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All My Children Transcript Tuesday 6/10/08


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Angie: You can put your shirt back on now.

Ryan: So, what's the verdict?

Angie: Well, your case is definitely fascinating.

Ryan: That's putting it very politely.

Angie: Well, it has to be frustrating for you.

Ryan: You don't know how many tests I've had, and nobody can tell me how to get my memory back.

Angie: Ryan, I can't make any promises, but I'm going to go over every test again. Plus the new scan that we took today. And if there is anything I see, if there's anything I n do --

Jake: Me, too, me, too, me, too.

Ryan: Jake!

Jake: Hey!

Ryan: It's good to see you, man.

Jake: How are you?

Ryan: Good, good.

Angie: Hey. Jake, I'm in the middle of an examination. If you need to talk, I'll just be a few minutes.

Jake: No, no -- I just came by to say hello to Ryan.

Ryan: Yeah, it's ok, Dr. Hubbard. Jake and I go way back.

Jake: Your dad told me all about the amnesia.

Ryan: Yeah, I remember when I woke up, I couldn't remember the last four years of my life.

Jake: Well, that's why I stopped by. I think I found something that might help you get back what you lost.

Samuel: Hey, brother.

Jesse: Mr. Samuel Woods. Good to see you again.

Samuel: You, too, man

Jesse: You know, I was surprised as hell to get your phone call.

Samuel: Why?

Jesse: What do you mean, "why"? You're a busy man. I mean, it must take a lot of time to run a Senate campaign.

Samuel: Yeah, you know. It takes time, but I, you know, I still make time for the people I want to talk to.

Jesse: Spoken like a true politician.

Samuel: Well, maybe that's one of the down sides of running for Senate.

Jesse: So, why am I here? Really?

Erica: Oh, Kendall, hi. Oh, you look so pretty. What a pretty dress. I guess it's decent weather, huh?

Kendall: Yeah.

Erica: Well, is everything ok? Did something happen? I -- is it the boys?

Kendall: No. Mom, the boys are fine. They're home with Rachael.

Erica: Well, then, what's wrong?

Kendall: Why -- why do you think something's wrong?

Erica: Well, I mean, it's -- it's really early for a visit, honey. You must have gotten up at dawn to get here at this hour.

Kendall: Well, maybe I just missed you.

Erica: Honey, I can read you like a book. What -- what is wrong? Who is it? Is it Zach? Is it Aidan? Is it Greenlee?

Greenlee: Yes, Josh, I had fun. But I told you, it was a one-time thing. I promise, if I change my mind, you'll be the first to know. Until then, you know, let's keep this between us. No one needs to know that we hooked up last night. Ok?

Zach: Too late.

Greenlee: I got to go. How much did you hear?

Zach: I heard enough to know that you got past Aidan. Unless that was --

Greenlee: Aidan?

Zach: Aidan.

Greenlee: God, no. That's over, and I'm never looking back.

Zach: So, who was it? Tennis pro, or --

Greenlee: Yeah. Because I'm so turning into my mother.

Zach: I don't know. You just seem very spunky this morning. What's going on?

Greenlee: Night of "get over my ex" sex will do that to you. What? Why are you looking at me like that?

Zach: Like what?

Greenlee: Like you know something I don't.

Zach: No, just nice to see you smile again, that's all.

Angie: Jake, I need a few more minutes with my patient.

Jake: I thought your specialty was infectious diseases.

Angie: Well, actually, I've studied several subspecializations, including Neurology.

Ryan: And you dad says Dr. Hubbard here is the best problem solver that he knows. She thinks it could be some sort of viral infection in my brain. Is that right?

Jake: That's an interesting theory. What have you got so far?

Angie: I'm -- I'm sorry, are you here in an official capacity?

Ryan: Yeah, you back to work here at PVH?

Jake: No. No, no, no, no. But while my brother's on the mend, I'm going to have to find a new humanitarian outpost. Preferably one that doesn't have a bounty on my head.

Ryan: Yeah, preferably. They're not messing around out there, are they?

Angie: Well, listen. Be careful.

Jake: I'm not leaving right this second, Angie. Look, I just wanted to tell you, you know, I have some information that might be helpful. That's it.

Ryan: I would love to hear that information.

Angie: Um, Jake, could we discuss this in my office?

Jake: Why? The patient's here right now.

Angie: But the point is, he's not your patient.

