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All My Children Transcript Friday 8/8/08


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Krystal: Hey, hey.

Angie: Hey, hey, you.

Krystal: Come on in.

Angie: We brought everything for the salad.

Krystal: Great. Tad just fired up the grill.

Tad: All right, not inside. Go, go, go. Squirt -- if you've got to squirt. Hey, hey, hey! Kathy, outside. Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on. Go, go, go, go, go. Hey, gorgeous.

Angie: Hey, hey, you.

Tad: And welcome to the zoo. Which reminds me --

Kathy: I'm going to get you!

Tad: Are we -- outside! Are we missing a critter?

Krystal: Ah, Jenny just went down for her nap.

Tad: Ah.

Krystal: Did you put the meat on?

Tad: [French accent] Ah, but, of course. The ribs, they are very tender, baby ones. I shall cook them over a low flame with a sauce magnifique. Oui. They will be very, very, very tender, tasty, and very messy.

Krystal: Uh-huh.

Tad: [Regular voice] We eat in an hour, if we survive. Hey! It's sleeping beauty.

Colby: Hey. Hey, Cass.

Cassandra: You're staying here?

Colby: For now. It's a long story.

Angie: Hi, Colby.

Colby: Hey, how are you?

Angie: Ok.

Jesse: Hey, sorry I'm late.

Tad: Hey, man.

Angie: Hey, sweetie.

Cassandra: You didn't say he was coming.

Angie: Cassandra, please. This is a family barbeque.

Cassandra: He's not my family.

Jesse: It's ok.

Angie: Honey, don't do this.

Jesse: It's ok.

Cassandra: Nothing is ok. You lied to us, to me, to Colby, to Dré. You promised you'd help us, if we told you the truth.

Jesse: Well, I'm keeping that promise, all right? I'm still investigating what happened.

Colby: We told you what happened.

Cassandra: We gave you the truth, and you put Dré in jail. He's not a criminal.

Jesse: I know he's not a criminal, but he did confess.

Cassandra: No, all this talk about having to respect the system. I have no respect for it now. I have no respect for you.

[Aidan chuckles]

Greenlee: Only in Vegas.

Aidan: Oh. Whoo. I think Babs and Foster might regret having us as their witnesses, you know?

Greenlee: Why?

Aidan: Well, I just -- I cry at weddings, and I don't mean a few tears. I really sob. It could get ugly.

[Greenlee scoffs]

Greenlee: Some bride just left this?

Babs: Whew -- ah. Oh, you know what it means when a single girl gets the bouquet, hmm?

Greenlee: She's next.

Babs: Yeah, oh.

Zach: Welcome to Vegas.

Kendall: Yeah!

Ryan: Nice, I like it! Hey, you want to get checked in to the room first, so you can relax a little bit?

Annie: Oh, hell, no. I want to hit up these tables, make some money for the college fund.

Ryan: All right, let's do that. We'll check in with you guys later.

Kendall: Ok.

Ryan: Good.

Kendall: Oh, let's see what crazy Vegas has in store for crazy Annie.

Annie: Oh, you know what? I just realized I don't have chips.

Ryan: No, you don't. I'll go get you some.

Annie: Ok.

Ryan: I'll be right back.

Annie: Thanks.

Richie: We have a real wild card here tonight. What do you think? Is she finally going to lose big, hmm? Place your bets.

Angie: What happened to Richie Novak was an accident. But no one came forward. The man was killed. And that makes it a crime. Jesse was obligated to --

Cassandra: So Dré is a criminal because we kept a secret?

Tad: No, no, honey. He's in trouble, because he made a mistake. I mean, a lot of people made mistakes. Look, you can't forget Adam wasn't doing you any favors by convincing you to keep it a secret.

Colby: My dad was trying to protect me.

Tad: Yeah, the way you guys were trying to protect Dré. Look what happened. You just made it worse.

Angie: If you had just trusted us and told us right after the accident.

