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Aidan: Morning. Coffee and doughnuts?

Greenlee: He spends the entire night outside my door, and then he brings me breakfast.

Aidan: What a bloke, huh?

Greenlee: I kind of wimped out last night.

Aidan: You had every right to.

Greenlee: Yeah, I'm not sure the police chief would agree with you, after Kendall and I let Richie escape, and get himself killed.

Aidan: Greenlee, you saved Babe's life. No one let him escape.

Greenlee: Yeah, well, it just brought back horrible memories.

Aidan: I know. I have a confession to make. I, um, still got the key to our -- your place. I let myself in last night a couple of times just to, um, check that you was ok.

Jake: Oh, hey. Is this a bad time? Should I come back? I'll come back.

Aidan: Move-in day. Need a hand? Unless you don't trust me to carry your teaspoon collection.

Jake: Uh, no. I'll just have to count each one of my spoons before you leave.

Aidan: Let's move you in.

Jake: Great.

Angie: Head already so deep in a case, you don't even care I'm stealing your muffin.

Jesse: I'm distracted by that beautiful new do of yours. I love it.

Angie: And I love you. Thanks.

Jesse: Fact of the matter is it's my responsibility now -- it's my job -- to figure out who killed Richie Novak.

Angie: Don't we know how? Hit and run.

Jesse: Well, then how about the "why"? You got the answer to that one, Doctor?

Krystal: Richie Novak died because God knows evil when he sees it.

Angie: Krystal, sit. How's Babe? And how are you?

Krystal: Babe says she's fine. Of course, how fine can she be after what Richie put her through? Kidnapping her, thinking that she was going to run off with him.

Jesse: Well, I swear to you, if I could have stopped him, I would have.

Krystal: Somebody did stop him, for good. And whoever did it, why, and how -- I'm not worried about that.

Dré: Hi.

[Dré chuckles]

Cassandra: Good morning.

Dré: Are you going to sit?

Cassandra: Sit? Yes -- yeah, right.

Dré: All right. Here you are.

Dré: Do you think Colby's face-down in the bathroom right now?

[Dré and Cassandra laugh]

J.R.: Did you sleep ok?

Babe: Yeah. No. Well, it's not that I didn't sleep. I --

J.R.: You just didn't sleep at all. Here.

Babe: Thank you.

J.R.: Novak is dead. He's not going to be able to hurt you ever again.

Babe: I know, but when I think about --

Adam: About the fact that you're the reason that psychotic targeted J.R. in the first place?

J.R.: Oh, God. Dad, that's enough, all right?

Ryan: Yes, Chicago O'Hare airport, please. Uh, Mr. Walter Novak will be picking up the body. Yes. Actually, my wife's brother, but thank you very much for the condolences. Ok. So, everything is, uh -- is all set with the airline.

Annie: We'll take my brother's body, and bury him next to my mother.

Ryan: So, as soon as the autopsy is over, we can transport --

Annie: I can't -- I can't think about the autopsy. Please, Ryan. When I think about what they're going to do to him with -- with saws and scalpels -- I mean, my brother was sick, and sometimes evil, but somebody just ran him over in the middle of the road, just like he did to Zach.

Kendall: Zach, Zach, wait a minute. Wait, wait, wait. Ok, I know we came to see Annie, but, come on. Me and Babe and Greenlee, we all practically hog-tied the guy, and then someone plows him over.

Zach: Someone who wasn't me.

Kendall: Yeah, I know that. I know. But, I mean, you were the one who made the call in to Jesse. And, as the new police chief, he's going to want to close the case, and you're the easy target. But I know the truth. I swear to you, I know the truth.

Zach: Hey.

Kendall: Hey!

Zach: Bagels and tea, all set up.

Ryan: Thank you. Thanks, guys.

Kendall: Yeah, well, that's -- that's what you do when people die. You bring food.

Annie: Even when the person who died hurt everyone you care about? Even if he's your brother, and you feel like it's all your fault?

Kendall: Come here.

Annie: I can't.

Kendall: Yes, Annie. Honestly, yes, you can.

Ryan: So, you found Richie, huh? That's what Aidan said when he called.

Zach: Yeah, I did. Already dead.

