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Angie: Hello, uh, is this Broad Street Shelter? Yes, I -- I'm looking for a young woman, early 20s. She would've just arrived. No one like that at all? All right, thank you.

[Knock on door]

Colby: I thought Dré was driving you home.

Cassandra: I had him turn around. I couldn't leave you here alone with Petey, or Pete -- whatever, Cortlandt.

Colby: He's gone. I -- I told him I was sick, which I am since he figured out we ran over Richie.

Cassandra: I am freaking out, too. Dré, um, went to tell his dad.

Colby: What?

Cassandra: I mean, Mr. Woods is a lawyer. He could help us.

Colby: Cass, we had a deal. No one can know what we did.

Adam: Oh, what have you done, Colby?

Annie: It's over now, Richie.

Jesse: Hey, hey.

Annie: Jesse. What are you doing here?

Jesse: Well, I came to look at your brother's body one more time, but I see I'm too late.

Annie: Yeah, well, this place really creeps me out, so I'm --

Jesse: Listen, I'm really trying to solve your brother's murder here, give you and your family a little peace.

Annie: I appreciate that.

Jesse: Help me understand something, Annie. Um, why in the middle of my investigation would you cremate the victim?

Greenlee: I love you, Ryan Lavery. I love you for saving me for Aidan.

Aidan: Oh, thank God.

Greenlee: You're here.

Aidan: You all right?

Greenlee: Yeah, I'm fine, much better than fine now.

Aidan: I owe you, man. The thought of losing her again --

Ryan: I know.

Jake: Hey. How's it going, skipper?

Greenlee: Much better. Can I go home now?

Jake: Yes, yes. All your test results are fine. I'll give you the once-over, then you can split, ok? Then you're next, superman.

Greenlee: Ryan, you really are a savior.

Aidan: Yeah, you sure you didn't train with professionals?

Jake: Look at that, props from Special Ops. That's a rarity, should make you feel good. So, what happened? You got knocked out by a sailboat?

Greenlee: Watch it, martin, or I'll change the locks.

Jake: Well, I'll write that down that you're feeling better.

Greenlee: Can I go?

Jake: Uh-huh, I said that you could. I'll get you discharged, just let me check out this guy first. You're awfully quiet. What's wrong?

Annie: You want to know why Richie was cremated? That's why.

Jesse: Walter Novak. That's your dad?

Annie: Yes. This was his decision, not to bury Richie next to my mother. Ok? I just came to get his remains.

Jesse: I know this is really hard.

Annie: Look, look, that is my father's signature. If you don't believe me, hire a handwriting expert. I mean, God, Jesse, you already did the autopsy.

Jesse: Just a few more questions I'd like to ask you. It won't take long.

Annie: Every time I turn around, you're in my face with more questions. Why are you harassing me?

Jesse: That is not my intention.

Annie: I said everything I needed to say at the police station, ok? I told you everything there.

Jesse: Tell me again.

Angie: What do you want?

Fletcher: Uh, name's Fletcher. I'm looking for my girl. Heard she's been staying with you?

Angie: Your girl? Are you talking about Randi, the woman you employ as a prostitute?

Fletcher: What? No. Randi's my special lady. Is she here?

Angie: No, she is not, and I can't believe that you have the audacity to come to my home.

Fletcher: Well, then maybe you could tell me where she is?

Angie: So you can hurt her again?

Fletcher: I don't know, I don't know what you heard --

Angie: Look, I'm a doctor. I treated Randi. I was at the hospital when you were arrested for cracking her skull.

Fletcher: They got the wrong guy.

Angie: You know what? You put your fists to someone half your size, and then you -- you beat the crap out of her until she passed out and then left her in the street like garbage. You think that's ok? You will not put your hands on another woman again.

Fletcher: Ok, I'm going to ask you one more time. Where's my girl?

Angie: My husband is the chief of police, and if you come anywhere near Randi, he will lock your ass up so fast, your head will spin.

Adam: What is it, Colby? What have you done?

Colby: You know how Cass and I start college in the fall? Well, there's this seminar, wines of the world. You know, wine tasting.

Cassandra: Yeah, it's like the most popular class, and, except, you have to be 21 to take it.

Colby: So we came up with this idea to e-mail the professor.

Cassandra: And since I lived in Paris, we told him we knew all about vineyards and yada, yada, yada --

Colby: Bottom line, he totally busted us.

Cassandra: He even reported us to the freshman dean.

