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Zach: Arshad, don't play with me. This is reliable information, right? Ok. Consider it paid in full. Thank you. Well, at least we know we sent Aidan to the right place.

Ryan: Who was that?

Zach: It's an arms dealer. He's playing both sides against the middle. He had a bit of a run of bad luck at one of my casinos.

Ryan: Any word on Aidan?

Zach: He crossed the border a few hours ago.

Ryan: Well, I've been keeping in touch with our team just in case anything goes wrong. I told them to be on alert for a possible emergency extraction in case we need to get Aidan the hell out of there.

Zach: Good.

Ryan: Actually, not so good. The team is pretty certain that by the time they hear about any problem, there won't be anybody alive to extract.

Tad: What do you mean, you can't believe it? Hazel was this close -- this close for two years, and I couldn't see it. All that time wasted.

Jesse: Don't be so hard on yourself. You just had a lucky break fall into your lap. Be thankful.

Tad: I am, I am.

Angie: How did you find her?

Tad: I didn't. My friend Tammy did. It turns out this Morehouse got herself a liquor license from some place right outside of town. Finally something solid.

Krystal: Will you call when you find out anything? I hope she has the answers.

Tad: She will. I know it. I'm mean, I told you how I felt about looking for Kate all this time. It's like I said, ever since I visited Dixie's grave, I feel like -- like she's taking me right to her.

Adam: Yoo-hoo, Dixie.

[Adam laughs]

Adam: Yoo-hoo, look what I've got for you. Pancakes. Peanut butter and banana pancakes. Don't you want to do something like throw it at me? Come on, come on, let's have some fun like we had yesterday. Show me you're for real.

Ryan: We finance a humanitarian effort in order to save innocent lives.

[Phone rings]

Ryan: If people died because of it, then --

Zach: Yes?

Aidan: Hey, is that room service? I'd like to order a pizza, cheese, a couple of beers. Bring it over right away.

Zach: Everything ok?

Aidan: Yeah, everything's good. Made it across the border, I'm at the safe house, I'm just waiting for the team to arrive. Oh, and thanks for the maps. They came in very handy.

Zach: You have Ryan to thank for those.

Ryan: Glad to be of help any way I can.

Aidan: Ryan, I didn't realize you was on board.

Ryan: Yeah, I'm with you all the way, man.

Aidan: I'm glad to hear it. Listen, how's my girl doing?

Zach: Greenlee's fine. Kendall's keeping her company.

Kendall: It's ok. Here

Greenlee: What?

[Greenlee giggles]

Greenlee: Am I going to scream? What's --

Kendall: We'll see. Ok. Ta-da

Woman: Welcome to Moyanne's Bridal Store.

Kendall: We have the entire place for ourselves all day long, and we're going to stay here as long as you want to until you find the wedding dress of your dreams.

Ryan: And if anything starts to head south, you just say the word. We'll get a team in there in a couple of hours.

Aidan: No worries, mate. I've been on hairier missions than this one. Besides, I have Greenlee's good-luck charm with me.

[Vehicle approaches]

Aidan: I think my team is here, so I'm signing off. Whoa.

Rebel: Don't move! Hands up!

Aidan: All right, guys. You got me. Here you go. Ok, then. I guess you're not the pizza delivery boys.

Zach: You?

Ryan: Yeah, sure. Why not?

Zach: Kendall tells me you're getting some help with your amnesia. The doctors doing any good?

Ryan: Not really, actually. How and why it all came about is still a big mystery.

Zach: So the last four years is still a blank?

Ryan: You can ask me what's really on your mind, Zach. The question that was hanging in the air when you took me to the cliff -- am I still in love with your wife?

Woman: In addition to what you've seen, we have many more samples in the back of every top designer.

Greenlee: Oh, this is too good, and so appropriately decadent. I'd like to see them all, please.

Kendall: Here.

Greenlee: Thanks for the surprise and the diversion. You're the best.

Kendall: You have to dress. Come on. How about that one?

Angie: You know, I thought that I would keep it simple. It's not like I haven't been married before, or -- not 18 anymore.

Krystal: Well, we are just going to stuff that thought back into the boring bag where it came from. You and Jesse getting back together is about as much of a fairy-tale ending as they come. So, you're going to get that Cinderella dress to go with it, ok?

