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Erica: Oh, Kendall, hi. I've been thinking of you.

Kendall: Oh, Mom, I'm fine.

Erica: Jack told me that this Richie Novak is dead.

Kendall: Yeah, well, that's old news. So, Mom, how are you?

Erica: Oh, honey, I'm --

Jack: Kiddo, hold on a second. Guard, if you would. Will you follow her?

Kendall: What?

Jack: Just follow the guard.

Kendall: Uh -- ok.

Jack: Go ahead, you'll be fine.

Erica: Jack, what -- what is going on?

Jack: Well, I figured you're doing a big makeover show. You should be able to work side by side with your consultant, so I had a little talk with the warden.

Erica: The warden?

Jack: Yes.

Erica: You spoke with the warden?

Jack: I did, very politely.

Erica: What did you say to her to get her to agree to this?

Jack: That's my secret.

Erica: You are amaz -- oh, my goodness. Oh, oh, I have missed this so much.

Kendall: Yeah, me, too.

Annie: Hi.

Babe: Hi.

Annie: I'm sorry you had to go through --

Babe: It wasn't your fault. Your brother was --

Annie: The "Charm!" shipment to the Seattle region delivered short.

Babe: How is everything?

Annie: I took care of it.

Babe: I actually meant with you, about Richie.

Angie: So, what does Pine Valley's incredible hot police chief have planned for the day?

[Jesse laughs]

Frankie: How? How is it even remotely possible that a convicted felon -- a convicted felon -- someone who's totally guilty is out walking the streets?

Jesse: Hold on, hold on. Back up.

Frankie: That damn pimp -- Flipper, Fletcher -- whatever the hell his name is. He's out.

Angie: Randi's pimp.

Frankie: It doesn't matter whose pimp he is. The guy's an animal, and he should be locked up in a cage.

Jesse: He made bail. It's the system.

Frankie: He beat Randi to a pulp. And now they're letting him out to do it all over again.

Angie: Franklin --

Frankie: What? Is this where I get the "she's a patient, you don't have a right to care" speech?

Jesse: All right, would you just take it down a notch? Fletcher is going to trial. He's going to go down.

Frankie: Yeah, well, what if Fletcher gets to Randi first?

Aidan: Hi.

Greenlee: Hi.

Aidan: You wanted to see me?

Greenlee: You were right. "Talking doesn't help."

Aidan: Then what will?

Kendall: It is weird being on this side -- that's for sure. It's been a while.

Erica: Oh, that's good.

Kendall: Yeah.

Erica: Jack, thank you so much. This -- this means a lot to me.

Jack: You're very welcome. It's my pleasure. Listen, you two plan a show. Have a great day.

Erica: Ok.

Jack: I need to get out of here. I have a meeting with Carmen.

Erica: Oh, how is her case going?

Jack: It's solid, it's solid. I think we're going to be just fine. We have a lot of work to do, but --

Erica: Well, please, please give her my best.

Jack: I will. See you soon.

Erica: Ok.

Jack: See you.

Kendall: Bye. He still loves you.

Erica: Yeah, I know. But Jack and I are just --

Kendall: Just you and Jack -- forever?

Erica: Exactly.

Kendall: So, you know what, I have been thinking and doing some brainstorming since our phone call, and I have come up with some amazing talent for our makeover show. So, we can showcase --

Erica: Yeah, well, the show can wait.

Kendall: No, Mom, we have a deadline.

Erica: And the vicious man who nearly killed Zach and Greenlee is dead. And Jack just came gave me bare bones, so I want to hear all the details.

Kendall: Well, you know, there's not really much to tell.

Erica: Well, you hardly gave me any details on the phone the other night when we spoke, and Opal just told me only that this Richie person had escaped.

Kendall: Yeah, that's how it all started.

Erica: Ok, well, then how did you and Greenlee find Babe and this monster?

Kendall: Well, we saw a picture on Babe's desk, and it was just a hunch, but it all worked out. So, we saved Babe, but then Richie got away.

Erica: And showed up dead.

Kendall: Yeah. And now we can all move on with our lives.

Erica: And that's it? Nothing else happened?

Kendall: That's it. Now, tell me how many inmates we're featuring, because I want --

Erica: Did Zach kill him?

