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Zach: You wanted to get away from the party. Here we are.

Kendall: What's so urgent?

Aidan: What is it, Greenlee? What's going on?

Jack's voice: No, no, Aidan and Kendall betrayed you. That's what they did. They betrayed you.

Zach: What did you want to say?

Tad: Is this a special night, or what?


Tad: To Angie and Jesse, to miracles. And now it's my honor, once again, to introduce the happy couple, Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Hubbard, in their first dance, serenaded by our friend, Ne-Yo.

[Applause and cheers]

Tad: Angela, for you, something special for the first time, "Closer."

Jesse: What?

Angela: Have I told you how much I always enjoyed marrying you, Mr. Hubbard?

Ne-Yo: Turn the lights off in this place, and she shines just like a star, and I swear I know her face. I just don't know who you are. Turn the music up in here. I still hear her loud and clear, like she's right there in my ear, telling me that she wants to own me, to control me. Come closer, come closer, come closer, and I just can't pull myself away, under her spell I can't break, I just can't stop. I just can't stop. I just can't stop. I just can't stop, and I just can't bring myself away, but I don't want to escape. I just can't stop. I just can't stop. I just can't stop. I just can't stop. I just can't stop. I can feel her on my skin. I can taste her on my tongue. She's the sweetest taste of sin. The more I get, the more I want. She wants to own me. Come closer. She says, "Come closer," and I just can't pull myself away. Under her spell I can't break. I just can't stop. I just can't stop. I just can't stop. I just can't stop, and I just can't bring myself away, but I don't want to escape. I just can't stop. I just can't stop. I just can't stop. I just can't stop. I just can't stop. Come closer, closer, closer, closer, closer, closer, closer. I just can't stop. No, I just can't stop, no just can't stop it, no, no I just can't stop, no, no, no, no, and I just can't pull myself away. Under her spell I can't break. I just can't stop. I just can't stop. I just can't stop. I just can't stop, and I just can't bring myself away, but I don't to escape. I just can't stop. I just can't stop. I just can't stop. I just can't stop. I just can't stop, and I just can't pull myself away. Under her spell I can't break. I just can't stop. I just can't stop. I just can't stop. I just can't stop. I just can't stop. Come closer


Jake: Dad, do you want to dance with Mom?

Joe: Yes, I do.

Krystal: Just because you got to play M.C. doesn't mean you are off the hook. You got to spin me around the floor a couple times.

Tad: Oh, you are so going to regret this, but if you insist.

Opal: Come on, handsome, dance with me.

Robert: Oh, I'm trying to plan something here, Opal.

Opal: Well, tell me what it is and maybe I can help.

Robert: Well, I got a little gift for the happy couple, and I just -- I need a little information.

Opal: Uh-huh, well, I'll tell you what. You come dance with me, and I'll tell you anything you want to know.

Babe: I know you're worried about your dad. It's going to be ok. Come on, let's dance. Come on.

J.R.: All right.

Angie: Baby, this was such a beautiful wedding.

Jake: Excuse me, ma'am, would you like to dance with us?

Kathy: No, thank you. I'm happy.

[Unseen by others, Dixie dances with her daughter]

Opal: I think you could leave whatever surprise you have for them up there.

Robert: Well, thank you very much, Opal. I think I'm going to get working on that right now.

Opal: Oh, but wait a minute.

[Opal spots the gun inside Robert's jacket]

Greenlee: So, Aidan told you two about us being back on?

Kendall: Yeah.

Zach: And we're both happy for you.

Greenlee: It was so wonderfully unselfish of him that his love for me was so true that he would want to marry me despite knowing that I didn't want to have children.

Aidan: Well, I told you, Greenlee, I can live without kids, but I can't live without you.

Greenlee: When you said that, it really struck me how much you're willing to sacrifice for me, and I realize how incredibly selfish I've been.

Aidan: You haven't been selfish, you've just been honest.

