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Krystal: It's magic! You know what else is magic? Your daddy's coming home today. Yeah, and guess what else? Your new big sister. I know.

Colby: We're not too late, are we?

Krystal: No, no, no. Aidan should be coming back with Tad any minute now. Well, hi, sweetie. You ok? Welcome home, Kathy.

Aidan: You all right?

Tad: Yeah, I'm fine. I'm still a little sore. Listen, before we go in, I think you and I should have a little talk.

Aidan: Sure. What's up?

Tad: Well, you know I've -- the truth is, I'm lucky to be alive, you know? And you know, because you were there. Now I'm home. I have a beautiful wife, I have a beautiful baby girl, and I got Kate. You know, I've finally got Kate. I have my family together, and I came this close to losing it.

Aidan: I know. I can't imagine what that was like for you.

Tad: I don't think you'd believe me even if I told you. Anyway, see, going through something like that, it changes you a lot. It changes your priorities about things. I think, unfortunately, it's going to change things between you and me, too.

Greenlee: There's no way that Richie can get away with it, is there? I mean, the DNA evidence alone should be enough to put that slimeball away forever, right?

Zach: A court case is never a slam-dunk, but I'm going to make sure he doesn't get away with it.

Kendall: Hey, have they taken him away? Did they lock him up?

Zach: No, they've got to wait for the final results from the doctors, and then the police can book him.

Ryan: You want to get a lynch mob, J.R.? That's your brilliant idea?

J.R.: Do you have a better one?

Zach: It may be a little late to storm the castle there, Junior. There's police everywhere. But bookmark the thought, just in case.

Babe: So that's the plan? We're all just going to sit around and wait and watch Richie get hauled off to jail? Well, not me.

J.R.: Hey, where are you going?

Babe: Somewhere where I don't feel thoroughly and completely stupid.

J.R.: Hey, I'm the one who tried to get the truth out of Richie by some fake poison. I mean, that was pretty stupid.

Babe: But I'm the one who believed him, J.R. And I doubted you.

J.R.: Babe --

Babe: I hurt you, and the only thing that matters to me is that you know how sorry I am. I'm going to get some air. I'll be back.

J.R.: I'll save you a seat.

Ryan: Annie?

Annie: I'll be ok.

Ryan: You did everything you could to convince people that he's dangerous.

Annie: Yeah, somehow "I told you so" aren't really the words coming to mind right now. My brother came to town because of me, Ryan, and a lot of people got hurt because of it.

Ryan: You're not responsible, Annie.

Annie: Yeah, right. I'm not my brother's keeper.

Ryan: You're not. Look, he's going back to jail. He's going to be in prison where he belongs, ok?

Annie: My brother is a liar, Ryan -- a clever, really devious liar. He's going to do and say whatever it takes to keep from going back to prison.

Ryan: And the difference is this time, nobody's going to believe a word that comes out of his mouth, ok -- from now on. All right?

Kendall: Did Greenlee tell you about Annie?

Zach: No, what happened?

Kendall: Well, she came home last night and Annie was in her apartment. Apparently, Annie talked the super into letting her into Greenlee's place. It scared the hell out of her.

Zach: Doesn't sound like Annie. Why would she do that?

Kendall: To warn Greenlee to stay away from Ryan.

Zach: She's in a tough place right now. And Ryan's selective memory's not helping.

Kendall: Yeah, still, it was a really bizarre thing for Annie to do.

Zach: Hey, it's not our business. It's their business. They can work it out.

J.R.: Hey.

Greenlee: Hey. So, I guess have you to thank for catching Richie.

J.R.: Well, I like to be everyone's big hero, but I went after Richie for what he did to me.

Greenlee: Still.

J.R.: So, where's the husband to be at? I figured he'd already have Tad at his house by now. I also thought he'd be tearing down walls to get to Richie after he heard the news.

Greenlee: You really need to catch up on a few things, don't you, J.R.?

Tad: Before I say anything else, I want you to know I basically think of you as a brother, ok, not as partner.

