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All My Children Transcript Thursday 6/5/08


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Kendall: The reporter should be calling any minute. Can you believe we made the cut? "Finance Magazine's" most successful women in business. Ok, so I thought maybe we should go over a few things before the interview.

Greenlee: It's not rocket science, Kendall. I know how to promote my own company.

Kendall: Our company.

Greenlee: Whatever.

Kendall: Ok, we have an agreement, Greenlee. Now, I know you may not want to be my friend anymore --

Greenlee: You mean because you slept with my fiancÚ?

Kendall: But we are partners at Fusion. We agreed to work on this as a team.

Greenlee: Fine.

Kendall: Good.

Greenlee: Great.

Joe: I don't know about you, son, but I could use a drink.

Jake: I could use a double, trust me.

Joe: And I raise a glass to Tad. He came through surgery, and now he's recovering like a champ.

Jake: Mm, just like my big brother, always showing off.

Joe: There were a couple of moments there in the ER where I really thought -- well, thankfully he made it. And he made it thanks to you. The only thing I've got to do is to be able to tell your mom when you're coming home for dinner.

Jake: Dad, you're not going to like this, but I really need to get back to Africa to work.

Joe: Jake, Jake, you've barely been home.

Jake: It's just something that I really need to do.

Joe: Look, I know the humanitarian work you have been doing in Sudan has been remarkable, but at some point --

Jake: At some point what? At some point but not now, Dad? Trust me when I tell you I need to get back.

Zach: I don't think so.

Jake: Oh, look who it is. Mr. Slater, the big boss, what are you going to miss me?

Zach: Hey, Joe. I'm not your boss anymore. I hired someone else to take over your crew.

Jake: Why would you do that?

Zach: Because if you go back to Africa, you're dead.

Amanda: Babe, go home.

Babe: Nope, I'm doing this.

Amanda: You can't. It's insane.

Babe: Maybe it is Amanda, but it's the only way.

Amanda: So, what do you want me to do?

Babe: I want you to turn me into a hooker.

Krystal: Adam --

J.R.: What the hell are you doing here?

Adam: Mr. Martin and I need to talk.

J.R.: No, get out.

Tad: J.R., it's ok. Let him stay.

J.R.: No, I'm not going to let you be alone with the lunatic I used to call my father.

Krystal: They, they need to do this, J.R.

J.R.: We'll be right outside.

Adam: Well, go ahead. Hit me with everything you got.

Kendall: Can you hear us?

Reporter: Loud and clear, Mrs. Slater. Is Miss Smythe on the line?

Greenlee: Right here.

Kendall: Fire away.

Greenlee: Before we get started, I want to say how honored we are to be included in your issue.

Kendall: Yeah, the women that you featured in the past are role models to us, and we hope our company will inspire some people, too.

Reporter: Well, Fusion is a great story. But I want to focus on the two of you. What makes your partnership such a success?

Greenlee: It started with a common vision.

Kendall: We wanted to create a company of women for women.

Greenlee: High quality, affordable products that would make women feel fabulous, that was the goal.

Reporter: Well, all business women have goals, but not many reach them. How did you do it?

Kendall: Dedication, determination. We knew we had something special, and we refused to give up on it.

Reporter: Fusion took a big hit last year. What do you do when the times get tough?

Greenlee: Turn to each other.

Kendall: Yeah, um, over the past few years, Greenlee and I, we not only have been business partners, but we have become best friends. We think of each other as sisters.

Greenlee: That is what makes working with Kendall so special, total trust. I know she will never let me down.

J.R.: He played us, Krystal. Yeah, all that bull about wanting to be father and son, meanwhile, he's keeping Tad's daughter away from him? My sister? My God, I'm such an idiot to think that he changed.

Krystal: J.R., Adam had every single one of us fooled.

J.R.: Yeah, yeah, family is everything. Isn't that what that man preaches? And what does he do? He turns right around and betrays all of us.

Adam: Well?

Tad: Do you really hate me that much?

Adam: Do you really have to ask?

Tad: You kept Kathy away from me for months.

Adam: Yes, I have a daughter named Charlotte. I'll never get her back. But, Kate, yes, Kate, you found Kate again. Thanks to me. You can add her to your collection of family members you poached from me.

Tad: Adam, I never took anything away from you. Your wife and your kids came running.

Adam: Well, you convinced them that you were the good guy.