Greenlee: Honest, exactly, and I'm going to continue to be honest with you, Aidan, because that is so important in a relationship.

Aidan: Greenlee, what --

Greenlee: I've had an epiphany being here tonight, seeing all the families and the parents with their kids and their grandkids, all the love, and I've changed my mind. I've decided that I do want to have children after all.

Aidan: Well, ok, that's great, but we don't have to decide this tonight. It has nothing to do with me wanting to marry you.

Greenlee: Of course, you know I still can't carry a baby, but we can always do a surrogacy and that's where the two of you come in. Kendall, I'd like for you to carry Aidan's and my baby for us.

Robert: Old habits die hard, I guess. No, I have retired for the Bureau but I kept my permit. It's a dangerous world out there, Opal. You never know what'll happen.

Opal: Here I thought you were just happy to see me.

Robert: You do have the most delightful sense of humor. Tonight, Opal, I have to say you're looking gorgeous. Just good enough to eat.

Opal: You could charm the hind legs off a donkey, couldn't you? And you know that saying? "Blow in my ear, and I'll follow you anywhere?"

Babe: Thank you.

J.R.: For what, not stepping on your feet?

Babe: No, for not holding it against me when I acted like a complete idiot. I fell for Richie's whole dying man act, and I believed the worst in you at the same time.

J.R.: Well, it's not like I haven't given you any reason to think the worst of me.

Babe: You know, I may have a way of helping you get back at Richie.

J.R.: Oh, you do? Is it devious and calculating?

Babe: Of course, it's wicked.

J.R.: Oo, pray tell.

Babe: Not right now. I think I just want to enjoy this dance with you.

Greg: All right, you guys, listen. I didn't have time to wrap it or anything, but here, I want you to have this.

Angie: Oh, my goodness -- Greg, how in the world did you get that?

Greg: I saved it. You and Jesse and Jenny and I, we had some good times there, so --

Jesse: I don't believe this, man. Thank you, man. This is -- talk about a blast from the past.

Greg: Jenny would have loved seeing you two like this, finding each other again and being so much in love, you know?

Angie: Thank you, I'm happy you're here.

Frankie: Oh, man, so why don't you ask Cassandra to dance? I mean, come on, she won't bite. Well, she did bite the heck out of me when she was two, but, you know, she was -- come on.

Dre: I don't know, I'm just enjoying watching the show.

Frankie: Ah, come on, now. You got to man up. Go on, now. Yeah.

Dre: Would you like to dance with me?

Cassandra: Sure.

Tad: Baby, can I please bag it? For me dancing was a contact sport, I can't do this.

Krystal: No, no, no, no, you're doing great. Come on, cut loose, baby.

Tad: Look, the Martins are notoriously bad dancers, all right?

Joe: Great band.

Krystal: You are not getting off that easy now. Jenny's with Winifred, so you are all mine, baby.

Colby: Hey.

Frankie: Hey back at you.

Colby: So, would you like to dance?

[Cell phone ringing]

Frankie: Sure.

Colby: Uh-oh. Hello?

Adam: Colby, why did you leave the house? I told you, you could be in danger.

Colby: Dad, there's no big, mysterious danger. I'm fine, J.R.'s fine.

Adam: Where are you?

Colby: At Angie and Jesse's wedding reception.

Adam: But where?

Colby: At the casino, the ballroom. Dad, are you ok? Where are you calling from?

Adam: Seasons East Casino, fast.

Opal: Where are you taking me, your room?

Robert: You're not scared of small spaces, are you?

Opal: Well, I don't know. I'm a little claustrophobic, but I guess you'll just have to keep my mind occupied. Oh, but we have to be sure to get out there again for the big surprise ending at the end of the evening.

Robert: What is the big surprise ending?

Opal: Tad has ordered a helicopter to land on the roof and whisk the happy couple away. But, shhh, not a word.

Robert: My lips are sealed.

Opal: Oh, I hope not too much. Ahh.

