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Zach: It's time to leave.

Kendall: Greenlee. Please, come with us. Come with us and let me try to help you.

Greenlee: Don't touch me, or I swear to God, I'll tear your eyes out.

Zach: Come on.

Tad: It's ok, everybody. Just go back to your celebrating.

Krystal: Tad, don't do this.

Tad: I'm just going to make sure he doesn't ruin the rest of the party.

Jake: Adam, it's, uh -- you might've lost a step or two.

Adam: And you would be the same arrogant, impudent, son of a --

Jake: Hey -- well, you don't want to bust an artery, there.

Tad: All right, Adam. Come on. Let's go, let's go.

Colby: Leave my father alone.

Adam: J.R.!

Dre: Uh, he's upstairs with the ex.

Krystal: Oh, Babe.

Jesse: Beg.

Robert: For what? The diamond?

Jesse: For me to shoot you and put you out of your misery.

Robert: Oh, you're not going to shoot me, Jesse. No, you disarmed me. This is a righteous bust. You're the good guy, remember?

Jesse: Let me tell you what I remember.

[Door opens]

Angie: Jesse, are you --

Jesse: Angela.

Angela: Jesse, what's going -- Angela, Angela --

Robert: Ok, you got two seconds to drop that gun. Kick it over here.

Angie: Robert, what are you doing?

Robert: One, t --

Jesse: Ok.

Robert: Well, thank you, Mrs. Hubbard. I believe you just saved my life. Unfortunately, I think it's going to cost both of you yours.

Tad: So help me God, if you ruin this reception, I will wring your neck.

Adam: Tad, I'm not trying to ruin anything. I just want to get my children out of here.

Dixie: Adam, you cannot protect them like this. It's already in motion. The worst is about to happen.

Jesse: Let her go.

Angie: Baby, what's happening?

Jesse: Everything's going to be ok. All right? Just stay calm, and nobody here is going to get hurt. This is between Robert and I. We're going to work it out.

Angie: Robert, why are you doing this?

Robert: Well, because your husband just solved the case. He found Papel, the real one, while you're downstairs at your little wedding reception.

Angie: You -- you're Papel?

Robert: That's remarkable, isn't it?

Jesse: Let her go.

Robert: Oh, you can do better than that, can't you, Jesse?

Jesse: Let her go! Now, I said, let her go!

Robert: You're a funny guy because I've got your wife, and I've got a gun. Now, why would I let her go?

Jesse: Because I've got your diamond. You let her walk, and I will give you the diamond.

Robert: You're in kind of a poor position to negotiate. Aren't you, Jesse? Just give it to me right now.

Angie: Baby, do what he says.

Robert: Yeah, if you're marriage is going to last, I suggest you start listening to what she says.

Jesse: This is between you and me.

Robert: All right, I'm out of patience. Just put it on the floor right now and kick it over here. Come on, now! Darling, would you pick that up for me, please?

Robert: Oh, thank you. Oh, I can't believe it.

[Robert laughs]

Robert: 20 years, and you are finally mine.

Jesse: All right, you got what you want. You need to keep your word and let us go.

Robert: I don't remember making any promises. But I know you two did. Who would've known that "till death do us part" would have come so soon?

Kendall: Did you Greenlee's face? She was -- Zach, she was crushed. I killed her. I -- I killed my best friend.

Zach: Well, we all had a part in that.

Kendall: This is a nightmare. This is a nightmare! How -- how is this happening?

Zach: It was inevitable.

Kendall: No, Zach. This was over. This was supposed to be done. You and I dealt with this. We moved on.

Zach: Well, then maybe Greenlee and Aidan, they'll move on, too. Who knows?

Kendall: No, no, no, no, no. There's no way Greenlee's going to move on. If you think she's going to move on, you don't know her.

Zach: I do know her.

Kendall: Ok, well, then you know that it's not just Aidan she's furious with. It's -- it's me. And to a lesser extent, you for not telling her.

Zach: I was trying to protect her.