Cassandra: So the big chief could put Dré in jail sooner?

Jesse: Dré is out.

Cassandra: What?

Tad: They're dropping the charges?

Jesse: No, he's out on bail.

Cassandra: Well, why hasn't he called me?

Jesse: Probably has good reason not to.

Cassandra: What reason?

Jesse: The D.A. is still pushing to bring charges against you and Colby.

Angie: Oh, my God.

Jesse: You contact him, or if you're even seen with him in public, it could compromise the two of you.

Colby: That's insane.

Cassandra: Ok -- he won't even talk on the phone?

Tad: He's probably doing his best to protect you.

Cassandra: No, he's the one that needs to be protected.

Jesse: Well, he's got his dad and Jackson. Couldn't ask for a better defense team.

Cassandra: Listen to you talking like you care about Dré.

Angie: Cassandra --

Cassandra: No, you want him to go down for this. That would be a great, big score for the new chief, right? Sending a U.S. Attorney's son to prison?

Jesse: Yeah, that's not what I want.

Cassandra: Yeah, right. I -- excuse me.

Tad: Cass --

Jesse: Yeah, well, you know what? Why don't I leave?

Angie: Ca -- no. Cassandra, come back here.

Jesse: This isn't working.

Angie: No, Jesse. You know, we -- we don't need to be fighting like this.

Tad: Ok, ok, time out, time out. Listen, you can't leave till you help me with something downstairs, ok?

Jesse: Some other time, Tad?

Tad: No, no, no, not later, now. I need your help, please? Downstairs, let's go.

[Angie sighs]

Jesse: Ahem.

[Krystal sighs]

Krystal: Cassandra, please. Please stay.

Colby: If you leave, I'll just go back to bed.

Cassandra: Ok, I'll stay, but just for a little while.

Krystal: Listen, uh, I think I will put the rest of the meal together in the kitchen. Colby, you want to help me? Uh, why don't you two just -- just make the salad in here where it's a little bit cooler, ok?

Angie: All right. All right? Colby?

Colby: I better get dressed first.

Krystal: Ok.

Cassandra: Lecture?

Angie: Sweetheart, I don't want to fight with you. Jesse doesn't want to fight with you.

Cassandra: Oh, Mom, I don't want to talk about him.

Angie: All right, ok, all right. Then let's talk about us, ok? You and me. Sweetheart, I love you. And I want to make this all go away for you. But I can't.

Tad: Check it out. My very own fortress of solitude, huh? You got to love it.

Jesse: Man, I tell you. I'm really regretting taking this chief job.

Tad: I mean, come on, relax, ok? Try to take it easy. Breathe.

Jesse: I can't stand what it's doing to Angela and Cassandra.

Tad: Well, you're not the only one who's suffering. Krystal and I've been going around like cats and dogs lately because of Adam and his interference.

Jesse: I don't want this to mess us up, man.

Tad: It won't.

Jesse: D.A. is breathing down my neck, warning me not to bend the rules for family or friends, man.

Tad: So don't. I'm not saying you're not in a tough position, all right? I'm saying I know you. You will find a way out of it.

Jesse: He wants an indictment, Tad. And if this kid, Dré, goes down for this -- there's your crime.

Tad: All right. Exactly. That's why you got your work cut out for you.

Jesse: I was actually thinking about resigning.

Tad: Oh, please. You won't.

Jesse: No, not, at least, until I see this thing through to the end.

Greenlee: Look at them.

Aidan: They're so happy, aren't they?

Greenlee: Do you think we'll be that happy at their age?

Aidan: Of course, baby. I'm counting on it.

Foster: This place will do quite nicely.

Babs: Mm-hmm. We should, um, go change now, hmm?

Foster: Hmm.

Babs: Wait 'til you see what I'm wearing.

Greenlee: I bet your gown is gorgeous.

Babs: Oh, it's different.

Aidan: Do you think Elvis will officiate?