Babe: I didn't expect you to come in today.

Annie: Well, there's just so much to get done. I actually was surprised to see you here, too. I mean, after what Richie put you through. You ok?

Babe: I was scared, but you know what? I'm fine now. I'm just glad it's over.

Annie: It's finally over.

Babe: You know, Annie, I really am sorry about Richie and how it all ended.

Annie: You don't have to say that.

Babe: He was your brother, though.

Annie: He kidnapped you, Babe. And he could have killed J.R. and Zach and Greenlee.

Babe: But, still, he's family. Your father must be devastated. I know how close they were.

Annie: Yeah, that was one of the hardest phone calls I've ever had to make.

Babe: I'm glad you have Ryan.

Annie: I don't think I could have gotten through this without him. When I saw Richie at the morgue -- Ryan to the rescue, as always.

Babe: You know, if you need any help -- if there's anything I can do, Annie --

Annie: No, I just -- I want you to worry about taking care of yourself, ok? So, tell me. Are you going to go back to the mansion or go back to the condo?

Babe: Well, I've sworn about a million times that I'd never live under Adam's roof again, but call me crazy -- I'm staying.

Annie: Because you love J.R.?

Babe: It's actually more about family. You know, it's great that Little A can have his mom and daddy under one roof, and I think Colby could use the extra girl power right now.

Annie: Is she having problems?

Babe: Well, she just turned 18, and she's starting P.V.U. in the fall, and she had a little situation last night -- too much alcohol. And I know that she has J.R. and Adam, but, you know, it wouldn't hurt just to let her know I'm there for her.

Annie: Well, she's lucky to have you.

Babe: You know, sometimes people just need somebody to talk to -- a friend, family. It can make all the difference.

Jesse: Oh, look how you take care of your man.

Angie: Oh.

Jesse: So, blunt force trauma, huh?

Angie: No doubt. Do you want berries on this?

Jesse: No, baby, I'm good. Blunt force trauma. Murder -- or accident? Random hit-and-run or crime of passion?

Angie: Jesse --

Jesse: Man had a lot of enemies. Sorry, Babe.

Angie: Oh, should I tell Virginia you liked the cake?

Jesse: Um -- yeah, you can tell her it was killer.

Angie: You are so bad.

Jesse: You know what this means?

Angie: Uh -- yeah. That I'm going to have to keep the perishables out of your reach.

Jesse: No, it means that Novak's killer hated him, wanted him dead, had to know him.

Angie: Any suspects?

[Jesse scoffs]

Jesse: You kidding me? If I gave a party for all the suspects, it would be standing room only.

[Jesse chuckles]

Jesse: You know what? I'm going to whittle it down. I got some evidence coming in that's going to point me in the right direction.

Aidan: Is Jake here?

Greenlee: He went to work.

Aidan: I'm glad you called. About last night, I know you've been saying friends, but I had to try something to convince you how much I love you. I thought I overstepped, but you called, so -- finally, there's some decent art in the place.

Greenlee: Eh -- Alfonso likes it.

Aidan: He's a tiger. What does he know about art? So, things working out with the new roommate?

Greenlee: Except for the art.

Aidan: Maybe you should get hi to put the art in his room. "I forgive you."

Randi: Big day for me, Doc. I'm out.

Frankie: You're nowhere near ready, Randi.

Randi: Of course, I am. Want to see me do a few laps?

Frankie: Yesterday you could barely take two steps. I think you need a couple more days to --

Randi: Is this about my health or the fact that Fletcher's out on bail?

Frankie: He threatened you.

Randi: Bosses do that. I can handle him.

Frankie: Hmm, bosses don't put other people in the hospital with broken bones --

Randi: Here we go again.

Frankie: Bruises, subdurals --

Randi: Look, Fletcher in or out, I need to get out of here.

Frankie: Hmm, your B.P. is elevated.

Randi: And that would be your fault, so get off my case.

Frankie: And I also think another couple days of rest would actually improve.

Randi: I hate to break it to you, pretty boy, but you're not my doctor anymore.

Frankie: I can still make recommendations.

Randi: You can do whatever you want, but you've been dissed and dismissed.

Frankie: Did my mom release you?

Randi: No -- insurance and the fact that I didn't have any did the trick.

