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All My Children Transcript Thursday 4/17/08


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J.R.: What's the word?

Krystal: Well, they're still checking him out.

J.R.: Is Dad ok?

Krystal: I don't know, J.R. It really looks like he had some kind of heart attack.

Angie: Call upstairs and get a 12-lead EKG.

Krystal: Angie.

Angie: Oh, listen, I still don't know anything, Krystal. I'll let you know as soon as I can.

Krystal: Angie, Adam is as stubborn as a Mississippi mule. Don't let that kill him, ok?

Adam: Get out! I want a real doctor in here, damn it!

Angie: It doesn't sound like he's on death's door just yet. I'll be back in a bit.

Frankie: Mr. Chandler, I need you to hold still so that I can draw some blood.

Adam: Could I get someone in here, maybe a doctor or a nurse who's done this before, not someone who still gets crayons with his menu?

Angie: Let me do it, Frankie.

Adam: Yeah, Hubbard, you letting your kid play doctor?

Angie: You know what? I know that this may be hard for you to believe, Adam, but Frankie is a full-fledged MD.

Adam: Ow.

Angie: And he's a lot better at doing this than I ever was.

Adam: There's not a damn thing wrong with me. It's all a waste of time.

Frankie: 165/100, pulse 120, respiration shallow at 26 to 30.

Adam: One too many cups of coffee this morning, sue me. This is all a colossal waste of time.

Angie: Adam, shut your mouth while I find out if you're dying or not, ok?

Ryan: Come on, get in there.

Annie: Maybe if you don't try to force it, the pieces will fit together easier.

Ryan: Yeah.

Annie: Then again, you know, what do I know about fixing motorcycles?

Ryan: Funny thing is, is I don't know how I do. I mean, I learned how to fix bikes a long time ago, but this is a bit of a newer model, and I must have learned a trick or two in the last four years, because I rebuilt the timing belt from scratch, and if it works, I'm really going to be impressed with myself, I'll tell you that.

Annie: It's nice to see you spending time doing something you used to enjoy.

Ryan: Yeah. Thank you for the suggestion. It was a good one. Is Emma here? I'll go get cleaned up.

Annie: That's ok. It's no rush. Corrina hasn't brought her back yet.

Ryan: Yeah?

Annie: You having problems there, buddy?

Ryan: Yeah, well, you know, just trying to get this cover on and having a little trouble with that. Trying to line it up. You mind getting your hands dirty?

Annie: Anything for a good cause.

Ryan: Oh, yeah?

Annie: Mm-hm.

Ryan: All right, get over here.

Annie: Just tell me what to do.

Ryan: Sit down here. This is what I need you to do. I need to get this -- oh, wait, look at that. I need you to keep that right in place like that.

Annie: Like that?

Ryan: Yeah.

Annie: You bet.

Ryan: I actually kind of got it now. I'm going to put this in here. Thank you.

Greenlee: Ok, a guest list. That's where we should start. How many people? Family, you need to give me a list of any family that you might want to invite.

Aidan: Ok, no worries. It's going to be a short list for me.

Greenlee: Yeah, mine, too. Jack will give me away. If my mother's in town, she might decide to grace us with her presence. But I'm not holding my breath. Thank God, Jack and Erica are not together anymore. Otherwise, I'd have to wait until she got sprung from the pen. Ok, so, good. We keep it to, say, 100 people? Now, we can go either church or no church for the ceremony. That's up for discussion, but the reception has to be somewhere where that people can --

Aidan: All right, just slow down for a minute, ok? We've got all the time in the world. We should plan this right.

Greenlee: You're right. You're right, we've got time. And I've got you and Kendall.

Kendall's voice: I slept with Aidan.

Zach's voice: You should have told me. I thought you trusted me completely, and I was wrong. You don't trust me at all -- trust me at all --trust me at all -- trust me at a -- trust me at all -- trust me at all --

Kendall: No.

Kendall: Zach?

Zach: I made you some tea.

Kendall: Thank you.

Zach: Rachel took the boys to the park.

Kendall: Oh, my God. I can't believe how late it is.

Zach: I thought I'd let you sleep.

Kendall: Zach --

Zach: I'm going to the office. I'll be back in no time.

Kendall: Zach, please, we have to talk.

Zach: We agreed to put this behind us. Let it stay there.

Kendall: What do we do about Greenlee?