Greenlee: I think Babs and Foster will keep it simple and sweet.

Justice: You must be the beloved couple. Welcome to our sanctuary.

Aidan: Actually, the beloved couple ju --

Justice: Now, we need to go over the ceremony packages before we begin.

Aidan: No, you don't understand --

Greenlee: Uh, I want to hear about the packages.

Justice: All right, the, uh, super wedded-bliss package is $500. This includes, um, live organ music, a bouquet of live flowers, two witnesses --

Aidan: Are they live, the witnesses?

Justice: And a set of color photographs. This includes four 8x10s, two 5x7s, and four photo coasters.

Aidan: Coasters?

Greenlee: Oh, c-come on, honey. I mean, the main reason that we're getting married is to protect our furniture from water stains.

Justice: And then there's our deluxe bliss package. It's just $250. There are no witnesses, has a bouquet of plastic flowers, and one 8x10.

Aidan: No coasters in that one?

Greenlee: Forget it.

Justice: So we're going with the super deluxe?

Greenlee: We don't want either. No frills. We just want a traditional ceremony.

Aidan: Greenlee, I don't think -- we don't know if that's what Babs and Foster want.

Justice: You're not the bride and the groom?

Greenlee: No, but trust me. They will want it simple and sweet.

Justice: That'll be $150. I'll tell Theodore he can take a long lunch.

Aidan: Theodore?

Justice: Our organist, florist, and photographer.

Greenlee: Talented guy.

Justice: Mm-hmm.

Aidan: A nice little racket going on here, haven't they?

Greenlee: You know, when I was planning our wedding, I wanted the big dress, the big crowd, the big cake, but all you need is a place like this, your vows, and the guy that you're crazy about.

Richie: Cat got your tongue?

Ryan: Hey. It's just me. You ok?

Annie: Yeah. Yeah, I'm -- I'm fine. I guess I'm just a little nervous about playing. I -- it's been a while.

Ryan: Ok, well, we could always do something else.

Annie: No. No, no, no, I want to -- I want to play, and I want to win.

Dealer: Place your bets.

Annie: Ok, I'm, uh, betting big.

Ryan: Wow.

Annie: Yeah.

Dealer: Ok.

Kendall: You know what? She wants this whole trip to be about bonding? Well, I'll bond with her by letting her know I'm on to her.

Zach: I thought you were just going to watch and observe.

Kendall: Well, I'm sorry. I can't honor that agreement.

Zach: Don't do it.

Kendall: Someone has to, Zach. This is ridiculous. She's -- she's completely playing Ryan, and she's -- she's over -- overdoing the whole pregnant-wife thing.

Zach: Kendall. I'll deal with Annie.

Tad: Take this.

Jesse: What's this?

Tad: What's it look like?

Jesse: A steering wheel.

Tad: Excellent. There's a remote in it. Goes to my new video game.

Jesse: Another toy?

Tad: Not just a toy, a very, very sophisticated toy. It works your head and your body. You'd be amazed what this thing's got in it. It's got car racing and tennis, baseball, basketball, just to name a few, which is why I want you to give it a shot. This is going to help you to relax. Look --

[Jesse sighs]

Tad: As your best friend, I'm telling you. You need to dump some of this stress and focus your mind, which is why I want you to take this little wheel, ok? Look, Jesse, I -- I'll make you a promise. I guarantee you, you break a couple speed records, it's going to help you to work on the case. Ok, all right, come here. Stand in the middle of the room, in front of the screen. Come on, come on. Now, check it out.


Tad: Basically, it's a piece of cake. You just start the car.

[Engine sounds]

Tad: Its accelerator's this little -- the little left-hand thing on the side of the wheel, ok? After that, pretty much self-explanatory. Just try not to crash and burn. Best man win, ok? Three, two, one, go. Go.

[Auto-racing sounds]

Tad: Come on, come on, man! Get into it. Piece of cake. So let's start from the beginning, ok? It's perfectly obvious that you don't want Dré to go away for manslaughter.