Ryan: It's ok. Honestly, I --

Angie: Listen, why don't we wait until I get the results of the latest set of tests?

Jake: You know, where I come from, we don't wait. You either act right away, or, you know, people die.

Angie: This isn't a war zone, Jake.

Jake: Angie. Who knows better than you what it's like for a man to lose years off his life?

Samuel: Has being on the run so long made you cynical, brother?

Jesse: So, you called me here to have breakfast with you?

Samuel: You got something against pancakes? Hmm? All right. There's something I wanted to talk to you about. Yeah. But it's a good thing.

Jesse: All right. Well, I'm here. All ears. Shoot.

Samuel: I was on the phone with the mayor. You're going to be awarded a commendation. A special commendation for service above and beyond the call of duty to your community and to your country.

Jesse: What? The Papel thing?

Samuel: You're a hero, man.

Jesse: Yeah, a "hero" would have found Papel much sooner. And, if it wasn't for me, Julia Santos would still be alive today. And, if it wasn't for me, my wife, Angela, would not have had to raise our son, Frankie, without me.

Samuel: You were protecting your family. Angie and Frankie are alive because of you. You deserve way more than some commendation.

Jack: Hey, you.

Lily: Dad, you're two minutes early.

Jack: Well, you know, I couldn't wait to see you. Look at you. Honey, you look so grown up.

[Jack chuckles]

Lily: Thanks. I'm trying to dress more collegiate now that I'm going to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Jack: Did you bring your course catalog?

Lily: I did. It's on my computer. Also the electives that I'm interested in.

Jack: Look at this. This is great, Lily. Are you, like, so excited about your courses?

Lily: I am excited, but I'd probably be more excited if I didn't have to worry about you.

Jack: Why are you worried about me?

Lily: Because once I'm gone, there'll be no one in the house to check your smile ratio.

Jack: Honey, I'll have plenty of company, I promise you.

Lily: Like who? Erica is still in jail for another three months and 20 days, and Sean went back to Seattle, and Reggie's still in school, so I'll have to find someone that can check your smile-to-nonsmile ratio. I have to make sure that you're still happy even though I'm 317 miles away.

Jack: You know, sweetheart, I can guarantee you that I'll be smiling, because I'll be thinking about you living your dream. You worked so hard to get into MIT, you know what, and you deserve to be there.

Lily: I know that getting in is based on the number of applications and the grades and the extracurricular activities, but I still feel very lucky.

Jack: Want to know what I think? I think the people at MIT are the lucky ones, because they have you.

Lily: I wish everyone in our family could feel as lucky as I do.

Kendall: Don't go looking for trouble, Mom. I just -- I wanted to visit you before I went to work.

Erica: So I'm wrong? Everything is okay at home?

Kendall: Well, there's always a little bit of drama at home, but -- but it's fine. I'm here to see you. How are you holding up?

Erica: Oh, honey, I'm the last person in the world you have to worry about.

Kendall: You really mean that, don't you? I wish I had half the strength you have.

Erica: Look, honey, I appreciate your attempt at trying to talk about me, but we both know something's bothering you.

Kendall: Ok, can you at least pretend not to realize that I'm falling apart?

Erica: I don't think you're falling apart. But, honey, once that guard tells me that the time is up, you're going to have to figure this out all by yourself. So, come on. Please. Just tell me what happened.

Kendall: Zach and I had a fight.

Erica: How bad?

Kendall: He walked out.

Erica: Oh, no. Oh, Kendall.

Kendall: Mom, I just -- I keep pushing him away, and I'm afraid if I push one more time, I'll lose Zach for good.

Erica: You are not going to push Zach away, do you hear me?

Kendall: What if it's too late?

Erica: Did you talk to him after he left the house? Did he come home last night?

Kendall: Yes, yes. And we tried to work it out, but he is obviously still frustrated with me.

Erica: Well, you know what? You have come to exactly the right place. Because I've become quite a -- quite a problem solver around here. And if I can fix the people's problems around here, and help them work out their lives, I can certainly help my daughter. So, tell me, what did you and Zach fight about?

Kendall: Nothing. And everything. I don't know. I guess I got -- jealous.

Erica: Jealous?

Kendall: Of Greenlee.

Erica: Of course. Greenlee.

