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All My Children Transcript Friday 6/27/08


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Erica: I don't understand. It's so late. It's way past visiting hours. Who -- who would want to see me? Samuel?

Jesse: Yeah, I -- I'll see you at the orientation. Absolutely. Thank you so much for the call. Oh, Dean Yost? Darn, he hung up.

Angie: Dean?

Jesse: Hey. Hey, looks like dessert has arrived. Yeah, we were going over our, um, our schedule.

Angie: Oh. I think you'll like it.

Jesse: Dessert? Uh, that's not exactly what I was talking about. Come over here. Kiss me, wife. Ah, now, that, I can never get enough of.

Angie: Damn right, you won't.

Jesse: So how's the patient, Randi? She doing ok?

Angie: Uh, when I left, Frankie was making her comfortable.

Jesse: Yeah, well, devotion to the job. It's a Hubbard thing.

Angie: Yeah, a pretty face in trouble might have something to do with it.

Jesse: Oh.

Angie: Ah, ah, ah. So teaching is, uh, tame stuff compared to chasing bad guys like Randi's pimp.

Jesse: Oh, come on, I've told you that I'm ok with it. All right? We've already lost way too much time. But we're here, now. And I'm going to make the very best of our here and now. All right? Home early for dinner. Uh, grab a few picnics when we can. Christmas! Christmas with the kids. We got kids for Christmas, baby.

[Angie laughs]

Jesse: I love you. So much. I owe you everything.

Angie: I love you, too. You know that, right?

Jesse: Yeah.

Nurse: You, uh, got a sweet tooth, Dr. Hubbard?

Frankie: Uh, something like that. How's Randi Morgan?

Nurse: Uh, last time I checked, she was stable.

Frankie: All right.

Ryan: Annie? Hey, it's me. It's all right, it's all right. You're ok? Huh, are you?

Annie: I think so. What happened?

Ryan: Sit up, sit up, sit up. Be careful. Ok, oh, oh, oh --

Zach: We were hoping you would tell us.

Annie: Oh, God, Richie's gone.

Ryan: Yeah. Apparently, he -- he knocked you out, and I don't -- it's right there? I don't -- I don't see any blood or anything like that, but we got to get you to a hospital.

Annie: No, I'm ok, I'm ok. I'm ok.

Zach: What happened to you? Where's Richie headed?

Kendall: We have got to be brilliant by morning.

Amanda: Or gorgeous. Isn't that enough?

Babe: Hey, you guys, it's on.

Reporter: And seven years spent behind bars was all a miscarriage of justice based on false testimony given by his own sister, Annie Lavery of Pine Valley. Novak is currently out on bail awaiting trial.

Greenlee: Bastard, I can't believe he's out on bail. Let's forget about him, you know? We've got work to do.

Kendall: We have 12 hours to come up with a brilliant sell for our new Fusion eye-shadow collection.

Amanda: Well, I'm ready to brainstorm, but I don't know how you three can focus.

Babe: Look, we'll manage, Amanda, ok? Ooh!

Greenlee: Ah!

Babe: How -- damn, how could this happen? No, how does a man who's done what Richie's done get out on bail? I mean, he -- he tried to kill you and your husband. He stole J.R.'s bone marrow, and he's not locked up? What the hell kind of justice system is that?

Kendall: It's terrible, ok, Babe? But Richie, he'll be on trial soon, and he's wearing one ugly ankle bracelet.

Greenlee: Just ignore Amanda.

Kendall: Yeah, Richie's not on the streets. He can't go anywhere or hurt anyone.

[Babe sighs]

Babe: It stills gives me chills knowing that Richie's not locked up.

Greenlee: He's got that monitor on. He can't get far without the police knowing.

Babe: An ankle bracelet's not going to stop him, Greenlee. He'll be gone before the police even have a clue.

Amanda: Ok, now you're giving me goosebumps.

Greenlee: Well, all I know is just I hope that whoever beat the crap out of him in prison gets a second shot.

