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Amanda: If you would just hear me out, you would understand you have this all wrong! You are so going to be totally fired for this. Where is Derek? Oh, uh --

Aidan: Amanda, what's going on?

Amanda: Aidan, can you please tell him who I am? He won't even give me my one phone call.

Officer: Save it for someone who cares.

Amanda: Your boss, Chief Derek Frye, he's practically my uncle. Aidan, you have to get me out of here.

Aidan: Shh, just calm down a minute, all right?

Officer: The chief is on his way to his new job in L.A. You must not be that close.

Amanda: What? He moved?

Aidan: Give Amanda her phone call and tell me what the hell is going on.

Amanda: Finally.

Aidan: Why is she under arrest?

Officer: Pretty woman here was walking the street.

Billy: What, do you think you can scam us out of our money?

Babe: Let me go!

Man: Uh-uh-uh. Not before we get what we paid for, baby.

Treena: Don't make trouble, Candi.

Amanda: Babe's in trouble, J.R.

J.R.: What kind of trouble.

Amanda: She needs you now.

Man: Just talk your clothes off, or do you need some help?

[Billy laughs]

Kendall: Come on, Zach, where are you?

[Kendall recalls a past conversation with Zach]

Kendall: Greenlee stole Ryan, ok? I loved him, and she took him, and now it feels like maybe history is repeating itself.

[Zach walks in]

Kendall: Where were you? I've been freaking out.

Annie: "These follicle-stimulating hormones were prescribed to promote ovulation."

[Annie imagines a scene in the future]

Ryan: What's this?

Annie: What do you think it is?

Ryan: "Pregnant"? But how -- I don't --

Annie: It's -- it's a miracle. It's our miracle. Are you upset?

Ryan: Am I upset? The woman I love more than anything else in the world is giving me this incredible gift -- a little -- little sister or little brother for Emma -- no I'm not upset.

[Annie laughs]

Ryan: Our love can make anything happen, and -- and it has.

[Ryan walks in as Annie injects herself]

Tad: I have no idea what to tell Kathy.

Krystal: It'll come to you.

Tad: It's just so much to lay on a little girl who has already been through so much already.

Krystal: You know what? You're going to take one look at that sweet little face, and you're going to figure it out.

Tad: God, I hope so.

Colby: We came as soon as you called. You guys ok?

Krystal: Yeah.

Tad: Yeah, we're fine.

Krystal: Everything's fine, Colby, thank you.

Colby: Call me if you need anything.

Krystal: Ok.

Tad: Hey, baby doll.

[Kathy giggles]

Tad: Do me a favor. Would you come up here, sunshine? There you go.

Krystal: Here you go.

Tad: There you go. That a girl.

Dixie's voice: If Tad reclaims his daughter, you reclaim your soul.


Adam: Colby. Come -- come sit down.

Colby: I'm ok where I am.

Adam: Colby -- honey, I know you're upset.

Colby: "Upset"? What you did to Tad, waiting until he was almost dead before telling him you knew Kathy was his daughter -- it was beyond mean. It was --

Adam: Colby, if you would just --

Colby: No, don't even try. And not that you deserve to know, but I just dropped Kathy off at the hospital.

Adam: To see Tad?

Colby: He's finally going to tell Kathy about Julia.

Adam: Sweetheart, if you would just give me a chance to --

Colby: Don't, Dad. I don't want to hear it.

Tad: I know it's kind of upsetting -- it's confusing to have to stay with so many different people. Some of them are -- are so sad.

Kathy: Are you sad?

Tad: I'm sort of sad. Yeah. I'm sad because something sad has happened. And then I get to sit here with you, and everything is so much better. I know that you've -- you've been wondering where your Aunt Julia is, that you want to see her. Honey, something -- something bad has happened. Your Aunt Julia was hurt, she was very badly hurt. A lot of people tried to help her, but -- ok, listen. Do you -- go back. Do you remember a year ago? A whole year ago, when Aunt Julia had that conversation with you about your mother and your father, and how they had that accident, but that accident meant that they got to go to heaven? Remember that? Well, even though you can't see them, they're still there for you. And they love you very much. So does your Aunt Julia, because she's gone to heaven, too, honey. In fact, she's -- she's with a whole lot of special people up there in heaven.

