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All My Children Transcript Friday 5/2/08


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Greenlee: Yes, I'd like to make a reservation for two, please, for dinner? Yeah, tonight. Um -- the name? Mr. Aidan Devane and fiancée.

Aidan: Ransom note.

Zach: Yep, a million dollars.

Aidan: That's the going rate for a kidnapped American?

Zach: Mm-hmm. More money for the rebel fund.

Aidan: And you had no idea that it was Jake Martin who was grabbed?

Zach: No. I found out when you found out. You know what? I would have paid a lot more than a million dollars to get that man back.

Aidan: But you won't. Because you know what you're dealing with.

Zach: Yeah, I do. The guys that grabbed Jake, they kill their captives whether they get their money or not.

Adam: How did this document come back here?

Tad: What document?

Adam: Oh. Um, what are you doing in my house? This neighborhood is not zoned for trailer parking.

Tad: That's good. Good to see you, too.

Krystal: What -- what is going on?

Adam: My home is being invaded.

J.R.: I asked Krystal to come by.

Adam: Oh, really? Then consider that invitation rescinded.

J.R.: We're worried about you, Dad.

Adam: Oh, really? That's ridiculous.

J.R.: No, we're very worried.

Adam: Oh, really?

J.R.: Yeah.

Adam: What about him?

Tad: Oh, I'm strictly here for the entertainment value. Let's go back to the document show. What's that all about?

Cassandra: Who is that?

Colby: Frankie, hey.

Dre: Oh, the great Dr. Hubbard. What's up, man?

Frankie: Dre, what's up, man? You all right?

Dre: Yeah.

Frankie: Hey, man. This is my sister, Cassandra Foster.

Cassandra: Hey.

Dre: Hi.

Frankie: This is Dre Woods, and this is --

Colby: Oh, I'm Colby Chandler. Frankie and I work together at the hospital.

Dre: Yeah, she is the chief of neurosurgery.

Colby: No, well, I might be the volunteer newbie, but it sure feels like a job to me.

Dre: Hey, uh, sit down.

Colby: Oh, The Comeback has the best chili fries.

Frankie: No, that's ok. We'll just go ahead and grab a table.

Cassandra: Chili fries, really? What else is good here?

Dre: Decision made.

Frankie: Well, we don't want to interrupt you guys.

Colby: Interrupt? Dre, what were we just talking about?

Dre: Nothing important.

Colby: Yeah.

Cassandra: Frankie, come on. I haven't seen anybody but family since I got here from Paris.

Dre: Paris? Really? I've been there a few times.

Cassandra: What'd you think?

Dre: Incredible food.

Cassandra: But sometimes, you just want a burger or a slice.

Dre: Exactly.

Cassandra: Wow, it feels really good to be out. I feel like between Frankie and my mom, I have been held hostage.

Colby: Oh, Frankie and I could tell you all about being held captive. Right, Frankie?

Frankie: Uh-uh. No, that's not up for discussion.

Cassandra: Ignore him. He gets grumpy when he's hungry.

Dre: Well, then, sit down already.

Cassandra: Yeah, Frankie. Come on, we can talk about whatever you want.

Frankie: All right.

Dre: Drinks? I'll grab us some sodas.

Cassandra: Diet for me.

Frankie: Yeah, and I'll -- I'll give you a hand.

Cassandra and Colby: Dre seems like a really --

Cassandra: Nice --

Colby: Great guy.

Cassandra: Sorry.

Colby: No, they actually are both great guys, but Dre and I, we're just friends.

Cassandra: Oh, whatever.

Colby: No, just friends, as in I'm not in your way, go to town, my new friend.

Cassandra: I don't think so. Oh, he's cute, but...

Colby: What? Boyfriend back at home?

Cassandra: No, nothing like that.

Colby: Then what's the problem?

Cassandra: There's no problem. I just -- I -- I'm not interested in that right now. I mean, unlike you.

Colby: Me?

Cassandra: And that look you keep giving my brother?

Adam: Documents are easy to destroy, Tad, but how about I take a crack at you?

Tad: Yep, he's delusional.