Jesse: Well, the hit was an accident.

[Car-crash sounds]

Tad: Die, die. Start again, right there, go ahead.

[Auto-racing sounds]

Jesse: And the reason the kids were quiet -- because they were scared.

Tad: Well, it's not doing anybody any good because your D.A. wants an indictment.

Jesse: And Dré did confess.

Tad: Yeah, all right, so there we go, right there. Maybe there's something in the confession that can save him.

Jesse: Will you --

[Auto-racing sounds]

Tad: Confession, confession.

Jesse: Well, he did say that he didn't see Novak, either before or after the hit.

Tad: You already told me that, means he was already back -- on the ground. And we've already been down that road.

Jesse: Yeah, we need to stay on that road.

Tad: Hmm. Ok, all right. So let's just say -- damn it. Say for the sake of argument that Richie was already dead before Dré ran over him.

Jesse: Not just dead?

Tad: Ha-ha.

Jesse: Murdered.

Tad: You got a murderer in mind?

Kendall: What are you going to do to Annie?

Zach: Not going to do anything.

Kendall: You just said that you were going to --

Zach: I know what I said. She may be off your list, but she's still a good friend to me.

Kendall: Yeah, a friend who's very dangerous.

Zach: Take it down a notch, please. There's a baby involved.

Kendall: Ok. All right. Well, we'll do it your way, but keep me in the loop. You want me to distract Ryan?

Zach: Yeah, I'll send him over.

Kendall: Thanks.

Zach: Good-bye.

Annie: Ah, I have 18!

Ryan: Nice! You won again. At least somebody's making some money in this family.

Zach: Hey.

Annie: I am going to break your bank.

Zach: I doubt that. Can I buy you a milk?

Annie: Yeah.

Zach: Come, sit.

Annie: Sounds good to me.

Zach: And, uh, Kendall needs to see you. She doesn't know how to work the machines.

Ryan: Oh, all right. I'll explain that to her. Will you hold this spot for us? Yeah, great, thanks. Excuse me. Do you honestly think that you really need a jackpot there, Kendall?

Kendall: Hmm. Well, Annie looks like she's having an amazing time. She looks happy. And why wouldn't she be? She's got everything going for her.

Ryan: Kendall, I love you, and you know that, and I would hate to lose you as a friend.

Kendall: You're not.

Ryan: Yes, I am, if you don't lay off of Annie.

Annie: This really was a good idea. I'm having a lot of fun.

Zach: Good.

Annie: Something wrong?

Zach: Oh, I don't know. I haven't really told anybody, but, it's, uh, it's my brother's birthday today.

Annie: Oh, not really a day you want to remember.

Zach: No. But I -- I can't shake it. You know, it's my brother. It's history, and, um, well, you know what it's like with Richie. You been able to shake him?


Krystal: Colby?

Colby: Yeah?

Krystal: I was waiting for you in the kitchen.

Colby: Sorry, I just started thinking about Dré. They're not going to send him to prison, are they?

[Krystal sighs]

Krystal: I don't know.

Colby: What if they charge me and Cass?

Krystal: I'm sure Jesse's going to do all he can to keep that from happening.

Colby: I should get dressed.

[Colby sighs]

Colby: Doing a liquor check?

Krystal: Honey. I'm worried about you.

Colby: Because J.R. dragged me into that AA meeting?

Krystal: Babe told me that you were drinking again.

Colby: I don't have a drinking problem.

Krystal: You've been sneaking drinks, Colby.

Colby: You think there's booze in here?

Krystal: Ok, just keep it down. Jenny's --

Colby: Go ahead and smell it! Take a sip! Take it! I'm not a drunk!

Cassandra: I wanted to tell you about the accident right after we found out what we really hit.

Angie: Why didn't you, honey?

Cassandra: Well, I was scared. Not just for me, but for Dré and Colby. Look, we thought we were protecting each other by not saying anything. It's a wrong move. Now, Dré's paying for it.