Colby: She let us off the hook, but I'd die if anyone found out.

Adam: Oh, yeah --

Colby: I hope you're not mad.

Adam: That was a fascinating story. Now, can I have the true one?

Colby: I just told you.

Adam: Hmm. You got a reprimand from your dean?

Colby: Mm-hmm.

Cassandra: She was really, really upset at first.

Colby: But she let us off the hook.

Adam: Well, I have been a benefactor of the university for quite a long time, and now that my daughter is enrolled, well, I'm even more involved. Just the other day, I talked to the freshman dean. Dean Fisher. Dean Harold Fisher --

Colby: Wait --

Adam: Who, unless I missed my mark, is a man.

Colby: Oh, no, no, no. It -- it -- it wasn't the dean.

Cassandra: It was our advisor.

Colby: Duh, duh.

Adam: Girls, if you've done anything wrong, tell me. I can help you. What is it?

Cassandra: Colby, maybe we should.

Adam: I -- I won't get angry, I promise. I give you my word.

Colby: Ok. On my birthday, I got a little drunk. Actually, it -- it was more than a little, and that's why we came home early from the lodge. I didn't want you to know, because I thought you'd ground me and take away my car.

Adam: Your car? Were you driving under the influence?

Colby: No.

Cassandra: No, Dré took us home, and he was totally sober.

Adam: So Dré, Dré was there. Well, I -- I thought it was just the two of you and another girl.

Cassandra: Yeah, that was totally my fault. I kind of invited him as a surprise.

Colby: But he was barely there that long.

Adam: So the car had very little to do with it.

Colby: What do you mean?

Adam: Well, it's a brand-new car. If it was damaged in any way --

Colby: There's not.

Adam: Hmm. Well, why don't I take a look? Just try it out and see.

Colby: It was an accident. We didn't mean to kill him.

Angie: If you don't get away from my door, I swear I'm calling the cops.

Frankie: Hey, what the hell are you doing here?

Fletcher: What do you think?

Frankie: I think you need to start walking, and you got about 10 seconds, chump.

Angie: Frankie, stop. Look, I to you to leave.

Frankie: Mom, I got this. Now, you need to stay away from here, and you need to stay away from Randi.

Fletcher: Or what?

Angie: Frankie, Frankie just stop. I'm calling the cops.

Frankie: Or -- no, no, this -- or you deal with me.

Fletcher: When I find Randi, I'll give her your best.

Frankie: You all right? All right.

Angie: Frankie, stop. What are you doing?

Frankie: What someone should've done a long time ago. I'm going to kick his ass.

Angie: You know what, this is exactly what I was afraid of.

Frankie: Randi didn't send that slime over here.

Angie: Don't you get it? You brought that woman into our home. You brought her world -- pimps, prostitutes -- Frankie, this family has gone through so much already. Don't you think we deserve a little peace?

Dré: Hey, Dad.

Samuel: Hey. Good to hear from you, get your call.

Dré: So you're not too busy?

Samuel: No, not too busy for you ever. Everything ok?

Dré: Uh, how's your campaign going?

Samuel: It's good, it's good. I just -- when you run for Senate, it's no joke. They got me going to fundraisers, town hall meetings, stump speeches, kissing babies, all of it.

Dré: Sounds rough.

Samuel: Well, I'm in the learning curve and that's good. You always want to keep learning, you want to keep your sense of humor. Speaking of sense of humor, I had lunch with your crazy granddad.

[Dré chuckles]

Dré: Yeah, he called me. Told me to ask you about lockdown with Erica Kane.

Samuel: You see, man, this guy doesn't stop.

Dré: Hey, hey. If you're going to get stuck with someone, it might as well be her, right? So what'd you guys -- what'd you guys do?

Samuel: We talked.

Dré: You talked?

Samuel: We talked.

Dré: About what?

Samuel: We talked about politics. We talked about being parents. I talked about you. That's right, I talked about you.

Dré: Yeah?

Samuel: Yeah. I -- I told her that I was -- that I'm excited that we're connecting again, and that I'm very, very proud of the man you're becoming. And I am.

Colby: At the lodge, I had too much to drink, so Cass and Dré got me into my car.

Adam: Dré was driving?

Cassandra: Mm-hmm. But we were going along fine.

Colby: And then we hit something, and we're not sure, but we think it was Richie Novak. Daddy, we didn't see him, I swear.

Cassandra: We just felt this really big bump.

