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All My Children Transcript Wednesday 6/25/08


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Annie: I'm not sure I can handle this.

Ryan: Hey, I'm going to be right here with you.

Annie: Yeah, but what if something goes wrong?

Ryan: Richie is going to ask for bail, and the judge is going to say no.

Annie: Yeah, but, Ryan, they don't have that much evidence against him.

Ryan: What are you talking about? They can prove that he kidnapped J.R. and stole his bone marrow.

Annie: Well, they don't have proof that he hit Zach, or that he trapped Zach and Greenlee in that bomb shelter. We know Richie did it, but you can't --

Ryan: Richie is going to go to prison. Nobody's going to be able to stop that.

Richie: I still need to get out of here, and you're still going to help me. Get creative. Otherwise, I'm going to have to tell my brother-in-law all about your plan to get knocked up while he still thinks he's shooting blanks.

Jake: You really want me to move in with you?

Greenlee: How fun would that be?

Jake: Uh --

Greenlee: Oh, come on. I mean, you need a place to crash. I have an extra room. Come on, what do you say?

Jake: What do I say? I say the answer's no.

Jesse: Somebody's been using that little girl as a punching bag.

Angie: Frankie's been in there a long time.

Jesse: Is she going to be ok?

Angie: Well, the surgery went well, but if the police hadn't gotten there when they did --

Jesse: We need to find out whoever's behind this.

Angie: We? Jesse, you can't get involved in this.

Jesse: Angela, the girl needs help.

Angie: Look, Frankie is already in too deep on it. I don't need to worry about you.

Ryan: You see that? Moral support has arrived.

Kendall: Hey, how are you holding up?

Annie: I'm ok, I guess. You don't all have to be here.

Zach: Yeah, we do.

J.R.: Yeah, somebody's missing.

Babe: Yeah, where's Greenlee?

Kendall: I don't know. I haven't heard from her.

Zach: She's not coming. I'll call her with the outcome.

J.R.: Call her now. There's only going to be one outcome. Psycho's going down.

Kendall: Exactly. Richie won't hurt any of us ever again.

Ryan: You hear that? This is the end.

Annie: Right. Oh, my God.

Richie: Hey, sis.

Richie: You kids just sit back, relax, enjoy the show.

Annie: What happened to him?

Ryan: He probably just mouthed off to the wrong cellmate, Annie, that's all.

Annie: That's not how my brother works, Ryan. He would have tried to win his cellmate over, not pick a fight with him.

Ryan: You don't know that for sure.

Annie: What, and the guards just look the other way?

J.R.: Wow, it looks like somebody rearranged Richie's face.

Babe: Someone, J.R.?

J.R.: Don't look at me. I didn't do it. I'd love to pound him. I don't think I'm alone.

Kendall: Richie really took a beating.

Zach: Yeah, well, I heard something about that.

Kendall: You're not surprised?

Zach: Not really, no.

Kendall: How does that happen, Zach? How does someone get the crap beat out of them when they're in prison, surrounded by guards?

Zach: I don't know. Maybe he fell.

Kendall: You know what I think? I think whoever did this to Richie has some serious pull.

Zach: He has a lot of enemies.

Babe: You know, if I had kicked Richie to the curb way back when, things wouldn't have gotten this far.

J.R.: No, don't blame yourself, Babe.

Babe: I never should have doubted you, J.R.

J.R.: Well, it was -- it was worth it to see you in that little candy outfit.

Babe: Oh, yeah. I still have that outfit.

J.R.: Mm-hmm. Well, I say when this whole thing's done, we go back to your place and celebrate. We do a little game of strip poker. What do you say?

Babe: Yeah.

J.R.: Yeah?

Babe: Hold that thought. I'll be right back. Annie, listen, I'm really, really sorry again about my part in this. I know you warned me about Richie from the beginning.

Annie: It's ok, Babe.

Babe: I was stupid for thinking that I knew better.