Babe: Look, I'm just trying to take care of my kid, ok. I have to go.

Man: You're not going anywhere, sexy.

Babe: Seriously, just let me go!

Man: You are really pretty when you're fighting.

Babe: Ok, back off. I just want to make one more phone call, ok?

Man: Come here. Come here.

Babe: Let me go!

Billy: Your friend likes it rough, don't she? You like it like that?

Treena: I get that you're worried about your kid, but just chill. What the hell is your problem?

Babe: Give me that.

Man: It's ok, baby, I like blondes, too.

Treena: You. Hold up, guys. This is a scam.

Man: What do you mean?

Treena: She ain't no working girl. She's some moron's ex-wife who got jealous when he hit the sheets with me.

Billy: So, what the hell are you doing here? You just like to mess with people, do you?

Babe: Please stop, ok.

Man: Yeah, yeah, what do you think? You can play with us?

Babe: I -- didn't mean to do anything.

Man: Well, I don't care who the hell you are, baby. You know why? Customer's always right.

Treena: Do whatever you want to her. The bitch deserves it.

Babe: Stay away from me!

[J.R. storms in]

Annie: Ryan. I didn't -- I didn't know you were home yet.

Ryan: Yeah, I didn't want to wake Emma, and I just had to grab a couple of things. You ok?

Annie: I'm -- I'm fine. Why wouldn't I be fine?

Ryan: Oh, well, just because you dropped three feet when you saw me, that's all.

Annie: You know. Woman, alone --

Ryan: Oh -- the break-in. Annie, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to scare you.

Annie: It's ok.

Ryan: No, it's not. I promise you, I will not surprise you anymore.

Annie: Emma really wanted you to giver her a good-night kiss.

Ryan: Oh. But she's already asleep.

Annie: Well, she wanted her kiss anyway.

Ryan: Well, I can't ignore her highness' wishes, now, can I?

Josh: Well, this was fun. We should do it again.

Greenlee: Not so fast there, champ.

Josh: Ok, maybe dinner, then, first.

Greenlee: Here.

Josh: Maybe even a movie.

Greenlee: Don't forget this.

Josh: I'm serious, Greenlee. I'm serious. Why don't you and I go on a real date? What do you say?

Greenlee: You're kidding, right?

Josh: Why would I be kidding? You're incredibly funny --

Greenlee: Uh-huh.

Josh: Incredibly sexy. And we're both single. So why don't we just see what happens?

Greenlee: I didn't mean -- I don't -- I thought you knew this was a one-time thing.

Josh: Well, it always starts with one time.

Greenlee: If I want seconds, I've got your number.

Josh: Well, second time around could be even better.

Greenlee: Hmm. Josh, I really like you.

Josh: But?

Greenlee: But -- but sometimes, you need a warm body to put between you and the person who broke your heart. You know, feel wanted. Feel good.

Josh: Just "good"?

Greenlee: Great, even.

Josh: Mind-blowing?

Greenlee: Don't flatter yourself.

Josh: Ok, I'll settle for "great."

Greenlee: Ok.

Josh: You going to be ok?

Greenlee: Yeah.

Josh: Not that I'd expect to cure a totally broken heart in one night, but --

Greenlee: No, it was nice to have you here. But --

[Greenlee chuckles]

Josh: I know, "one-time deal." I get it. But if you do have second thoughts, you do have my number. And I do live right downstairs.

Greenlee: Thanks. I'll remember that.

Josh: Good night, Greenlee.

Greenlee: Good night, Josh.

Greenlee: Hmm.

Kendall: Where have you been?

Zach: I just needed some time.

Kendall: I get that, but where? What, Zach? You don't want to tell me? Come on.

Zach: "Come on" what? You already made up your mind where I was. I was --

Kendall: Meaning?

Zach: Greenlee's, all right?

Kendall: Why would I think that you were with Greenlee?

Zach: To even the score.

Zach: Or maybe I thought it was time for the other shoe to drop.

Kendall: Zach, come on.

Zach: You got such a problem with my friendship with Greenlee so --

Kendall: No, I just -- I know how Greenlee is.

Zach: And you think I'm like Ryan already.

Kendall: No, that's not what I meant.

