you.

Pete: They weren't even a little bit impressed?

Cassandra: Don't -- can we please talk about something else, please?

Pete: So, how was lock-up?

Colby: Nice subject change, Pete.

Dré: It was ok. Luckily, my dad got me out pretty quick.

Pete: I wouldn't call that luck.

Dré: What does that mean?

Pete: Your father's a U.S. Attorney. He'll get you off. Trust me, there's no way you're going down for murder.

Dré: First, my dad's not like that, and second, you don't just get off for manslaughter.

Cassandra: Well, except -- what if you didn't do it?

Jesse: I should not be here.

Tad: Maybe not, but you are, and you want to know why?

Jesse: Yeah, to keep your overly excitable ass in check, Tad.

Tad: Keep your voice down. No, you are here because you want answers as badly as I do. Jesse, you need evidence. I can get it for you. You said yourself, Richie got loose from those restraints up at that lodge somehow. Now, if his sister cut him loose, then Annie needed a car to get in there and get him out, right?

Jesse: Right.

Tad: Ok, so let's have look-see.

Jesse: Touch the car, that's tampering with evidence.

Tad: For God's sake, how are you supposed to get your hands on evidence if you don't tamper with it? You said yourself, your hands were tied. You couldn't get her the search warrant.

Jesse: Whatever you find will not be admissible in court, Tad.

Tad: Who do you think you're talking to? We've known each other since the world was cooling. Since when did Jesse Hubbard ever stop to play by the rules?

Jesse: Since your mayor appointed me chief of police, Tad. I've at least got to play by the big rules.

Tad: Well, I'm sorry, chief. I don't want to put you in a tough spot but we're talking about Cass' future here, and Colby's. So whether you like it or not, it might behoove you to take a look at this.

Jesse: Yeah, well, I can't take a look at anything because I'm not here. Get it?

Amanda: Good, you're earlier than I am, always a plus in a potential new employee. Hey, you ok?

Randi: Yeah, I'm fine.

Amanda: Fine as in "I just got my heart stomped on"? Is this about Frankie Hubbard?

Randi: What are you, psychic?

Amanda: I wish. Jake introduced you as Frankie's friend, remember?

Randi: Right.

Amanda: You want to talk about it? Believe me, I've been there.

Randi: I don't know, I guess I'm just not used to dealing with nice guys.

Amanda: Oh, ok, well, scratch the "been there" part. I wouldn't know a nice guy if he bit me in the ass. Not that I'd complain. I'm not helping.

Randi: Not really.

Amanda: Ok, ok, I'm sorry but I think I know what will, a desk upstairs with your name on it.

Babe: Oh, Carmen, hey, did Adam give you the day off?

Carmen: Yeah, something like that. Is Kendall here? I need to talk to her.

Babe: Yeah, you and the rest of the world. She's actually out of town, but, uh, I'm in charge while she's away. Is there something I can help you with?

Carmen: That's ok. I can come back.

Babe: No, you really don't have to.

Carmen: Well, thanks anyway, but Erica was very specific when she told me to speak to Kendall.

Babe: Carmen, um, you know, I really don't know how long Kendall's going to be away for, so, seriously, if you need some help -- what's wrong?

Carmen: Mr. Chandler canned me.

Babe: No, he didn't. But what about your parole? Why would he do something like that?

Carmen: Who knows why that man does anything?

Babe: Well, what do you need to see Kendall about?

Carmen: A job. Erica put in a call, told me to come by and said that Kendall will find me a spot here. So what do you think?

[Music plays]

Colby: You think somebody else killed Richie?

Cassandra: I mean, it's possible, isn't it?

Pete: If Dré didn't do it, who did? I mean, come on, there's blood on the car, a human's. If you didn't flatten Richie, you flattened someone else.

Colby: Nice, Pete.

Cassandra: It's just really weird, you guys, that we never saw anyone in the road.

Dré: Well, we were distracted.

Colby: By the drunk girl, I know. Sorry, again.

Pete: Colby.

Cassandra: Still, we never -- we saw -- you'd think we'd have heard something. God, this whole thing sucks. Just when --

Dré: I know.

Cassandra: It shouldn't be you.