[In the broom closet, Robert knocks Opal out with a quick injection]

Kendall: Greenlee, I don't know what to say.

Aidan: Greenlee, today isn't really the time to talk about it. There's plenty of other times --

Greenlee: But I've been so selfish, and I want to give you something you want so much, and Kendall means so much to both of us. I mean, you don't have a problem with it, do you Zach?

Zach: Don't do this.

Greenlee: Of course, we'd have to go through that whole infertility mess again. The shots, the hormones, the procedures for both of us. You know, come to think of it, it's just DNA when you get right down to it. We don't have to bother with all that mess. Why don't you and Aidan go ahead and make a baby, and I'll pretend I'm its mommy. How does that sound?

Kendall: Greenlee, what are you talking about?

Aidan: Greenlee, that's not funny.

Greenlee: It wasn't meant to be. You wouldn't have a problem with that, would you, honey? I mean, after all, it could be another shot at doing Kendall. You cheating, lying, son of a bitch.

Babe: Hey, you're gone again.

J.R.: I'd like to think that if she was here, that she wouldn't be haunting my father. That she'd at least let Tad or me know.

Waiter: There you are, sir.

Babe: J.R., did you order these?

J.R.: Tell me that you asked for those.

Babe: No, no, I didn't order these, I swear.

J.R.: Chocolate chips, no nuts, just like my mom.

Krystal: Ow, ow, ow.

Jack: Whoa, excuse me, I really just I can't take anymore. Can I cut in, please?

Krystal: Please, please. Yeah, I think you've suffered enough, darling.

Tad: Yeah, you've suffered enough. I have to warn you, she likes to lead.

Jack: Well, somebody has to.

Tad: Ho ho. What happened here?

Kathy: Spilled my juice.

Julia: Nothing a little magic fizzy water can't cure.

Tad: Hey, you having fun? Yeah? What about you?

Julia: Yeah.

Tad: Excited about your new job?

Julia: Mixed feelings. It's a great opportunity, but it's far away.

Kathy: Will you come with us?

Tad: Sweetheart, I wish I could.

Kathy: I'll miss you.

Tad: I miss you already.

Colby: Hey, guys, do you mind taking a photo?

Julia: Oh, good, yeah.

Tad: Photo op.

Frankie: What?

Angie: I don't know, for a minute, I thought I'd wake up and find out that this was all a beautiful dream.

Frankie: Oh, rubbish, this is no dream, Mom.

Cassandra: Thank you, Jesse.

Jesse: You're welcome. For what?

Cassandra: For making Mom so happy.

Jesse: When you love somebody as much as I love your mother, making them happy just becomes a reason for living. You're going to understand that one day when you meet the right person. You will. By-the-by, it's my turn to thank you for keeping an open mind and giving me a shot.

Cassandra: Jesse, you make it really hard not to like you. No, really, I think things are going to work out just fine for our family.

Jesse: You know, aside from your mother saying "I do" to me tonight, those are the sweetest words I've heard all day.

[Jesse kisses Cassandra on the forehead]

Jesse: Excuse me.

J.R.: You got something on your face.

Babe: Oh. Did I get it?

J.R.: Yeah, I'm just kidding. You didn't get it. Hold on a second. My gosh.

Babe: Hey, hey, hey, that's my chocolate. You can't take it from me.

J.R.: You, you want to get out of here for a little while?

Robert: So, anyway, not only did the groom leave his key, but also the bride's wedding gift in his room, so he's kind of in a panic, and he sent me down here to get both of them. They're in the bridal suite, which I believe is on the top floor, they said. Oh, I'm sorry, here, I should show you this. Robert Gardner. Actually, I am staying here, too. My family is hosting the Hubbards' reception.

Clerk: Sure, Mr. Gardner. Are you a police officer?

Robert: FBI, but --

Clerk: Exciting.

Robert: No, tonight I'm just another guy in a suit.

J.R.: Hello, there.

