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Greenlee: What do you think, Alfonso? Am I stupid or what? Aidan betrayed me -- with my best friend. Be glad you don't have to fall in love. It's too hard.

Angie: We won't know what kind of repair Tad needs until we go in. The operation will last until morning. I need to run into the O.R.

Zach: Have you talked to Greenlee since she left you?

Aidan: How is that any of your business?

Kendall: Well, she's clearly upset, and we all care.

Aidan: Yeah, I know that, and I'm sorry that she's upset. I'm sorry about a lot of things. But I lost a friend today. And Tad is still fighting for his life. And there's not a damn single thing that I can do to fix any of it.

Kendall: Zach, I have to make things right with Greenlee and Aidan.

Zach: They're both adults.

Kendall: She's my best friend. I did this. I have to fix it.

Zach: And I'm sure you will in time.

Kendall: No, life is too short, Zach. Look what happened here tonight.

Zach: Yeah, but you could do more harm than good.

Kendall: I have to get to work.

Zach: You're going to Fusion now?

Kendall: No, I have to work on Greenlee.

Jesse: You'll come out, and you'll tell us if anything happens in Tad's surgery, right?

Angie: Yeah, of course, I will. He's in good hands, baby.

Jesse: I know.

Angie: I love you guys.

Cassandra: Love you.

Frankie: Bye.

Cassandra: So, what now? We just wait?

Frankie: Well, there's no way in hell I can just sit around here.

Jesse: Me either.

Frankie: I'm going to go see if the E.R. needs an extra hand.

Cassandra: But you're not even on tonight, are you?

Frankie: It's better than watching a clock.

Jesse: Yeah, I'm going to help Tad out.

Cassandra: How?

Jesse: I'm going to help him find that little girl.

J.R.: What the hell is my dad doing here anyway? Doesn't he realize that Krystal's got bigger things to do than just worry about him?

Babe: No worries, J.R., ok? Mama can handle Adam.

Adam: Colby's taking very good care of Kathy. That little girl doesn't know what's going on.

Krystal: Not yet.

Adam: How are you? I just wanted to make sure you're ok.

Krystal: Ok? Do I look ok? My husband's been shot. He's going into surgery. They're not sure if he's going to make it.

Jake: All right, are we ready?

Doctor: We are.

Joe: Jake, Jake, you don't have to assist. Dr. George and his team are very skilled --

Jake: Dad, I take bullets out of people every day. It's what I do.

Joe: Well, still, he's one of the best in the state --

Jake: I have to be in here. I have to do this.

Joe: Ok.

Dixie: Your daughter needs you, Tad.

Krystal: Is Kathy -- is she really ok?

Adam: Yes, she's fine. Colby's doing everything she can to keep her occupied. But she keeps asking for her Aunt Julia.

Krystal: Oh, God. What did you tell her?

Adam: Well, not a whole lot. Colby's pretty good at changing the subject.

Krystal: Julia's gone. Now that that poor girl's already lost her parents, how in the world do you tell her that she has no one now?

Dixie: Kathy still has her father.

[Adam clears throat]

Greg: Coffee, coffee all around. Anybody want coffee?

Opal: Thanks.

Greg: Yeah, sure.

Ruth: Thank you.

Greg: What about food? Anybody hungry? I think the cafeteria just opened up for breakfast.

Ruth: Is it morning already? I don't think I can eat a thing.

Opal: Thanks for the offer, though. I can't believe this operation is taking so long.

Ruth: [Sighs] Gunshots are very tricky, Opal. The surgeon has to work so carefully.

Greg: You know, leave it to Tad to keep a room full of women waiting up all night long for him. [Laughs] I mean, oh, sure, he's married now and has a family, but back in the day, back in my day --

Ruth: Ah, careful now.

Greg: Tad the cad.

Cassandra: Cad? Do people even use that word anymore?


Opal: Well, our son did have a way with the ladies.

Greg: You know, when we were younger, Tad could talk a girl into just about anything.