Tad: No. They came running because when life gets complicated, and it always does, you expect your children to act like little clones of you.

Adam: Who should I model them after? You? Home-wrecker, who impregnated my wife.

Tad: Ok, fair enough, guilty as charged. But you can't continually push away your family and blame someone else.

Adam: No, no, someone else. You. How long are you going to keep sniffing around my family before you get one of your own? I find it mind-boggling. I make a mistake, I'm the devil. You make a mistake, the Martins make a mistake, and you're a hero.

Jake: So, if I go back to Africa, I'm a dead man? What?

Zach: When you and Aidan escaped, the rebel leader was killed. So now there's a bounty on your head.

Joe: Oh, good Lord.

Jake: Look, there are millions of people dying over there. They're sick, they're starving, they're dying of AIDS, they need help.

Joe: Would you listen to the man? You cannot go back now. You'll be a walking target.

Zach: They know your face, and they know your name.

Jake: I'll wear sunglasses.

Joe: That's funny, that's funny.

Jake: Look, this is my --

Joe: You could be killed.

Jake: Dad, my choice. It's my choice. It's my life. I'm sorry, that's what happens over there. People die. It happens every day for no reason. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I'll talk to Zach about it, and we'll straighten this whole thing out, all right? We'll sort it out.

Joe: Yeah, yeah, yeah, sure.

Jake: Sorry, Dad. Thanks, thanks a lot.

Zach: I didn't mean to upset anybody.

Jake: If you want to talk to me about stuff like this, we do it in private. He almost lost a son this weekend.

Zach: I just thought you'd want to know as soon as possible.

Jake: Know what? Know what, Zach? That it's risky to work in a war zone?

Zach: Risk is one thing. This is suicide.

Jake: What would you have me do? Should I hang around here, having drinks at ConFusion while mothers are having their babies killed right in front of them?

Zach: We'll talk it over. What do you think? What do you want to do? You want to go back there? Work, help women and children, and then maybe one of the rebels sees you, picks up a rifle, takes you out, takes the mother out, takes the baby out, and then what? We all appreciate your dedication and what you've done for Cambias.

Jake: Well, I don't think I've done enough.

Zach: You want to do more. I can understand that.

Jake: I don't think you understand anything.

Zach: Your family doesn't know, do they? They don't know about your wife.

Jake: What do you know about my wife?

Zach: I know as much as I can about the people who work for me.

Jake: You learn as much as you can. You have no right digging around in my private life. Whatever happened to Carolyn, whatever I tell my family, whatever I choose not to tell my family, none of your business.

Zach: If you're going over there, you're going to get killed. Innocent people are going to die.

Jake: What do you know about innocent people dying?

Zach: I know it's not going to happen on my watch, not again. I can't stop you from going back, but maybe you should think about why you're going back. And who you're going back for.

Kendall: How have Greenlee and I made it this far? We work hard.

Greenlee: We love what we do.

Kendall: Yeah, we have some kind of magic.

Greenlee: We put our heads together and wow.

Kendall: Actually, a perfect example of that is our latest fragrance called Charm!.

Greenlee: Kendall wrote the book.

Kendall: Greenlee came up with the scent.

Greenlee: Not by myself.

Kendall: Ok, she's being modest. She's a genius. Fusion Green, all her.

Reporter: Is that right, Miss Smythe?

Greenlee: Well, we, you know, we've always wanted to make an effort to be more environmentally conscious.

Kendall: Yes, we're both perfect.

Reporter: More like too perfect.

Greenlee: Excuse me?

Reporter: Best friends, sisters? They love each other, but they don't always get along. Don't you two ever disagree?

Greenlee: Believe me --

Kendall: Everything really is perfect between us.

Reporter: Are you still there?

Greenlee: We're here.

Reporter: Ms. Smythe, you were saying?

Greenlee: Just that, you know, owning a company together, running it together can be, you know, difficult at times.

Reporter: So you do fight?

Kendall: What Greenlee is saying is, sometimes we may occasionally have a creative disagreement.

Reporter: Such as?

Greenlee: Say, I don't know, we have a new logo, and Kendall approves it without telling me, that might --

Reporter: Make you angry?

Kendall: I think we're getting off topic here.

Reporter: Miss Smythe, I'd like to hear your answer. If Mrs. Slater were to do something behind your back, how would you respond?

Greenlee: It was a bad example. That's not how we do things here at Fusion.

Reporter: What about you, Mrs. Slater? Are there instances when you lose your patience?