Kendall: Well, let's just hope that Richie is tucked in for the night. So let's fire up the caffeine, forget the fear, and get ready to brainstorm. A little enthusiasm would be nice. I have locked down the elevator and the stairwells, ok? There is no way Richie or anyone can get to us. So we are free to be brilliant.

Richie: Locked me out, huh, girls? Well, I guess I'll have to find another way to the party.

Amanda: Kendall's right. To hell with Richie. Let's do this.

Kendall: That's right. So, Babe, the idea you came up with for the Atlanta market, brilliant.

Babe: Wow, really? Because, uh, not so long ago, you weren't so sure. Remember you had to run it by Greenlee?

Greenlee: Brilliant, I agree.

Babe: Gold star for me then.

Kendall: Do you have a problem with us complimenting you?

Babe: Kendall, you flicked me away like I was some intern who didn't know what I was doing. If you're trying to stroke me to get more work out of me, you're wrong.

Greenlee: Did I miss something?

Amanda: Babe is bent because she basically ran the company when you were buried and Kendall was with her sons, so she's feeling demoted and unappreciated.

Greenlee: Well, that's silly. We're a team. We work together. As long as I'm the only one wearing a tiara. I'm kidding. Can we get back to work? I'd like to get home before dawn.

Amanda: Should we wait for Annie?

Kendall: She said she'd be here. Maybe I should call her.

Greenlee: Works for me that she's not. Her attitude puts a kink in my creative mojo these days.

Babe: Ok, let's not dump on Annie. You know, first, the Ryan thing, and now, Richie and the hearing.

Greenlee: Yeah, must've been hard being up on the stand like that, called out as a liar.

Amanda: Let's give her a break. Give her a night off. Annie deserves it.

Annie: Ow. Thank you.

Zach: Slugger let you have it, huh?

Annie: Last thing I remember was just turning my back to him.

Zach: Hmm. What happened before that?

Annie: I can't believe Richie's just taken off.

Ryan: It's not your fault.

Annie: I should've known better, though. I should've known not to turn my back to him.

Zach: Can I ask you something? Why were you here?

Annie: Richie's really desperate, you know? There's no telling what he might do.

Zach: Right. That's why we need your help. What'd you guys talk about?

Richie: Thanks for the traveling cash.

Annie: And you won't forget what else you have to do?

Richie: Greenlee out of your life.

Zach: Annie? What did you guys talk about?

Annie: I came here to convince Richie to plead guilty. I just want this done. I want my brother behind bars and out of my life. Out of all of our lives.

Erica: So what brings you here?

Samuel: I talked to the Federal Bureau of Prisons about the issue of solitary confinement and how it's been utilized by those in control.

Erica: You took my request?

Samuel: I told you I would. You thought it was one of those promises made just to -- just to get your vote?

Erica: Well, politicians do make promises.

Samuel: This one I intend to keep. So, Erica, they said I could do a report. So with your permission, I'm here to interview you. Find out what you went through, see your cell, the whole thing.

Erica: For you to take time to do this, I mean, especially with your heavy campaign schedule, thank you.

Samuel: What you went through was wrong. And I think this report can change that, maybe stop some of these abuses. But I have to know, are you with me?

Erica: I'm with you.

Jesse: You know, who would've thunk it? The one kid that cut class every chance he got can't wait for school to start.

Angie: Your students will love you.

Jesse: Yeah, and you know what? I'm ready for them. I've been working on my curriculum. You know? Remembering what worked for me when I was a student.

Angie: What, hanging out under the bleachers?

[Jesse chuckles]

Jesse: No, I'm talking field trips and lots of field trips, movies even. Cop movies, showing what not to do. Yeah, I'm going to entertain them. You know, before they know what hit him, they've learned something.

Angie: Well, I'm glad you got it all figured out.

Jesse: Yeah, you know, you're looking at Teacher of the Year. You watch.

Angie: I believe you. What you did for Randi? Jesse, I shouldn't have gotten so upset with you.

Jesse: Oh, baby. You know, we both know why you got upset. Anything that has to do with being a cop just gives you the vapors.

