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Samuel: Ah, well, that's nice, but I don't think it's my color.

Erica: You're a politician. I'd like you to take a good, long look at yourself in the mirror.

Samuel: Well, I can look at myself in the mirror. But then again, I'm not your average politician. And I thought you knew that.

Erica: Oh, I know. But does your public? You don't need this. You look perfect.

Randi: Can't even tell now, can you?

Frankie: What? That you got beaten up so bad that you ended up in a hospital and had to have surgery?

Randi: I should be getting out of here real soon.

Frankie: If I sign your release.

Randi: Why wouldn't you?

Frankie: Look, I heard from the police today. Fletcher is getting out today as well. And I'm not going to sign any release until I know your boyfriend can't land you in the E.R. again.

Colby: It doesn't make sense. Maybe I'm just hung over or dreamy. That works.

Dré: What part doesn't make sense? We may have killed someone last night.

Cassandra: Ok, look. We don't know anything for sure, for sure.

Dré: So -- so what? We should just forget about it? Just forget that we hit something in the road last night? Just forget that we may be the reason that some guy is getting cut up in the morgue today?

Angie: Listen, it's going to take the coroner a while to perform the autopsy. So, you -- you should go out. Get some sun, a movie, anything.

Annie: A movie.

Angie: What, did I say something?

Ryan: No, it -- it's ok. Just Annie, um, Annie was at a movie when Richie died, so --

Angie: Oh, Annie, I'm sorry.

Annie: Everything in my life is about Richie. Again. Just like when he was alive. Even in death, he just won't leave me alone.

Zach: Wow. So much for decorating.

Jesse: Come on, you don't like it? My apologies. We've been a little preoccupied around here lately, like with that body you found out on --

Zach: Corpse, Jesse. Corpse. He was dead when I got there. We've done this already.

Jesse: Autopsy today. Could be new news. Fibers, hair samples. Maybe nothing about that accident was actually an accident.

Zach: You think someone killed him on purpose?

Jesse: Well, around here, we would call that a homicide. And we would call you, the man that found the body, a person of interest.

Angie: I have rounds to make, but, Annie, if you need anything --

Ryan: Yeah, thank you, Angie. I really appreciate it, ok?

Angie: This must be very difficult for her.

Ryan: It is. It is. But I have to say that, um, even before this, she was kind of acting a little --

Angie: What?

[Ryan sighs]

Ryan: Never mind. It's not important.

Angie: Listen, Ryan. If Annie needs more help -- more help than you can give her -- just page me.

Ryan: Thank you. Ok. Hey. Maybe Angie's right. Maybe we should get out of here for a little while, you know? Get some fresh air or something.

Annie: She's right. You're right. I -- I want to go, but, um -- but I can't. I mean, they're going to -- they're going to cut him, Ryan. They're going to cut my brother. And they wouldn't do that if he wasn't really dead. So that means that he's really gone, and there's no way that I can undo it. It's -- it's -- it's done, and I can't change it.

Jesse: Did you interview the neighbor directly behind?

Officer: Well --

Jesse: Do it again.

Officer: Yes, sir.

Jesse: Thanks.

Zach: Wow. Nice. You're in your element.

Jesse: Yeah, you look pretty comfortable yourself, man. No excessive swallowing or sweaty palms.

Zach: What do I have to be nervous about? I didn't kill the guy. I told you that. And as far as the moment when you realized I'm telling the truth, that's beyond my control.

Jesse: That's good. I like that. But you did say that you should have killed that guy when you had the chance.

Zach: That's all you got?

Jesse: Well, that, and you standing over the dead body of the guy that you said you should have killed! Come on, Zach. You told me yourself that I should treat you as a suspect. So far, it's working for me.

Zach: Well, now, I'm telling you to count me out. Does that work for you?

Jesse: You had motive. You had opportunity.

Zach: The killer who is standing next to the victim when you guys get here -- that's a fool. I'm a lot of things, Jesse, but I'm not that.

