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>> Previously on "All My Children" --

Annie: My brother is sick.

Kendall: He's been torturing people since he came to town --

Richie: You don't know who you're up against.

Kendall: Starting with Annie and working his way through all of us. He thinks he can get away with anything.

Ryan: You kidnapped Emma.

Zach: I'm going to find out who it was ran me down in your car.

[Tires screech]

Richie: Sorry, man. You don't look so good. Whoa -- sorry, man.

Zach: Same guy, same voice.

Greenlee: You trapped me and Zach in that bomb shelter.

J.R.: Ugh! You kidnapped me for my bone marrow? You miserable son of a bitch!

Greenlee: Richie's out on bail.

Annie: How many people are going to get hurt before this is over? That's it, I want you out! Get the hell out! No!

>> Everyone has a motive.

Zach: He has a lot of enemies.

Ryan: This is all about revenge.

Greenlee: Scary, isn't it?

Kendall: You changed our lives forever.

>> But which one of them did it? The story continues ...

Erica: Opal? Opal, what's wrong? Why are you here so late?

Opal: Oh, just one word, gal-pal, death and Richie Novak.

Jesse: So was Babe hurt at all?

Aidan: She was just scared. She wanted to go home, so J.R. took her.

Jesse: Did you track him down? And can you tell me why your husband decided to leave the scene of the crime?

Kendall: Uh, I don't know. He didn't say.

Jesse: Novak is still out there, possibly on foot. Do you think Zach went after him?

Kendall: I really don't know. We have to ask him.

Jesse: What's his cell-phone number?

[Phone rings]

Zach's voice: It's Slater. Leave a message. I'll call you back.

Jesse: Zach, this is Jesse Hubbard. I'm at the cabin with your wife, and if you're out there, trying to track Richie Novak down, I need you to turn around and get back here. Let us handle this. Do not make things any worse than what they already are. And you two, I'm sure you know how stupid it was of you to come up here after Richie the way you did.

Greenlee: We didn't actually think we would find him here. It was just a lucky guess. Can we go home now?

Jesse: No. Not until I get what I need. And, apparently, some of you Pine Valleyites around here consider the cops to be a what? An annoyance? Well, let me just tell you this. I'm here to change that little nasty attitude.

Aidan: New sheriff in town, huh?

Jesse: I'll be back.

Aidan: Well, I saw that look.

Kendall: What?

Aidan: That nobody-tells-me-what-to-do look.

Greenlee: Yeah, well, don't worry. We're not going to go after Richie.

Kendall: We're not.

Aidan: You know, Jesse was right. You two shouldn't have come up here on your own anyway.

Greenlee: You know what? I'm so sick of hearing that. How about, you know, it was so great of you guys to actually figure it out and come up here and save Babe?

Aidan: All right, that, too. Look, Novak almost took your life once. I just don't want you to be putting yourself in this kind of dangerous position again. All right?

Jesse: All right. You three can go. You tell Zach I got some questions for him though, right?

Kendall: Ok.

[Door opens]

Ryan: Hey. I was really worried about you. What were you thinking?

Annie: I was -- I was just going crazy here, Ryan, waiting. I'm -- I'm sorry. I -- I just needed something, anything else, to focus on, so I went to a movie and shut off my cell phone.

Ryan: They found Babe.

Annie: They did? Great, is she --

Ryan: She's fine. She's totally fine. Kendall and Greenlee figured out where Richie took her. They went to the cabin where -- where Babe and the kids and everybody waited out the storm.

Annie: Why would he -- you know what? It doesn't even matter. All that matters is that they caught him.

Ryan: Actually, um, I'm sorry, Annie, but, um --

Annie: You're not -- you're not telling that Richie's still out there.

Ryan: Not for long, ok? They know that he's on foot, or at least they think that he's on foot. They know that he's near the cabin, and then they are going to get him soon.

Annie: Ryan, just tell me that everything's going to be ok. Tell me that Richie is never going to come back and hurt us ever again.

Colby: This is awful. I hate feeling like this.

Dré: Yeah, been there, done that. Did you at least eat anything today?

Colby: Fried chicken and some cheese puffs. Ugh. You hate me now, don't you?

Cassandra: No, I don't hate you.

Colby: We can't tell Daddy. He'll get very angry and have a pan kadack. A panic attack, one of those.

Dré: All right, all right. Your dad doesn't have to know.

