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Kendall: Greenlee, the presentation is in the lounge. Where are you going?

Greenlee: To the airport. I'm getting on the next flight to Africa and I'm bringing Aidan home.

Kendall: No, no. Listen to me. Aidan would want you to stay here, and be safe, and not worry about him.

Greenlee: Not worry? My fiancÚ is about to land in a war zone.

Kendall: Ok, he'll be back before you know it.

Greenlee: No, I have a bad feeling about this, that he won't be back at all.

Kendall: Hey. Stop. Positive thoughts. Positive thoughts for Aidan and Fusion.

Greenlee: How can I sell perfume when my fiancÚ is dealing with kidnappers and guns?

Kendall: All right. Listen to me. I know it's hard, ok? But, Greenlee, this is big. I mean, this is huge. We have a chance to put our Charm! fragrance in every Japan department store. I need you. Are you with us? Good. Ok. Let's make Aidan proud. Come on.

Annie: That'll make an impression. But not as big an impression as this. Oops.

[Annie sighs]

Ryan: I got your message.

Zach: Have a seat.

Ryan: You said that we have a situation. What's going on?

Zach: The AIDS project that you got Cambias involved with in Africa -- you got Cambias involved with an AIDS project in Africa and the lead doctor has been kidnapped by rebels.

Captain: Work faster.

Jake: I'm doing the best that I can.

Captain: If I die, you die.

Jake: Yes, I got that part. I can get this bullet out if you just lay still.

[Captain screams in pain]

Jake: Ok.

Captain: I will cut your throat.

Jake: I'm sure you will. But I'm a doctor, I'm here to save lives. If you just lie still, then I'll save yours.

[The captain pants]

Jake: Hold him down, please.

Cassandra: I just have to find my mp3 player.

Colby: Just use mine.

Cassandra: No, but my friend made me this mix -- French hip hop. It's so cool. You got to hear it. Oh, there it is.

Colby: You didn't have to change.

Angie: I wish Cassandra would have come with us.

Jesse: Hey, you don't think she rain checked because of me, do you?

Angie: Oh, baby, no. I think she just arrived from Paris and wants to get settled at home.

Jesse: Settled at home. Wow. I like the way that sounds. Here, have a seat.

Krystal: Seriously. Would you think --

Tad: I am serious.

Krystal: Tad -- excuse me. Why would Adam pretend to be crazy?

Tad: What do you mean, "Why"? The same reason that Jenny cries. Because he's an infant and he's desperate for your attention. That's why.

Krystal: I don't think it's an act. I think Adam has real psychological problems.

Tad: Ok. Ok, terrific. If you're right, I'm thrilled. Because, you know, in the interest of justice, I would love nothing more than to see him carted off to the loony bin. I just don't think I'm lucky enough for them to buy that pathetic routine.

Krystal: You didn't have to mock him, Tad. That was just plain mean.

Tad: Krystal -- honey, I love you. I respect you. You got a good heart. One of the best. It's full of love to give to other people, but you are wasting it on Adam Chandler.

Adam: Dixie. Oh, Father Clarence. Is this more of your hocus pocus? Is this amusing to you? Harassing me this way? First, Christmas Eve visions of Krystal, and now Dixie? Well, I'm so frightened, I just hardly know what to do. I guess maybe I'll just wait right here for the next bomb to drop. Come on, padre. Bring it on.

Greenlee's voice: You blew it, Annie.

Kendall: Do you have any idea what you cost us?

Greenlee: You don't belong here. You never did. Go home and bake cookies.

Ryan: Hey, hey, hey, hey. That's enough. All right, Annie didn't do anything wrong. You guys are just jealous and you're spiteful, because I love her. You know what? You both make me sick. Come here.

Kendall: Ok, are we all set? Are we ready to go?

Greenlee: We better be. These guys are a very tough sell.

Annie: Don't worry, I have a feeling it is going to be a hit.

Kendall: Ok. Oh, I think they're coming.

Greenlee: Ok, let's get ready.

Babe: Welcome, welcome.

[Babe speaks Japanese]

Amanda: How do you say "welcome" in Japanese?

Babe: Gentlemen, this is Fusion.

Amanda: We're so honored that you flew 3,000 miles --

Babe: 8,000 --

Amanda: A whole lot of miles to be here.

Greenlee: Mr. Matsumoto, Mr. Tanaka, Mr. Hayashi.

Kendall: Dozo Yoroshiku.