Angie: Ok.

Krystal: It's going to be fun.

Woman: I'm so sorry, we're closed for a private showing today.

Angie: Oh, um, well, I guess we'll have to do it another time.

Krystal: Oh, that's not fair. Oh.

Greenlee: What are you guys doing here?

Angie: Hi, what are you doing here?

Greenlee: I'm engaged. Looking for a dress.

Angie: Well, I'm looking for a dress.

Krystal: Is this the private showing she was talking about?

Greenlee: Yes, and you've just joined the party.

Kendall: Yeah! Sure, why not? Come on.

Greenlee: Come on, come on. Have some champagne. Find the dress of your dreams. Unless it's mine, that is.

Angie: Oh, Greenlee, I don't want to impose.

Greenlee: I wouldn't be here if you hadn't saved my life. I insist.

Krystal: I think it's time Dr. Hubbard gets a little pampering.

Kendall: That's right, so what are you waiting for? Come on there, little missy. All right.

[Kendall hums "Here Comes the Bride"]

Adam: You do realize that those letters of intent were to be filed before any contact was made with the board.

J.R.: What's with the pancakes?

Adam: Pancakes? I, um, I just got too busy to eat them.

J.R.: Well, then, I'll get rid of them.

Adam: No, no, don't --

J.R.: What's the story, Dad?

Adam: Uh, what? Oh, the -- the pancakes? I just -- I'm not hungry.

J.R.: Maybe that's because you've been eating too much paper.

Adam: Yes.

J.R.: You know, everybody who's been around you realizes you have some major problems. They're all worried about you. I'm worried about you.

Adam: Then stop.

J.R.: I'm just saying maybe you need a break.

Adam: The only break I need is for my entire family to stop telling me that I'm crazy. This discussion is over.

Jesse: It's closed.

Tad: Ok, so, we wait.

Jesse: Kind of like back in the day on those boring stakeouts, huh? All we're missing is the bad coffee. What is it?

Tad: The sign. The name of the bar. The Sunshine Bar. There was a song. "You Are My Sunshine." Dixie used to sing it to J.R. all the time when he was growing up. We're one step closer. We got to be.

Opal: How do you like the chicken they serve here?

Richie: It's good.

Opal: Just "good"?

Richie: Ok, it's real good.

Opal: Hmm. That's better. It's my secret recipe.

Richie: No kidding.

Opal: Mm-hmm. I sold it to Krystal, now that I'm no longer affiliated with The Chicken Shack.

Richie: Well, I will have to get your secret recipe.

Opal: Oh, no way. My lips are sealed.

Richie: Oh, come on. You don't trust me?

Opal: When pigs fly. You forget, I read your cards, mister.

Richie: Yes, yes, I know, I know. Death is biting at my heels. Yes, ma'am.

Opal: Ok, ok, mock me all you want, sonny boy, but I'm telling you those cards speak the truth. Now, if you don't change your evil ways, you are doomed.

Richie: [Southern accent] Does this look like an evil face to you?

Opal: No, it doesn't and that's just the point. You take it from one who knows. I was married two real bastards. And from the very beginning, oh, they were all smiles and charm, just like you. Oh, I am serious here. Those cards reveal what is going to happen if you do not make some changes. Now, it's not too late for you to dig your heels in, alter your path, and really give your destiny a kick in the pants.

Richie: [Normal voice] Advice received.

Opal: Good.

Richie: You know, at our last reading, there was a subject that you weren't very specific about. In fact, I had the feeling that you avoided it completely.

Opal: What's that?

Richie: What did the cards say about me and Babe?

[J.R. laughs]

J.R.: Hey, buddy. Hey, listen. Lucretia's got a big plate of brownies in the kitchen. Why don't you go in there and get yourself one while your mom and I have a talk? Ok?

Babe: So, why do I get the feeling that you're just going to disappoint him again?

J.R.: I'm sorry, Babe. I know that I promised, but Chandler's working on a major acquisition right now, and I have to stick around.

Babe: What about Adam?

J.R.: Where would you like me to start?

Babe: Is he still acting weird?

J.R.: Just yesterday, he was eating paper.

Babe: What?

J.R.: Yeah. I think he's really losing it this time.

Babe: So, it's all up to you to pick up the pieces, then?