Robert: Hi, there. Thank you very much, you are a lifesaver.

Clerk: My pleasure. May I help you?

J.R.: Yes, you can. Say, you wouldn't happen to have any extra rooms available upstairs?

Greenlee: Nothing to say? No huffy denials? No witty British comebacks? God, how could you have done this to me? The two people I completely gave my heart to, and you betrayed me.

Kendall: Greenlee, you don't understand.

Greenlee: Oh, I understand perfectly, graphically.

Aidan: Greenlee, I don't know what you heard.

Greenlee: Oh, don't worry, don't worry. You two kept your little secret. My father's the one who told me.

Kendall: Jack?

Greenlee: I'm sorry to do this to you, Zach, but when you and I were lying half dead down in that bomb shelter -- that is when it happened, right?

Kendall: Greenlee, stop.

Greenlee: I'll take that as a yes. While we were down there dying, these two were so worried, so concerned about us, that the thing they decided to do to keep their minds off of us was to jump into bed with each other. Oh, my God. You knew.

Greenlee: I was the only one. The only one who didn't know. All of you, you've all kept this from me.

Kendall: Not to hurt you.

Greenlee: Not to hurt me. The man who I thought loved me --

Aidan: Greenlee, I do love you.

Greenlee: And my best friend decided that since Zach and I were away, they might as well have some fun between the sheets.

Kendall: No, that's not how it was at all. We thought that you both were dead.

Greenlee: Oh, that makes me feel so much better, Kendall. What was it? A couple seconds of mourning and then, bang, take me, Aidan, I'm yours, you bitch. It's all been lies.

Aidan: Greenlee, I love you and that's not --

Greenlee: Shut up. Lies.

Aidan: Come here, look at me. Come here. I thought you were gone. Ok? Kendall thought Zach was gone. Our hearts were broken with grief. Ok? It was stupid and it was wrong, and we've regretted it ever since.

Greenlee: Zach and I thought we were going to die down in that hole. We thought we'd never see you and Kendall again. The difference was we, we really loved you. So, we didn't do anything but comfort each other. Stupid, huh? We should have done it. Well, you know what? It's not too late. Come on, Zach, let's show them how it feels.

Zach: Stop.

Greenlee: Let's show them how it feels. Let's show them how it feels. Let's do it right here, right now.

Zach: Stop, that's enough, that's enough.

[Entering a hotel room, J.R. and Babe proceed to tear off their clothes and drop on the bed]

Babe: Do we really want to do this again?

J.R.: You know, you're right. We probably shouldn't be doing this.

Babe: You are such a jerk.

[Babe pulls J.R. back down and resumes their kissing]

Krystal: I think you've got it.

Tad: This is more my speed.

Krystal: Yeah?

Tad: Yeah, just rocking to music with my beautiful wife in my arms.

Krystal: No more champagne for you.

Tad: I don't need it.

Cassandra: How you doing, Mom?

Angie: On cloud nine and rising. Listen, I saw you out on the dance floor, dancing with Jesse, and I'm so glad that you're giving him a chance.

Cassandra: It's no use fighting it. He's a good man, and he makes you happy. And that's the most important thing, right?

Angie: You're so sweet.

[In the bridal suite, Robert finds the stuffed elephant and cuts into it, but there is nothing inside except the stuffing.]

Robert: Damn.

Jesse: Looking for this?

[Jesse holds up a very large diamond in one hand and a gun in the other]

Clerk: May I help you?

Adam: No.

Dixie: You took your sweet time.

Adam: Where are the kids? Tell me I'm not too late.

Dixie: You can still do the right thing, but time is running out for everyone.

Adam: Where's the wedding reception? Where is it? Where? I'm sorry, I'm -- please. Just -- it's urgent. Thank you.

Jack: Greenlee, where did you go? I'm so worried about you. Call me, please.

Aidan: It really doesn't sound like much, but I am. I am deeply sorry. I mean, if I could take it back, I would.