Dré: I knew I should have stopped.

Colby: Stopped when?

Cassandra: When we hit something.

Colby: Was that before I ticked off Corrina? I got the maddest text from her. Too bad I have no idea what I did.

Cassandra: Ok, you hit on Ren like a Page Six party girl, but that's besides the point. Could you focus? We went to drag you home, in your car --

Colby: And then, you decided to play "run down the psycho"?

Dré: I had one drink hours before we left. You were plastered and whining about how drunk you were.

Cassandra: Yeah! And it's not like Dré wanted to drive. I mean, he didn't really have a choice.

Colby: So -- so this is all my fault? Thanks, guys. Really.

Dré: You know, I know how it could have happened. I know exactly. Richie Novak was on the run after being pepper sprayed and knocked unconscious.

Richie: Go to hell, Pine Valley! I'm out of here!

Dre's voice: He probably never saw us coming.

Colby: I need some water. I need water.

Dré: Ok, ok, ok. Hey, check the pocket on my backpack right here.

Colby: Where?

Dré: Right down here. I got -- I got a bottle of water down here.

Dre's voice: My head was turned just a few seconds.

[Car screeching and crashing]

Dré: Whoa! What the hell?

Colby: [In drunken voice] Easy, please!

Cassandra: Dré, you just hit something.

Dré: Just a regular night. Hanging out. Except somebody's dead, and it looks like I killed him. The senatorial candidate's son.

Interviewer: You two ready?

Erica: Yes, always. And you?

Samuel: I'll try to keep up.

Erica: We'll see.

Interviewer: You two seem pretty comfortable for a prosecutor and prosecuted.

Erica: Oh, we're way past that, now, aren't we?

Samuel: Uh, she even had me on her show right here in the detention center, and credited me for her show "New Beginnings" being here at all.

Erica: And you thought that I was teasing you about being the one to put me in prison.

Samuel: Uh, the man we have to thank is a man who put "New Beginnings" behind bars? I -- I felt there might have been a little snark in that one, yeah.

Erica: When what really happened is that I gave you credit for being such a bold thinker. A man who wouldn't settle for the status quo. A man who wasn't intimidated. I mean, you went and spoke to the Federal Board of Prisoners, and -- and you got them to agree to do something that some might say was incredibly unorthodox. Actually, I was complimenting you. You just assumed that I was mocking you.

Samuel: Well, after knowing Ms. Kane for a little while, there's very little I would assume.

[Erica giggles]

Erica: "Ms. Kane." That's for your benefit. Actually, he does usually call me Erica.

Interviewer: Usually? Now, how often do you two speak?

Samuel: Ah -- what Erica is referring to is we spent a little time in solitary together.

Interviewer: Was your time in confinement particularly disturbing?

Erica: Yes. Yes, it was. At first, it was unnerving, but very, very quickly after that, quite frankly, it became terrifying. It was actually Mr. Woods who got me out.

Interviewer: I'm referring to your time accidentally locked in with Mr. Woods.

Erica: I see. Well, that was actually enlightening. That's really why we're both here, together, giving you this interview today.

Interviewer: This is a man you have every reason to despise. Yet you don't. Why is that? Is there more to this story than you're sharing with the public?

Randi: You want to do that -- play tough with me? Tell me what I can't and can do?

Frankie: That's not what I'm doing.

Randi: It's not? You set me up. You told Fletcher I turned on him. You get him over here --

Frankie: Oh, God, look. I'm not the one who told Fletcher to start beating up on you again. That's all him. Besides, you're the one putting up with --

Randi: You want to be in charge of me, too, right? Good thing Mommy took you off the case.

Frankie: Yeah, you're going to get all tough, huh? You're probably going to spike your blood pressure. Look, you want to be here, be here. You could be here forever. We can put your name outside the door, we can have your mail delivered --

Randi: Don't even get me started with your moms, who thinks I'm the biggest mess she's ever seen --

Frankie: And that thing you do with your lips. You hold them so tight, the circulation might cut off. You need an amputation, or a transplant. Well, we got to get you on the transplant list first. It's just --

Randi: What did you say about my lips?