Colby: Dré wanted to go back, but -- but I was so sick.

Cassandra: And we just thought it was like a tree branch or some kind of animal or -- we had no idea.

Colby: Until we heard that Richie got run over that night on the same road. God, Daddy --

Adam: What you have done, you girls, is very brave. You told me the truth. That was the thing to do.

Colby: What if the cops find out?

Adam: Uh, one thing at a time. I'm -- Colby, sweetheart, could I talk to you for just a moment in private?

Colby: Be right back. Daddy, what am I going to do?

Adam: Throw your buddies under the bus.

Colby: You want me to narc on my friends? No way.

Adam: Sweetheart, this is serious. A man is dead.

Colby: I know that.

Adam: Then let me protect you.

Colby: Not if it means Cass and Dré take the fall.

Adam: All right, you were drunk. How drunk?

Colby: Dad, very.

Adam: Very, good, then you were too inebriated to know -- to remember the ride.

Colby: What? No, I do.

Adam: Do you want to go to prison?

Colby: No. But I won't lie, and I won't rat out my friends. We're in this together.

Adam: Are you going to sacrifice everything for a couple of strangers?

Colby: They're my friends. If you had any, you might understand what loyalty means.

Adam: I know what loyalty means. But you don't spread it around like peanut butter. My loyalty is to my family.

Colby: Cass and Dré have families, too. Her stepfather is chief of police.

Adam: Yeah, well, good. She's in fine order. She can defend herself. And don't forget, you have a father, my dear. I have about 12 judges on speed dial.

Colby: But what about Dré? The son of Samuel Woods, big-time lawyer, maybe Senator.

Adam: Yes. We're all covered, all of us. I'll talk to the kid. I'll tell him, uh, to remember discretion.

Colby: It's too late. Dre's with his dad right now telling him everything.

Samuel: You all right, son?

Dré: Yeah. I mean, no, I don't know.

[Dré sighs]

Samuel: Is it about a girl? Huh? I know you've been seeing, uh, Cassandra Foster, right? Seems like a nice girl.

Dré: Yeah, she is. Cass is great, but --

Samuel: But did something happen?

Dré: We all went up to this lodge, Adam Chandler's private lodge up in the mountains. It was Colby's birthday, and we were all partying.

Samuel: And drinking?

Dré: Yeah, I only had one beer, but Colby --

Samuel: Well, you know, Dré, Colby's underage. That's not a good thing.

Dré: Yeah, Dad, I know that was stupid, but it's not what this --

Samuel: Did someone get hurt?

Dré: No, I -- can I just finish?

Samuel: Please, finish.

[Dré sighs]

Samuel: Cassandra -- you didn't get her pregnant?

Dré: No. It's not even like that. I mean, that's not what this is about. It's not even about us, it's --

[Phone rings]

Dré: Well, it is, but --

Samuel: Yeah. Hey, Carl, I can't talk right now, I'm with my son. Uh-huh, no. All right.

Dré: What? What's up?

Samuel: New polls are coming out, and my numbers are way down.

Dré: How come?

[Samuel sighs]

Samuel: A lot of voters aren't that educated, Dré, so it's easier for them to get manipulated. Negative campaigning. So, any more bad news, and I could be out of the game.

Annie: What do you want to know, Jesse? If this is really Richie? Think he might be stuck underneath my car?

Jesse: Let's just run through everything one more time, huh?

Annie: Why? What for?

Jesse: I just want to make sure I got everything right. You know, routine procedure.

Annie: "Routine procedure." How many times do I have to hear that? Go on.

Jesse: All right, so Richie's phone records indicate that you were the last person he called before he died.

Annie: Ok, as I told you, he might have called me, but I didn't speak to him.

Jesse: And you're sure of that?

Annie: I'm sure.

Jesse: So the last time you spoke to Richie was --

Annie: I told -- I told you when the last time I spoke to Richie was. I was at the Pine Cone when he knocked me out. Now, are we finished? Because I need to call my father and ask him what he wants to do with his son's ashes.

Jesse: I know this is really hard for you, but everything you tell me just gets us a little closer.

Annie: Closer to what? Richie is dead. Why can't you just leave it alone, Jesse?

Jesse: A lot of people had reason to go after your brother. They thought he'd get off, never pay for what he did.

Annie: You think my brother didn't pay for what he did?

Jesse: I think somebody got fed up. I mean, cops, judges - nobody could stop Richie, so somebody took justice into their own hands. They figured, I don't know, why not? He's a bad guy.