Ryan: It wasn't an accusation, Zach.

Zach: No, just to run it out there. I'm going to do a lot of that in the next few days.

Ryan: Yeah? You worried about being implicated?

Zach: Uh-uh. I've been a suspect before. I know the drill.

Ryan: And, plus, you got Kendall there, by your side.

Zach: Yeah. Just like you have Annie. That's what married people do for each other.

J.R.: What the hell, Dad? Haven't we already had this conversation, about Babe moving in, and you backing off?

Adam: What if that SOB had kidnapped Little A along with his mother? What then?

Babe: I would have put my life on the line to save our son.

Adam: Ah. I see.

Colby: That was a big mistake. Backing up slowly.

Adam: Colby, what are you doing back from the lodge this early?

Colby: Do I have to do this? I -- I -- I think I have a bug.

Adam: You came home a day early without telling me. Richie -- Richie Novak was on the loose, you know. I thought you were safe! And that man was out there, kidnapping Babe, and -- and -- and getting himself splattered all over the street.

Colby: Wait, wait -- what?

J.R.: Colby -- go back upstairs. Sleep it off.

Colby: Like you're in charge. Are -- are you ok? What happened?

Adam: Look, this is about you coming home a day early when you could have been in danger.

Colby: Richie hurt you? You -- you almost got killed?

Babe: Not me, Colby. Richie. He was killed last night in a hit-and-run.

Krystal: Take-out when the Chandlers have their own chef, and I have my own restaurant. I must be losing my mind.

Angie: Yeah, you try to stay busy, do something, anything.

Krystal: Yeah. Because if you stop, think about what might have happened --

Jesse: Hey. But it didn't happen. All right? So, you go find your girl, make sure she's ok, and both of you, just forget about everything about Richie Novak.

Krystal: Have I told you how grateful I am that you are the chief in charge? And how grateful I am to you for sharing him?

Angie: You will tell Babe that we're thinking about her?

Krystal: Yeah.

Angie: Sweet.

Krystal: Oh, well. You think it's all bad, and then you see smiles like that. He's a good guy, you know? The best.

Jesse: See you, Babe. Who's a good guy?

Angie: Cass and Dré. She is smiling. I must say, my baby looks real happy about now.

Krystal: Good morning, you two.

Cassandra: Good morning.

Krystal: You're back from the Chandler Lodge so soon, huh?

Cassandra: We -- we just --

Dré: Oh, they got bored.

Cassandra: Yeah.

Krystal: "Bored"?

Cassandra: Yeah.

Krystal: Well, that is the cutest thing I've ever heard.

[Cassandra and Krystal laugh]

Krystal: Oh, sit down. Sit down. You, know, I, uh, I half expected that thing to turn into a full-blown house party with booze and boys. You two are good girls. I'm proud of you. Now, I have got to get back to my oldest daughter, give her a big hug, and thank God that she is alive.

Cassandra: Did something happen to Babe?

Krystal: You didn't hear about Richie Novak?

Dré: No.

Krystal: Well, Babe is finally out, but that piece of dirt -- don't even get me started. Here. Read all about it. I'll talk to you two later.

Cassandra: Ok. Great. Now, I feel like crap.

Dré: Oh, but you're such a good girl. How could you feel like crap?

Cassandra: Whatever. Just -- I just lied to my mom's friend, ok? I mean, there was booze and boys. Colby got wasted and hit on Ren like nobody's business. Corrina got all jealous, and Colby did the "sick girl" thing. And we had to haul her home after hitting a deer, or a possum, or something? I mean, nothing about that screams "good girl."

Dré: What if it wasn't a deer or a possum?

Cassandra: Um, you trying to make me feel worse, what, like, with someone's family pet or something?

Dré: Richie Novak. The guy got mowed down last night. Do you think it's possible?

Cassandra: Ok, if that's true -- we're so busted.

Greenlee: Great. Thanks.

Aidan: I'm just glad you're ok. I'd move 100 boxes for you.