Kendall: Exactly. And that, she might be able to forgive you for. But me and Aidan? No. There's no turning back. This is just -- we were supposed to move on. Things were supposed to be good between us. Things have been going great with Fusion, and we had all of these amazing plans.

Zach: She's in shock right now. She's got to digest this and work through it, and so do you.

Kendall: I have to go. I've got to find -- I've got to find Greenlee!

Zach: Stop, stop.

Aidan: Greenlee.

Greenlee: Kendall, you know --

Aidan: Greenlee, just hear me out, just hear me out.

Greenlee: Kendall's done this to me before, but you never did. Until now.

Aidan: Just let me explain, ok?

Greenlee: Everyone wants to explain. What's the point?

Aidan: If you just knew the circumstances, Greenlee, you wouldn't be --

Greenlee: The circumstances are you broke my heart.

Aidan: I'm sor -- Greenlee, please.

Greenlee: I thought you were so honorable.

Aidan: Look, I know I've disappointed you, all right?

Greenlee: It goes way beyond disappointment.

Aidan: You're right, ok? I've hurt you, and I'm sor --

Greenlee: And I actually agonized that you might leave me because I don't want to have kids.

Aidan: I'm sorry, ok? I'm sorry.

Greenlee: Damn it, A -- Aidan. You ruined the best thing in my life. You ruined us.

Aidan: Can we -- can we not do this here? Can we just go somewhere and talk about this, please?

Greenlee: Are you not listening to me? There's nothing to talk about, nothing to explain. You had sex with Kendall. That says it all.

Zach: Just wait.

Kendall: Zach, please. I need to talk to Greenlee.

Zach: What you need to do is calm down and cool off, and so does she.

Kendall: You heard her. She hates me, Zach. She -- she wouldn't even let me tell her how sorry I am or try to explain how it happened.

Zach: And why is that do you think? She doesn't want to hear anything right now. Her best friend slept with the man that she loves. You betrayed her trust. And then her best friend's husband kept the secret from her. She's trying to process things. Her whole world is turned upside down.

Kendall: You're right. Her world is upside down. That's why I can't waste any time.

Zach: She's not going to hear you right now.

Kendall: I have to let her know I'm still her friend. Well, what am I supposed to do? I'm just supposed to ignore her and not try to save our friendship?

Zach: You and Greenlee have been through a lot, and your friendship is going to be fine.

Kendall: No, uh-uh. Not this time, Zach. This is -- Aidan and I, we, like I said, we crossed the line. There's no turning back. I have ruined our friendship. I've ruined Fusion.

Zach: Fus -- what?

Kendall: No.

Zach: Fusion is fine. What are you --

Kendall: No, no, it's not. You don't understand. This is a crucial time for Fusion, ok? It -- Fusion only operates when Greenlee and I are in sync.

Zach: Well, I think you're getting a little ahead of yourself.

Kendall: I don't understand. Why couldn't she have just slugged me and punched the hell out of me like you did to Aidan? And then it would all over and -- and done with. Like I hoped it is for you and Aidan. What? What is that -- that -- that -- that look?

Zach: What look?

Kendall: You really enjoyed punching Aidan. Didn't you?

Zach: Yeah. Not just for me. I did it for Greenlee, too.

Aidan: Greenlee.

Greenlee: So there I sat, trapped in a bomb shelter, day after day, week after week, left to rot, scared to death, and the whole time, you were rocking the love shack with Kendall.

Aidan: No, no, no, no, no. It wasn't like that.

Greenlee: Do you have any idea how easy it would have been to give up hope? To just give up, give in?

Aidan: Look, I know you went through hell down there.

Kendall: No, this is hell, Aidan. This is hell. I feel like my guts have been ripped out from inside me, and I'm awake, watching the whole time, not knowing when the pain is going to stop, if it will ever stop.

Aidan: Baby, let me try and take the pain away.

Greenlee: No, that's just it. You can't. You can't even imagine the pain I'm feeling even though you're the one that caused it.

Aidan: I am so sorry.