Kendall: Like Greenlee said, that's not how we work.

Reporter: Well, what about outside the office?

Greenlee: I thought this article was about business.

Reporter: Well, it is. But when two women as close as you run a company together, don't your personal lives affect everything?

Tad: A mistake, a mistake, that's what you call denying a father his little girl?

Adam: No, I would call it what you'd call making J.R. think his son was dead. You're hardly innocent in all this, Martin.

Tad: I'm not saying I am. But I am saying I don't think anything I've ever done to you justifies you intentionally trying to keep Kathy away from me.

Adam: I seem to recall you and Dixie keeping J.R. away from me.

Tad: That old song and dance, it's ridiculous. Look, we both know the fact is as soon as you had an heir apparent, you tried to offload Dixie in a mental institution like she was so much baggage. I didn't want to see J.R. raised by a man capable of something like that.

Adam: You didn't want? You're not his father. His upbringing is not your concern. You continually worm your way into his life.

Tad: His upbringing? I raised him. I love him. And you keep treating him like, like some kind of property.

Adam: I've given him everything.

Tad: Yeah, everything money could buy. Everything in the world except unconditional love.

Adam: Well, I haven't turned my home into the hippie commune that you and Krystal share, but I do love my children.

Tad: I know. I know you do. But look at your track record. Come on, man, I mean, Skye took off for parts unknown, Hayley is in California, J.R. jumps on a tramp steamer, Liza was content to move to the middle of God only knows where to keep Colby away from you.

Adam: You helped Liza kidnap my daughter. Just like you helped Babe and Jamie run off with my grandson.

Tad: Yeah, guilty as charged. My point is, they were all running in the same direction. And that's away from you. Ok, all right, listen, listen, listen. You and I could go around all day and night about all the reasons we're supposed to despise one another. We want to see the other guy dead, but the fact is I'm lucky to be alive. I'm so tired of wasting time.

Adam: So, you're putting together your retaliation? When do we get to the part about payback?

Tad: Adam, I don't want to punish you. There's nothing I could do to punish you. You've already lost everything that ever mattered.

Adam: That's not so.

Tad: I saw their faces. Krystal, J.R., all the love and respect in their eyes, gone.

Adam: It'll come back, eventually.

Tad: Maybe, maybe. But you can only push somebody away so many times before they'll stay there.

Kendall: Thank you for taking the time to speak with us.

Greenlee: We can't wait to see the article.

Reporter: Are you sure you don't have time for a few more questions? We never really got into your personal lives.

Kendall: Uh, we really should get back to work.

Greenlee: Dedication, remember?

Reporter: So, thanks to you both for a very enlightening interview.

[Phone hanging up]

Kendall: Can you believe her?

Greenlee: What kind of questions were those, asking about our social lives?

Kendall: Well, ones that we were smart enough not to answer.

Greenlee: Not truthfully anyway.

Kendall: Yeah, it was weird. I was starting to feel like we were answering some gossip magazine questions.

Greenlee: Totally. She was digging for dirt.

Kendall: Yeah, well, we didn't give her any.

Greenlee: But I could have. Tons.

Kendall: Right, because God forbid we ever let this go. Let's just hold on to the hate and anger until it wrecks everything we've worked so hard for.

Greenlee: You're blaming me?

Kendall: I'm not blaming anybody. I'm just asking when this will all be over.

Greenlee: I don't know, Kendall. What's the timeframe on getting over your best friend doing your fiancÚ?

Kendall: You want to kill me, Greenlee? Fine, but I will not let you kill Fusion.

Greenlee: I don't think you're in a position to decide what I will and won't do.

Kendall: Oh, my God, what do you want, Greenlee? You want revenge? Is that what you want? You want to throw yourself at my husband so he can reject you again?

Greenlee: I don't have to sleep with Zach. We're close enough already.

Kendall: I'm glad you and Zach are friends.

Greenlee: Oh, we're way more than that.

Kendall: You're trying to make me believe that you had sex? Please.

Greenlee: I'm not talking about sex. I'm talking about what happens between two people who think they're sharing their final moments on this earth. There's nothing more intimate than that.

Krystal: That's good. Ok. Bye-bye. Opal says Kathy's sleeping like an angel.

J.R.: My little sister. I still can't believe it.

Krystal: It's wonderful, and it's hard because of Adam.

J.R.: I hate him.

Krystal: And you love him, too.

