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Kendall: I had a long drive home, and on the way I realized the best possible thing for us would be some alone time.

Zach: Kendall --

Kendall: No, listen, listen. You know what? I'm telling you, Rachael said she's totally cool with taking care of the kids for a few days. So we are going to go to the Bahamas. Sun and surf, some wacky rum drinks, and just you and me alone.

Zach: No.

Kendall: Ok, so maybe the beach is a little sedate for you. Let's go to London instead. That would be great. We can see some shows, we can eat some yummy curry. We can take in the tower where King Henry had his wife's head cut off.

Zach: We're not going anywhere.

Greenlee: Oh, it's totally my fault. I wasn't watching where I was going.

Ryan: No, it wasn't your fault at all. You might want to try to carry magazines that don't weigh more than you do, huh? You got enough of them here?

Greenlee: Yeah, well, a woman needs a full palette from which to choose that very special dress.

Ryan: Oh, my God. Look at this one! It looks like it crawled out of a swamp and is eating this poor girl alive. What?

Greenlee: That's almost exactly the dress I wore at our wedding.

Adam: Of course, I'm gonna fight it. Have you ever known me to roll over and play dead? Fine, fine, you want -- oh, I'm gonna have to get back to you on that. I'll let you know what I plan to do. Well, thanks for coming by, son.

J.R: Yeah, this sounds serious. What is it, Dad? Is it more panic attacks?

Adam: I don't get panic attacks, damn it.

J.R: Ok.

Adam: Angie Hubbard doesn't know what she's talking about.

J.R: Then what's wrong?

Adam: Wrong?

J.R: Yeah.

Adam: I invite you over here for a friendly chat, and you assume I'm falling apart.

J.R: Ok. So how about them Phillies? They got a lot a power still on their bench, but their bullpen's a question mark, don't you think?

Adam: [Sighs]

J.R: There is something wrong.

Adam: Yes, something's wrong. And it's serious.

Jesse: You ok?

Angie: Would you change your mind about going if I said no?

Jesse: Angela --

Angie: No, it's all right, Jesse. I don't like it, but I understand why you have to do it. I just want it over with. And I'm worried about Frankie.

Jesse: Frankie's gonna be fine.

Angie: It doesn't mean it won't hurt. You know, you weren't there that day. You didn't see what putting his daddy in the ground did to that boy.

Jesse: He's not a little boy anymore, baby.

Frankie: [Sighs] Hey.

Angie: Hey, Frankie.

Jesse: What's up, doc?

Angie: Baby, you look exhausted.

Frankie: Frankie is so young sounding. Please, let's do Franklin.

Angie: You got it. From now on, Franklin it is.

Frankie: All right. 20-hour shift, folks. That'll do it to you, but I did end it with a smile. I had a crashed C-section just as a mom entered the door. I delivered a pair of healthy twin girls right before the Ob-Gyn came out the elevator.

Angie: [Sighs] You're right, he's not a boy.

Jesse: I know.

Frankie: All right, let's have it.

Jesse: We need to talk.

Frankie: What is it?

Jesse: They've decided to dig up my grave today, Frankie. Finally gonna find out who or what is in that coffin.

Ryan: Greenlee, I'm sorry. I'm sure you looked great. You looked beautiful in this dress. I mean, you look beautiful in everything.

Greenlee: I'm sorry. I'm sorry, there's a special place in hell for me, I know. I was just jerking you around. I wouldn't go to a Halloween party dressed in something that hideous.

Ryan: You think that's funny, messing with a guy that's got amnesia? You think that's funny? You find humor in that?

Greenlee: I'm so sorry, Ryan. It was just a joke. I'm sorry.

Ryan: Psych! I got you back. You see how quick I am? Just like that. I'm on it. I got you back good.

Greenlee: Oh, it serves me right.

Ryan: Yes, it does.

Greenlee: It's nice to be silly with you again, though. I miss that.

Ryan: So how are the wedding plans going?

Greenlee: Oh, well, so far, it's just phase one. A long, delightfully tortuous adventure begins.

Ryan: And yet you women continue to do it.

Greenlee: Hmm, go figure. So, how are you doing?

Ryan: Good. Pretty good. Thanks, man. I am moving back into the penthouse with Emma.

