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Annie: Ryan, what is it?

[Ryan recalls being in the stable with Annie before and stripping off their clothes]

Annie: Ryan, are you ok?

Ryan: I remember this place. I remember you.

Frankie: Aidan. Now, I hear you're out here trying to pull off rescue missions without me, only this time you have more to worry about than an old bomb shelter caving in on you.

Aidan: I would have recruited you on the job if I didn't think you were going to show me up.

Frankie: Ah, it's bound to happen. I understand.

Aidan: How's our patient doing?

Frankie: I was just about to go check on him. Come on.

Aidan: Listen, I have some medicine of my own. With doctor's approval, of course.

Frankie: Mm, I think we can work something out. Let's go.

Greenlee: Help! Help! We need some help in here!

Frankie: What happened?

Greenlee: He wanted me to help him get out of here, and when I didn't, he tried to do it himself.

Frankie: All right, let's get him back in bed. Easy.

Jake: Oh, Aidan, we've got to stop meeting like this. People are going to think we're dating.

Prison guard: I need your cell phone.

Jackson: Since when do we have to check cell phones?

Prison guard: New policy.

Jackson: All right, here you go.

Prison guard: Carmen Morales' attorney's here. Bring her up. Ok, you can go in.

Jackson: Ok, thanks. Thanks very much. Hey.

Kendall: Hey, this is a nice surprise.

Zach: Jackson, how are you?

Jackson: Good to see you, Zach. And Kendall Slater to see Erica Kane.

Kendall: Are you here to see Mom?

Jackson: No, actually here to see Carmen to give her some news on her case, so I'll sneak in a hello if I can.

Prison guard: I need you to send Erica Kane up as well. Ok, I need both your cell phones.

Jackson: It's a new policy here. So, Greenlee told me about Jake Martin's rescue. Pretty lucky guy.

Zach: Yeah, pretty lucky. Aidan did all the heavy lifting.

Jackson: Yeah, I heard that, too. I also heard that he won't be doing anything like that for you anymore. Is that right?

Zach: Greenlee made that pretty clear.

Jackson: Sure.

Kendall: Yeah, I think she's going to have him fit for one of those electronic bracelets that sends him running like a madman and weeping like a baby.

Jackson: There you go.


Jackson: Go ahead.

Zach: Thank you.

Erica: Wow, this is a surprise. My goodness, how wonderful, all three of you.

Jackson: Actually, these two are your official visitors. I'm your bonus visitor.

Carmen: So does that mean I don't have to pay you either?

Jackson: Hello, Carmen.

Carmen: Hello, sweetness. Are all you lawyers this good looking?

Erica: Jack, you remember Carmen. She's --

Carmen: Insatiable.

Jackson: I'm going to try to keep that in mind.

Erica: Make sure you do.

Carmen: She's a little jealous.

Erica: In which lifetime?

Jackson: How are you? Are you holding up ok?

Erica: Well, it's not the Four Seasons.

Carmen: No, just one of them -- winter

Erica: She writes her own material.

Jackson: Yeah, I love her for that. Carmen -- you, me, down here.

Erica: So, I heard about Jake Martin and what Aidan did. So everything's all right between you two?

Zach: Everything's fine. Everything worked out the way it should. And I'm right here with the woman I love right next to me.

Ryan: It was like we were on fire. We couldn't get our clothes off fast enough. It was here. We made love for the first time right here.

Annie: Ok, you fooled me once before with this, Ryan. Remembering us, remembering this place. And it was all just from looking at a photo album.

Ryan: No, no, Annie, this is real. It's real.

Annie: Ryan, if this is another attempt to lie to me --

Ryan: I'm not making this up. I'm telling you right now, I'm starting to remember things or at least --

Ryan: Or at least moments of things.

Annie: I'm sorry, Ryan, but I just don't believe you.

Cassandra: Oh, come on, Mr. Trunks, where are you? Look, I know I unpacked you. If I've lost you after all we've been through, I'm going to be really unhappy.

Robert: Mr. Trunks. Mr. Trunks.

Angie: Ah, baby, you know we're spending a fortune.

Jesse: Hey, you save a lot of money living on the run. It's nice to finally have somewhere to spend it.

Angie: Yeah, but still --

Jesse: Hey, don't argue, young lady. We are getting married again. And that falls right smack-dab into the middle of the "it's all worth it" category. After what we've been through, we deserve the works. You deserve the works. I deserve the works.

Cassandra: Ok, I'll be in my room.

Angie: Oh, baby, no, wait, wait, stop. Now, don't be silly. We're just having a little smooch. Come on over here. I want to show you some of the wedding goodies. Hey, you ok?