Frankie: Yeah. That -- that thing you do. It's -- let me see if I can get this.

[Randi laughs]

Frankie: Yeah.

Randi: I don't do that.

Frankie: I got you. Yeah, you do. You do that. You just -- you go just like this. Look. You go --

Randi: Stop.

[Randi laughs]

Randi: You're not even funny.

Frankie: Ow. I guess you were choking, not laughing?

Randi: Just surprised you, uh, stopped playing God long enough to have a personality.

Frankie: I do know what, though. That brain and mouth of yours is working mighty fine, I see.

Randi: You know what? You're lucky I don't get out this bed and smack you up. What? You think I don't know how to defend myself?

Frankie: Well, maybe I got confused from all the bruises and broken bones.

Randi: Do me a favor. Don't start again, all right? Don't get me all mad.

Frankie: Oh, I guess I'll just have to make you laugh again, won't I?

Nurse: Got it.

Angie: Thanks, Carol.

Frankie: Ooh, you should have seen your face!

Randi: Don't be all proud of yourself, by the way, ok? I wasn't laughing with you. My sister used to bother me about that, so I was laughing because of her, not you.

Frankie: Oh, really? That's a throw-down, huh? Well, I guess I'll just have to make you laugh all over again.

Nurse: Excuse me. Randi, we need to draw blood. You know the drill.

Frankie: Yes, and, uh, I probably should, um --

Randi: Sure.

Frankie: All right.

Randi: Bye.

Frankie: Bye.

Ryan: Annie, you're on overload, and I want to help you.

Annie: You can't, Ryan. No one can. I mean, they're in there examining my -- my brother. Waiting for -- for secrets and answers.

Ryan: So that you can put this behind you. So that we all can put it behind us, and -- and we can move on.

Annie: How, Ryan? What is that report going to tell me? When my brother decided to become a monster? Why my parents decided to ignore it? Um, is it going to say why my brother's life and soul suddenly ended up in my hands? Why I was supposed to -- to save him? Or -- or fix him? Or leave him behind? No, no, no. I failed him! Ok, Ryan? And that's the only thing that autopsy is going to tell me.

Jesse: I know you're not a fool, Zach. But maybe you're one of those "hide in plain sight" kind of guys. You know? You figured I'd come around asking you questions sooner or later. You'd figure that sooner is better than later. Get it out of the way.

Zach: Look at that. You didn't even need me. I should go.

Jesse: Come on. Don't you want to know how you did it?

Zach: You are dying to tell me, aren't you?

Jesse: Ah, come on. You came all this way.

Zach: All right. Knock yourself out.

Jesse: All right. So, you left the cabin, you wanted to find this guy that put you in that hole, so you went for a drive. And what was going through your head while you were behind the wheel? All the hell that Richie put you and you family through. And then, you see him.

Zach: Well, hello.

[Car skids and crashes]

Zach: Justice served.

Jesse's voice: Is he dead? Got to be sure. Don't want him to I.D. you the way you did him.

Zach: How are you doing?

[Richie coughs]

Zach: Yeah, that's what I thought.

Jesse's voice: You were too smart to leave it at that.

Voice on radio: Slater, do you mind telling me where the hell you are?

Zach: I'm about five miles north of the 77. I found Novak.

Jesse: And here we are.

Zach: That's very interesting.

Jesse: You know, this phone is going to ring in a few minutes. It's going to be the coroner's report. And I could get really lucky. You know, hair, clothing, maybe even flecks of paint from the car you decided to run all over Richie's body with. The call could tell me anything I need to know.

Zach: Or?

Jesse: Or you could tell me first.

Jesse: So, does my version of things ring any bells for you there?

Zach: Photographs may have the bigger impact on somebody who wasn't actually there. Or somebody who has a guilty conscience.

Jesse: And that's not you?