Greenlee: With Emma? What about Annie?

Ryan: Oh, well, with Annie, too, but separate bedrooms. Right now, our priority is just to keep Emma safe and happy.

Greenlee: But still, I mean, it's an opportunity living with them. I mean, you never know. Maybe it'll help loosen up some of these gray cells.

Ryan: One step at a time.

Greenlee: You look happy.

Ryan: I am.

Greenlee: Then let's celebrate. Come on, I'll kick your ass.

Kendall: I don't care what you think is so important that we have to stay in town. Come on back. It can wait, all right? Cambias can wait. Fusion can wait. What can't wait is you and me. We haven't had alone time -- quality time together in forever. We need it. We need time for us.

Zach: Yes, we do -- right here in our home with our family, our kids, and our friends.

Kendall: Our friends. I had an evening last night with our friends that nearly killed me. I just -- I have to get away from it, Zach. Keeping this secret, living this lie, being suffocated by the guilt. You know what I dreamed about last night? I had a dream that I reached over to hug you in bed, and I found Aidan and Greenlee lying there between us.

Zach: Well, there's another reason why we're not going anywhere.

Frankie: Wow. Wow, why didn't I think of that? I mean, it was a closed casket. It could have been empty.

Jesse: Yeah, or not. Now if there's a body in there, it might lead us to whatever it was Papel wanted from me.

Frankie: Was this the cop's idea?

Jesse: Well, I've been trying to figure out what's in that grave for over 20 years. But yeah, they're the ones who set it in motion.

Frankie: Oh, well, it makes sense. It was a crime lord's cover-up. There could be a murder involved.

Angie: Or the coffin could be empty and weighted down with rocks or something, and all part of their sick game.

Frankie: What about the funeral home? Somebody must have prepped the body. There must be --

Jesse: The funeral home burned down just a few months after my supposed death. All the records were destroyed and -- get this -- the cops can't track down anybody that used to work there.

Angie: Your father wants to be there when the grave is opened. And I'm going with him. Now, Frankie, I know what a difficult day that was for you, but if you think that it might help to bring closure --

Frankie: [Sighs] I was there when the coffin got put into the ground. I'm going to be there when it's taken out again.

Adam: This conversation is just between the two of us. No one else need know about it. Not Babe, not Krystal, not Colby -- no one.

J.R: All right, Dad, if you're trying to get me worried, it's starting to work

Adam: That's exactly what I don't want to happen to the women. Colby's been through hell. She thought she was kidnapped. She thought she was gonna die.

J.R: Oh, come on, Dad.

Adam: I want her to feel safe again. I want her to be happy again -- to life a life again. A normal life. My, God, I haven't spent half the time with her I should have. Time is something I've taken for granted.

J.R: Dad -- are you telling me that you're dying?

Tad: Do we have poltergeists in this house or something?

Krystal: Huh?

Tad: Well, I could swear I just left Jenny's stuffed penguin out there before breakfast, and now it's just vanished.

Krystal: It's in the spin cycle. It's getting gross.

Tad: You do this to me a whole lot.

Krystal: What?

Tad: Well, you just move stuff around without telling me about it.

Krystal: She's a year old, Tad. Tell her Mr. Penguin is taking a bath. Unless you're just trying to tick me off.

Tad: Why should I? You do a good enough job of that for the both of us.

Krystal: Does this have something to do with the fact that I went to see Adam in the hospital? You're upset, aren't you? You're upset, because I cared enough to make sure the man wasn't dying.

Tad: Of course, it hasn't got to do with Adam. I don't waste my time thinking about that man.

Krystal: Well, then what is it?

Tad: I'm sick and tired of things disappearing around here. Oh, never mind. It's just an ugly day.

Krystal: Want to talk about it? Well, is this something Aidan can handle? I mean, give you a break.

Tad: No, it's something I gotta do on my own at the cemetery.

Krystal: Why? What's going on there?

Tad: I gotta watch somebody dig up a grave.

[Jesse, Frankie, and Angie solemnly leave for the cemetery]

Zach: Running away is the last thing you want to do right now.

Kendall: Even if it's just you and me?

Zach: Yeah, because it's still running away. That doesn't solve anything. It's pointless.