Aidan: I want you to tell me what's your idea of a perfect wedding?

Greenlee: Mm. Well, I want it to be a beautiful setting, wherever it is. And music, wonderful, magical music. A string quartet to greet all the guests. And then at the reception, a kick-ass band that will blow the roof off the place. Oh, and an ocean of flowers. A different, glorious scent everywhere you turn. Fireworks, I want skyrockets to light up the night that we get married. Oh, it's going to be perfect.

Aidan: Mm-hmm.

Greenlee: I know how to do it right now. I won't make the same mistakes I did the last time.

Aidan: Are you talking about your wedding ceremony with Ryan, or the marriage that came after it? You know what? I'm being silly. Just forget I said that.

Greenlee: No, no, no, no, no. You're not being silly. You're not, you know. I know we've been all caught up in all the craziness that's going on with Ryan. And right now everything should be about us.

Aidan: Sounds good to me, baby.

Greenlee: Stay right here.

Aidan: What?

Greenlee: I've got a surprise.

Ryan: I think we got it.

Annie: Woo.

Ryan: We're done. It's a done deal, thanks to you.

Annie: I'm glad I could help. Does this make me an official grease monkey?

Ryan: Yeah, first-class biker chick. Look at you. Here, take this.

Annie: Thanks.

Ryan: Yeah.

Annie: No, no, no. You couldn't catch me dead on one of these, by the way. Remember, I told you when we first met I have a huge phobia? I'm sorry.

Ryan: No, it's ok. Really, I, you know, I enjoy it.

Annie: What?

Ryan: Getting to know you all over again. Really, now I know you're a little bit wary of bikes. It's ok. You know, most people are when they first -- when they first get on one. But you know, unfortunately -- or fortunately, the only solution to that is to get right up and give it a shot. I mean, I remember the first time that Greenlee got up there, and she started to give it a little gas. Then she popped the clutch, she almost --

Tad: So you're sure everything is ok?

Joe: Thank you. What is this? I invite my son out to lunch, and there has to be a problem? Actually -- well, actually, come on, sit down, sit down. Been a little concerned about you lately.

Tad: Ah, yeah, I know. Listen, I give you my word of honor, that ritual sacrifice thing, it's a passing phase.

Joe: Well, you have been looking stressed. You know, really, really stressed. I mean, I know that Jesse's return home hasn't been as smooth as it could be, but that whole danger there, that's all disappeared, right?

Tad: Apparently. Things are back to normal. Well, I mean as normal as they could be with Jesse coming back from back the dead.

Joe: Hmm.

Tad: That still smacks me in the face every once in awhile. It's got me thinking about Dixie.

Joe: We all miss Dixie. But her ghost is not the only one that's keeping you up late nights, huh?

Tad: No. I'd give cash money to find out at the hell Ray Gardner's brother is still doing in Pine Valley. I mean, his case is closed, he retired from the FBI, why is he here? What could he possibly want from me, Jesse, from any of us? I tell you, I just wish I knew what he was up to.

Krystal: Adam is just so frustrating. He thinks he's Superman, and he's wearing kryptonite long-johns.

Angie: I'm trying to get some straight answers out of him to see what happened, but I need some help. So anyone who saw him have the attack, come on in here, please.

Adam: Well, if you're here for my deathwatch, you better pitch a tent for a few years.

J.R.: It's your own damn fault, Dad. You never listen to what the doctors tell you to do. You don't listen to your own family. And when you got in that accident with Tad, you never even had yourself checked out.

Angie: What he said. Has he been active lately? Any regular exercise?

Adam: Yes, I work out every day.

Colby: No, lately, he's been staying at home in his pajamas and robe all day.

Adam: Hugh Hefner lives in his robe and pajamas. I bet he's getting plenty of exercise.

Angie: What about alcohol consumption?

Adam: One, maybe two a day.

Colby: More.

Angie: Had he been drinking this morning at all?

Krystal: Not that I'm aware of.

Adam: All right, like I said, it's probably some kind of virus. And if there's any justice at all in this world, I've just infected every one of you.

Angie: I doubt it's a virus, Adam. And if what I think is going on is confirmed, you better stop being so flip about this and start taking your health a little more seriously.

Aidan: What is this?

Greenlee: You got me a ring. Now it's my turn.

Aidan: Greenlee.

Greenlee: Do you like?