Krystal: J.R. says that you are, um, seeing things?

Adam: J.R.? Does he? He does?

J.R.: Oh, come on, Dad. Don't deny it.

Krystal: Are you still having those panic attacks?

Adam: Uh, when you get your M.D., I'll let you play doctor.

Tad: Yeah, playing doctor with my wife. You'd love that, wouldn't you?

Adam: Oh, yes. Yes, that sounds delicious. Krystal, would you leave us alone for, oh, 30 seconds or -- or a month or --

J.R.: The buttons, Dad, the buttons. Just -- just tell them about the buttons.

Krystal: What -- what buttons?

J.R.: He woke up the other morning. All the buttons on his shirt were gone.

Tad: Oh, my God, no. I tried that with my pants once. In general, women don't fall for it.

J.R.: And he said a glass flew across the room.

Adam: No, no. It broke. Broke. That's -- that's all I said.

J.R.: And he's hearing things.

Adam: No, not things. Music. I'm not crazy. I'm not imagining things. Things are happening, but you're going to have to get Mr. Homo-rejectus out of the room, because I don't just say these things in front of, um --

Tad: Real people? Oh, by all means, we'll let you get back to the flying cocktail party with your imaginary friends.

Krystal: Stop it, Tad. All right. Adam... start from the beginning.

Adam: If I needed your help, I'd ask for it.

Krystal: You'd ask for it? I doubt that.

J.R.: Just tell her what you seen, Dad.

Adam: Well, thanks to you, J.R., she's already heard that.

Krystal: I haven't heard it from you.

Adam: Too bad.

Krystal: Adam, whatever it is that you've seen here, whatever is happening here, you need to take care of yourself.

Tad: Take care of himself? That's exactly what he's doing.

J.R.: What is that supposed to mean?

Tad: Nice show. All we need is a little popcorn.

Krystal: Come off it, Tad.

Tad: It's an act. Admit it. You'd do anything to get her back in this house, wouldn't you?

Zach: Did you tell Tad about this?

Aidan: His brother was kidnapped, held for ransom in southern Sudan? No.

Zach: Good. Let's keep it that way.

Aidan: If I did, he'd want to go in by himself, because him and Jake are pretty tight.

Zach: So you agree. We'll keep it quiet.

Aidan: What about Josh? What about Kendall?

Zach: Information will be dispersed as needed. That reminds me. I've got something for you here. This may help you.

Aidan: Good. What about the team?

Zach: They're waiting for you.

Aidan: I'm also going to need a satellite phone --

Kendall: Zach, you are not going to believe what happened with my mom. I'm sorry. Am I interrupting something?

Zach: Just business.

Kendall: Seriously, what did I miss?

Zach: Aidan has decided to go on the mission after all.

Kendall: What?

Aidan: I have to go.

Kendall: Does Greenlee know?

Greenlee: You're not the only one who can plan a top-secret mission, Devane.

Kendall: Greenlee has no idea, does she? Well, what are you going to say? "Hey, honey. Thanks for trying to save my life, but I'm want to go risk it anyway"?

Aidan: You know, I have to go.

Zach: Good luck.

Aidan: Good to see you.

Kendall: What -- Zach, are you kidding me?

Zach: Hmm?

Kendall: What happened to keeping Aidan here for Greenlee?

Zach: Change of plans.

Kendall: Well, what made you change your mind?

Zach: The situation has escalated.

Kendall: What does that mean? It's more dangerous?

Zach: I didn't say that. Aidan and I talked about it, and we agreed he's the best man for the job.

Kendall: It's a done deal, huh?

Zach: Yes. Afraid so.

Kendall: I know Aidan is trained for this kind of work, but he's my best friend's fiancé.

Zach: I'm aware of that. I'm aware of Greenlee's involvement.

Kendall: Ok, well, then why aren't you telling me about this, Zach? Please, I need to know.

Jake: Hi. Uh, can I talk to you for a minute? I'm -- I'm a doctor. I'm not a soldier. I -- I help people. I help people. You -- you have the wrong person. You need to let me go. Wait a second. Wait a second. Can I talk to your captain? Please!