Zach: No. Guy was dead when I got there. Did I want to kill him? Yes. Did I kill him? No. And there's the test you can run that's going to prove that.

Jesse: So you wouldn't mind just waiting around with me until I get that phone call?

Frankie: Bad time?

Randi: You ready to sign me out yet? Oh, wait. You can't.

[Frankie chuckles]

Frankie: Touchy.

Randi: Why did you come back?

Frankie: Well, I have a brilliant idea. Your sister.

Randi: What?

Frankie: You admitted that you had a sister. So call her.

Randi: You can't.

Frankie: I know. Hear me out. I -- I hear you. I know things got rough with your family, but, uh, your family doesn't know about all of this.

Randi: Do you even listen? My sister can't help, ok? She's dead.

Colby: He kidnapped my sister-in-law, you know? He had Babe and was going to do who-knows-what to her. Richie Novak was a total lunatic.

Cassandra: So what? That excuses it? Are they going to give us a medal now, "Job well done"?

Colby: I'm just saying --

Dré: Hey, be quiet. All right? You guys weren't there. You don't know what happened.

Cassandra: What?

Dré: Look, I was alone driving the car. Nobody else was involved. I'll just explain. Confess.

Colby: Dré, you can't just do that.

Cassandra: What -- do you know what happens to people who confess? They go to prison. Are you trying to go to prison?

Erica: Sam Woods has shown a great interest in prison conditions. I want to encourage that for all my fellow inmates.

Interviewer: So this bond is purely for public awareness? You only talk about prison-related issues?

Samuel: Well, we're -- we're both human beings. We're not -- we're not on different sides. That's something the media does. The media sort of makes lines and pumps up the antagonism. It's good for ratings, and it sells newspapers.

Erica: We have things in common. We're both single parents.

Samuel: Uh, we both are subject to, and have to survive, media scrutiny.

Erica: We both changed careers a number of times over the course of time.

Samuel: Let me see if I can get this right. Now, Erica's been a model, businesswoman, talk show host, probably had a couple careers that she's conquered that I haven't mentioned, right?

Interviewer: Did you ever have an Erica Kane poster?

Erica: Why don't you ask Mr. Woods some questions about him? Personally. I mean, such as, "Mr. Woods, why don't you tell us something that your public might be surprised to know about you?" Your public wants to know the real you. Let them.

Samuel: All right. Um -- I was in -- I was in an a cappella group in college.

Erica: Were you? Classical? Madrigal?

Samuel: R&B.

Erica: Really?

Samuel: Really.

Erica: Oh!

[Erica laughs]

Erica: Do you want to sing now?

Samuel: I was pretty bad. And -- and at this point, I'm trying to get votes and not scare them away. Thank you.

Interviewer: Erica, you seem to bring out the best in Mr. Woods. Could he be your next co-host?

Erica: Well, I sincerely doubt that he would have the time, since he's going to be on Capitol Hill.

Interviewer: Is that an official endorsement of the candidate? Do you believe Sam Woods is the answer?

Annie: Is it --

Angie: It's over.

Ryan: Is there anything that -- that we should --

Angie: Your brother died from blunt force trauma to the head.

Ryan: So -- wait a minute. Does that mean that he was never hit by a car?

Angie: No, we found evidence that Richie was definitely hit by a car. His death was most likely the result of being struck by the oncoming car and then hitting his head.

Annie: Oh. Um, did -- did my brother suffer?

Angie: Most likely, his death was instantaneous.

Annie: So, he didn't --

Angie: I don't think he felt anything. Listen, the coroner will have the full report for the police.

Annie: So, um, then, we'll -- we'll send my brother home, and he can finally be at peace?

Angie: Yes. Annie, it's over.

[Phone rings]

Jesse: This is Hubbard.

Angie: This is his wife.

Jesse: Hey. What you got for me, Doctor?

Angie: Blunt force trauma to the head, possibly when the victim fell from the impact of an automobile.

Jesse: That's it?