Aidan: This is very nice. I mean, this cost some serious money.

Greenlee: It's ok. We can afford it.

Aidan: You mean you can afford it.

Greenlee: You, me, we, get used to it, fiancÚ. You're marrying into some big bucks.

Kendall: How do I keep this secret now that it's out?

Zach: It's only out between you and me. If Aidan decides to tell Greenlee, that's his call.

Kendall: Ok, but Greenlee is my best friend. I work with her every day. How can I go to work every day and keep up this charade without her sensing something's wrong?

Zach: You kept this secret for a pretty long time. And there's no reason for anyone else to get hurt. So put it out of your mind. I have.

Kendall: Have you really? I mean, I want to believe you, but I'm so scared. And you have to know, Zach --

Zach: I know you are. I know.

Kendall: I had this dream, this horrible dream. I could feel the pain inside of you, the pain that I caused. And there was so much anger in your voice. And you just turned around, and you walked away from me. And I went after you, and I went to look for you, but I couldn't find you. I just -- I lost you.

Zach: Well, leaving you is not an option. Not now, not ever. I'm not going anywhere.

Greenlee: You don't like the watch?

Aidan: Are you kidding me? I love the watch. Greenlee, this is the most generous gift that anyone's ever given me. That's one thing we haven't spoken about, babe. The whole money thing.

Greenlee: I have a lot.

Aidan: I know.

Greenlee: Lucky you.

Aidan: I don't care about your money, all right? But I think you ought to --

Greenlee: Oh, my God. You think I need a prenup.

Aidan: Yeah. Kind of. I mean, don't get me wrong. I mean, I intend to be with you forever and ever, ok? But, like any good lawyer would say, they would advise us, well, you, to get a prenup. I mean, as far as I'm concerned, I'm marrying the woman of my dreams. Not some bank account.

Greenlee: Good. Because what's mine is yours.

Aidan: And just as important, what's mine is yours. All right? So, as far as I'm concerned, I want to contribute fully to this relationship, and I'm going to work just as hard as if I was supporting the both of us.

Greenlee: I love you.

Aidan: I love you.

Greenlee: It's damn sexy on you, Devane.

Aidan: Yeah, you're damn sexy on me.

Greenlee: W when anyone asks you what time it is, you can just --

Aidan: Say it's Greenlee time.

Zach: My father couldn't do it. Whoever buried Greenlee and me in that hole couldn't do it. And one night with you and Aidan's not going to do it either. Nothing and no one can destroy what we have. So let's put it behind us and move on.

Kendall: I love you so much.

Zach: I never doubted that. I got to go.

Ryan: And now it is my turn to apologize.

Annie: For what? My God, Ryan, you remembered a piece of the past four years. Isn't that what you're supposed to be doing?

Ryan: Wrong piece, though.

Annie: Listen, where it comes from doesn't matter. Greenlee or the grocery store. I mean, your brain is trying to put things back in place as best it can. And I am done being the person that you apologize to for anything. Except for a ruined manicure.

Ryan: Got to watch out for those lug nuts.

Annie: I am starting to kind of understand what you're going through. And any memory that you get, I consider a Godsend. So, anyway, fill me in on life on the open road. Tell me all about the awesome feeling of heavy leather and the joy of bugs in your teeth. Hell, maybe you can actually convince me to overcome my fear of riding one of these puppies one day.

Ryan: Oh, yeah?

Annie: Maybe. Hi.

Ryan: Hey.

Annie: Did you guys have fun?

Ryan: Come over here. Oh, oh.

Annie: Oh, oh, oh, oh.

Ryan: Check it out. All right.

Corrina: So, you guys still need me?

Annie: No, I think we're good, Corrina. Thank you.

Ryan: Thanks, yeah. Thank you.

Annie: Hey, you.

Ryan: What do you say? You want to ride?

Emma: I want a ride.

Ryan: Yeah, I want to ride. Oh, yeah. Well, I'm going to have to ask your mom about that, actually. Um, you know what we could do, is we could trailer the bike out to someplace really, really, really safe, like at the beach, which is a perfect place. We could go really, really slow. I could give you a little ride, really slow. It happens to be a perfect place for your first lesson, too.

Annie: Ok.

Ryan: Isn't that cool?

Emma: Cool.

Angie: There was no change in your EKG. And the blood test confirms no heart attack.