Cassandra: Yeah, I just lost something.

Jesse: What did you lose?

Cassandra: Nothing important.

Jesse: Well, I can help you look for it if you'd like.

Cassandra: It's personal, ok? I'll find it myself.

Greenlee: What were you thinking?

Frankie: He wasn't.

Jake: I thought it was a good idea at the time.

Frankie: He's superhuman, remember? It comes with the diploma, the M.D. they put after our names. For some doctors it stands for mentally defective.

[Jake laughs]

Frankie: What's up, Jake? It's good to see you again.

Jack: Oh, no, another Hubbard. I've fallen into a nest of Hubbards.

Frankie: Oh, good, my mom already let you have it.

Jake: They actually gave you a license to practice? Did you bribe somebody?

Frankie: I told them you were my teacher. They felt sorry for me. They didn't even bother making me take the boards. I want a fresh CBC, please.

Jake: They ran one of those this morning.

Frankie: I know, but it's the idea of sticking you with more needles.

Aidan: So the party's going to have to wait then, Jake.

Jake: Hey, hey, now there's a man that knows real medicine. Do you know how long it's been since I had a cold brew? Hand it over here. Dr. Doolittle, you got any comments, take it up with the head of the hospital, all right?

Frankie: The man you call your daddy? Hey, beer is a liquid bread. You can use both the fluids and the carbs. But just one. I would join you, but it's not a good look.

Jake: You know what that means? He can't hold his liquor.

Greenlee: You can't even stand up, smart-ass. You scared the heck out of me.

Jake: Just wanted to see if you still cared.

Greenlee: Cheers.

Aidan: Cheers.

Jake: Cheers.

Greenlee: Lovely.

Ryan: Annie, hold on a second, please. Please, I swear to you that the images honestly are starting to come back to me.

Annie: Ryan, please just shut up.

Ryan: Wait, wait, wait. This kind of thing happens all the time, especially when there's no horse.

Annie: Shut up.

Ryan: I'm kidding. No, really. When that little piece of hay flew up at you, it must have been terrifying. No wonder you -- why were you wet?

Annie: Excuse me?

Ryan: Once before, we were here, and you told me to shut up, but you were soaking wet.

Annie: I fell. In the trough. You were teaching me --

Ryan: I was teaching you how to ride.

Annie: Yeah.

Annie: I am in love with you.

Ryan: That was the first time you told me that you were in love with me.

Erica: I have been so worried about you two.

Kendall: Ok, well, then it's time to stop. I happen to have married a very amazing man.

Erica: Yes, you have.

Kendall: Oh, I almost forgot -- Mother's Day cards. Yeah, the boys, they made them for you. I'm sorry they're a little late.

Zach: I made this, it's my handprint. It's Ian. When we inked him up, I let go of him, and he put handprints all over the kitchen. It's very cute.

Erica: So everything's fine?

Jackson: And if this judge agrees to a new trial, I think I can get him to set bail and get you out of here.

Carmen: That's nice.

Jackson: Carmen, mi linda, I think maybe you're not listening to me, not paying attention to what I'm saying, because I just said I might be able to get you out of here.

Carmen: You know, I think you still have a shot.

Jackson: Yes, that's what I'm saying. We have a shot at getting you out of here.

Carmen: No, I mean Erica. She's still got it for you pretty bad.

Frankie: Thanks.

Jake: Thanks.

Frankie: Oh, maybe you'd like to take a look.

Jake: There's nothing wrong with me.

Frankie: The hell there isn't. Your CK is sky-high, your protein's in the toilet, and your electrolytes, they're all out of whack.

Jack: Out of whack, in the toilet, sky-high -- I'm not familiar with this medical jargon -- too advanced for me. I'm fine, Frankie. Look, my numbers are stabilized.

Greenlee: Ok, you two, tell us mortals what you're talking about.

Frankie: Well, he's still very seriously dehydrated and malnourished.

Jake: But I'm improving. I'm still kind of cute, too.

Frankie: Look, you need to give it 24 more hours, ok? At least until your electrolytes re-enter the earth's atmosphere.

Jake: Sorry if I scared you. I just need to get back to work.

Greenlee: Yeah, well, you're not going to help anyone if you're dead. I know you think you're smarter than everybody else in the world, but if you start listening to these guys, you're going to have to listen to me.

Jake: You ready to sign up with that for the rest of your life?

Aidan: Just give me a pen.

Greenlee: Good answer.

Jake: Oh, when's the wedding?

Greenlee: June. We expect you to be there, and to be well-nourished by then.