Greenlee: Yeah, we're way past "sorry." Do you know what kept me going down in that hole? The thought of you. The thought of coming back to you kept me alive. I should've died in that God-forsaken pit, then I wouldn't be suffering right now.

Aidan: Oh, please, come on. Don't say things like that.

Greenlee: It's ironic, actually. I thought about you the whole time, while I was the last thing you were thinking about.

Aidan: Greenlee, listen to me. All right, I hate seeing you in this much pain. If I could take this back, I would. But you got to understand one thing, honey, all right? When you were down there in that bomb shelter, I never stopped thinking about you. I never stopped.

Jackson: Julia. Excuse me. Have you seen Greenlee anywhere?

Julia: No, uh, oh, not lately. Is everything ok?

Jackson: No, no, everything is not ok, as a matter of fact.

Julia: Oh, is there anything I can do?

Jackson: No, thanks. She just got really slammed with something, and -- and there's nothing I can do to make it better.

Julia: Uh, that's part of being a parent, isn't it?

Jackson: Yeah.

Julia: Everyday a new challenge. How to make things better for our kids.

Jackson: I just, you know -- you think it would get easier when they got older

Julia: Well, the monsters under the bed disappear, but the world is still a pretty scary place.

Jackson: Yeah, it is scary and painful.

Julia: Hey, I know you'll find a way to help her through it.

Jackson: Thanks.

Kathy: Aunt Julia, I hurt my knee.

Julia: Oh, let me see if I can find a way to make this better.

Jackson: Here, sit down.

Julia: Hup.

Adam: Uh, Dré, Dré. Uh, didn't you say that you -- you saw J.R. go upstairs at the hotel?

Dre: Yeah.

Adam: Do you know the room number?

Dre: Oh, no clue. I just know he took off with Babe.

Krystal: Oh, won't she ever learn?

Adam: I, uh, had the same thoughts about J.R. Uh, never mind. Hmm. Um, why don't you just sit down, darling. I want you to stay right here and don't move.

Colby: Dad --

Adam: Don't, no, please, please. I'm not going to be gone long. I'm just going to find out if J.R. checked in to the hotel. Ok?

Tad: Adam. J.R. and Colby are perfectly safe. Why don't you calm down and --

Krystal: Tad -- Tad, please, leave him alone.

Tad: He just got out of a mental hospital. Forgive me if I don't want to give him free reign.

Adam: Mad -- mad as a hatter, right? Yeah, that's it. You -- this is wonderful. Do you know -- do you remember, oh, several weeks ago, when you brought your entire family over and dumped them in my living room because you said they needed help? They were, uh -- they were afraid they were in danger? Do you remember that? Hmm? Well, um, now my family's in danger, and I'm -- I'm running all over the place looking for J.R. I don't know where the hell he is, and I'm going to get him together with Colby later, and we're going to go over to Uncle Stuart's house and get locked up, and we're going -- we're going to be safe and sound. If you try to stop me in any way, I'm going to break you like a stick.

Dixie: Adam, you cannot change the future this way. There is only one thing you can do, and you know what that is. Adam, you have to listen to me before people get hurt.

Adam: I've been listening to you forecasting doom for weeks now. I've had it.

Dixie: But today is the day.

Adam: You can tell Tad that the baby is right at his feet. That's not going to spare anybody.

Dixie: Why don't you just listen to me? Just trust me.

Adam: No, no, well, maybe -- maybe I don't trust you because, uh, you, uh, love to see me suffer. Yes, that's it. Isn't it?

Dixie: Adam, you know, you think that you can just take on everything and -- and anything, but this is too big, even for you. You -- life and death are too big even for you.

Adam: Are you telling me that somebody is going to die?

Babe: It's been a while.

J.R.: Yeah, it has. It's been way too long. And I'm just getting fired up.

Babe: Oh, God. I wish it could always be like this.

J.R.: It can be, Babe. For us.

Babe: How -- how did we get here? J.R., how did we get here?

J.R.: I don't know. Um, elevator?

Babe: You know what I mean.

J.R.: And I don't want to go there because I want to go here. And I want to go here. And I want to go here.