Kendall: Well, she -- Mom, she kept pushing my buttons, telling me how she and Zach were intimately bonded for life after being stuck in that bomb shelter together. She said she knew Zach better than I do.

Erica: Why, just because they cozied up with each other in that filthy hole?

Kendall: Because there -- there are no lies between them.

Erica: Well, you don't have any lies with Zach anymore, either. He knows about Aidan, and he's dealt with it.

Kendall: Still, Greenlee made it sound like she and Zach share something that he and I don't.

Erica: Something physical? Oh, please. She's lying. I mean, Zach and you, I mean, you have an incredible bond. He loves you, he's completely committed to you, he's proven that to you over and over and over again.

Kendall: Then why is he always defending her?

Erica: Kendall, will you listen to yourself? Why are you allowing Greenlee to make you question your marriage?

Kendall: She's my best friend.

Erica: Oh, I've always had my doubts about that.

Kendall: Well, she's also my business partner, so I can't exactly make her go away.

Erica: Well, that depends on how you approach it.

Kendall: Mom, if you're thinking of buying Greenlee out of Fusion again, don't, because she'll never budge.

Erica: Greenlee is not the problem. It's you.

Greenlee: What's this?

Zach: Have a look.

Greenlee: Beignets! They're my favorite. How did you know that?

Zach: Well, you talk, I listen.

Greenlee: I can't believe you remember that.

Zach: Oh --

Greenlee: You realize I'm going to have to do 10 more sets on the court if I eat these.

Zach: Well, you said you had a pretty good workout last night with, uh -- what?

Greenlee: Look at you! Digging for dirt.

Zach: I'm not digging for anything, I'm just having a conversation, that's all.

Greenlee: It was a hook-up, not a long-term relationship. And, besides, it put me in a great mood. Until I went to ConFusion.

Zach: What happened there, too much salt on your margarita?

Greenlee: Yeah. Aidan was there.

Zach: Ah, that can't have been fun.

Greenlee: No. It's the first time I had seen him since I gave him back his ring.

Zach: Sorry to hear that.

Greenlee: Don't be. I'm over it.

Zach: Sure?

Greenlee: Yeah, I mean, you know, I can't forget that we were engaged, and we were going to spend our lives together, but life moves on, and I'm moving with it.

Zach: So, that's it. That's the reason why you decided to sleep with another man.

Greenlee: It's 2008. Women can have sex just as casually as men.

Zach: I agree with you. I just didn't think you were that kind of woman, that's all.

Greenlee: Well, the guy last night will tell you different.

[Zach chuckles]

[Greenlee chuckles]

Greenlee: Actually, I think my little fling was exactly what I needed.

Zach: Yeah -- or maybe that's what you want us to think.

Jake: It's called deep brain stimulation. It was originally intended to curb the appetite of the morbidly obese. But what doctors discovered was it actually stimulated memory though electronic impulses.

Ryan: Kind of like a pacemaker.

Jake: Exactly like a pacemaker.

Angie: As I understand it, the first case studies dealt with Alzheimer's patients.

Jake: You're correct.

Ryan: Uh, hold on a second. Are you saying you actually have to cut into my skull?

Jake: Well, it's minimally invasive, yeah.

Angie: But any brain surgery comes with extensive risk.

Jake: Well, basically what happens is the doctor will insert an electrical probe into the brain tissue. And the first subjects that experienced this, they experienced vivid images from their past.

Ryan: So the guy remembered.

Jake: Well, yes, but for how long still remains to be seen.

Ryan: Do you think that they would consider me as the next subject for this, because --

Angie: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. We're jumping ahead of ourselves here. Listen, we need to research this more thoroughly before you get your hopes up, Ryan.

Jake: I just came to tell you that I have some information for you, ok? And that I have a doctor friend of mine who's in New York. He wants to put together a new control group. If you want, I can put you in touch with him. That's all I wanted to say.

Angie: Jake, I have to step in here.

Jake: What's -- what's the problem?

Angie: The problem is this is a highly experimental treatment, and Ryan needs to exhaust all his options before resorting to surgery.

Jake: Sounds like it would take an awful long time.

Ryan: How much time?

Angie: You're talking about opening up his skull.

Jake: The guy can't remember anything. He doesn't remember his wife and his kids.

Angie: This isn't a life-threatening condition. Ryan has time.

Jake: Who are you to say how much time he has?

Angie: Excuse me?