Mr. Matsumoto: We're pleased to meet you, too. My colleagues and I speak fluent English.

Greenlee: Of course, you do. We've talked on the phone. I'm Greenlee Smythe, and this is --

Kendall: I'm Kendall Slater, and we have a wonderful presentation for you today. But, first, some gifts.

Greenlee: We knew how much you like baseball.

Kendall: So this is a token of our appreciation for your visit.

Greenlee: Yes, signed by the entire Phillies roster.

Kendall: Ok. Yes. We hope you enjoy.

Mr. Matsumoto: Thank you.

Kendall: Of course. So, now, if you'd like to take a seat, we have a wonderful presentation, as I said. We're going to show you Fusion's hottest new product.

Greenlee: A surefire winner called Charm! Please sit. Let us know if you would like anything to drink. Make yourselves comfortable.

Mr. Matsumoto: Ah, thank you.

Kendall: Let the show begin.

Ryan: An AIDS project in Africa? What are -- you got to back up and fill me in a little bit.

Zach: A few months ago, you decided to start a nonprofit company, do some good, get Cambias involved, and we would change the world one country at a time.

Ryan: "We" as in you and me?

Zach: Mm-hmm. We were going to go to Africa together.

Ryan: And we didn't, I'm assuming.

Zach: No, we didn't. But you did a lot of work over there. You got the right doctors in the right places. Medical supplies.

Ryan: Wow. Con man gives back, huh? How about that? And what about this doctor that was kidnapped? How long have you known about this?

Zach: Not that long.

Ryan: And I'm just finding out about it right now?

Zach: Word gets out and people get hurt.

Ryan: So, you thought by telling me, it would put lives at risk? Look, Zach, I understand that this is a dangerous situation. I understand that you had to act quickly, but I've lost my memory, all right? Not my mind.

Zach: Point taken.

Ryan: All right. Now, this doctor. What's going on? Is he ok?

Zach: I sent Aidan, so we'll find out when he gets there.

Ryan: What's his name?

Zach: Jake Martin.

Jake: Take it easy. Take it easy. Wait, wait, wait. There she is. There she is. Ladies and gentlemen, the bullet we've been waiting for. And all I have to do is pull her out.

Ryan: Jake Martin, Tad's brother?

Zach: That's one of the reasons we want to keep it quiet.

Ryan: You don't think that his family should know?

Zach: I think we should let Aidan do his job and then give the Martins the good news.

Ryan: So, Joe and Ruth have no idea about this at all?

Zach: Neither does Tad.

Angie: Listen --

Jesse: She told me --

Angie: Jesse and I are making a to-do list for our wedding.

Tad: Yeah, you want me to start planning the bachelor party?

Angie: Anyhow, we found a wonderful caterer, and now we're looking into flowers and music. And tomorrow, I'm going shopping for a dress.

Krystal: Ooh, I want to go with you.

Tad: Terrific. Oh, me, too.

Angie: Listen, I was going to ask you, but I didn't want to impose.

Krystal: Oh, please, I would love to.

Jesse: It's our turn. We're up, dude -- pool table.

Tad: Hey, hey, hey. Ladies?

Jesse: Move it.

Krystal: Have fun.

Tad: Yeah. You know, if you're bored, you should stop by Chandler's later. Adam's got himself one hell of a one-man show.

Jesse: What?

Tad: He's so desperate to get Krystal back he's pretending to be crazy, so she'll feel sorry for him.

Jesse: Heads. How do you know if a guy like Adam Chandler is crazy or just being Adam Chandler?

Tad: Not you, too. Because it's Adam we're talking about. It's ridiculous. He's pretending to talk to people that aren't there. Says he sees things flying across the room by himself. Ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh.

Jesse: So, you're absolutely sure he's not faking it -- that's he's actually careened over the edge?

Tad: Absolutely.

Jesse: So, what are you worried about, man? There's no way Krystal would fall for some junk like that.

Tad: Yeah, you think.

Jesse: He really had a hold on her, huh?

Tad: Still does.

Adam: I'm not insane. No, I'm -- there must be an absolutely logical explanation for all of these incidents. There -- well, let's see. They started about the time I started taking those anti-anxiety medications. Of course. It's the -- these pills. Well, that's the end of that. Huh. The end of that. Now, back to work.

[Adam opens up his briefcase and looks through his papers]

Adam: This is not possible. This is Kate's adoption certificate. It can't be. I ate it! Hmm. I know what this is. Just -- it's just -- just -- just visions. Just -- it's -- it's -- the idea is to try to make me think that I'm mad. Well, I'm not. Do you hear me? I'm not. You hear me? It won't work. It won't work.

