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All My Children Transcript Friday 8/1/08


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Aidan: Well, hello.

[Greenlee chuckles]

Aidan: How you doing?

Greenlee: Mmm.

Aidan: Mmm.

Greenlee: I needed that. I love my job, but not when it sucks me dry. Make me forget it.

Aidan: I will. Come over here. Take a look at this.

Greenlee: Hey, what's with the over-sized, uh, boy toy?

Aidan: I bought it for the new house.

Greenlee: Well, we haven't started house hunting yet.

Aidan: No hunting necessary.

Greenlee: Well, you have to hunt before you buy.

Aidan: Yeah, we're not buying. We're building. We're going to build our house right now.

Zach: You really need to do this?

Kendall: Oh, yeah. I do have to pick up Annie's slack. My God, look at all this stuff that she left me. With all of her life drama, she let everything pile up.

Zach: Well, she is pregnant.

Kendall: I don't give a damn. I worked through the beginning of both of my pregnancies. What the hell?

Zach: Look at that. Greenlee lost her head.

Kendall: No, no. This was no accident. Annie decapitated her.

Greenlee: I'm rooting for you guys. I really am.

Ryan: Annie? What are you doing?

J.R.: Ok, J.R. Let's do it. Where is everyone?

Adam: They're not coming. It's just you and me. As it should be.

J.R.: This is a board meeting. The board needs to be here.

Adam: I told them not to bother.

J.R.: Yeah, to sabotage me. Well, it's not going to work. You're not winning this one, Dad. Gina. Yeah, I'm in the board room. There's no one here. I'll explain later, but just try to get everyone on the phone --

[Phone beeps]

J.R.: Well, that's real mature, Dad. You know, this meeting is going to happen, whether you want it or not.

Adam: Will you hear me out?

J.R.: I guess you know what's on the agenda. You're being voted off of Chandler. It's over for you, Dad, so I think it's time you start to accept it.

Adam: Oh, I have.

J.R.: Right.

Adam: That's why I wanted some time alone with you here before the meeting. You've beaten me, son. I finally realized that you are certainly capable of running this company. And I'm not going to stand in your way. Congratulations.

Babe: Whoa, whoa.

Colby: Oh, sorry.

Babe: Colby, watch out. Hey, that is not water.

Colby: Is Dad here?

Babe: No, he's in a meeting. Come and sit down.

Colby: I don't have time.

Babe: Look, you're drinking again.

Colby: Please --

Babe: Tell me why.

Colby: I don't need this, ok?

Babe: Colby, I'm worried about you.

Colby: Get out of my face. I need to see Daddy.

Dré: Feeling any better? Stupid question, huh?

Cassandra: No, it wasn't. I'm just freaking out again.

Dré: You know I'm right there with you. I mean, I know I didn't see Richie the night we hit him, but I just keep imagining his body, dead.

Cassandra: Colby thinks our plan will save us. Do you?

Dré: It's all we got.

Angie: Hi.

Cassandra: Hi, Mom. Dré and I were just on our way out.

Jesse: Actually, we'd like you to stay.

Cassandra: What's up?

Jesse: We need to talk about the night you guys drove up to Adam's lodge with Colby.

Cassandra: Dré wasn't with us.

Angie: Oh, just stop, Cassandra. Please, no more lies.

Cassandra: I haven't lied to you.

Angie: Yes, you have.

Cassandra: Look, I will deal, ok? Just -- you should go.

Jesse: Actually, you should stay.

Cassandra: Don't boss him.

Angie: Cassandra.

Dré: I'm not going anywhere.

Cassandra: He can't make you stay.

Dré: I want to stay.

Jesse: So let's all sit down, ok?

Cassandra: I can't believe you're doing this to me.

Angie: I'm not doing anything to you, Cassandra. I -- I tried to talk to you. I didn't get anywhere.

Jesse: Your mother thinks you're scared.

Cassandra: Don't talk for her!

Angie: Look, you just -- you watch your mouth. Now, Jesse wants to help you, sweetheart.

Cassandra: By having me followed and convincing you I'm a killer?

Jesse: I'm not out to get you, Cassandra.