Ryan: No, no, you weren't, Babe. From what I've been told, Richie is really good at what he does. But it ends today.

Bailiff: All rise. This court is now in session. The honorable Charles Drynan presiding.

Jake: The last time we were roommates, how many times did we almost kill each other?

Greenlee: That was like a lifetime ago. Right now, I would be the best roommate you ever had. You want to know why?

Jake: Why?

Greenlee: For one, I'd make you milkshakes. Thanks.

Jake: Yeah? Does your house even have a kitchen?

Greenlee: Of course.

Jake: Have you ever seen it?

Greenlee: I'll order in.

Jake: Ever? Really. I can't -- can't do it.

Greenlee: Why not?

Jake: I just --

Greenlee: I'm much neater. I'm extremely entertaining.

Jake: No, no, that's not entertaining. That's called loud. You're very loud. And you're very demanding. And you're very grouchy -- very grouchy in the mornings.

Greenlee: Well, I won't charge you rent. I won't eat your food, and best of all, I won't nag you.

Jake: Are we done? Are we done?

Greenlee: No, not until you say yes. Come on, Jake. You know you want to.

Randi: What happened?

Frankie: Randi, you're in the hospital. You have a wound to your head that required surgery.

[Randi sighs]

Randi: Can I have some privacy?

Frankie: I have to check your vitals.

Randi: I'm breathing. What else do you need to know?

Frankie: You sustained a very serious injury. A neurosurgeon had to go in and stop the bleeding in your brain. But you should be fine -- if you let me do my job.

Angie: You know, it's not your job to take care of that woman in there.

Jesse: Frankie cares about her, Angela.

Angie: Frankie is her physician.

Jesse: Open your eyes, baby. I know you're seeing what I'm seeing.

Angie: Uh, yeah, I see very well, and I don't like what I see -- an ex-cop dying to work a violence case, a doctor getting too close to his patient.

Randi: They had to cut me open?

Frankie: You were unconscious when the cops brought you in.

Randi: Cops?

Frankie: Yeah, they found you outside a motel downtown.

Randi: I don't remember any of that.

Frankie: Do you know why you were there?

Randi: Did you just not hear what I said?

Frankie: Did someone give you a large amount of cash? Did the man you were working for -- did he hurt you?

Randi: I wait tables, and I have a temp job.

Frankie: Randi --

Randi: What? You saw me the last time I left work. Remember? You got that ice cream all over my suit.

Frankie: You weren't wearing a suit when you got to the hospital.

Randi: I went to a club last night. Is it a crime?

Frankie: You know, this is the second time you've been here. I've seen broken bones, bruises, now this.

Randi: Don't start.

Frankie: You keep giving me this stuff about how you're just clumsy. Randi, I want to help you. That's what I want to do, but I can't if you don't tell me the truth.

Angie: Frankie's job is to provide medical care for his patients, not get involved in their lives.

Jesse: Angela, he's feeling guilty. He's angry with himself, because he couldn't keep Randi from getting hurt again.

Angie: Frankie can't save everybody, and neither can you. Look, you know what? You don't have to be a hero to do work that matters.

Jesse: It's not about saving everybody, baby, it's about wanting to come through for the people who need you.

Randi: Fine, you're right. My boyfriend hits me sometimes.

Frankie: Your boyfriend?

Randi: You know what? Save your breath, because I'm not going to leave him.

Frankie: When? When are you going to stop lying to me?

Judge Drynan: Charges made against the defendant, Mr. Richard Novak, are as follows -- kidnapping, false imprisonment, reckless endangerment, simple assault, and aggravated assault. Mr. Novak, how do you plead?

Richie: Not guilty, your honor.

[Ryan groans]

Judge Drynan: Quiet. Do you have legal representation?

Richie: Yes, sir, I do.

Judge Drynan: Where is your attorney?

Richie: I choose to represent myself.

Judge Drynan: Order.

[Slams gavel]

Judge Drynan: Mr. Novak, you wish to serve as your own attorney?

