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Adam: Colby? J.R., is that you?

[Adam awakens from a nap and finds all the buttons on his shirt missing]

Adam: What the hell?

Erica: You will see your daughter again, Sherry, and when you do, you'll be prepared to take care of her.

Carmen: You really think you could get us all free college classes, too?

Erica: Absolutely, I do. I mean, why should you waste your time in here? I mean, why shouldn't you turn out to be even better?

Carmen: Hold up, superstar. You hear that?

Erica: What?

[Chanting "Freedom for Erica"]

Carmen: Erica, come here.

[Chanting "This is America, Freedom for Erica"]

Carmen: Looks like you got yourself some visitors.

[Chanting "Freedom for Erica, This is America"]

Guard: Hey, hey, what's going on here?

Protestors: Freedom for Erica. This is America. Freedom for Erica. This is America. Freedom for Erica. This is America. Freedom for Erica. This is America. Freedom for Erica.

Erica: My fans.

Protestors: This is America. Freedom for Erica.

Erica: They're here.

Protestors: This is America, freedom for Erica.

[Kendall recalls the night she spent with Aidan]

Kendall: What kind of people are we? This is how we mourn the people that we love.

[Back to the present]

Kendall: Look at it. Every wrong decision, every regret, up in flames.

Tad: What the hell is that?

Frankie: This looks like my, uh... it is.

Jesse: I got this for you --

Frankie: The day you got shot.

Tad: How'd it get in there?

Frankie: I put it on top of your coffin, Dad.

Jesse: Son, how did you get it?

Angie: I gave it to him. They gave it to me.

Tad: They?

Angie: It was turned over to me, all your personal effects.

Jesse: PVPD gave this to you?

Angie: I knew that you got it for Frankie, so I gave it to him.

Tad: Still doesn't explain how it got in the casket.

Jesse: So you gave this to him after you thought I died?

Angie: Because I knew that his daddy would want him to have it.

Frankie: I brought it to the funeral.

Jesse: I, um... this is the last thing I gave to you, the last gift. What, it just hurt too much to keep it?

Frankie: I, uh, didn't want you to be alone. I was a kid.

Angie: I can't do this. I can't.

Jesse: Hey, hey, hey. Look at me, look at me. I'm here, baby. I'm here with you, all right? No where else.

Angie: What good did this do?

Jesse: This means nothing.

Tad: We're going to find out who did this, Angela.

Frankie: Besides, somebody went through a lot of trouble to gut this thing.

Tad: Yeah, they dug up the grave.

Frankie: And found the elephant.

Jesse: And cut it open, looking for something.

Frankie: Then they put it back and buried it up again.

Tad: Looks like nothing stays buried around here.

Kendall: It's gone. The bomb shelter's covered. It wasn't like this when the thing caved in.

Zach: The cops came up here to dig up the remains we found. Mr. John Remington. Must've covered it up.

Kendall: Gone, Zach. It's over. Zach, what are you thinking?

Zach: After I fell in, when I finally woke up, I -- I realized I couldn't get out, and I thought I'd fallen into hell 'cause I couldn't get back to you or the boys.

Kendall: But we're here. God, I wish that night had never happened.

Zach: I wish I hadn't left you at the hospital.

Kendall: We had a fight, Zach. I was being irrational and --

Zach: I shouldn't have left you.

Kendall: It's not your fault. You didn't fall into that hole on purpose. And I made my -- my own mistakes.

Zach: I promised I wouldn't walk away from you, and I did. And I'm sorry.

Kendall: It's over. Done. And we're together now, Zach.

J.R.: Dad?

Adam: Huh?

J.R.: You ok?

Adam: Uh, um, yeah. Did you see this? No -- no buttons. It's, uh, no buttons. I took a little power nap, and when I woke up, somebody had taken the buttons off my shirt. What the hell is going on here?

J.R.: Maybe Lucretia or one of the maids decided to have their way with you. [Chuckles]

Adam: Oh, yeah.