Jake: I'm just saying that if he waits, he could lose everything. He could lose his wife, his marriage, his whole life.

Angie: Let me ask you something. Is all -- all this -- about Ryan? Or is this really about you?

Jesse: All those years -- thank you -- all those years out there I beat myself up, wondering if I did the right thing. How could I leave my son? My family?

Samuel: Listen. You were protecting her. Angie and Frankie are alive because of you.

[Jesse sighs]

Samuel: If I could go back in time, I'd do anything to save my wife.

Jesse: Yeah, well. What happened to her was senseless, man.

Samuel: You know, that day, 9/11, she wanted us to -- to take the day off.

Jesse: Really?

Samuel: Yeah. But I was a workaholic. I said, "No, I can't miss court." So, she went on to work without me, and she said it was no fun playing hooky without brother Sam-I-am. And I still think about that. I mean, when the South Tower went down, what if I had listened to her? You know? We could have been at Coney Island, or chilling in the park. My son would still have a mother.

Jesse: You can't blame yourself for what happened on 9/11.

Samuel: I know that intellectually, but not emotionally.

Jesse: Hey, at least your son still has a father and that father is still fighting the good fight, man.

Samuel: Yeah, well, I'm -- I do what I do, you know? And it is important that I feel I'm making my son proud of me.

Jesse: Yeah, I heard that. Our boys are -- they're grown men now. They're forging their own path. But I will still spend the rest of my life trying to be somebody that Frankie -- to be proud of, and that deserves his respect.

Samuel: Oh, but you are. No, no, you are, man. Look -- you're hard-working. You're honest. You're a go-getter. You deserve way more than some commendation. I mean that.

Kendall: Greenlee is the one coming between me and Zach, so how am I the problem?

Erica: Because you let Greenlee control your life.

Kendall: Are you kidding me?

Erica: How else could Greenlee make you question your husband?

Kendall: Well, now you sound like Zach.

Erica: Well, then listen to us. Honey, you and Zach, you have beat incredible odds. And your love is stronger than ever.

Kendall: Greenlee doesn't control me. But, as much as you hate it, she does matter to me.

Erica: As a friend?

Kendall: Yes.

Erica: Honey, do you see Opal treating me the way Greenlee treats you?

Kendall: Well, it's different.

Erica: How?

Kendall: Greenlee and I have a more complicated relationship.

Erica: Greenlee isn't at all complicated. Greenlee is completely transparent.

Kendall: Mom, I'm the one who slept with her boyfriend.

Erica: You made a mistake.

Kendall: Well, Greenlee didn't have sex with Zach in the bomb shelter.

Erica: Of course not, because Zach would never even consider that. And, of course, Greenlee would like you to believe there's something more going on between them.

Kendall: Well, when you put it that way --

Erica: Forget Greenlee for the moment. Find your emotional center. Harness your chi, and use it to rise above all this destructive drama.

Kendall: My "chi"?

Erica: Your emotional and spiritual energy that comes from within. Shut out all the chaos. All this -- this chaos. Focus. Focus on the rhythm of your breathing.

Kendall: I can't believe I'm saying this, but I think prison actually agrees with you.

[Erica chuckles]

Erica: Well, that's because I focus on what I can control.

Kendall: Right. So, don't let Greenlee have so much control over how I'm feeling.

Erica: Exactly.

Greenlee: Don't mess with my head like that, Zach. I can't handle it. I felt good last night for the first time in weeks.

Zach: I just don't want you to make a bad situation worse.

Greenlee: Aidan already did that.

Zach: Fair enough.

Greenlee: You know, when I gave him back his ring, he said that I was using what happened with Kendall as an excuse not to marry him.

Zach: Really.

Greenlee: Yeah. It's obnoxious, right? Who knew the British could be so cocky?

Zach: So, are you?

Greenlee: Am I what?

Zach: Using what happened with Kendall so you don't have to marry Aidan?

Greenlee: No, of course not. Do you think that's what I'm doing?

Zach: We had a conversation not too long ago, after he proposed to you and you turned him down.

Greenlee: And?

Zach: And you were trying to win him back, and you said, "If you love someone, you can forgive anything."

Greenlee: Have you forgiven Kendall for sleeping with Aidan?

Zach: Sure.

Greenlee: Last night, he said he still loves me, and he wants to work it out.

Zach: But you don't.

Greenlee: I don't think I can.