Angie: Yeah, but you may have saved that young woman's life, and that's what matters.

Jesse: It had to be done. Anybody would've done that.

Angie: No, no, no, not anybody. You. You saw Randi was in trouble. You didn't shake your head and walk away, let someone else take care of it. You went after her pimp. You found him, caught him, and --

Jesse: Well, you know what? Punks like that deserve to be locked down forever, not out on the street beating women down.

Angie: And you've made the streets better for how many of them?

Jesse: Yeah, unfortunately, trash like that, there's always more where it comes from.

Angie: Yeah, but there should be more people like you, people who care enough to step up, do something. Jesse, I am so proud of you. I really am.

Frankie: How do you do that? A -- a post-op patient just gets up out of her bead, walks out the room, and nobody sees her? Nobody knows anything?

Woman: I'm sorry, Doctor.

Frankie: She shouldn't be ambulatory, left alone, wandering the halls. Go check with security. Let the staff know. Damn it!

[Woman moans]

Frankie: Randi. What are you doing?

Randi: Fresh air. Do you got a problem with that, too?

Frankie: No, let me get you out of here. Oh, you're not doing yourself any favors. Let's get you back in bed.

Kendall: Ok, Fusion eye candy. We've got shadows, liners, mascaras. We have them in mattes and metallics. Now, all we need is a campaign that pops. Babe, gift with purchase?

Babe: Yeah, it's in the works. Small stockings with full-size product samples for the Christmas push.

Amanda: Christmas. I know what I want under my tree.

Kendall: A man?

Amanda: Hmm, good guess.

Kendall: That's what you want every day.

Amanda: Well, I am not the only man-less woman here. Ahem.

Greenlee: I've got a man at home.

Babe: Aidan?

Kendall: You made up?

Greenlee: Jake.

Amanda: What? How did you land him already? I didn't even get a shot.

Greenlee: It's not like that. He just needs a place to crash. We're just friends.

Kendall: You were just friends with Josh, and look what happened with that.

Babe and Amanda: You slept with Josh?

Greenlee: What if I did? You were just friends with Aidan. Look how that turned out, ha.

Amanda: Well, hey! Babe slept with Josh, too.

Babe: Ok, can we please just get back to the eye-candy campaign? Please, God.

Amanda: Right. Well, I -- I say that we offer the palettes in duos, not just quads. Wait a minute. Didn't you used to have a thing with Jake once?

Greenlee: Does everybody know everything about me?

Amanda: Pretty much.

Greenlee: Well, for your information, I have zero, zero intention of getting involved with Jake. Although, Annie would love it.

Babe: Why would Annie love it?

[Kendall sighs]

Kendall: I think Annie would love if we got back to work. That's what I think.

Greenlee: She's going to combust if she doesn't loosen up on me. That woman is on my case 24/7, because she thinks I have it out to steal Ryan.

Amanda: Ha, you should've heard her the other day. She was talking some smack about you.

Kendall: Amanda.

Greenlee: What did she say?

Amanda: Usual girl-fight stuff, but don't worry. Kendall totally shot her down.

Greenlee: She did? You did?

Kendall: I didn't have a choice. Annie was completely out of line.

Annie: He's hurt so many people, and I just don't want to put them through the pain of a trial.

Cop: Yeah, looks like your brother had other ideas about how to avoid the trial.

Annie: Yeah, I mean, he -- he was like so angry, and he just -- he started yelling and -- and screaming, and -- and he just went off, and I -- I turned around, and I mean, I -- I didn't think my brother would ever hit me. You know? And the next thing that I remember, Zach and Ryan were here.

Cop: Did he indicate where he was headed?

Annie: No, no, he -- he mentioned something about, like, a phony passport or something and said that he wanted to go somewhere where nobody would find him.

Cop: All right, let's get backup. Let's see if anyone saw anything or heard anything.

Ryan: You ok?

Annie: I'll -- I'll be much better when they find my brother and put him in prison.

Kendall: Annie's always picture perfect and so low-key, but you know what? Lately, I'm with Greenlee on this one. I hope the whole Richie drama doesn't push her right over the edge.