Richie: Yes, your honor, I do.

Judge Drynan: Do you understand that you have the right to legal counsel?

Richie: Yes, your honor.

Judge Drynan: And if you cannot afford one, the court will provide one at no cost to you. You understand?

Richie: Yes, sir, I am aware.

Judge Drynan: And you elect to waive this right?

Richie: Yes, sir, I do.

Judge Drynan: You've come to this decision of your own free will? No one has threatened or coerced you?

Richie: My choice all the way.

Judge Drynan: Well, please tell the court why you believe you can provide yourself with the best possible defense.

Richie: Your honor, I don't pretend to be the brightest man in this room. I'm not the wealthiest. I'm certainly not the most influential of Pine Valley's citizens. However, I am the only person in this room who has spent seven years in prison for a crime he didn't commit. As you can plainly see, I don't have very many friends here. In fact, this entire town's completely against me. So I could allow the court-appointed attorney to plead my case, but no lawyer on earth is going to defend my freedoms as fervently as I will. No one can. You see, I have a different value of freedom than most people. Prison took everything away from me. It took away my dignity. It took away my humanity. It took everything. And right here in this court, I have a chance to earn it back. Please, sir, don't disallow me that chance. Please don't ask me to sit at this table and listen to some stranger tell you about me -- to tell you who I am. Sir, let me tell you who I am. Your honor, my name is Richard Novak, and I'm innocent. And I think after everything I have been through, I deserve the right to prove that.

Judge Drynan: We'll take a short recess so that I can consider Mr. Novak's request. I'll be back with my ruling.

[Slams gavel]

Bailiff: All rise.

Ryan: So Richie doesn't want a lawyer? That is very interesting.

Annie: My brother has a plan, Ryan. He always does.

J.R.: I knew it. I knew it. Richie had something up his sleeve.

Opal: Oh, sorry I'm late. The traffic was just slow as snails. What did I miss?

Babe: Richie wants to represent himself. The judge just went back to think it over.

Opal: Well, you know what they say. The man who is his own lawyer has a big fat bozo for a client.

Babe: Well, I'm the dumb one, Opal. I asked you to let Richie move in to your house.

Opal: Oh, no, honey. You were just doing a friend a favor.

Babe: Yeah, but he turned out to be a monster.

Opal: Well, Richie is as slippery as they come. Nobody blames you.

Babe: I'm so sorry.

Opal: Oh, no.

J.R.: I know, that's what I was telling her. Richie's snowed a lot of people.

Opal: Well, he didn't snow me. No, I read his tarot cards. They gave me the whole scoop on Richie.

J.R.: Really? What did they say?

Opal: They said that if he didn't change his evil ways that he was doomed to hell.

Kendall: So who told you Richie got beat up in jail?

Zach: I hear things.

Kendall: You didn't say anything to me.

Zach: Why would I?

Kendall: So then I can have you pass on a message to whoever put that maniac in his place?

Zach: What's the message?

Kendall: I think that person deserves a medal. But I wish I had been there to cheer him on.

Angie: You're right. I shouldn't jump on Frankie for acting on a hunch. I mean, especially one that turned out to be right.

Jesse: He knew right away that that girl was being abused.

Angie: Well, Frankie has good instincts. It's a part of what makes him a good doctor. That voice that says "Something isn't right here."

Jesse: Well, see? You know where he's coming from, right?

Angie: Yes, I do, but I don't want him to get hurt. Hey, listen, I got to go see about a patient, but I want you to repeat after me --

Jesse: Angela --

Angie: No -- "I, Jesse Hubbard am a professor of law enforcement. I no longer enforce the law."

Jesse: I, Jesse Hubbard, am the proud father of Dr. Franklin Hubbard. And whether I'm a garbage man, a cop, or a professor, I will be there for my son whenever, however he needs me. Go to work. Frankie, Frankie. What did she say about the man that beat her up?

Frankie: Easy, Dad.

Jesse: Just tell me. What did Randi say?