Aidan: Well, I feel the same way. An older brother -- much older.

Tad: Don't help, ok, because I could still take you out.

Aidan: I bet you could.

Tad: Don't be ridiculous. I can still pay to take you out. Aidan, I'm sorry. I'm folding my hand, and I'm going to get out. I want to give you my half of the company.

Aidan: Tad --

Tad: I know it's not some huge corporate success story, but, look, we got a couple of assets set aside, and we got firmly in the black. And I know you're going to be fine. You're a much better investigator than I ever thought about being. You're going to do great by yourself.

Aidan: You've just been through a traumatic experience, all right? Just wait a few weeks before you make any rash decisions.

Tad: A few weeks, a few months, a few years -- it doesn't make any difference. The decision is made. The only hard part about it is knowing you and I won't be working together anymore.

Aidan: But, Tad, listen --

Tad: I just want you to know something, ok? This isn't about you. It's about me. You're the best -- you're the best partner, you're the best mate, you're the best Fish and Chips a guy ever had. This is about me, ok? It's about me getting a chance just to live -- just to live the rest of my life, ok? Come on. You got to let me off the hook here, ok? Tell me you understand.

Aidan: I'm not happy about it, but, you know, if you made your decision --

Tad: You'll always know where to find me if you ever need me for anything, anytime, anywhere, ok? You know that. Come on, I got to -- I've got a family waiting for me.


Krystal: Welcome home.

Tad: You know something? Those are about the most beautiful words anybody's ever said to me. And you --

Colby: Look who's here.

Tad: Hey, sunshine. I'm home. We are home -- finally home.

J.R.: Wow, that's -- that's messy.

Greenlee: Yeah, well, my adjectives were a little more colorful.

J.R.: Yeah, I vaguely remember being around for a few of those.

Greenlee: It happened once when they thought that Zach and I were dead, but once is enough for me.

J.R.: Slater doesn't seem too fazed by it.

Greenlee: Yeah, well, why am I even talking to you?

J.R.: I don't know. A common enemy. We're on the same side for once, if that means anything. I don't know. Look, I'm sorry.

Greenlee: Don't be, don't be. I found out before I made the big mistake of marrying him. What?

J.R.: Nothing. I just had this flash of a story my Uncle Stuart told me one time, but you wouldn't want to hear it.

Greenlee: No, I probably don't, but now you have to tell me.

J.R.: Ok, well, there's these two kids and they were on their way to school, and they passed this wishing well. And they threw their penny in there. They made their wish -- silent wish. And about lunchtime, the one kid grumbles that he didn't get his $10 million and his jet plane. The other kid looks down at his PB&J and he's just happy his mom didn't put a tuna fish sandwich in the lunchbox. I mean, my point is, Greenlee, don't wish too big. I mean, I'm sure that there is a perfect woman out there somewhere, but I just don't think the perfect man exists.

Richie: What -- no flowers?

Babe: I'm afraid they'd die if they got too close to you.

Richie: That hurts. You know, your ex-husband almost killed me the other day -- shot me up full of God-knows-what and I almost died. Honey, you want to take a picture?

Babe: I'm just trying to see if there's any hint of the man I thought I knew, but nope, it's gone. It was all a show.

Richie: The way I still feel for you isn't a show. I cared for you, Babe -- I still do.

Babe: Stop it, ok? It may have taken me awhile, but I am finally on to you, Richie.

Richie: I get why you're upset. The last time I talked to you I was a real jackass. I'm sorry I hurt your feelings. I was just angry, so -- I need you to know I still feel for you, Babe.

Babe: You're sorry about being a jackass. What about a kidnapper, or a murderer if it had turned out the way you wanted it to?

Richie: Slater's got it all wrong.

Babe: Oh, I see, so Zach ran himself down with J.R.'s car and threw himself in that ditch, is that how it went?

Richie: It wasn't me.