Richie: Won't be long now, ladies. Is that the famous to-do list? That's right.

[Erica sighs]

Erica: This place, I -- I've tried to shut it out.

Samuel: Hey, hey, hey. Eyes open. I'm right here. The guard's right here. Nothing's going to happen to you. Nothing.

Erica: Ok. Ok, I'm ready.

Frankie: All right. Next time you feel like stretching your legs, please call for a wheelchair and a chauffeur.

[Randi sighs]

Randi: I don't need to be here.

Frankie: Yeah, you're in great shape, with the exception of a few cracked ribs and a subdural hematoma.

Randi: A what?

Frankie: Ah, it's just a couple syllables for the headache you got.

Randi: Look, I'm banged up. It's nothing life-threatening.

Frankie: Except for the company you keep.

Randi: I can take care of myself.

Frankie: I was thinking about that when I saw you collapsed on the ground. Randi, you just got out of brain surgery. You need to relax, heal.

Randi: You need your head examined. You know that? This whole God complex you have, this hero thing? Get over yourself. Stop trying to save me.

Jesse: Perfect, almost.

Angie: What are you doing?

Jesse: Setting the mood. I am in a mood.

Angie: Hmm. So is this where that's heading?

Jesse: Absolutely. Right after dessert. So what did you get? Boston cream pie? Brooklyn cheesecake?

Angie: Wait, Jesse.

Jesse: Oh, carrot cake?

Angie: Baby?

Jesse: What, what, what? What?

Angie: I love you.

Jesse: Uh, yeah.

Angie: And you were right.

Jesse: What are you talking about?

Angie: You do owe me.

Jesse: I stand by that.

Angie: You owe me a rich, full, long life. A life with no regrets.

Jesse: Well, I'm living the life that I want.

Angie: On my terms, not yours.

Jesse: What are you talking about? I got my wife by my side. I got kids that are making their way. What, sounds like pretty damn good terms to me.

Angie: You have a gift, Jesse. I saw it when you went after Richie Novak. And I saw it when you brought down that rat hole that beat up Randi. Use the gift. Open the box. Go ahead, open it.

Angie: It's yours. Nothing would make me prouder.

Zach: Is there anything else you remember?

Ryan: Zach, that's enough. Honestly, if there was anything else she remembered, she would be telling us what she remembered.

Annie: It's ok, it's ok.

Ryan: Well, is there anything else?

Annie: No -- no, I mean, I don't -- like Zach said, it's all very fuzzy. I don't think there's anything more --

Zach: You trust me, right?

Annie: Of course, I do. You've helped me through a lot, Zach.

Zach: Is there anything else you remember?

Ryan: It's ok. You're safe. You can tell us.

Kendall: Ok, it's all about the eyes. The eyes and the --

Greenlee: The attitude.

Kendall: Yeah, that.

Greenlee: Yeah, and we've got a color for every mood.

Babe: Yes, hot.

Kendall: Mm-hmm. Mysterious.

Greenlee: Mysterious.

Amanda: Easy.

Greenlee: Easy? That color says "easy" to you?

Amanda: Yeah. Yeah, and -- and this one says, "Time for a caffeine break."

Babe: You know what? Chocolate would not hurt.

Kendall: Hey, hey. Hey! New color. I got a new color. "Chocolate therapy," a deep, rich brown.

Greenlee: Yeah, with a metallic base.

Kendall: Yes, of course.

Greenlee: How about "sugar rush"?

Kendall: "Sugar rush," with like a -- like a sixties sort of thing.

Greenlee: Yeah, yeah, yeah, and then we'll do like a "cotton candy," whoo!

Kendall: Cotton -- with like a, um, uh, I don't know, "licorice whip." Whip, you know, like whip?

Greenlee: Yeah, like naughty and nice. They'll love it. I love it

Kendall: I love it.

Greenlee: I love it.

Kendall: Oh, my God, it's brilliant.

Babe: They hate each other half the time.

Amanda: Most the time.

Babe: I mean, but look at them. They're like two halves of the same brain.