Angie: Honey, he has his father and Jackson. He's in good hands.

Cassandra: You know, that night, Dré was driving because Colby couldn't. He was being responsible.

Angie: I understand that.

Cassandra: He's a really great guy, Mom, like a really great guy. He is who he is. He's not -- he doesn't do that thing, you know, most boys do, pose, and -- and kick game and try too hard to be cool. Like, when he looks at you, you know he's really seeing you, and -- and he listens, like he really listens, like whatever you're saying is the most incredible thing he's ever heard.

Angie: You really like him.

Cassandra: Yeah, I do. What?

Angie: It's not that serious yet, right?

Cassandra: Why?

Angie: Well, because you and Dré just met.

Cassandra: Like months ago. So?

Angie: So you should take it slow.

Cassandra: Mom, say what you're really thinking.

Angie: I just did.

Cassandra: Oh, you disapprove?

Angie: No, I -- that's not what I'm thinking --

Cassandra: Because Dré is in trouble, you think I should -- I should just cut him loose?

Angie: C-Cassandra, you're not listening to me.

Cassandra: No, I'm not going to do it. I'm not going to turn my back on him.

Jesse: Another remote?

Tad: No, it's a new game. Bowling! Come on. Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on. Now look, you just manipulate -- oh, what the hell, just take this. Just manipulate it the way you -- they way you would a bowling ball, ok? Boot this sucker up.


Tad: Ok, so who do we know that would've, could've, killed Richie before Dré hit him, huh? Go ahead, you start. What about Zach? You said he found the body. He called it in?

Jesse: No, Zach -- I questioned him. There's nothing incriminating there.

Tad: Hmm.

[Bowling sounds]

Tad: Strike! Hey, look at you, first time out. You should join a league, ok?

Jesse: Whatever.

Tad: Now, move over -- so who's our next suspect?

Jesse: J.R.

Tad: That's a pleasant thought.

Jesse: Yeah, well --

Tad: To be fair, it's not like he didn't have a motive. I mean, Richie did steal his bone marrow.

Jesse: And J.R. was with Babe when Novak was hit. Babe had motive, too. Richie kidnapped her butt, right? But there's nothing to prove that either one of them were anywhere near the hit-and-run scene. Their car that they were driving is clean.

Tad: Oh, thank God for small favors. Ok.


[Bowling sounds]

Tad: Gutter ball. Hmm, pathetic. Ok, so who's next on the hit parade?

Jesse: Kendall and Greenlee. I mean, they rescued Babe, tied Richie up in that cabin. Richie escapes. Half hour, hour later, dead.

Tad: So? The Fusion babes have alibis?

Jesse: Yeah.

Tad: Your shot.

Jesse: They were still at the cabin with Aidan when Richie was killed.

Tad: Ok, so next suspect.

[Bowling sounds]

Tad: Huh, hey? See, what'd I tell you? That's the look I like to see. What is it?

Jesse: Kendall, Greenlee, Babe. They were surprised when Richie escaped, right?

Tad: Mm-hmm.

Jesse: I mean, they tied him up, so they figured he must've had a knife on him.

Tad: And you think maybe he didn't?

Jesse: Well, I'm thinking that maybe -- maybe somebody else helped Richie escape.

Tad: Hmm.

Jesse: And --

[Bowling sounds]

Tad: God, I hate you. Give me that. And maybe that someone --

Jesse: Maybe that someone killed Richie.

Zach: Annie?

Annie: Yeah? Sorry, I was -- I was just thinking about what you said, about your brother.

Zach: You get it, right?

Annie: Yeah, yeah. I fought back as hard as I could. Sometimes, I didn't know if I would hold up.

Zach: Well, you did hold up. You survived Richie.

Kendall: Ryan, don't let Annie get in the way of you and me, please.