Colby: My dad sees all. I told you he bought me this car to buy my stick votes, right? God, I need something to drink.

Dré: Uh, that is the last thing you need. Ah, man, I mean, they need some lights on this road.

Cassandra: Yeah, it's like so country out here. We're in the boonies still.

Colby: No, I -- I mean, I need something to drink.

Cassandra: Colby, we will be home soon, ok?

Colby: Water, I need water.

Dré: Oh, all right, all right. Hey, just check the pocket in my backpack. I have a bottle of water. Right down here, I have a bottle of water.

Cassandra: Ok, I'm looking.

[Car thumps]

Dré: Whoa, what the hell!

Colby: Whoa, what are you doing?

Dré: What was that?

Cassandra: Dré, you just hit something.

Dré: Yeah, I don't know, maybe it was just a tree branch or just something in the road.

Cassandra: I mean, it might've been an animal. Dré, maybe we should go back and check it out.

Dré: Yeah, all right. You're right. I'll turn around.

Colby: Oh, God, there's probably blood and guts all over my new car.

Cassandra: Dré, she's --

Dré: Colby?

Colby: I'm going to puke!

Dré: All right, just -- just do it outside. Hey, don't aim this way.

[Colby moans]

Babe: No, Mom, I'm ok, really. Yeah, and Tad's right. If Little A's asleep, he can just stay over there tonight. There's going to be cops coming over here, and I don't want to upset him. Just get him --

J.R.: You haven't found anything yet?

Babe: And just tell Tad to stay on guard because Richie's still out there.

J.R.: No, we don't know any more.

Babe: All right. I love you, too.

J.R.: All right, all right, fine, fine.

Babe: Bye.

J.R.: We'll be here. That was Jesse Hubbard. They're sending the cops over here for some more statements, just as soon as they're done with the cabin.

Babe: Um, did -- did Jesse say if they had come any closer to finding Richie?

J.R.: No, they haven't, but Zach's going to find him, and if he doesn't find him, I'm going to find him myself. Hey. Novak can't bother you anymore. He's all over the news. Everybody's gunning for him. There's no way he's ever going to hurt you again. What?

Babe: If I hadn't been such an idiot, he wouldn't have gotten that chance in the first place.

Erica: So Richie Novak escaped?

Opal: I got hinky goosebumps the day that Babe brought that character to my doorstep, and why I didn't listen to those goosebumps and send him packing, I will never know.

Erica: But, Opal, no one is actually dead, right?

Opal: Well, I haven't seen anything on the news yet, but mark my words, death is a coming if it hadn't already parked the car. Now, I know you think that sometimes my cards aren't 100% accurate, like that time that I told you you were going to join a girls' singing group, but this time, I'm telling you, this death card has been doing everything but flying out of the deck and smacking me in the nose ever since Richie Novak popped into my life. I figured, of course, that the card was meant for Richie, but now Babe?

Erica: But now you're not sure?

Opal: Well, he's such a slippery critter.

Erica: Please, tell me that Kendall and Zach have not gotten involved.

Opal: I can't tell you that, honey bunch. I could not reach either one of them.

Erica: Ok, I have got to talk to Kendall and Zach. I -- I have to know what's going on. I have to know now. I have got to talk to my Kendall.

Opal: But how are we going to manage that? I had to call Warren Buffett to have him pull strings to get me in here this late as it was. He was in no mood to grant any more favors.

Erica: Oh. Well, then we're just going to have to make it happen ourselves. Opal? Just how powerful are those cards of yours?

[Car beeping]

Cassandra: Here, Colby.

Dré: All right. Well, I can't see that well in the dark, but, I mean, there are no big dents or anything, so I think we just rolled right over whatever it was. Feel better?

Colby: No, I hate puking. Ugh. God, and everything is still spinning. I just want to go home and go to bed.

Dré: All right, but I got to go back and check what I hit.

Colby: No, Dré, please, just take me home. I don't want to see some smushed-up deer or groundhog or whatever it is. I just want to get in bed.

Cassandra: You know, maybe it was just a tree branch or something.

Colby: I really don't feel good at all.

Cassandra: Ok. Let's just get her home, and, God, I know I want to put this night to bed, too.

[Engine revs up]

Ryan: We need to talk about what happened.

Annie: What do you mean?