Kendall: Zach, I need some peace. I need time to clear out my head and to just breathe. And to stop dreaming of everybody else.

Zach: And you don't think those dreams would follow you wherever you go? You think you can avoid them on a plane?

Kendall: Well, it certainly couldn't hurt.

Zach: You gotta face this thing, beat it down.

Kendall: Well, what if I'm just too damn tired to keep fighting?

Zach: I won't let you fall. I promise. And there's another thing we've got to consider. This is between you and me. You saw Greenlee last night. She knows that something's going on, and if we just leave she'll be more suspicious.

Kendall: Right, so concern for Greenlee takes precedence over our own issues. That's nice.

Zach: We're dealing with our issues, Kendall, every day in our bed in each other's arms we are dealing with it. And everything is gonna be fine.

Kendall: Everything is not fine, Zach. I can't keep doing this. I can't keep lying like -- I just can't keep this up. This is too hard.

Zach: Hey, boys.

Kendall: Hi. Hello, hello, hello. Who's that? Who is that? Your brother?

Greenlee: Ha! How's that for right out of the block, huh? Hey! Cheater! Cheater!

Ryan: It slipped. It was an accident. I don't know how that happened.

Greenlee: Liar! That is so beneath you. You never used to cheat. In fact, you used to be pretty good at this game.

Ryan: Oh, nice, mocking the amnesia victim.

Greenlee: Oh, you want me to lose now, because I feel sorry for you? Oh, too late. Too late. Sorry, I win.

Ryan: Oh! That was really humbling. Yes, you are the champion. As far as feeling sorry for me, I'd rather be inundated with your karate chops.

Greenlee: Hi-ya!

Ryan: Oh!

Greenlee: [Laughs] You know, there's a reason that some of your first memories are about me.

Ryan: Really? And why is that?

Greenlee: Because I never held back. I always told you exactly like it was. And because I'm more fun than a clown on fire. That's why you remembered my motorcycle helmet with the bow on it.

Ryan: Oh, I remembered something else. I remember the first time that you opened throttle, and then you popped the clutch.

Greenlee: And did, like, a triple loop over the handlebars. [Laughs] You know, I know that there are things that you need to remember, but I'm glad you remembered me.

Krystal: Does this have to do with Jesse? Why did he have to go there today?

Tad: Because it could give him answers for questions he's been trying to answer and running from for 20 years. I know what he's been through. I gotta do what I can to help him. I mean, that's what I'm supposed to be doing for a living, isn't it? He needs me. I'll do whatever I have to.

Krystal: This doesn't have to do with Jesse, does it? It has to do with Kate.

Tad: It's always about Kate -- always.

Adam: Why is everyone planning my funeral? I'm not -- no, I'm not dying. Ever.

J.R: Ok, then what is the emergency?

Adam: Do you have any idea what I went through to get Chandler Enterprises back?

J.R: Oh, I get it. This is a "beat up on J.R." session. Make me feel bad about my part in that. You know what? Thank you, but no thanks.

Adam: No, put your indignation in your pocket. That's not what this is about. As you and your sister have so delicately pointed out, I'm not firing on all cylinders these days.

J.R: Do I have to buy a vowel, or are you gonna spit it out?

Adam: I need your help, J.R. I'm slipping. I can't do it all on my own anymore. Chandler's in trouble, and I need you to help me.

Greenlee: So Annie now knows that you've remembered stuff from the past four years about me and Kendall?

Ryan: Yeah, she seems pretty cool with it, actually. I mean, she doesn't really lie. And what I remember as long as I'm remembering something.

Greenlee: That's good. I mean, she's a really good person, and it's understandable that it would take her some time to wrap her head around it all.

Ryan: I want you to tell me more.

Greenlee: What?

Ryan: Well, when you came to find me the other day, you said that I taught you some of my old ways, you know, like the grift.

Greenlee: [Laughs] Yeah, the master artist teaching teaching little old me the con game.

Ryan: And I did that because --

Greenlee: Because it's the kind of thing you and I did. Anyway, yeah, we were on this road trip, and we had agreed not to spend a penny of the 100 bucks that was in your pocket. But I was dying for a hot bath and some room service, so you bet me that you could get us the best suite at this five star hotel, gratis. And, damned if you didn't do it.