Ryan: Annie is in my life, Kendall, all right? She's having my child, ok? We have a family together, and if you can't accept that, I'm sorry, but this friendship can't continue.

Kendall: Ryan, I love you, too. I do. And what I love about you most is your huge heart. It has been broken so many times, and no matter what, you never let that break who you are. You're a good man, and you always want to do the right thing, and you want to protect everyone that you care about, no matter what it costs you. Well, this is costing you, Ryan. Annie is costing you.

[1960s' music plays]

Aidan: Aw, here they are.

Babs: Love, peace, and Woodstock, huh? That's where Foster and I met in 1969.

Foster: Danced naked together to Jimi Hendrix. The summer of love.

Aidan: You guys look really groovy.

Babs: Let's make it happen, man.

[Music stops]

[Greenlee laughs]

[Different music plays]

Singer: It feels so right to be with you again no one else can love me like you do

Babs: Come here, honey. Ooh.

Ryan: You think Annie is costing me? Let me tell you about what I've cost Annie, ok? Thank you very much. I literally begged the woman to marry me, ok? And then one morning, I wake up, and I don't remember her at all. I don't remember our kids. I don't remember our life together, and it was devastating for her, but she -- she hung in there for me, Kendall. Despite all the crap that I put her through, all of it, she never stopped loving me.

Kendall: Well, whatever Annie feels for you, she's taken to a whole, new level.

Ryan: Well, you don't really know her.

Kendall: You don't know her either, Ryan. Being noble has blinded you.

Annie: I mean, my brother was crazy. He was -- he was delusional. He thought he deserved whatever and whomever he wanted. I mean, he kidnapped Babe, thinking that he could actually get her to love him, and then he has the audacity to tell me that he was surprised that -- that she didn't want him back.

Richie: Uh-oh, sis. You just blew it.

Zach: Annie. Did you talk to Richie after he kidnapped Babe?



Ryan: Kendall, Annie has not "blinded" me, ok? I can see perfectly what I have with her, perfectly. I have Emma, and I have another beautiful child on the way, all right, and I want to give those children, as well as Spike, something that I didn't have, a father that loves them and gives them the support that they deserve.

Kendall: But you love Greenlee.

Ryan: I love Annie, and I am committed to my family, Kendall, to Annie. I am committed to Annie.

Justice: [Yelling over music] It is my privilege to present and pronounce you husband and wife.

Singer: Hold me a little tighter

Foster: Heart.

Babs: And soul.

Greenlee: Oh!

Babs: Oh, oh, oh, oh.

Greenlee: Congratulations!

Babs: Oh!

Aidan: Peace and love, man. Peace and love.

Greenlee: Are you two going on a honeymoon?

Babs: Oh, we're hitching our way back to Woodstock.

Foster: I got Hendrix on the box.

Babs: Yeah, we'll be dancing

[Group laughs]

Foster: Let's hit the road.

Babs: Well, listen, you and Aidan are like me and Foster, heart and soul. Don't do what we did. Don't lose 40 years.

[Babs squeals]

Babs: Hey. Hey. Hey, hey. Hey. Hey. Come on.

Aidan: What do you say, baby? You want to dance naked?

Zach: Annie. Did you talk to Richie after he kidnapped Babe?

Annie: No. I didn't talk to him. He never called me again. I don't want to talk about Richie, ok?

Zach: Ok.

[Baseball sounds]

Tad: Ah -- double. Kid's on fire. Ok, so where are we? Who would have, could have, busted Richie out of that shed?

Jesse: So they could kill him?

Tad: Yeah, must've been somebody with a hell of a motive.

Jesse: Yeah, who wasn't a part of the cabin group.

Tad: You know what? I hate to say this, but I know you're already considering it anyway. What about Ryan? I mean, he's always hated Richie's guts for what he did to Annie.

Jesse: No, no, I was with Ryan when, uh, Richie got hit.

Tad: Yeah? You know what? It sounds kind of farfetched, but what about Annie?