Babe: You know I can't think when you do that.

J.R.: Well, that's the point.

Babe: But J.R., J.R., J.R., eventually, we have to come up for air and think. We can't stay in bed forever.

J.R.: Well, we can try.

Babe: And I know that we would give it a good, long run, but what happens when I hate myself, when we finally have to get out of bed and get dressed again, and I have to figure out how I got sucked back in?

J.R.: All right, you want an answer?

Babe: Yeah, I do.

J.R.: The wedding.

Babe: The wedding? That's it?

J.R.: Yeah. I mean, weddings have a way of making people want to pair off. You know, something about seeing a couple make it that long is -- just gets people in the mood. If we want to give anybody credit for why we ended up here, I'd say the credit goes to the happy couple.

Jesse: I don't care what you do to me. Just let her go.

Robert: How noble of you. My, my. Was it that nobility that kept you on the run for 20 years now, Jesse?

Angie: If you're going to kill somebody, kill me.

Robert: Oh, this is so touching.

Jesse: What are you talking about? Stop it.

Angie: Jesse, I love you so much.

Jesse: None of this is your fault!

Angie: Jesse, we have lost 20 years together!

Robert: All right, listen. Let me just, you know, can -- can I just -- excuse me. Can I just break in this little love fest, because I have an idea. Now, why don't I just shoot Jesse, and he can die in your arms? I could watch that happen.

Angie: No!

Robert: I'll make you a widow again, Angie. Huh? Oh, been there, done that? Well, that's too bad because I missed that mood and scene the first time around.

Angie: What's the matter, Robert? Never had anybody to love you? Never experienced the kind of love Jesse and I share?

Robert: Ok, you need to shut up.

Angie: Because of love that gives you -- you can survive pain and distance and --

Jesse: Baby, please, please, just calm down.

Robert: Yeah, shut your wife up, Jesse, because she does not know what she's talking about.

Angie: You can't, no, you can't know what love is.

Robert: Ok, no. See, you're wrong. Because I was in love. I met a woman in Vegas. It was a crazy, wild, just -- just once-in-a-lifetime kind of love, and she loved me. She was beautiful, warm, kind, but I got involved with a diamond, and that didn't help things. It would've worked out except for your damn family.

Jesse: Oh, so my family is now responsible for your failed marriage?

Robert: Let's just say, I got involved with a diamond, and my marriage went south. I'm sorry. My wife didn't die as I told you, Angie.

Angie: Another lie.

Robert: Oh, it worked. Got me -- helped me get in your door. Didn't it?

Angie: Robert, if you do know -- know what love is, then, please, give us that. We deserve it. You can take your stupid diamond, and you can go anywhere you want.

Robert: Well, you know, that is just exactly what I was planning on doing.

Jesse: We're in a hotel full of our friends. Exactly how do you plan to get out of here, Robert?

Robert: Well, my friend, your little wife is going to be my ticket out of here.

Krystal: What is with you, Tad? I mean, I know you never miss an opportunity to take a shot at Adam, but the man is not well.

Tad: Oh, please, come on. You're going to tell me you're upset with me? He's the one that's trying --

Krystal: Would you look at him, Tad? He is paranoid. He is frightened. He is sick.

Tad: Tell me something I don't know. How can you tell the difference? He's been acting delusional for years. This is exactly the type --

Krystal: That is what I am talking about, Tad. That kind of comment right there is a perfect example of your attitude.

Tad: Don't lecture me about my attitude. My attitude, all you've done late is defend him, no matter what he comes up with. Hell, I'm starting to feel like there's three of us in this marriage.

[Pounding on door]

Opal: Help, help! Let me out of here! Help! Anybody? Oh, praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.

Greg: What -- what? Are you ok?

Opal: Oh, I'm fine, I'm fine. A lot better than somebody else is going to be.

Greg: What -- what were you doing in that closet?

Opal: I was looking for something, something to kill a rat with. You seen Rob Gardner any place lately?