Zach: And Ryan picked Greenlee over you, so, you know, I'm just following in his footsteps.

Kendall: No.

Zach: "No," what "no"? It's exactly what you said. So, I'm just trying to move things along a little bit.

Kendall: So, you slept with Greenlee.

Aidan: So, you and Babe thought it would be a great idea to go undercover as hookers?

Amanda: No, Babe went undercover. These are my own clothes. Does anyone here think I look like a hooker? Ok, don't answer that. I need a new wardrobe, ok?

Aidan: Brilliant plan, Amanda.

Amanda: Look, it's not the smartest thing we've ever done, all right?

Aidan: Exactly. So, Babe managed to escape before you got busted by the police?

Amanda: No, she went with the skank who set J.R. up, to meet two guys.

Aidan: Yeah, right.

Amanda: No, she did.

Aidan: Babe actually went to meet clients?

Amanda: She swore she had it under control. She didn't want to make Treena suspicious.

Aidan: This is dangerous, Amanda. This is no joke.

Amanda: I know. That is why I called J.R.

J.R.: You ok?

Man: Sorry, buddy, this is a private party.

Billy: Yeah, man, go get your own.

Treena: No, this is the guy! The ex!

J.R.: Did they hurt you? Are you ok? They touched you?

Babe: No, I'm ok.

Man: Hey, man, listen, she'll be better in 15 minutes, I promise.

J.R.: Oh, yeah?

Billy: We paid for a service. We're getting that service.

J.R.: Yeah, service this.

Treena: You guys got your own drama. I'm out of here.

J.R.: You're not going anywhere, because P.V.'s vice squad is on the way here right now. Yeah. Hey, you that desperate? Seriously, really? Get out of here!

Babe: Oh, my God. I've never been so happy to see you.

J.R.: What the hell's going on?

Babe: It's complicated.

J.R.: No, I don't think so. You're not going anywhere.

Treena: I'm not sticking around to meet my old buddies at the vice squad.

J.R.: That was a bluff. Why don't you make yourself comfortable? Huh? Now, you want to tell me why you thought this was a good idea?

Babe: Somebody had to help you, J.R. And since I was Richie's biggest champion when I should have been believing you --

J.R.: Do you realize what could have happened to you?

Babe: It was stupid, I know. Ok, but I didn't want you chasing after Richie and getting yourself hurt.

J.R.: Or hurting him and going to jail?

Babe: That, too.

J.R.: Yeah.

Babe: Is Amanda still on the street corner? It's not safe out there.

J.R.: Amanda is fine. She got lucky.

Aidan: Maybe next time, you'll actually listen to someone before you arrest them.

Officer: Look, I'm sorry, miss.

Amanda: Yeah, you are.

Aidan: Hey, Mandy. You ok?

Amanda: Yeah, I'm fine. Can -- can you just give me second?

[Phone rings]

Babe: Hello?

Amanda: Babe, are you ok?

Babe: Yeah, I'm fine. How are you?

Amanda: Golden. Is J.R. there?

Babe: Yeah. He's here. Thank God you called him, Amanda.

Amanda: Look, you don't sound ok. I'm going to be right there.

Babe: No, we got it, Amanda. Listen, just don't worry about it.

Amanda: Are you sure?

Babe: Yeah. Thanks again. I appreciate it.

Amanda: Call me if you ever need backup again, but let's not repeat the prostitute part.

[Amanda sighs]

Amanda: I need a drink.

Aidan: So do I.

J.R.: No, no. Not so fast.

Treena: What is it with you people? Can't you just leave me alone?

J.R.: I know that we've been to bed together, but I thought it was time that we officially introduced ourselves. You see, I'm J.R. Chandler. And I'm about to become your worst nightmare. Why don't you make this easy on yourself and just give us what we want?

Treena: If you think you could hurt me more than my manager, you're smoking something.

Babe: Just tell us what happened with Richie, and we'll let you go -- it's all good.

Treena: Until someone finds out I ratted.

J.R.: Money? That do the trick?

Treena: What happened with Richie and me is nobody's business.

Ryan: I will be out of your way in a minute.

Annie: It's ok.

Ryan: No, you know what? Maybe I should just move all of my stuff in the guest room or something.

Annie: You don't have to do anything tonight. I know you needed some time to think earlier.