Greenlee: You know, you should check on Kendall, too. I -- I mean, I'm not -- I'm not saying that to be a bitch. Like, "you should check on Kendall, because you and she --" I -- I -- I'm just saying that she was worried about Zach. Not that Zach did anything that she needed to be worried about. I'm just saying that -- that --

Jake: She's just saying -- she's just saying "thank you" for helping her buddy Jake move his stuff, because if she would have done it, she'd have broken a nail, and she'd rather just stand here babbling, because that's what she's best at. Ahem.

Greenlee: We're not supposed to be on each other's nerves yet.

Jake: Oh, is that right? That's because we're just picking up where we left off, right?

Aidan: Ok. Jake, Greenlee, I'll see you later.

Greenlee: Why did I invite you to move in again?

Jake: Because a long time ago, you asked me if you could move in with me, and I let you. And then a long time after that, u admitted that it was, uh, just because you were lonely -- didn't want to be alone -- and you were obsessing over some other guy. Does that sound familiar? You know? Ring a bell? You know? Is this thing on? No idea what I'm talking about? Where can I put this?

[Greenlee laughs]

Greenlee: That's a joke, right?

Jake: What?

Greenlee: That's a real knee-slapper, because there's no way that that thing is going on any one of the walls.

Jake: No, this is famous, and it makes the place feel homey, homey.

Greenlee: "Homey?"

Jake: Yes.

Greenlee: It is homey.

Jake: Now, what -- who are these people? Are these your parents?

Greenlee: Did I ever actually like you?

Jake: Oh, yeah, I think you did -- a little bit. But not as much as you liked Leo, or as much as you liked Ryan or Aidan, I guess. Hmm. So what -- what was he doing here?

Greenlee: Nothing.

Jake: Hmm.

Greenlee: We're nothing.

Jake: Right. But you know it doesn't have to be like that. Because the old you, the old you, would have given people second chances. You know? A second chance. Of course, after they groveled and they, you know, severely suffered.

Greenlee: I was not that bad.

Jake: No, you're right. You weren't that bad, because you actually gave Leo his second chance after he married Laura English. But that was the old you. When I was gone, something happened to you. Like, something that sucked the second chance right out of you.

Greenlee: Yeah. His name was Ryan Lavery. That's what happened.

Kendall: How's Greenlee?

Aidan: She's settling Jake into her apartment.

Ryan: Well, that's good -- that she's not alone.

Aidan: Yeah. She's not.

Zach: That's quite a bump you got there.

Annie: Yeah, he hit me pretty hard. God, that was the last time I saw my brother. Until -- until last night in the morgue. He almost didn't look real. It was almost like it could have been one of his tricks to scare me, or make me sorry, or make me wish I could take it all back.

J.R.: Novak is dead. You don't need to know the details.

Colby: So, are -- are you freaked out or ok, or what?

Adam: No, no, wait. Excuse me. What -- what this is about, is about your little surprise visit home, without bothering to give a call to tell me you're on your way. That -- that, uh, car, and the keys to the lodge, were gifts.

J.R.: Bribes.

Adam: Gifts that require responsibility, that require that you act responsibly. And, if you won't give me a vivid explanation, I'm going to be forced to reconsider.

J.R.: Ah, what happened, Dad? Colby take your first bribe up to the mountains to your second bribe?

Babe: J.R., leave her alone.

Colby: J.R., please?

J.R.: She's home safe. And, instead of you being glad, you just don't know how to give it a rest. Come on. Go take a shower, brush your teeth, drink some water. Dad might not be able to smell the booze coming out of your skin, but I sure as hell can.

Colby: I said I was sorry.

J.R.: Ok -- me, Hayley, Skye -- all alcoholics. You're not going to be next. And I'm sure as hell not going to let Dad treat you like you're one. Not if I can help it.

Colby: You're kind of not so bad as a brother.

J.R.: Go upstairs. I'll bring you some juice.

Babe: What are you so wound up about, Adam? It's not obviously because you're worried about me, so what's your problem?

Adam: You got yourself in a lot of trouble a few months back by playing footsie with Richie Novak. Your mother was out of her mind. She was riddled with anxiety.

Babe: Oh. Oh, now we're getting somewhere. This is about Mama.

Adam: Yes. Did you -- did you care at all about her? About what would happen to her? About what she would do if you -- if anything happened to you?

Babe: What -- lose her mind, just like she did when you stole Jenny? Is that what you're talking about?