Zach: You trust me?

Kendall: You know I do.

Zach: Ok, then trust that there's a very good reason why I can't give you all the details yet.

Kendall: We're still paying the price, aren't we?

Zach: Uh, no. This has nothing to do with you and Aidan. I'm doing this, because he is our best option of getting our man out safely.

Kendall: I know that, Zach, but what about Aidan's safety? I mean, Greenlee's had too many losses in her life. If anything happens to him...

Greenlee: Hey there, sailor. Looking for a date?

Aidan: Yeah, I wish.

Greenlee: You've never been very good at hard-to-get. Can I get you a drink?

Aidan: No, no just, uh, I need to talk to you.

Greenlee: You want a little trip to the bedroom before dinner? That can be arranged, my friend.

Aidan: Greenlee. Greenlee, just listen to me for one minute, all right? And I mean really listen.

Greenlee: Ok.

Aidan: I'm not going to be here tonight.

Greenlee: Wait. Didn't you get my message? Haven't you talked to Zach? You're not going on that rescue mission. You're all mine.

Aidan: I know Zach said that I'm not going, but things have changed. I am.

Greenlee: You're going anyway?

Aidan: Things have got a lot worse. I have to go.

Greenlee: The hell you do.

Tad: Unbelievable. How do you do it? When you wake up in the morning, do these things just come to you? Or does every oily, little scheme have to be finely tuned?

Adam: Get out, Martin.

Tad: Oh, no. No way. Not on your life. If this is leading up to some kind of field trip to the happy tablet hotel, I want to drive the car.

Krystal: That's enough, Tad.

J.R.: Yeah, you know what? You're not helping.

Tad: Helping what? Come on, you guys, wake up. It's not enough for him to lock us in rooms and beg you to come back? Krystal, he knows how these panic attacks play on your -- your sympathies, so he's just taking it up to a whole new level. [Screams] Duck! Did you see that? That huge, flying squirrel nearly took my head off.

Adam: Oh, if we had only been a little bit lucky.

Krystal: Adam, do you have any idea what might be causing this?

Tad: Hello? Is this thing on? He lost. He doesn't like to lose. You'll do anything for attention.

Adam: That's it.

Tad: But I got to tell you, but so far, this is one of my favorites.

Adam: That's it, that's it. Get out. Get out before I throw you out!

J.R.: Come on. This isn't funny.

Tad: You have to be on my side. You're not falling for this.

Krystal: Tad, I have never seen him like this. But would you look at him? Look at him. Look at his eyes.

Tad: I don't have to. It's not the first time he's done something crazy.

J.R.: This is not an attention grab.

Krystal: I don't think so either.

Adam: I know who's behind this. Father Clarence. It's you. Isn't it? Did you sneak back in the house, you old, fake priest? Hide in the tunnels? Plant Kate's adoption paper? I'm not going to be guilted, not this time. No, you're not going to spook me again.

Krystal: Who is he talking to?

Tad: Floating dental hygienists.

Adam: Tad is never going to know the identity of his long-lost brat. I know -- I know it's you, Father, Father Clarence, because you're the only one that knows the secret. Yes, and your -- your tricks are not very original either. Yeah, last Christmas, when I planted the document in the safe, you just opened the safe right up, and then -- then I burned it. I burned it. And you provided it again, completely untouched. Untouched. [Sighs] I wonder what would you do? Is there any -- anything that I could do that you couldn't destroy? That you couldn't restore? Oh, what do you say when we -- we take a look? Sure, why not? Let's try this.

[Adam tears up the certificate and eats it]

Adam: This is going to be a good one. You going to restore this?

Krystal: What in the world are you doing, Adam? Adam?

[Adam laughs hysterically]

Dre: So how long are you going to be in town, Cassandra?

Cassandra: Oh, you can call me Cass.

Dre: Oh.

Cassandra: Um, I'm not sure how long I'll be here for.

Colby: She might be here for a while.

Dre: Well, that's cool.

Colby: Cool?

Cassandra: So how do you guys know each other, anyway?

Colby: Dre plays in this kick-ass band.

Dre: Oh, we're all right.