Dré: Yeah, it should. Thanks for looking out for me. It means a lot.

Cassandra: It's not enough.

Singer: That everything turns

Tad: Jesse, do you have any idea how lucky we are this thing is still here, it's not in the shop?

Jesse: Yeah, the insurance guy probably needed to see it first. What do you see?

Tad: What do you care? You said you didn't want to know about it.

Jesse: Oh, come on, Tad. Look I -- I can't physically look at anything, all right?

Tad: That's right, because you're not really here.

Jesse: Yeah.

Tad: Hmm.

Jesse: That doesn't mean you can't tell me what you see, all right?

Tad: You said this thing hit a tree, right?

Jesse: That's the story.

Tad: Wow, it certainly hit something. It hit it head-on.

Jesse: What, the head-- headlights out?

Tad: Mm-hmm, kind of, sort of, but that's not where most of the damage is.

Jesse: The grille?

Tad: Yeah. But even more so is the hood.

Jesse: The hood?

Tad: Yeah, babe, you know the front of the top of the car?

Jesse: I -- what kind of damage, Tad, like a branch fell on it or something?

Tad: Branch -- only if that branch was small and heavy and fell on it repeatedly.

Jesse: I'll take that as a no.

Tad: Wow, it's too bad you can't look at this, because it looks like someone really took a pipe or something and went to town.

Jesse: Why would somebody do that?

Tad: I don't know, bad day? One thing's for sure, these dents sure as hell weren't caused by a tree.

Zach: Let's do our thing. Let the police handle it.

Kendall: Do the police even know what they're doing?

Zach: We don't know what we're dealing with.

Kendall: We're dealing with a potential killer.

Zach: If I'd found Novak that night, I could have potentially killed him myself. You got to trust me. We don't know anything for sure.

Kendall: Well, what exactly did she say to you?

Zach: What did I just say to you? Nothing specific.

Kendall: Ok, well, clearly, she said enough to weird you out. Zach, we have to tell Ryan, at least. We can't let this happen.

Zach: Let what happen? They're already married. Let what happen?

Kendall: No, I'm telling you, this is wrong, ok? It's bad enough that he's still in love with Greenlee but now he's recommitting himself to the complete whack-job?

Zach: If we tell Annie that we're on to anything, this trip was a waste of time. Kendall?

Kendall: All right, ok, I won't say anything, but I swear to you, if she looks at me the wrong way, all bets are off.

Zach: All bets are off?

Kendall: Yes.

Zach: This is Vegas. What are you doing? All right, one game? Want to go with us?

Kendall: Yes.

Zach: Come with me.

Kendall: Ok.

Ryan: So let's consider this moment right now our second chance, ok?

Annie: And we can start over?

Ryan: Are you down with that?

Annie: I am absolutely down with that.

Ryan: Ok. So now, all we got to do is find this place. Apparently, it's right around the corner.

Annie: Cherub Chapel, here we come.

[Ryan chuckles]

[Annie laughs]

Aidan: You remember when I proposed to you the first time?

Greenlee: Are you kidding?

Aidan: You remember what I said?

Greenlee: Every word. You said that I kept you laughing and guessing -- and this is my favorite part -- you said that I kept you sane.

Aidan: I'd like to qualify that, if you don't mind.

Greenlee: Ha, I knew it.

Aidan: Nothing about you, Greenlee, is sane. In fact, most of the time, you are positively, absolutely bouncing off the walls.

Greenlee: Wow, you're such a sweet talker.

Aidan: You snuck up on me, you know that? You came crashing into my life when I wasn't looking.

Greenlee: What can I say? Timing, it's a gift.

Aidan: No, you're the gift, you and all the chaos that surrounds you. I had no idea how much I needed that until -- I thought I was doing fine and then you came along with those beautiful brown eyes and that wicked laugh and you proved me wrong. You do keep me sane, Greenlee. And I don't know, I would just -- I would go out of my mind if I ever had to live without you.

Greenlee: Is this your incredibly romantic way of saying, "Yes, I'll marry you"?

Aidan: I'd be a fool to say no.

Greenlee: Hey, don't talk that way about my husband.

Aidan: Don't move.