Cassandra: Oh -- I'm sorry. T.M.I. Just stop right there.

J.R.: How is Maria?

Krystal: Not good, as you'd expect. I just called and told her that she lost her sister.

Babe: And what about Kathy?

Krystal: Maria's calling the family attorney now to check to see what she has to do to fulfill the requirements for guardianship. [Sighs] Oh, Frankie, any news on Tad?

Ruth: Is he out of surgery yet?

Frankie: Well, an O.R. nurse said that they still have a ways to go, so I'm sorry. It's not going to be any time soon.

Ruth: Thanks.

Frankie: But if I hear anything, I'll be sure to let you guys know.

Krystal and Babe: Thanks.

Krystal: I need to get some air.

Babe: Ok, come on, Mama. I'll go with you.

Krystal: Ok.

J.R.: Why are you here, anyway, Dad?

Adam: My family is here.

J.R.: I'm the only family you have here. Krystal managed to escape the Chandler clan.

Adam: Uh-huh, yes. May I be concerned? Is that possible?

J.R.: About Tad? What -- you got the reaper warmed up in the supply closet?

Adam: J.R., please. I know you're upset.

J.R.: You don't know anything. You're a vulture, and you're not even hiding it. You're just waiting for Tad to die so you swoop in and grab Krystal. You know, that's real classy.

Adam: I'm here for Krystal, yes. And I'm here for you if you want anything.

J.R.: For somebody who's wanted Tad out of the picture for so long, don't you think it's a little ridiculous for you to show up now?

Adam: I don't like Tad, that's true, but I don't want him to die. Believe anything else that you might want, but I don't want that.

Dr. George: Suction.

Jake: Damn it. That's another bleeder. Where's all this blood coming from?

Dr. George: Can you tie it off?

Jake: I can't get a visual. Sponge and cauterize. That's a lot of blood. Two more units. He's bleeding out. Slow down there, big brother. Slow down. Shoot, I can't visualize. Do you see it?

Dr. George: I can't tell.

Jake: Lap pad. Lap pad, please. Come on, let's move.

Dr. George: Got it.

Jake: Good. That's one down -- a dozen to go.

Angie: One at a time, Joe.

Jesse: So you're absolutely sure you don't have any by that name at this adoption agency in Albuquerque, right? Ok, all right, all right, all right. Well, just let me know if anything changes, would you? Unbelievable! Some people just really need to get an education. That was another dead end for me. What about you?

Aidan: I got nothing.

Jesse: Anything on Tad?

Aidan: Still not out of surgery.

Jesse: So we keep working. He needs to wake up to at least something on Kate. That's the least we can do right now.

Aidan: Yeah, and Internet searching and cold calling is not going to get us anywhere

Jesse: I got a few more names on the list I can go through.

Aidan: And they're going to keep stonewalling you. You know what Tad would do?

Jesse: What would Tad do?

Aidan: He'd play pinball or have a game of darts, or even a game of pool. Anything to get his mind off the case.

Jesse: You know what? I could use some of that right now and get my mind off this.

Aidan: You know, when I first started working with Tad, he laid so many rules on me. Rule number one, he'd say, the pool cue never lies. Rule number two, never let a female client leave here without getting a number.

Jesse: For follow-up purposes, of course.

Aidan: Of course. Fish 'n Chips, he'd say, you take life way too seriously. You can still do serious work and have loads of fun.

Jesse: Just like Tad. Nice. Thanks for getting the guy that shot him.

Jesse: Well, it wasn't soon enough.

Aidan: I should have been there on that roof.

Jesse: You were exactly where you were needed at the time. That idiot could have gone downstairs and started shooting again.

Aidan: Yeah, well, I still have so much drama, you know? I should have been more alert, because then I could have saved Julia or Tad.

Zach: Come on in.

Jackson: Good morning. Is Kendall here?

Zach: No, she left. Why?

Jackson: I wanted to talk to her about Greenlee.

Zach: How can she help you with that?