Colby: No, they are really good. You should come check them out sometime. Anyways, uh, they practice next door to Tad and Krystal's, this place where I used to live.

Frankie: Oh, I bet they love that.

Colby: They did except for the early-morning jam sessions. Oh, are you in to music?

Frankie: Well, Cassíe is the artsy one of the family. She travels, does sketches, writes poetry.

Dre: Poetry, really?

Cassandra: Yeah, that's -- that's kind of my thing.

Frankie: Hmm, kind of.

Colby: Why don't you guys get together and work on some music?

Dre: Um, maybe.

Cassandra: Oh, I don't really like to show my stuff.

Colby: And Dre's a real perfectionist about his music. I just keep telling him to get it out there. You should, too.

Frankie: Hey, hey, easy, Colby. Don't push it.

Colby: But why? I'm good at it. And your sister's freaking cool. How are you guys related again?

Frankie: Yeah, nice one.

Cassandra: Good question.

Frankie: Ah. Oh, man, I got to get back to the hospital.

Dre: Ah, I got to bail, too. Rehearsal.

Colby: Oh, no worries. Cass, if you need a ride somewhere, I could always take you.

Cassandra: Oh, yeah. Free ride. Sign me up.

Dre: Well, see you later.

Cassandra: Bye.

Frankie: Huh, yeah. Bye, guys. Oh, Dre, Dre, Dre.

Dre: I know. She's your little sister. I got it.

Frankie: Good.

Dre: But you know she's hot, right?

[Robert breaks into the Hubbard's apartment]

Robert: So where would a grown-up little girl keep her childhood toy? I know it's here. I can just -- I can just feel it.

Greenlee: Zach said you didn't have to go, that he would send someone else so you could stay right here with me.

Aidan: I know. And I'm sorry.

Greenlee: Sorry? You're not going. You're not. I -- I won't let you.

Aidan: Please, Green. Don't do this.

Greenlee: We just got engaged. We're planning a wedding. This isn't a part of the plan.

Aidan: I wouldn't have volunteered to do this unless it was completely necessary.

Greenlee: Fine. Then I'll go with you.

Aidan: You can't.

Greenlee: We're a team. I've helped you before.

Aidan: This is a completely different situation.

Greenlee: Well, then, just try and stop me.

Aidan: [Sighs] You want -- you want to get me killed, is that it?

Greenlee: What?

Aidan: If you come over there with me, Greenlee, all right, I won't be able to keep my mind on the job. I'm going to be worried about you all the time. You understand?

Greenlee: There has to be another way. I mean, can't you pay someone like a gazillion dollars to go in and rescue this guy?

Aidan: It's just -- there's no guarantees that way.

Greenlee: I want a guarantee you'll be safe.

Aidan: Well, I'll be coming back to you, won't I?

Greenlee: Yeah, you have no idea.

Aidan: I do. I love you, and I'm going to come back to you. I promise. You just have to have some faith. Ok?

Greenlee: Never really been one of my virtues.

Aidan: Just know that I'm going to come back to you, and I expect you to be waiting for me. [Sighs]

Greenlee: I'll be right here. Can't get rid of me that easily.

Kendall: Another shape, another color on the map. It's a whole different world over there.

Zach: But it's a world that Aidan knows very well.

Kendall: Yes, I know.

Zach: You also know that I care about Greenlee. You do know that, right?

Kendall: I know.

Zach: And I wouldn't send him over here unless I had a very good reason.

Kendall: I just wish our choices would get easier.

Zach: Me, too.

[Phone rings]

Kendall: Hey.

Greenlee: Aidan is going.

Kendall: I know. Zach just told me.

Greenlee: I don't understand.

Kendall: Well, Zach gave him an out, but Aidan insisted.

Greenlee: Stubborn jerk.

Kendall: How are you?

Greenlee: I'm hanging in.

Kendall: Greenlee.

Greenlee: Time to grow up.

Kendall: Do you need me?

Greenlee: Look, I got to go. He's almost packed. I love you.

Kendall: I love you, too. Well, that wasn't pretty.

Zach: How'd she sound?

