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Carmen: What's up with you? You've been jumpy all day.

Erica: No, I'm just eager to get this started, that's all.

Carmen: You sure? Because ever since you talked to those girls --

Erica: Those women have asked me to help them, and I intend to do that.

Carmen: That's good, because like I told you, they're not going to be too happy if you let them down.

Guard: You remember the drill?

Jack, Samuel, and Guard: No touching the prisoner.

Jack: Yeah.

Angie: Are you absolutely sure about this? We can leave, baby, any time you want.

Frankie: Yeah, Dad, just say the word.

Jesse: No, I need to be here. But you guys don't. I mean, if you feel you need to leave, it's ok.

Angie: I go where you go. Got it? What's wrong?

Jesse: It's just I wish that...

Jesse: Never mind, it's all good.

Annie: Hey.

Kathy: I'm here.

Annie: Whoa.

Julia: Kathy is a little excited about her play date with Emma.

Annie: Yeah, well, considering Emma's been bouncing off the walls all day, I would say the feeling's mutual.

Julia: Is this --

Annie: Ryan's. He's moving back in. We're going to be one big, happy family.

Julia: And that's a good thing, right?

Annie: It would be, if Ryan had any clue who I was.

Ryan: Hi, how are you doing?

Therapist: Fine, how are you?

Ryan: Oh, I'm good, actually. I'm good. I had a pretty good day.

Therapist: What was so good about it?

Ryan: It's not like I really did anything that special. Just hanging out with Greenlee. Just messing around. We're playing this arcade game, actually, and she said she was going to kick my butt, and, well, she did. What? I'm not allowed to have fun now?

Therapist: So, you have fun with Greenlee.

Ryan: Yeah, I have fun with Greenlee. She's a good friend.

Therapist: She is also your ex-wife.

Kendall: Do I have your attention now? Huh? Talk to me, Zach.

Zach: I don't know what you want me to say.

Kendall: I am right here, standing in front of you. And what happened, happened. I can't erase that night with Aidan, no matter how much I want to. Don't you understand, Zach? It will never go back to the way it was because it can't, and that's my fault. Things will never be the same again. Ok? All right, I said it. Now you say it.

Ryan: Look, I was just trying to make a point, ok?

Therapist: And I understand. Your point is, you had a good time with your ex-wife.

Ryan: But you think that it means something?

Therapist: Do you?

Ryan: I don't know. I mean, we just -- we had a good time, you know? We relaxed.

Therapist: So, maybe more specifically, you feel relaxed with Greenlee?

Ryan: Ok. All right, I mean, yeah. You know, with her, there's just -- there's no expectations. You know what I mean? She's not monitoring me. She's not waiting for me to remember something. Not like everybody else. Not like --

Therapist: Like Annie?

Julia: So, it's not getting any easier, huh?

Annie: No, it is. I mean, you know, we're spending a lot of time together as a family, and Ryan's as wonderful with Emma as he ever was. He doesn't remember becoming her father, but he still has a lot of love for her. You know what I mean?

Julia: Yeah. I mean, it's got to be kind of rough.

Annie: No. No, I mean, seeing them together, it's incredible.

Julia: I mean for you.

Annie: I'm not jealous of my daughter. I can't be.

Julia: No, no, no, no. I just mean -- I'm sure that you wish that he remembered that he loved you.

Annie: I wish. I pray. I fantasize.

Julia: So, what do you guys do when you're together? Do you touch? Do you kiss? Do you talk about things? Or what do you talk about? Or -- I'm sorry. I don't want to make you uncomfortable.

Annie: No, no, no, no. It's fine. Let's see, we talk about Emma. We talk about the memory loss thing, obviously. As far as the touching-kissing stuff -- to tell you the truth, Julia, I don't know if Ryan has any feelings for me at all.

Erica: Samuel, I'd like you to meet my friend, Carmen Morales.

Samuel: The notorious Ms. Morales. How do you do?

Carmen: I do good. I mean, I'm good, thank you.

Erica: All right, please, sit.

Carmen: You can take that one.

Samuel: Thank you.

Carmen: Erica told me you were going to get me out of here?

Erica: Well --

Samuel: Is that what she said?

Erica: Carmen, I told you that Mr. Woods was going to look into it. Remember? That's what I said.

Carmen: Oh, yeah, sorry. That is what she said.