Jackson: Well, that's between Kendall and me.

Zach: Right now it's between us. What do you want to ask my wife?

Jackson: Ok, Kendall's half the reason that Greenlee broke it off with Aidan.

Zach: I'm aware of that.

Jackson: Yeah, I know you're aware of it. I was just trying to be tactful.

Zach: No need for that. It's out on the table. Greenlee broke it off with Aidan, because he slept with my wife.

Kendall: Good morning.

Jackson: So you're ok with what happened between Kendall and Aidan?

Zach: No, I'm not ok with it, but I dealt with it, and now it's in the past.

Jackson: Oh, well, but the problem with that, Zach, is the past just reared its ugly head, and destroyed my daughter's life.

Zach: I know. It's going to take a little time.

Jackson: My, aren't we cavalier? A little time. So it was that easy for you?

Zach: I didn't say it was easy. I'm sure it wasn't easy for you when Erica ran off with Jeff Martin.

Jackson: No, it wasn't.

Zach: But you're still in her life.

Jackson: Yeah, we have a lot of history.

Zach: Right. So what do you do? Where do you draw the line? When you love somebody, you forgive things.

Jackson: My, what happened to bring on this spiritual awakening in you?

Zach: I don't know. Life happened, you know? Stuck in a bunker for a few weeks with your daughter, and she made me realize some things that are very important.

Jackson: So we need to thank whoever sealed you two down there for this epiphany?

Zach: I thank Greenlee.

Kendall: I brought coffee, nonfat skinny latte, and doughnuts. I'm not leaving until we work through this thing.

Greenlee: You slept with my fiancÚ. That's not something you work through.

Kendall: I disagree.

Greenlee: You kept it from me for months, now you expect me to get over that?

Kendall: Well, I know that it'll take time.

Greenlee: No, no. Here's what happens. Take our friendship off life support, pull the plug. Over, done, call it a day.

Kendall: Well, what if I'm not ready to give up on this friendship?

Greenlee: Too bad.

Kendall: Greenlee, we have to save this. We can save this, we have to.

Greenlee: No, we don't have to. I don't care how guilty you feel, I don't have to do anything. Get out.

Kendall: I'm not leaving this time.

Greenlee: Don't push it, Kendall, don't. You don't want to fight me on this one.

Kendall: You want to fight? Fine, bring it on. We can go shot for shot until we draw blood if you have to.

Greenlee: You have no idea.

Kendall: Yes, I do. How many rounds you up for this time, Greenlee?

Greg: I'll be right back.

Cassandra: Excuse me. Do you want this?

Ruth: Oh, no, thank you, sweetheart.

Cassandra: Dre. I was wondering what happened to you after things went crazy.

Dre: I had to leave. Sorry.

Cassandra: No, it's ok. I just wanted to know that you were all good.

Dre: Um, I brought you this. You forgot it last night.

Cassandra: Wow, thank you. I didn't even realize it. My brother helped save my mother's life.

Dre: Oh, that's great. How's Tad?

Cassandra: You heard?

Dre: Yeah. Is he going to be ok?

Cassandra: It's touch and go right now.

Frankie: Good morning, miss --

Randy: Who are you?

Frankie: I'm Dr. Hubbard. Can you tell me how you got injured?

Randy: I don't even know how I got here.

Frankie: Well, according to the paramedics, you were found in the street unconscious.

Randy: What? No, no way.

Frankie: Were you attacked, mugged, or anything like that?

Randy: I don't -- I don't have a clue. The last thing I remember, I was walking home from work, and I don't know, bam, I end up here.

Frankie: Ok. All right. Well, uh, I'm going to run a full workup here and make sure everything checks out. These are some serious bruises you have.

Randy: Look, I'm fine. I just need to get out of here, and a couple of aspirin, I'm good to go.

Frankie: Whoa, whoa, whoa -- see? Hold on, Sister Souljah. You're not going anywhere like that. Now, I promise, all of this will be relatively painless. Is there anybody you'd like for us to call?

