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Angie: Who is it?

Jesse: It's just me, baby. I wanted to check on you. You know, actually, truth be told, I was wishing I could see you.

Angie: Well, you're going to get that wish real soon.

Jesse: So you ready to do this? Marry me all over again?

Angie: I've waited 10 plus 10 years to do this. You better believe I'm ready.

Kendall: Zach, would you do what Angie and Jesse did -- what they're going to do? Would you marry me all over again?

Zach: Huh?

Kendall: What?

Zach: I married you twice already.

Kendall: No, I'm serious.

Zach: In my heart, I was always married to you, even before I met you. Always only you.

Kendall: Mm-hmm.

Zach: How much time we got?

Kendall: I don't know.

[Knock on door]

Kendall: Oh, hold on. Hold on. Hi, I thought that you were meeting us at the casino.

Greenlee: Yeah, change of plans. I don't do stag. I'm not the sad little wallflower who goes to the party alone. That's not who I want to be.

Kendall: Well, then, who do you want to be?

Greenlee: The girl that knows that everything's going to work out with Aidan. I'm strong, confident, brave. Do I look brave?

Tad: Today is a huge day, little one. It's huge -- yes, huge. And not just because you ate all your cling peaches, which is enormous. Really, I'm not kidding. I don't know how you do that. It looks like somebody already ate it. No, today, your Uncle Jesse and your Aunt Angie are getting married. Isn't that great? Huh? Isn't that amazing?

[Dixie watches wistfully]

Angie: Oh, where on earth did I put those earrings?

Cassandra: Mom --

Angie: I know I distinctly put them in this tote bag.

Cassandra: Mommy --

Angie: If I left them at home -- Cassandra, I'm running late.

[Cassandra laughs]

Cassandra: Dr. Angela Hubbard actually has the jitters? Mom, you're not really nervous.

Angie: Marriage is a serious thing. To stand in front of God and your friends and promise a commitment to one person -- baby, that's a powerful moment. It's one I never thought I'd have again with Jesse. I am so blessed.

Frankie: Sit down and have a beer. Have some breakfast.

Jesse: I'm not hungry. I'm only telling you this because you're my son and you're my be -- I can't even speak. You're my best man. I'm nervous.

Frankie: Huh, huh, huh? Oh, you've got to speak up.

Jesse: You heard me. I'm nervous, ok? I mean, I got the stomach flipping and I got the heart pumping, and I got to tell you, that food's about to make me projectile vomit. You might want to --

Frankie: Are you serious?

Jesse: Oh, hell to the capital yeah, I'm serious, man. This is my wedding day.

Angie: Two hearts, two souls becoming one.

Jesse: That's the real deal, man. That's how it should be when you get married.

Angie: Pledging your love and devotion for all time.

Jesse: And you got to know, through thick or thin, baby, this is forever.

Angie: This is forever.

[Jesse sighs]

Frankie: Come here, Papa Bear.

[Jesse laughs]

Jesse: Oh -- now, come on, man, get dressed.

Frankie: Yeah.

Jack: Yes, Erica, I'm still very much concerned about our visit. Look, Aidan and Kendall had sex, all right, and Greenlee's completely in the dark about it. Yeah, I guess that's one way to look at it, sure. Another way is that her best friend and her fiancÚ stabbed her right in the back. No -- no, I'm not going to tell her -- I'm not. But let's be clear about one thing. If this thing blows up and hurts my daughter, all bets are off.

J.R.: Thank you for being my date tonight.

Babe: Come on, J.R. We're friends, right? We're friends, and the best possible parents we can be to Little A.

J.R.: Yeah, well, lately I've been feeling I've had to be a parent to my father.

Dre: Colby, are you ok?

Babe: Did something else happen with Adam?

J.R.: He's out of Oak Haven, but he's obsessed that we're in danger.

Babe: What?

Colby: It doesn't make any sense. He won't say why he's so freaked.

J.R.: He's still conked out from not sleeping and all the drugs they have in his system.

Colby: We took off once he was asleep or else he wouldn't have let us out of the house.

Joe: And we know you're anxious to get back to Africa.

Ruth: But we're really very happy that you decided to stay just a little while longer. Darling, these are precious days for us. I hate seeing relatives and friends at funerals.

Jake: Mom, I get the hint. I get the hint. You know how important my work is or wherever it takes me in this world, I got to come home to Mama and Papa.

Ruth: [Laughs] Oh, I love this boy.

Jake: I love you, too.