Jesse: Said she was at the movies?

Tad: Huh, why do you say that like you don't believe it?

Jesse: Well, she was really defensive when I questioned her, you know, and I had -- had just spoken to Zach about Annie, and I think he's got something on her that he doesn't want to share with me.

Tad: Well, there you go. Just call Annie back in. Question her again.

Jesse: Yeah, can't keep harassing these people without direct evidence, Tad. And she did have a ticket stub to the movie.

Tad: Yeah, ok.

[Baseball sounds]

Tad: Oh, three up, three down. Three pop flies, no runs. Come on, you're up.

Jesse: You know what? Damn it, I wish we had that body still.

Tad: What?

Jesse: Annie had that boy cremated so fast. She said she did it for her father.

Tad: Do you think she might have done it for another reason?

Jesse: She might have wanted to cremate some incriminating evidence.

Cassandra: You don't want me with Dré because you blame him for the accident.

Angie: No, I don't. Look, I'm not telling you not to be with him. And it's not because of what's happened. It's not because Dré's been arrested. It's just that you're so young.

Cassandra: I'm 18.

Angie: That's young. All I want is what any mother wants for her child. I want you happy and safe and cared for, and that's why I'm glad that you and Dré are taking it slow, ok?

Cassandra: Ok. He's a good guy.

Angie: Well, I'm taking your word for that.

Colby: Sorry I soaked you. I'm just tired of you and everyone else treating me like I'm this hopeless alcoholic. Just because other Chandlers are drunks doesn't mean that I am.

Krystal: This isn't about the other Chandlers. This is about you. Now, no, there was not alcohol in that bottle, but you have been drinking, Colby. It got you into trouble the night of that hit and run. And how did you handle that trouble? By drinking more, by keeping secrets, by getting defensive with the people who love you and want to help you.

Colby: I'm angry because you aren't helping me. You're all over me, lecturing me, treating me like I'm still a kid.

[Krystal sighs]

Krystal: Ok, right. Yeah, you're 18 years old. Now you're a bona fide adult, but you are not acting like one. What happened to the brave, young woman who helped deliver Jenny? You're that child's godmother because I believed that you had the strength and the judgment and the maturity to help raise her. But now I -- I don't know. I'm having second thoughts. Because, God forbid, if anything happened to Tad or me, I don't want to leave my baby in the hands of another child.

Colby: I love Jenny.

Krystal: I know that. But it takes a lot more than love to raise a child.

Colby: I've stopped drinking. I won't do it anymore. I love being her godmother more than anything. When I'm taking care of Jenny, it -- it just feels right, because I know what I'm doing, and I know I know what I'm doing. Don't take that away from me. Don't take Jenny away from me. Please. I'll -- I'll do anything to prove I'm good for her, anything.

Krystal: You just did. You know I would do anything for you, too. This is a hard time for you, and we all have them. And we all need help getting through them.

Colby: I don't need help. I'm fine. Really. I better get dressed.

Cassandra: You know, you're so worried about me getting involved with Dré, and, meanwhile, Frankie's dating a hooker.

Angie: Look, Frankie sees something in Randi that most people don't.

Cassandra: So you're really ok with Frankie going out with a, um, with Randi?

Angie: Honey, look, I want both my children to fall in love someday, you know, make a home, have -- have a family, but I've got to tell you, if -- if you're with a person that I don't think is right for you, you know, or that I think will hurt you, I'm going to let you know it, and that's it.

Cassandra: Yeah, I have no doubt about that. Mom?

Angie: I'm going to go check on those ribs.

Tad: Hey, did you check out Annie's car after the hit and run?

Jesse: No. She had proof that she was at the movies when Richie was killed.

Tad: So the new chief of police couldn't get himself a search warrant.

Jesse: No, she just had an accident herself. Her car was pretty much banged up, and if there was any incriminating evidence, probably history now.

[Door opens]

Jesse: Hey, how's it going up there?

