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All My Children Transcript Tuesday 5/27/08


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Previously on "All My Children" --

At the wedding of a lifetime, three stories of love collide. First, two best friends --

Greenlee: We will conquer the world.

Greenlee and Kendall: Yes!

One with a dirty little secret.

Kendall: We slept together. We cheated on our significant others.

Aidan: It was a one-time mistake.

Then, back from beyond to reunite her family.

Tad: My little girl is still out there somewhere.

Only one man can help.

Dixie: I came to make you do the right thing.

And --

Tad: You and Angie -- it's a hell of a love story.

Separated for 20 years.

Jesse: I never stopped loving you.

A joyous reunion, until his past catches up to them.

Robert: Jesse Hubbard, your day has come.

A day of celebration turns deadly.

Jack: Aidan and Kendall betrayed you.

Greenlee: How could you have done this to me?

Robert: One move and she dies.

Jesse: Let's do this! Tad, no!

Tad: Oh.

Jake: Tad.

Tad: Oh, my God.

Frankie: We got to get him out of here.

Jake: Ready?

Frankie: Yeah.

Jake: One, two, three.

[Tad screams]

[Tad moans]

[Jesse grunts as he climbs aboard the helicopter]

Robert: Ow!

Jesse: Are you trying to kill us all?

Robert: Killing you would be enough, huh?

Angie: Jesse!

Jesse: Baby! Baby, take the controls!

Angie: Jesse, what do I do?

Jesse: Pull that stick back towards you!

Angie: What do I do with it?

[Robert yells]

Jesse: Pull it back! Pull it back!

Cassandra: You have to let me go up to the roof.

Aidan: You can't. Not a chance. It's not safe.

Cassandra: He's got my mother, my brother, and Jesse.

Aidan: Yeah, and Robert Gardner is armed. And we're not sure where he is.

Cassandra: Look, I don't care.

Dre: Hey, come on.

Greg: Are you ok?

Opal: How could I have been so stupid?

Greg: No, don't beat yourself up.

Opal: You see any smart people locked in a closet? What a fool I was. I should have known that Ray Gardner's brother would have just as black a heart.

Greg: It sounds like he fooled a lot of people.

Dre: Cass?

Cassandra: Let me go!

Aidan: Listen, I told you, you can't go. It's not safe.

Cassandra: I don't care. He has my mom.

Ruth: She'll be all right, dear. They all will.

Cassandra: You don't know that.

Ruth: I've been sending up prayers all the time.


Zach: Greenlee?


Zach: Green--

[Greenlee grunts]

Zach: Ay-yi-yi. You forgot your purse.

Greenlee: Those shoes are new if you're Aidan's size.

Zach: Uh -- no, they're going to be a little tight on me.

Greenlee: Son of --

Zach: Do you want to talk?

Greenlee: I'd much rather --

[Greenlee growls]

Greenlee: So much better than talking.

Zach: You're hurt.

Greenlee: No. I'm cleaning. It's spring. It's what you do. And I feel so much better already. Really. All this room, space to spread out again, closets just for myself, and the bed --

Zach: Oh, that's pretty.

Greenlee: Aidan gave it to me. A souvenir from the famous Los Angeles book tour trip.

[Greenlee grunts]

[Souvenir crashes]

Greenlee: When did he have time to shop for me? Hell, when did he have time to think of me? He was too busy doing your wife.

Zach: That's not what happened.

Greenlee: Oh, that's right, that's right. It was only once that they got naked. And every day, week, month since, Aidan lied to me.

[Greenlee grunts]

Zach: Here.

Greenlee: What?

Zach: I lied to you, too. I thought maybe you'd want to throw something that belongs to me and --

Greenlee: You were supposed to be my friend.

Zach: Yeah, well, friends make mistakes.

Greenlee: I'm not forgiving you here.

Zach: That's ok.

Greenlee: And I'm never forgiving Aidan.

Kendall: Hi. Is Greenlee here? Have you seen her?