Annie: Richie might've been a bad guy, but he was my brother. And he didn't deserve to die like this.

Greenlee: I made a decision.

Aidan: And what's that? You'll never go sailing without a life jacket again?

Greenlee: Yes. Aidan, I want us back.

Jake: So tell me. What happened out there?

Ryan: I -- I saw Greenlee get hit in the back of the head and fall on the boat.

Jake: Uh-huh. You just happened to be there?

Ryan: Yes. Yeah, it was very lucky.

Jake: Uh-huh.

Ryan: Greenlee? Oh, God. Oh, God, ok. Ok, I got you. I got you, it's me. Oh, thank God, ok. I got you, Greenlee. I'm not going to let you go, not this time. Not this time, ok?

Jake: Ahem. Why do I get the feeling, uh, I'm not hearing the whole story?

Aidan: I'll do whatever it takes.

Greenlee: Just be you. Just love me.

Aidan: I never stopped.

Jake: So what happened next?

Ryan: It's not a movie, Jake.

Jake: Oh, come on, we're just killing a little time, a couple friends. Got nothing better to do, do you? One of us has a very exciting life, the other not so much, so what happened? You got her back to the shore, then what?

Ryan: Yeah, I just -- I tried to wake her up. Um, I started talking to her. It's been you. Greenlee, it's been you. I love you. I love you, Greenlee. I mean, I was talking to her, I don't know if she heard me.

Jake: No, she did.

Ryan: You think so?

Jake: I know so. I mean, I -- I have patients that are gone, crossed over, I mean. And somebody says the right words, and they come back to you.

Greenlee: Aidan, you're the one for me. I get it now.

Aidan: And you figured all this out in the water?

Greenlee: Well, Alphonso helped. Oh, God -- is he gone? Poor thing. Anyway, I -- I realized everything before I fell. After the year I had, I get it. Life is precious. We have to take what we want and grab it.

Aidan: And forget about everything that happened, right?

Greenlee: Yeah, it's all in the past. It doesn't matter anymore. Here, now, us. It's all I care about.

Ryan: You really think that words can bring somebody back?

Jake: I know that they can.

Ryan: When I was coming out to get you, Greenlee, it all came back to me, all of it, everything from the last four years. Kendall, Annie, the kids -- you.

Jake: So whatever it is you said to Greenlee, it made all the difference in the world.

Ryan: I hope you're right.

Greenlee: But seriously, of all the people who could've been there for me, I mean, isn't it cosmically perfect that it was Ryan?

Aidan: I'm just glad that he was there.

Greenlee: Yeah. Me, too. He gave me this happiness, love, us.

Jake: All right, my friend, you're free to go.

Ryan: Thank you.

Jake: But, when you're up for it, I'd like to talk to you about how it's going with your memory.

Ryan: Ok.

Jake: Ok.

Ryan: I guess my life just didn't make sense without you.

Frankie: Is there any luck on finding Randi?

Angie: No. I called all the shelters, the hospitals. Frankie, we tried.

Frankie: We're not trying hard enough. I mean, she's still out there, all alone, more scared than she's letting on.

Angie: Randi is a grown woman!

Frankie: Who needs help, Ma!

Angie: Yes, but not from you! Frankie, that man that you wanted to chase after? He is a violent criminal. Now, he could be connected to -- to drugs, gangs, organized crime.

Frankie: Mom --

Angie: He could've hurt you! He -- he could have taken a knife, a gun, shot you on the spot!

Frankie: Listen, I know what you went through with Dad --

Angie: Then don't make me worry any more than I already do! What's -- now this man not only knows where you work, but he knows where you live. What's next, you going to get jumped outside of the hospital? Your father and I going to get a phone call that you've been kidnapped and disappeared or something? I won't let you take that risk.

Frankie: I won't. I'm not going to give up on her.

Angie: Franklin, you don't even know this girl.

Frankie: Mom, neither do you.

Angie: But I knew plenty just like her when I ran that free clinic in New York. Every woman had a different story about how she ended up on the street. You know, none of them wanted to be there. None of them wanted to survive like that, but that was the only way they knew how to survive. Some of them made it out. You know, built a new life for themselves. But that was rare. Most of them were just too damaged. So, we treated them and then we let them go.

Frankie: I have to do this.

Angie: Why?

Frankie: I don't know. I just do.