Angie: Um, Cassandra and I had a long talk, and we're in a better place. Sweetheart, I am so sorry about the way she talked to you.

Jesse: She's angry. Angie's little diva. Got to give her space, you know, have a little patience.

Angie: All right, listen, why don't you guys come on upstairs? Food's almost ready.

Tad: Oh, damn it. Hmm, I knew I forgot something. Dessert. I promised Kathy we were going to make s'mores, so I -- I got to run to they store.

Jesse: Well, hey. I'll go with you.

Tad: No, no, no, no, no, listen. I need you to stay here. You got to be the man of the house, ok? Just, you know, serve up the ribs. I'll just -- I'll be back in a minute.

Jesse: You know what? I forgot the beer. I'm going to go get the beer. I'll be back in a minute.

Angie: Ok.

Jesse: All right.

Ryan: So how's it going over here?

[Annie sighs]

Annie: I lost. I'm done.

Kendall: Oh, I wish.

Annie: My winning streak is over.

Ryan: Yeah? Maybe not.

Annie: What's that supposed to mean?

Ryan: I don't know. I just had a crazy Vegas idea.

Annie: What?

Aidan: Hello? Where'd you go?

Greenlee: I was just thinking.

Aidan: About what?

Greenlee: I don't want us to lose 40 years.

Ryan: You're my wife, and you are the mother of my kids.

Annie: Yes.

Ryan: And I love you. So I was, um, I was wondering if you would do me the honor of marrying me again?

Colby: Don't worry. I'll make it happen.

Cassandra: My mom and I went at it.

Colby: Krystal got on me.

Cassandra: God, I am so tired of all the drama. I don't want to do this barbeque. I just want to go see Dré and make sure he's ok. What?

Colby: You will so owe me.

Krystal: Well, Tad and Jesse took off like bats out of hell.

Angie: Uh, they getting the beer and dessert.

Krystal: Yeah. Colby, uh, caught me checking her water bottle. I thought she was drinking again.

Angie: Was she?

Krystal: No, but she is wound up so tight.

Colby: Hey, um, actually, Sharon just called and invited me to a pool party, and she said Cass could come.

Krystal: Oh, well, we're about to eat.

Colby: That's ok. Sharon's mom will feed us.

Angie: Do you want to go?

Cassandra: Yeah, um, we'll just stop and get my suit.

Angie: Ok, well, have fun.

Colby and Cassandra: Ok.

Colby: Ok, bye.

Cassandra: Bye.

Krystal: How are you and Cass doing?

Angie: We talked. And it was good until --

Krystal: Until what?

Angie: Until I started warning her about what I'd do if she picked a guy I didn't care for. I sounded just like my father. And it scared me to death.

Jesse: Looking for something? That's Annie Lavery's car.

Annie: You want to get married again?

Ryan: Yeah, I do. I mean, Vegas is -- is full of chapels, right? I want this, Annie. I want -- I want this for you. I want it -- I want it for all of us. Ok?

Annie: Ok. Let's do it.

Ryan: Right. You guys can be our witnesses.

Annie: Yeah.

Kendall: Uh, I don't think that's a good idea.

Ryan: You're our friends, and we would really love to have you there.

Kendall: Ok.

Zach: Count me in.

Ryan: Great. Thank you. Now we've just got to find a chapel.

Annie: Ok.

Ryan: Ok, let's do it. We'll be right back. All right.

Kendall: Ok, all right. Oh, my God. This is out of control. This is bad. Zach, what did Annie say to you? You have -- come on. You have to tell me.

Zach: I think Annie knows more about Richie's death than she's letting on.

Annie: Ok. We found a chapel. Couldn't resist the name.

Ryan: Cherub. Cherub Chapel.

Aidan: We won't lose 40 years, because I plan on hanging out with you for life.

Greenlee: Let's do it. Here. Now.

Aidan: Do what?

Greenlee: Marry me, Aidan.

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