Zach: Well, maybe he loves you more than you love him.

Lily: By getting to school 19 days before my semester starts, I'll be able to familiarize myself with academic buildings on campus, and I can find the easiest route to my classes so I won't be late.

Jack: Lily, you're never late.

Lily: That's because I know Pine Valley and the bus schedules.

Jack: Well, that's for sure.

Lily: Even though I know I'll have my own room at college, and a school aid to help me with my transition, home is where my family is.

Jack: I'm really happy to hear you say that.

Lily: Even though a lot of my family lives in other places now, like Ava and Bianca, most of my family is concentrated here. I mean, you're here, and you're my dad. You're the person in my family I've known the longest. So Pine Valley will always be my real home. Your eyes are wet. That means you're sad.

Jack: No. Just exactly the opposite, in fact. I was just thinking about you, when you were a little girl, living with your teachers, working so hard. Then, you were able to come and live with me. Lily, I got to tell you, that made my life so much richer.

Lily: I don't know how, I didn't bring any money with me.

Jack: I didn't mean "richer" that way. I look at you, and, oh, sweetheart, you're so grown up now. You've turned into this smart, caring, beautiful young woman. And I'm just -- I'm so proud of you.

Lily: If you're proud of me, why am I crying like this?

Jack: I'll tell you why. Because you're about to go off on your own. But, Lily, please remember no matter where you are, you're never going to be alone. Hey.

Greenlee: I'm not going to qualify how much I loved Aidan or how much he loves me. All I know is I don't want him anymore -- not after what happened with Kendall.

Zach: Well, what if it had been somebody else?

Greenlee: It wasn't someone else. It was my best friend -- your wife.

[Greenlee sighs]

Lily: Thanks, Dad. I feel a lot better. Oh, Greenlee.

Greenlee: Hi.

Jack: Hey, you.

Greenlee: How are you?

Jack: Well, look at this. My two beautiful daughters in one place. It's going to be a while before that happens again.

Greenlee: Sit, sit. Lily, we're going to miss you while you're away.

Lily: Whoo!

Greenlee: But we know you're going to do great at MIT.

Jack: Hi, Zach. You know, she -- she brought her course catalog. It's on her computer here. Has her classes picked out for the next two semesters.

Lily: I've dedicated 55.4 hours a week for studying and 14.8 for extracurricular and socializing.

Greenlee: Well, I hope you find time to e-mail us once in a while.

Lily: I did. I included that in my calculations. I can write 10 e-mails a week in 48 minutes with this new computer Zach gave me.

Zach: Early going-away present.

Jack: A very generous one.

Zach: Hey.

Greenlee: I know you're going to miss Dad while you're gone.

Lily: Yeah, I'm going to need someone to watch his smiles.

Greenlee: Well, you can count on me.

Lily: I don't think you'd be very good at it.

Greenlee: Why not?

Lily: Well, because your smiling-to-nonsmiling ratio is usually pretty low.

Zach: We're working on that.

Lily: Maybe Kendall can help you. Dad says that even though he and Erica are now divorced, she can still be our sister. You usually smile a lot more when she's around.

Kendall: So, how do I focus my chi?

Erica: You take comfort in the little things. Embrace -- embrace the peace that comes from an alternative, repetitive action.

Kendall: Like?

Erica: Doing laundry.

Kendall: Laundry.

Erica: Yes. I've been doing it every day since I've been here, and what I'm suggesting to you is that you find peace in routine. It can be in Ian and Spike's schedules. It can be quiet dinners at home. It can be a quiet time with Zach, but above all else, you just shut out the chaos.

Kendall: Ok. Ok.

Erica: And if you can't cut Greenlee out of your life forever, at least you can make sure she doesn't control your life. You can't control Greenlee, but you can control yourself.

Kendall: It doesn't feel that way.

Erica: Honey, you are a very capable businesswoman. You're a wonderful mother. It's just this outside chaos thing that throws you off track, and it comes from your so-called friend Greenlee. If you could just not let Greenlee get to you, then you will have a long and happy marriage with Zach.

Kendall: I'll try.

Erica: No, don't try. Do it. I want you to be strong, and I want you to be confident.

Guard: Sorry, Ms. Kane. Visiting hours are over.

Kendall: Already?

Erica: Ok. Well, that's something that we, uh -- we can't control.

Kendall: Yeah.