Jackson: Julia, listen. I'm going to get out of here. If anybody sees Greenlee, will you please have them tell her I'm trying to find her?

Julia: Oh, yeah, sure.

Jackson: All right.

Julia: Bye, Jack. See you.

Jackson: See you.

Jake: Hey. I'm going to go, too, before it gets too crazy.

Julia: Oh. Hey, it was really nice seeing you again.

Jake: Oh, thank you.

Julia: Thanks for the dance.

Jake: Yes, any time. And give the happy couple my love. I don't know, they vanished.

Julia: Yeah, I will.

[Dixie drops a chair in front of Jake]

Dixie: You can't go, Jake. Not now. You can't leave Tad. Your brother needs you.

Jesse: Angie, everything's is going to be fine. Just stay calm

Robert: Oh, my God. Can't you do better than that, Jesse?

Angie: I love you, Jesse. I always have.

Jesse: You know I love you. Robert, you've tried to insinuate your way into my life, my family's life. This all feels personal.

Robert: You never were too bright, were you, huh, Hubbard? It was 20 years in the making. Yes, of course, it's personal! Now, shut your mouth and stay where you are, or your kids are going to be orphans. The Mrs. and I, we're going to take a little walk. Now, do as your hubby says, all right? And don't make a peep.

Angie: I got it.

Robert: All right.

Angie: Nothing stupid.

Robert: Good. You know what? I just -- I hate unfinished business. Can you believe that? 20 years in the making? Now, a debt like that has got to be paid in full.

Angie: Nooooooo!

J.R.: What in the hell was that?

Adam: Come on, come on. Can't this thing move any faster? Come on, move.

[Angie screams]

Adam: Colby? Move, dammit!

Angie: Please, don't hurt Jesse!

Jesse: Angela, Angela! Please!

Angie: No!

Jesse: You -- Angela, you're not helping.

Robert: Stay where you are. Jesse, just stay there. This is no time to start playing the hero.

J.R.: What the hell is going on?

[Robert shoots at J.R. and Babe]

Robert: Get out, get out!.

Adam: J.R.?

Jesse: Don't be crazy, Gardner!

Adam: J.R.?

Babe: My God. J.R., are you ok?

J.R.: Stay back. I'm fine!

Adam: J.R.!

J.R.: He missed, he missed. He missed.

Jesse: Angie!

Babe: Oh, my God.

Jesse: Angie, Angie!

[Jesse takes the stairs]

Colby: Ya-hoo. Good times.

Julia: Hey, back so soon?

Jake: It's the weirdest thing. I, uh, for some strange reason, I -- I feel like I should stick around.

Kathy: Aunt Julia, I have to go to the bathroom

Colby: Hey, princess. I'll take you.

Julia: Oh, are you sure, Colby?

Colby: Yeah, better than watching the flowers wilt.

Julia: Thanks. Hmm. So now, why is it that you can't leave? What's holding you here?

Angie: Robert, what are you doing? What are you planning?

Robert: Shh. We're going down to the lobby, and then you and I are going to walk nice and calm just right out of this hotel, and if you do what I say, you may wind up going on that honeymoon. Now, just settle down. Settle down.

Greenlee: You said that you never stopped thinking about me? That makes it worse. Were you thinking about me while you were having sex with Kendall?

Aidan: Greenlee, come on, come on. This is not getting us anywhere. Can we just go somewhere quiet where we can talk?

Greenlee: We're finished talking. We're finished, period. Consider yourself free, Aidan. You can find some of my other friends to sleep with.

Aidan: Come on.

Angie: Aidan!

Aidan: Gardner, you drop your gun now!

Robert: Put it down.

Aidan: You let her go.

Robert: Put it down. Come on now. Come on now.

Adam: Thank God, you weren't hit.

J.R.: Dad, what are you doing here?

Adam: Are you all right?

J.R.: I'm fine, I'm fine. Everyone's ok.

Adam: Everyone.

J.R.: Yeah.

Adam: Oh, my God.

J.R.: What?

Adam: I f -- I forgot. I left her sitting down there.

J.R.: Who?