Jack: I thought we were going to be meeting alone.

Erica: Oh, I never said that when we spoke.

Jack: No, no, you didn't, but you sounded so urgent, I thought maybe this was a, you know, a personal matter.

Erica: It is. This is very personal. This concerns Carmen and myself and all the women in this facility. And to get everything done, I'm going to need both of you. Your help, I mean. Carmen, do you have the notes that I wrote up? The notes, Carmen.

Carmen: Oh, yeah. Sorry. Here they are, superstar.

Erica: All right, thank you. Ok, Samuel, this list is for you. This is a list of all the issues that need to be dealt with on a federal level. These issues concern the conditions and the rehabilitation opportunities that exist in this prison. Job training, counseling, free GED, free college courses, parenting courses, complimentary transportation for family visits. So, this is where I want you to start.

Samuel: And that's it? Do you want it done by the end of the week or should I take the weekend off and go work a miracle in a neighboring county?

Carmen: You didn't tell me he was funny.

Erica: Samuel Woods is a barrel of laughs. No, I was just trying to make you aware of the injustices here in this prison, because there are many of them.

Samuel: Hmm.

Jack: So what did you have in mind for me?

Erica: Many things. However, I would like you to begin by taking on Carmen. As her new attorney, I want you to get her released.

Zach: I don't know what you want me to say.

Kendall: Say anything, please. Like, how do you feel? I mean, how do you really feel about what happened with me and Aidan?

Zach: How do I feel?

Kendall: Yes. You've been so understanding. You've been too understanding. And you can't be ok with this, Zach. You can't. And until you own up to that... I had sex with another man, Zach.

Zach: And you... And you want -- you want to know how I feel?

Kendall: Yes.

Zach: You want to know how it feels to picture Aidan's grubby hands caressing your perfect skin? You want to know how that feels?

Kendall: Yes, tell me.

Zach: It feels like a knife in my throat. Over and over and over again. When I get that image in my mind, and I can't get it out. And if I'd known that that picture was going to be in my mind every second of every day, I would have chosen to stay in that hole in the ground for the rest of my life.

Samuel: So, then I am off the hook. Jackson's going to handle Ms. Morales, which leaves me free to deal with the rest of the globe.

Carmen: Please call me Carmen, Senator. I never met a senator before.

Erica: You still haven't.

Samuel: Now, Erica, I thought we discussed other ways to handle this case.

Erica: "Those who affect public opinion have more power than those who write the laws." Abraham Lincoln.

Jack: Good for you. Good for you.

Erica: I intend to speak out publicly. I just thought it would be better to broaden the message.

Samuel: You're used to this stuff, huh?

Jack: Actually, no. This is something entirely new.

Erica: Well, good. I'm glad I can still surprise you, Jack.

Frankie: How long do you think it's going to take?

Tad: I don't know. There's 20 years of earth between us and that casket.

Jesse: Twenty years of questions.

Angie: You'll get your answers tonight, Jesse. We all will.

Robert: Now, whatever you're working on right now, I think you might just want to put that on hold. I'm telling you. No, but that last stone you cut was nothing compared to what I've got. Well, no, not quite yet, but things are looking up. No, by the end of the day, I should have the biggest diamond you ever laid eyes on.

Kendall: Don't say you would rather be back in that hole in the ground, this close to losing me and our boys.

Zach: You wanted the truth.

Kendall: Yeah, I do.

Zach: No, you don't. Because the truth hurts. This hurts, and I've been trying to avoid that. Hurting you. Over breakfast, in the shower, when we make love, that's all I've been trying --

Kendall: Wait, you think about this during all that?

Zach: Yeah, it's all I think about. It's all I think about. And I want to scream. And I want to tear things apart. And I've gotten this close to losing it, but I can't. I got to hold it together. For you, for Spike, for Ian. I got to make sense of all of it.

Kendall: Without talking to me?

Zach: I can't talk to you. I can't lose you. I can't lose my family. I got to find a place for this, so it doesn't destroy us.

Kendall: By pretending that it doesn't exist?

Zach: By accepting it and moving on.

Kendall: Zach, don't you understand? You can't do that without me.

Zach: I have.

Kendall: Ok.

Zach: You and Aidan, it doesn't belong here. It doesn't belong with us.

Kendall: But it happened, Zach.

Zach: I know that.

Kendall: Please, I want to deal with this. I really want to.