Krystal: Oh. Babe. Oh, honey. Oh. Oh, gosh, I was just so sick, wondering and waiting. I even wasted some time at B.J.'S. Oh, let me look at you! You are ok. You're ok. Oh.

J.R.: She wouldn't let me take her to the hospital.

Krystal: You are so stubborn.

Babe: Did you bring Little Adam?

Krystal: No, I dropped him off with Winifred. I wanted you to have some time to put your game face on. You know, kids can't handle it when their folks freak out.

Babe: I know.

Adam: Especially if the kids cause the freak-out to begin with.

J.R.: Dad, could I see you for a second?

Adam: Mm-hmm.

J.R.: Just because Novak's dead doesn't mean the market shut down.

Babe: Mom, Adam is over-the-top nuts today, and it's about you. Can you tell me what happened?

Krystal: Ah, a picnic. How about a picnic, huh?

Babe: Stop.

Krystal: You and me and Little A.

Babe: Stop. Don't pretend like you can't hear me, or that I'm not making any sense.

[Krystal sighs]

Krystal: Ok. I was so upset, I -- I kissed the SOB, or I let him kiss me.

Babe: What? Mama!

Krystal: I know, I know. I know. I'm married. And Tad is -- is good and decent, and I -- I just regret that I made that mistake. And I don't blame you if you blame me.

Babe: I'm not blaming you. I just -- I hate that Richie had us all out of our minds. We tried to get him back, Mama. We tried to give him what he deserved.

Krystal: Oh, he got what he deserved, honey. Hand to God. He got what he deserved.

Cassandra: My mom and chief-of-police stepdad are sitting right over there, and you're trying to tell me I might have killed somebody?

Dré: Shh. I'm not saying definitely, but, I mean, the article says that Novak was killed by a hit-and-run on Route 77, right around the same time we ran into, you know, whatever it was we ran into.

Cassandra: Oh, my God, ok. Do I look like I'm freaking out? Just trying not to look like I'm freaking out.

Dré: Just breathe. All right? Try and smile a little bit.

Cassandra: "Smile"? You want me to smile?

Dré: Anything but a look of panic would be great.

Cassandra: Oh -- my God. This guy is dead.

Dré: Ok, you know what? I think we better go.

Cassandra: No! We can't leave. Our food hasn't even gotten here yet. And if we leave before we eat, it's going to look suspicious.

Dré: Ok, ok, just be cool. And try to figure out if we did this.

Cassandra: I -- I can't talk about this here. I mean, not with them sitting over there. Oh, my God. I thought the biggest thing I was going to have to lie about was drinking beer.

Dré: Hey, it's going to be ok.

Jesse: Something happened at that cabin last night. Something happened when Richie ran.

Angie: So, an accidental hit-and-run doesn't work for you?

Jesse: Are you kidding? After all the people this man has scammed, tortured, almost killed?

Angie: Maybe Krystal is right. Karma just caught up with him.

Jesse: Hmm. Karma usually has a wing man.

Ryan: So, how much justice did Kendall and Greenlee get?

Aidan: Not enough, as far as I'm concerned. Then we lost him.

Zach: And then I found him.

Ryan: Already dead, right?

Aidan: Jesse give you a hard time last night?

Zach: I was standing over the body of the guy that buried me and Greenlee in the hole, so you can't blame him really.

Aidan: Well, we all wanted him gone, didn't we? So, there's no tears here.

Ryan: Can't say the same for Annie.

Kendall: You know, losing someone who's a part of your life, it's never easy. I mean, they're -- they're still family, still a part of you, no matter what horrible things they've done.

Annie: Yeah. I just try to remember the times when we made sense. You know? As brother and sister. Like, Christmas morning, or our secret tree fort, or riding the bus to school together as kids. Him always getting the better sandwich in his lunch box. But, you know, that -- that's not who he was when he died. You know? And, maybe -- maybe that was never really him deep down. I mean, he was -- he was evil, right? Wasn't he? And -- and if whatever happened on that road -- it was bound to happen some time, some other place.

Kendall: Annie, it's done, ok? Maybe you should stop torturing yourself, asking these questions.

Annie: What -- why do you keep looking at my hand?