Cassandra: Yeah, right. You want to nail me and now Dré for running over that Novak guy.

Jesse: What I want is for you to tell me what happened that night.

Dré: Cass, maybe --

Cassandra: Look, if my mother believes in me, that should be enough. And you, you didn't even have anything on us. You don't have any proof of anything, so why don't you just leave us alone?

Jesse: This is from a security camera from a gas station on Route 77, about five miles from where Richie Novak was found, and, uh, it looks like the two of you paying for gas for the only car that was out at the pumps at the time. Bam. Colby's car, the one she claims she didn't drive that night. Forensics lifted tire tracks from Richie's clothing. Rare tires. The same rare tires that were on Colby's car. This is proof that Richie was run down by this vehicle.

Babe: Come over here. Sit down. I'm going to give you some coffee, and you're going to tell me what's going on with you.

Colby: It's nothing.

Babe: You're in trouble. I can see it.

Colby: I just need to talk to Dad.

Babe: Look, you're drinking Colby, ok? You're in trouble. I -- I know, I'm familiar with it. The one thing that helped me every time was reaching out to the right person and having them pull me out the right way. So please, please, just let me be that person.

Colby: You can't.

Babe: Give me a chance.

Colby: What I did, there's no right way out.

J.R.: So, you're giving up?

Adam: No, no, no. I'm just not fighting you. Not anymore. I spent most of last night prepping this meeting, going through all the data sheets and the reports and everything, and there's no denying it. You have done some remarkable work for this company.

J.R.: That's funny because, uh, not long ago, you could barely muster up the words like "adequate."

Adam: Yeah, well, um, I'm sure you realize that I've been fighting my own ego. You're aware of that, but the board members are all behind you. I've talked to every one of them. They're all behind you for the right reasons. In this past year, you have raised this company's profits by millions. And not to mention, um, the -- oh, expanding the, uh, Hudson contract to a multi-year extension. Uh, there's more. Closed the Peterson acquisition, and you launched the Lansing Product Peske line and on time. In your hands, there's no telling where we can go.

J.R.: You're serious?

Adam: I'm going to go clean out my office for you right now.

J.R.: No. No, you don't have to do that.

Adam: You belong there. I'm so proud of you, son.

J.R.: Uh, ahem. I'm sorry.

Adam: For what?

J.R.: I've gone off on you. It got ugly a couple times.

Adam: Yeah, well, yeah, I probably had it coming. Practicing a little tough love. Leaking my sanitarium respite to "The Wall Street Herald." Sheer genius.

J.R.: How'd you know I was behind that?

Adam: Well -- well, it wasn't -- you know, the -- that work, it wasn't easy.

J.R.: Yeah, hmm. And you were angry?

Adam: No, no, I would've done the same damn thing myself.

J.R.: Well, I had to do something extreme.

Adam: Yeah, well, sure. You had to prove to those -- to the backers, the -- the board, that I was, uh, cuckoo-noonoo.

[J.R. laughs]

J.R.: Yeah, yeah, getting that photo of you at Oak Haven --

Adam: Oh, the nuthouse. Oh, God.

[J.R. laughs]

J.R.: It did the trick.

Adam: Yeah, yes, son, it did. Thank you, J.R., very much.

J.R.: For what?

Adam: For your confession, you spineless, gutless ingrate.

Kendall: Annie hates Greenlee, so she purposely guillotined her.

Zach: You don't know what Annie did or didn't do. Just let this go.

Kendall: You're defending Annie. Ryan defends her. Even Greenlee defended her.

Zach: So you're not going to let it go?

Kendall: No, I'm not, because she's an out-of-control head case.

[Zach sighs]

Zach: This has nothing to do with Ryan and loving Greenlee or any of that stuff?

Kendall: No, no, no, no, it's not. I'm -- I'm taking your advice, and I'm -- I'm not trying to control other people's love lives.

Zach: Good.

Kendall: Good. This is about Annie needing serious medication or deep therapy or both. I think she could be dangerous. She could be more like her brother then she lets on.

Zach: Oh, don't do that.

Kendall: No, Zach, I can see what you can't.

Zach: Yeah? You see things that I can't? Really?