Zach: No, you don't want to deal with it. You want to hold onto it. But I can't do that. Because my life is too full. It's too full of memories of you, me, us. What should I do? Hmm? What memories should I throw out? Tell me. Our first kiss? Balloons, New Year's Eve? Our wedding day? What memories do you want me to throw out to make room for you and Aidan? You choose.

Tad: What's up?

Angie: I don't know.

Tad: Come on, you got to do better than that.

Angie: I just have this feeling, like if -- when we finally open that coffin, something is going to go very wrong.

Robert: Hurry up now, boys. I've been waiting 20 years for this.

Therapist: Have you remembered anything since our last session?

Ryan: Not about Annie. Actually, not at all about anything.

Therapist: What do you think about that?

Ryan: It sucks. I feel like I am letting my family down.

Therapist: Do you feel pressured by Annie, Ryan?

Ryan: No, no. I don't feel pressured. I mean, yeah, sometimes I do, but it's not like she can help it.

Therapist: Why do you think that is?

Ryan: Well, because she's my wife, and it's important for her that I remember.

Therapist: More important than it is to you?

Ryan: I'm here, right? I mean, I'm here, because I want to remember my life.

Therapist: You know, it seems that you're most comfortable with Kendall and Greenlee.

Ryan: Yeah. I mean, it's a little bit different with Kendall.

Therapist: Different how?

Ryan: Well, because I have to avoid her, because, you know, because of the feelings that I have for her. So --

Therapist: So, from what you're saying, what you've noticed is that the only person you feel really comfortable with is Greenlee.

Ryan: Ok, yeah. I mean, it's just so easy, you know, when I'm with Greenlee. It's like -- I don't know. It's like I can be myself completely. I don't have to apologize to anybody. You know, I don't have to try. And I know what you're thinking, but Greenlee and I are just friends, all right? We are just friends. In fact, she's getting married.

Therapist: Oh, you never mentioned that.

Ryan: Yeah, she just got engaged.

Therapist: So, how do you feel about that?

Ryan: More with the feelings. Ok, um, I feel fine.

Therapist: Even though the only person who really gets you is marrying somebody else?

Ryan: I feel fine. All right, come on, she's getting married, I'm moving in the house. It's all good. It's cool. I'm fine.

Julia: So, now Ryan is remembering things about Greenlee from the last four years?

Annie: Oh, yeah. Greenlee, Kendall, the 2004 Oscar winners. Ryan's pretty much remembering everybody except for me. God, Julia, sometimes I wish we could go back to the days when we were living at Wildwind. Everything seemed so much easier back then.

Julia: Easier? Oh, Annie, now I think you're the one with amnesia.

Annie: What's that supposed to mean?

Julia: Well, I might have to call Di in for backup on this one. But the whole time you were at Wildwind, you spent agonizing over Ryan. "Oh, is it true? Does he really love me?"

Annie: Stop it.

Julia: "Ohh." And what, did he have to prove it to you, like, a gazillion times? Yes, it was true that he really did love you. Don't you forget that.

Kendall: Wait, wait, Aidan, Aidan. What are you -- Aidan. Stop it, stop it. Give it to me. Give it to me. Give it to me.

Aidan: A month without a word, without a sign that they're still alive.

Kendall: You shut up! Shut up.

Aidan: You know as well as I do, all right? Zach and Greenlee are dead. And all we're looking for now is something to bury.

Kendall: You're not my husband. I want my husband. I want my husband. I want my husband now.

Aidan: Enough, enough.

Kendall: I want him, I want Zach. What kind of people are we? This is how we mourn the people that we love. No more, sorry, Zach. This is where it ends.

Zach: You need a hand? What are you doing?

Kendall: Letting go.

Zach: I'm sorry. I didn't mean --

Kendall: Yes, you did. That's ok. I was holding onto everything. Because I didn't know what else to do with it.

Zach: And now you've got a plan?

Kendall: If there's nowhere to put it, then I have to destroy it.

Therapist: So whose idea was it anyway to move back in together?

Ryan: It was -- it was sort of both of ours, I guess. I mean, we're doing it for Emma. Right now our priority -- our number one priority is our daughter and the fact that she feels loved and she feels safe, and I can give her that if I move back in. So that's what I did.

Therapist: So is Emma the only reason?