Kendall: This is beautiful.

Greenlee: It is.

Kendall: Hello, my dear. This is amazing. You guys, you outdid yourselves. It's wonderful. Wow.

Zach: Hey. I'm going to try and find the manager to make sure that Angie and Jesse have everything they need.

Kendall: That's great.

Greenlee: Where's the ladies'?

Zach: It's right over there.

Kendall: Do you think she's really ok?

Zach: Yeah, keep an eye on her. How about you?

Kendall: I'm good. I am. I'm good. So go and be the big studly boss man.

[Zach growls]

Kendall: Hey, get it together, Aidan. Now.

Aidan: This doesn't involve you, Kendall.

Kendall: It took a lot of guts for Greenlee to be honest with you about not wanting kids.

Aidan: I'm not discussing this with you.

Kendall: Aidan, she thinks it could be a deal-breaker.

Aidan: [Sighs] This is none of your business.

Kendall: Yes, it is. Greenlee is my best friend. And have you forgotten what you and I have been through? We are so lucky, Aidan. We got a second chance.

Aidan: Two words -- go away.

Kendall: Look around. You can have all of this with the woman you love if you don't screw it up.

Aidan: You're still here? I'll leave, shall I?

Robert: Now the bride and groom are in the building, so get your diamond tools ready, my friend, because I'm going to the zoo. I want to see lions and tigers. And elephants. Oh, my.

Cassandra: Now I can't find my earrings. Is this from you?

Angie: No, I got one, too.

Cassandra: "The day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom. Cassandra, thank you for taking the risk to blossom. Love, Jesse." Mom, that poem is by Anais Nin, who is one of my favorite writers.

Angie: So that's why Jesse was taking all of those books out of the library.

Cassandra: Ok, read yours.

Angie: "I wandered lonely as a cloud, that floats on high o'er vales and hills. When all at once I saw a crowd, a host of golden daffodils. Beside the lake, beneath the trees, fluttering and dancing in the breeze. Continuous as the stars that shine and twinkle on the Milky Way."

Cassandra: Wordsworth.

Angie: Ah!

Cassandra: Can you help me put it on?

Angie: Ah, of course, of course.

Cassandra: Oh, my God, Mom. This whole step-family thing really isn't easy, but Jesse is so trying. You're so lucky, Mom.

Angie: We all are.

Krystal: Just think, one of these days, you're going to walk Jenny down the aisle.

Tad: Yep, in about 30 years.

Krystal: You'll be decked out in your suit with J.R. and Jamie and Little A.

Tad: Yeah, he'll be weeping buckets.

Krystal: Oh, like you won't?

Tad: I'm not saying it like it's a bad thing. Doubtless, I'll be crying my eyes out. After all, she's my little girl.

Krystal: Our little girl.

Tad: Yes, she is. Today's going to be a great day.

Dixie: No, it's not, Tad. It's not.

[Jazz music playing as everyone mills around]

Kendall: Mmm. This is yummy. I love this!

Greenlee: Yeah, you can't pick it up at the corner liquor store.

Kendall: Yeah, where did you get it?

Zach: Ah, I had to pull some strings.

Greenlee: Mm-hmm. Before my mother boffed a teenager and got banned from France, she dated this guy who owned a vineyard in Champagne. Michel could get you any bottle you wanted. I, being brilliant, snagged his number. One time, I threw this surprise picnic for Aidan -- take this. Thanks.

Greg: Opal?

Opal: Greg Nelson?

Greg: Yeah, it's me.

Opal: Oh -- oh, my. Yes, I can hardly believe my eyes. My goodness. Oh, my. Well, how are you, my dear? Tell me everything.

Greg: Everything? Well, I'm living in Seattle now. And I teach History.

Opal: Oh, my.

Greg: Yeah.

Opal: You're just as handsome as you were when --

Greg: Yeah, I visited Jenny yesterday. Angie and Jesse and I did. We told stories, we laughed, and we cried. It was good.

Opal: Yeah. Not a day goes by I don't miss my sweet Jenny. I know how much you loved her.

Greg: Yeah, we all did. She should be with us today.

Opal: Yes, she should.

Stuart: This is supposed to be a happy day. You look so sad.

Marian: Oh, darling, I am thrilled for Angie and Jesse. I just hope that I'm wanted here.

Stuart: Well, of course, you are.

Marian: Well, after everything Liza did to them, I mean, they have every reason to hold a grudge, too.