Kendall: Yes, I can. Listen to me a second. I used to be very angry back when I hated my life and resented everyone who had it better than I did. I wanted to make the whole world pay, including my mom. And I did. So I can detect that kind of rage in other women, and I see it in Annie.

Zach: We'll talk about it later.

Kendall: Ok, I'm right about Annie.

Zach: See you at home. Don't work too hard.

Kendall: Bye.

Greenlee: We're building a house?

Aidan: Yep.

Greenlee: How many of these have you had?

Aidan: Um, I don't know. I lost count. All right. Download's done. We're good to go. This program has everything we need to put our house together. Site-work planner, floor-plan drawing tools, interior/exterior design capabilities.

Greenlee: Amazing. You are amazing.

Aidan: So we put this house together, and we give it to our own personal architect.

Greenlee: Do we build him, too?

Aidan: No, I hired us a real one, Addison Neville. He's going to finalize the design for the property.

Greenlee: But we don't have property. You didn't.

Aidan: 10 acres, baby. Out by the Yacht Club, and it's all ours.

Annie: I actually borrowed this from Mr. Andoni downstairs to tighten the pipe under the sink in Emma's bathroom.

Ryan: It's leaking again?

Annie: I think so, and I don't want to be on that plumber's waiting list again, so I just thought I'd take care of it myself.

Ryan: Where's Emma?

Annie: She's actually at another sleepover.

Ryan: Another sleepover? Don't you think she's been doing too many of those?

Annie: Well, this one wasn't exactly planned. She just got really excited, because I told her about the baby.

Ryan: You told her about the baby?

Annie: I know we should've told her together, but it just kind of slipped, and she got so excited and said she wanted to tell Spike, so I took her over there. Rachel invited her to spend the night. I kind of couldn't convince her otherwise. I'm sorry. I know I should've waited.

Ryan: It's ok. I'll pick her up in the morning, and I'll take care of the pipe.

Annie: Oh, no, that's ok. It's ok. I can do it.

Ryan: No, you need to rest, ok? I'll do it after -- after my meeting.

Annie: Meeting?

Ryan: Yeah, yeah, I got a meeting. It's not going to take very long.

Annie: Are you going to see Greenlee?

Ryan: No, I'm not. Why would you think that?

Annie: I saw you two together at ConFusion yesterday.

Ryan: You were at ConFusion yesterday? Why didn't you come over and join us?

Annie: Because I was jealous. I know it sounds so stupid. I know you love me and Emma and this baby. I just -- I don't know. I've just been feeling a little crazy lately. Hormones and work and everything, and I -- sorry. I told myself I wouldn't cry. You know what? It's fine. Go, go on to your meeting. I'm being silly. Go, I'll be fine.

Ryan: Are you sure?

Annie: Yes, I am so sure. Go, go.

Ryan: Ok.

Annie: Ok.

[Annie chuckles]

[Annie gasps when she sees Richie's ghost]

Richie: I know what you're up to, sis. Miss me?

Dré: They got us. Now, I'm going to tell them that I was the driver.

Cassandra: No, don't!

Dré: This is hurting you and your mom. I can fix it.

Cassandra: You are not going down for this, ok? I'll handle it.

Angie: You know, all of this covert whispering between the two of you. You need to be over here talking to us.

Jesse: You couldn't be more obvious. What do you think? We're stupid? We are not the enemy. Come on, are you kidding? I know you two are not killers. Something went wrong that night. Something went really wrong, freaked you out. You didn't know what to do, so you decided to just cover it up. That's not working for you really well, is it? You do see that, don't you? And I do want to help you. But I can't do anything with you stonewalling like this.

Angie: Honey, please, listen to him.

Jesse: We will see you through this.

Cassandra: Yeah, I'm not doing this anymore.

Angie: Who are you calling?

Cassandra: Calling Daddy. And -- tell him I'll be on the first jet back to Paris.

Dré: Cass, hold on.

Cassandra: No, I don't want to be here anymore!

Angie: Give me that. Give me this phone! You are not running away from this.

Cassandra: You can't make me stay.