Frankie: I can talk to the chief of staff.

Randi: That's ok. Look, I need to get out of here.

Frankie: Where are you going to go?

Randi: Friends.

Frankie: That's not good enough, Randi. Fletcher -- this guy -- he can come -- he will come after you.

Randi: Let me worry about Fletcher, and why don't you worry about the real sick people in this hospital?

Frankie: Why don't you let me find you a shelter or something? Let me see if there's any room at the Brooke English House, all right? You need a locked door between you and this guy.

Randi: You're cute, but you're a pain. Don't you get it? Shelters don't work for women like me.

Kendall: Zach did not kill Richie, ok?

Erica: Ok. But what aren't you telling me?

Kendall: There's -- there's nothing to tell, ok? Now, I would like to talk about your little story. I heard about your excitement last week.

Erica: About what exactly?

Kendall: You, Sam Woods, solitary confinement. What is up with that?

Erica: Nothing. There's nothing to tell.

Kendall: Oh. Oh, Mom, come on. Did he plan the whole thing? Did he lock down the entire prison so he could have some alone time with you?

Erica: Of course not.

Kendall: Mother, I have seen the way he looks at you, and the way you look at him.

Erica: Kendall, the man had me arrested.

Kendall: Mother, the man is hot for you. He is. He's hot for you in an uptight, buttoned-down, starched-creases kind of way.

Erica: Well, you'll be surprised what time in solitary can do to his starch.

Samuel: Oh, hey, Pop. Look at you, man. You look like -- like dark gable, man.

Melvin: Hey, Sam. Yeah, well, it's not every day a father gets invited to have lunch with his son who's soon to become a senator. You know that.

Samuel: Yeah, unless folks start believing all this mud my opponent's slinging at me.

Melvin: Shows he's desperate. You're going to pull it off. And when you do, the old man's going to get to say, "I told you so."

Samuel: Well, I look forward to that.

Melvin: How's the grandson?

Samuel: He's following in his granddad's footsteps.

Melvin: How's the band?

Samuel: The band is fine, man. They're cooking. You got to sit in on a session. He is musically -- Dré's really coming into his own.

Melvin: I'd like to do that.

Samuel: Thank you, sir. And -- check this out -- I think there's a little girl that he likes. He won't say anything about it, which, you know, it sort of confirms my suspicions.

Melvin: Well, I'm glad to see at least one of the Woods has his eye on the prize.

Samuel: I thought you said I'd pull it out for the Senate race.

Melvin: Hey, son, there are prices and there are prizes. You and Erica Kane, huh? Hmm, how is it in person? It makes good reading, but how is it in person?

Samuel: Dad, we were just in the right place at the wrong time. That's it.

Melvin: Yeah, yeah, yeah. You wouldn't try and play your own dad, now would you? Huh? Look, I haven't seen that look on your face in that interview than I haven't seen since -- well, you remember the time and the day.

Samuel: Dad, don't.

Melvin: Don't what? Be yourself, son. You're interested in the lady and from what I saw in that interview, I think the feeling is mutual. Who's that?

Samuel: Now, that's -- that's Jackson Montgomery.

Melvin: The ex-Mr. Erica Kane? They still spend a lot of time together, don't they?

Samuel: Oh, well, you know, he's -- he's her attorney.

Melvin: Just her attorney? Well, if he's not standing in your way, what's standing in your way?

Samuel: Dad, just -- just drop it, ok?

Melvin: No, son. Life's way too short for that.

Jack: Hey.

Samuel: Jackson, Carmen.

Carmen: Hi. Who's that with Sammy?

Jack: Sam's dad, Melvin Woods. I've got every recording this guy ever made. He's a blues legend.

Carmen: You think he knows J-Lo? I have this idea for a new song, "Carmen from the cell block."

Jack: I like it, but you know, it might be a better idea just to let them enjoy their meal.

Carmen: Their loss. It would have gone platinum.

Melvin: Look, let me get this straight. Your interest in Erica Kane is purely professional? Then how come you look like you want to get this guy up a dark alley every time you look over there? Huh? Dark alley.

Angie: These are your after-care instructions. Keep that arm as dry as possible. I'm prescribing medication in case you still might be having pain related to the head trauma. Next week you'll come in and get the stitches out and the cast off.