Greenlee: Where are you going?

Aidan: I'm going to go get a J.P., a couple of witnesses, because me and you, baby, we're going to get married.

Carmen: You know what? Forget I was ever here.

Babe: Oh, Carmen, Carmen, wait, I -- I didn't mean no way you can't have a job. It's just that I've been really, really frustrated with Kendall lately, and she told me I could hire whoever I wanted.

Carmen: And I'm not that person? I really get it.

Babe: No, no, you don't. It's just -- see, Kendall, she's barely ever here, and I'm practically running the place.

Carmen: But you don't feel like you're really running it?

Babe: Not when nobody ever tells me what's going on, no. It's like a total fake-out. She pretends to give me authority when really, I don't have any at all.

Carmen: Hmm. Sounds like me and the Silver Bullet. Mr. Chandler told me to do as I saw fit, but I guess what I saw fitting in his house didn't work for him.

Babe: So, what exactly happened?

[Carmen sighs]

Carmen: We had a difference of opinion.

Babe: Huh, difficult. I'm really sorry, Carmen.

Carmen: Yeah, the whole thing pretty much blows.

Babe: You know what? I think I can make this all better. Welcome to Fusion, Carmen.

Carmen: Really?

Babe: Yes. The job is yours if you really want it.

Carmen: Ho!

Amanda: All right, so let's go upstairs. Babe is going to love you.

Randi: I don't know, Amanda.

Amanda: What? Don't tell me you're having second thoughts.

Randi: Look, I have, like, zero experience.

Amanda: We already talked about this. You wear makeup.

Randi: Yeah?

Amanda: You're golden. Besides, and not to throw the feminist movement completely under a man-driven bus, but all you really have to do is look gorgeous and answer the phone. Done and done, in my opinion.

Randi: Ok, so the phone rings. What am I supposed to say?

Amanda: "Fusion, this is Randi, how can I help you?" It doesn't take a master's degree, God knows. Look at me.

[Amanda chuckles]

Randi: Yeah, I don't know. Maybe we should just do it another day. I've just -- it's been really bad today.

Amanda: Exactly why now is the perfect time. You need to get your mind off of men and if a company overflowing with estrogen doesn't do it, I don't know what will. So what do you say? You ready to kick some cosmetic ass?

Randi: Ok, I'm in.

Colby: So, when do you leave for Harvard?

Pete: Maybe not for a while.

Colby: What? Why?

Pete: Prep school was intense, you know? I'd like to take some time off before jumping back into that.

Colby: But you're a brain, isn't that what you guys live for, hanging out with the geek squad, solving quadratic equations?

Pete: I'd rather be here with you.

Colby: Because I'm a real laugh track.

Pete: You keep things interesting. School's so boring.

Colby: That's because it's easy for you. Bet you don't even have to study, do you?

Pete: Not really.

Colby: That rocks.

Pete: No, it doesn't. You think I like being part of the geek squad, Colby? I don't get invites to parties, girls ignore me, and look at you, you can't stand me.

Cassandra: I just wish we could go back to that night. I would change everything.

Dré: I don't know about everything.

[Dré laughs]

Cassandra: Ok, not the kiss. Just the part where we got into that stupid car. I mean we were partying but you weren't drunk. It's like, we thought we were doing the responsible thing, taking Colby home and then --

Dré: We hit Richie.

[Cassandra sighs]

Cassandra: Why did it have to be us, Dré? Dude, so many people hated that guy, like, what is it, Colby's brother, Zach Slater, even his own sister.

Dré: Yeah, a lot of people were gunning for him.

Cassandra: So, what were the chances that we ended up being the ones that killed him?

Jesse: All right, what are you doing now?

Tad: Checking out the tires.

Jesse: And?

Tad: Well, it's weird. One of them is, you know, brand-new. Looks like it was changed recently.

Jesse: All right, I'm not even hearing that, ok?

Tad: Oh, please, will you stop whining? What do you want me to do, sing you a song?

Jesse: Please, no. I will really arrest you then.

Tad: All right, don't get your knickers in a twist. Well, Annie hasn't replaced the spare. That's weird.

Jesse: What?

Tad: Lug wrench -- it's not where it's supposed to snap into place.