J.R.: Well, aren't you going to ask me? About Chandler, the meeting that you sent me to?

Adam: Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Um, what?

J.R.: I'm damn good.

Adam: Yeah, damn good. How about, uh, a quorum?

J.R.: It's voted on, done.

Adam: How about Davis? He can be a real pain in the --

J.R.: It's taken care of. I offered to shake up the debt. Deal's done.

Adam: Ok, well, don't congratulate yourself yet. Even a new haircut does not a mogul make.

J.R.: You know, Dad, would it kill you, just one time, to say, "Great job, J.R."? How about hooking me up with a "chip off the old block"? Something, anything.

Adam: Yeah, that's ok. It seems fine. It's -- it's adequate.

J.R.: Adequate?

Adam: Yeah.

J.R.: That's all you got to say? I save your ass, and this is just adequate?

Adam: I still have to rework the value model.

J.R.: There's nothing wrong with this contract.

Adam: Son.

J.R.: What's wrong with you, Dad? Did you have another attack?

Adam: Oh, no, no, no. It's just -- it's something I have to take for a couple of weeks. Doctor's orders.

J.R.: Since when do you take anybody's orders?

Adam: Uh, these attacks, they're -- what they are is -- is like, um, temporary, um, aberrations. They won't be back.

J.R.: And you know this because?

Adam: Because I'm the world's best expert on me.


Carmen: Looks like your fans want you out of here.

Protestors: One, three, five, nine let Erica out so she can shine two, four, six, eight, open up the prison gate. One, three, five, nine let Erica out so she can shine.

Carmen: You wanted attention. You got it.

Erica: I can't believe it.

Sherry: Come on, Erica. You wanted to get the message out. Let's get it out.

Inmates: This is America, Freedom for Erica. This is America. Freedom for Erica.

Carmen: Wait, wait. Is that B5? You know, the group with all the guys? Oh, my God, it is!

Erica: Oh, my!

[Hip-hop music playing]

B5 sings: Something new something special, B5, you already know, another B5 joint. Have you ever met a girl that gave you the drop jaw? You be staring so hard you could walk into a brick wall tell me, did you holla? Did -- did you get it? And did it go so bad that you wish you wouldn't of did it? Well, that's me, that's my -- my story now I'm caught up in some drama that I -- I don't need she be checkin my voicemail erasing my sidekick man, I'm bout to lose it cuz I can't make her stop it. I can't seem to shake her she got that kinda attraction that is fatal this is crazy I got me a e-e-Erika, Erika Erika Cain E-e-Erika, Erika I can't seem to shake her she got that kinda attraction that is fatal this is crazy I got me a e-e-Erika, Erika Erika Cain Erika, Erika Erika Cain E-e-Erika, Erika Erika Cain

Carmen: Why are these guys here? Are they part of your fan club, too?

Erica: Well, I -- I had B5 on "New Beginnings," but I never dreamed these kids would be doing this for me.

[Hip-hop music playing]

B5 sings: Keyin up my car say, Mama, what ya thinkin? U takin it too far you too young to be drinkin Oh, no. I gotta get away. Oh, whoa. Tell me why I can't -- I can't seem to shake her she got that kinda attraction that is fatal this is crazy I got me a baby. E-e-Erika, Erika Erika Cain E-e-Erika, Erika I can't seem to shake her she got that kinda attraction that is fatal this is crazy I got me a e-e-Erika, Erika Erika Cain E-e-Erika, Erika