[Dixie laughs]

Greenlee: As you're well aware, the demand for fragrance in the Japanese market has skyrocketed.

Kendall: And Fusion is the perfect company to meet that rising demand.

Greenlee: And Charm! is the perfect product. It's fresh, it's fabulous, and it's flying off the shelves in our country.

Kendall: Yes. Now, inside this bottle is magic. Women everywhere --

Greenlee: And men.

Kendall: Yes, and men are falling under its spell.

Greenlee: So, sit back, relax, and allow us to charm you.

Babe: Gentlemen, Charm! is truly living up to its name. As our co-founders mentioned, the sales figures are astronomical. In the past three months alone, Fusion Cosmetics has not only beaten our major competitors, we have increased our sales --

Greenlee: Thanks for making me stay. You're right, this is huge.

Kendall: Yep. One wrong move, and it sayonara.

Babe: You can see that that is definitely happening. As you can see, the women of Fusion are poised to become serious players on the world stage.

Kendall: Um, ahem. Ahem, ok, um -- oh -- there's a little problem.

Greenlee: Uh, what?

Kendall: Oh, my God. Oh, my --

Babe: You know, it's just a computer glitch, that's all. It's fine.

Kendall: Those darn computer viruses. They always go wrong at the wrong time. Can you make this stop please?

Greenlee: You won't be laughing when I impale you on a pole. Will you help?

Amanda: Gentlemen, would you like some water? Some popcorn?

Kendall: Amanda.

Amanda: It's sort of like a movie. What? Ok, ok.

Annie: The keyboard is locked.

Babe: Keep trying.

Greenlee: Turn it off.

Annie: I'm trying.

Greenlee: Fix it.

Babe: I don't understand what went wrong -- I load graphics on this all the time. It always works.

Greenlee: How the hell did this happen?

Ryan: So, no one else knows that Jake Martin was kidnapped?

Zach: Not even Kendall.

Ryan: And yet you decide to tell me. Why?

Zach: Because I could really use your help with this.

Ryan: I haven't felt a real sense of purpose in -- well, about as long as I can remember. For whatever that's worth. But it feels good to know that I was a part of something that was trying to do some good. So, thank you for telling me that. Now, to make it right again, how could I help?

[Since his guards have all disappeared, Jake has the opportunity to make a run for it]

Greenlee: What did you do?

Annie: I must have pressed the wrong button or something.

Greenlee: You're joking. That has to be a joke. How did a video of us pole dancing end up in a sales presentation?

Annie: I don't know.

Greenlee: We could have made millions. Now, the only cash we'll see is dollar bill tips.

Annie: Ok, I'm sorry. What do you want me to do? Go -- maybe I can go explain to them.

Greenlee: You think they're going to take us seriously after "Fusion Gone Wild"?

Kendall: Ok. All right, you two. Get back in the room now.

Babe: We're trying to fix the computer, and Amanda's trying to distract the men.

Kendall: Yes, who can hear you. can you please keep it down?

Greenlee: No. No, I want them to hear how incompetent, how unprofessional, how stunningly unprepared --

Babe: Greenlee, easy.

Greenlee: You know what? We can't succeed -- we can't survive without partnership. If one person says that they can do a job and they don't follow through, everything falls apart. We're done. Do you understand?

Kendall: Ok. Come here a minute. Please. Come here. Listen. I know you're upset about Aidan, ok, but can you take it down a notch? Please?

Greenlee: I'd like to strangle her with my bare hands.

Kendall: Listen to me. She's going through a very tough time lately.

Greenlee: Oh, Ryan doesn't remember her -- boo-hoo. Do your job.

Kendall: That's not fair.

Greenlee: Well, thanks to Annie, you and I are the go-go sisters of Japan. Is that registering on any level?

Kendall: We hit a snag, ok? We'll bounce back. We always do.

Annie: I know how much this presentation meant to you and to Fusion. And it's all my fault. So, if you want me gone, I'll go.

Ryan: The kidnappers -- what do they want?

Zach: A million dollars.

Ryan: So, we give them the money, and they give us Jake.

Zach: That's doubtful. They don't play by the rules.

Ryan: All right, negotiations are out.

Zach: Aidan is an expert on tactics.

Ryan: So getting him in there shouldn't be a major problem. It's getting him out that is a whole different story. So, what is the escape route?