Kendall: Uh -- you're not wearing your wedding ring.

Annie: Oh, yeah. I'm -- I'm just getting it cleaned. I'm ok.

Ryan: Ah, just take half, ok?

Annie: Thank you.

Kendall: Zach, Annie's not wearing her wedding ring.

Zach: Why can't you mind your own business? She took it off doing dishes or something.

Kendall: "Doing dishes"? No, no, she said she took it off to have it cleaned.

Zach: All right. So, what's the problem? Women do that.

Kendall: No, no. I'm telling you, if she took it off, it's for a reason.

Jake: Yeah, yeah, keep pushing that all the way behind that. And this way, nobody can see my -- my picture.

Greenlee: It's an aerial photo of the Sudan.

Jake: Yeah, because I don't want to forget where I've been.

Greenlee: Yeah, and no pictures of human beings? People that you care about? You left behind?

Jake: Will you just leave it alone? Leave it alone, Smythe.

Greenlee: What is with this "Smythe" thing? Like we're old buddies at Oxford. "Let's go for a pint at the pub."

Jake: You know, that wouldn't actually be a very bad idea. If, of course you, uh, weren't too emotionally fragile to actually look at it as an actual pint ever again.

Greenlee: Do you even care that I almost died? And that the man who tried to kill me died last night? And then Aidan, who I thought would be my third and final husband, came to the rescue, even though Kendall and I had already rescued Babe. Do you even care that it's so hard for me to see him and think about him?

Jake: If you want to talk about Aidan and all your boy troubles, find a female. Find a female friend. That's what they're for.

Greenlee: Yeah, I had one, and she slept with him.

Jake: You say that you want to forgive him. You say you can't get over him. Blah, blah, blah. You're obsessing over the guy. If you want to forgive him, just forgive him. He made a mistake. He slept with her, he thought you were dead, it wasn't personal.

Greenlee: He ran out on me when I didn't accept his proposal fast enough. Like it was all my fault. Meanwhile, he had this huge secret that was just waiting to come out. You mix love and secrets, don't be surprised if everything falls apart.

Zach: Well, here we are in a very exclusive club -- all members of families that like to hurt people, and they die. It's complicated.

Annie: He did really awful things, but I -- I wanted to save him. I really did.

Zach: Yeah, well, most of the things he brought on himself.

Annie: That's true.

Zach: I'm not going to judge you. Whatever you did or didn't do, it doesn't matter. If you want to talk, I'm here.

Annie: You have every reason to hate my brother, Zach. You could have died.

Zach: It's not about him. It's about you. Looking at you, I see there's something going on behind those eyes right now. Like I said before, you need to talk, I'm here.

Annie: Thank you.

Zach: Hey.

Annie: Just --

Kendall: You know, I shouldn't have let Zach go alone. This way, he wouldn't have been by himself when he found Richie.

Ryan: He's not going to need an alibi, Kendall.

Aidan: He won't.

Ryan: Excuse me.

Kendall: Ok, go.

Aidan: You should call her -- Greenlee.

Kendall: I knew who you meant. You should be with her, Aidan.

Aidan: Yeah, but I already checked in on her.

Kendall: Checked in? No, you need to be with her and stay there with her -- make sure she's not alone. And not Jake, you.

Jake: So, I figure poker dogs can go here even though it's round and the thing is square. And I have this unicorn on some black velvet, and I thought maybe instead of those -- whatever those things --

Greenlee: No.

Jake: Hey, take it easy, please. Hey. Please.

Greenlee: It's just that -- that's where this was. Aidan put it there. You don't understand.

Jake: Oh, right. I don't understand anything. I don't understand what it feels like to be betrayed, huh, right? What, is Ryan the only one with a memory problem?

Greenlee: This is not like you and Gillian at all.

Jake: Oh, why is that? Because Gillian didn't have to think I was dead to sleep with Ryan or because I forgave her -- loved her enough to forgive her, actually.

Greenlee: Don't do that. Don't do that. Don't make this about me and forgiveness instead of about him and what he did.