Angie: You know, we have evidence that shows he was hit by a car. Looks like an apparent hit-and-run.

Jesse: Well, maybe a hit. Not really sure about the run. Thank you, baby.

Angie: That's Dr. Baby. Bye.

Jesse: You're too much.

Zach: Did you find my name tattooed under his fingernails?

Jesse: You got jokes, man.

Zach: I got no jokes, bro. Ask anybody. Am I free to go?

Jesse: Of course, you are. But, hey -- how about we talk about these bruises you tattooed all over Richie. You know, I don't have to charge you for murder to put you in jail.

Erica: So, I just saw the cue for our interviewer -- time to wrap this up.

Samuel: You -- you see this little manipulation she's pulled off? Now when I go out stumping for votes, people are going to be focused on Erica Kane drama. They're going to be asking me, "What's Erica like?" And how am I going to get them to focus on the issues?

Erica: Well, what are you going to tell them?

Samuel: That's a good question. I think I'll tell them what they probably already know. You are an incredible lady.

Interviewer: I think we should end on that note. Ms. Kane, Mr. Woods, thank you for your time. We're out. Mr. Woods, as a voter, I just want to say, I saw a totally different you today thanks to Ms. Kane.

Samuel: Well, thank you. Thank you. Maybe my press guy will get off my back a little now.

Erica: So, are you?

Samuel: Am I what?

Erica: Well, he just said "Thanks to Ms. Kane." So are you going to thank me now?

Samuel: Thank you.

Erica: You're welcome.

Samuel: I've got to go to the road --

Erica: I know, you're going back on the road now.

Samuel: Yeah. Um, grassroots -- I'm going to get out there and let these voters know what I stand for and let them know how I can help them out.

Erica: And how long will you be gone?

Samuel: Why?

Erica: People will miss you.

Samuel: What people?

Erica: Well, maybe one person. Your son. You really are too easy, you know. You need to work on that.

Dré: We've got to do something. At least tell my dad before the whole thing blows up and ruins him.

Colby: And what? He'll withdraw from the Senate race? End up a punch line on some late-night talk show?

Cassandra: Ok. What about your dad? I mean, can he help?

Colby: Hello? Have you read the papers lately? My dad can't keep himself out of the news.

Cassandra: Yeah, but, like, to protect you.

Colby: How? J.R. drives my dad crazy, but if my dad could have kept J.R. from getting arrested, he would have. Lots of times. Your dad. He's the only answer.

Cassandra: He's not my dad, first of all. He's my stepdad. And no. I mean, if he ever -- if this got out, he would lose his job, and it would be my fault. My mom worships him. You have no idea.

Dré: Well, it's not your mistake. It's mine.

Colby: And my car that you only drove, because I was too wasted. Looks like you're the only clean one in this whole mess.

Cassandra: Clean? I was the one that told Dré to keep driving and "No, don't go back and check and see if the guy that we just ran over needs a doctor. Just let him die in the road."

Dré: We didn't know. We thought it was a deer or a tree branch. I mean, we had no idea.

Cassandra: But we do now.

Colby: What do we do? Who do we tell?

Cassandra: No one. We can't tell anyone what happened last night.

Ryan: They said the paperwork would be done in a little while. It's gone -- the fear in your eyes. You really hated the idea of them doing this whole autopsy on Richie, didn't you?

Annie: I really did want the best for Richie. I wanted him to be happy and healthy and sane. But you know, maybe it's -- maybe it's true. Maybe he really will be at peace now.

[Annie recalls what happened the previous night]

Annie: That's it. That's it. I want you out. Get the hell out.

[Richie laughs]

Annie: What are you laughing at?

Richie: Well, sweetheart, neither one of us are going anywhere. Just stop and listen. Do you hear that? Huh? That is the sound of the tire losing its air.

Annie: You blew a tire when you drove us off the road, you idiot. Now they're definitely going to catch up to us.

Richie: Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm sure. Well, I guess you're just going to have to lie your way out of it like you always do. How about that, sis? Huh?