Jesse: Well, you can't change a tire without a lug wrench.

Tad: No, you can't. So where the hell is it?

Annie: Hi.

Receptionist: Welcome to the Cherub Chapel. How can I help you?

Annie: My husband and I would like to renew our vows.

Receptionist: Well, did you have a specific time in mind?

Annie: Uh, right about now would be good, actually. It's kind of a spur-of-the-moment thing.

Receptionist: Well, we've got a couple getting married right now but, if you wouldn't mind waiting a little while, I think we can squeeze you in.

Annie: Ok, that'd be great.

Ryan: Thanks.

Annie: Thank you.

Zach: Good to go?

Annie: Yup. We're up next.

Greenlee: I'm so glad Aidan caught you two before you left.

Justice: Um, are -- are we ready to begin?

Aidan: I'm ready if you are.

Greenlee: Let's do it.

Ryan: A little different than our big wedding, huh?

Annie: Yeah, I don't suppose you smuggled a horse into this casino, now, did you?

Ryan: No, but I did see a mechanical bull back by the slot machines, so --

[Annie and Ryan chuckle]

Kendall: Annie, you -- you must be really excited.

Annie: Yeah, it's kind of like a fresh start for us, you know?

Kendall: Yeah, you get to bury the past.

Zach: And move forward. It's a great idea.

Annie: You guys could join us, you know?

Kendall: Nah, nah, no, we're good here, just chilling on this blue couch. We're -- we're happy. We don't want to ruin your good time.

Ryan: Like Greenlee did.

Annie: What?

Ryan: At our wedding, when she had me arrested.

Annie: Yeah, right. Remember what you told me that day, Ryan? You said that Greenlee would never be able to come between us again and look, you were right. So, how much longer is it going to be in there, do you think?

Receptionist: Well, it was only supposed to be one wedding but it turned into two. The witnesses got swept up in the moment, decided to take the plunge themselves.

Annie: Aw, that's so romantic.

Justice: We are gathered here today to celebrate the wedding of Aidan Devane and Greenlee Smythe. Marriage is perhaps the greatest and most challenging adventure of human relationships. No ceremony can create a marriage. Only you can do that through your love and patience.

Carmen: Are you serious? I really have the job?

Babe: Yes. I really love the way you've been running the house, and we're in desperate need of help. So, yes, the job is yours.

Carmen: Oh. This is incredible! Wait. What will I be doing?

Babe: Well, we need help on the phones. They have been ringing off the hook.

[Phone rings]

Babe: Go ahead.

Carmen: Hola. This is Fusion. Carmen at your service. Wrong number.

Babe: Still, you're like a natural.

Carmen: Really?

Babe: Yeah. Oh, you know what? The last thing you need to do is fill out this paperwork. So, you can take it and just fill it out in the lounge. It's right back there.

Carmen: A lounge, wow. Babe, thanks a lot.

Babe: No problem.

Amanda: Hey.

Babe: Oh, good, you're here. I need to talk to you about something.

Amanda: Oh, good. Me, too. And because I want to, I get to go first. Babe Carey, meet Randi Morgan, our newest Fusion employee. I found her downstairs. She's a perfect fit. Ok, she's not normally this socially awkward. Um, Babe?

Babe: Um, sorry, but she can't be our new employee.

Amanda: What? Why?

Babe: I already hired somebody.

Amanda: What do you mean, you already hired somebody?

Babe: Amanda, Kendall left me in charge.

Amanda: Huh. Don't tell me you're pulling rank right now.

Babe: I'm just saying, it was my idea to hire somebody else, and she told me to go for it.

Amanda: Oh. So, does Kendall tell you when to go to the bathroom, too? She would be a perfect fit for our team.

Babe: I'm -- I'm sure you would be, but I'm sorry. It's just not going to work out. I'm sorry.

Randi: Hey, listen. It's cool. I'm just going to go.

Amanda: No, not yet. So, that's it? Done deal?

Babe: Look, I know the person that I hired. No offense to you, but you just met Randi downstairs at the bar.

Amanda: So?

[Babe sighs]

Babe: Look. Erica sent my hire over here, ok?