Jake: Aidan is a hero. He's a hero -- pulled me out of Southern Sudan. I didn't even want to be pulled out, but he saved my life. That's what he did. And what did he do for you? He pulled you out of a hole in the ground even though at this moment in time, he had made a terrible, terrible mistake. Yes. But what did he do? He saved your life, right? Saved your life, and he still wants to be with you even though everybody knows you're nothing but a massive headache. What do -- what do you women want from us? What -- what else could you possibly want?

Greenlee: He was supposed to be the one person who would never hurt -- never, ever hurt me. And now, I don't know who he is.

Jake: Smythe, Smythe, we are just people. We're people. We all make mistakes. We still know who we are.

Greenlee: Yeah, well, I can feel it. I mean, I know, like, a part of him, but -- but I don't know. I --

Jake: I've got to take a shower. I've got to -- wash this off me.

Greenlee: There's a part of him I don't know.

Cassandra: I'm sorry. I'm trying to keep it together, ok? Can you just -- can you distract me? Just talk about something -- anything? Just not Richie Novak or driving cars?

Dré: Ok. Um -- you know what I was thinking about this morning?

Cassandra: What?

Dré: Well, whether you were going to make a big deal out of this breakfast and call it our first date.

Cassandra: Um, I mean, I'm not that kind of girl.

[Cassandra chuckles]

Dré: What kind of girl?

Cassandra: Like, you know -- like, all provincial and like, "Oh, this is our first date because you asked me out and --" I don't know. I mean, I lived in Paris.

Dré: Right over my head.

Cassandra: Like, I mean, if I was provincial and, like, all, you know, rules, then yeah, it would be our first date --

Dré: Because?

Cassandra: Well, because -- because last night --

Dré: No, hey, easy, easy. Focus. Look, last night was our first kiss. You know, you care about stuff like that.

Cassandra: I mean, it wasn't, like, a big deal, right?

Dré: It was to me, Cass. Last night -- after I left, all I could think about was wanting to kiss you again.

Cassandra: Oh.

Angie: All right, I'm going in early, because you're going to want some extra eyes on the Novak autopsy.

Jesse: Are you sure about that?

Angie: Yeah, I'm your woman on the inside. I got your back.

Jesse: So, you believe me now, huh? That this isn't just some convenient accidental hit-and-run? I mean, come on. He's the most hated man in town.

Angie: No one has instincts like you, baby. I'd be a fool not to trust them by now.

Jesse: So, what are we waiting for? Let's get to work already.

Angie: First, I want to say hi to Cass and her friend.

Jesse: Um, that's a bad move. Trust my instincts on this one, ok? Just walk away. She don't want to see her mommy right now. Trust me.

Angie: What are you talking about? I'm not going to embarrass her.

Jesse: Ok, then you just go ahead and not embarrass her without me, all right? Because I got work to do. See you, baby. Give them my love, though, would you?

Angie: Ok.

Jesse: Here, you can have that.

Angie: Oh, stop.

Waitress: Are you guys all finished?

Dré: Oh, yeah.

Cassandra: Yeah, I can't -- I'm not hungry.

Waitress: That's ok.

Angie: Hi, sweetheart.

Cassandra: Mommy.

Angie: Dré.

Dré: Hi.

Angie: So, did you have fun at the lodge?

Cassandra: Yeah, it was great.

Dré: Actually, they got bored. That's what Cass told me and Krystal.

Cassandra: Yeah, it was actually really boring.

Angie: Well, bored is good -- I mean, at least considering everything that went on last night.

Cassandra: Nothing went on. That's why we were bored.

Angie: No, honey, I meant Richie Novak went on the run last night. It's a long story. Babe was in danger, but she's fine now.

Cassandra: Um, well, that's good if she's ok, right? Everything's cool.

Dré: Yeah.

Angie: Well, I wish it were as simple as that. Your stepdad still has a lot of questions, and I'm going to go to the hospital and check on the autopsy report. So, you two take care.

Cassandra: Ok.

Angie: Love you.

Cassandra: Love you. Oh, my God. What are we going to do?

Krystal: Come on. I'll, uh -- I'll help you get your things, and you can go on back to your place.

J.R.: Is it -- time, Krystal?

Krystal: Well, Richie can't get to her anymore, J.R. So, she can go back to her own bed in her own place.