Babe: Do you want to know how I know you're lying, Richie? When you open up your mouth and words come out of it. And I believed those words once, and shame on me. But you know what? Not anymore.

Richie: This isn't over between you and me.

Babe: That's because it never started, Richie. Yes, I liked a nice guy named Wes once, who I thought I could have fun with and be easy with in a time in my life when I desperately needed something simple and good.

Richie: Well, hey, do you remember the cabin? You, me, and the kids? That was great. That was fun. I haven't forgotten. I'm never going to forget about that.

Babe: Yeah, well, that was all a lie, too. And my mistake was believing that that nice guy existed somewhere inside of you. But you're just -- you're just a shell. You're a poor, pathetic, empty shell, Richie, who has messed up every chance you've been given.

Kathy: Does it hurt?

Tad: A little bit. When I see you smile, it feels a lot better, though. How do you like your new room?

Colby: Krystal and I both offered to help her unpack, but she wanted to wait for you.

Tad: Did she? Well, I guess that's the first order of business then, huh?

Colby: Wait, wait. We have a surprise, don't we? Come on. Let's go get it ready. Let's go this way.

Krystal: Well, here we all are. All our prayers answered.

Aidan: I'll let you guys, uh, enjoy the reunion.

Tad: No, no, no, wait, wait. Come on. You still need to tell Krystal.

Krystal: Tell Krystal what?

Tad: I, uh, I'm getting out of the business. I'm giving Aidan my share of the company. I got a more important job.

Zach: Hey.

Annie: I'm surprised you're even talking to me.

Zach: Like Kendall said, it's not your fault. Can I have a word with you?

Ryan: Yeah, sure.

Zach: I just need to know something.

Ryan: What's that?

Zach: Just in case Annie's brother falls through the cracks of the legal system -- um, that's going to be unacceptable for me.

Ryan: I wouldn't be very happy with it either. What's your point?

Zach: My point is, if justice needs to be served, are you going to get in the way?

Kendall: J.R.?

J.R.: Has Babe come back yet?

Kendall: Uh, no. I haven't seen her. I'm sorry.

J.R.: What?

Kendall: Well, when -- when Zach disappeared, and when I thought you ran him down --

J.R.: Oh, my God. That feels like it was a hundred years ago.

Kendall: Yeah, well, I -- I gave you a really hard time.

J.R.: Yeah. Uh, well, I haven't had a drink since. I guess it's tough love.

Kendall: You seem different, like you've finally figured some things out. It suits you.

J.R.: Are you on the verge of giving me a compliment?

Kendall: You still almost killed me. So let's not break out with the warm fuzzies just yet. But you may actually be someone worth knowing -- one of these days.

Krystal: I -- I don't know what to say. I mean, don't you want to take a little bit more time to make a decision like this and talk it over with, like, me?

Tad: Sweetheart, I would, if I thought there was something to talk about. There isn't. I mean, it's not really a career decision, it's sort of a life decision. You know, besides, my -- my biggest case? Finding Kathy has been solved, you know? From now on, there's only one job I want to take care of, and that's raising my family.

Aidan: I don't want him to leave, but he's made up his mind.

[Phone rings]

Aidan: Excuse me. Greenlee.

Greenlee: I thought you should know, Richie Novak's under arrest here at the hospital.

Aidan: What for?

Greenlee: They're booking him for kidnapping J.R. And, uh, it turns out he's also the one that trapped me and Zach in the bomb shelter. Did you hear me?

Aidan: Yes, Greenlee, I -- I heard you.

Greenlee: Again, I just thought you had the right to know. Bye.

Tad: Well, that's a hell of a face.

Aidan: Richie Novak's been arrested for J.R.'s kidnapping. He was the one that nearly killed Greenlee and Zach.

Krystal: What?

Aidan: I have to go.

Richie: Don't count me out just yet, Babe. They don't have a shred of evidence that I had anything to do with Greenlee or Slater's bad luck that night. In fact, I went out there searching for them, and it nearly killed me. And as far as J.R.'s accusations -- I stole his bone marrow? Oh, come on.