Kendall: How do you think she sounded?

Zach: Where you going?

Kendall: She needs me. It's another kind of rescue mission.

Jake: [Grunts] Come on.

Man: [Grunting]

Rebel: Him shot.

Second rebel: Fix him.

Jake: What -- what happened to him?

Rebel: Doctor.

Jake: You got that.

Man: [Grunting]

Jake: So you -- you want me to help him?

Rebel: Doctor! Help!

Singer: Are we both afraid are we both too scared to say it frightened of what we might find I see it in your eyes but I don't want to be mistaken tell me it's not all in my mind here I am can't wait another day I've got something I have to say hold me now tomorrow may be never let me show you how to love again hold me now I'm talking about forever let this moment never end somehow hold me now standing arms wide open baby, I'm just hoping somehow hold me now hold me now won't you

Aidan: I'll be back soon.

Greenlee: You better be.

Singer: Talking about forever let this moment never end somehow hold me now

Jake: Back off. No guns. I don't -- I don't work well with rifles pointed at me. Ah. I'm going to -- I'm going to need a -- a knife. A knife. I need a knife. Thank you.

Man: [Screams and moans]

Jake: Hold him, hold him.

Man: [Moaning and whimpering]

Jake: All right, now, listen. I'm going to need -- I'm going to need some water, ok? And my -- a field kit. I had a field kit. It was -- a kit? I had -- I need my field kit. This is not pretty. Do you -- do you understand me? Do you -- do you speak any English at all?

Man: Better than you do, Doctor.

Jake: And so, you're -- you're --

Man: I'm a captain. I lead these men.

Jake: Ok, well, you tell them to stand down, all right? This is going to hurt.

Captain: [Screaming]

[Adam continues laughing]

Tad: Outstanding. Now, this is an act. You've got to take this one on the road, honestly.

J.R.: What the hell, Dad?

Adam: He won't do it. Uh-uh, not again.

Krystal: Who? Who won't do what?

Tad: Ladies and gentlemen, the Chandler clan proudly presents Adam's descent into madness.

Krystal: Tad.

Tad: Oh, my God. He's eating the phone book. It's worse than we thought. Somebody grab a straight jacket. Oh, no, wait a minute. The 3:15's going to float through any minute.

J.R.: Dad, Dad, just please stop it.

Tad: Oh, get a life. J.R., any idiot can eat paper. He's not a rocket scientist. Look, you just grab a chapter and chew. Am I crazy?

Adam: Oh, you, you --

Tad: Oh, you're right. It's delicious.

Adam: You don't even know what you're eating?

Tad: Mmm.

Adam: Now, give it back. Give it back!

Tad: No, not on your life. Sharing is caring, butt face. Come on, J.R. Try some. Tastes like chicken.

Krystal: Oh, this is crazy.

Tad: Exactly. It's exactly what he wants you to think.

Adam: No, I don't -- I -- I don't want you to think anything. You'd probably pull a muscle.

Tad: Anybody got any wasabi? Hmm? Needs a little something.

Krystal: You know what? It needs a dose of compassion, Tad. That's what it needs.

Tad: Tell the truth. Little gamey to you? Hmm? Let's try the stationery. I'll bet it's outstanding.

Robert: 20 years, and I've been -- I've been chasing the wrong Hubbard. Oh, Angie. Why did you keep that toy elephant? And why did you lie to everybody and tell them you gave it away? Did you find that diamond, Mrs. Hubbard? Or is it still hidden in that toy, huh? Such a pretty smile, Angela. Those sparkling eyes. Big, beautiful dimples. But you had what I wanted all along, didn't you? She has your eyes. Very beautiful. Well, you're a very lucky man, Jesse Hubbard. For now.

[Door unlocking]

Colby: I got it. Wow, this place is really cool.

Cassandra: Well, it's no Chandler Mansion.

Colby: Where is everybody?

Cassandra: Um, Mom and Frankie are at the hospital. I'm not sure where Jesse is. Guess it's just us.

Colby: [Giggles]

Cassandra: When I was in Paris, I lived with my dad in this tiny little flat with barely any windows. I mean, it was a nice view, but...