Annie: Just shut up and fix the tire.

Richie: Why? So you can run off to see husband? Huh? Is that it? You sure can pick them. First there was Terry, who was after every junior high girl in town and now there's this guy, who's after everybody except for -- oh, what's your name again?

Annie: You are pathetic. You are so disgusting that you had to kidnap Babe to make her love you. That's how your mind works. You are pathetic and insane.

Richie: Well, right back at you, sis. I mean, come on. Do you really think getting knocked up is going to save your marriage? That doesn't sound crazy at all to you? Not at all?

Annie: I hate you. I really, really do hate you.

Richie: Innocent Annie. Annie, I've had it up to here. I am done with your threats. In fact, when I get out of here, you better watch your back because that letter's coming.

Annie: Shut up. You better shut up.

Richie: Oh, yeah. "Dear Ryan, Annie conned you good." Here you go.

Annie: I will let them track you down.

[Richie chuckles]

Annie: I will let them cart you off and ship you up and lock -- lock you up.

Richie: Oh, sure. You're going to go down, too. In fact, you're going to go down if I want you to anyway. All I got to do is write that letter. Every time you go to the -- to the mailbox, that letter could be in there -- that one thing that could roll you right out of the world. I am never going away. I'm always one step --

[Annie yells as she hits Richie with the tire iron]

[Annie gasps]

Annie: Richie? Richie, I'm sorry. Richie, wake up! Oh, my God. I didn't mean it. You know I didn't mean it. Richie? Oh, my God.

Ryan: Hello?

Annie: Ryan?

Ryan: Hey. Are you ok?

Annie: I'm fine.

Ryan: You haven't seen Richie? You're not with him?

Annie: No. No. Why would I be with -- why would I be with Richie?

[Back to the present]

Ryan: Annie? Annie.

Annie: I'm fine.

Ryan: Are you sure?

Annie: Yeah, I was just -- I was just thinking about the last time I saw Richie. After what Richie put everybody through because of what I did to him, I wouldn't blame you if you were done with me.

Ryan: Hey! Hey, stop talking like that, ok? Because I am here for you. I am. You know that, right?

Annie: You know those crazy thoughts you have when you're so grateful to have somebody in your life that you have these visions of what would happen if you lost them? If I ever lost you, Ryan --

Randi: One of us needs to get out of this room.

Frankie: Then I guess you better find someone to sign your release.

Randi: Fine. If you won't leave, then I will.

Frankie: Hey, hey. Remember what happened last time you tried to get out of the bed?

Randi: Am I talking to you? No.

Frankie: What? Because I asked about your sister?

Randi: No, because you keep trying to get all up in my business, and you've been trying for weeks. You know what? Why don't you try calling one of my cousins in Puerto Rico?

Frankie: Let me guess -- you know what? You probably don't even have a cousin in Puerto Rico, but whatever. Ok. So, big girl, tough girl wants to put on a show. Come on. Walk. That's the only way you're going to get somebody to sign your release, anyway.

Randi: I can walk. And you know what? Men can't keep their eyes off me when I walk.

Frankie: Hey.

Erica: Was it true about the singing?

Samuel: Well, would a politician lie?

Erica: You wouldn't.

Samuel: I've got to go on the road. So if you need anything --

Erica: Yes. What if I do?

Samuel: Well, then call my office, and they'll let me know.

Erica: Well, you do know that I'm perfectly capable of taking care of myself.

Samuel: Ok. So then, if I need anything, I'll call my office, and they'll let you know.

Erica: You really have changed. You seem, um -- you seem freer.

Samuel: And you will, too. And when you are, watch out.

Erica: Oh, you have no idea.

Jesse: Man took a hell of a beating.

Zach: In custody. You've got some tough cops in there.

Jesse: A cop didn't do this.

Zach: No?

Jesse: No.

Zach: Maybe he fell down the stairs in his cell.

[Jesse chuckles]

Jesse: There was a guard named Wallace that was on duty when this guy got beat up.