This chick cryin she in love but last week she was a stranga you know the deal shorty actin wild so I tamed her back seat and deranged her now I'm wishing someone would restrain her it's like a bad movie where to change her Erika Cain her brain is insane but her frame is so flame you'd be blind to the pain knew I shoulda never let her be p-bribe leer me the trippin oh I think I seen her creep by real. I can't seem to shake her she got that kinda attraction that is fatal this is crazy I got me a e-e-Erika, Erika Erika Cain E-e-Erika, Erika I can't seem to shake her she got that kinda attraction that is fatal this is crazy I got me a e-e-Erika, Erika Erika Cain E-e-Erika, Erika I can't seem to shake her she got that kinda attraction that is fatal this is crazy I got me a e-e-Erika, Erika Erika Cain e-e-Erika, Erika I can't seem to shake her she got that kinda attraction that is fatal this is crazy I got me a e-e-Erika, Erika Erika Cain E-e-Erika, Erika Erika Cain


Jesse: Thanks, Tony. What was Papel after? And why the hell would he think it'd be buried in my kid's toy? I mean, I bought the thing at some toy store, right, the same day, uh, before I got shot, and there was nothing in it then.

Tad: You sure?

Jesse: I'm positive.

Frankie: Somebody could've gotten to it later?

Tad: Bingo.

Angie: It doesn't matter anymore. Papel is dead. Look, we've done what we came here to do. Let's go home.

Jesse: I'm not finished here, baby.

Frankie: Dad, the police will let you know if they have any tips from the elephant.

Jesse: No, there's just --

Angie: Haven't we done enough already?

Jesse: There's just one more thing I need to take care of. I want you all to say goodbye to my tombstone. As of tomorrow, I'm going to have that thing chiseled into a million little pieces. It'll be gone forever.

[Angie sighs]

Tad: Good riddance.

Jesse: Yeah, I won't be needing one of those in a long, long time. Tony, call me when you have the results? Thanks. Tad, you coming?

Tad: Oh, no, uh, you go ahead. I've got something I got to do first.

Jesse: Sure.

Kendall: Ready to go? Come on. Zach? Zach, what are you doing? Zach, put that down! Zach, please, put it down. Why are you touching that? Zach, my God, Zach. Here, let me see. What did you do? What are you doing? What is... oh, my God. Zach, why would you do that? Why would you hurt yourself?

Zach: Let's go home.

Sherry: Way to go, Erica.

Inmates: Whoo-hoo, yeah!

Guard: Ms. Kane. The warden wants to see you.

Erica: Oh, of course.

Carmen: Don't go.

Erica: Well, why wouldn't I go? I mean, I don't think I have much choice.

Carmen: I've seen a ton of prison movies. Private meetings with the warden are never good.

Erica: Oh, no, I'm sure that she just wants to commend me on -- on adapting and reaching out to all the inmates.

Carmen: Yeah, sure she does.

Erica: I'll be fine, really.

Carmen: Just call Jack. Tell him to get his butt down here.

Erica: I don't need Jack for this.

Carmen: Just in case.

Erica: No, really, I'm going to handle this myself. Ok, uh, is -- is the warden ready?

J.R.: Has it ever occurred to you, Dad, that maybe you're having these attacks because you can't let go of anything?

Adam: Just because I don't want my company, my legacy, run into the ground?

J.R.: No, I'm not talking about Chandler. I'm talking about everything, Dad, who lives in your house, who is that family, what -- what that family does.

Adam: I pay attention to all my interests. Any wise man would.

J.R.: No, you control your interests, just like you control Chandler, just like you control us, your lucky kids. Look, I'm not going to have this argument that we've had so many times. All I'm saying is that maybe all this control is what's hurting you.

Adam: I will take your concern under advisement.

J.R.: Just like you took Krystal's concern? That woman was a wreck when she came into that hospital. What did you do to her?

Adam: My relationship with Krystal is none of your business.

J.R.: Not when she's the grandmother of my child, not when she's married to Tad. I mean, the way that you went after those two.

Adam: Yeah, what happened to us not getting into this?

J.R.: What you did to Jenny, how you used Kate. I mean, my God, Tad hasn't even met his 5-year-old daughter, and you used her to hook Krystal. All lies.

Adam: Sometimes you are too much like your mother.

J.R.: Yeah?