Ryan: Well, Jesse was here earlier, and, he wanted to ask you some more questions since --

Annie: Why? What -- what more would he want to know?

Ryan: Um, well, he just thought it was a little bit strange that you went to a movie after what your brother did to you.

Annie: I -- I told you. I was -- I was going stir crazy here. I -- I had to go somewhere. Why would Jesse --

Ryan: He just got concerned, that's all, Annie. Honestly, I was a little bit concerned, too. I mean, with your brother out there on the loose, and nobody knew where you were.

Annie: I -- I wasn't thinking straight. Ok? I -- maybe -- maybe it was the bump on my head. You know? My God, Ryan, I don't know what's going on with me. I don't know who I am anymore.

Jesse: All right, take care of that, will you? You all done here?

Man: Yeah.

Jesse: All right. Listen, you and me, we're going over to the Chandlers, all right?

[Phone rings]

Jesse: Mr. Slater, you mind telling me where the hell you are?

Zach: About five miles north of the 77. I found Novak.

Erica: Opal, the guard's name is Rose. Make it good.

Opal: Trust me. I know what I'm doing. I am telling you, Erica. I see a rose, a big, red rose. Somebody sent you roses?

Erica: No. They don't allow roses in -- in prison, Opal. I think your psychic vision must be off.

Opal: Oh, no, no, no. This is crystal clear. Definitely a rose, coming right at me, a rose sitting in a big, giant bed of money. You sure there's no roses in here someplace?

Erica: Well, no, of course, I'm sure, Opal. Do you see any brand new, fresh rose arrangements sent to the prison visiting room? No, I don't think so.

Opal: Hmm, hmm.

Erica: There are no roses anywhere in this prison.

Rose: Ahem.

Opal: Uh, excuse me. We're trying to do a reading over here.

Erica: Opal, wait a minute. Your name is Rose, isn't it?

Opal: What? Oh, my gosh.

Erica: Opal, I think you may have found your vision.

Opal: You are giving off some strong vibes, missy. Did you know you're going to be a very rich woman soon?

Rose: No --

Erica: Yeah, please, come on. Take my seat. Here, sit right down, come on. Sit right down here because Opal can see wonders, and if you just pay attention to her, her words will come true. Believe me.

Opal: That's right. You're coming into a great, big pot of money.

Rose: Are you sure?

Opal: Oh, the cards don't lie. I mean, here. Look at this, wheel of fortune.

[Opal chuckles]

Opal: Now, if you'll just close your eyes a moment -- anybody ever tell you you give off strong psychic vibrations?

Rose: No.

Opal: Close your eyes. That's it, that's it. Helps me to read your cards better.

[Phone rings]

Kendall: Oh, God, please, let that be Zach. Hello?

Erica: Oh, Kendall, thank heavens I got you. Please, tell me that everything's all right.

Kendall: Mom, it's so good to hear your voice.

Erica: Well, you sound terrible. Is it -- is it Zach? Or Babe?

Kendall: Babe is safe. And Zach is just being Zach.

[Babe sighs]

J.R.: Stop it, Babe. Stop blaming yourself, ok?

Babe: J.R., I was such a fool.

J.R.: No, you weren't. You just prefer to see the best in people other than the worst. Even with me.

Babe: Not always with you.

[Babe and J.R. hug and kiss]

Babe: Thank you for being there.

Colby: Shh, can't let Daddy see me.

Cassandra: It's ok. We're just going to go up to your room, get you some aspirin, and go to bed.

Dré: With a bucket on the floor just in case.

Colby: That's it, make fun of the drunk girl.

Cassandra: You know what? The best thing about this is that you're probably not going to remember any of it in the morning.

Colby: You guys are so nice. You are. Thanks for getting me here.

Cassandra: You're welcome.

Colby: You two really like each other, don't you?

Cassandra: Ok!

Dré: Ok.

Cassandra: Up to bed. Up to your bed.

J.R.: What the hell's going on out here?

Colby: Hey, J.R. Aren't you going to wish me a happy barf day?

Rose: Are you sure?

Opal: Absolutely.

Erica: Sweetheart, listen, I've got to go. I shouldn't even be on the phone at all.

Kendall: Thank you, Mom. I'm so glad I was able to talk to you. When we find out anything, I'll let you know. I love you.

Erica: I love you, too, honey.

Opal: A knock at the door.

Greenlee: Wow. Erica's still on top of all the gossip, even in prison.