Adam: Good, good. Exactly as I said. You people are all hypochondriacs. Ok, I would like to get the hell out of here.

Angie: No, I did not say that there wasn't something wrong. It's just that your spell wasn't a heart attack this time.

Krystal: Well, what was it then?

Angie: Adam, I want you to be straight with me here, ok? Now, before you felt faint, you thought you might be having a heart attack, right?

Adam: It crossed my mind for a second. It was just a moment of --

Angie: Panic.

Adam: No, I don't panic. I was concerned for a bit. But your tests show that that's not --

Angie: Adam, I think that the episode that you had today, and the one that you had in Tad's car, were panic attacks.

Adam: Nonsense, nonsense.

Krystal: Adam, it makes sense. Look, I've had them before. And I thought you were having one when you thought J.R. was being kidnapped.

Adam: I trust your medical degree just about as much as I trust his.

Krystal: Adam, it feels just like a heart attack. It's the most frightening thing in the world.

Adam: I'm Adam Chandler. Have we met? I don't have panic attacks. I do not have -- I give other people panic attacks. And right now, I'm having a ticked-off-at-the-moment attack, because I've been all afternoon in this damned hospital, and I've been poked and prodded, and people telling me that I'm behaving like a woman with the vapors. Now I'm sick and tired of being confused and --

Frankie: Diazepam?

Angie: Yeah, a five IV. We really want to mellow him out.

Frankie: All right.

Angie: Quod erat demonstrandum, Adam. It's Latin for "thank you for proving my point."

Joe: I don't understand. From what you've told me --

Tad: Thanks, Kelly.

Kelly: You're welcome.

Joe: Thank you. This Rob Gardner's nothing at all like your father.

Tad: Ray Gardner was not my father. Don't say that to me, ok? You're my father, Dad.

Joe: I know, I know, I know. All I meant was, he was a respected federal agent for many years.

Tad: Yeah, I know all that. I know all that, but I'm telling you, something just doesn't sit right. I mean, I'm not kidding. The hair on the back of my neck stands up every time he walks into the room.

Joe: Yeah. Well, maybe you ought to have the barber shave those hairs off, huh? Look, what I mean is, I understand your being wary, after what his brother put you through. Put us all through, son of a --

Tad: Hey, hey, come on. Look, the last thing I want to get into right now is get you started worrying about me all over again. I'm fine, ok? I promise.

Joe: I think you would know by now that parents never stop worrying about their children.

Tad: Oh, is that the truth or what? I don't know how you and Mom did it. I mean, it was four of us. Every morning, wake up, I look around. I'm amazed by the crap that's out there in the world compared, you know, when I was growing up.

Joe: Yeah.

Tad: Every night, I look at Jenny, I start to sweat, because I realize, eventually she's going to grow up and have to deal with it.

Joe: It's going to be fine. She's going to be fine. Look at her parents.

Tad: Yeah. Look at her parents. And then there's Kate. At least with Jenny, I can keep an eye on her, you know? The fact is, I still got a daughter out there somewhere in the world, and she's at the mercy of God only knows what. And I can't do a damn thing about it, except wonder how she's going to deal with it all.

Ryan: There she goes. Look at her go. Little motorcycle girl. Look at her run over here. I got you. Oh, I got you. That was pretty good. I know, we blew the helmet. The helmet blew off. We were moving too fast. Far too fast. Was that fun, riding the parking lot with your dad?

Emma: Yes.

Ryan: Yeah, it was fun, wasn't it? Did you see your mom, too? She did a pretty good job.

Annie: Yeah, right.

Ryan: Riding all by herself.

Annie: Now I know why they say riding bikes is such a rush. You get off, and you're just happy to still be alive.

Ryan: Oh, please. You cannot tell me you didn't have any fun. I know you did.

Annie: Yes, I definitely did.

Ryan: Yes, success. Success. What do you say, I start working on the fire a little bit? We start roasting some marshmallows.

Annie: Marshmallows.

Ryan: That's what I'm talking about. Want to go check out the sand crabs? There's a whole bunch over there.

Annie: Ok, go. But stay where we can see you.

Ryan: Yeah, stay close by.

Annie: She had a wonderful day.

Ryan: Yeah? How about her mom?

Annie: Yeah.

Ryan: Good. I'll get the fire started.

Greenlee: Hiya.