Angie: Franklin, are you in love with Randi?

Frankie: No. I see someone in need of help, and I have to help them.

[Angie sighs]

Angie: That instinct is what made us want to become doctors.

[Frankie sighs]

Angie: We want to save people, make them better.

Frankie: So, what's wrong with that?

Angie: Nothing. You can keep trying to patch up Randi, trying to hide her from this -- this brute who abuses her, but, sweetheart, all those bruises and broken bones are signs of a much deeper pain. And it's a pain you can't fix.

Frankie: Yeah, but I can try.

Angie: But you won't get anywhere. Not until she decides it's time. Not until she wants to change. And she's not there. She's not ready.

Frankie: Well, Mom -- I respect your advice. I do, I cherish it. But I disagree. See, because I think she is ready. And I'm going to show you. I got to get to work. I love you.

Angie: I love you, too.

Dré: I thought the campaign was going great.

Samuel: My opponent's coming at me hard, Dré. He's trying to find any weak link, any mistake to just take me out the box.

Dré: Can they do that?

Samuel: Oh, they do it all the time. The call I just got, know what that's about? Some guy goes rummaging through the college paper, my college paper, and finds a quote where I said "War is not the answer." They're trying to flip that to say that I'm unpatriotic.

Dré: That's insane.

Samuel: I know. Call to personality. The Erica Kane show, "New Beginnings"?

Dré: Yeah?

Samuel: Nice show, fluffy show, but people like that stuff. I go on that show, guess what? My polls go up 10%. And now? They're as low as they've ever been, Dré. It's the nature of the game.

Dré: But do you really think they can take you out of the race?

Samuel: Hopefully not if we're smart.

Dré: Meaning?

Samuel: No more mistakes. No surprises.

Adam: Dré is telling his father about the incident?

Colby: As we speak, so your plan to screw him over won't work. I'm being rude to my friend.

Adam: No, no -- we're not finished.

Colby: What you're asking me to do is wrong.

Adam: No, running over a man and killing him and then driving away, that's wrong. This is necessary.

Colby: I care about other people, even people whose last name aren't Chandler.

Adam: Oh, Colby, Colby --

Colby: No, Daddy. I can't stab people in the back like it's nothing. I won't. I won't be like you.

Samuel: Most politicians' kids are so messed up. Dré, I've never had to worry about that with you. And I don't take it for granted. You know what? I'm going to turn off my electronic leash --

[Dré chuckles]

Samuel: And give my son my undivided attention. What did you want to tell me?

Dré: Um, just that I'm not going to be around any of that underage drinking, so --

Dré: I think you're going to be a really great Senator, Dad.

[Samuel chuckles]

Adam: Haven't I always taken care of you? Have I ever let anything bad happen to my little girl?

Colby: I'm scared.

Adam: I know you are, sweetheart. That's why I want you to let me make this whole thing go away.

Colby: What about Cass and Dré?

Adam: No, think of -- think of all you have to look forward to. Your college. And, and, and -- all sorts of challenges and friends, new friends. You have such a brilliant future ahead of you. But, sweetheart, you're going to have to trust me. Do you -- trust me?

Colby: Yes, Daddy.

Annie: So, where are you in the investigation?

Jesse: Working every lead.

Annie: And did you officially arrest Zach?

Jesse: No, still talking to folks.

Annie: Oh, that's good. That's good. I just thought, after what I told you --

Jesse: That Slater beat your brother up and threatened to kill him?

Annie: Yeah. I mean, you did put Zach in handcuffs.

Jesse: Right now I don't have enough to charge anybody.

Annie: I just -- I just wish it could be different. But ever since we were kids, Richie was headed down the wrong path. He was just so sick. Ending up like this was probably inevitable.

Jesse: That might be true, but I still have to find who killed him and how.

Annie: What do you mean, "How"? My brother was hit by a car.

Jesse: One possibility.

Annie: Listen, Jesse, I will cooperate with you however I can, but for now I just need to -- I need to sign for this and go.

Jesse: I'll be in touch.

Colby: Hey. What happened?

Dré: No go.

Cassandra: You didn't --

Adam: Wise choice. Not telling your father about the hit-and-run.

Dré: You told him?

Cassandra: We both did.

Dré: We agreed not to tell him.

Colby: Yeah, I thought you were telling yours. He -- he can help us.

Adam: All right, where did you go after you left Novak?

Dré: Nowhere.

Adam: You didn't stop anywhere? A diner, a gas station?