Jake: June, huh? Well, I wish I could make it, but I won't be anywhere near this place.

Frankie: All right, you two, I have some incredibly humiliating and debasing tests to perform on this idiot right here, so finish your drinks and please bounce away.

Aidan: We'll just have to continue this at a proper pub once you get out of here.

Jake: We're in America now, pal. It's called a bar. Get with the lingo. Got it, 007?

Greenlee: Thank you for not dying.

Jake: Thanks for giving a damn. So you don't have any more tests to run. Why did you get them out of here like that?

Frankie: I really want to know what's going on with you, Jake. Something happened to you over there. Something ugly. So talk to me.

Angie: All right, now, these are the pictures of the centerpieces. You don't think they're too plain-looking, do you? I mean, I wanted to make sure that they weren't too tall, so that the people sitting across from each other could actually see each other.

Cassandra: Yeah, I think they'll be fine.

Angie: Ok, then, on to the table cloth and napkins. Now, I've narrowed it down to these two. I don't want to go with plain old white, and the pastels were just, you know, yucky. So between these, what do you think? The ivory or the ecru?

Cassandra: I think do whatever makes you happy.

Angie: Oh, honey, I value your opinion.

Cassandra: Ok, sorry. Fine, the ecru.

Angie: She's right, Jesse. Definitely the ecru.

Jesse: Yeah, ecru. Ecru is fine.

Jake: The ink is still wet on your medical degree, and now you're trying to shrink me. Your mama tried that. Let me tell you something, didn't work.

Frankie: Yeah, well, if anyone understands not wanting to talk about something, is me. But, Jake, you've been more than a teacher to me. I've always thought of you as a brother. And I discovered I had a platoon of brothers over in Iraq, and until this day, I'm still not comfortable talking about what happened over there unless it's with one of them. The ones who made it back, anyway. I guess I just wanted to make the offer. Anyway, I gotta get going.

Jake: You know how when they asked you what happened over there, it just makes you want to punch them in the face?

Frankie: Yeah, and in the stomach, too. When I first got back, man, I couldn't handle it. I ended up living in the woods. Everybody wanted to know all the gory details.

Jake: If you tell them any of the details, all that it ends up doing is --

Frankie: Scaring them half to death. Been there, done that, bought the T-shirt.

Jake: Frankie-Frank, I want you to know that I always thought of you as a brother, too. An obnoxious, snot-nosed, pain-in-the-ass little brother, but a brother nonetheless. Where do you keep going? You got a girl waiting for you or something?

Frankie: Hey, hey, hey, take it easy. Nobody's waiting for me.

Jake: Why don't you hang around and help me finish off this sixer then?

Frankie: A man's drink, huh?

Jake: Thank you.

Frankie: I remember thinking back to when I was a kid. My mom lecturing me on gambling. The odds are always with the house. Play long enough and you're going to lose. So I started to -- that's how I started to feel, the longer I survived, the shorter my odds were getting.

Jake: Those are the people that I deal with -- the ones whose odds have run out. The thing is, they're not soldiers. They're just civilians -- just people. Take a mall, a mall in America. Anytown, USA and fill it up with people -- moms, kids, babies, and teenagers -- got it? Now picture them all being shot -- just mowed down. My job is to go find the ones that aren't dead yet and put them back together.

Frankie: How do you deal with that?

Jake: You mean, how do you stay sane? You depersonalize it. Don't get attached to anyone or anything. Go through the motions. Do your job. Don't think about yourself. Don't think about your feelings. You're a robot. Don't think about anyone -- anyone that you --

Greenlee: Did you see Jake's eyes? He was trying to make believe everything was ok, but his eyes -- it broke my heart.

Aidan: He's been tough a lot, Greenlee.

Greenlee: I asked him what it was like. I mean, he told me a little. But it's amazing he hasn't gone insane.

Aidan: War is just one of those things. You know, it's just not easy to come out of the outside, you know?

Greenlee: I don't ever want you to go into a situation like that again. I never want to see that look in your eyes.

Aidan: You won't, but I got to be honest with you. I've had that look. I'm just lucky that I got rid of it. And now all I can think of is kissing those gorgeous lips of yours.

Jackson: Carmen, you know we have a limited amount of time to discuss your case.

Carmen: But I know this. You're doing everything you can to get me out of here -- good. Nothing left to talk about. Now, I've heard a lot about you from Erica. I want to know more about what happened between you two.

Jackson: [Laughs] Carmen, you could finish your sentence in here before I could finish that story.