Kendall: Hey. So, I checked online, and sales for Charm! are doing amazing. Despite the dip in the economy, it looks like people still want to smell good. So I think we should be ready for a Mother's Day launch, and I'm ready for spring. What? What happened?

Greenlee: It's nothing. I just feel, I don't know, heavier today.

Kendall: Oh. You probably ate salty food or something. Chinese always makes me feel like that.

Greenlee: No, I mean, I feel like I'm carrying this extra weight.

Kendall: Well, you know, we all went through a lot, you know, with the whole Charm! launch, and lost track of things. I think we need to get back on our regular exercise regimen. Maybe hit the poles.

Greenlee: Or then again, it could be this. Proposal accepted, marriage incoming.

Kendall: Oh, my God, Greenlee. Greenlee, that's amazing. It's amazing.

Josh: Been wondering when you were going to make it in. The Geneva people weren't too happy that you weren't there to answer their questions.

Zach: Since when are you in charge of my schedule, Josh?

Josh: Oh, I'm sorry, Zach. I'm just bringing up the fact that we had a conference call scheduled an hour ago. And our meeting on our humanitarian project on Darfur, they're waiting for us.

Zach: And since when do you come into my office without being invited?

Josh: Ok, I'm just going to back out of the office here and not make any quick movements.

Zach: I'm sorry. Rough night.

Josh: It's ok. Look, why don't I take the meeting with Darfur, and we can reschedule the Geneva call?

Zach: I think that's a good idea.

Josh: Is there anything else I can do to help?

Zach: No. Thank you.

Josh: All right, I'll make sure no one bugs you today.

[Knock at door]

Zach: Josh, give me a break.

Aidan: Hello, mate. You and I need to have a little talk.

Kendall: So, I mean, tell me. Do you have any idea when or where?

Greenlee: Just the preliminaries. In other words, we have no idea. I keep waffling between big or small, traditional or quirky. I just know I want it to be super special. Especially for him. I mean, he's never done this before.

Kendall: Yeah, well, knowing you, it'll be original.

Greenlee: One thing I do know, is that you and Zach have to be integral to everything. You just have to be. I mean, Aidan keeps wanting to go more traditional, but I keep thinking, wouldn't it be a kick if you and Zach stood up for us? I mean, Zach could tell me how to be good to Aidan, and you can stand up for Aidan and tell him how to treat me like the goddess that I am. Kendall, what's wrong? Talk to me.

Zach: Come on in.

Aidan: Someone have a party in here last night?

Zach: What do you want to talk about?

Aidan: Greenlee and I, we got engaged.

Zach: Congratulations.

Aidan: I'm a lucky man.

Zach: Yes, you are.

Aidan: Ok, well, before I go any further, Zach, there's something that you and I need to talk about.

Zach: I'm all ears.

Angie: You've heard stress kills? It's not just a slogan, it's true. And you have the signs, all of the signs of it happening.

Adam: Well, now that you've put me into la-la land with your medication, I can't argue with you anymore. So I want to go home.

Colby: I just want to thank you for helping my dad and being so patient with him.

Frankie: I almost lost it on him. I don't know how you deal with it. But someone needs to sit him down and get him to listen, because my mom is right. Panic attacks, anxiety, it all can lead up to serious health issues if he continues to ignore them.

Angie: I'm going to write up some instructions for you, Adam, and then you can have someone drive you home. I'll be right back.

Adam: Why are you all standing there looking at me? Get out. Get out and let me get dressed. Who's got my damn pants?

Babe: I thought you might want to grab a cup of coffee.

Krystal: I think I need something a little stronger as soon as I get home.

Babe: Well, I'm just glad it wasn't as serious as we thought. I mean, the look in your eyes, Mama, how worried you were?

Krystal: What's that Al Pacino line? "Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in."

Babe: Yeah, well, pulled me right back in, too. I was right in the middle of telling J.R. to back off and then he got the news about Adam. Where was I? I was driving to the hospital with him, with barely a second thought.

Krystal: That's the curse of the Chandler men.

Babe: That's what I called it with J.R., my curse.

Krystal: What witch doctor did we piss off, anyway?

Babe: Well, what are we going to do about it, Mama?

Krystal: I guess we just get on with our own lives the best we can. Come on, I'm buying.

Ryan: Is that yummy? Yeah? Do you want to go finish your sand castle over there?

Emma: Can I finish my sand castle?

Ryan: Yes, you sure can.