Adam: Colby.

Colby: So do you like weddings, Kathy?

Kathy: Yes! My favorite part is coming up soon.

Colby: Oh, yeah? What's your favorite part?

Kathy: Where the bride throws the bouquet.

Colby: Aren't you a little young to be trying to catch a bouquet? You're not getting married for a long, long time.

Kathy: I want Aunt Julia to catch the bouquet.

Colby: Aw, what a sweet thought. You know what? Maybe we can help make it happen. We'll just the pass the word along to a few of the other single ladies to take a step back when Angie pitches her bouquet. That way, Julia will have a clear shot at snagging it. Sound good?

Kathy: Yay!

[Colby chuckles]

Angie: There's -- there's no one here. You can let me go.

Robert: Shut up.

Kathy: Who's going to come to my wedding?

Colby: You, your handsome Prince Charming. Your Aunt Julia will be there, of course. What's wrong with this door?

[Dixie holds the door closed]

Guest: He's got a gun!


Robert: All right now. N-n-nobody be a hero here.

Aidan: Drop the gun. This is your last chance.

Cassandra: Mom!

Angie: Stay back, Cass. I'll be ok.

Opal: You despicable snake, you!

Tad: What the hell do you think you're doing?

Dixie: Tad, you've got to get out now before it's too late.

Robert: No!

[As Aidan takes aim at Robert, he shoots and hits Julia]

Joe: Call 911!

Krystal: He shot her!

Cassandra: Somebody help!

Robert: I said stay back.


[Robert shoots Greg on the shoulder]

Cassandra: Greg?

[Angie gasps]

Robert: Well, surprise, surprise. I'm going to try one of your wedding presents. Step back, my friend.

Colby: Weird. I could've sworn someone was holding the ladies' room door shut so we couldn't leave. Must've been stuck.

[When Dixie taps Kathy on the shoulder, she turns around and looks at her mom]

[Jesse continues to fly down the stairs]

Krystal: We need more.

Julia: Where was I shot?

Joe: Upper right quadrant.

Cassandra: It's only your arm. Oh, my God.

Julia: How bad is it?

Joe: Shh, don't talk.

Ruth: You've got to --

Julia: Conserve your strength.

Ruth: Yes.

Krystal: It isn't good.

Opal: No, it's not.

Krystal: Colby, no! No, you and Kathy stay back.

Robert: Back off, Hubbard.

Jesse: Drop it. Let her go!

Robert: All right, back off, all of you!

Tad: Listen to him. Just drop the gun.

Robert: Make one move, and she dies. You hear me?

Frankie: You son of a --

Tad: No, no!

Angie: No, Frankie!

Aidan: Damn.

Tad: Stairwell.

Jesse: Come on.

Tad: Let's go.

Jesse: Stairs!

Frankie: Jesse.

Tad: No. Hey, I want you here with that if he comes back down.

Kendall: Greenlee will never forgive me.

Zach: Now, we've been through this. It'll pass.

Kendall: No. You don't know, Zach. Look, Greenlee can hold a grudge like no one I have ever seen. Trust me on this one. I have to do something, ok? I've got to -- I've got to find her.

Zach: It doesn't matter what I say, right? You're just -- you're not going to hear me.

Kendall: What are you talking about?

Zach: I will support you, and I will hug you and comfort you, but now -- I'm -- all right, now I'm done.

Kendall: Come on, Zach, please.

Zach: Go. Find Greenlee. Do whatever you need to do. Make it worse. I'm not going to stop you. Go ahead.

[Angie shrieks]

Robert: Get -- come on!

Jesse: Angie!

Angie: We're going to the roof!

Robert: Shut up!

[Gunshot fired]

Angie: No! No! No!

[Gunshot fired]

Robert: Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh. Here we go. Nice bird, ain't it?

Angie: Oh, God.

Robert: Yeah, nice bird. I hope you like heights.

Angie: No.

Robert: Now, look happy.

Greg: All right, all right. Now, bring it up tight. Make it tighter, Dré.

Dre: Yeah, ok.