Adam: Yeah.

J.R.: I bet you she's up there right now, pissed as hell that you used Kate like that.

Tad: Hey, sweetheart. Oh. So nice to have Jesse back. Lord, I wish you could've known him. [Sighs] Oh, Lord, I miss you. Every day goes by, I wonder... what I would say if I had the chance to be with you just one more time. For a day, one hour. Hell, I'd settle for five minutes. Every day, I think about leaving you at that front door. "Later, see ya." Like we had all the time in the world. I haven't forgotten my promise to you. Find our -- our little girl. I've tried. God knows I've tried, Dixie, every single day. Something new, you know, making calls, chasing down fresh leads. Anything, anything at all. I promised you I would find our daughter, and I will. I need your help. Please, Dixie, help me. Help me find our little girl.

[Wind rustling]

J.R.: Just stop all the lies, ease off the throttle, and think about how good that's going to make you feel, not to mention everybody else.

Adam: Ah, well, you're hardly a relationship expert yourself.

J.R.: Who do you think I have to thank for that?

Adam: Oh, Martin and your incredibly naive mother.

J.R.: Don't -- don't go there. My mom --

Adam: She was not a saint, regardless of how much you'd like to remember her that way.

J.R.: She wasn't perfect, but she certainly knew how to love.

Adam: Oh, far too easily sometimes. You know, I think it would be good for you if you were a bit more like your old man.

J.R.: Really?

Adam: Yeah.

J.R.: Where did that get us? You lost Krystal. I lost Babe.

Adam: Admitting defeat is a weakness. Chandler men are anything but weak.

J.R.: Sure, Dad. Anything but.

Tad: Hey, guys. Sorry about that.

Jesse: Hey, we were just telling her about the elephant we found.

Krystal: Wait, what? Elephant? What?

Frankie: A stuffed one. A toy.

Angie: Jesse had gotten it for Frankie.

Tad: That's what was in the coffin.

Krystal: Ok. Well, why in the world would somebody --

[Doorbell rings]

Jesse: You expecting someone?

Tad: No.

Robert: Hello, Tad. Oh, am -- am I interrupting?

Tad: Actually, yes.

Robert: I'm sorry. It's just that I -- I did hear that the police were exhuming that grave tonight, and I guess you can retire, but you can't forget your last case, right? Uh, did they -- did they, uh, find anything yet?

Tad: Nothing. Grave was empty.

Robert: Nothing, huh?

Tad: Nada.

Robert: All right. Well, like I said, I'm sorry to intrude. Have a good evening.

Angie: Good night, Robert.

Krystal: I'll show you out.

[Robert drops his keys. As he picks them up, he plants a bug under a table]

Robert: Oh. There we are. Have a good evening, everybody.

Tad: Take care, Robert.

Robert: Good night, good night.

Krystal: Good night, now.

Tad: Is it just me, or does he just show up everywhere?

Frankie: So what's up with lying to rob? I mean, the guy saved our lives.

Angie: Frankie, if you knew Tad's biological father -- Ray Gardner was a monster.

Tad: Well, it's just -- it's not just about him being my father's brother.

Jesse: You just straight up can't stand the man, huh?

Tad: Come on, give me a break. You were a cop. Don't you remember that feeling in the pit of your stomach? You know, someone told you, "There's something wrong with this one"? That happened to you occasionally, right?

Jesse: Yeah, all the time.

Tad: Ok, well, I may be wrong, but if I'm not, there's something wrong with this one.

Jesse: So we just hold out for a little while longer, huh?

Krystal: Wait -- wait a minute now. Isn't the case closed? You opened the coffin. There was no body. I mean, end of story, right?

Frankie: My old elephant's not talking.

Tad: Angela? Baby, you all right?

Angie: I have a confession to make.

Erica: Good evening, warden.

Warden: Finally, I meet the Erica Kane. Well, you have quite a fan base.