J.R.: Yeah? How is that possible?

Krystal: Because he's your daddy. And you love him, even when he breaks your heart.

J.R.: I guess you would know about that. I'm sorry, I'm just pissed.

Krystal: I know. Listen, I know, I know. There's a lot going on.

J.R.: I've been dealing with my dad's mental illness. I haven't even had time to think about that other psychopath, Richie Novak.

Krystal: Oh, God, please, just steer clear from that creep.

J.R.: Oh, no, the guy set me up in bed with a hooker so Babe would find me. I'm not going to let him get away with that.

Krystal: J.R., that guy is bad news. I think you and Babe should just forget he even exists.

Babe: Are these all the clothes that Fusion got from that cheap company? There's nothing sluttier?

Amanda: Do you hear yourself, Babe? This is a bad idea.

Babe: I need proof, Amanda. I need solid evidence that Richie framed J.R.

Amanda: So you're going to impersonate a hooker?

Babe: I need Treena, that streetwalking skank, to prove what Richie did.

Amanda: You have no idea what this Treena chick is capable of. What goes on out there at night.

Babe: I'll be fine.

Amanda: Why don't you let J.R. take care of this?

Babe: Oh, so J.R. can end up behind bars instead of Richie? Ok.

Amanda: I just don't see why you have to do this.

Babe: J.R. told me that none of this was his fault. He looked into my eyes, and he told me the truth. But instead, I refused to believe him. I accused him of falling off the wagon and I even tried to keep him away from our son. So this is my chance to make up for it, Amanda.

Amanda: You apologized, isn't that enough?

Babe: I want to do more than just say the words. I want to show J.R. that I was on his side.

Amanda: So take him to dinner, write him a letter, God, sleep with him. Do anything but impersonate a hooker.

Babe: J.R. is finally getting his life together. His life, not Adam, so if I take care of Richie, he's not going to have to get sucked back into doing things the Chandler way.

Amanda: Ok, well, he's always going to be a Chandler. You can't change that.

Babe: But that's just it, I don't have to. He did it himself. And this is about making sure that he knows that I love the man that he is now. So, talking about becoming a new person, we have work to do.

Krystal: J.R., you've made so much progress. You can't let a loser like Richie Novak get in the way of that.

J.R.: I just can't forget about him.

Krystal: Focus on the good that you're doing to Chandler and with Little A.

J.R.: What about with Babe?

Krystal: You two have come a long way.

J.R.: But you don't see us together. You know, I really don't get it, Krystal. When everybody thought that I was drinking, you had my back. You're always telling me how proud you are that I changed.

Krystal: I am proud of you, I am. I believe in you.

J.R.: Yeah, except when it comes to Babe.

Krystal: As parents, I think you two are great, but as a couple --

J.R.: I love her, I love her. Don't you get that?

Krystal: You know, I wish it could work for you two. I really do. It's just that you two have beaten each other up so many times, I just don't think those scars are going to go away.

J.R.: Are you talking about Babe and me, or are we talking about you and my father?

Adam: Well, I think we're done here.

Tad: Almost. You are nothing if not stubborn. You could have kept this secret until rapture, but you didn't. Why'd you tell me? Why now?

Adam: Does it matter?

Tad: It does to me.

Adam: I thought you were dying. I couldn't just let you expire without knowing the truth.

Tad: You couldn't?

Adam: That's right.

Tad: Don't you mean she couldn't? Dixie's what made this happen. We both know it.

Adam: Yeah, she might have had a hand in it, yeah.

Tad: Well, I don't know what she did, or why it worked, but I don't give a damn. I'm glad that it did. I'm glad I have my little girl back, and I'm very glad that you had the guts to do the right thing.

Adam: Yeah, well, I guess --

Tad: Adam, for what it's worth, thank you.

[Tad and Adam shake hands]

Adam: This doesn't mean a damn thing.

Tad: Why should it? I still hate your guts.

[Tad and Adam smile at each other]

[While techno music plays, Babe puts on skimpy clothes]

Singer: Ah

Singers: Naughty, naughty, naughty

Singer: I see them dudes staring at me like I'm your fantasy well, I just stepped out of your wildest dreams you want to play with me? You can touch anything

Singers: Naughty, naughty, naughty

Babe: How do I look?

Amanda: Cheap and easy.

Babe: Perfect.

Amanda: I still really think this is a bad idea, Babe.