J.R.: Yeah.

Babe: How do you feel about that?

J.R.: I'm scared.

Babe: Well, then there must be something in the water, then, because things have been pretty weird where I work, too.

Singer: Fellas, I'm ready to get up and do my thing

Singer: I'm feeling sex-o-matic so high on love, ecstatic I'm creeping in your attic drop the motor cut the static ooh, such a clever fella I'll be your Cinderella

Krystal: Oh.

Kendall: No, no, no, no. No, no, no. Go.

Singers: Is ya with me?

Singer: Please

Singers: Is ya with me?

Singer: Tease

Singers: Is ya with me?

Singer: Freeze baby, get down on your knees

Singers: Is ya with me?

Singer: Come on

Singers: Is ya with me?

Singer: Yeah

Singers: Is ya with me?

Singer: Ow, honey holla somethin' freaky now

Singer: Your kisses so contagious my body so bodacious our lovin' so outrageous wanna flip the pages, baby you nearly knock me over rollin' in your cover rockin' in your chocha hey there, Casanova

Singers: Is ya with me?

Singer: Please

Singers: Is ya with me?

Singer: Tease

Singers: Is ya with me?

Singer: Freeze baby, get down on my knees

Singers: Is ya with me?

Singer: Come on

Singers: Is ya with me?

Singer: Get it on

Singers: Is ya with me?

Singer: Ow, honey holla somethin' sexy now meet me, meg.

Babe: So, Adam's put you in charge of everything?

J.R.: No, that would just make too much sense. I do all the work, then he needs to look at it like it's some sort of homework assignment.

Babe: And how do you know this isn't just another one of Adam's tricks? He's pulling you back to the company and back under his control.

J.R.: That's what Tad thinks. Tad thinks it's an act.

Babe: And maybe he's right.

J.R.: You didn't see him, Babe. It's no act.

Babe: So, this really is all on you?

J.R.: Yeah. Be careful what you wish for, right?

Babe: You know what, J.R.? You have always had it in your to do this. And you are a better man than Adam.

J.R.: Yeah? You think you can hang out and just tell me that every once in a while? Anyway, that's another reason why I don't want Little A around. I don't want my dad doing anything to freak out our son.

Adam: The pancakes didn't get you going. Why don't we try this?

[Music box plays "You Are My Sunshine"]

Adam: It's -- nothing is happening. None of this really happened. It was the medication.

[Music stops]

[Dixie hums "You Are My Sunshine" then laughs]

Jesse: Tad, you know, this all could -- tell me about Hazel, this woman, and what her connection is with Kate and Dixie.

Tad: I already told you about her. She was a nurse. She worked for Madden. She was there when Dixie gave birth.

Jesse: And this guy's a legitimate doctor, right?

Tad: He was a lot of things.

Jesse: And he ran this adoption scam?

Tad: No, no, it was nothing like that. It was more like he was playing God. He would decide arbitrarily who got a child and who didn't. And, in the end, he was the donor for most of his surrogates anyway. He was raising his own little private master race.

Jesse: Wow. There's a scary scenario. So, what happened to this guy?

Tad: He's dead.

Jesse: Oh. Pine Valley is deep. How did he get involved with Dixie?

Tad: When she was in Europe, she was in a car accident. It was a bad one. She ended up in the hospital for months. He treated her. Convinced her that she was dying, and she had to give up her daughter. To whom is the question I've been trying to answer for the last couple of years. This woman, Hazel, she was there the entire time. She was up to her neck in it. If any-- ok, that's it. That's it. That's her.

Tad: Just give me a minute, just give me a minute, all right? I just don't want to screw this up. Ok. This is it, all right? This is the last chance. My only chance to find Kate.

[Motorcycle approaches]

Jesse: Oh, looks like she attracts the biker crowd.

Tad: Terrific.

Jesse: Yeah. Ok. We're not going to screw this up, all right? You deserve your answers, and I think I got an idea of how to get them.

Zach: Well, I've never been accused of being subtle.

Ryan: Yeah. Uh, I got that. Showing me a video of myself at my absolute worst made that pretty clear.

Zach: Yeah. I was trying to help you.

Ryan: You sure you weren't trying to make me leave Pine Valley?