Randi: No problem.

Angie: Any questions?

Randi: You must be real glad to see the last of me, huh?

Angie: That's not a question.

Randi: Yeah, well, now you don't have to worry about me and Frankie.

Angie: You know, pulling Franklin off your case was not personal.

Randi: Not at all.

Angie: It's unwise for a doctor to get emotionally involved with his patient.

Randi: Especially if she's a hooker, right?

Angie: It can lead to lapses in judgment and treatment, and be detrimental to the patient.

Randi: Oh, so it was me you were concerned about.

Angie: You know, you have options.

Randi: No lectures.

Angie: Not giving one, but --

Randi: Go ahead, say it.

Angie: Randi, I know I can't tell you how to live your life, but this man who did this to you -- stay away from him.

Randi: Yeah, I appreciate the concern.

Angie: Because if you don't, your next trip here could be to the morgue.

Erica: All these designers have agreed to participate?

Kendall: Well, yeah, after the success of your last prison show, they're begging.

Erica: Oh. Oh, Ricky Zia.

Kendall: Yeah.

Erica: That's terrific. Carmen loves her designs. We'll have to set up an appointment.

Kendall: It's hard to believe that the woman who held you hostage is now your pet project.

Erica: Honey, Carmen is not a project. She's an inspiration. I mean, she's just grown so much in such a short time.

Kendall: Well, I think it's great that she's getting her retrial, but what I am waiting anxiously for is for you to be released.

Erica: Oh, wow -- there's nothing I want more.

Kendall: I'm sure Jack feels the same way. I mean, he spends so much time here. He comes here all the time.

Erica: Yes, he's my lawyer.

Kendall: Your lawyer who loves you. So, when you get out, do you think you two will, you know --

Erica: Oh, well, when I get out, if Sam and I do get together --

Kendall: With Sam? You just said "Sam."

Erica: No, I didn't.

Kendall: Yes, you did. You said when you and Sam do get together.

Erica: No, I didn't. You must be mistaken.

Kendall: Mother -- what exactly happened during that lockdown?

Aidan: You forgive me? Really? That's a big step -- forgiveness.

Greenlee: Not really. I get it. I do. I mean, you thought that I was dead when you and Kendall --

Aidan: Don't go there. You don't have to go there.

Greenlee: And you lied to me to protect me -- because that's what you do -- protect me.

Aidan: I was wrong -- to lie.

Greenlee: Yeah, you were, and it'll never happen again. From now on, nothing but the truth. Agreed?

Aidan: Agreed. I do have a confession to make, though.

Greenlee: Is it going to spoil the moment?

Aidan: I bought a bottle of your perfume.

Greenlee: A gift? For me? There's nothing wrong with that.

Aidan: I didn't buy it for you, Greenlee. I bought it for me, and every so often I would open it up just to remind me of the first time I got close enough to know your perfume and just to touch that beautiful soft skin of yours.

Greenlee: Really? You carried around a bottle of my perfume?

Aidan: I didn't carry it around. I mean, maybe once -- twice -- ok, three times. You tell anyone, it's a deal breaker.

Greenlee: Really?

Aidan: Do I get my house privileges back now?

Greenlee: Look, can we take it slow?

Aidan: We can take it any speed that you want.

Greenlee: I just -- I just need a little time -- or a lot. I don't know -- to get back to where we were.

Aidan: The trust thing. I understand.

Greenlee: If we can get back. No promises.

Aidan: No, we can, Greenlee, all right, even if I have to take every minute of every hour of every day to prove how much I love you. You can trust me forever.

Greenlee: "Forever's" a big word. Can we just take one day at a time?

Jesse: Ok, Mr. Novak --

[Fax machine beeps]

Jesse: Let's just see who you dialed last.

Jesse: Hmm.

[Phone rings]

Annie: Hello?

Jesse: Who is this?

Annie: Who's this?

Jesse: This is Jesse Hubbard from the Pine Valley Police Department, and I would really like to know who I'm talking to.

Annie: Jesse. It's Annie. Annie Lavery. Is there something I can do for you?

Jesse: Well, I hope so. I'm, um, looking over your brother's cell phone records here, and this number came up quite a bit.

Annie: It's my cell phone.