Zach: Airlift.

Ryan: And you feel confident that your men can do this with no casualties?

Zach: I hope so.

Ryan: Tad has already lost a wife, a sister, a daughter. We cannot let him lose a brother, too.

Tad: You got to respect Krystal. She tries to fight the good fight, but somehow she just gets sucked back in.

Jesse: So where are you in all this? Knowing your wife can't shake another man.

Angie: Is everything ok? I've noticed tension between you and Tad.

Krystal: Yeah. We were just kind of having one of those husband-and-wife squabbles. You know? The kind you just keep having over and over and over again.

Angie: And no one ever wins.

Kendall: Yeah.

Angie: I know this is going to sound strange, but I'm actually enjoying those squabbles. I never thought I'd have them again.

Krystal: You got your family back.

Angie: And I just can't stop saying it. It's a miracle. All of us, together and safe.

Colby: Who are you calling?

Cassandra: My mom.

Colby: I thought you left her a note.

Cassandra: Yeah, I know, but you know moms.

[Phone rings]

Angie: Hi, Cassandra. Hi, sweetheart. Listen, we'll be home soon. We're just -- you want to spend the night at Colby Chandler's house? How do you even know her? Well, baby, you're barely unpacked. Oh, all right. All right. Well, I'll see you tomorrow, then. I love you, too, sweetheart.

[When Cassandra and Colby leave the apartment, Robert comes out of hiding]

Robert: You have what I want, Angie. It's time to give it up.

Angie: I haven't seen my daughter in almost a year, and already she's on a sleepover.

Krystal: Oh, well, that's what girls her age do. Ditch Mama for the friends.

Angie: Yeah, I'm just wondering if this isn't more about Jesse. Maybe she's not comfortable around him.

Krystal: Oh, no. That's just what teenagers do. And don't be surprised if she ends up back home tonight.

Angie: What do you mean?

Krystal: Adam is having more episodes.

Angie: I gave him medication for the panic attacks.

Krystal: Yeah, yeah, well whatever's eating him is getting worse. He's seeing things, he's hearing things, he's talking to people that aren't there. I know I shouldn't care, but I -- I do.

Tad: Hmm. You know, I am worried about Krystal. I can't help it. I can't stand the fact that a man like Adam can manipulate her so easily.

Jesse: So, what are you going to do about it, Thaddeus?

Tad: Protect Jenny. That's my job, isn't it? She's my daughter.

Jesse: Krystal's your wife.

Tad: No, no, no, no. That's different. We both came to this dance with a whole lot of baggage. That's ok. It may not be written in the stars like you and Angela, but we definitely have an understanding. And I love her. I do.

Jesse: But she's not Dixie, huh?

Dixie: What's wrong, Adam? You look a little pale.

[Dixie chuckles]

Adam: That was you in the -- in the mirror?

Dixie: In the flesh. Well, not exactly. So, everyone thinks you're losing your marbles. Wouldn't it be something if you ended up in the same padded cell you had me thrown into?

Adam: You still have your sense of humor. And you look --

Dixie: Pretty darn good, huh? Considering I'm dead. You know, I've been gone more than a year and nothing's changed.

Adam: Especially you.

Dixie: I meant here in this room. That's the spot where the poison hit me.

Adam: Ah, yes. I've been thinking of having a plaque installed there to mark the spot.

Dixie: Ah -- something to remember me by? How sweet.

Adam: Yes, you've made resurrection a bit of a habit, haven't you?

Dixie: I must say, Adam, you are remarkably relaxed.

Adam: You don't think I really believe this is happening, do you?

Dixie: Oh, why not? I'm standing right in front of you.

Adam: You were my medication. You're a side effect. An hallucination.

Dixie: Hallucination. Hmm.

Adam: Yeah. Frankly, I was hoping for Marilyn Monroe.

Dixie: Well, blondes do have more fun.

[Dixie laughs as she causes a whole lot of special effects around the room]

Annie: I can pack up my desk right now if you want.

Mr. Matsumoto: Excuse me. My colleagues and I would like to thank you for a very interesting presentation.

Greenlee: Please accept our apologies.

Kendall: If there is anything we can do to make up for our crazy computer error --

[Mr. Matsumoto laughs]

Mr. Matsumoto: That was the most delightful meeting we've ever attended. Congratulations. Charm! is coming to Japan.

Ryan: This map just shows the main roads. Do you have anything that's more detailed than this?