Zach: Well, honestly, what I was hoping is that you would get your memory back and remember how much you love your wife.

Ryan: How would you deal with it? I mean, if you were in my position, and all of a sudden all your thoughts and all your feelings just kind of snapped back in time?

Zach: Well, in a way, I have been in your position. That's why I came to Pine Valley in the first place. Before I knew Kendall, Maria was the woman that got away.

Ryan: Maria? Maria Santos?

Zach: Yeah. I lost her, and then I found her again here. And she was as beautiful as she ever was. But she'd moved on. She'd found a husband, she had kids, and I should have let the past be the past. So, yeah, I understand your frustration, your confusion. But I shouldn't have done what I did. I should have walked away.

Greenlee: You are going to find the perfect dress today. Jesse's jaw is going to drop when he sees you, almost as far as Aidan's will when --

Kendall: Hey. You ok?

Greenlee: Yeah. Just thinking about my honey.

[Aidan grunts]

Aidan: Great hospitality, I must say. Oh, he looks like a man that's in charge. Listen, man, I'm not a soldier. I'm a journalist. I'm documenting the struggles against --

Rebel: Save your breath, Mr. Devane. You may not have much of it left. Trust is a rare commodity in these times. You'll find few people who aren't willing to sell it away. You were sent here by the Cambias company to retrieve the doctor, were you not?

Aidan: Is he here?

Rebel: The ransom first.

Aidan: The people I work for want to know that Jake Martin is still alive and kicking before they hand over any money.

Rebel: Then the people you work for are fools, and they've only been successful in insulting me. No, correction. They've also provided me with a second ransom to demand.

[Aidan grunts]

Aidan: Nice. Nice in here, isn't it? A bit dry. If you water this place, it might grow.

[Aidan sighs]

Jake: Devane? Aidan Devane?

Aidan: Dr. Jake Martin.

Jake: What the hell are you doing in here?

Aidan: I'm supposed to be rescuing you.

[Jake laughs]

Jake: Well, you got them right where you want them now, don't you?

Aidan: Funny. Thanks.

Jake: At least I have company.

Aidan: That's supposed to be the idea. I thought you might be lonely.

Jake: Do you think that you're limber enough to tuck your head between your knees?

Aidan: I haven't tried lately. Why?

Jake: Makes it easier to kiss your ass goodbye. I remember that you're partners with my brother. Look, please tell me Tad isn't anywhere near this place.

Aidan: Nope. Your brother has no idea that you've been taken hostage. Besides, I'm working for Cambias now.

Jake: Oh, yes, Cambias, my sponsor -- my very generous, generous sponsor.

Aidan: Are you doing ok? You don't look like you've been roughed up too bad.

Jake: Oh, no. No, no, no, no. They've been perfect gentlemen with me, and they serve me afternoon tea every day around 4:00. And I play a little touch football with the boys, and when I'm good -- they got this jumbo big screen. They let me watch the 24-hour genocide channel -- it's especially gripping. It's gripping stuff. Whoa, I've got to -- I got to warn you -- if you're going to kiss me, I haven't flossed in several days.

Aidan: I'm just looking for listening devices, that's all. It's an old habit.

Jake: Gotcha. The only thing that's high tech about these guys is the speed at which their weapons can kill you.

Aidan: No one's going to get killed here, Jake.

Jake: Well, I wouldn't be too sure about that. I'd be dead already if I didn't save the jefe out there. Now that you got yourself captured, the only thing he's probably thinking is, "Boy, how can I milk their mutual boss for more cash?" And if he pays up, or even if he doesn't pay up, or doesn't pay up quick enough --

Aidan: Yeah. I know.

Jake: What are you looking for now?

Aidan: I'm just trying to find the way out of this rope and secondly, I'm going to gauge the thickness of these walls here.

Jake: You sneaky son of a bitch. You got yourself thrown in here on purpose, didn't you? You actually have a plan.

Ryan: I am trying -- you know, to remember what was or what is supposed to be. I mean -- I mean, she's an incredible woman. She's a great mother. I mean, I completely and totally get why and how I fell in love with her. It's just that, whatever those feelings are called when you're -- you know, when you're deeply, deeply in love with somebody -- whatever that's called, it just hasn't kicked in yet. You know? But it has with the kids, completely. I mean, the kids are so amazing. They're so amazing, Emma and Spike. Well, I don't have to tell you. You know Spike, I mean.