Erica: Well, I'm just as surprised as you are, warden.

Warden: Ah, well, guards are dispersing the group as we speak.

Erica: Peacefully, I hope.

Warden: [Chuckles] Of course. That's actually not the only reason I asked you here.

Erica: Yes?

Warden: I have been hearing that you're offering your assistance to other inmates.

Erica: Oh, minor, potential improvements here and there.

Warden: Defense attorneys? Uh, free education? Therapy? These are not minor things.

Erica: Well, I'm sure that, in your position, you are overwhelmed. Otherwise, you certainly would have handled these women's complaints.

Warden: Oh, instead, you found it necessary to call in Samuel Woods and Jackson Montgomery.

Erica: Jackson Montgomery is my ex-husband and my attorney, and celebrity gives me access to people like Samuel Woods, access that most of these women do not have.

Warden: Water?

Erica: Thank you.

Warden: So let's see. That means you found it necessary to call in the cavalry.

Erica: Thank you. Jackson Montgomery and Samuel Woods are brilliant legal minds and very influential men, and they could do the system a world of good. Job training, child custody, advocacy, work programs --

Warden: I'm well aware, Miss Kane, of what my women need.

Erica: Oh, I did not mean to imply --

Warden: [Chuckles] Basically, you're telling me that I'm not doing my job.

Jesse: So what do you have to confess, baby?

Angie: Frankie, honey, you know when you told me that you wanted to put the elephant in your father's coffin, I didn't want to stop you?

Frankie: Yeah, and you didn't. So what's up?

Angie: I couldn't bear to part with something, something from Jesse. It was one of the last things you touched.

Jesse: So Frankie didn't throw the toy that I bought him into the grave?

Angie: No. I went out and found the exact same elephant.

Tad: And switched them.

Frankie: So the original is still out there.

Krystal: And the substitute was in the coffin.

Jesse: And Papel or whoever cut it open, trying to find something.

Tad: And couldn't possibly find whatever it was because they were looking in the wrong elephant.

Jesse's voice: So whatever Papel wanted is still out there somewhere, in the original elephant. So where's the original elephant now?

Angie's voice: I don't know.

Jesse's voice: Are you sure?

Krystal: Yeah, I mean, something so special, you -- you must have kept it somewhere safe, right?

Angie: Remember your sister's Mr. Trunks?

Frankie: You mean Cassie's old elephant was the one that Dad bought?

Angie: Yeah, I let you think I'd bought another one.

Jesse: So -- so where is it?

Frankie: You gave it to Cassandra when she was a baby in New York.

Angie: But when Cass went off to school in Paris, I packed up a lot of things that she had grown out of.

Jesse's voice: Including the elephant.

Angie's voice: Well, I thought it was time to let go of the toy.

Angie: So I gave the box of things to a charity in the city.

Frankie: There's no way you can find that toy now, Dad.

Jesse: Well, we'll never know until we give it a shot, right? Now whatever Papel wanted, he took 20 years of my life for it. Now, if there is even the slightest chance I can get out there and find this thing, I got to go for it.

Tad: I'll be right there with you.

Angie: Will you two please stop? You're being unrealistic.

Frankie: Yeah, what are you going to do, Dad? Knock on the door of every family in New York?

Tad: If he has to.

Angie: You've become obsessed, Jesse. The elephant is gone. What Papel wanted is gone. You have to accept that. Please, for all of us.

Jesse: All right. If it's going to make you happy, I'll drop it.

Angie: Thank you, Jesse. Thank you.

Jesse: Tad, you can't drop your mission, can you?

Tad: Hell no. It's entirely different. I've been looking for Kate for years. I'm not about to stop now.

J.R.: That a boy, J.R. You did great! Ah, gee, thanks a lot, Dad.

Adam: An important client is coming into town tomorrow. I won't be able to meet with him.

J.R.: Oh, you -- you want me to take a meeting for you, huh?

Adam: Please.