Amanda: Now, don't go all sci-fi on me, scaring me.

Greenlee: Hey, hey, hey, hey, you guys. What about "fudge-a-licious"?

Kendall: Ooh.

Amanda: Depends. With nuts or without?

Kendall: With.

Babe: Oh, my God.

Kendall: Oh, I say with.

[Everyone talking at once]

Amanda: When do we ever keep it clean around here?

Kendall: That's true. I like the non-salty.

[Laughing and talking]

Samuel: It's your call, Erica. We go in or not. It's -- it's your choice.

Erica: I want to. I have to. If I can face this, then I can let it go.

[Erica sniffles]

Erica: It's just four walls. I've conquered much more than that.

[Erica sniffles]

Samuel: Right here.

Erica: Shut the door.

Samuel: You sure?

Erica: Yes, I have to do this.

Samuel: You ok?

Erica: I just remember the first day I came in here. When I came in here, they shut the door, and the world just vanished. I mean, it was just me. I have never felt so alone.

Samuel: Well, you're not alone now.

Jesse: Chief of police.

Angie: You've earned it, Jesse. You deserve it.

Jesse: But we agreed. You don't want me to be a cop.

Angie: You agreed with me because you love me. But I want you to love more than just me. I want you to know that you lived the life that you were meant to live. And that you were loved by a woman who loves you even more because of your fierce desire to help people.

Jesse: You sure about this?

Angie: I am sure.

Jesse: What changed your mind?

[Angie sighs]

Angie: Randi. You didn't hesitate, think twice. You knew what had to be done, and you did it. You know, Jesse, people talk about doing the right thing. They talk about making this world a better place. You live that. Baby, you don't belong in some classroom, lecturing kids on fingerprinting. You belong somewhere you can save their lives, their families, their community, make their world that better place everyone's always talking about.

Jesse: You are an amazing woman.

Angie: I am an amazing woman.

Jesse: Yes, you are.

Angie: Now, um, you call whoever it is that you need to call. Tell them that you accept. Tell them that you will be Pine Valley's chief of the po-po.

Frankie: Doctors, they save people.

Randi: You and your daddy, throwing my man behind bars? You think you saved somebody?

Frankie: You need to relax.

Randi: You didn't see the way he looked at me. He blames me.

Frankie: The man is going to be behind bars for a very long time.

Randi: No. He's going to be out on bail and back in my face.

Frankie: I won't let that happen.

Randi: You won't let that happen? For the last time, Doc, get out of my life.

Annie: You have to believe me. I mean, if I -- if I knew anything that would help the police catch Richie, I would tell you. I mean, I owe you that.

Zach: You don't owe me anything.

Ryan: You don't owe anybody --

Annie: Yes, I do! I mean, my brother tried to kill you, Zach. And Greenlee. And it's my fault.

Ryan: It's not your fault.

Annie: Yes, it is. My brother came here because of me. To get back at me, and -- and look at the damage that he's caused. Look at the people that he's hurt. And I'm sorry.

Ryan: Ok, you know what? Interrogation is now over.

Annie: It's ok, I just --

Zach: I'm sorry. I didn't mean to upset you.

Ryan: You know what? It's been a hell of a day. I think we should get you to the hospital and get you checked --

Annie: No, I -- no, I -- please, I don't want to go to the hospital, ok?

Ryan: Honestly? Annie, you're -- you're -- you're -- you know, you're acting a little bit -- a little bit off, a little bit funny, and I think maybe it could be a concussion, who knows?

Annie: Please, Ryan, I don't want to go to the hospital. I just want to go home. All I need right now is you, ok?

Officer: I issued an APB. Novak won't get far.

Amanda: Hmm, how about "if looks could kill"?

Babe: Can we please skip the death references?

Amanda: How about "if looks could thrill"?

Babe: I like it. Push yes.

[Metal thud]

Babe: What the hell was that?

Angie: Voil.

Jesse: Bam! Looking good!

[Angie laughs]

Jesse: Wow.