Ryan: No, why would Greenlee be here?

Kendall: Did she call you?

Ryan: No. What's going on?

Kendall: Uh -- are you alone?

Ryan: No, Emma's here. But Annie's out. Let me try this again. What is going on?

Kendall: Ah -- I don't know. I -- I -- I should go.

Ryan: Hold on, hold on, that's ok. Just stay here and calm down, ok? Please.

Kendall: I can't.

Ryan: Hey, hey, hey, hey. It's ok. It's ok. Tell me what happened.

Kendall: Uh -- oh, God, Ryan, it was really bad. There was -- we were at Angie and Jesse's wedding, and there was this man, and he was shooting at everybody at the reception, and he shot at everybody around him. And -- and he shot Julia.

Ryan: Julia Keefer was shot?

Joe: We have a gunshot, upper right quadrant. I need a fast exam and a C.T. scan, stat.

Nurse: Yes, doctor.

Joe: Get some O-negative up here, at least five units. Cube two.

Julia: Krystal?

Krystal: I'm right here, Julia.

Julia: What -- what happened?

Krystal: You were shot.

Julia: Kathy --

Krystal: She's fine. She's fine. She's with Colby.

Julia: I need to -- I need to see her.

Krystal: No, no, no. You need to let them take care of you.

EMT: Julia, we got to move.

Krystal: You're going to be fine. You hear me? Everything is going to be fine, Julia.

Frankie: Hold on, hold on, hold on.

Jake: The bullet went through his arm and into his chest.

[Tad moans]

Jake: Through --

[Tad screams]

Jake: And through.

Frankie: Oh, lots of blood.

Jake: Most likely a tear to the brachial artery.

Frankie: All right, we got to stop it before it bleeds out.

Jake: All right, all right. His breathing is shallow and rapid. He's cyanotic. Hold on.

Frankie: He's got a perforation between the lung and the pleural cavity.

Jake: Pneumothorax.

Frankie: Yeah. We got to get him out of here.

Jake: Not an option. He'll never make it.

Frankie: Oh, Tad -- get down! Get down! Down!

Angie: Jesse!

Jesse: I'm -- I'm ok, baby! You're doing great! You just keep breathing, baby! You keep that throttle pulled back as far as you can! As hard as you can! Keep this thing in the air!

Robert: Damn you!

Jesse: Give it up! Give it up!

Robert: Never!

Angie: Jesse!

[Jesse grunts]

Angie: Jesse!

Robert: You should have stayed dead!

Angie: Jesse? Jesse --

[Robert yells as he falls back to the casino's rooftop]

Jesse: You should have fastened your seat belt! Hold on, baby, just hold -- just hold --

Angie: Oh -- oh -- oh --

Julia: You're sure Kathy's ok?

Krystal: Yeah, yeah. She's right as rain.

Julia: You're sure she wasn't hurt?

Krystal: No, no. No, she wasn't even in the room when that crazy man stormed through, remember? Colby had just taken her to the restroom.

Julia: Thank God. She didn't see me like this?

Krystal: No. No, she has no idea what happened. Everything's going to be ok. All right? You're going to be home before you know it, chasing that little girl around the house.

Colby: Do you want to play a game, Kathy, or read a book? How do you feel about dinosaurs? Little A's left lots of them around.

Kathy: Where's Aunt Julia?

Colby: I'll go grab some toys and stuff. I'll be right back.

Adam: Uh, why don't you take Kathy -- with you?

Adam: Well, I think I'm going to make myself a drink. Long day. Hmm. Would you like something? Cookies and milk?

Kathy: No, thank you.

[Adam finds another copy of the adoption certificate at the bar]

Adam: Damn!

Kathy: That's a bad word

Adam: Yes. Yes, it is.

Jake: Nice.

Frankie: This is going to hurt.

Jake: All right.

Frankie: This should stop the bleeding until we get to P.V.H.