Zach: You see that? That's the only thing that's important -- the only thing. I know what happened. And I understand it, and we moved on.

Erica: And you were so afraid.

Kendall: I know. I underestimated what an amazing man I married.

Zach: That's the last time you'll do that.

Kendall: The very last.

Erica: Well, I can't tell you what a burden has been lifted. I'm so happy for you.

Kendall: Thank you. But we're worried about you, Mom. I mean, your being here away from your family? I miss you.

Zach: We all do.

Angie: All right, sweetie, so now for the big question mark -- your maid of honor dress. I mean, you know, we both know how hideous those things can be, and I don't want you to only look great, but I want you to feel comfortable, you know? So at the end of the night, you know, when you're partying --

Cassandra: You know, Mom, hold that thought. I just remembered somewhere where I might have put the thing that I'm looking for. I'll be right back.

Angie: Oh, ok, sweetheart. Boy. Just not enough time for all this, Jesse, I swear.

Jesse: Why?

Angie: I'm going crazy.

Jesse: It's going to be beautiful. The wedding -- beautiful. The audience -- beautiful. And you -- beyond beautiful.

Angie: Give me more, give me more.

Jesse: Come here. Ah --

[Angie laughs]

Robert: It's me. The trail's gotten hot again. No, but soon. The diamond is close. Just make sure you're ready to put that plan back into action. Because I'm not going to let it slip out of my hands this time.

Annie: You are remembering things.

Ryan: I told you that I am. I almost think of it like -- it's kind of like all flashes -- I'm getting little flashes -- little pieces of the puzzle. I don't know exactly where they fit.

Annie: It's something, though. That's something more than you had before. What?

Ryan: When you told me that you loved me, you didn't want to. I mean, you didn't want to admit it, did you?

Annie: No, I didn't.

Ryan: Why not?

Annie: I guess because we weren't really in sync back then.

Ryan: So then what happened to make it all work out?

Annie: Well, you just kept telling me how much you loved me, and you carried an engagement ring around with you like, forever. And you kept reminding me that the proposal was still on the table.

Ryan: But the first time that you told me that you loved me, that wasn't the same day that we made love for the first time, was it?

Annie: No, I didn't tell you I loved you until weeks later. I mean, the first time when we were in here, we just couldn't help ourselves. But it was more than just sex. It was like we were daring to cross this line, and then once we did, it eventually led to you and the ring and -- what else, Ryan? What else are you remembering?

Ryan: I remember after we made love, I remember you had a little bit of hay in your hair. And I remember seeing a little sliver of sunlight coming across you and thinking to myself how breathtakingly beautiful you were. God, I wish I could remember more.

Annie: It took us a long time back then, Ryan. I mean, to just get in sync. Maybe --

[Ryan takes Annie's hand and kisses her as they start to remove their clothes, then lie down on the hay and make passionate love]

Annie: Do you remember now? Do you remember loving me? I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Too much, too soon, I know. I just thank God that you remembered something about us. About me. Not about Kendall, not about Greenlee -- about me. That's why I know this was right, us making love, here, on our anniversary. Because you remembered me.

Aidan: So from what you just told Jake, you want the wedding to be in June now?

Greenlee: Well, I mean, I think we should at least wait until after Angie and Jesse's wedding, don't you? I intend to throw a party. People are going to have to be well-rested.

Aidan: You really do want to have a blowout, don't you?

Greenlee: Don't you think we deserve it?

Aidan: Yeah, well, of course we do. That and more. I mean, I just -- I want you to have everything.

Greenlee: Really?

Aidan: As long as you promise me one thing.

Greenlee: What?

Aidan: You leave the wedding night plans to me.

Greenlee: Deal, sort of.

Aidan: What do you mean, "sort of"?

Greenlee: Well, a girl's got to have some surprises.

Aidan: Surprises are good.

Greenlee: Yeah, they are. All I'm saying is you better double up on your time at the gym, mister. If you think Special Ops training was hard, wait until you get a load of me.

Jake: Sorry. I guess as much as I hate to admit it, I need some sleep.

Frankie: You got it.

Jake: Hey, uh, rookie. I, uh -- I just want you to know, believe it or not, I've been able to keep tabs on you. You've actually turned out to be a hell of a doctor.

Frankie: Thanks, Jake. By the way, I know I told you that then I first got back from Iraq, I wanted nothing to do with my family. Turns out, they ended up saving my life. You should let that marinate.

Jake: The only thing I want to do right now is rest, so -- can you hook me up with a little bit of zolpidem? Can you do that?

Frankie: Yeah.

Jake: Thank you. Thanks.