Ryan: Yeah, well, something like that.

Annie: You know, if you ever need to talk --

Ryan: Yeah. No, I -- yeah, I know that. Thank you. Thank you.

Annie: I mean, I'm not trying to push, I just--

Ryan: No, I know. Really. I know, Annie, and I do appreciate it a lot. It's just I need -- I need some time to figure stuff out, you know?

Annie: And I'm not helping.

Ryan: I'm not sure I'm helping, either. Maybe that's the problem. Maybe I'm just -- I'm making everything worse.

Annie: You need to do what's best for you.

Ryan: I need to do what's best for the family.

Annie: That would be nice, too.

Ryan: I saw Greenlee earlier.

Kendall: What really happened? Where were you? You weren't with Greenlee.

Zach: You're not sure?

Kendall: I don't think that you were with Greenlee.

Zach: Think I slept with her? There's a vote of confidence.

Kendall: No, I don't think that you slept with her. I just -- it's just -- I don't know. You -- you've been gone for hours, and you come home looking like you just got out of the shower.

Zach: Yeah. Well, that's what men do after they cheat on their wives. It's also what men do after they go to the gym.

Kendall: That's where you were?

Zach: Yeah. Blowing off some steam.

Kendall: Oh. Ok. You know what? I guess I am a little bit paranoid. I'm sorry. I do trust you.

Zach: But you like to test me, don't you? Like to push me away to make sure that I come back. Why do you do that? You know what scares me, Kendall Hart Slater? One day, you're going to push me too far. And I'm not coming back.

Greenlee: No. No more shots for me tonight, thanks. Water's good.

Bartender: Ok.

Greenlee: Amanda. Hey. Want a drink? On me.

Amanda: Well, you own the bar.

Greenlee: So I do. It makes it easy, then. Hey, a margarita, please.

Amanda: You're in a good mood.

Greenlee: Yeah, I guess some things just do it to you. Anyway, um, what about you? Have you been upstairs all night, working?

Amanda: You know, I really need my drink before I can even get into it. Or two.

Greenlee: Well, let's -- let's grab a table. Gossip is best served sitting down.

Amanda: Well, actually, I have a table, but --

Greenlee: Hmm. "But"? "But" nothing. Now, I know I shouldn't, but, you know.

Tad: Your Aunt Julia loved having you as a part of her life so much. There are still going to be so many people around who feel the same way, who care about you, who love you. I may not look like all that much right now, but I'm not going anywhere. And I know it's kind of hard to count on, but I want to take care of you.

Krystal: Kathy, um, peanut. You know, your family isn't just your mommy and your daddy and your aunts and your uncles. It's -- sometimes, it's a whole group of people who -- who care about you. And who take care of you. And, honey, you have a whole lot of people who care about you. Like -- remember Ruth and Joe? And -- and crazy Opal with her palm readings, and -- and Emma? And Emma's parents? They -- they're crazy about you. They care so much about you. They love being with you. We all do.

Tad: You're going to have so many people around that love you.

Krystal: Yeah. You know, it's ok to be sad about Aunt Julia.

Tad: Honey, we're all sad. All of us. And --

Krystal: We're here for you.

Tad: And it's ok if you feel a little confused. Even angry. If you're mad, that's fine. It's ok.

Kathy: No! No! No, no, no!

Kendall: How far is "too far"?

Zach: I don't know.

Kendall: I don't want to get to that place. Ok. I have these buttons and -- and when they get pushed --

Zach: Then people know.

Kendall: Exactly. But with you --

Zach: I hold it in.

Kendall: Until you don't. But when you explode, it's huge, and it's usually my fault.

Zach: I don't like this pattern, Kendall.

Kendall: Me, either.

Zach: Loving you doesn't mean that things can't change. And you know, I got to tell you, a little less drama would be really good for both of us.

Kendall: Yeah, well, I admit that when it comes to Greenlee, I'm a nutcase. I don't like the person I become -- jealous and this paranoid freak -- that person who doesn't believe and have faith in the people that she loves. You know, who wants to love someone like that?

Zach: I like a challenge.

Kendall: Well, I don't want to be one. Look, I don't know how things are going to turn out with Greenlee, but I know how I want them to turn out with you -- with us.