Jake: His breathing's getting worse. Pressure's building in the left lung. You stay with me, ok? I'm not going anywhere. I'm right here. I'm right here.

Dixie: No, no, Tad --

Frankie: Ah. We're going to have to relieve it.

Jake: Or we're going to lose him.

Ryan: Well, when do you think you will have an update? All right. Ok, thank you.

Kendall: How's Julia?

Ryan: They're still working on her. There's -- there's no word yet.

Kendall: Oh, God. Oh, my God. Ryan, it was such a beautiful day. I mean, their wedding, and the vows. All that love and hope. And then --

Ryan: Who is this guy? I mean, why would he take Angie hostage?

Kendall: I don't -- it's Tad's uncle? I don't know. I don't know why.

Ryan: You're lucky that you weren't shot.

Kendall: Yeah, well, I wasn't there when it happened. Aidan told me about it.

Ryan: Well, if you're looking for Greenlee, that's a pretty good place to start.

Kendall: I don't think so.

Ryan: Why? What happened?

Kendall: Greenlee found out.

Ryan: Found out what?

Kendall: Well, you're going to hear it anyway. Uh -- Aidan and I -- we -- we were together.

Ryan: You what?

Kendall: Just once. Once, Ryan. It was just once, ok? And it was when they were missing. We thought that -- we thought that Greenlee and Zach were dead. Please, please don't look at me like that, ok? We were going through a horrible, horrible time. We both thought that we had lost the people that we love.

Ryan: Once?

Kendall: Once, once, yes! Ryan, I love my husband.

Ryan: Does he know? Does Zach know?

Kendall: Yeah, he -- he knew a while ago, and he's dealt with it.

Ryan: Zach has dealt with it? I mean, how does any man deal with his wife sleeping with another man?

Kendall: Greenlee was so happy, ok? She was happy, and she was in love, and we all just wanted to protect her, so we kept quiet. Was that so wrong?

Ryan: You know, you lied to Greenlee about using your eggs and not hers when Spike was conceived, because you wanted to protect her. And how did that work out for you?

Kendall: Greenlee barely survived in that bomb shelter. She got so sick, she almost died. I mean, what was I supposed to say? "Hey, I'm glad you're out of hell. Oh, and by the way, I slept with Aidan"?

Ryan: It was lies that drove Greenlee out of Pine Valley, and she came back. She worked it through, she forgave. She finally got her life to a good place, and what happens? Her life gets blown up by the people that love her.

Kendall: I want to make things right, Ryan. But I don't know what to do. I mean, you should have seen Greenlee's face. If you had seen her face -- I don't think she'll ever get over this.

Greenlee: Total flipping liar!

[Greenlee pants]

Zach: Better?

Greenlee: A little.

[Greenlee can't get her engagement ring off]

Greenlee: I've got to get it off. Come on. I swear to God, I'll cut off this finger if I have to.

[Greenlee grunts]

Zach: Here, let me help you.

Greenlee: I can do it! I've got it.

Zach: You're just making it worse.

Greenlee: I want it off, now! I hate him, Zach. I hate him. I want this ring off. I want Aidan out of my life. I never want to see him again.

Opal: I wish somebody would tell us something.

Cassandra: Now, I knew there was something sketchy about that guy. I knew it.

Dre: There's nothing you could have done.

Cassandra: I keep -- I keep reliving it in my head. My mom looked so scared.

Dre: Don't.

Cassandra: It's so -- it's so twisted, right? I mean, it's like a perfectly happy day. And then, all of a sudden, out of nowhere, all hell breaks loose? Life or death time?

Dre: I got to get out of here.

Cassandra: Where are you going? Wait, what's wrong?

Dre: I'll call you later, ok?

Cassandra: Dre?

Aidan: Hey. Listen, you can't go.

Cassandra: Ok, if he's going, so am I.

Aidan: Hey, hey, hey.

Greg: Come here. Come here. Your mom's going to be ok.