Babe: There's DNA proof, Richie.

Richie: DNA proof can be rigged, and if I'm not mistaken, you and your mother are experts in that. And the only other thing that the prosecution has is a testimony of a prostitute. I think I have a more honest face.

Babe: Wow. You lie as easily as you breathe. And guess what? I'm going to be on the witness stand to help prove that.

Richie: Babe, sweetheart, I'm not going down for this. I have a secret weapon.

Babe: Oh, really? What is that?

Richie: Well, honey, if I told you, it wouldn't be a secret, would it?

Babe: I almost forgot. This is from Opal. She didn't seem too surprised this morning when I told her everything you've done.

J.R.: Thank you for the high-five. "Almost worthy of knowing me," I think, might be the nicest thing you've ever said to me.

Kendall: Don't let it get to your head.

J.R.: It's too bad what happened to Greenlee and Aidan.

Kendall: Were we talking about them?

J.R.: No, no, Greenlee just happened to mention it to me, how they broke up and why.

Kendall: Don't go there, J.R. I'm not in the mood.

J.R.: Look, I have made a lot of ugly mistakes in my life, especially the one with you. Step nine in my program says I need to make amends with everyone that I hurt. Now it's my turn to apologize to you again. I'm sorry for what I did to our friendship, and I'm sorry for what I did to you. I'm glad that Zach didn't kick you to the curb. He may not be Mr. Warmth in my book, but he's damn lucky to have you. And I'm glad that he appreciates that.

Krystal: Isn't there just a tiny, tiny part of you that wanted to go with Aidan and make sure all that evidence was airtight so that J.R.'s kidnapper wouldn't get off?

Tad: I think that's a job best left to the cops and the D.A. I don't want to do that stuff anymore.

Krystal: You know I support you in anything you want to do, honey, but I do kind of wish that we had talked it over a little bit, you know? I mean, we're still partners, right?

Tad: Absolutely, man, in everything. Sweetheart, I wasn't trying to cut you out of something. I just felt it was -- it was something I didn't have a choice in, something that I needed to do. As far as I'm concerned, you and the girls, J.R. and Jamie, you're it. You're the reason that I'm here. You're the reason I'm still here. I just want to take care of you. That's all. What, you afraid I'm going to get underfoot? That I'm going to be driving you crazy or --

Krystal: No, no.

Tad: Going nuts?

Krystal: Tad, no, no. I'm so glad you're still alive.

Tad: That makes two of us. And I intend to stay that way for a good, long time.

Krystal: You know, when, uh -- when I was there next to you, when you were in the hospital, I was so afraid of losing you. And I made a bargain with God. I tried to. I didn't quite know what to say. I mean, God spares you, I would try and love you more.

Tad: Oh, Krystal.

Krystal: No, and then I started thinking maybe God was going to take you away, because I didn't love you enough. The thought of living my life without you just scared the hell out of me.

Tad: I heard them, you know -- your prayers. I felt your love.

Krystal: Honey, I know I can't touch the part of your heart that will always, always belong to Dixie.

[Baby coos]

Krystal: I hope I can fill the rest of it, at least.

Tad: Krystal. Come here.

Colby: Here we go.

Tad: Oh.

Krystal: Yeah.

Tad: It's about the prettiest thing I've ever seen.

Colby: Welcome home.

Tad: Thanks. Come here, you. Give me -- ooh. Ow.

Zach: You still haven't answered my question.

Ryan: If you're asking me if I will stop you from getting satisfaction for what Richie did -- let's just wait and see if it becomes necessary.

Aidan: Novak's still here?

Ryan: Yeah, the cops are waiting for him to be released from the hospital.

Aidan: How did you know it was him?

Zach: His voice. Excuse me.

Kendall: How you holding up?

Annie: I just wish they'd get this over with. Take him away, you know. I don't know what we're all doing here.

Kendall: You want to go home?