Greg: Real tight.

Dre: Yeah.

Greg: That's it, good --

Dre: Cass, are you ok?

Cassandra: Huh, what?

Greg: Cass, listen. I know this is going to sound empty to tell you not to worry, but your mother's going to be ok. She's a fighter. She's smart. She's a survivor, ok?

Julia: It's getting harder to breathe.

Joe: Shh. Hang on, Julia. You're doing fine. We need to cover her shoulders.

Opal: Yeah, and tell them to hurry it up, would you? Yeah, she's hurt real bad. It's a gunshot wound. She's losing a lot of blood. The ambulance is on its way.

Krystal: What in blazes is taking the cops so long?

Opal: Oh, the cops said they're high-tailing over here fast as they can. How's she doing?

Joe: She's not doing good, and we've got to get her to a hospital.

Adam: Colby?

Colby: Dad, I'm out here.

Adam: Oh, my God. Oh, thank God you're all right. Hi.

Dixie: Tad?

Kendall: What -- Aidan? Aidan, what is going on? What -- where -- where is -- where's Greenlee?

Aidan: Robert Gardner is holding Angie hostage.

Kendall: What?

Aidan: He's -- he's got her at gunpoint, and he's already shot a couple of people.

Kendall: What --

Aidan: The man is capable of anything.

Robert: Open the door!

Pilot: Hey, are you guys the happy couple?

Robert: We sure are!

[Pilot laughs]

Robert: Get out!

Pilot: Hey, buddy. Just take it easy, man.

[Robert shoots the pilot]

Angie: [Screams] No! No, no!

Robert: Look at me.

Angie: No.

[Robert pistol whips Angie and places her in the chopper]

Jesse: Angie!

Robert: You never learn, Hubbard!

Jesse: Stay back!

[Robert continues to shoot at Jesse, Jake, Tad, and Frankie]

Jesse: Stay back!

Frankie: [Whispering] Go!

Jesse: Angie!

J.R.: The man had a gun. What the hell is going on here? Well, then you find out! You get the police over here! No, no, my family -- my family's downstairs at the wedding reception. Fine. They don't know anything. They don't know nothing.

Babe: But -- but Mama's downstairs and -- and Tad and Colby.

J.R.: Don't worry about it. They're going to be ok.

Babe: But what -- what was that man doing? What did he want?

J.R.: I don't know.

Babe: God, today -- today proves it, J.R. Life is precious. We can't take it for granted. We can't take each other for granted.

J.R.: I know, I know.

Babe: When I -- when I thought that you'd been hit by that bullet, I -- I couldn't breathe. Not until I knew that you were ok. I love you so much. So much.

Joe: All right, guys. Very easy now. Very gently. This way.

Krystal: Hang in there.

Joe: That's it.

Krystal: Hang in there, Julia.

Joe: Very easy.

Krystal: I hear the cavalry coming. They're going to be here any minute, right?

Joe: Ok, all right. This is it. Come on. Easy does it.

Krystal: Watch it. Careful.

Kathy: Where's Aunt Julia?

Colby: We'll find her soon. Aunt Julia is -- she's just fine.

Cassandra: Keep them safe. Please, keep my family safe. [Whispering] Please, please.

Kendall: Aidan, have you seen Greenlee?

Aidan: She left before the craziness started. So tell me, Kendall. Where do we go from here, huh? How're we going to get past this?

[Car door opens]

Greenlee: Take me home, Zach. I want to go home.

Jesse: We got to stop them! We got to save Angie!

Jesse: Let's do this!

Tad: Jake!

Jake: Tad!

[As the men run toward the helicopter, Dixie tries to stop the bullets from hitting Tad, but he runs right through her and gets shot]

Jake: Tad, no!

[Just as the chopper clears the building, Jesse takes a flying leap toward its runners]

>> Next week on "All My Children" --

Jake: The bullet went through his arm and into his chest.

[Robert screams as Jesse throws him out of the helicopter]

Jesse: You should've fastened your seat belt!

Jake: My God, he's going into shock.

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