Stuart: Oh, Angie and Jesse are good people. They know the meaning of true love. That's the kind of love that I have for you. And they're going to love you, too.

Marian: And I love you.

Greg: Hello, Tad

Opal: That's Greg. He just flew in all the way from Seattle.

Greg: I wouldn't have missed this for the world.

Tad: Bless me. It's so good to see you. Oh, man.

Greg: How are you?

Tad: You look terrific, Babe. Hey, I want you to meet somebody. This is my wife, Krystal.

Krystal: Hi, I have heard so much about you.

Greg: Oh, no.

Krystal: Oh, excuse me.

Tad: This little fuss bucket over here.

Opal: Yeah, this is their daughter.

Greg: Hi.

Opal: Her name is Jenny.

Greg: My God, she looks just --

Opal: I know. Look at those eyes.

Greg: Hi.

Opal: Little mouth. She's so full of love, just like her namesake. There you go, baby. Look at her. Yeah, yeah.

Frankie: Come on, Dad.

Tad: Hey, hey, hey -- Mr. Hubbard, sir?

Jesse: Hey.

Tad: There's somebody very special here to see you.

Jesse: He made it?

Ne-Yo: Hey, somebody told me there was some kind of wedding going on here?

Jesse: Oh, my God. Oh, man, I can't believe you made it.

Ne-Yo: I said I'd be here, I'm here.

Jesse: You're here. Listen, this is my boy, Frankie.

Frankie: Hey, what's going on? Franklin.

Ne-Yo: Franklin.

Jesse: My bad, Franklin. He's grown now.

Frankie: That's right.

Jesse: And this is my good friend, Tad Martin.

Tad: We already met, but it's still a pleasure.

Ne-Yo: Good to see you again, man.

Jesse: And his brother, Jake Martin.

Jake: I'm actually a very big fan.

Ne-Yo: Oh, cool.

Frankie: Not as big as my mother.

Tad: How? How do you get a superstar to come to our little festivity?

Jesse: Come on, man, I made -- I got connections. 20 years going, you never know.

Ne-Yo: When Hubbard told me the story, I couldn't say no.

Jesse: My man took time out of his busy -- crazy busy schedule to be here.

Ne-Yo: Extremely busy. But not just here, I'm singing for your lady.

Tad: Oh!

Frankie: Does Mom know?

Jesse: No, she don't know. I want to keep it that way. It's a surprise.

[All speaking together]

Tad: It's going to be so fun. [Jesse laughs]

Fans: Can we have your autograph? We love your music!

Jesse: Hey, I'm the groom over here.

Frankie: I'm the best man.

Tad: Jesse and Angie, Ne-Yo, and all the shrimp you can eat.

Jake: Does it get any better than that?

Tad: It just did. Hey, come here.

Kathy: Tad! Do you like my dress?

Tad: I love it. You look like a ray of sunshine. Give me some. Come on.

Jake: Hi.

Julia: Hello. Kathy, this is Jake, Tad's brother.

Jake: Hello.

Dixie's voice: Tad needs you, Jake.

Babe: You look beautiful. Except there's just one thing missing. A smile.

Krystal: I know. It's Jesse and Angie's big day. I know I should be kicking up my heels.

Babe: But you're worried about Adam. I know J.R. said he was getting worse.

Krystal: It's just the most helpless feeling in the world when somebody you love is in trouble, and you just can't do anything to help them.

Jack: Hey, you. How are you?

Kendall: Good, good. You look nice. Remind me to get a picture for Mom. You'll be the new prison pin-up. I think you already are for Carmen.

Jack: Have you seen Greenlee anywhere at all?

Kendall: No, not in the last few minutes.

Jack: Yeah, well, I need to find her.

Kendall: Ok.

Aidan: I can live without kids, but I can't live without you.

Julia: Oh, hey, Jackson.

Jack: Hi, hi, I'm sorry, I'm just a little bit distracted right now. I just --

Greenlee: Do you mean it?

Aidan: I love you, Greenlee. Maybe I didn't realize how much until I thought of my life without you. We belong together.

Greenlee: Thank you, Aidan. Thank you for believing in us.

Aidan: I promised you a great life, and that's exactly what we're going to have. I'm going to get us some champagne.

Jack: Hey, sweetheart. Hey, hey, hey --

Greenlee: Hi.

[Greenlee cries]

Jack: Did Aidan do this to you? So he decided to tell you here? In this place?

Greenlee: He took me by surprise. I'm such an idiot.

Jack: No, no, no. Look, you are not to blame here.