Kendall: I don't know. Somehow her phone call really helped.

Greenlee: I know. Makes things seem normal.

Kendall: Yeah, but Jesse knows. He knows that Zach wants revenge, and if Zach finds Richie, and he does something --

Aidan: Zach's -- Zach's not going to do anything that puts your life, your family's life, at risk.

Kendall: But the look in his eyes when he went after Richie --

Greenlee: Aidan's right. Zach heard what you said before he left. He's not going to do anything stupid.

Kendall: I'm going to go check on the boys and make sure Rachel knows she has to stay the night.

Aidan: How are you holding up?

Greenlee: You were right. It was a stupid thing what Kendall and I did. The three of us could've ended up dead. You know, I just wanted a piece of him. I wanted to see him suffer. Because of him, everything went wrong.

Zach: Oh, Richie, Richie, Richie. Let me tell you where you went wrong. You're a talented guy. A little twisted, but talented. People listen to you. They do what you told them. But you went too far. You didn't know when to stop.

[Sirens approaching]

Zach: And you're biggest mistake, you screwed with the wrong people.

[Car doors shutting]

Jesse: Hey, Zach.

Zach: Hey.

Jesse: How are you doing?

Zach: Good, you got some questions?

Jesse: Uh, yeah, maybe just a few.

Ryan: It's ok, Annie. Emma -- Emma's safe, all right? She's sound asleep at Tad and Krystal's, and -- and I'm here right now, and I'm not going to let anything else happen. They're going to find Richie, and they're going to put an end to all of this, ok?

[Phone rings]

Ryan: Hello?

Ryan: When? Ok, no, um, thank you very much for calling. I appreciate that.

Annie: What, what? Who -- who was that?

Ryan: Um, it was the police. They, um, there's a report of a body found on -- on Route 77 heading out of town, and -- and they think that it's -- that it's Richie.

Annie: I -- a body? But I thought he was running away. They -- they said -- they said that he got away. This doesn't make any sense.

Ryan: He's dead, Annie.

Annie: This is my fault, right?

Ryan: Annie, we've been over this before, ok?

Annie: No. I killed him.

Ryan: What are you saying, Annie?

Annie: Richie's been messing with my head for months.

Ryan: Yeah, he's been doing that to all of us. What do you mean you killed him?

Annie: I went to see him. I shouldn't have done that.

Ryan: You mean before the bail hearing, when he knocked you out, right?

Annie: Yeah. Yeah, I shouldn't have done that.

Ryan: Ok. What does that have to do with him being found dead tonight?

Annie: I argued with him. I made him angry.

Ryan: Ok, ok, that doesn't mean --

Annie: And I, I mean, I told him that he was going to go back to prison, and he wasn't going to be able to get out of it this time. I told him his life was over, and -- and that's why he hit me. That's why he escaped. That's why he made a run for it. If I hadn't provoked him like that, he would still be monitored with that ankle bracelet, and he would still be alive.

Ryan: Hold on, you don't know that. You don't know that, ok? My guess is -- is that Richie planned his escape long before you were even there.

Annie: I can't believe he's really dead. I mean, my brother's dead, and I -- I don't even know how I'm supposed to feel about it. What am I supposed to feel? Am I supposed to feel sad? Um, am I supposed to feel numb or relieved?

Ryan: Annie, after everything that you've been through, I -- I wouldn't know what to feel either. Ok? Just -- just know that it's over.

Young Richie's voice: Ashes, ashes, we all fall down. Ashes, ashes, we all fall down

Zach: Well, I came from the cabin.

Jesse: Looking for him?

Zach: Yeah. You and your officers hadn't arrived, and I knew that time was of the essence.

Jesse: This isn't your car, is it Zach?

Zach: No, this is Richie's car. He left it at the cabin. I'm going to wash it, put some gas in it before I'm done.

Jesse: That's pretty generous of you.

Zach: Hmm.

Jesse: So what condition was he in when you found him? This condition?

Zach: Pretty much like that, yeah.

Jesse: Pretty much?

Zach: Mm-hmm. Oh, I turned him over to check him out.

Jesse: So we can expect to find your DNA on his body?

[Phone rings]

Zach: You can expect to find something, if you look hard enough. Excuse me, Jesse. Hello? I was just about to call you.

Aidan: There are some anxious people here that want to know that you're ok.