Colby: I can't see anything but the grounds from my window.

Cassandra: Poor baby.

Colby: I know, that sounds kind of lame, huh?

Cassandra: Little bit. [Laughs] So where does Dre live?

Colby: Not into Dre, I thought, hmm?

Cassandra: God, can't a girl be curious?

Colby: Sure she can, as long as you tell me more about your brother.

Cassandra: See, I was right about you and Frankie.

Colby: No, there is no me and Frankie. I mean, he 's made it clear that I may as well be in diapers.

Cassandra: Ok, there's a joke in there somewhere.

Colby: Uh, don't go there.

Cassandra: [Laughs]

Colby: Do you want to go over to my place?

Cassandra: Do we have time for the grand tour?

Colby: Yeah, you can spend the night, if you want.

Cassandra: Ok, do I get the East Wing or the North Tower?

Colby: The tower. You don't want to know what's in the East Wing.

Cassandra: Maybe I do.

Colby: No, just go get your stuff.

Cassandra: Ok, I'll write my mom a note. Be right back.

Colby: Ok. You know, I usually don't make friends this fast. You must be incredibly cool.

Cassandra: Ok, anyone that can put up with my brother ran pretty high in my book.

Colby: Oh, you have no idea what I can put up with. Believe me, wait until you meet my family.

Krystal: Would you stop being a smartass? Can't you see he needs help.

Adam: I'm still in the room, you know.

Krystal: Well, then listen to us, Adam, and tell us. Tell us -- let us help you!

Adam: Uh, I don't need your help.

Krystal: Would you tell us who you were speaking to?

Adam: Out!

Tad: Got any paper towels?

Krystal: Call me, ok? Just do that?

J.R.: Yeah.

Adam: He'll have nothing to report.

J.R.: I'll call you.

Adam: "Get out" means get out to you, too, J.R.

J.R.: Oh, come on. You're just pissed because I called Krystal.

Adam: Yeah, you had no reason to.

J.R.: Right, because everybody talks to walls and eats paper. What was I thinking?

Adam: I was proving a point.

J.R.: What, that you really are crazy?

Adam: No, I'm perfectly sane. And I know exactly what I'm doing.

J.R.: Well, at least that makes one of us, Dad.

Adam: I think I have a very good idea who's doing all this, so I'd like to handle it my way, if you don't mind.

J.R.: Fine. I'm just worried about you, because that's what sons do when their fathers start acting not themselves.

Adam: I appreciate your concern for me, J.R. I appreciate that.

J.R.: Will you at least see a doctor for me?

Adam: A doctor or a shrink?

J.R.: Both, either, someone.

Adam: No need.

J.R.: Well, I guess it won't matter if I leave. Why do I even try to help you?

Adam: Because I don't need your help! That goes for you too, Father Clarence!

Captain: [Moaning]

Jake: I'm -- look, I need a, um, a sheet or a -- a T-shirt, as long as it's clean. A T-shirt and a -- and some light. Can you get a flashlight? You know, a flashlight? Thank you. Ok all right, take a deep breath, ok? Hold on. I have to go in.

Captain: [Screams]

Jake: I'm sorry. I'm sorry.

Aidan: Hey.

Greenlee: You're going to need this.

Aidan: [Sighs] Thanks.

Greenlee: Lots of countries in there.

Aidan: Mm-hmm. I always come home.

Greenlee: Where's home?

Aidan: Right here with you.

Greenlee: Just testing. I guess we better get to the airport.

Aidan: No, you should -- you should wait here.

Greenlee: Excuse me?

Aidan: Well, you know, saying goodbye at airports it gets --

Greenlee: Messy?

Aidan: It's better if we say goodbye here.

Greenlee: It would be better if we didn't have to say it at all.

Aidan: It's going to be hard for you to reach me for a while.

Greenlee: Why am I not surprised?

Aidan: I've done this kind of thing before, Greenlee.

Greenlee: Yeah, but I wasn't around. I have a really bad feeling about this.

Aidan: And what have I said to you before?

Greenlee: "I love you"?

Aidan: And?