Angie: It's not crazy at all, because you know what would be crazy? What would be crazy is you grading papers and busting kids for not doing their homework. That would be crazy. And, uh, don't you forget. Home every night, Chief Hubbard.

Jesse: No place else I would rather be.

Angie: You really do look fine. You really do.

Jesse: Yes, I do, baby. It's a good fit, right?

Angie: It fits the man. Jesse, I'm so sorry I tried to stop you.

Jesse: Oh, come on. What are you talking about? It's a brand new day, and I'm going to make you proud.

Angie: You always have.

Jesse: Here, hold this.

Angie: Ok.

Jesse: I'm going to call Frankie. He's going to flip. What do you think Cassandra -- what do you think she's going to think?

Angie: Oh, Cassandra will be just as thrilled as we are. Oh, but you know what? She's spending the night at the Chandler's family lodge with, uh, Colby and another new girlfriend.

Jesse: Well, you know what? Frankie's probably swamped at work. The news will wait. How's that?

Angie: Yeah, well, he's into overtime now. He's, uh, taken that girl as some kind of project.

Jesse: Hmm. Well, she deserves to be a project. She needs some looking after.

Angie: It's not good, Jesse. It's not good for a doctor to get too personally involved with his patient.

Jesse: Baby, he's -- just wants to take that extra step, be a great doctor, like his mom.

Angie: Yeah, well, I'm still worried.

Jesse: You're going to go over there and check on him, aren't you?

Angie: Listen, the, um, department is expecting you, so you need to eat up. Don't want to be late.

Erica: I was determined not to let this place get to me. I -- I talked to myself. I interviewed myself. I, uh, thought good thoughts. I made friends with a ladybug.

Samuel: A ladybug.

Erica: Gwendolyn. Stunning, but flighty. Anyway, nothing worked. The walls, the silence. I never thought that silence could be a weapon. But in here? So sleep seemed a logical escape. Except there were all these nightmares. Even when I was awake.

Samuel: You know, I'm really sorry you had to go through this, right?

Samuel: What?

Erica: You look tired.

Samuel: No. Must be -- must be the lighting. When I do my report, I'm going to request halogen lighting, and we'll put it on the floor.

Erica: Or maybe you could just, uh, I don't know, get some more sleep? Take some time for yourself?

Samuel: Ok, I'm exhausted. I'm tired, whooped, beat down. What-day-is-it, what-year-is-it kind of tired.

Erica: Hey, that wasn't so hard to admit, was it?

Samuel: Yes, it was. If you tell anyone, I'm going to say you made it up.

Erica: Well, of course, you are. You're a politician. But you're secret's safe with me, really. It's -- it's the campaign, isn't it?

Samuel: My not-so-honorable opponent's negative attacks seem to be working. I've been trying to fight it, but, uh, now my 100% is just maybe not good enough.

Erica: Well, where do you stop? 110%? 120%?

Samuel: I don't know. I don't know. Sometimes I wonder if I have it in me anymore to fight.

Erica: Of course, you do. Of course, you'll keep fighting, just like I fought in here and won. That's what we do.

Kendall: Nothing there.

Amanda: It's probably just a mouse.

Babe: Yeah, a really big mouse.

Amanda: I'll call the exterminator. He'll get rid of him.

Kendall: Ok, can we all please just get back to work? Some of us want to get home.

Amanda: Yes, there is a big, sexy pint of ice cream with my name on it, so let's wrap it up, women.

Babe: You know what? I forgot to call J.R.

Amanda: Are you guys on again? Off? Somewhere in-between? I can't keep up.

Babe: I'm back in the mansion, ok?

Kendall: Why?

Babe: Why? Because with Richie out, J.R. thought the extra-added security was a good idea.

Amanda: And the added face time with J.R. I'm sure is a perk.

Greenlee: Babe's playing house with her ex, ex, ex -- how many times have you and J.R. been married? And you all ride me about Jake?

Babe: Hmm, can we drop this, please?

Kendall: Oh, no, it's just, you know, you and J.R., you're married. You're divorced. You're dating. You're not dating.