Jesse: You remember the last time you spoke to your brother?

Annie: Uh -- not exactly.

Jesse: What time were you at the movie the night that he died?

Annie: I -- I don't remember the exact time.

Jesse: Ballpark?

Annie: The movie started around 9:00.

Jesse: Well, according to this, um, he called you right before the movie started, and after he hit you in the head and ran. It says the call lasted about 2-1/2 minutes.

Annie: That whole night is really a blur right now.

Jesse: Well, maybe we can get together and talk about that blur.

Randi: I don't want to hear that you found a spare bed for me. I want out of here. I want away from the smell of this place, away from the lights, away from the food, and the people all in my face.

Frankie: I don't want you to stay here, Randi.

Randi: Well, that's the first smart thing I've heard you say.

Frankie: I've got a better idea.

Randi: Yeah? What's that? Because your last idea had your daddy arresting my man, and my man after my ass.

Frankie: Oh, look, just hear me out, ok?

Randi: If this has anything to do with a shelter, you're too --

Frankie: It's not about a shelter.

Randi: What?

Frankie: Look, it's just for one night, ok? One night. I got a place for you -- one night.

Randi: I got to go.

Frankie: After that, I can help you find something more permanent.

Randi: You're just the little engine that could, aren't you?

Frankie: Here's the deal. If you go with me on this, if you let me help you right now, tonight -- after that, if you don't like it, if you got a better plan, I'll be out of your life forever.

Randi: Forever ever? Or until you need another ice cream fix?

Frankie: I can try to forget about the pistachios, if you want. Forever is forever. I promise.

Randi: I guess it wouldn't be too terrible to have a decent place to stay for the night. It is decent, isn't it?

Frankie: Comfortable bed, satellite TV. Oh, and food that will make you forget all about this mess. And it's safe.

Jack: So, tell me. How's it going with Adam?

Carmen: Oh, he spits and growls, but it's nothing I can't handle.

Jack: Good. How's the job?

Carmen: Oh. That money shack of his is so big I need a G.P.S. to find myself around. But I'm figuring things out. Yesterday, I only got lost once. And I haven't broken anything yet, so --

Jack: I'm glad to hear you're settling in.

Carmen: I'm doing better than that. I'm making myself indispensable.

Jack: I don't doubt that at all. Erica is going to be thrilled to hear how well you're doing.

Carmen: I'm going to make her proud. You'll see.

Jack: You've already made Erica proud, and me, too.

Carmen: I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for her -- and you, Mr. Mont-yummy. It's all right if I call you that, right? I mean, because it's true.

Jack: You know, Carmen, what we need to do is we need to start prepping your case for retrial.

Carmen: Erica thinks so, too, that you're Mr. Mont-yummy. If I were you, I'd go for it.

Jack: First, we need to reconstruct --

Carmen: You need to reconstruct your life with Erica. You belong together.

Samuel: Jackson, Carmen.

Jack: Hi, Sam.

Carmen: Hey.

Samuel: Congratulations on the new trial. I wish you luck.

Carmen: Thanks.

Jack: So, Erica told me about the lockdown in solitary.

Samuel: Ah. Yeah, well, we survived.

Jack: I'll bet it made an interesting twist for your day, though, huh?

Samuel: Definitely.

Carmen: Erica's not going to be solitary for too long, right, Jackie?

Samuel: I didn't realize that you guys were getting back together.

Jack: Well, actually, I didn't realize that, either.

Samuel: So, you're not involved?

Jack: Only as her lawyer.

Carmen: For now.

Jack: Carmen. You know, I didn't realize that my relationship with Erica was a matter for public scrutiny.

Samuel: No, not at all. I just want to make sure there's no attorney-client conflict of interest.

Jack: Well, you can breathe easy in that regard.

Samuel: Oh, good. Well, enjoy your lunch. And the crème brûlée? It's off the hook.

Carmen: Thanks.

Samuel: What?

Melvin: Son, how many top Wall Street brokers do you know who take half the night creating beautiful pottery after working a whole day?

Samuel: Pop, why are we still talking about Melissa?

Melvin: Because Melissa loved life. And she loved you.

Samuel: And now she's gone.

Melvin: Yeah, but you know the greater tragedy would have been if she hadn't lived each single day to its fullest. Get what I mean?