Zach: Yeah, I'll -- I'll be there, uh, in a little while. It's, um -- do me a favor, stay with -- with Kendall and Greenlee till I get there.

Aidan: Did something happen?

Zach: Yeah. Novak's dead. Fill you in later.

Kendall: Is he ok?

Aidan: Yeah, Zach's ok. But Novak's not. He's dead. That's all I know. Zach said he'll fill us in when he gets back.

Jesse: Well, I don't think there are going to be many people at this guy's funeral. From what I hear, he was quite the dirty, rotten scoundrel.

Zach: I think you should know that this is not the first time I've been brought up on a murder charge.

Jesse: Well, that's pretty interesting. Why would you mention that to me?

Zach: Oh, I didn't want you to waste your time.

Jesse: Again, mighty generous of you. So you're thinking that I should treat you as a suspect now?

Zach: If you're half the cop they say you are.

Jesse: Well, you did have motive.

Zach: Yeah, he tried to kill me and Greenlee.

Jesse: So you tell me. Opportunity, you had that also.

Zach: True, I followed him up here.

Jesse: Without waiting for the police.

Zach: I am not a patient man.

Jesse: Then there's also the fact that I heard you myself say that "I should have killed this man when I had the chance," and look, here we are.

Zach: It's pretty damming, if you ask me.

Jesse: Is that an admission?

Zach: No. It looks like he got killed by some kind of a vehicle or something, so I'm sure you'll want to check out my car.

Jesse: Damn good assumption.

Zach: I'd appreciate a ride home, Jesse. My wife gets worried about me.

Jesse: Hey, that's not a problem. As a matter of fact, I'll drive you myself. We can, uh, finish this little conversation on the way. How's that?

Zach: Very kind of you.

Jesse: Something else?

Zach: Yeah. Any idea where they're going to bury him? Because I'd love to be the guy that puts the cover on the hole. I didn't do it.

Kendall: I never thought you did.

J.R.: Look at you. You're a mess. You're hammered. And on top of that, you stink.

Colby: I know. I'm -- I'm such a loser. Please, don't tell Daddy.

Cassandra: Colby, it's ok. Everyone makes mistakes. Including your brother, from what I hear.

J.R.: Hey. You're in my house. Don't insult me.

Babe: J.R., please.

Dré: Look, I know where you're coming from, but maybe the lecture could wait until Colby's sober? At least she'd remember it.

Colby: It's not like I did anything bad! I didn't even puke in my car. Whoa, whoa, whoa -- everything's spinning.

[Colby moans]

Babe: J.R., come on. Dré is right.

J.R.: This isn't over, Colby. I just don't want her ending up like I did.

Babe: Listen, um, I'm going to help you guys get her upstairs and get undressed.

Cassandra: Ok.

Babe: How you feeling? You feeling ok?

[Colby mumbles]

Babe: Don't worry about it, ok?

[Colby mumbles]

J.R.: Hey, uh, just wait a second. Uh, will you guys take her into the kitchen? Get some bread, ginger ale into her stomach? It might be able to help her for the morning.

Babe: Who was that on the phone?

J.R.: Ok?

Dré: Oh.

Babe: You guys mind?

Cassandra: Ok.

Babe: Thank you. I appreciate it.

Cassandra: Yep.

Dré: Come on.

Cassandra: All right.

J.R.: That was Aidan. They -- Zach just found Richie dead.

Babe: What?

J.R.: Look, I don't know how you feel about this. But I take comfort in knowing that we don't have to deal with him anymore.

Young Richie's voice: Come on, Annie. You can do it.

Young Annie's voice: I'm scared, Richie.

Young Richie's voice: Here. Hold my hand. I'll help you up. There. Told you you could climb it.

Young Annie's voice: Oh, it's so beautiful from up here.

Young Richie's voice: This will be our special tree fort. Ok, sis? Just the two of us.

Ryan: Annie? Annie?

Annie: What? I'm sorry, what -- what did you say?

Ryan: Um, I just -- I just got off the phone with Jesse, and -- and, uh, they have the body at the morgue, and he was wondering if you'd be able to go and I.D. it.

Annie: I don't know.

Ryan: I can do it, if you want.

Opal: Okie dokie. Good luck now with that windfall you've got coming, Rosie.

Rose: Thanks.

Erica: But don't spend it, yet.

Rose: Ok.