Ryan: No. I mean, I'm doing it for me, too. And for Annie. I figure if I move back in, then maybe some of my memories will come back to me.

Therapist: And what if they don't? I mean, they didn't last time.

Ryan: I don't know, doc. I don't have the answers. That's why I keep coming back here.

Therapist: You feel pretty frustrated with me. I haven't given you the answers you want.

Ryan: Whatever, ok? It's a decision that we made. I feel good about it, all right? I loved Annie. Everybody tells me I loved her.

Therapist: Yes, everyone else does.

Ryan: What do you want me to do? Do you want me to lock myself in a dark room until all this stuff just comes back to me? Is that what you think I should do? Because, honestly, Annie is kind and she's loving and she's beautiful. I mean, the woman is a knockout. I should consider myself lucky that she said yes when I did ask her to marry me.

Therapist: Nobody has any issues with Annie's goodness or her attractiveness.

Ryan: Only you think it's not enough.

Therapist: We haven't really talked about what I think. What do you think?

Ryan: You know what I think? I think all this is crap. I do. I think it's all crap, because you just keep implying that I never loved Annie, all right? And I'm beginning to resent that.

Therapist: Look, what you need to take a look at and notice, and I know it's very difficult, is why these memories are coming back. You've only remembered Kendall and Greenlee.

Ryan: But not Annie. And that is the magic question. Why don't I remember Annie? Well, I don't know the answer to that, and I'm sure as hell not going to find that answer in this room.

Annie: Hey, thanks for coming over.

Julia: Just give it some time, Annie. You'll get your hero back, you'll see. Come on, munchkin, let's go.

Tad: So, where're you from? Come on, what's going on in that big head of yours?

Jesse: Same thing, man. Wondering what's buried in that coffin.

Tad: Well, the good new is, not you.

Jesse: You know, I went through every single obituary for weeks after I escaped. All the bodies were accounted for.

Tad: Well, somebody could have a mistake.

Jesse: Or whatever is in that coffin isn't a person.

Frankie: You know, they'll be done soon. Then we all can go home and get back to our lives.

Angie: We'd better. If that coffin doesn't give us some answers, leave your father in peace, I don't know what I'll do.

Erica: So, you're in?

[Cell phone rings]

Samuel: Ah, my campaign manager. Saved by the proverbial bell. I've got to take this. Yeah? No.

Jack: Are you ok?

Erica: Yeah, you know what, I'm fantastic. I keep getting piles and piles of mail, Jack. My fans really want me to get out of here.

Jack: Yes, they do. You should see the "Free Erica" videos online.

Erica: Oh, really?

Jack: Yeah, this group of women that talked to you, did they threaten you in any way?

Carmen: No, but at first we thought they did. They left her a note.

Jack: And what did this note say?

Erica: Look, when I met with them in person, everything was perfectly fine.

Jack: Them, them, as in a large group, them?

Carmen: Oh, yeah.

Erica: Ok, let's just put it this way. As long as I help them, which I perfectly intend to do, there should be no problem.

Jack: And what if you can't help them?

Erica: Failure is not an option in here, Jack. So, anyhow, let's just onto other issues, more important issues. How do you stand with your new client here, Carmen?

Jack: Well, actually, I was thinking about that.

Erica: Because Carmen is completely innocent, Jack.

Jack: Actually, I --

Erica: I mean, Carmen is in here due to circumstances completely beyond her control.

Jack: I was talking to somebody --

Erica: And Carmen didn't have a mother like Mona, you know? Like I did. And she certainly didn't have the friends, the loving support the way I did, you know, to help me find my way.

Jack: Yeah, if I could just get a word in here --

Erica: And I could just as easily have landed up here, just like Carmen, you know? Due to no fault of my own. So, please, Jack, please help me turn Carmen's life around. What? What?

Carmen: If you'd stop blabbing for just one second, superstar, I think he might have something to say.

Jack: Thank you, Carmen. Indeed, I do. I had decided to take her case before I even came over here.

Erica: Well, why didn't you say something?

Jack: You gave me no opportunity.

Erica: Well, what made you get on board?

Jack: Same thing that always does. You.

[As they dig up the coffin, Robert stands by holding up a gun]

Angie: Oh, God, that's it.

Jesse: Hey, hey, hey.

Angie: Jesse, the last time I saw that box was the day that I told you goodbye.