J.R.: Oh, there's a shocker. Yeah, you still can't tell me what a good job I did.

Adam: You're learning.

J.R.: Learning, my ass.

Krystal: Jesse needs to forget his case. You have a case you can't forget. Why don't you help Tad find his daughter?

Tad: Krystal, it's ok. I've got it.

Angie: No, Jesse, you -- you could do some good here, baby.

Tad: Nobody wants to get involved in a cold case.

Krystal: Somebody who likes a challenge would. Somebody who wants to help you.

Frankie: Somebody who needs something to take his mind off his own deal.

Angie: Jesse came back to us, and that was a miracle. Maybe he can do the same for you, Tad.

Tad: What do you say? You want in on this?

Jesse: It's your call.

Tad: Well, I think Dixie would love some help from an old friend.

Jesse: Well, this old friend would love to help.

Warden: Do you even understand these women? What they did, how they got here? What's waiting for them when they get out?

Erica: Warden, I'm not giving them a free pass, believe me, but giving them the tools to help them repay their debt to society can't hurt anyone.

Warden: Oh, please. For you, this is a Budget Motel on the way to the Ritz. For most of our inmates, this is better than they have ever known. Give up helping these women, Miss Kane. You have no idea what you're doing.

Erica: I'm sorry. I can't do that.

Warden: Some inmates have not responded well to your reaching out. In fact, the main thing you're creating is resentment.

Erica: A few people, perhaps.

Warden: A lot more than a few. Some of the inmates believe that you're simply using them for good press, a shorter sentence. The women here do not like being used.

Erica: I am not using them. I'm trying to help.

Warden: There have been threats.

Erica: Threats?

Warden: You had that guard give me the note you received.

Erica: Oh. That was not a threat. That -- that was my misunderstanding. No, no, no, they wanted to talk to me.

Warden: There have been others.

Erica: From whom?

Warden: Well, there's no need for you to know the details. I'm handling it.

Erica: Well, of course, I need to know the details.

Warden: In the meantime, it's my job to protect you, even if it is from your own helpful intentions.

Erica: How do you plan to protect me?

Warden: Well, until we can defuse the threats, it will be necessary to put you in protective custody.

Erica: What does that mean?

[At home, Kendall lovingly applies a soothing balm to Zach's burned hand, then kisses it. Finally, they begin to kiss and lie down on their bed together. After Kendall falls asleep, Zach opens Aidan's personal file.]

[A guard locks Erica in a small cell alone]

Angie: Cassandra, baby, is that you?

Cassandra: Hey, Mommy. How are you?

Angie: Well, I'm better now that you called. How's Paris?

Cassandra: You know, what's the weather like in Pine Valley?

Angie: What do you mean?

Cassandra: I thought it was time I showed my face around there.

Angie: Cass, honey, don't play your mother.

Cassandra: Well, I got to meet Jesse. It's time, right?

Angie's voice: You sure?

Cassandra: Nervous. I've never met a living legend before.

Angie: Well, he wants to meet you, too, honey.

Cassandra: Ok, Mommy. I got to go finish packing, so I will see you tomorrow.

Angie: Tomorrow?

Cassandra: Surprise. Bye.

Robert: Damn you, Angela Hubbard. Why'd you have to be so stupid? That was my chance at getting the other diamond. Damn all of you. You will not get away with this. You will not cheat me!

Adam: Not bad. Not bad at all.

[Adam pours himself a drink]

Adam: Mm.

[When he sets the glass down, it moves away from him and flies across the room, shattering against the fireplace. Then the music to "You Are My Sunshine" faintly starts playing on the stereo.]

Adam: Oh. It's not on. It's off, it's off. It's not -- what the...

[Music playing]

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Zach (to Tad): I burned down your cabin. I hope you don't mind.

Jesse (to Frankie): Your mother has a daughter. And that daughter, I would like to like me.

Angie (to Cassandra): You have no idea what you're walking into.

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