Opal: Bye-bye.

Rose: Bye.

Opal: So? Did you get through? Is everybody ok?

Erica: Well, Kendall sounded really shaken up, but she is fine, and so is Babe, and Zach's a big boy. He can take care of himself. Thank you so much for your help.

Opal: Oh, any time. And by the way, when I was laying out those cards to decoy poor old Rosie the guard, there? I think I got a real reading coming through for you, missy?

Erica: Oh, you did?

Opal: Yes, I did.

Erica: What did you see? A whole bunch of laundry piled up, pile after pile, for me?

Opal: No, no, actually, I saw a great, big lightning bolt of change strike smack on your path. So you just keep a lookout, honey. The winds of change are a-blowing.

Greenlee: Thanks for driving me home. You didn't have to.

Aidan: Hey, maybe I needed the company. It's been a rough night for all of us.

Greenlee: Well, the least I can do is offer you some coffee. Coffee. Yeah, that's a great idea. All we need is more caffeine. Um, sorry, I have no decaf in the house.

Aidan: I know. I remember. I'm making this awkward for you. The last thing you need is me hanging around, so, um, I'm going to chip off, all right? Take care.

Greenlee: Aidan, don't go. I know I'm being a wuss. I thought I'd feel safe once I got here. I mean, it's my home. I can double lock and bolt the door and curl up under the bed with the phone in my hand, but even if I could forget about Richie and that horrible bomb shelter for five minutes, I look over there, and I see where Ryan was shot. It's just, like, there's just been so much.

Aidan: It's been one hell of a year for you, Greenlee. I'm sorry I added to it. Made things worse.

Greenlee: Me, too.

Aidan: You want me to call someone for you? I mean, I could always take you back to Zach and Kendall's. I'm sure they wouldn't mind you spending the night.

Greenlee: I want to stay here.

Aidan: Ok. Well, know that you'll be safe, because I'm going to grab this pillow, and I'm going to spend the night outside your front door.

Greenlee: Aidan.

Aidan: If you wake up from another nightmare about being in that bomb shelter, we both know that you're not going to want to be alone, so don't argue.

Greenlee: Ok. I won't argue. But you can at least take the couch. It's more comfortable.

Aidan: Greens, I've spent the night in worse places, ok? If you get frightened, you know where I'll be.

Greenlee: Are you sure?

Aidan: Uh-huh. I'm sure.

Greenlee: Thank you. I promise I won't be such a wuss in the morning.

Aidan: And I promise I won't tell anyone that you were.

Greenlee: Aidan.

J.R.: You ok?

Babe: What now, J.R.?

J.R.: We wait for Jesse to show up, answer a million questions, find out exactly what happened, and then we start moving on with our lives.

Cassandra: So, Colby, you want me to help you get to bed?

Colby: No, no, I'm -- I'm better now. And I'm really embarrassed.

Dré: Hey, we're all going to laugh about this one day soon.

Cassandra: Yeah.

Dré: Just take that aspirin.

Colby: I'm -- I'm so thor -- sorry, guys. Thanks for being such good friends.

Dré: Hey. Happy birthday. So can I walk you home?

Cassandra: You know what? I'm going to stay the night here, just to make sure she's ok.

Dré: It's cool. She got toasted pretty fast tonight, huh?

Cassandra: Yeah. Yeah, really fast. Well, I mean she said she hadn't had a drink in, like, two years?

Dré: Yeah, yeah.

Cassandra: That will do it to you. It was really funny. She was like, "happy birf-day." I was, like, wow. And then she was trying to, um, like, hook us up and stuff. That was funny.

Dré: You'd think we wouldn't need a drunken friend's help to, uh, do that.

Cassandra: Ok, ok!

[After she and Dré kiss, Cassandra giggles]

Dré: So I guess I should go. Unless you want me to hang out a little bit?

Cassandra: No, you should go.

Dré: Ok.

Cassandra: Ok.

[J.R. kisses Babe on the hand then holds her]

Babe: It's finally over.

Kendall: At least now it's over.

Zach: Unfortunately, we both know that it's far from over.

Ryan: Hey.

Jesse: Annie, uh, you sure you can do this?

Annie: Do I have a choice?

Ryan: Hey, I can do it for you.

Annie: No, no, he's my brother. I owe him this much.

Ryan: You ready?

Annie: Oh, God. Richie.

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