Ryan: [Laughs]

Greenlee: You convinced them that you were this snooty hotel critic, and you had them eating out of your hand. [Laughs]

Ryan: Fun times?

Greenlee: Yeah, the best. So tell me about this arrangement you that you have with Annie.

Ryan: Oh, well, it just happened last night. Emma had an allergic reaction to a bug bite. She's totally fine, but Annie was just really sweet. I think she started to see how much Emma and I mean to each other.

Greenlee: I know how much having a family means to you. And even though you went way extreme to prove me wrong, I always knew you would be the best dad in the world.

Ryan: And I saw some of those extremes in the video that Zach showed me. God, I am sorry for what I put you through, Greenlee. I really am. You must have wanted a child so badly.

Greenlee: Yeah.

Ryan: Maybe you and Aidan. Why?

Greenlee: Why what?

Ryan: Well, you shook your head at the idea.

Greenlee: I did, didn't I? I don't know. Maybe I'd be just as happy without kids after all.

Rachael: So I'm gonna get the bath ready.

Kendall: Thank you.

Zach: It looks like the fleet is ready for deployment.

Kendall: Oh, my goodness. You're a hungry boy. You're a hungry boy, aren't you? Yes. Nice try, Zach, but I meant when I said this conversation isn't over.

Zach: Excuse me, do not interrupt an admiral when he's talking to his captain. All right?

Kendall: Zach --

Zach: I've got maneuvers -- what? Enjoy the kids. Are you ready? Flood the tanks. Dive, boy, dive! Here we go.

Adam: When I talked to the rest of the board members, I realized that they were right. That I had single-handedly lost a major deal with the company. And because I wasn't on top of my game -- you have any idea how that makes me feel?

J.R: Yes, I do. I'm sorry.

Adam: Save your pity. What I need is your help. I want you to help me sell the operations -- the company. But before you get the wrong idea, I'm not giving up anything.

J.R: Of course not.

Adam: No -- no stock, no titles, no control. Before you get the wrong impression, I'm not trying to get you back under my roof or under my thumb, or under anything else for that matter. I just --

J.R: Need my help.

Adam: Yeah. And if you can't do it under my terms then I'll understand. And I'll find somebody else.

J.R: Who?

Adam: I haven't a clue. You're the only one I trust, J.R. That's not flattery -- that's a fact.

Police officer: Sorry, folks, this area's being closed off.

CSI technician: It's all right, officer, this is the man whose grave we're digging up. Hello, Jesse.

Jesse: Hey, Tony, how are you doing? This is my wife, Angela, and my son, Frank. This is Tony. He's heading up the forensics investigation.

Tony: How do you do? We're waiting on a piece of machinery. Then we'll get this over with.

Jesse: All right.

Angie: I hate this place.

Jesse: I can't imagine what the two of you went through that day.

Frankie: I wanted to go with you. Everybody kept telling me that you were with God and with Jesus. All I could see was you getting lowered into the ground. And I thought how lonely that must be down there all by yourself. Forever. All I wanted to do was hold your hand one more time. And I tried not to cry. Afterward, when we got home, I remember asking Mom --

Young Frankie: Boys don't cry, right?

Angie: Boys can cry like anyone else.

Frankie: Were you looking at Dad's picture?

Angie: I guess I was thinking of the happy times.

Frankie: Will we ever be happy again, Mom?

Frankie: "Will we ever be happy," I asked. But I already knew the answer. Nothing, nothing was ever gonna be the same. Not without you.

Angie: You know the awful part is that you were right about one thing, Frankie. Your father was alone. At least I had you. You kept me alive. And not just that day when I knew that I had to be strong for you, when I knew that -- when I knew that I had to promise a future I didn't really believe existed. But then as time went by --

Frankie: You did find the strength, Mom.

Angie: Mostly by looking in your eyes, because I saw your father there -- his strength, his pride, his laughter. You know, when I came back to Pine Valley this time, I'd accepted that -- that love, real, honest-to-God love was never going to come my way again. And I'd come to terms with that. God may have taken you away, but at least he'd given me our son. And that was more than so many people have. And having you back now -- a miracle. And being here makes me realize and understand how fragile miracles can be.