Zach: Mm-hmm. Oh -- I -- I meant to tell you. I'm sorry -- we came up with a new game during bath time. He pretends to be a destroyer, and he takes out all the submarines, has depth charges, and it's a bit of a mess.

[Ryan laughs]

Ryan: Well, I look forward to it. Good. Well, I appreciate the warning, though. Thank you. It's amazing because it only took a couple of weeks, but I have so much love for them. You know? That is back 100%.

Zach: They keep us grounded, right?

Ryan: I respect what you have with Kendall, and I respect what Aidan has with Greenlee. I want you to know that and I want you to know that I am no threat to that.

Woman: Not to worry, we have many more.

Angie: Right. All right, come on. Help me out here, ladies. What does your dresses look like?

Krystal: Oh, please. I was boot-scooting in blue jeans and pickled on moonshine when I lassoed Adam.


Krystal: And then with Tad, it was another come-as-you-are, last-minute event.

Kendall: Well, I certainly didn't have a fairy-tale wedding. I got married on a boat. I had a nice cute, little, simple dress, but it didn't matter. I had Zach. I had the man I love.

Krystal: Aw. Well, I did it all bass-ackwards. I married Adam and then I fell in love with him.

Kendall: Oh.

Krystal: Of course, I messed it all up, slept with Tad. I certainly am a downer, aren't I?

Angie: Uh, yeah. Here, have another drink.

Greenlee: Well, I am going for the knockout dress to go with my knockout wedding. Nothing is going to stop me from being the undivided center of attention on my wedding day.

Kendall: And when is that different from any other day?

Krystal: Oh.

[Krystal laughs]

Krystal: Hey, here's to all the great love stories right here in this room. Angie, to finding Jesse again. Greenlee, for your exciting new engagement to Aidan. And, Kendall, you and Zach just seem to grow more and more in love every day.

Kendall: Well, don't forget there's you and Tad.

Angie: Mm-hmm.

Krystal: Yeah. Yeah, me and Tad.

Kendall: All right.

Singer: Well, there's no hand to fan the fire turn a spark into a flame

Hazel: What can I get you?

Jesse: A beer will do. Anything cold.

Singer: Around me don't think it would be insane

Jesse: Thank you.

Hazel: That'll be $3.

Jesse: Ah, that hits the spot. Keep the change. You know, I've been riding all day. So, you've had this place a while?

Hazel: Long enough.

Singer: Thank you absolute

Hazel: I'll be with you boys in a second. Stop it! What are you doing?

Biker: Stay back or I swear I'll kill this guy!

Hazel: Get out of here! Damn you!

[Jesse grunts]

Jesse: All right, make a choice. Pick your battles, boys. All right? Yeah. Smart move. Hey, you ok? Hey, it's ok. They're gone, and they didn't take anything.

Hazel: Thank God, mister. Thank God for you.

Jesse: Oh.

Singer: Don't think you're guilty

Krystal: Hey, where are you going to have the wedding?

Angie: Well, all I know is that we want it real soon and every place is booked.

Krystal: Hmm.

Kendall: Oh, my God.

Krystal: Is that a good "Oh, my God" or a bad "Oh, my God?"

Greenlee: It's good. What?

Kendall: It's good -- the casino, the casino. It was booked for an event in two weeks, but they canceled.

Greenlee: It's beautiful, perfect.

Kendall: And it's all yours if you want it.

Angie: Oh, thank you, Kendall. I'll talk to Jesse about it.

Angie: I'm going to try on a dress after all.

Opal: Richie, the cards were very clear about you and Babe. She is not part of your destiny.

Richie: But I thought you said that we could change -- I thought you said that we had some control over our future.

Opal: Well, there's some things you can change, yes, and then others that are just not meant to be. I'm sorry.

[Phone rings]

Richie: Um, sorry. I need to take this in private. Will you excuse me?

Opal: Mm-hmm.

Richie: Ok.

Singer: I've been down

[Phone rings]

Singer: By Louisiana I've been high

Opal: What in God's green acres would you be calling me for?

Babe: I hadn't realized things had gotten so bad.

J.R.: Yeah. It's ok.