Annie: So, how was Greenlee?

Ryan: Not good, actually. She's in a -- a bit of a bad spot, you know?

Annie: I'm sorry.

Ryan: We just bumped into each other.

Annie: I know. I'm not accusing you of anything.

Ryan: No, I know. I just -- just want you to understand, that's all. Um, she's just still trying to figure out what to do -- you know, considering the whole Kendall and Aidan thing and trying to figure out what to do next, you know?

Annie: Here.

Ryan: And, uh -- oh. Wow. And -- oh.

[Annie chuckles]

[Ryan chuckles]

Ryan: She's not doing very well, but -- wow, that feels nice.

Annie: How about that?

Ryan: That is good right there.

Annie: Wow.

Ryan: Yeah, so --

Annie: You're tight in here.

Ryan: Yeah. I tried -- I tried, you know, talking to --

Annie: To Greenlee? Yeah, I feel like that's the problem. There's all this talking. We all worry so much, we can't just -- relax.

Ryan: Yeah, maybe.

Annie: You know, you're a ball of knots. Greenlee's a mess.

Ryan: And you are just taking care of me.

[Ryan chuckles]

Annie: Well, that's what I do.

Ryan: So -- oh, wow.

[Annie chuckles]

Ryan: What about you, though?

Annie: Well, you can take care of me later. How's that right there?

Ryan: That is very good.

Annie: You know what, I can't -- um, I can't get to the middle. Why don't you take this off?

Ryan: Oh, ok. Absolutely.

Annie: You got that one? Yeah, you got that one.

Ryan: Yep.

[Annie chuckles]

Ryan: Annie -- Annie, what the hell is this needle for?

Greenlee: So, you got hauled down to the police station.

Amanda: Cuffs and all.

Greenlee: That's so funny.

Amanda: To you, maybe.

Greenlee: Maybe it's time to lay off the mini miniskirts.

Amanda: Hmm. I mean, how the heck could they even think I was a hooker.

[Greenlee chuckles]

Amanda: Is something funny?

Greenlee: Hey, you're not the first Fusion girl to be accused wrongly for hooking. Remind me to tell you a story of when Simone got arrested with this drag queen named Rosemary Chicken.

Amanda: Sounds hilarious. I'm just glad that Aidan got me out of there before they threw me in some skeevy cell.

Aidan: All in a day's work.

Greenlee: You're everybody's hero.

Amanda: Oh, ahem, well, as fun as it is being teased for my misery, I'm going to go home. I need a shower or two. Aidan, thank you so much again. And Greenlee -- I will see you tomorrow. Bye, guys.

Aidan: So, how was your night?

J.R.: Just tell me what Richie paid you. I'll double it.

Treena: Money's going to do me no good if I'm dead.

Babe: You mean Richie would actually kill you?

Treena: I'm not saying nothing.

J.R.: We'll protect you.

Treena: Tony will cut me loose or worse if I spill my guts. A big part of this job is keeping your mouth shut.

J.R.: I have resources, ok? I can get you out of here, take you wherever you want.

Babe: This is your chance to actually do the right thing, Treena.

J.R.: Or, you can make a really rich and powerful man an enemy for life. With us or against us. It's your call.

Treena: Can you guys give me a minute? I mean, this is my life we're talking about.

J.R.: Mm-hmm. That's fine. Well then, go take your five minutes in there. How the hell did we get here?

Babe: Look, I wanted to do more than just tell you I believed you. All right? I wanted to show that I stand behind you.

J.R.: And?

Babe: And I -- I didn't want you to do anything crazy.

J.R.: Yeah, because your perfectly sane plan worked out so well?

Babe: Ok. All right. I'm ready for my lecture now.

J.R.: Thank you, Babe.

Krystal: No, no.

Tad: I got to get Kathy. I blew it.

Krystal: You did not blow it, Tad.

Tad: Honey, I've got to explain to her.

Krystal: And you will, but you're not going to do anybody any good by keeling over right here in front of her, ok? Ok?

Tad: Yeah. Go, go, go.

Krystal: Ok. Kathy. Kathy, honey, come here. Please?

Kathy: No! Don't touch me!

Krystal: Oh, honey, please. I just want to talk to you, ok?