Zach: I was hoping you did.

Ryan: Working in Africa was my idea, right? So, I must have searched the area. Maybe I do have some information that we could use.

Zach: Go.

Captain: You didn't escape.

Jake: Oh. Do no harm. They should put an asterisk next to that part of the credo. Do no harm unless you have guns pointed at your head.

[The captain breathes heavily]

Jake: Do no harm unless you have a man's word that he won't kill you. I'm trying to help him and his people. Ok. All right. Good news -- you're going to live. You're welcome, by the way.

Adam: You're really a ghost.

[Dixie makes ghostly noises]

Adam: No, just -- stop it!

[Dixie laughs]

Dixie: Come on, Adam. Don't tell me you're surprised I came back to haunt you.

Adam: Why should you haunt me? I treated you with nothing but kindness.

Dixie: Oh, right. Yes, you "kindly" shipped me off to a mental institution so you could steal my son and the only crazy thing I ever did was marry you.

Adam: Well -- so, you want revenge. You want to -- because I put you in a straitjacket, you want to put me in one, too.

Dixie: Tempting as that is, no. That is not why I'm here. You just can't seem to get rid of this, can you?

Adam: That's confidential.

Dixie: First you locked it in a safe, then you threw it in a fire -- even tried to digest it. Now that was entertaining.

Adam: Why don't you -- why are you here? Why don't you go off and flutter around our son or that idiot Tad Martin?

Dixie: How can you keep this from Tad? No matter how much you hate him, you have no right to deny him his daughter.

Adam: I don't owe that jackass a single thing.

Dixie: Tad has been through hell wondering if Kate is safe, if she's happy, if she's loved, and you have the answers right here! It's too late for me, but it is not too late for Tad. You can give him his child.

Adam: And you -- you've come down here from the great beyond to talk to me about the baby that you misplaced?

Dixie: I came to make you do the right thing.

Adam: Well, you wasted the trip, baby. This discussion is over.

Kendall: So, that's it. We have a deal.

Mr. Matsumoto: You'll have the final contract next week.

Greenlee: Thank you, all, so much.

Kendall: Yes, thank you.

Babe: Thank you.

Kendall: Ok. Be well.

Greenlee: Bye.

Babe: Well, we did it. I don't know how.

Kendall: Annie, you, my friend, made this happen. You did.

Greenlee: I am so sorry I came down so hard on you before.

Kendall: You are a true Fusion woman, and you are here to stay. So, we're going to celebrate. Do you guys want champagne?

Greenlee: Now you're talking.

Kendall: We're going to have a drink.

Amanda: I'll get the glasses.

Greenlee: I'll join you.

Babe: Hey, are you -- are you ok?

Annie: Sure. Why wouldn't I be?

Zach: A man's life is at stake. You get me what I need. What did you find?

Ryan: Detailed maps of the area. It's got roads, villages, building, and what's beneath the buildings. We got to get these to Aidan, so they're there when he arrives.

Zach: We'll get it done. Nothing's going to happen tonight. Let's call it a day, ok? We'll pick it up again tomorrow.

[Ryan sighs]

Angie: When I was treating Adam for the panic attacks, I gave him the name of a top psychiatrist.

Krystal: He's way too stubborn to see a shrink.

Angie: Well, if he's hearing voices, I'd say it's time to swallow his pride. Listen, if you want me to, if you think it will help, I'll talk to him with you.

Krystal: Thank you. I appreciate that. You probably think I'm nuts getting all bent out of shape over a man who treated me like dirt.

Angie: Well, you can't help what the heart wants.

Krystal: It sure is a lot easier when the heart wants the good ones.

Angie: And you have one of the best.

Adam: What's with all the razzle-dazzle? Why don't you just take this paper and give it to Tad yourself?

Dixie: I don't think it's right.

[Adam laughs]

Adam: You can't do it, can you? You can rise from the dead, but you can't send a fax. Ha-ha! You call yourself a ghost?

Dixie: It doesn't work that way, ok? You're the one who has to give the paper to Tad. You think I'd be here otherwise?

Adam: Admit it. You miss me.

Dixie: Oh -- Adam, a time is coming when you are going to have to make a critical decision, and you will do this.

Adam: No, not a chance. No, Tad Martin tore my family apart! I'm not going to help you put his back together.

Dixie: We are talking about a child here, a little girl.

Adam: No, we're talking about Tad Martin, and he has a little girl. I know because he stole her from me.