Annie: No. No. I mean, we've waited this long, so --

Kendall: Greenlee told me what happened last night. You kind of wigged out on her.

Annie: Ok, Greenlee's being over-dramatic, as usual. She's blown off Aidan, and now she's all about Ryan.

Kendall: No, I don't think that's the case with Greenlee.

Annie: You don't need to defend her, Kendall. I just went to her place to let my feelings be known, ok? The only thing I'm wigging out about right now is all this.

Kendall: Ok. Well, if you need to talk --

J.R.: So, how is he?

Babe: What are you talking about?

J.R.: Richie. You went to go see him, right?

Babe: I'm surprised you didn't try and stop me.

J.R.: Well, I wanted to. I thought about it. I mean, but, uh, figured you could handle it all by yourself.

Babe: Thank you.

J.R.: Mm-hmm. So, what did he say?

Babe: Well, he denies it all. He says that he's not going down for this, and he has a secret weapon.

Annie: You -- you talked to Richie?

Babe: Yeah. I had a few things I needed to say to him, so I said them.

Greenlee: Well, uh, do you know what your brother's talking about? What the secret weapon might be?

Annie: No. Why would you ask me that?

Greenlee: Well, I just thought that --

Ryan: Greenlee, just leave her alone, ok?

Greenlee: Well, he's -- he's her brother. And maybe she knows what he's talking about.

Ryan: I'm -- I'm just asking you to back off, that's all.

Greenlee: Meanwhile, Zach and I are the ones that nearly died because of him.

Ryan: And I understand that. I'm just asking for a little bit of compassion for Annie. She's not the one that did the crimes, that's all.

Greenlee: Well, if it isn't the white knight himself. Looks like you're back on track. Bully for you.

Tad: Mmm. Ok, what do you say we take our cake upstairs? See how you like it. Get you settled in your new room, ok? Would you like that? All right, well, I'll carry it. First, stand up. Why don't you ask Krystal for permission to be excused, ok?

Kathy: Can we be excused?

Krystal: Absolutely.

Tad: All right. Come on, tiger, let's go.

Colby: I think I'm going to cry. I've never seen him so happy. He's finally found her.

Greenlee: God, I'm a bitch.

Zach: You? No? I don't know. You asking me or you telling me?

Greenlee: You know about Annie busting into my house, right?

Zach: Mm-hmm.

Greenlee: Anyway, I was just kind of nasty to her, which, under last night's circumstances, she deserved. But under tonight's circumstances, she doesn't.

Zach: Ah, that's a little confusing for me.

Greenlee: I know. It is. What's even more confusing is when Ryan defended her, I got jealous. God, I'm screwed up.

Kendall: She called you. That's something.

Aidan: Suppose so.

Kendall: Well, it means that she's -- she's reaching out to you.

Aidan: Yeah, well, maybe she just wants to close the book on this nasty little chapter in her life.

Kendall: Meaning?

Aidan: Oh, it just all comes back to being in that bomb shelter, isn't it? Zach and Greenlee down there, you and me up here, searching for him. It doesn't take a genius to figure out where her mind goes when that thought pops up.

Annie: Thank you.

Ryan: For what?

Annie: For defending me to Greenlee. I'm sure that was hard for you.

Ryan: Why do you say that?

Annie: No reason. I'm just feeling kind of sad. Would you hold me, please?

Richie: I want to speak with my sister. Now.

Babe: I'm still having a hard time with --

J.R.: Believing that you're the smartest, most beautiful, lovely lady on the face of this earth? The fact that you even humor the idea that I still have a shot with you is a triumph within itself. And God knows, I've done enough to ruin it.

Babe: J.R --

Attorney: Annie Lavery?

Annie: Yes?

Attorney: Your brother would like to talk to you before he's brought in for booking. Just you.

Tad: Ok, now, listen. You're a big girl, right? So, uh, for now, until we get you your own furniture, we'll get you your old stuff, fix it up nice. Uh, we figure -- so, what do you say? We put the, uh, socks and T-shirts and undies up here? And we'll put, uh, we'll put your pants and your, uh, your sweaters down here. Does that sound good? Ah, that's my girl. Ok. Let's get started. Who is this?