J.R.: Mm-hmm. Away from me. I'm not my father.

Krystal: J.R., she has a home. That's where she belongs.

Krystal: Why don't you call me when you pack your things, and I'll -- I'll come back and get you, ok?

[Phone rings]

[Colby sighs]

Colby: I wouldn't answer for anyone else, trust me. Oh, bury me now.

Cassandra: Colby, you are not the dead one, ok? We need to talk, in person.

Angie: All right. Well, thank you for the update.

Man: You're welcome, Dr. Hubbard.

Jesse: Hey, is that relief in your "thank you?"

Angie: Oh, one of the nurses on our team -- on my team -- she just wasn't working out and like that, she's gone -- retiring early to Costa Rica. You know what? You might know her husband. He -- he worked in a jail -- um, Wallace.

Jesse: Wallace? Yeah, he walked away two years before his pension kicked in. Novak was in his custody the day he got beat up. Can you retire to Costa Rica on a nurse's pension and nothing else?

Angie: Maybe they had more than "nothing else." I see the gears.

Jesse: I got to go. Thank you, baby. Call me when you get that report.

Angie: All right. You'll know when I know.

Jesse: All right, baby. Hubbard here. Yeah, I need an update -- Novak case.

Aidan: Just call if you need anything, all right?

Ryan: We will, thanks.

[Phone rings]

Ryan: Well, uh, we should probably get going.

Annie: I can't find my purse anywhere.

Kendall: Hey, Annie, it's ok. It's right here. And you know what? You don't have to be there.

Annie: It's probably the last thing I'll ever do for my brother.

Ryan: Ok, come on.

Annie: Ok.

Ryan: All right?

Annie: Yeah.

Zach: I'm going to drop you at home. I've got an errand to run.

Kendall: Ok.

Adam: Krystal.

Krystal: No, don't -- don't, Adam, don't --

Adam: How long --

Krystal: Just leave me alone and let me go home.

Adam: How long are we going to continue this ridiculous dance? How long before you make another mistake? Kiss me like you did last night.

J.R.: It's not about me. It's about my father, my last name, about who I used to be. Your mom's not going to be happy if you're here. And if she's not happy, you're not happy.

Babe: So, what does that mean?

J.R.: It means I'm going to help you pack.

Babe: No. You won't.

Jake: Forgot my razor.

[Knock on door]

Jake: You got that?

Greenlee: Oh, yeah. I got it.

Jake: Who is it?

Greenlee: Takeout menu.

Jake: Good. Order us dinner.

Greenlee: Uh -- let me read it first.

[Aidan holds up index cards with a message for Greenlee: "Talking doesn't help. I'm just a P.I. not Special Ops of the heart. So all I have is this. You're the woman I love now and always. I wish I were the man you could love always, too." Then he hands them to her and silently leaves.]

Babe: You told me that you needed me here with you, and you also told Mama that you're not Adam. And I believe both of those things. So, here I am, with you.

J.R.: You -- you don't mean --

Babe: Happily ever after? No. Not yet, but I'm going to be keeping my own bedroom, but I am here with you and for you, and I know that you're here for me.

Adam: I know how difficult this is for you, Krystal. I understand. You have to get angry to convince yourself to walk away.

Krystal: No, Adam, you -- you don't know what's going on in my heart and in my head, so don't act like you do.

Adam: All right. But at least you know what's going on in my heart and my head.

Colby: What's going on and why did I have to sneak you guys in the back door?

Dré: Ok, just, um, last night in your car --

Colby: I'd rather not relive it, so --

Dré: We hit something.

Colby: What?

Cassandra: Richie Novak was hit by a car last night.

Colby: And?

Cassandra: On Route 77.

Dré: And maybe he was hit by us.

Angie: Oh, Annie. Listen, I'm -- I'm so sorry for your loss.

Annie: Thank you.

Angie: Listen, we'll have a report as quickly as possible, and if you've made arrangements --

Ryan: Yeah, actually we have.

Angie: It'll be over soon.

Annie: That's what I keep telling myself. I, um -- I just hope it's true.

Zach: Hey, chief. Got your message.

Jesse: Yeah, there's a few more questions I'd like to ask you about you and Richie Novak.

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