Frankie: All right, what do you want to know?

Jesse: I got an idea.

Bailiff: Annie Lavery.

Annie: Yes.

Bailiff: I've been instructed to inform you that the defense intends to call you as a witness.

Annie: What?

Bailiff: Mr. Novak's going to put you on the stand.

Ryan: No, no, there's no way that she's going up there.

Bailiff: She has no choice. All rise.

[Slurping drink]

Greenlee: Ok. Milkshake's gone. Decision time, Martin.

Jake: [Clears throat] Look, I understand that it's a rough time for you. I do. I understand that.

Greenlee: I'm over the self pity thing.

Jake: Oh, right. First of all, your best friend slept with your fiancÚ. Nobody expects you to be over it just like that.

Greenlee: It's better now. I mean, Kendall -- I haven't forgiven her, but we're civil. And Aidan -- get this -- we're friends.

Jake: Yeah? Really? Well, get this -- Aidan and me, we're also friends.

Greenlee: Ok.

Jake: Yeah.

Greenlee: So?

Jake: So there's a code. There's a code between guys. You don't, you know, break the code. You don't live with or shack up or hang out with somebody else's ex. You don't do it.

Greenlee: I was your ex first.

Jake: Which is another reason we shouldn't be involved.

Greenlee: You're scared.

Jake: Really? Well, you're trying to use me.

Greenlee: Use you? For what?

Jake: Yes -- I don't know.

Greenlee: Taking out the trash?

Jake: No, maybe trying to make Aidan jealous. I don't know. Take the edge off being single. It's tough. It's a rough time you're going through. I get it.

Greenlee: You know, here you are crying about how you don't want to live with Tad, you don't want to spend any money, and I am nice enough --

Jake: I never complained about money. Oh, it's not like you don't have a secret motive, right?

Greenlee: Can't a girl change?

Jake: Greenlee, I like you. I care about you. I want you to be happy, but the answer is no.

Fletcher: A pretty girl like you could make a lot of cash.

Girl: I'm not interested.

Fletcher: Don't worry. I'll take real good care of you.

Girl: I've got to go.

Fletcher: You think you can turn me down just like that?

Girl: You're hurting me.

Fletcher: Do I know you?

Jesse: I believe so. I'll buy you a drink, we'll talk.

Frankie: The nurse will be back in to check on you.

Randi: Wait. It ain't what you think.

Frankie: Randi, I got rounds to do, ok?

Randi: Look, I got mixed up. I made some mistakes, but -- it's not your problem.

Frankie: Whoever is putting you in this bed is definitely my problem. Randi, you can trust me. You can. Why don't you tell me what happened?

Randi: The cash I had on me was from a guy

Frankie: A guy who pays you to --

Randi: Have sex, yes. I'm a prostitute. Isn't that what you've been waiting to hear? Huh? That I'm some cheap slut you can rent for the night? So why don't you just write me off and get the hell out of here?

Angie: What's going on in here?

Frankie: It's fine. It's fine.

Angie: Frankie, can I speak with you, please? In private?

Angie: What's going on?

Frankie: I finally got her talking.

Angie: Screaming is more like it.

Frankie: Randi refuses to see a social worker. She's lying about her injuries. Do you know how huge that is?

Angie: She's a patient, Frankie, nothing else.

Frankie: I have to get back in there.

Angie: Look, I want you to be careful.

Frankie: What does that mean?

Angie: It means you're her doctor, nothing else.

Frankie: Right, Mom, like you don't know what it's like to be personally involved with a patient. Like I'm not alive because of it.

D.A.: In summary, your honor, the defendant has a history of criminal behavior, including a conviction for a violent crime. This, plus the fact that Mr. Novak has no ties to the community makes him an obvious flight risk and a serious danger to the public. We therefore ask that bail be denied. Thank you.

Judge Drynan: Do you want to respond to the D.A.'s position?