Amanda: Oh. Oh, I get it. So -- so this woman is who Kendall would want?

Babe: Yeah. No. No, no, no. It's who I want.

Amanda: Well, which is it, Babe?

Babe: Look, who cares, ok? The decision have been made, so just live with it, ok?

Amanda: Oh, God, it's happening.

Babe: What? What's happening?

Amanda: We're turning into Kendall and Greenlee.

Justice: Do you, Aidan, take Greenlee to be your lawfully wedded wife?

Aidan: I do.

Justice: Will you love her and care for her in sickness and in health, forsaking all others, for as long as you both shall live?

Aidan: I will.

Justice: And do you, Greenlee, take Aidan to be your lawfully wedded husband?

Greenlee: I do.

Justice: Will you love him and care for him in sickness and in health, forsaking all others for as long as you both shall live?

Greenlee: I will.

Justice: Do you have rings?

Aidan: Oh -- oh, I -- we don't.

Foster: They're kind of flying by the seat of their pants here.

Greenlee: Oh, wait. These -- wait, wait, wait. These should do for now. Right?

[Greenlee removes her earrings]

Justice: Wonderful. Shall we proceed?

Kendall: You know what? Maybe we should come back another time. The wedding might take a while.

Ryan: Yeah. What do you think?

Annie: I think we should stay. I'm sure they're almost done. Or we could check it out.

Kendall: You want to go in there?

Annie: Why not?

Zach: I don't crash weddings.

Annie: It wouldn't be -- it wouldn't be crashing a wedding. It would be -- it would be spectating a wedding. Come on, it's Vegas. Let's do it before the receptionist comes back.

Kendall: Ok, you know what? I'm -- I'm up for it. Let's go.

Annie: Ok, let's go.

Kendall: Come on, honey. It won't kill you. It won't kill you -- unlike other people. Ok.

Annie: All right, last chance. When they're done in there, it's our turn. Sure you want to do this?

Ryan: Free tickets to Wayne Newton couldn't stop me.

[Annie giggles]

Ryan: All right?

Annie: Ok.

Ryan: Greenlee.

Babe: You know what? You're right. This is ridiculous. I'm really sorry, Randi. It's not usually this intense around here.

Amanda: Yeah. You put intense in a pressure cooker, crank it all the way up, and that's usually where we are.

Randi: Hey, I can hack it.

Babe: I'm sure that you would be a wonderful asset to the team.

Randi: It's fine, really. It's cool.

Babe: You know, I just have somebody already filling out the paperwork right now. It's just -- it's just bad timing, that's all.

Amanda: Oh, I'm sorry I got your hopes up.

Randi: Listen, it's all right. Thanks anyway.

Babe: Maybe, you know, after this person works out, we might decide that we need some more help.

Amanda: And if that happens, you will be our first and only phone call.

Babe: Yes, definitely.

Randi: Sure.

Amanda: Here, I'll -- I'll walk you out.

Carmen: Ok, Babe, I'm all done.

Randi and Carmen: What are you doing here?

Colby: I don't hate you, Pete.

Pete: Really? Sure seems like it.

Colby: You're just -- you're just not my type, that's all.

Pete: So tell me what to do and I'll retype.

Colby: It doesn't work like that.

Pete: Why not?

Colby: You can't just snap your fingers and turn into a different person.

Pete: Maybe for you, I could.

[Colby chuckles]

Colby: We're never going to be like that, ok? So, please just -- just drop it.

Pete: But I love you.

Dré: I don't want you to worry about me.

Cassandra: Like that's going to happen.

Dré: We don't even know what the deal is yet.

Cassandra: You're being charged with manslaughter, Dré. That's the deal.

Dré: I know, but I've never been in trouble before. Maybe I'll get off easy -- first-time offense and everything.

[Cassandra sighs]

Cassandra: I hope so.

Dré: It won't be so bad. You can come visit. We'll still see each other.

Cassandra: Yeah, with big bars between us?

Dré: Then when I get out?

Cassandra: I'll throw you a huge rager.

Dré: Just no booze.

Cassandra: Yeah.

Dré: And definitely no cars.

Cassandra: No cars.