Cassandra: Look, the guy has a gun! What do you --

Greg: Angie can take care of herself.

Cassandra: You don't have to talk to me like I'm a kid, like to pat me on the back and tell me everything's going to be ok.

Greg: I'm not, I'm talking to you like someone who has known your mom for a long time. She's not going to lose her head, she's not going to fall apart, she's going to stand up to Robert and win. I've seen her do it a million times.

Cassandra: Yeah, I know. She's -- she's pretty tough.

Greg: Yeah, and she's got Jesse and Tad up there fighting for her, and Frankie, too, a regular war hero. And Jake. There's no way Gardner stands a prayer.

[Jesse pants]

Jesse: All right, ok. All right. All right, baby. Calm down. We're going to get this thing down. We're going to get this thing down on the ground. All right, baby, you did good. You did good! You did good, baby!

Angie: Put on your seat belt. I don't want you to fall out!

[Jesse and Angie laugh]

Jesse: Oh, my God. Anything for my new bride. Oh, Jesus.

Dixie: Oh, my love, hang in there.

Jake: Oh, God, he's going into shock. Cardiac output is just too low. I'm going to have to puncture the lung and release the pressure. Got anything sharp? Something sharp.

Frankie: I call her "my lady." She's sharp, but she ain't sterile.

Jake: She's going to have to do.

Jake: I'm sorry, brother. This is going to hurt.

[Tad groans]

Frankie: Ok. All right. Damn you!

[Frankie struggles with Robert for the gun]

Greenlee: Here. Get it off now.

Zach: All right. Just relax.

Greenlee: Relax? Relaxing got me here -- trusting, believing. What the hell was I thinking? Ok, I'll relax. I'm still not forgiving you.

Greenlee: Did you throw things when you found out?

Zach: Maybe one thing.

Greenlee: That was it? How did you do it -- be ok with it?

Zach: I wasn't ok with it. It's, um --

Greenlee: You are now.

Zach: The punch helped. It felt good.

Greenlee: Yeah. You punched Aidan hard. Maybe I'll forgive you.

Zach: I understand if you don't. People don't like being lied to.

[Ring hits the floor]

Zach: Hey. Come here.

[Zach hugs Greenlee]

Zach: It's ok. It's going to be ok.

Kendall: Greenlee shouldn't be alone, Ryan. I'm worried about her, and I will go after her, but Zach swears it would only make things worse.

Ryan: So you want me to find her.

Kendall: Well, yeah. You're not part of this mess, and she needs that.

Ryan: Maybe she just needs some space.

Kendall: Please, Ryan. You and Greenlee had that whole green Dynamite Kiddo butterfly thing -- whatever that was, you had that, and she needs that superhero now.

Ryan: Well, I don't remember any of that, so --

Kendall: But you still have the connection. She'll listen to you, and you can make her understand.

Ryan: Greenlee's fiancÚ slept with her best friend. The people that love her most in the world lied to her. I don't think I can explain that.

Kendall: But, Ryan, please, please. I need this. Greenlee needs this. Oh. Oh. Ugh. Sorry, sorry, I --

Ryan: What?

Kendall: Of course. No.

Ryan: What?

Kendall: I totally understand why you don't want to go after Greenlee, because you have all that love for her that you don't have for Annie.

Jake: Hang in there.

[Frankie and Robert continue fighting]

Jake: Here we go.

Jesse: Ah!

Jake: Ok. I'm right here.

[Tad wheezes]

Jake: Good, good. You're responding. Thank you.

Dixie's voice: Thank you.

Jake: That's very kind of you.

[Tad gasps]

Jesse: Hey!

Robert: Ah! Ow!

Jake: Get him tight.

Frankie: Don't even think about it. Mom.

[Jesse pants]

Jesse: We got it. We got it, baby. We're ok. We're ok.

Angie: I love you.

Jesse: I know. Me, too. Me, too. I love you. Ok. All right.