Babe: Kendall, we have a son.

Kendall: And you're hot for each other.

Babe: Ok, can we just change the topic already, please?

Amanda: Well, not until Greenlee tells me why she has coconuts for brains and won't give Aidan another shot.

Greenlee: You want him? You can have him. He's yours.

Amanda: Really? Do you mean that?

Greenlee: Hmm.

Kendall: Of course, she doesn't.

Erica: When you came through that door and carried me out of here, I was afraid it was too good to be true.

Samuel: Well, that would be the first time someone said I might be too good to be true. But listen, you have my word on this. We'll do this report, we submit it to the Bureau, and we will press them until they make some changes.

Erica: You really think this can make a difference?

Samuel: What, you and me on the same team? What do you think? Want to get out of here?

Erica: That's easy for you to say.

[Doors shutting]


Samuel: Ok.

Erica: Hey, what happened?

Samuel: Something must have happened. We're in lockdown mode.

Erica: No, we have to get out of here! We have to get out of here!


Erica: Guard! Guard! Guard -- what?

Samuel: Listen, listen.

Erica: Guard!

Samuel: Look, Erica, lockdown means no one gets in, and no one gets out, ok?

Angie: Frankie?

Frankie: Hey, what is it?

Angie: Out here, please.

Frankie: Randi tried to leave the hospital. I found her, collapsed, but she's stable now.

Angie: You're off the case.

Frankie: What? You can't do that.

Angie: Yes, I can.

Frankie: Randi's my patient.

Angie: And you're too close.

Frankie: Just because you're my mother --

Angie: I'm not speaking to you as your mother. I'm speaking to you as your superior. Your behavior is unacceptable.

Frankie: I'm saving a life.

Angie: You're crossing the line.

Frankie: Why? Because I care?

Angie: Because you made it personal. Now, you are off the case.

Jesse: Hey, nice work with the Fletcher bust. You got moves, kid.

Officer: Thanks. I just followed your lead. Is there anything I can help you with?

Jesse: Actually, I'm here to take care of a little business.

Officer: You turned the chief job down.

Jesse: I'm un-turning it down. Hey, it's in the blood.

Officer: Welcome back to the force, Chief.

Jesse: Thanks a lot, man.

Ryan: So did you get everything that you need?

Officer: Yeah, she's got to come down to the station.

Ryan: Are you kidding me? After the day that she's had already?

Annie: That's ok. It's ok, Ryan. If -- if it'll help catch Richie, I'll go wherever you need me to. Um, can I just go splash some water on my face, first?

Ryan: Yeah. Take as much time as you need, ok?

Zach: There's something going on with Annie.

Ryan: I know. But I'm going to handle it, all right? I mean, she's had a rough day. She got slammed in the head by her brother today, and -- and I know you're out for blood, and that whole fly-Richie-to-hell plan is off the table, but just let me handle it, ok? Better?

Annie: Yeah. Yeah, great. Um, thanks, Zach, for showing up with Ryan.

Zach: Mm-hmm. Take care of that head.

Annie: Thanks. I will.

Greenlee: Smells like genius to me.

Amanda: Where would we be without caffeine? Anybody want another round?

Babe: I would like to get out of here and go kiss my son.

Kendall: Oh, oh, that sounds amazing. Baby kisses sound perfect. Followed by a midnight snack and a massage. Hi. Zach's not home? Uh, ok, well, have you heard from him? Uh, no, it's -- it's ok. Thanks, Rachel. I'll be home soon. Bye.

Greenlee: Zach's out. It's not like he's doing something crazy about Richie. He just -- maybe he went for a run. Or to get you that midnight snack you want.

Kendall: I'm probably just overreact --

Babe: Oh, my God.

Amanda: Oh, my God --

[Fusion's women gasp and scream as the power goes out]

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Amanda: You guys, Babe is gone!

Krystal: My baby doll is being held by a monster, J.R.

Greenlee: What do you think he's going to do to her?

Jesse: Justice is my job now.

Greenlee: Let's go find out where Richie took Babe and do something about it.

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