Jesse: Actually -- I can, Cassandra. I don't want to have to do this, but you're leaving me no choice. Not talking, resisting -- baby --

Angie: You know what? You two, you got to work with us here. You have to trust us.

Cassandra: No, I will never trust you again. Either of you.

Angie: Jesse. Um, you need to do what you need to do.

Annie: You're not real.

Richie: You know, you always try to convince yourself that you weren't crazy like me. But conjuring up dead brothers qualifies for pretty insane.

Annie: Go away.

Richie: I didn't think you had murder in you. But I guess I'm dead proof that you do.

Annie: Shut up.

Richie: And you've picked another target. Still using your weapon of choice, I see. But you've upgraded. Very cool.

[Knock on door]

Zach: Hey. Bad time?

[Elevator opens]

Ryan: Hey.

Kendall: Hey.

Ryan: Sorry.

Kendall: Hi. Um, if you're, uh, if you're looking for Annie, she's --

Ryan: No, I know, she's at home. I came to see you, actually. I tried you at home first. What are you doing with this?

Kendall: Oh, it just -- it fell, so I was just trying to fix it. So, uh, what can I do for you?

Ryan: Why did you finally tell Greenlee?

Kendall: Tell her what?

Ryan: That I love her.

Greenlee: What are those circles right there?

Aidan: They're the hills, and there's one in particular where the house is going to go. It's really -- it's way up there on the hill. There's going to be trees surrounding the house, which is going to shield it from the winter wind, and we can watch the most gorgeous sunsets.

Greenlee: This could all be real.

Aidan: Yeah. I looked through the gallery of homes, the model homes, and I picked one out for us. I hope you like it, and we can change anything about it that you want. All right, you ready?

Greenlee: Yeah.

Aidan: Look at this.

Greenlee: That's it. That's our home.

Kendall: I told her that you love her. I -- but listen, I didn't mean to, ok? She was being a huge pain in my butt, and she kept insisting that -- that -- that I was jealous of Annie, which is ridiculous, and I couldn't shut her up. She wouldn't stop talking, so it just came out. But I -- I promise, I -- I promise, I did the best I could, and I covered for it.

Ryan: We ran into each other. The way she talked to me, the way she was looking at me, I knew. I knew that she knew something.

Kendall: And you wish that she said she loved you back.

Ryan: Kendall, stop it.

Kendall: What? I'm not doing anything.

Ryan: I -- Greenlee is with Aidan, and I am with Annie.

Kendall: Yes, and she's having your baby. I know that, Ryan. I know who is with who and why. But I also know that you got the bum end of the deal. You're not happy. And you'll never be happy as long as you're with Annie.

Annie: Is -- is Emma ok?

Zach: Yeah, I just talked to Rachel. She's, uh, she's good. Can I come in?

Annie: You know, actually, I was just about to leave.

Zach: For a minute, can I come in for a minute?

Annie: Come on in.

Zach: It's just, uh, killing time, so --

Annie: So you came here?

Zach: To check on you. What?

Annie: Kendall sent you. See if I've gone off the deep end yet?

Zach: No.

Annie: Come on, Zach. She thinks I've gone completely nuts. I know that.

Richie: Go on. Tell him what you have planned for today. Another elimination.

Zach: Hey, Annie.

Richie: Go on. Tell him that you plan on getting rid of his good pal, Greenlee. Just like you got rid of me.

Babe: Ok, tell me. What did you do?

Colby: I can't. It won't help.

Babe: You're never going to know unless you tell me.

Colby: I don't feel so good. I -- I'm going to go to the ladies' room.

Babe: Ok, I'll come with you.

Colby: No.

J.R.: You actually believe that you can have me booted based upon that confession?

Adam: See this tape? You want a copy?

J.R.: All that proves is that I went public with your mental disorder.

Adam: Hmm.

J.R.: The board will thank me, because they all still think you're crazy.

Adam: Oh, do they?

J.R.: Yeah, that's why they want me to run this company. You see, the board is on my side.