Babe: Look, give me your cell phone.

Amanda: What for?

Babe: So I can program my number into speed dial in case of emergency.

Amanda: Emergency? I don't like the sound of that either, Babe.

Babe: Oh, Babe. Who in the heck is Babe? My name is Candi. Nice to meet you.

Joe: Look, I know you're a grown-up. You're also my son, so I can't help worrying about you.

Jake: It's just that -- it's just that I guess I'm really anxious to get back to work, Dad, back to Africa. And around here, you have too much time to think, you know?

Joe: Son, if you have anything on your mind, you can always talk to me about it.

Jake: Thank you, Dad. And I love seeing you. I love seeing you and Mom and Tad, I do. It's just that there's an awful lot of people counting on me, you know?

Joe: Yeah. Well, it's not my place to tell you how to live your life. I do want to know that you're safe, that you're happy.

Jake: Well, thank you. Thank you. That means a lot to me.

Joe: Yeah. You've been doing wonderful work. You've got a terrific wife. I couldn't be prouder.

Jake: Dad, you need to know that we're not together anymore.

Joe: What happened?

Jake: I don't want to get into the whole thing. I just thought that you deserved to know that.

[Door opens and closes]

Adam: Oh, J.R., I'm glad to see you're still here.

J.R.: What you did to Tad, I'll never forgive. But we have a business to run.

Adam: Yes, that's a very sensible attitude.

J.R.: I'm not ready to let my son's legacy go down the toilet.

Adam: Barry says you've been doing quite a good job.

J.R.: Don't act like it's the first time I've taken charge.

Adam: Well, the first time in a real adult capacity, yes.

J.R.: Well, somebody had to do damage control, Dad. You were seeing dead people.

Adam: Well, I appreciate your help during my absence. But that's behind us. I'll be resuming my duties as CEO immediately.

J.R.: That's right, Dad. Use me and shove me aside. No, I don't think so. I'm not going anywhere.

Greenlee: When Zach and I fell in that hole, we hated each other. We came out best friends.

Kendall: I wouldn't go that far.

Greenlee: I know what a best friend is, Kendall. It's someone that you can always rely on, and who can always rely on you.

Kendall: And you think you have that with Zach.

Greenlee: I know I do. He's the only one.

Kendall: Ok, well, you used the word intimate. To me, that means sex.

Greenlee: Well, then, you've never had real intimacy.

Kendall: Of course, I have.

Greenlee: Have you? Have you ever connected with a person so deeply you knew they'd leave you no matter what? Have you ever trusted someone so completely you showed them parts of yourself you never show anyone?

Kendall: So you're saying that Zach told you secrets?

Greenlee: I knew you wouldn't get it. We thought we were dead. There were no more secrets, no lies, no barriers. All we had was each other and total truth.

Kendall: Truth about what?

Greenlee: Everything.

Kendall: I already know the total truth about Zach.

Greenlee: Come on, Kendall. You know better than anyone, husbands and wives don't tell each other everything.

Krystal: Hey.

Tad: Oh, hey, baby.

Krystal: How'd it go with Adam?

Tad: Well, neither one of us is dead, so I guess it went fairly well.

Krystal: That is not even funny.

Tad: No. But it is amazing. Who'd have thunk it? Adam Chandler finally did the right thing.

Krystal: Miracles do happen.

Tad: Stranger and stranger. The one man on this earth doesn't owe me a damn thing gave me everything. Gave me my daughter back. How is she?

Krystal: I spoke to Ruth. Kathy is off in dreamland.

Tad: Thank God for that. Honey, I'm scared. I've got so much to tell her.

Krystal: Yeah, I know. And it's a lot for a little girl to take in.

Tad: You know, I was thinking. The way most parents, you know, their kids are born, they start banking money for college. Well, when my daughter was born, I wasn't there. I didn't even have the chance to see her, so I started putting away a little love, you know, here and there. Started banking it right here. For years I just hoped and prayed that someday I'd have the chance to give it to her. Someday is finally here.

Adam: Your services are no longer needed.

J.R.: Oh, really? Until the next time you start seeing people who aren't there?

Adam: There won't be any more incidents.

J.R.: Incidents? No, this is more like a nuclear disaster. We could have lost everything.

Adam: Stop exaggerating.

J.R.: Do you realize what the board would have done if they would have seen you storming around here in your robe talking to ghosts?

Adam: Is that why you put me in a padded cell, so you could take over?