Erica: So you remember what I said. You take care of yourself. Be strong and you be confident.

Kendall: In other words, be your daughter.

Erica: In other words, you be yourself. I love you, sweetheart.

Kendall: I love you, too.

Jesse: Ok. So, now see, it feels like you're trying to work me again. Why?

Samuel: You are what needs work. You need to work on your taking a compliment. I'm not trying to work you. I'm trying to -- look, I think we have a lot in common.

Jesse: Really?

Samuel: Yeah. All right. Check this out. You said when Frankie got back from Iraq, what happened? He ran off to the woods -- didn't really know where he was. Weird thing is, same thing happened with my son, Dré, after 9/11.

Jesse: All right. We've both got kids that went through hell.

Samuel: Yeah. And you said your time with your wife and your son was taken away from you. Well, my time with my wife, Melissa, was taken from me.

Jesse: Ok.

Samuel: But most importantly, I think at our core, we both believe in family. We both believe in trying to do the right thing -- stand up for something. That's the very reason I'm running for Senate, because I believe somehow that I can do things there that will make me proud, will make my family proud.

Jesse: I -- I hear you, man. That's -- that's what being a cop meant to me.

Samuel: Well, there you go.

Jesse: Yeah, well, I mean, I didn't always follow the rules, but I did believe in what I was doing, and I always believed that I belonged on the force.

Samuel: Well, Jesse, maybe it's time that you got back to doing what you do best.

Ryan: Look, I -- I want to remember any way I can and I honestly -- I trust you both.

Jake: This is not about me, ok? I just want Ryan to have all the options instead of wasting his time on expensive tests that don't go anywhere.

Angie: You're out of line.

Jake: Oh, really? I was just thinking the same thing about you.

Angie: Uh, would you excuse me, Ryan? I'm sorry, but I need to talk to Jake out in the hall.

Jake: Sure. We'll be back.

Angie: Look, I'm sorry I snapped, but you're pumping Ryan full of hope about a highly experimental procedure. We need time to research this before he gives it real consideration.

Jake: What do you mean, "we?" No, you have your way of dealing with patients, and I have my way.

Angie: You don't even work in this hospital.

Jake: I'm sorry -- is this a turf war all of a sudden?

Angie: No. I'm just saying --

Jake: Look, I worked at this hospital. In fact, I ran the joint for a while, so I know all about professional courtesy. Don't ever talk that way to me in front of a patient again. Ever.

Ryan: Everything ok?

Angie: Uh, fine. Jake had to go, but I'm sure he'll be back. Listen, if you don't mind, I just want to, um, draw some blood.

Ryan: Oh, yeah, sure. What are we looking for?

Angie: Yet another symptom or indicator that might suggest this is viral.

Ryan: What about Jake's idea?

Angie: We should look into it.

Ryan: Do you think it could work?

Angie: Um, yeah, it could work, or it could kill you.

Jesse: Look, here's what I can do for you. Any kind of ceremonies you have, photo ops --

Samuel: Mm-hmm.

Jesse: Shaking hands, baby kissing -- I'll be there for you, man.

Samuel: And I appreciate that.

Jesse: I mean, after that hard sell just now, it's the least I can do.

Samuel: You going to get on me, huh?

Jesse: Come on. I mean, you got some serious campaign skills. I mean, you could be the man to beat in 2012.

Samuel: Well, from your lips to God's ears, brother. But -- but on the real, I got one more thing to talk to you about.

Jesse: No. With all due respect, I really don't want to work for the government as an investigator or anything else.

Samuel: But -- but you haven't heard me out yet. Wait a minute. Wait, wait. Hold up. Now, this comes from the mayor himself, and it keeps you a little closer to home.

Jesse: What are you talking about?

Samuel: I'm talking about your very own new beginning.

[TV plays]

[Carmen mutes TV]

Carmen: Hey, superstar.

Erica: Good morning, Carmen.

Carmen: You were up early today for your visitor. Who was it this time? Action Jackson or sexy Sammy?

Erica: Oh. Actually, it was my daughter Kendall.

Carmen: Oh. So, what's up with Pine Valley's Danielle Steele?

[Erica chuckles]

Erica: You mean Kendall? Oh, not much. She's just -- well, nothing she can't handle. Just having some problems with a very difficult so-called "friend."

Carmen: Yeah, I've had my share of those.