Greenlee: You'll come back.

Aidan: And?

Greenlee: "Greenlee, you're the greatest."

Aidan: Yeah, you are. You're the best. Just trust me. I'm going to need you to look after this for me.

Greenlee: No. No you keep this.

Aidan: Greenlee, it's a bit too flashy to take on the job.

Greenlee: Like your fiancée. It's a good luck charm. I have Alfonso. You need this.

Aidan: I have everything that I need.

Greenlee: I won't lose you, you know? If you don't come back here, I'll go over there, and I'll find you.

Aidan: I bet you will.

Greenlee: And I'll kick your ass.

Aidan: [Chuckles] I look forward to it.

Greenlee: I like you, Aidan Devane. I like who I am when I'm with you. You keep me grounded and real, and I need you.

Aidan: I won't be gone for long. I promise.

Greenlee: Lots of promises.

Aidan: It's taken me ages, Greenlee, to find this. I'm not going take any chances with my life now.

Greenlee: This is real, isn't it? You and me?

Aidan: You're damn right it is. Damn right, it is, baby. And when I come back, you're going to become Mrs. Greenlee Devane.

Greenlee: Greenlee Smythe Devane.

Aidan: Yeah, whatever. You're stuck with me now. We're going to grow old together.

Greenlee: Old and wrinkly.

Aidan: I have to go.

Greenlee: I love you.

Kendall: Uh, sorry. Excuse me.

Greenlee: That's ok. It's ok.

Aidan: Kendall, I was just -- I'm just leaving, anyway.

Greenlee: You sure?

Aidan: Yeah, if I don't leave now, I'm going to miss my flight.

Greenlee: Well, that wouldn't be such a bad thing, would it? Fine. Go.

Kendall: I'll -- I'll give you guys a minute.

Aidan: No, seriously. Look after this one while I'm gone, yeah?

Greenlee: As if I need someone to watch over me. Ok, maybe a little.

Aidan: And don't be sleeping with Alfonso when I'm gone.

Greenlee: A stuffed tiger. You're a better cuddler. Now go. Get out of here before I lose it.

Aidan: I love you.

Greenlee: Then hurry your butt back here and marry me.

Aidan: Yes, ma'am.

Kendall: He'll be back before you know it.

Greenlee: No, no, no, he won't. I have a feeling that I'll never see him again.

Zach: Ryan, it's Zach. We have a situation I want to talk to you about.

Captain: [Screams]

Jake: No, this bullet is in too deep.

Captain: Get it out, get it out! Get it out!

Jake: You're losing too much blood, I -- I --

Captain: If I die, you will be executed! [Moaning]

Jake: Doesn't leave me with a lot of options, does it?

Captain: Not if you want to live!

[Moans and screams]

Jake: Sorry.

Captain: [Moaning]

Colby: You ready to go?

Cassandra: I am ready to see this mansion of yours. Oh, should I be more dressed up?

Colby: We're just going to hang out.

Cassandra: Yeah, but I'm going to meet your dad, your incredibly loaded dad.

Colby: All right, you're right. You should probably wear a tiara. No. Where's that hair -- oh, there it is. My dad is normal. Well, not exactly normal and definitely not lately.

Cassandra: Why?

Colby: He's just been acting really weird.

Cassandra: Ok, weird? Let me tell you weird. Jesse, my future stepdad, looks just like my real dad, and, furthermore, after 20 years of thinking the guy's dead, my mom's remarrying him. I mean, it's not that I hate him or anything, but it's just, you know --

Colby and Cassandra: Weird!

Adam: Well, what other tricks do you have in store for me, Father Clarence? What else do you have hidden in this house?

[When he hears a woman humming "You Are My Sunshine," Adam looks in the hall mirror, sees Dixie smiling coyly at him, and drops his glass, which goes shattering all over the floor.]

Adam: Dixie.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Annie: The keyboard is locked.

Greenlee: And thanks to Annie, you and I are the go-go sisters of Japan.

Ryan (to Zach): We cannot let Tad lose a brother, too.

Adam: You look --

Dixie: Pretty darn good, huh? Considering I'm dead.

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