J.R.: I did what I had to do to protect this family, to protect the business. I'm not walking away now.

Adam: You know, last year, you staked your fortune on a delinquent, drug-addicted model. Do you really expect me to take you seriously?

J.R.: Yeah, says the man who sees flying objects move across the room all by themselves.

Adam: Little Adam has a greater attention span than you do. You'd lose interest before the first shareholders' meeting.

J.R.: Face it, Dad. I can do this job. And I'm good.

Adam: Yeah, in a straitjacket, drugged to the gills, I would be the better man for Chandler, and you damn well know it.

Zach: How did your big interview go?

Kendall: I could kill her.

Babe: This is it. This is Treena's street corner.

Amanda: Ugh, are you sure about this, Babe?

Babe: Yes, yes. Are you sure she's not going to be able to recognize me?

Amanda: Your own mother wouldn't even recognize you.

Babe: Ok, good. All right, I'm ready. So now you just need to go find a place to hide.

Amanda: Ok, good luck, Candi.

Man: How do I get a date?

Babe: You keep walking. That's what you do.

Treena: What the hell are you doing here?

J.R.: I kept Chandler from going under. That's got to count for something. That's got to count for a whole hell of a lot.

Adam: Yeah, well, I'll get you a gold star.

J.R.: You know, you've been riding me for years. "Grow up, J.R. Get serious about your life." Well, I've proven that I deserve to be right there on top with you.

Adam: Yeah, I suppose you could run Chandler someday.

J.R.: If you don't bankrupt it.

[Phone rings]

J.R.: Barry. No, I haven't read tomorrow's headline on the "Herald." It's online already? Thanks.

Adam: What, what is it?

J.R.: Looks like we're going to be going bankrupt sooner than I thought.

[The headline of "The Wall Street Herald" reads "Mental Breakdown Lands Chandler In Asylum"]

Krystal: You should get some rest. I'm sure you must be exhausted after battling Adam.

Tad: Actually, I feel pretty damn good. I like your dress. It would look real good on the floor at the foot of this bed.

Krystal: I don't think you're exactly at fighting condition. Well, I'm sure you gave Adam a piece of your mind.

Tad: I started to, and then I ended up thanking him. I even offered him my hand.

Krystal: You did what?

Tad: Yeah. Adam Chandler may be a son of a bitch, but there's very little in the world that he's afraid of. What he did today in this room took unbelievable courage. I've spent enough of my life chasing him around and around. I'm tired of it. I think I'll get along with the rest of it.

Krystal: No, no, you can't forgive Adam, Tad. Do you hear me? That cannot happen.

Greenlee: Hey, stranger. Is this seat taken?

Jake: You don't want to hang with me tonight.

Greenlee: Why not? You're kind of cute.

Jake: I wouldn't be much fun.

Greenlee: As I recall, we always found a way to have fun.

Jake: And as I recall, you always had a problem taking no for an answer. Can I offer you a drink?

Greenlee: I was hoping you'd offer me more than that.

Zach: Ok, you want to kill Greenlee. Why, what happened?

Kendall: Nothing. We just -- we had the interview tonight, and the reporter asked these questions, and Greenlee gave a stupid answer. It annoyed me. It was very annoying. But I'm fine. I'm fine, and everything's fine. And you're fine. I love you so much, do you have any idea?

Zach: No, I get it, and I love you back.

Kendall: Yeah?

Zach: I do.

Kendall: Mm.

Zach: Mm-hmm.

Kendall: Mm. Mm-hmm. Zach, I'm so lucky to have you. When I think of what we have, I feel sorry for everybody else, especially Greenlee. She has no idea what it's like to be with a man like you. How about a drink? You want a drink?

Zach: Sure.

Kendall: Oh, no, no, no. You stay, you relax. I will take care of my husband for a change. Ok, so, you know what? I have a great idea. Why don't I drive over to your favorite Italian place, get you some dinner, maybe a nice bottle of wine, and then maybe after dinner we could take a nice, long, hot bath?

Zach: Why are you doing this?

Kendall: Doing what?

Zach: Why are you trying to play me again?

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Jake (to Greenlee): So you don't want a drink. What else you have in mind?

Greenlee: Sex.

Adam (to J.R.): If you hadn't carted me off to an insane asylum, none of this would be happening.

Zach: Believe in us. Can you do that?

Kendall: I do.

Zach: But it's not enough, is it?

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