Randy: I told you, I'm fine.

Frankie: Where do you work?

Randy: Are you trying to ask for insurance?

Frankie: No. Does your job require any lifting, any kind of movements? I just want to establish your history.

Randy: Just do what you have to do to get me to walk out of here.

Frankie: That's the plan.

Randy: The sooner the better.

Greg: You ok, Krystal?

Krystal: Not even close.

Greg: Is there anything I can do?

Krystal: Can you guarantee me that Tad will walk out of here?

Greg: There are no guarantees, Krystal. I wish there were.

Dr. George: Dr. Martin, can you see the main bleeder?

Jake: I can't find it.

Joe: What about the liver?

Dr. George: The liver's clean. A small tear on the duct. No damage there.

Jake: It wouldn't account for all of this.

Dr. George: Give me some suction. Patient's still bleeding out.

Jake: The patient is my brother. Hang in there, Tad.

Dr. George: We're going to have to work this fast. He's becoming very unstable.

J.R.: Because Krystal doesn't want you here.

Adam: I have no doubt that's true. But I'm here for you, too, J.R.

J.R.: Then you should go, because I sure as hell don't want you here, either.

Zach: Greenlee was amazing down there. She made me see things and believe in things that I never believed in. Faith, and love, and forgiveness. I know -- forgiveness. And I came out of that hole, and I found it in me to forgive Kendall and move on.

Jack: Boy, it's ironic, isn't it? Greenlee imbues you with all this sage wisdom, and for her thanks, she gets her heart trampled.

Zach: And I didn't want that. She doesn't deserve it.

Jack: No, she doesn't.

Zach: I care about your daughter.

Jack: Yeah, ok. You know, I know you two got close down there, but this is a whole different thing.

Zach: Jack, it's more than that. I love your daughter.

Greenlee: You're insane if you actually believe we're going to be friends again.

Kendall: We've been through worse. We've always made it back.

Greenlee: Sorry, Kendall. This one's a deal breaker.

Kendall: I am still here after you ripped my dress off in court to prove that I wasn't pregnant. I'm still here after you stole Ryan from me.

Greenlee: Please. Ryan came willingly.

Kendall: But my kid didn't. You took him.

Greenlee: You took my child, the one I was dreaming of, when you took my eggs and stole my flipping life.

Kendall: I did that for you.

Greenlee: Please. Kendall the martyr?

Kendall: Ok, we do bring out the worst in each other. I admit that. But we also bring out the best in each other.

Greenlee: Not a chance.

Kendall: Spike? Fusion?

Greenlee: So that's what this is about? Fusion? You're trying to make nice because you are afraid for the company.

Kendall: No, that's not it.

Greenlee: You know what? After ruining my future with Aidan, you owe me.

Kendall: Well, that's why I'm here.

Greenlee: Good. You want to make nice? Give me our company. Give me Fusion.

Aidan: I could have done more.

Jesse: Oh, Aidan, don't go there. It's not worth it. The only one to blame in all this is Gardner.

Aidan: But, Jesse, I can't stop thinking about Julia's little girl and Jenny.

Jesse: So let's just put it to good use, all right? Tad looked for his girl every single day, didn't he?

Aidan: Tad ever show you these?

Jesse: No, I don't recognize it.

Aidan: These are letters to Kate. He wrote two of these every week, hoping that he'd find her soon, and when he did, he would show her these and then she would know that he never stopped thinking about her.

Jesse: He was going to give this box to her, huh?

Aidan: Yeah, I mean, when she was old enough to understand.

Jesse: Dear Kate, this is your old man again. Still missing you like crazy.

Krystal: Kathy has to be told about Julia.

Babe: There's time for that, Mama. When Tad is better --

Krystal: I don't want to leave here, but I --

Babe: But you just wait until after Tad's surgery, ok?

Krystal: It's going to be so hard to tell her.

Babe: I know, I know.