[Kathy whines]

[Krystal sighs]

Adam: Krystal.

Adam: Hey. Hey, remember me? Hmm? You came over to my house -- that really big house to sleep over with Colby? I know it's bad news. It's hard. It's really hard. This reminds me of somebody that -- that I knew once. Somebody that I was -- was very, very special to me. I didn't know it was possible to care about somebody as much as I cared about her. She made me happy. When I was sad, she'd make me laugh or -- or smile or to just -- she took care of me. She was my whole world. I couldn't imagine life without her. And then I lost her, way, way too soon -- way before I was able to tell her how much I really loved her. Way before I was -- I was ready to let her go, which wasn't fair. I was so sad I -- I just cried and cried, cried, cried. I thought I'd never stop crying. But I did. It hurt, you know? It hurt right here. I didn't think it was possible to be so full of sadness that your heart actually ached, but it did. Does it hurt, Kathy? Yeah. Well, you know what I think would make us both feel better? Hmm? How about a big hug? A big hug. You know, your Aunt Julia was a very special person, very special. She made you feel all those things that I said I felt, didn't she?

[Adam chuckles]

Adam: There are a load of people around here who want to make you feel better -- want to make you happy, make you smile if you'll let them. There are still a few that are, um -- well, still a little bit hurt, a little bit nervous, and they would like for you to make them feel better. So, maybe you could make each other feel better. It's wonderful when that happens.

[Adam kisses Kathy]

Ryan: What is with the needle?

Annie: I -- I forgot to toss that.

Ryan: You just leave hypodermic needles lying around the house?

Annie: Of course not. It's a B-12 shot, Ryan. The doctor prescribed them.

Ryan: Oh. Well, why didn't you tell me?

Annie: What am I supposed to say? Things have been so stressful lately, I can barely keep my head up by the end of the day? I -- you have enough to worry about.

Ryan: I worry about you.

Annie: I'm a big girl. I can handle it. Although, I could do without the bruises. I haven't quite mastered the shots yet.

Ryan: Oh, I'm sorry.

Annie: It's fine. I'm just -- you know, I'm trying to stay focused and healthy.

Ryan: Well, listen, I could help you with the shots, you know? How often do you have to take them?

Annie: Every now and then.

Ryan: Well, just tell me, and I'll do them.

Annie: Thank you.

Ryan: You can tell me stuff, you know? You don't have to keep anything from me.

Annie: You know, I'm just trying to stay positive for you, and for Spike, and Emma.

Ryan: Well, it's time that somebody took care of you. Ok?

Kendall: Let's go to bed. What's wrong?

Babe: Don't thank me when I blew this whole entire thing.

J.R.: No, you did something for me. I'm not going to forget that, and I'm not going to forget this look, because it's not every day I get to see you like this.

Babe: Yeah, and you're never going to see it again.

J.R.: You're crazy, you know that?

Babe: You would know.

J.R.: I didn't think I was going to get here in time.

Babe: But you did. Thank you for saving me.

Treena: I'm ready for my retirement fund.

J.R.: You sure?

Treena: I'll talk, but not here. Let's go.

J.R.: You did it.

Babe: We did it.

Greenlee: Not that I don't love an uncomfortable moment, but I have to go.

Aidan: Really?

Greenlee: Yes.

Aidan: I love you.

Greenlee: Aidan, don't.

Aidan: I love you, and I don't care how long it takes to prove it.

Greenlee: I have to go.

Aidan: I know you still love me.

Singer: Do you think of me? Are you thinking of me? Yeah

Singers: Do you think of me, baby? Do you think?

Zach: I love you. I want you to remember that.

Kendall: I know that. So, come on. Let's go back to our room. I want to make love to you.

Zach: No. I want to stay right here and hold you.

Kendall: Ok. So, hold me.

Ryan: There. How's that?

Annie: Mmm. A little lower.

Ryan: A little lower? Ok. In here?

Annie: Mmm.

Ryan: It's not too rough, is it?

Annie: It's perfect.

Adam: Kathy, you feeling any better?

Kathy: I want Tad.

Krystal: Ok, sunshine. Kathy, come on.

[Tad mouths the words "thank you" as he holds his little girl]

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Zach: Too late.

Erica: Greenlee is not the problem. It's you.

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