Erica: There is nothing going on between Sam and me.

Kendall: No, Mother, not until you tell me exactly what went on in that cell. Did he woo you with his campaign slogans, or lay out his fiscal plan for '09?

Erica: Ok, enough. We kissed.

Kendall: You kissed?

Erica: Yes.

Kendall: You kissed. I knew it. I knew it, I knew you kissed.

Erica: Well, please do not tell the world. I would like to keep this just between you and me.

Kendall: All right, ok. It would be bad if it got out. I can see it now -- the straight-arrow politician locks lips with a glamour-diva convict. It would hurt his campaign.

Erica: Look, I don't want it to get out because it could hurt Jack. What happened with Sam was just -- it was just a moment, just circumstances. It's over.

Kendall: And would it be so terrible if it wasn't?

Annie: That was Chief Hubbard. He's been -- he's been really great. He's really on top of the investigation.

Babe: Did he say if the police have any clue about who killed Richie?

Annie: Um, not yet.

Babe: You know, I don't care who they are, but nobody deserves to be left to die like that.

Annie: Richie deserved exactly what he got. I mean -- I mean, it's horrible, but it's kind of like some weird karma, don't you think? When he hit Zach and left him to die, and now Richie's dead.

Babe: Are you sure you're all right?

Annie: I'm just -- it's just really overwhelming, you know? Richie gone. But I should be relieved, right? I mean, we all should.

Babe: He was your brother.

Annie: Yeah, my brother who hated me.

Babe: You know, Annie, maybe you should go home and let Ryan take care of you.

Annie: I'm good, Babe. I need to work and keep busy. If I go home, I'll -- I'll freak out and -- I'm good.

Babe: Ok.

Annie: But, you know, I -- I have control over here. Why don't you, um -- why don't you go home? I'm sure this has to be hard for you, being here. This is where Richie, you know, grabbed you and dragged you off.

Babe: Yeah, now that you bring it up.

Annie: I'm sorry. I -- I'm sorry. I just meant I'm sure J.R. and Little A would love to see you.

Babe: He did mention something about lunch, so --

Annie: Ok, go, then go. Please. Go be with your family.

Babe: But you'll call me if anything comes up, if you need to talk -- anything.

Annie: Absolutely.

Babe: Ok, thanks. You know, Annie, we're all here for you.

Annie: I know.

Angie: All right, these are your release forms. Just sign them, and we can get you discharge-- where is Randi?

Frankie: I checked her out. Got a problem?

Angie: No. No problem. Franklin, look, I -- I have nothing against Randi personally. She's troubled young woman who needs help, and we gave her the help, the medical help, she needs. The rest is up to her.

Frankie: I understand that.

Angie: What aren't you telling me?

[Frankie sighs]

Frankie: All right. Uh, I took Randi to a place where she can be safe.

Angie: You know, once our patients walk out those doors --

Frankie: But this patient couldn't walk, Ma. She didn't have friends, family, no one to pick her up, no one to help her. That's why I did it. I would do the same for any old other little lady or any other patient.

Angie: Mm-hmm, and those blue eyes and sassy smile had nothing to do with it.

Frankie: She got blue eyes?

Angie: Mm-hmm.

Frankie: No, I'm playing. It's purely professional.

Angie: All right, then. Dr. Hubbard, you have other patients, and I suggest you get back to them.

Frankie: I'm on it. Oh, and by the way, Dad said you'll be here all night?

Angie: Yeah, I'll see you sometime around breakfast tomorrow.

Jack: So, when we call you to testify --

Erica: I'll tell the truth.

Jack: Of course, you'll tell the truth.

Erica: Carmen was the victim.

Jack: Erica, we're going to start with facts, ok?

Carmen: Hola, superstar. I miss you so much.

Erica: Tell her I miss her, too.

Jack: She misses you, too. So, we're going to go point by point when I take your deposition, ok?

Carmen: Oh, this is the best crème brûlée I've ever had, Erica. Actually, it's the first.

Jack: You hear that?

Erica: I heard. You're having lunch.

Jack: Yeah, it was supposed to be a working lunch, but between the crème brûlée and Sam Woods --

Erica: Samuel -- Sam Woods is there?