Angie: Sweetie, you know what, Cass is nice and tall and lean, so I think she'd look good in something like that, don't you?

Jesse: Yeah.

Angie: You know, regal.

Jesse: Yeah, I like this.

Angie: Yeah, yeah. Yeah, and I like the drop waist on it, too.

Jesse: I like this one, too.

[Phone rings]

Angie: Hold on. Oh, boy. Ok, I got to make a call. I'll be right back.

Jesse: All right.

Angie: Hey, honey, did you find out who -- find what you were looking for?

Cassandra: No, but don't worry about it. It'll show up.

Angie: Ok.

Jesse: Hey. You going out?

Cassandra: Yeah, I thought I might take a walk, yeah.

Jesse: Think you can spare a minute?

Cassandra: What do you need?

Jesse: I need your opinion. Yeah, I'm hoping to surprise your mother with a really special song at the wedding.

Cassandra: Hey, that's up to you. Your call, not mine.

Jesse: Cassandra, look, your mother is really excited about this wedding. She really wants you to be an important part of it.

Cassandra: Yeah, I am. I'm her maid of honor. What else do you want?

Jesse: I guess I want a little more than just, "Yeah, I'm going to show up, so --"

Angie: All right. I got to run to the hospital and check on a patient. I will be back in a bit. All right, keep working there. See if you can come up with even more fabulous ideas than I did.

Jesse: Yes, ma'am. You know what? Have a seat. We need to talk.

Jackson: So, listen, you. You will let me know if it gets uncomfortable in here, right?

Erica: I will, I promise.

Jackson: Good, you better.

Erica: Thank you.

Jackson: Yeah.

Erica: Well, I love you both. Kiss the boys.

Zach: Hang in there.

Kendall: I love you, Mom.

Erica: I love you, too.

Carmen: Have I ever told you for a smart chick, you're pretty stupid?

Erica: Yeah, once or twice.

Carmen: You told me it was all kaput with you and Mr. My-yummy.

Erica: Oh, come on, just give it up, Carmen.

Carmen: Just look at you. You have the smile the size of a banana.

Erica: Will you excuse me? I have to make a phone call.

Aidan: This marriage of ours, it's going to come first.

Greenlee: No arguments here.

Aidan: And we need to start this thing off right, ok? Because when we have kids, you know, it gets a bit complicated.

Greenlee: Well, we've got enough on our plate right now. I mean, we have plenty of time to talk out kids down the line.

Aidan: We haven't really spoken about it though, Greens. How many kids do you want, huh? You talking one, two, a whole baseball team, what?

Greenlee: I'm freaking out about the wedding as it is. Enough about the kids, ok?

Aidan: I know you can't carry a child, but you do want to start a family, right?

Greenlee: I don't know. What if we decide we don't?

Annie's voice: Do you remember now? Do you remember loving me?

Cassandra: So, what's your problem, Jesse?

Jesse: Oh, I don't have a problem, Cassandra, you do. Obviously with me. And I'm not going to ignore it, because nothing is going to keep your mother from having the wedding of her dreams, including you. So you're going to sit down, and you're going to tell me exactly what it is about me that's bugging you.

Robert: That's right, honey. And when you're through talking with him, you're going to have a nice little chat with me.

[Sounds of war]

Woman's voice: Good bye, Jake. Good bye.

[Medical machines beep as Jake jolts awake]

Aidan: I guess -- I guess I never thought about not having kids.

Greenlee: Well, hey, I'm not putting a veto on the whole thing. It's just that I -- I just got you back from a near-death experience halfway around the world. And we've got a wedding of the century to plan, then you go and get me all tingly, talking about our wedding night. And then suddenly, the whole topic of conversation turns to kids. It's like an emotional roller coaster. I promise, we'll have plenty of time to talk about the kid thing, ok?

Aidan: Sure.

Greenlee: I love you.

Kendall: Ok, I have got to get back to the kids, so we'll see you soon.

Jackson: Good to see you, as always.

Zach: Take care, man. Come on.

Jackson: Thank you very much.

[Phone rings]

Jackson: Yeah, and that's why you're supposed to put it in your pocket, Jack.

[Jack answers Kendall's phone]

Erica: Kendall, I couldn't come right out and say it with Jack standing so close by, but I am so happy that you and Zach have been able to get past your night with Aidan. And if Greenlee never finds out, honey, then it's in the past forever, Kendall.

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Jesse: I'm not your father.

Tad (to Aidan): I'm going to find our daughter and bring her home. For some reason I can't explain, Dixie's got something to do with it.

Adam (to J.R.): Your mother is haunting me.

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