Zach: Did Wallace confess yet?

Jesse: No. Actually, Wallace up and moved to Costa Rica with his wife.

Zach: What?

Jesse: Yeah.

Zach: I bet he loves it down there. My money's on him.

Jesse: Well, even better put, your money is with him in his pocket, in his bank account, paying for his suntan lotion. You paid him off, Zach. Little quality time with Novak here?

Zach: Oh, you've got a lot of theories -- you got a lot of those.

Jesse: Yeah. Well, why don't we see if, um, I'm right? Give me access to your financials, huh? And we'll see if any of those many Benjamins of yours have up and walked away recently.

Zach: Oh, that's a nice try. I don't think anybody paid him with a personal check.

Jesse: You know what? I can find the proof, and I can promise you that.

Samuel: Ok, ok, ok. So if I need to build up my war chest, you'll come sing, and you'll just croon the checkbooks out of people's pockets?

Erica: You know, you keep trying to rope me into your campaign when we both know that I'm a liability. I mean, we can talk, and we can joke, but the fact remains, I'm a convict.

Samuel: You're Erica Kane.

Guard: Ms. Kane, show's over. Time to go back with your buddies.

Erica: Coming.

Samuel: Erica?

Erica: Oh, no, it's all right. For once, I get to be the one to walk away first. It's been a long time since that's happened.

Frankie: Great job. At least you got your pulse racing. You trying to get out of here or what?

Randi: You just really can't stop trying to be a hero, can you?

[Frankie chuckles]

Frankie: Look, I'm trying to keep you alive, unlike some people I know.

Randi: Don't even go there.

Frankie: What you going to do? Get out of bed, try to walk away, fall down, teach me a lesson?

Randi: Go to hell.

Frankie: You think you're a tough girl, don't you?

Randi: Yeah, because I am.

Frankie: Yeah, yeah. Well, you need anything before I leave?

Randi: No, not from you.

Frankie: Ok. Ok.

Randi: Hey, doc. Thanks.

Frankie: You're welcome.

Angie: How is she?

Frankie: Well, she's fine -- probably ready to be released, but you know, it's not my call, me not being on the case and all.

Angie: Is that a dig?

Frankie: No, not at all. It's just a matter of fact. It's all good.

Cassandra: You guys, my mother was so happy to have me come here and be a part of her town and everything. And she told me how proud she is of me -- was. I mean, God, it would be "was" if she ever found out.

Colby: We can't -- we can't tell.

Dré: Just sit on this?

Cassandra: Look, we don't really know. Like, we didn't see anything.

Dré: The man is dead. Do I have to run through the facts again?

Colby: We have to leave it alone.

Cassandra: Look, for the sake of our moms, and your dad's, and Jesse, and our families, we can't -- we don't have a choice.

Colby: This is an all-for-one deal, Dré. If one of us blows this, we all go down along with the people we love.

Dré: Ok.

Cassandra: So -- so that's it? We're all in?

Colby: We won't tell anyone.

Cassandra: Our secret.

Dré: It's done.

Jesse: Well, we've had a nice little talk so far, a little give and take. So why don't you take it the rest of the way and just tell me what you did.

Zach: Which one? Beat him up or run him down?

Jesse: Whatever works for you, man.

Zach: It's good to see you, chief.

Jesse: Oh, so we're done?

Zach: Yeah, we're done. It's a beautiful day. The Stanley Cup's back in Detroit where it belongs. My family is happy and safe. So I'm leaving.

Jesse: I'll be in touch.

Zach: Not without a warrant. Richie Novak is dead. The only person that cares about that is you. Now, I told you I didn't kill him. Do me a favor. Stay away from me and leave my family alone. Ok? Bye.

Annie: If I ever lost you, Ryan --

Ryan: Hey, I never want to hurt you like that. Never.

Annie: It's amazing. It's almost as if Richie's death somehow brought us closer.

Ryan: I'm going to take you home, ok? All right.

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