Greenlee: I hate you.

Kendall: Please, please, Greenlee, don't let one stupid mistake we made do this to you. You and Aidan, you and I, there's too much good there to throw away because of one stupid mistake.

Greenlee: Stop it. We have nothing, nothing.

Kendall: Greenlee, please, please, listen to me.

Zach: That's enough.

Kendall: Greenlee.

Greenlee: Let go of me.

Kendall: Oh, my God.

Aidan: You told Zach? You didn't think it was a good idea to tell me that?

Kendall: It doesn't matter.

Aidan: He knew. He knew when he sent me over to Sudan. He wanted me to die over there, didn't he?

Adam: Colby, Colby. Thank God you're all right.

Colby: Dad, what are you doing here?

Adam: Where's J.R.?

Colby: I don't know.

Adam: What about Uncle Stuart and your grandmother?

Colby: She wasn't feeling well so Stuart took her home.

Adam: Good, good, good. That means that they're perfectly safe. Now I need to get you and J.R. out of here.

Colby: Dad, Dad, why are you embarrassing me like this?

Adam: Where's J.R.?

Tad: Adam, how the hell did you get out of Oak Haven?

Adam: Get out of my way.

Tad: You're not welcome here.

Krystal: Tad, Tad. Adam, look, let's not disturb the guests, ok? Why don't you come with me, and we'll talk about it?

Adam: No, I don't want to talk about it. I want to get my daughter and my son out of this place. That's what I want, ok?

Angie: Where's Jesse?

Cassandra: He said he'd back in a minute.

Robert: Oh, thank God you found it. I just got a call from the Bureau. See, they just found a thumb drive in one of Papel's safe deposit boxes with information about that diamond. That is what he was after all these years. And then it was hidden in the stuffed elephant by John Remington. And then when I remembered that your step-daughter was walking around with that stuffed elephant.

Jesse: Stop it. Stop it.

Robert: What are you talking about?

Jesse: Stop it! I know who you are. I know what you are. And now you are going to do exactly what I tell you to do.

Jesse: Two fingers, very slowly, take out your gun, drop it, kick it over here.

Robert: I don't know what you're talking about.

Jesse: Now! You need to stop thinking I'm stupid. The gun.

[Kicks the gun]

Robert: You figured it out, huh? Well, where did I slip up, huh?

Jesse: You want a list? Why don't we start with this? A little bug I found in my loft. Not a common model, Robert. The FBI uses it. You really think I wasn't watching you? Huh? It was kind of obvious. A little naive on your part, wouldn't you say? Huh? Trying to buddy up to me and my family? I mean, you're Tad's uncle, and the man can't stand the sight of you. Inviting me to be your partner in the movies? Why, what? And then there's Cassandra, who thought somebody was going through her stuff, and felt a little odd that day when she was looking for something. She said she felt --

Cassandra: I'm just a little groggy, like my head's in a bubble.

Jesse: Very familiar feeling. I remember that feeling after every interrogation you put me through. What was the name of that drug, Robert?

Robert: It was the Russian stuff, SP-17.

Jesse: Only the best for Papel, huh? This was the killer right here, bam. Really stupid. I know this origami from that room you had me chained in. This was the clue that made me know that you were alive. Papel was alive and Papel was you, you sick bastard.

Robert: Well, you always were a good cop, Jesse. Smart, clever. When I heard you were still alive, I knew I'd have to act fast. I guess I just wasn't fast enough, huh? So now what?

Jesse: Now it's payback time.

J.R.: Now ask me if I want to go back downstairs for the cutting of the cake and the tossing of the bouquet.

Babe: This is not --

J.R.: Don't even finish that because it is. It is what we both wanted.

Greenlee: Let go of me.

Zach: I need to explain something to you.

Greenlee: There's nothing to explain. While we were dying down in that hole, the so-called loves of our lives were having sex. And why the hell didn't you tell me?