Richie: Yes, your honor, I do. With all due respect to the D.A., the D.A. is wrong. I have ties to this community. I have very deep ties. Pine Valley is my home, just like everybody in this courtroom. I have a family here that I love. The D.A. also said that I was a violent criminal. Again, the D.A. is wrong. I have never once in my life broken the law, but I went to prison anyway. I served that unjust time, I got out, but then there was still a death sentence hanging over my head. You see, your honor, I was diagnosed with leukemia. My life was over, but then out of nowhere I was granted this miracle and --

J.R.: You stole it, you sick son of a --

Babe: J.R., don't.

Judge Drynan: Order. Continue, Mr. Novak.

Richie: You see, sir, I have a second lease on life. And I don't plan to waste it. So, sir, you don't have to worry about me jumping on a plane to Mexico or Fiji or any of that. No, sir, I'm going to stay here. I plan to stand here in front of you and prove -- that I don't deserve to be behind bars. That I never did. But, somehow, I just keep finding myself there. Your honor, look at my face. How do you expect me to prepare for a trial if I might not live to see it? When we walk up these courthouse steps, if we choose to look up and read what is scrolled across the face of this building, we read, "Equal justice under the law." You honor, that's all I'm asking for -- is a fair shot to clear my name. Thank you.

Judge Drynan: I understand you'd like to call a witness.

Richie: Yes, your honor.

Judge Drynan: Go ahead.

Richie: The defense calls Annie Lavery to the stand.

Ryan: It's ok. It's ok.

Frankie: You have to fight back.

Randi: No. I have to get out of here.

Frankie: We can get a lawyer, and you can press charges against this pimp.

Randi: That's not what he is.

Frankie: You've been here three times that I know . The next time, you might end up in the morgue. Is that what you want?

Randi: Fletcher doesn't want me dead. I'm his number one girl.

Frankie: And look how he treats his number one girl.

Randi: You don't know how things work in my world, ok?

Frankie: I know he hits you. He hits you.

Randi: Stay out of it.

Frankie: And you're probably not the only one. What, I'm supposed to just turn my back on you? Forget that I know everything that's going on?

Randi: Fine by me.

Frankie: I'm not. I can't.

Randi: Why? You don't even know me.

Frankie: Maybe I'm supposed to. Maybe we met for a reason.

Randi: Maybe you were here when they rolled me in. How about that?

Frankie: No, I think it's much more. Much more. Look at you. You're beautiful, strong. Randi, I don't want you to be afraid anymore. I want to make sure that you're safe.

Randi: So you're my savior?

Frankie: That's not what I'm saying.

Randi: I don't need anything from you.

Frankie: What, until next time you roll in here with your skull cracked? Why won't you just talk to me? Why don't you go after him? Why are you protecting him?

Randi: He loves me.

Fletcher: Can I help you?

Jesse: I believe so. We've done business before. Her name was, uh, Randi, I think.

Fletcher: I can hook you up, man. But Randi is temporarily out of the line-up.

Jesse: So that was her. In the hospital. I saw her in the hospital, man.

Fletcher: Hospital?

Jesse: Yeah, I went to visit a buddy of mine. My way out, I see this girl, thought I recognized her. All beat up, man. She was talking to po-po.

Fletcher: You sure it was Randi?

Jesse: I didn't stop to chat. You never know when wifey's going to show up, man. But it was her. I know it was her.

Fletcher: What did she say to the cops?

Jesse: I don't know what she was saying. I didn't hear, but it looked like she was saying a whole hell of a lot.

J.R.: This is a waste of time. We all know Novak's guilty.

Babe: Ok, J.R.

Judge Drynan: Shut your mouth, or I'll you removed from this courtroom immediately.

Babe: Richie can pull all the tricks he wants. It's just not going to work.

Richie: Mrs. Lavery, my conviction eight years ago was the direct result of a single eyewitness. Who was that witness?

Annie: Me. It -- it was me.

Richie: And did you present false evidence at my trial?

Annie: It's -- it's complicated.