Krystal: But it has to be done. I mean, she probably knows something is wrong by now, but you're right. I can't -- I can't tell her. Not -- not now.

Jake: I think I found it. I think I found the source. Yes, that's it. Good. 3-0 suture.

Dr. George: Come on, come on, we're running out of time.

Anesthesiologist: Pressure's down.

Joe: You need to stop the bleeding.

Angie: Joe, they have it. You're going to have to let Jake and Dr. George handle this.

Dr. George: He's in V-fib.

Joe: Hurry.

Doctor: He's still in de-fib.

Jake: Hold on. Hold on. Hold on. I got it. Go.

Joe: 360. Clear.

[Charge fires]

Joe: Charge.

Doctor: Nothing.

Joe: Clear.

Angie: Come on, Tad. Come on.

Joe: Clear.

Doctor: He's back.

[Machine beeps]

Jake: Don't you do that to me, big brother. Don't you ever do that to me again. Sponge.

Ruth: J.R., would you like to come with me and Greg down to the chapel? Opal's there.

J.R.: Um, thank you. But Ruth, I don't really want to lose this spot.

Colby's voice: Julia was sitting where I was when she got shot -- Daddy, where you told me to stay put if --

Orderly: 17-year-old female shot at the casino.

Adam: You said my loved ones would suffer.

Dixie: Well, they are suffering. Don't you see it, Adam?

Adam: Yes, of course I see it. I see them. J.R., Colby -- yes, they are suffering. They both love Tad, and they're afraid they're going to lose him.

Dixie: Someone else close to you is in pain, too.

Adam: Krystal.

Jack: So you love my daughter.

Zach: Yeah. A friend like that is hard to come by.

Jack: Really never had an easy time making friends.

Zach: Well, she's got one in me for the rest of her life. I'll see her through anything.

Jack: How are you going to see her through this mess exactly?

Zach: I didn't tell her, because I wanted to protect her.

Jack: Yeah, and yet she turns out to be hurt worse than anyone. I don't know how to help her. I don't, I don't.

Zach: Well, tearing into Kendall is probably not going to help.

Jack: Yeah, well, you know what, Zach? Here's the thing. Kendall plays at being Greenlee's friend, but she just keeps taking and taking, and she constantly gets away with it.

Zach: Nothing to do with us. It's between them.

Jack: Yeah, ok. So who tells Kendall that she can't do it any more?

Kendall: You will be eating your fudge ice cream in hell before I hand over Fusion.

Greenlee: Well, there's no way we can work together. Not after this.

Kendall: We were together after you stole my son and crashed the car he was in. So suck it up, Greenlee. Put on your big girl pants.

Greenlee: Suck it up? Suck it up? You slept with the man I was supposed to marry.

Kendall: Yes, and I will be paying for that for a very long time.

Greenlee: I'd rather scrap Fusion and sell it for parts than share it with you.

Kendall: You would kill our Fusion? You can't mean that.

Greenlee: Try me.

Cassandra: And that's when they took Tad to the hospital. I mean, he's still in surgery. They have no idea if --

Dre: I had to leave the casino. Seeing all those people panicking, I thought about my mom.

Cassandra: Oh.

Dre: She was in the South Tower on 9/11.

Cassandra: I know. Colby told me, and I'm so sorry.

Dre: So I had to get out. Sorry, I shouldn't have come here.

Cassandra: No, it's ok.

Dre: No, go. Be with your family.

Randy: So, what? You run me through half a dozen hoops and then ditch me forever?

Frankie: I had to go over your film with the radiologist.

Randy: And?

Frankie: And you have a hairline fracture in your right wrist, and we notice another recent break in your arm as well.

Randy: So fix me up and get me out of here. That's how it works, right?

[Frankie chuckles]

Frankie: I wish. How'd you break your arm?

Randy: How is it your business?

Frankie: Are you married? Do you have a boyfriend?

Randy: Again, none of your business.

Frankie: Well, it -- it just looks as if you --

Randy: What? I'm clumsy.