Erica: Yeah, well, this one is really a nightmare. I mean, Kendall just -- she needs to focus, you know? She needs to not sweat the small stuff.

Carmen: Yeah, I get it, superstar, but sometimes, bad stuff happens even if we don't want it to.

Erica: What does that mean?

Inmate: Hey, Erica. This new chick's got nothing on you.

Carmen: Shut up, Rosalie.

Erica: I'm sorry. What did you say?

Rosalie: The big blonde who took over your show. Hmm. I don't like her hair.

Erica: I can't believe this. Uh, well, you're just -- this is impossible -- no one took over for me, nobody took over "New Beginnings."

Carmen: Yeah, they did. I'm so sorry, Erica. You've been replaced.

Annie: "Dear Mr. Lavery, as mentioned in my previous correspondence and when I spoke to your wife, your 2005 vasectomy surgery was never performed. As a victim of fraud and medical malpractice and negligence, you have been named a potential plaintiff in a major class-action lawsuit against Dr. Melvin Cooper." Oh -- um --

Richie: Oh. Why so jumpy, butterfingers? You're dropping stuff all over the place. Here, let me --

Annie: No, no, no, no, no! Richie, give me my letter.

Richie: Oh, you must -- this must be a real page-turner for you to want it that bad. Oh, this is a real best-seller.

Annie: Richie --

Richie: Let me guess. That amnesiac old man of yours has no idea he can still make babies, huh?

Ryan: This probing my brain could be fatal?

Angie: Anytime you fool with the brain --

Ryan: I understand that, but --

Angie: And so, I'm going to get these new tests to the lab, and I'll call you with the results.

Ryan: Ok, great.

Angie: Ryan, I know that you're looking for the quick fix to your problem, but it really is best to explore every avenue before you consider a potentially risky surgery.

Ryan: Ok. Thank you for seeing me, Doctor. I appreciate it.

Angie: I'll be in touch.

Ryan: Ok.

Jesse: Hey, yo, Dr. Hubbard.

Angie: Oh, hey, baby.

Jesse: What's up, baby? How you doing? You saved any lives today?

Angie: Oh, doing my best.

Jesse: Yeah?

Angie: Uh, what's the surprise visit for?

Jesse: Well, I needed to talk to you about something, and it couldn't wait till the end of your shift.

Angie: Is everything ok?

Jesse: Yeah, yeah, it's fine. Um, Sam Woods offered me a job again.

Angie: That's great. Doing what?

Jesse: Taking over for Derek Frye as chief of police.

Angie: Wow. That's flattering.

Jesse: Yeah, I know.

Angie: How did he take it when you turned him down?

[Jesse laughs]

Jake: Mr. Lavery. Sorry about all that before. It's been a while since I've had to deal with, uh, hospital politics.

Ryan: Listen, do you really think that this treatment could work?

Jake: It's a long shot, but I think it's a shot worth taking.

Ryan: And what about the risks?

Jake: Well, there's always risk with surgery, but if you ask me, I think that Angie is being conservative.

Ryan: No risk, no reward, right?

Jake: So what do you think? Are you interested?

Erica: Oh, no, there must be some mistake. Who is that woman?

Inmate: Oh, she was on that reality show, you know? I think she ate bugs.

Erica: Oh, this is impossible. This is -- no, I will not let this happen.

Carmen: Hey, why don't you show me how to do some of those yoga stretches you like so much.

Erica: That's Pam's name on the credits. She's producing someone else? What a traitor!

Carmen: I especially like that upside dog -- dog thing. You know, that one that really calms you -- come on.

Erica: This is really impossible. No one replaces Erica Kane.

Inmate: Well, maybe you should have eaten bugs, too. People like that.

Erica: Shut up, Faye!

Carmen: Whatever happened to you not sweating the small stuff -- oh, ok.

Erica: Oh, they're going to sweat, and they are going to cry, and they are going to be so sorry they ever did that!

Zach: I'm going to miss Lily. She always tells it like it is.

Greenlee: Yeah, in her own way.

Zach: No agenda.

Greenlee: And she never kept any secrets, like some people I know. Speaking of which, I got to go meet your wife for a game of tennis.

Zach: All right. I'll walk you.

Greenlee: And they say chivalry is dead.

Zach: There's going to be a lot of tennis players on the way. Maybe you can line up your next conquest.

Greenlee: Oh, get back here.

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