Adam: Oh, J. -- J.R., J.R. Look around you. Do you see the board? Anybody here? No, that's because they're on my side. Your manipulations didn't work. Now, they -- they -- they put up with you for a while when I was out of commission. That's true. But, uh, they're -- now that I'm back, they're not going to turn against me. You should've anticipated that. As one other thing, I have to -- one board member that I have to turn to our side, that would be your sister. Your sister who believes that, uh, it's a terrible thing for family members to betray each other. I -- she's not going to like this tape.

J.R.: Not now, Babe.

Babe: Colby's here, and so are the police.

Colby: Daddy.

Adam: Officer, what is all this about?

J.R.: Well, Colby, what the hell is going on?

Lt. Perry: We need to take your daughter down to the station for some questions.

Colby: They want to ask me about Richie Novak's murder.

J.R.: Do you have an arrest warrant?

Lt. Perry: No.

Adam: Then my daughter's not answering any questions.

Colby: Is Jesse questioning anyone else?

Adam: Colby, let it go.

Colby: I need to know.

Lt. Perry: I can't tell you that.

Colby: I'll go to the station.

Adam: Colby, stop.

Colby: I'm ready. Let's go.

Adam: Damn it, Colby. Wait!

Jesse: All right, all right. This is no side show. Everybody get back to work. Guerino? Any word on Colby Chandler?

Det. Guerino: Perry's bringing her in.

Jesse: I'd like you to question this young man, Dré Woods. This is Detective Guerino. Now, are you sure you don't want to call your father?

Dré: No, I don't want him involved.

Jesse: Lawyer?

Dré: Don't need one.

Jesse: You heard the man. Do your thing.

Det. Guerino: Have a seat at my desk.

Jesse: All right, so, uh, you want to go somewhere private?

Cassandra: I don't want special treatment. You decided that I'm a criminal, so just treat me like one. Do whatever you have to do in front of everybody just like they're doing with Dré.

Jesse: Yes, ma'am. So let's have a seat. Ok. You ready for this?

Cassandra: Yes.

Jesse: State your full name.

Cassandra: Cassandra Foster.

Jesse: Oh, baby, it's going to be ok, all right?

Angie: Cassandra, it doesn't need to be this way.

Lt. Perry: Careful now. Watch your step.

Cassandra: Colby.

Colby: You guys ok?

Cassandra: Yeah.

Dré: How are you?

Colby: I'm fine. We'll be fine.

Angie: Cassandra, listen, sweetheart. Please, let's go somewhere where we can talk in private.

Cassandra: No, Mom. I don't have anything else to say to you.

Adam: Hubbard. What are you trying to prove, Hubbard?

Jesse: That I'm good at my job, Chandler.

Adam: My daughter did not run down Richie Novak. I told you the car was stolen. She never got a chance to drive it.

Jesse: Well, we have evidence that suggests otherwise. Perry, will you escort Miss Chandler to the interrogation room?

Adam: My daughter is not being questioned before my lawyer gets here.

Colby: I told you I don't want a lawyer.

Adam: Honey, don't -- don't fight me on this. As your legal guardian, I have every --

Colby: I'm 18. I'm an adult. You can't tell me what to do. Uh, no lawyer.

J.R.: Colby, it's just for your own protection.

Colby: I can protect myself. Let's go.

Adam: I'm going with you.

Colby: No, you're not.

Adam: For the love of God, Colby --

Colby: Back off, Dad.

Aidan: Well, how about a studio for when you bring work home?

Greenlee: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. But I'll need a stove just in case Kendall and I get the urge to cook up any cosmetics.

Aidan: It's a done deal, baby.

Greenlee: And you'll need a room of your own.

Aidan: Like a basement. With a beer fridge, blackjack table, wooden paneling.

Greenlee: Yeah, I'll never be going down there.

Aidan: Well, that's the idea, and we have to get an arcade game in case Tad comes over.

[Greenlee sighs]

Aidan: Yeah, he likes those pinball machines.

Greenlee: Uh-huh. And one of those chairs with the lever that the footrest pops up. For my dad.

Aidan: Your dad likes those?

Greenlee: He's got it hidden in his library. Please, don't tell anyone.

Aidan: Want to work on the upstairs?

Greenlee: Yes. Let's work on the master bedroom.

Ryan: Lay off of Annie.

Kendall: I'm your friend, Ryan. I care.