Tad: Every time I go to that cemetery, I have to look at her grave and admit that I failed her. I swore to Dixie I'd find our daughter. So far, everything I've done, every lead I've followed is nothing but a dead end.

Krystal: Oh, honey, you have done everything you can.

Tad: That can't be true. If I had, she'd be here with me right now. And it's killing me. She didn't just disappear off the face of the planet. She is out there, somewhere. A little girl, living the life, a life that has nothing to do with her father. Dixie's child, our daughter. There's this voice in my head telling me what a monumental screw-up I am.

J.R: Um, Dad, you know, this is us -- this is the last thing that I was expecting when you called me over here today.

Adam: Well, the question is, will you do it?

Colby: Hey. Dad, you feeling ok?

Adam: Yes. Yes, sweetheart, I'm fine.

Colby: You say that, but I've actually been doing research on panic attacks all morning. Those things are scary as hell.

J.R: Colby.

Colby: Anybody can get them, Dad. And the systems these people describe are radical.

J.R: Colby.

Colby: It makes you all jumpy and tense, and you feel like the room is slowly going to smother you, and that makes you more and more upset, and you feel like you're going to die any second. And then eventually you just want to scream.

J.R: Colby!

Colby: What? Are -- are you hungry? I was going to make a sandwich.

J.R: Will you just shut up and stop for a second? Can you see how uptight you're making him? Why don't you go back to yourself and go, I don't know, wreck a yacht, or steal a car, or something like that?

Colby: Why don't you go arrange yourself to be kidnapped again? And this time, do it right.

J.R: Can't you see what you're doing to him?

Colby: Me?

J.R: Yeah.

Colby: I'm the one who's been taking care of him 24/7.

J.R: What do you want? You want a medal for that?

Colby: No, J.R., I don't. I just want your help.

J.R: How about a brownie button? You want a brownie button?

Colby: I just want your --

J.R: Dad? You ok?

Adam: Oh, yeah, I'm -- I'm just enjoying the show. It's been weeks since I felt things were getting back to normal around here.

Greenlee: You know, I'm glad that you don't remember, but there was a time when having your child was all I thought about. And it all started because I was so sure I would save you.

Ryan: Yeah, you told me that.

Greenlee: Did I mention being right? Because it turns out, you turned out to be an amazing dad, all on your own.

Ryan: It's hard to look into my kids' eyes and not want to give them the world.

Greenlee: You see, that's a real parent talking. That is so not what was going on in my warped head back then. It was more about you than having a kid. I mean, really, think back to the me that you knew four years back and more. Me -- me, myself, and I, and my career, and my clothes, and me, and me, me, and me.

Ryan: Well, people can change, Greenlee. I mean, obviously, I did, and I -- I guess you did, too, because I don't see that "me, me, me" in the person I'm talking to right now.

Greenlee: I sure hope I've changed. And you know, I like my life the way it is. I love my fiancÚ, and I love being around Spike, it's this glamorous ain't Greenlee.

Ryan: And what one-year-old boy could use a glamorous aunt?

Greenlee: Exactly.

Kendall: You are a big boy, you are. Ok, pal, it is nap time for you. Check you out with your bottle.

Zach: All right, the enemy has been defeated.

Kendall: Bye-bye.

Zach: See ya.

Rachel: Thank you.

Zach: And Spike is squeaky clean.

Kendall: Zach, we -- we need to finish our conversation.

Zach: Not with the kids in the house, we don't.

Kendall: Ok, the kids are in another room, we're behind a closed door, we can talk quietly.

Zach: Ok. We're not going anywhere.

Kendall: Zach, we need -- we need some space and some time so that we can talk, and things are never going to be right if we don't do that.

Zach: Well, I disagree. And now I'm going to close my eyes.

Kendall: Are you kidding me? What, Zach? What is wrong with you? How can you do this?

Zach: Well, I'm tired, and we're having a disagreement, and neither one of us can change their minds.

Colby: Ok, I'm sorry, I got a little carried away, that's all. I see you two together, and I immediately go to fireworks.

J.R: No, no fireworks. Dad and I were just having a common, rational conversation.

Colby: About what?

J.R: Uh -- business. Um, I just wanted Dad's opinion on a potential investment. It's the long-term depreciation versus the one-time writedown.