Richie: Yes or no?

Annie: I presented false evidence, yes.

Richie: So in other words, you're a liar.

Annie: I didn't want to hurt Richie, your honor. I wanted to help him. My brother was very sick, and I was afraid --

Richie: Oh, that's enough.

Annie: I'm not finished, your honor.

Judge Drynan: Continue, Mrs. Lavery.

Annie: I testified in exchange for a promise from the D.A. that my brother would not go to prison. They said that he would be put in a mental health facility, and they did not honor that promise.

Richie: And yet you let them take me to prison anyway, knowing full well that I was innocent.

D.A.: Objection. There is no proof exonerating Mr. Novak of those crimes.

Richie: Your honor, may I?

Judge Drynan: Have you seen this?

D.A.: No, sir.

Richie: Your honor, I would like to ask the court if my sister could read that aloud.

Judge Drynan: It's unusual, but I suppose. Proceed.

Richie: Mrs. Lavery? Could you, uh, read the name of that document? You can find it right there on the top.

Annie: It's a court order dated November 1, 2007.

Richie: Could you read the highlighted portion, please?

Annie: "Following the court's hearing on Mr. Novak's motion for a new trial based on the discovery of DNA evidence --" you asked for a new trial?

Richie: Keep reading.

Annie: "It is hereby ordered that --"

Richie: Louder, please.

Annie: "It is hereby ordered that the verdict, if guilty, is vacated, and all charges against Mr. Novak are dismissed."

Richie: There. Charges dismissed. There's your proof. Finally, another man is serving the sentence which my sister falsely accused me of. All those years you held on to that sliver of hope that maybe I did do it, just maybe, so that you wouldn't have to wake up every morning and think how you ruined my life with those lies. Now you know the truth. So tell me, how does it feel? How does it feel to know that you're the criminal, that you sent an innocent man, your own brother, to prison, just sent him to hell for no reason? Answer me. Tell me.

Ryan: You got -- you got to stop that, your honor.

Judge Drynan: Take your seat.

Ryan: You're going to let him harass my wife?

Judge Drynan: One more word, and I'll hold you in contempt.

Richie: I'm done with her.

Judge Drynan: The witness may step down. Mr. Novak, why are you only just now bringing this information to light?

Richie: Your honor, all I had before was my word. Now I have evidence in black and white that I was falsely accused. I was set up before. I'm being set up now. Your honor, don't let history repeat itself. It's perfectly fine for people to hate me, but it's not legal for them to bend the law. It happened before. Grant me bail so I make sure it doesn't happen again today.

Randi: What's up, Doc? I thought you wanted me to rest.

Fletcher: I don't pay you to rest.

Randi: Baby, you found me.

Fletcher: And I don't pay you to talk, either. I hear you been gabbing to the cops.

Randi: No, never.

Fletcher: You're going to learn to keep your filthy mouth shut.

Randi: Ow!

Frankie: Hey, hey -- let her go.

Jesse: You're done, you're done.

Fletcher: You -- you set me up?

Randi: No, baby, I would never.

Frankie: Officer, I was in here examining my patient, when this -- this guy -- he came in and started assaulting her.

Fletcher: Bitch!

Jesse: Whoa, whoa, whoa.

Officer: Put your hands behind your back.

Jake: So, why aren't you at the courthouse?

Greenlee: If I saw Richie Novak, I'd kill him. Best to stay away.

Jake: Mmm. What about closure?

Greenlee: You don't seriously believe in that.

Jake: No.

Greenlee: I still get nightmares. That I'm stuck in that hole.

Jake: Well, that, my dear, is called post-traumatic stress. Maybe you should talk to somebody, get a little therapy.

Greenlee: The best therapy for me would be if Richie got stuck in a dark, stinky hole of his own, forever.

Jake: Yeah.

Greenlee: So, change your mind about moving in yet?

Judge Drynan: Mr. Novak, I don't see an address for you here. Where do you live?