Frankie: Did someone hit you?

Randy: Honestly, you're nuts.

Frankie: Look, I think it would, uh, behoove you to speak to someone. A social worker.

[Pager beeps]

Frankie: I've got to run, but I'll be right back.

Krystal: It's taking a long time.

Jesse: I don't like it.

Aidan: Neither do I.

Frankie: How'd the search go?

Jesse: No luck yet.

Aidan: We've been covering ground without Tad.

Jesse: He's got to be a part of the search for Katie, man.

Frankie: It makes sense.

Aidan: Well, as soon as he gets back on his feet.

Jesse: Yeah, we'll give him a week or two, right?

Aidan: Then he can man up.

Krystal: I just wish I could be there, you know? Do something for him, help him somehow.

J.R.: You have helped him, Krystal, by being his wife.

Krystal: But what have I given him, huh? I mean, nothing close to what he's given me. I didn't love him enough. He deserves to be loved better, and I couldn't do it.

Zach: Jackson. Kendall regrets what she did.

Jack: That doesn't make it ok.

Zach: I know, but she's trying to make amends. She's at Greenlee's now.

Jack: Kendall's at Greenlee's now?

Zach: Yeah, and you know why? Because Greenlee and Kendall, they can't stay away from each other. Even something like that where somebody gets hurt.

Jack: Yeah, but you know what? This is not just a little hurt!

Zach: I know. I agree with you, but they're sisters, Jack. Blood or no blood, they're sisters. Can't tear them apart.

Kendall: Admit it. You don't want Fusion trashed any more than I do.

Greenlee: Fine. Fine. But I hate you.

Kendall: Fine. Hate me, but we'll work together, and you'll get over this.

Greenlee: But I'll still hate you.

Kendall: Fine. See you at the office.

Greenlee: Kendall. You knew how much I loved Aidan. You knew I couldn't handle being hurt again. And still --

Kendall: I thought you and Zach were dead.

Greenlee: I wasn't dead, but a part of me feels dead now. And you did that, Kendall. You, my best friend.

[Door closes]

Social worker: She won't give her last name?

Frankie: Yeah, well she's shady talking about the fractures. I suspect abuse.

Social worker: Yeah, I'll see what I can get out of her.

Adam: Krystal.

J.R.: Look, I told you, Dad.

Krystal: No, J.R. It's ok. Um, could you two give Adam and me a minute, please?

Babe: Are you sure about that, Mama?

Krystal: Yeah. I just -- I just keep wondering what I can do to help Tad and what I could possibly say to help him survive this -- to give him the strength to survive it.

Adam: And you came up with something?

Krystal: Well, all I keep thinking about is when you lied. And it just keeps going over and over and over in my mind when you told me you knew where Kate was.

Adam: Hm.

[Krystal sighs]

Krystal: If only it wasn't a lie. If only -- if only you did know where Kate was.

Angie: Krystal, Tad made it through surgery. He's in recovery.

Krystal: Oh.

Joe: Sweetheart, he made it.

Ruth: Oh.

Joe: He's in recovery.

Ruth: Oh, thank God.

Krystal: When can we see him?

Angie: Not quite yet.

Ruth: Joe, what aren't you saying?

Joe: The bullets did major damage.

Angie: We have no way of knowing at this point if the repair will hold.

Joe: The next 24 hours are crucial.

[Machine beeps]

Jake: Ok, so, I've done my job. Now you need to do yours. You hear me? We love you, and we need you to stick around. So don't go anywhere. You understand me?

[When Dixie puts her hand over Tad's, he opens his eyes and talks to her]

Tad: Hey.

Dixie: Hey.

Tad: I wish we could have had another chance.

Dixie: We can.

Tad: Huh. Mm.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

J.R. (to Adam): Kathy's already lost both of her parents. No one should have to go through that twice.

Dixie: We can start over, Tad. Tell me you want this.

Tad: Yes, I want this.

[Tad and Dixie kiss]

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