[Cassandra sighs]

Cassandra: I don't want you to go.

Dré: I know.

Cassandra: It's not fair.

Dré: It's what I have to do.

Jesse: Missing lug wrench -- could be nothing at all.

[Tad laughs]

Tad: Or it could be huge.

Jesse: You thinking what I'm thinking?

Tad: I'm thinking you're thinking murder weapon. Jesse, you need to get a gander at that lug wrench.

Jesse: Yeah, like I needed to get a look at Colby's car or another look at Richie Novak's body?

Tad: It's kind of interesting how things keep disappearing.

[Jesse scoffs]

Tad: Look -- I mean, it's not exactly hard evidence, but in Dré's case, it's quite a coincidence.

Jesse: Blunt head trauma.

Tad: Blunt hood trauma.

Jesse: And all roads lead to Annie Lavery.

[Jesse chuckles]

[Greenlee chuckles]

Greenlee: What are you doing here?

Justice: You know these people?

Aidan: Yeah. Yeah, we do. They're our -- our friends.

Greenlee: Our best friends.

Annie: Ryan and I wanted to get away.

Greenlee: And you went with them?

Zach: Well, we needed a break.

Kendall: Yeah.

Greenlee: But what are you doing here?

Annie: Actually, Ryan and I are going to renew our vows.

Greenlee: Of all the chapels in all of Vegas, you had to walk into mine, huh?

Kendall: Well, I -- I guess we don't have to ask what you're doing.

Greenlee: I can't believe you're here. Talk about fate.

Justice: Um, would you like to continue or --

Greenlee: Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, continue, continue. Go. Continue. Thank you for being here. This makes this day even more perfect now. Go for it, Justice.

Justice: I don't suppose anyone here has an objection to this couple getting married. If so, they should speak now or forever hold their peace.

Amanda: Do you guys know each other?

Randi: Sort of.

Amanda: Random. Babe and I picked two friends for the same position?

Babe: Yeah, are you guys friends?

Carmen: You know what, Babe? Thanks for the offer, but I think I'm going to look someplace else.

Babe: Well, why? You were excited about working here.

Carmen: Yeah, I think she needs a job more than I do.

Amanda: Whoa, what -- what just happened?

Jesse: Are you done snoop dogging around there?

Tad: Bitch, bitch, bitch. You know, you can thank me any time you want.

Jesse: You know, I'm thinking that lug wrench, if it was used for the murder weapon -- Novak was dead long before those kids even got to him.

Tad: Which means you've been right all along.

Jesse: Yeah.

Tad: Dré's going to go down for a crime he didn't commit.

Jesse: And somebody's getting off scot-free, man.

Tad: You know, you really are very good. You found out an awful lot for a guy who was never here.

Jesse: Didn't I, though?

Colby: You didn't say that. You -- you barely even know me.

Pete: I've known you my whole life.

Colby: No, I mean now that we're adults. I'm -- I'm not the same kid you used to play with at the park, and even if I was, you can't love me.

Pete: Gotcha. I was just kidding. You should have seen your face.

Colby: Whoo!

[Colby laughs]

Colby: Thank God. I was about to have a serious freak-out.

Pete: Yeah, right. Yeah, "I love you." How crazy is that?

Colby: Beyond, beyond, beyond.

Cassandra: You don't have to be so strong all the time, Dré. Aren't you scared?

Dré: I'm terrified.

Cassandra: I'm here for you, ok? No matter what.

Dré: I know. The only thing that makes sense in all of this is you.

Ryan: I guess my life just didn't make sense without you.

Justice: I'll take that silence as a good sign.

Greenlee: I'm usually the one who doesn't hold her peace, but today, holding.

Justice: All right. It's now time to bestow the rings. Aidan, you may go first.

Aidan: I give you this ring as a symbol of my love for you. Let it be a reminder that I am always by your side, and I'll always be a faithful partner to you.

Greenlee: I give you this earring as a symbol of my love for you. Let it always be a reminder that I will always be by your side, and I will always be a faithful partner to you.

Justice: By the power vested in me by the State of Nevada, I now pronounce you man and wife.

Annie: Well, go on. Kiss her. Kiss her!

[Annie giggles and claps]

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