Greenlee: I brought this on myself.

Jack: No, no. Aidan and Kendall betrayed you. That's what they did. They betrayed you. Oh, sweetheart, I am so, so sorry.

Aidan: Guys, we'll have to make a toast.

Kendall: Oh, a toast. Ok, uh, thanks. So, what are we toasting?

Aidan: Greenlee and me. And our future together.

Events manager: Excuse me, the ceremony is about to begin.

Jesse: This is it.

Robert: Damn, it's not here. Cassandra must have that elephant with her. Well, looks like I'm going to a wedding.

Colby: Dre?

[Dre and Cassandra make eyes at each other]

Colby: Supercool musician guys aren't supposed to go all mushy over a girl.

Dre: Who you calling "mushy," miss I-brought-16-tissues-to-cry- through-the-wedding?

Colby: Don't worry, I'll share.

Jesse: Now, what's the hold-up, man? Let's go all ready.

Frankie: I told you to have some breakfast. Low blood sugar makes you very irritable.

Jesse: Everybody's ready. I'm ready, you're ready, Ne-Yo's ready. Why is everybody just standing around?

Frankie: Hey, Dad. Hey.

Jesse: Hmm?

Frankie: You're getting married.

Jesse: I know.

Frankie: Good.

Jack: Hey, hey, let me take you home, ok?

Greenlee: I don't want to go home.

Jack: Then let me take you anywhere. Anywhere out of here.

Greenlee: I'm fine. I just need my space.

Jack: Please, let me help you.

Greenlee: Let me deal with this on my own. Please.

Jack: Just let me know if you need anything.

Greenlee: I know, Dad. Thanks, I will.

[Piano music plays as Cassandra enters and joins Frankie]

Ne-Yo: Ok, I woke up in heaven today. She kissed me, I floated away, away never felt anything so great all right, now I brace myself for the fight

[Jesse stands in the center as Angie appears, descends the stairs, and walks toward him]

Ne-Yo: I'm light as a feather tonight because I can't feel the ground, someone let me down I've never felt so high as I do now it's too good to be true I don't deserve you I never felt good love strong enough to stop this world from spinning stop this world from spinning and I see heaven when she looks at me in her smile is the most amazing dream and in her eyes I fall asleep

Minister's voice: Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to celebrate and witness the marriage of Angela and Jesse. In planning this glorious occasion, they emphasized to me that this wedding is not solely to solidify their connection, but also to celebrate their deep connection with family and friends. So if you would all please join hands. The circle we form represents an everlasting bond. Like the love Angela and Jesse share, it is a continuum that cannot be broken, not by time, or distance, or even death. We ask God to bless this union now and always. Angela and Jesse have asked some of you to read brief passages. We begin with Stuart Chandler.

Stuart: In our life there is a single color, as on an artist's palette, which provides the meaning of love.

Greg: Love is the emblem of eternity. It confounds all notion of time, effaces all memory of a beginning, and all fear.

Tad: Separated lovers find countless, mysterious way of corresponding. By sending each other the song of birds, the scent of flowers, the laughter of children, the light of the sun, the sighing of the wind, the gleam of the stars -- all the beauties of creation.

Frankie: Love is never-ending, nor is it ever begging.

Cassandra: A man is born, a woman is born for him.

Frankie: In the fight to find each other, the perfect moment awaits its destiny.

Cassandra: When they meet, they know.

Frankie: That's why love is never-ending, nor begging.

Cassandra: It is always and forever.

Angie: When Jess -- deep breath. When Jesse and I first got married, we couldn't share the joy that we felt with the people that we loved. And now, as I look out at all of you -- old friends, new friends, my children, the miracle I've been given, my heart is so full it takes my breath away. I want to thank all of you. And I thank you, God.

Jesse: Seeing you here as my beautiful, beautiful bride, hearing that song, even the scent of the flowers -- it just makes me feel alive. I mean, for so long I lived in a kind of silence -- no music, no color, just dark. But I survived it. I survived it, baby. And I couldn't have done it without you. A lot of you people in this room -- you helped me find my way back home to my family and to my angel.

Angie: Jesse, my intentions are the same today as they were when we stood before the justice of the peace all those years ago. I intend to spend the rest of my life loving you. I will grow with you, I will care for you, and learn from you. When you speak, I will listen. Maybe not all the time. When you walk, I'll be by your side. Together, we can go anywhere and do anything. You are my profound joy, my greatest gift. And I will treasure you always.