Kathy: Mommy gave him to me. She said he made her laugh.

Tad: Do you mean your Aunt julia gave you this?

Kathy: No -- Mommy.

Tad: Oh. Well, then, I tell you what. Welcome home, big fella. Come to think of it, he is kind of silly looking. I guess he would make me laugh, too. Chicken. Ok. So, what do you think of your new room? You like it? You know, we can paint it any color you want. Would you like a different color?

Kathy: Pink.

Tad: Pink. Good choice. I'll tell you what, uh, you're going to have to help me out, though, because, I don't know, things could get messy. You think you can do that?

Kathy: Mm-hmm.

Tad: Listen, I know that I haven't been there for you up until now, but I'll be here for you from now on. You understand that? That's my girl. Come here.

Ryan: You don't have to go in there, Annie.

Zach: I agree. He just wants to make you feel guilty, that's all.

Annie: I'll be fine, really. I -- I need to do this.

J.R.: Did you get Tad to his house safe?

Aidan: Yeah. He's good.

J.R.: Yeah, well, thank you.

Aidan: He's my partner. And he's a good friend.

J.R.: He's my dad. Thanks.

Aidan: You're welcome. Excuse me. Thanks for calling me.

Greenlee: Everyone else was standing around here accomplishing nothing. I thought you should join in on the fun.

Aidan: So does this help? Finally knowing who did it to you?

Greenlee: I'll feel better once he's locked up. Maybe when some goon in prison knocks the smirk off his face, along with a few teeth. But, no, Aidan, it's not going to fix what happened.

Richie: I wasn't sure if you were going to come see me off or not.

Annie: Why'd you do it, Richie? Why did you try and kill Zach and Greenlee?

Richie: Listening to ugly rumors again, are we, sis? And automatically thinking the worst of me, as usual. But don't worry your pretty little head about it. Zach Slater's hearing voices isn't going to be enough to do squat in court, though this J.R. thing is a bit messier.

Annie: You're going back to jail, Richie. You're going to pay for everything that you've done.

Richie: No, Annie, you're going to pay -- my bail.

Annie: I'm not paying your bail.

Richie: Yes, Annie, you are.

Annie: Come on, Richie. What is bail going to do? Just postpone the inevitable? You're going back to prison for this.

Richie: Not necessarily. And unless you want your precious Ryan finding out that he's not shooting blanks, that you've secretly been trying to get pregnant, I suggest you help me.

Tad: All right, now step out. Grab a pencil, make a mark. Where is it? Right there? Ok, now, see what we do is we sign your initials, and then the very important part. We put the date right here, yeah. This is a case of smartness here. What we do is we keep doing this every month, and pretty soon you'll see all these marks go shooting up the wall. But you got to make me a promise, ok? This is the only time you can write on the wall, right? Otherwise, Krystal will kill me. Come on. You know, before too long, I think I'll take you over to your grandparents' house, so you can see my marks, you know, when I was growing up. Then all your aunts' and your uncles'. You got a great, big, wonderful family now, you know that? Yeah. They love you. You made them all very happy by being here. But you made me happiest of all.

Kathy: You make me happy, too, Daddy.

Tad: Yeah? Prove it. You're such a monkey.

Richie: I'm not asking you to break me out of jail, just come up with my bail. You take care of the money, I take care of the rest. And, Annie, I am not asking you, I am telling you. You do this for me, or life as you know it, as you want it -- it comes to an end.

Attorney: You've been cleared by the doctors, Richie. Time to go downtown.

Richie: Oh, all you guys are here for little old me? Man, I got to tell you that I am honored.

Cop: Take it easy, pal. Take it easy.

Richie: [Laughing] Oh, no, no. That's ok, officer. No charges pressed. Besides, if he's locked up, he doesn't get to see me walk away a free man. And I will walk away a free man.

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