[Jesse and Angie laugh and kiss as they land the helicopter]

Jesse: We did it. Baby, we did it. We did it.

Krystal: Kathy was just a picture at the wedding.

Julia: She was so excited.

Krystal: Joe, what's the good news?

Julia: It's bad.

Joe: The bullet hit your liver and did some damage.

Julia: It's lacerated? Badly?

Krystal: But you can fix that, can't you, Dr. Joe? I mean, some stitches and -- and she'll be good as new.

Joe: We're going to get Julia into the O.R. right away.

Colby: How about we draw something special for your Aunt Julia?

Kathy: Can we call her?

Colby: I bet you're a great artist.

Kathy: I want Aunt Julia.

Adam: You know, I -- I have it on the utmost authority that your Aunt Julia loves cats. So, why don't we -- why don't we draw her a cat? A great big cat. What do we call it? What's his name?

Kathy: Sam. That's my cousin's name.

Adam: Sam, perfect, perfect cat -- name for a cat. Inspired. What about his whiskers? Let's see. Hmm. Hmm. What about whiskers? Long or short?

Kathy: Long.

Joe: We'll get you prepped.

Julia: No. No surgery.

Aidan: Guy's name is Robert Gardner. He just retired from the FBI, and he's armed.

Cassandra: Look, he's got my mother, Angie Hubbard.

Officer: All right, how many people on the roof?

Greg: Robert, Angie -- four men went after them.

Cassandra: One of them is my brother, Frankie Hubbard.

Officer: Was anyone else armed?

Cassandra: Look, you have to save her, ok?

Opal: They will. They will save her, honey.

Cassandra: You have to --

Opal: They'll save them all.

Jesse: Baby, it's ok. It's ok. It's ok. Look at me. Look at me. Are you ok? Are you ok?

Angie: Oh, boy, I do a lot for you, don't I?

[Jesse laughs]

Jesse: I love you. I love you. All right, come on. Come on. Let's go finish this. All right? You with me? All right. Breathe, baby.

[Jesse and Angie cry then get out of the chopper and hug in relief]

Angie: Oh, my God, Tad.

Robert: Ow! Oh!

Jesse: You ok, son?

Frankie: I'm good.

Jesse: All right, hold him still. I want to look at the man who tried to kill my wife for a rock.

[Jesse takes the diamond out of Rob's pocket then picks up the gun and points it at his chest]

Robert: Damn you, Hubbard.

Jesse: You -- you're done, Papel. You are so done!

Jake: He's lost a lot of blood.

Angie: But you kept him out of shock.

Jake: Barely. He's in bad shape, Angie.

Angie: Hey, handsome. We're going to take care of you, ok?

Robert: Go ahead. Shoot me. Go on, you know you want to. Hell, all those -- all those years, huh, I kept you from your precious woman. She's a sweet little thing, isn't she? Huh?

Jesse: Shut up!

[Robert chuckles]

Jesse: Shut up.

Robert: Go on, you got a gun. Why don't you use it?

Frankie: Dad, don't do it.

Robert: 20 years -- 20 years, you've been wanting to do this. All that hate, all that rage, and now you got a chance, huh? Finally. So, go ahead. Huh? You've been dreaming about this, haven't you? Haven't you? Haven't you, huh?

Frankie: You cannot give him what he wants, Dad. He knows what it's going to be like. Prison for an ex-FBI agent? Come on. Now if you shoot him -- if you shoot him, you give him an easy way out. Now, he's given you 20 years of hell. He's given me 20 years -- us 20 years of hell. I say, you give it back to him.

[Robert coughs]

Frankie: Make him do his time.

Robert: Oh!

Frankie: Oh, yeah! All right, all right, all right. Yeah.

Robert: You're a little coward, ain't you?

Frankie: All right.

Officer: Police! Drop the gun!

Frankie: Here's your man right here.

Krystal: No, no. She doesn't mean that, Joe. Of course, she wants the surgery. The loss of blood, the shock, the drugs --

Julia: Krystal, I know what I'm doing. No surgery.