Ryan: If you cared, you'd stop ripping into my life.

Kendall: She's pregnant, and she trapped you.

Ryan: I am so not doing this.

Kendall: Wait, wait, wait, look, please, don't go. Listen, listen a second, please. Annie scares me, ok? She broke into Greenlee's apartment, and she tried to get Zach blamed for her brother's death.

Ryan: Because she's scared, ok? She's scared that she's going to lose again. Think about it for a second. Think about how much she's lost. She lost her mom and dad when her -- when Richie turned them against her, ok? She lost her -- her first husband when she found out the guy was a pedophile. She lost me when I lost my memory, and then, before Richie died, he did a number on her. She's a mess.

Kendall: Ok, she's a mess. So you're staying with her because you feel bad for her. But you love Greenlee.

Ryan: Well, eventually I will stop loving Greenlee.

Kendall: Oh, God, Ryan, come on. You're being ridiculous.

Ryan: Stay out of it, Kendall.

Kendall: You can't trust Annie.

Ryan: For God's sakes.

Kendall: She knows, Ryan. I didn't tell her, but somewhere deep down, Annie senses that you love Greenlee, and she hates her for it.

Zach: Annie.

Annie: Sorry. I'm -- you know, I'm just so tired, and I'm still so nauseous. But Kendall's not wrong. I have been acting a little nuts lately. You know, you men are lucky that you never have to deal with pregnancy and all these hormone surges.

Zach: Yeah, in that, we are. Sure. Come, sit down.

Annie: I wish I could take it back, Zach.

Zach: Take what back?

Annie: Telling Jesse that you beat up Richie. Kendall's never going to forgive me for that, and I don't blame her.

Zach: Let it go. I have. Come here. You do look a little tired. Come on.

Annie: Well, when I lie down, I can't sleep. When I wake up, I can't concentrate on anything. Especially work. Kendall's probably working overtime for me at Fusion. I've kind of become a complete slacker.

Zach: It's true. You have. I'm kidding -- don't need to go there. You just need a break.

Annie: I need more than that.

Zach: What?

Annie: You know what I want?

Zach: What?

Annie: I want to pack up Ryan and leave Pine Valley.

Greenlee: Champagne?

[Aidan whistles then chuckles]

Aidan: Hello.

Greenlee: Hello.

Aidan: This bedroom is, um, shaping up nicely.

Greenlee: I love our new home, and I love you for building it.

Aidan: I didn't build it. We built it together. Mmm.

Greenlee: Let's build something else together.

Aidan: Yeah?

Greenlee: Yeah.

Aidan: I don't think we need this computer for that.

Greenlee: No, no, we don't.

Ryan: Do you remember when we got married?

Kendall: Yes, how could I forget?

Ryan: Do you remember when Greenlee had me arrested for bigamy? All right, so if Annie did hate Greenlee, she'd have a very good reason, but she doesn't. She forgave her.

Kendall: Well, Annie has changed, Ryan. She is not the princess bride anymore. She's -- I don't know what --

Ryan: Ok, you know what? I'm not doing this.


Zach: You're going to pack up Ryan and move out?

Annie: No, I'm just saying I think we could use a vacation.

Zach: Mm-hmm.

Annie: Before our family gets any bigger. We should go someplace and just relax. I don't know where, but --

Zach: Well, what about Vegas? You could stay at the hotel and play at my casino.

Annie: That's actually not a bad idea.

Zach: I know. Say the word. I'll set it up.

Annie: Ok. Well, you should come, too. You could watch me at the tables. And, oh, bring Kendall. That would be great.

Zach: Yeah, now that sounds great. You're going to want to spend time with Ryan alone maybe?

Annie: Well, we would have a lot of alone time, too. The thing is I -- I kind of miss Kendall being my friend, and I think if we all had some downtime together, we could maybe get back what we had.

Zach: All right, I'll talk to her.

Annie: Yes!

Zach: Walk me out.

Annie: Ok.

Zach: Get some rest.

Annie: I will. Ok. Thank you, Zach.

Zach: I'm here, whatever you need, all right?

Annie: Ok.

Zach: Ok.

Annie: Bye.

Zach: Bye.