Jesse: Oh, God, Angela, my whole world changed when I met you. You opened my mind, my heart. You made me a better man, and because of you, I have life, I have love, and I'm going to protect that love with everything I have. I will make you proud, I will make you happy, and I will keep that beautiful smile on your beautiful face. Oh, my God, you are my purpose, sweet lady. You are my future, and I can't wait to live every minute of that future with you.

Minister: Will you have this woman to be your wedded wife, to live together in a state of matrimony?

Jesse: Are you kidding me?

Minister: Will you love her, comfort her, honor her, keep her in sickness and in health, and forsaking all others, keep you only unto her, as long as you both shall live?

Jesse: I will.

Angie: You better.

Minister: Angela, do you take this man to be your wedded husband, to live together in a state of matrimony? Will you love him, comfort him, honor him, keep him in sickness and in health, and forsaking all others, keep you only unto him, as long as you both shall live?

Angie: I will.

Minister: Repeat after me. I, Jesse, take you, Angela, to be my wedded wife.

Jesse: I, Jesse, take you, Angela, to be my wedded wife.

Minister: To have and to hold from this day forward.

Jesse: To have and to hold from this day forward.

Minister: For better or for worse, for rich or for poor.

Jesse: For better or for worse, for rich or for poor.

Minister: To love and cherish until death do us part.

Jesse: To love and to cherish until death do us part. That ain't going to happen this time.


Minister: Repeat after me. I, Angela --

[Angie laughs]

Angie: I'm sorry. I, Angela --

Minister: Take you, Jesse, to be my wedded husband.

Angie: Take you, Jesse, to be my wedded husband.

Minister: To have and to hold from this day forward.

Angie: To have and to hold from this day forward.

Minister: For better or for worse, for rich or for poor.

Angie: For better or for worse, for rich or for poor.

Minister: In sickness and in health.

Angie: In sickness and in health.

Minister: To love and cherish until death do us part.

Angie: To love and to cherish until death do us part.

Minister: May I have the rings?

Jesse: This finger is already taken. It is this ring that belonged to my beautiful mother -- it represents the love we shared in the past. And I wedded you with this ring long, long ago. Now this ring is our future. With this ring, I thee wed, and with my worldly goods, I thee endow.

Angie: With this ring I thee wed, and with my worldly goods, I thee endow.

Minister: By the power vested in me, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride.

[As everyone applauds, Robert walks in]

Joe: To Mr. and Mrs. Hubbard.

Jesse: Hey, hey, that's Dr. Hubbard. Come on now.

Angie: Well, for today, "Mrs." will be just fine.

Opal: It warms my heart to see the two of you together like that.

Greg: Spirits really do live on.

Opal: I think so. I feel a spirit in this room right now. And I'll bet my bottom dollar that it's Jenny.

Tad: What are you doing? High five. That'll work, too. That'll work, too.

J.R.: I admit weddings have a way of making me a sucker.

Babe: Well, they do have a way of making people closer.

J.R.: Friendlier.

Krystal: Well, hello. You made it.

Robert: Oh, I couldn't miss this. Can you tell me -- does the happy new couple have a -- like a place where they're stashing their stuff, because I have a gift that I would like to leave for them.

Krystal: Oh, why don't you just give it to me, and I'll take care of it.

Robert: Well, thank you, but this really is something I've got to take care of personally. Do they have a private room somewhere?

Krystal: I'm sorry, could you excuse me? I got to take care of my baby. Excuse me.

Opal: Howdy, stranger.

Cassandra: Thank you so much for this -- and the poem.

Jesse: I do -- I do ok with that?

Cassandra: You did great. Thank you.

Jesse: Thank you. Wow.

Angie: Wow.

Jesse: I know, right?

Kendall: You know, honestly, I have never seen such a beautiful bride.

Zach: Really? I have.

Aidan: Greenlee? She's a little overwhelmed.

Kendall: Yeah, wow, Greenlee speechless?

Zach: That doesn't happen very often.

Kendall: No.

Greenlee's voice: Oh, my God. Aidan had sex with Kendall.

Aidan: Ok, darling, tell us what you think.

Greenlee: Ok, I will.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Adam: Tell me I'm not too late.

Dixie: You can still do the right thing, but time is running out.

Jesse (to Robert): Looking for this?

Greenlee (to Kendall): I'd like for you to carry Aidan's and my baby.

Greenlee (to Aidan): You wouldn't have a problem with that, would you honey? I mean, after all, it would give you another shot at doing Kendall.

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