Carmen: Thank you so much, Mr. Monty-a-me. Really, thank you.

Jack: Sorry, what -- what?

Carmen: Mr. Montgomery, sorry. Really long names, sometimes I smush it up.

Jack: No problem. Why don't you just call me Jack? That'll be good. Jack. Um, Carmen, why don't you have a seat there and tell me a little bit about your case?

Carmen: Oh, yeah, sure. I'm an only child. First one to graduate from high school in my family. St. Mary's. My best friend was Josie Santiago, but we're not really in contact anymore. Ever since the prom, she went and eloped, so...

Samuel: Sorry about that.

Erica: Oh, that's ok. I completely understand. No break in the campaigning, right?

Samuel: Yeah, it's a little rough out there. So, you got Jack to sign on?

Erica: Uh-huh. So, that just leaves you.

Samuel: I want to ask you something. Now, what did the warden say when you told her you wanted to change the system here?

Erica: The warden doesn't know yet.

Samuel: Erica, you know this lady, Hitchcock, is an ultra right wing hard ass, right?

Erica: And I'm notorious for getting what I want.

Samuel: Well, I hope you get all you want and want all you get.

Erica: And besides, how can the warden object? Because all I'm doing is -- I'm trying to help. And isn't rehabilitation the whole reason why we're in here?

Ryan's voice: And I'm not saying it's not going to be a battle, because it is. But it's a battle that we can fight, and we'll win, and you'll have your daughter. I'm going to bring Emma back to you. Trust me.

Annie: A card trick? My daughter's in foster care and you're doing a card trick?

Ryan: No, I'm teaching you a card trick. So that when Emma comes home, she can see that her mommy can do magic. She's yours. I mean, Emma is yours. She's really, really yours.

Annie: Thank God. Emma, oh, my girl. Oh, you're coming home with Mommy now.

Ryan: Well, my wife is here with me, and I am not letting this plane go down.

Man: Neither am I. Now hold it there, one hand on the throttle. Ease off the throttle a bit. You've got it.

Annie: Oh, my God.

Man: Welcome home.

Ryan: We did it, we did it!

Annie: You did it. I need saving now, Ryan. Maybe more than ever.

Annie: Oh.

[Knocking at the door]

Ryan: Annie, you in there? You mind getting the door? I forgot my keys.

[Knocking at the door]

Ryan: Annie?

Kendall: You were right, Zach. None of this belongs with us. This house, that bomb shelter, none of it.

Zach: You're right, none of it does.

Kendall: Look around. This is where I lost everything. My courage, my mind, myself, you. I lost it all. And now I'm taking it back.

[Zach stops Kendall from setting the cabin on fire]

Ryan: Hey. Whoa, you ok?

Annie: I'm fine.

Ryan: What happened in here? Where -- where's Emma?

Annie: She -- Emma's fine. She's sleeping.

Ryan: What did you do? Gosh, look at you. What, did you trip or something? What's going on?

Annie: No, I -- I was reading Emma a story and then I heard a noise. So I -- I told Emma to stay in her room, so I could come down here and see what it was. And there was a man in here, Ryan. He's gone, though.

Ryan: Hold on a second. Are you -- you're telling me somebody broke into our house with our daughter upstairs?

Annie: I must -- I must have left the door open when Julia and Kathy left.

Ryan: Listen, let's go get Emma, and then get you to a hospital, because that looks really, really, really bad.

Annie: No, I'm ok. I'm really ok, I'm just glad that you're here.

Ryan: Listen to me. Nothing is going to happen to you, not while I'm here, ok? All right, come here. Come here. It's ok.

Jack: Ok, Carmen, that'll do for now. Thanks. So, did you make any headway over there?

Erica: I don't know. Did we?

Samuel: If you two are in, I'm in. I'll see what I can do.

Erica: Thank you.

Jack: See you later. Carmen, we'll talk.

Carmen: Ok.

[Knocking on the door]

[Door opens]

Jack: Thank you.

[Door closes]

Erica: Ok, Carmen, get ready, because everything is about to change.

Jesse: We're ready.

Angie: Oh, my God, Jesse.

Kendall: Please, Zach, I need to do this.

Zach: Not by yourself. You ready? Everything that happened in that house burns down with it. Dust and ashes. Nothing left but you and me.

Kendall: Nothing left but you and me. Always, only us.

Zach: Always.

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