Richie: And I'm here, sis.

Annie: Oh!

Richie: Whenever you need me. I know you. You're not going to bed or to Vegas. Uh-uh. Not until you take care of Greenlee.

Adam: Ok, I don't know where you are, Barry, but if you're not back here in the next ten minutes, you can just kiss your too-fat retainer good-bye.

J.R.: You knew. You knew Colby was in trouble, and you didn't tell me?

Adam: There was nothing to tell.

J.R.: She's being interrogated in there right now, Dad.

Adam: Nothing's going to happen to her. I won't allow it.

J.R.: Ok, you know, Jesse was asking about Colby's car. It wasn't stolen, was it?

Adam: I wouldn't lie about something like that.

J.R.: So you got rid of it to cover for her.

Adam: Hubbard has it in for me, and he's taking it out on her.

J.R.: No, you know what this is? This is déja vu. Just like all the times you covered for me.

Adam: Yeah, and dragged your ass out prison, saved your bony butt.

J.R.: No, no. You know, you taught me every wrong move. I'll be damned if you teach my sister the same thing. You can leave. I will take care of Colby.

Adam: Listen to me. You don't brush me aside, son. Not here. Not at Chandler. Nowhere, ever.

[Phone rings]

Adam: Yeah. Yes, Barry. Yeah, get over here. They, uh, it's Colby. The police are questioning her.

Jesse: Where were you between 8:00 and 10:00 p.m. on the night of July 3?

Cassandra: I was driving back from Mr. Chandler's lodge.

Colby: I was driving back from my dad's lodge.

Dré: I was driving back from Adam Chandler's lodge.

Jesse: Dré and Colby were in the car, but you were the one driving?

Cassandra: Yes.

Dré: I was the one behind the wheel, yeah.

Colby: It's my car, so, yeah, I was the one driving.

Babe: You know, I tried to get Colby to talk to me.

J.R.: Phew, I didn't try. I just yelled at her. I yelled at her for drinking. I never even considered the fact that she might actually get into real trouble.

Babe: Well, we have to help her, J.R.

J.R.: Richie Novak has done enough to my family. There's no way I'm going to let him bring down my sister.

Jesse: Well, I was hoping you'd give us some answers, so we could figure out exactly what happened on Route 77, where Richie Novak was killed. Now, Colby, you say you were driving your car when it hit Richie Novak.

Adam: She's lying to protect her friends.

Jesse: I will throw you out of here, Chandler! Dré. You say you were driving.

Dré: That's right.

Jesse: And, Cassandra, you say you were driving the car.

Cassandra: I was.

[Angie sighs]

Jesse: Look. I know what you're doing here. You're thinking this is smart, that it's going to help, but it's not going to help. It's just going to make things harder for all of you. You need to think about this!

Cassandra: There's nothing to think about.

Dré: I told the truth.

Colby: Nothing but.

Jesse: All right, well, the three of you seem to claim responsibility for this hit and run. I'm going to have to put all of you under arrest.

Adam: No, you can't do that, Jesse!

Angie: Wait a minute, Jesse --

Jesse: You have the right to remain silent! Anything you say can and will be held against you in a court of law!

Adam: No.

[Annie sighs as she exits her car parked in the woods, then grunts as she pushes it down a hill into a tree]

[Annie sighs]

Ryan: Why was this key in the frame? What's it for?

Kendall: I don't know. But your wife is obviously hiding something.

Annie: Come on.

[Annie grunts as she smashes the front of the car with a wrench]

Annie: Come -- ugh!

[Annie breathes heavily]

Annie: Whew.

[Annie breathes heavily]

Annie: Whew.

[Annie breathes heavily]

[Phone ringing]

Ryan's voice: It's Ryan. Leave a message.


[Annie breathes heavily]

Annie: Oh, God, Ryan! Where are you?


Annie: I need you! The baby needs you!

[Annie breathes heavily]

Annie: Oh, God! Help me!

[Annie breathes heavily]

Annie: [Calmly] You'd better call me back, Ryan. And you better not be with Greenlee.

[As Aidan and Greenlee make love on the living room floor, the gas pipe in the fireplace is disconnected]

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