Colby: Oh. Well, it sounds boring. You two play nice. No screaming or yelling, ok?

Adam: Uh-huh.

[Colby kisses her dad and walks out of the room]

Adam: I owe you an apology.

J.R: Yeah, actually, you owe me a lot more than that.

Adam: Oh, granted. I've been coming down on you pretty hard lately, and -- and -- because I thought you couldn't control the drinking, and I thought it was a weakness, and -- and then now, I've realized that it's just a disease you're fighting. And I happen to be fighting one of my own -- panicking, for no reason. Tying myself up in knots. I'm not an idiot. Not a complete idiot. I have studied the literature that Hubbard sent home with me. I'm doing this to myself. And it's starting to take its toll.

J.R: Dad, you've been fighting battles your entire life, always needing to be the alpha wolf everywhere he went. Now, taking a break from running the world for awhile -- that's not weakness. That's just smart.

Adam: I think I need more than a break.

Krystal: There is no telling what they're going to find in that coffin, Tad. I mean, it could just leave you with more questions, more puzzles.

Tad: There's only one way to find out.

Krystal: There's no way I can talk you out of this?

Tad: No, as much as I hate the idea of going, I don't want Jesse to go through this by himself.

Krystal: He's a lucky man to have you for a friend. Hope you find your answers, both of you. You go do what you have to do, ok? Ok.

Angie: You didn't know Dixie.

Jesse: No, but what I heard since I've been back is pretty heartbreaking.

Angie: Their love was like ours, Jesse. He thought she was gone, and then she came back. It was a miracle. But then --

Jesse: I read about the killings. I'm not going anywhere. It's over. And this -- this is just going to help us find the answers to where we can finally put it all behind us.

Ryan: No! No! I can't believe I used to like this game. Next time we're playing a different one.

Greenlee: I'm sorry to whup your butt again, but not really.

Ryan: Oh, my God, I'm having too much fun. I'm late for an appointment.

Greenlee: Uh, yeah, I've got a wedding to plan myself.

Ryan: Oh yeah?

Greenlee: Yeah.

Ryan: I'll walk you out.

Greenlee: You go ahead.

Ryan: Ok?

Greenlee: No, I've got it.

Ryan: You sure?

Greenlee: Yeah.

Ryan: Rematch soon, ok?

Greenlee: Any time, Lavery.

Ryan: This was good, wasn't it?

Greenlee: Yeah, it was good.

Kendall: We are going through a tough time, Zach.

Zach: And we'll get through it.

Kendall: Ok, but instead of taking the time to talk, you're taking a nap.

Zach: I'm not taking a nap, I'm trying to close my eyes. And we did talk, and there's a good chance we're going to talk some more.

Kendall: But on your terms, right? I want to isolate us so that we can dig deep, and you want to surround us with as many daily distractions as possible, so we can barely scratch the surface. We need to be alone, Zach. Remember when you snatched me off of Greg Madden's island, and you plopped me on that yacht for your intense heart-to-heart? That led to our marriage, for God's sakes. We need that kind of drastic intervention again, Zach. We need it. Zach. Zach. Zach! Will you talk to me?

[Kendall throws a glass of ice water at Zach]

J.R: You have nothing to feel embarrassed or ashamed about. You're the gladiator everyone guns for. You've been knocking down lesser men for decades. There's only one person that can knock you off the top of the mountain, and I'm looking at him. So, as long as you don't start getting down on yourself and feeling sorry, you're going to be fine.

Adam: Right now -- right now, I need you, son. I need your help.

J.R: Whatever you need, I'm here. I'm all yours.

CSI technician: Once the backhoe reaches the casket, we'll have to dig around it by hand until we can get straps around it for the crane. It might take a little while.

Jesse: I understand. Thanks a lot, Tony.

Angie: I hate this. I never want to think of losing you again.

Jesse: It's ok.

Frankie: Mom, you want me to take you home?

Angie: No. We're here as a family. Give me your hands.

Angie: Dear God, bless us with your strength, and see us through this time of fear and uncertainty, as you have seen us through such times before. In your name, we pray the prayer that your son taught his disciples. Amen.

Jesse: Amen.

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Angie (to Jesse): When we finally open that coffin, something is going to go very wrong.

Zach (to Kendall): You need a hand? You ready?

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