Babe: J.R., I'm -- I'm sorry. I know I've given you such a hard time lately.

J.R.: Well, it's not like I've ever given you any reason to trust me.

Babe: Well, it wasn't always you. I messed up, too.

J.R.: Ah! Hey, there, brownie face! Hey, look, I got to take care of some extra-special, double-urgent, super-secret business with your granddad today. So, your mom is going to take you out this afternoon, but I promise you I will take you out all day Saturday, ok?

Little Adam: Ok.

J.R.: Ok.

Babe: You take care of yourself, J.R., ok?

J.R.: All right, I'll see you.

Babe: Bye. Come.

Richie: Hey. What the hell are you doing calling me? I told you our business is done. You're supposed disappear.

Treena: Yeah, well, that was before I found out that guy you had me set up with was someone rich and famous. I've been reading about him. He's J.R. Chandler.

Richie: Yes, he's J.R. Chandler, and you are a whore who got paid very well for sitting in a bed and doing absolutely nothing. What is your point?

Treena: My point is, what do you think would happen if I went to this guy and told him what really went down? That you set him up so that blonde would catch us in bed together?

Richie: Oh. You're blackmailing me.

Treena: I'm just wondering how much it would be worth to him -- or to you.

Richie: Ahem. Well, it is a dangerous game you're playing, little Treena. But how much will you gamble?

Babe: You understand why Daddy couldn't spend the afternoon with you, don't you, sweetie? He's working very, very hard, and he loves you very, very much and there's just --

[Treena and Richie whisper]

Treena: Trust me. I'm Treena! You must be --

Adam: Oh.

Opal: What in tarnation was so blasted important I had to get over here lickity-split?

Adam: Opal, do you -- do you still do, um, that -- you know, that --

[Adam makes spooky sounds]

Adam: No, wait. Do you still -- it's that psychic thing I'm talking about. Do you still do whatever it is you do to, um, practice it?

Opal: It is not something that one "practices," Adam. It is a God-given gift you are born with.

Adam: Oh, good. Excellent, excellent, because I need your services, and I'm willing to pay you for it.

Opal: For what?

Adam: I need you to tell me if my house is haunted.

Aidan: I have a homing device on me.

Jake: They didn't find it?

Aidan: It's a subcutaneous implant. Don't even ask where it is, but it's itching like hell. So we need to get out of here as soon as possible. But just to let you know, there's a highly trained team on the job, and they should be landing very soon.

Jake: Well, it's very good to see you again, Mr. Devane.

Aidan: Likewise, Dr. Martin.

Zach: You were never a threat.

Ryan: Ha. Meaning that if I had gotten in the way, it would have been a lot more than showing me a scary video of myself, huh?

Zach: We do what we have to to keep our families safe. You're doing it now moving back home. We keep our families safe.

Ryan: You're right. That's exactly what I'm doing.

Zach: And for the record, I wish it were under different circumstances, but I'm glad we're working together again.

Greenlee: Ok, Moyanne, I'd love for you to put these on hold. I will come back to start winning out the possibilities from the maybes. And in the meantime, will you call me when the next shipment comes in -- that shipment you were telling me about? Thanks.

Angie: So, what do you all think?

Krystal: Oh, my.

Kendall: I mean, you look amazingly beautiful.

Greenlee: I am officially envious of you. That's a home run.

Angie: Yeah. This is it. This is my wedding dress.

Jesse: Hey, it's ok. I'm just glad nobody got hurt and you got all your money back.

Hazel: You are an honest-to-goodness hero.

Jesse: I don't know about all that.

Hazel: What's your name?

Jesse: Jesse Hubbard.

Hazel: Well, God bless you, Jesse. I'm Hazel, Hazel Morehouse, and I owe you.

Tad: All right. There you go, gentlemen. You did great. I cannot tell you how much this meant to me.

Biker: No sweat, man. You know, your friend's a lot tougher than he looks.

Tad: Jesse? Yeah, he's one in a million. Thank you. God bless you guys. One step closer, Dixie. One step closer.

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Greenlee (to Zach): I just spent the last two hours trying on wedding dresses for a wedding that may not happen because of you.

Hazel (to Tad and Jesse): You two know each other? What's going on?

Adam (to Opal): You can't see anything? There she is, right there.

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