Zach: The same reason they didn't tell you. Didn't want to hurt you. And that -- what happened there, it's -- I'm trying to understand it. They thought we were dead, and Kendall needed someone to be me, and Aidan needed someone to be you, and that's what they did for each other. It shouldn't have happened, but it did. It hurts me to see you like this. What do we do? You pick up the pieces and move on.

Aidan: You told Zach and you didn't think it was a good idea to tell me that? He sent me on a mission knowing full well that my life was on the line, and you didn't want to come and speak to me about it?

Kendall: Zach didn't want you dead, Aidan, and you know that. He told you not to go, but in the end you insisted.

Aidan: Yeah, by then he knew I wouldn't say no, because it was Tad's brother.

Kendall: No, no, you're wrong, ok? And you want to know why I didn't tell you? I didn't tell you, because Zach and I have come to terms with what happened.

Aidan: Oh, well, how lovely for you two. And now I'm going to come to terms with Zach.

Zach: I want to help you.

Greenlee: There's nothing to help with, Zach. There are no pieces to pick up, because there was really nothing there to begin with. The man that I was going to marry, my best friend, you, all lies. And I have nothing now.

Aidan: Hey, what are you doing? Trying to make this worse now, eh?

Zach: No.

Aidan: You sent me to Africa, so I could get a bullet through the eyes. Is that right?

Kendall: No, Aidan, please, come on.

Zach: Are you raising your voice to me right now after everything you did?

Aidan: Answer me.

[Zach punches Aidan]

Zach: If I wanted you dead, you wouldn't be here right now. You try to remember that.

Colby: Please, Daddy, just go home. Stop acting like this.

Adam: Sweetheart, you're coming with me.

Tad: No, she's not. I am this close to throwing your ass --

Jake: Adam. Jake Martin. We go way back.

Adam: Oh, oh, my God. I don't know what hole you crawled out of, but none of this has anything to do with the Martins, my friend. I've come here to get my two children, and then I'm leaving.

Jake: No, you'll leave with nobody, and you'll do it right now.

Tad: You heard my brother, Adam. You're stinking up the joint.

Krystal: Oh, would you both stop it, please? Obviously, the man is ill.

Adam: I'm not. What'd you -- I am not --

Dixie: What, Adam? What are you?

Jesse: Should I toy with you a while like you did with me? Sound like a plan?

Robert: How about you and I cut a deal? Hang on, hang on, no. Do you know how much that diamond is worth, Jesse? It is worth millions. Millions and millions, tens of millions of dollars. I know a guy who can cut it up into just the right number of stones, and we'll split it, you and me. No one else will ever know.

Jesse: Money, money, money, money, money. It's always money with you, isn't it? Do you really think you can put a price on 20 years of my life? 20 years of my family's life? What about all those people you killed, Robert? You caused a lot of grief.

Robert: Well, what about me? Huh? You think you're the only one who's suffered? Do you think you're the only one whose life was made a living hell? When I stumbled on those stones, I knew that my ship had come in. It was my ticket to a good life, and I deserved it. Then I got double-crossed by Remington and by you. No, I know you didn't know all the details, but you had all the answers. That damned stuffed elephant. Your family had my diamond all those years. 20 years I thought about one thing, that diamond. And 20 years of looking for it cost me my family. My wife did not die. She left me. She went and married some rich pig in Europe, and do you know why? I was obsessed by that diamond. I had to have it. And I still have to have it. You got the rest of my days right there in your pocket, so you need to just give it me right now or go ahead and shoot me.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

[Angie walks in and gasps as Robert grabs her]

Robert: Who would've known "until death do us part" would come so soon.

[Angie screams as Robert fires his gun into the ballroom full of guests and hits Julia]

Angie: Ow!

Dixie: Tad, run, get out now before it's too late.

Robert: Stay back.

[Still holding Angie as a shield, Robert fires into the crowd and hits Greg as he's bending over Julia]

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