Melvin: On the other hand, the political bonfire that might result. Ok, you're adding up the pros and cons of falling for Erica Kane. You're trying to figure it out. You've always been practical like that, ever since you were a kid.

Samuel: Mom hated that word, didn't she? "Practical."

Melvin: Yeah, well, practical has its moments, but it's -- it's not very important when it comes to family love.

Samuel: You know, Pop, I wish I could read Dré the way you can read me.

Melvin: You used to.

Samuel: I know. But every since his mom died, it's tough, man. He's pulled back. It's -- it's like he's in a -- it's like he's in search mode.

Melvin: Well, son, you used to always come to me sometimes, searching about the big questions of the universe, and I'd always explain things to you. Or I'd make them up. I did pretty good.

Samuel: Yeah, what was -- what was the crazy one you had about there was a long, convoluted -- about the -- the story about -- oh, I know. It was the girls that kissed too many boys, look out for those girls.

Melvin: There was a moral in there somewhere. I'm sure there was.

Samuel: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm proud of Dré, though, man. He's growing, and -- I wish he'd open up to me more, you know? I -- I feel like it's two steps forward and one step back. I -- I want him to be able to come to me, like, for the little things, the big things. I want my son to know that his dad will be there for him.

Melvin: Well, then, be here for him. Look, that campaign manager, don't give him absolute control of your time. Let your son know that you'll be there. At the end of the day, what matters most -- the majority of votes or the vote of your son?

Greenlee: You know it's your own damn fault I've forgiven you. Anyone else would have given up a long time ago. You just don't know how to quit.

Aidan: Not when I know what I want.

Greenlee: When no one would talk to me in this town, you did. When I was in that shelter, you found me. When I almost died from that stupid infection, you were right by my side. You made me feel so loved.

Aidan: When you went to find Richie at that cabin, you made me crazy that you'd take a risk like that. You could have been hurt -- or worse.

Greenlee: Yeah, kind of like when you flew off to another continent and got taken prisoner and blew things up to escape. It made me crazy. But I knew you'd come back to me.

Aidan: I always keep my promises.

Greenlee: Yeah, well, just don't go flying off to foreign countries to fight rebel hostage-takers anymore, ok?

Aidan: I promise. Besides, I got my hands full right here.

Greenlee: Hmm. So --

Aidan: So.

Greenlee: You haven't kissed me yet.

Aidan: You want me to kiss you?

Greenlee: Do you want me to spell it out?

Aidan: I could just kiss you.

Greenlee: Then kiss me.

Aidan: This is so much better than high-fives.

Greenlee: Hmm. And giving knuckles.

Aidan: I'm still interested in that chest bump.

Greenlee: Ah, that's just for friends.

Aidan: We're not friends. We're -- what are we?

Greenlee: Us.

Aidan: "Us" is -- it's kind of vague. It's like "friends."

Greenlee: Yeah. Well, I just need some time.

Aidan: You got it.

Greenlee: I can't give you a time frame.

Aidan: I don't need one. All I need is to know that you love me.

Greenlee: I love you, Aidan.

Aidan: I love you, too.

Aidan: So what now?

Greenlee: Hmm. I need "Blue Skies."

Aidan: There's no rain in the forecast.

Greenlee: No, it's the name of a boat. I need to go sailing, just to clear my head, because it's a big deal to do this, and I want what's best for us.

Aidan: Come here. Go sailing. Clear your head. And then come back to me.

[Music plays]

Angie: Cassandra? Cassandra.

Singer: We were just free

Angie: Cassandra?

Singer: It's too late to change our

Angie: Cassa -- Cassandra, what are you doing napping?

[Angie turns music off]

Angie: Girl, I just switched shifts. I'm the one who needs to be asleep. Cassandra. Cassandra --

Frankie: Randi. You know, I got this -- I got this bath salt, and this lady said it worked --

Kendall: Annie, what are you doing here? You should be home.

Annie: Doing what? Thinking about Richie?

Kendall: I'm so sorry.

Annie: No, don't -- don't. After what he has done to you and your family --

Kendall: And you.

Annie: I'm fine, ok? I just need to work, I just need to keep my mind off everything.

Jesse: Kendall -- ah, Annie, there you are. I'm glad you're here. I'd like to have that chat now.

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