Richie: Uh, your honor, I'm kind of between places right now.

Kendall: Hey, Zach, what are you doing?

Zach: Your honor, there are plenty of rooms at the casino. I'd be happy to keep an eye on Mr. Novak.

Judge Drynan: Thank you, Mr. Slater. I don't think that would be appropriate. Mr. Novak, if you have no local residence --

Opal: What the heck is that? A note from Santa Claus?

Richie: Your honor, this is a letter from the manager of the Pine Cone Motel. It's not exactly a five-star establishment, but it is within the city limits, and as you can read, Mr. Kearns writes that I can stay as long as I'd like.

Ryan: That guy just doesn't quit.

Judge Drynan: I've heard the evidence and arguments on both sides on the matter of bail. This is a very difficult question. On the one hand, the defendant faces very serious charges. On the other, he was cleared of his previous conviction. I believe the flight risk and danger to the community would be greatly minimized with a monitoring device. On the condition that Mr. Novak wears such a device at all times, I hereby grant bail in the amount of $100,000. Court is dismissed.

Richie: Yes, sir. Thank you, your honor. I appreciate it very much.

Opal: He is going to walk right on out of here.

J.R.: Yeah. Which is why you and Little A are moving into the mansion immediately.

Babe: J.R., we talked about this.

J.R.: No, look, if Richie's out on bail, you're not safe. Don't fight me on this.

Kendall: My mother is in prison but Richie the homicidal maniac is free?

Zach: Not for long.

Annie: I was a mess up there.

Ryan: You were great up there. The judge was a joke.

Annie: My brother's going to get away with murder, and it's all my fault.

Ryan: Annie, Annie, look at me right now. Look at me. This has nothing to do with you.

Kendall: Hey. He won't get away with this. We won't let him.

Jesse: Let's get him out of here.

Fletcher: You're going to pay for this.

Jesse: Shut up.

Fletcher: You, too, you ungrateful slut.

Cop: Come on. I was out of line the other day. You'll always be one of us, brother.

Jesse: All right, man.

Cop: Get moving.

Angie: Who was that?

Jesse: Uh, garbage. Just taking out the trash.

Frankie: It's ok, Randi. He's -- he's gone.

Randi: Don't touch me. I can't believe you would do that to me.

Jesse: He's a pimp. Been pimping Randi.

Angie: He's the one?

Jesse: Yeah. He'll never lay a hand on her again.

Angie: Well, how did he get here? With the police? You did this.

Jesse: Yes, I did, Angela. And it felt so good. Getting scum like that off of the street, it feels good.

Angie: Jesse, I specifically asked you not to get involved. I told you that Frankie needs to pull back.

Jesse: Angela, what we've done is good. Can't you see that? Baby, you've raised a fine young man, and you're raising a beautiful daughter.

Angie: What does Cass have to do with this?

Jesse: Are you kidding? Because, God forbid, but if your baby girl ever got into trouble, wouldn't you want to know that there's somebody out here that would go all out to help her?

Jake: Who was that?

Greenlee: Zach. The hearing's over. Richie's out on bail.

Jake: You're kidding. Are you all right?

Greenlee: Just surprised.

Jake: Yeah.

Greenlee: Ok, more than surprised. He might get away with this. He could hurt people again.

Jake: Well, he won't hurt you.

Greenlee: Right, right. I'll just stop him dead in his tracks.

Jake: All right. Yes. The answer's yes, I'm going to be your roommate.

Greenlee: Thank you.

Richie: Thanks for coming out. I'm touched. I truly am. Peace, brother? J.R., take it easy.

J.R.: Yeah? You watch your back.

Richie: Hey. Opal, where's the love?

Opal: Cards don't lie, Richie. Death is at your door, and it will not be cheated.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Tad: We'll be right there. Kathy's missing.

Aidan: I save your life, then you move in with my ex-fiancÚ?

Zach: What you know is not going to make it to this trial.

Annie: Please, don't kill me.

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