Dixie: Do you hear yourself? Do you hear how selfish and cruel you sound?

Adam: You can haunt me till the day I die. I will never give this paper to Tad Martin.

Jesse: My offer stands, man. I'm going to help you find your daughter.

Tad: Look, I love you for offering, but --

Jesse: Nah, no "buts," man. I'm not talking about running out of here and hunting her down tonight, but tomorrow morning first thing, I'm your boy.

Tad: You don't understand, ok? I've been looking for Kate for two solid years. I'm very good at my job. I've searched all over the world, and I've come up with nothing. And I mean nothing. At this point, the only thing I can hope for is a miracle.

[Adam sighs]

Cassandra: Holy -- this place is bigger than the Louvre.

Colby: It's just a house.

[Cassandra laughs]

Adam: I never listened to you before. Why should I start now?

Colby: Dad, what are you doing?

Adam: Oh -- yeah, I was just rehearsing a speech I have to make tomorrow at the board. That's all.

Colby: Uh, this is my friend Cassandra. She's going to stay the night.

Adam: Pleasure. Why don't you two ladies go upstairs and get settled in?

Colby: Are you sure you're ok?

Adam: I'm fine. I'm fine. Just go on. I'll come up later and say good night.

Colby: See what I mean?

Cassandra: You were right. Your dad's definitely acting kind of weird.

Adam: All right, you disappear, you reappear, you could send an army of zombies after me. It isn't going to change the way I feel about Tad Martin.

[Dixie hums "You Are My Sunshine]

Adam: You used to sing that when J.R. was a baby. You may be a lousy ghost, but you were a very good mother.

Dixie: Don't try to butter me up. I should have given J.R. a better father. He shouldn't have been a Chandler. He should have been a Martin.

Jesse: I can't promise you any miracles, Tad.

Tad: I'm telling you, the case is cold. It's ice cold.

Jesse: Yeah, well, it's a good thing you've got 00-Hubbard on the case to light a fire under that case's behind.

[Phone rings]

Tad: You're incorrigible. Yeah. No, no, I'm -- are you sure? You're absolutely sure? No -- ok. All right, fine. I'll get in touch with you.

Jesse: Who was that?

Krystal: Tad? What's wrong?

Bartender: What can I get you?

Annie: I will have whatever will make me forget the fact that nothing went right today.

Bartender: You got it.

Annie: Thank you.

Ryan: Hey. How you doing? Busy day?

Annie: Uneventful. You?

Ryan: Busy. Good though, good -- just very productive. I'm working with Zach, actually. It's kind of strange, isn't it?

Annie: That's nice to hear. You guys used to be good friends. Thank you.

Bartender: You're welcome.

Ryan: Wow, straight scotch. I've never seen you drink that before, or have I?

Annie: Ok, I lied. My day totally sucked.

Ryan: Is there anything that I can do?

Annie: Yeah.

Singer: This time I'm not afraid to let it show

Annie: Sorry. I know I'm not supposed to do that. We're just friends, good friends.

Singer: I'll never let you go

Kendall: Mmm. You haven't touched your champagne. I know. Let's go down to ConFusion to celebrate. Aidan is going to come back to you, I promise.

Greenlee: You can't make that promise. No one can.

[Zach walks in as Kendall hugs Greenlee]

[Jake's cell door closes and locks after the rebels carry out their captain]

Robert: Worthless scribbles.

Jesse: Well, speak up, boy. Who was on the phone?

Tad: It was a friend of mine. Listen, that was Tammy, the woman I told you was, like, trying to track down Hazel Morehouse.

Krystal: Dr. Madden's assistant?

Tad: Right. She was this R.N., right? She knew Madden's whole operation inside and out. I mean, if he was giving away babies, she'd have to know who was taking them. If anybody could tell us where Kate is, it would be her.

Krystal: Wait, wait. After Madden died, I mean, didn't she disappear?

Tad: Uh-huh, until now.

Krystal: Oh, my God.

Tad: Yeah, yeah -- all right, just excuse me, excuse me. Check.

Bartender: Here you go.

Tad: What do you say, Dixie? May just have gotten our miracle.

Dixie: You have work to do, mister.

Adam: Go spook someone else, lady. I'm done.

Dixie: Ha! Oh, Adam, Adam, Adam. You just don't get it, do you? This time, you do things my way or --

Adam: Or what?

[Dixie laughs]

Dixie: Or you will be very sorry.

[Dixie laughs then disappears into the fireplace as a huge fire flares up]

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