Dré: Side of the road, couple minutes.

Colby: I had to throw up.

Cassandra: We got some bottled water at a gas station.

Adam: Did you pay by credit card?

Dré: No. Cash.

Adam: Good.

Cassandra: And then we just came straight back here.

Adam: Has anyone used the car since that night?

Colby: No, but someone else knows. They saw the blood on my car.

Adam: Who?

Colby: Petey Cortlandt.

Adam: Oh, that twerp. He's not going to be any trouble. Ok, I have some more calls to make. All of you, stay here, be quiet.

Ryan: Hey, you! Come over here and give your dad a hug.

Emma: Daddy!

Ryan: Hi, my beautiful -- oh! Give me a hug. Oh, my goodness. Oh, my goodness, thank you so much for watching her.

Corrina: Oh, it's no problem.

Ryan: Yeah, I got some cash here. Hey, you know what? Just take all this, all right?

Corrina: Thanks.

Ryan: Ok. Hi. Hi, you. My goodness, I missed you. I missed you so much. I really did. I know I just saw you this morning, but, man, I missed you. Hey, I have an idea. You know what? Do you want to play a game? The game's called "Do you remember?" Do you want to play "Do you remember?" With me? Because I'm dying to play. You ready? Ok, here we go. Do you remember when Dr. Feel-better gave you that ice cream cone? Do you remember that? Yeah? Do you remember when I read you the bedtime story about the squirrel and the magic acorn? Do you remember that? Yeah, yeah. Do you remember when you and Spike made that tent right here in the living room? Do you remember that? You are such a good girl. You helped your little brother get better, do you know that? You really did. Ok, one more. One more. Do you remember when your daddy told you that being your daddy, yours and Spike's, is the absolute best thing, without question, in the world? Yeah, I remember that, too. I remember that, too.

Greenlee: Where'd you go?

Aidan: Nowhere, just a little rescue mission.

Jake: All right, get back to what we're talking about here. You're free to go -- under two conditions, ok? One, you stay on dry land, and, two, you take a boating safety course. All right?

Aidan: I'll make sure of it.

Greenlee: Ha-ha.

Jake: I'll see you back at the ranch. I am glad that you're feeling ok.

Greenlee: Keep me away from water. No pools, rivers, lakes, not even a glass of seltzer.

Aidan: Yeah? What about bath time?

Greenlee: Um -- I could handle that.

Aidan: What about hot tub?

Greenlee: Even better.

Aidan: Waterbed?

Greenlee: Get me out of here, Devane, come on.

Aidan: Hey, hey, hey -- wait. There is someone who wants to tag along.

Greenlee: Alphonso. You made it.

Aidan: He's a strong swimmer. He'd do anything to get back to you.

Frankie: Hey, you out of here?

Jake: Yes. I'm going to go have a beer and watch the game. Oh, there is a raging case of hemorrhoids in number three. Why don't you go take care of that for me, would you?

Frankie: Listen, have you seen Randi come through here?

Jake: No, why?

Frankie: I don't know.

Jesse: Is Frankie ok?

Angie: Yeah, Frankie's fine. But after we got the lowlife to leave, our son wanted to go after him to "kick his ass." Jesse, this is getting so out of control.

Jesse: I will handle Fletcher. First, let me get a patrol car out there to look for Randi, ok?

Randi: Hands off!

Officer: If you said that more often, you wouldn't be here. Book her for solicitation.

Samuel: Talk to me. Yeah? It's all set? Ok, good. I'll see Erica first thing in the morning.

Cassandra: What do we do now?

Dré: Nothing. It's out of our hands.

Adam: Look, I need a few more details about what happened that night.

Colby: Ok, but -- but not right now, Dad.

Adam: Oh. Sure. Just relax, everything's under control. Just trust me.

Colby: All right. Come on, you guys. Let's go upstairs.

Adam: Everything's going to be just fine. Barry? Barry. Adam here. Listen, that new car I got for Colby? I want you to make it disappear. No, I mean disappear-gone, vanished, nada. Gotcha. Yes, this is Adam Chandler here. I would like to report a stolen car. Um, it was in the garage and now it's gone.

[Aidan and Greenlee walk into her apartment and kiss]

[At his place, Ryan picks up a flyer for the "Pine Valley Yacht Club" and remembers]

Annie: I'm sorry, Richie. I had no choice.

Richie's voice: You'll never get away with this, sis.

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