Krystal: No, no, this is crazy.

Julia: I have a steady internal bleed, a severely lacerated liver.

Krystal: That's -- that's why they're going to operate, so they can fix that. Tell her.

Julia: It would only be temporary.

Krystal: That's not true. That -- that can't be true. Right, Joe?

Joe: We'll pack the wound.

Julia: I'll die anyway. You know that.

Krystal: No. No, no. That can't be. There's got to be some -- a transplant. We'll turn Pine Valley upside down to find a donor. I'll volunteer right now. Joe, test me. Come on.

Joe: The lead time for testing takes weeks. We don't have that long. Want to see Kathy?

Julia: No. I brought her here when her mother died. I won't put her through that.

Julia: It's the best decision, Krystal.

Joe: We'll do everything we can to make you comfortable, Julia.

Julia: Thank you.

Krystal: Is there anything I can do? Anything that you need?

Julia: My sister Maria in California. She is Kathy's appointed guardian. Call her for me.

Krystal: Of course. Of course. I just -- I just wish that --

Julia: Maria has a wonderful family. Kathy adores Sam and Maddie. She'll be happy and loved.

Julia: One more thing.

Krystal: Anything.

Julia: Tell Kathy I love her.

Robert: I'll be in touch. Ow!

Frankie: You did the right thing. You did.

Jesse: I'm not so sure.

[Frankie hugs his dad]

Jesse: How's he doing?

Angie: He doesn't have much time, Jesse.

Jesse: You got your wings?

Frankie: Like a bird. Flown one, flown them all.

Jesse: We got transportation.

Jake: I'll call P.V.H., tell them we're on the way.

Jesse: Thaddeus, you listen to me. You hang in there, all right? You hang in there. You cannot leave us. You can't leave us, man. You hang in there. You hear me?

Jake: Come on, come on, come on.

Jesse: You just hang on.

Kendall: Ryan, I'm sorry about the whole Greenlee thing. I shouldn't have brought it up. You -- you have enough troubles of your own.

Ryan: It's ok. It's all right. Look, Annie's going to have to know about Julia, all right? She told me that they're close.

Kendall: Yeah, I know. Of course. I should go.

Greenlee: Surviving that bomb shelter, bad food, bad water, snakes, and skeletons, and no air -- that was easy, but letting myself trust someone again -- the scariest thing I've ever done in my life, and look where it got me.

Zach: Oh. How do snails fight? They slug it out. Slug -- slug it out.

Greenlee: That was terrible.

Zach: Yeah.

Greenlee: Thank you.

Zach: You want something? A glass of water, a cup of coffee, or scotch? Water?

[Greenlee kisses Zach]

[Monitor beeps]

Krystal: I'll tell Kathy that her mother was strong and brave and beautiful, and that you loved her to the other side of the moon.

Julia: Her favorite color is yellow. And she likes creamy peanut butter, not chunky. And she likes to have her back rubbed when she goes to sleep. She likes bubble baths and butterfly kisses, and she wants a pony.

Dixie: You've taken such good care of my Kate. So much love. Thank you. I wish you didn't have to go, but she'll be all right. I promise you, Julia, our little girl -- she'll be all right.

Krystal: Julia?

Julia: She's going to be all right. My little girl's going to be all right.

[Monitor flatlines as Julia takes her last breath]

Frankie: I love you guys.

Jesse: Be careful up there.

Jake: Buckle up, bro. We're going airborne.

[As Frankie and Jake take Tad to PVH in the helicopter, Jesse and Angie stand together on the roof kissing]

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Greenlee (to Zach): Let Kendall go. Make love to me.

Angie: Julia, I want you to come back.

Krystal (to J.R.): What about Tad?

J.R.: He's going to be all right.

Jake: A partial tear --

J.R.: He's not going to leave you and Jenny now.

[Monitor flatlines as Dixie watches over Tad]

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