Annie: Sure, sweetie, go on over.

Ryan: I'll hold the marshmallow while you finish your sand castle. That was a fantastic idea.

Emma: And then I'll come back.

Ryan: You can come back, yeah, absolutely.

Annie: Good girl.

Ryan: Sure, go ahead. Go, go, go, go.

Annie: You've been really incredible with her, Ryan. She's always going to appreciate you. And I am, too.

Ryan: Don't make it sound like the job's over. I mean, I'm always going to be her dad. I promise that. Mouthful.

Annie: Mm-hmm.

Ryan: What happened to your neck?

Annie: Oh, I think I rattled my neck when I hit the bump on the bike. Because I'm so slick.

Ryan: You did, did you?

Annie: Smooth.

Ryan: Hold on a minute. That's my cue. That is my cue. Ok, look out. Get over here. Come here. How's that, right around here?

Annie: Lower.

Ryan: Lower?

Annie: Lower.

Ryan: My foot's catching fire. So how's that right there?

Annie: Great.

Ryan: Is that good?

Annie: Yeah, right there.

Ryan: Ok.

Annie: Heaven.

Adam: Where is that woman?

Colby: Dad, patience is one of the things you're going to need to learn.

Adam: Let me tell you something, young lady. If you think for one minute that I'm going to buy into this panic attack nonsense --

J.R.: Damn it, Dad, will you just stop being such a stubborn jackass for once and listen to your family? Since Colby and I actually have to take part of the blame for what you're going through.

Adam: Oh, really? What are you talking about?

Colby: Well, J.R. and I talked about it, and we realize that we've been giving you a lot of stress these past few weeks. So we're not going to just sit by and watch you pig-head yourself into an early grave.

J.R.: We have got a deal to offer you.

Adam: Oh, ho-ho. What is this deal?

Colby: We promise to stop being total headaches to you, and do everything we can to keep anyone else from being the same.

J.R.: But, you have to do exactly what the doctors tell you to do.

Adam: Oh, oh, I see that what you're saying is that we have to completely change our existing personalities?

J.R.: Yeah, pretty much.

Colby: We love you, Dad, and we want you to stick around.

Adam: So, are we going to take odds about which one of us is going to screw up first?

Joe: You know, you taught me one of the biggest lessons in my life?

Tad: When in doubt, send flowers? Kind of basic.

Joe: No, it's, no matter how much you worry about your kids, they're going to end up surprising you with how smart they really are.

Tad: We talking smart or smartass?

Joe: In your case, both.

Tad: Ok, so what's your point? I'm just magically supposed to just, poof, I'm supposed to stop worrying about things that bother me, just like that?

Joe: Yeah, there you go. You've got a good thing going with Krystal, and with Jenny.

Tad: Oh, that's a fact. Krystal's a terrific mother and a great wife, you know? We have a good partnership going. It may not be what I had with Dixie, but I don't see why it should be. She's made a good home for us, for all of us. Solid.

Joe: Yeah, there you go. Focus on that. And with those words of wisdom, I thank you for the burger.

Tad: What do you mean, thank you? I thought you were paying.

Joe: Love you, kid.

Tad: Yeah, now you love me. See you later, Pop.

Joe: Bye-bye.

[Phone ringing]

Tad: Hey, Jesse, what's up?

Greenlee: Kendall, what's wrong? I thought you'd be happy.

Kendall: I am. I'm so happy it's just -- it's so amazing, considering everything that's happened. You deserve the best, Greenlee.

Greenlee: I know. And I've found him.

Kendall: I just wish --

Greenlee: What?

Kendall: I just wish I wasn't such an emotional sap. Ok, come here.

Zach: What do you want to talk to me about?

Aidan: I've never done this before. Get married, I mean. And I don't want to screw things up. Greenlee's been hurt before, in the past. I want to make sure that that doesn't happen again. I want to start things off right.

Zach: Go on.

Aidan: Greenlee gave me this today. It's the most expensive thing I've ever been given.

Zach: It's very nice. She's a generous woman.

Aidan: Yep. Yeah. Yeah, she is. And I want to be fair to her, Zach. I want to make it right between us. And that's where you come in.

Angie: All right, I want you to read these over, Adam. This is the name of a doctor for you to see, a psychologist.

Adam: A psychologist?

Angie: Panic attacks result in physical symptoms, Adam, but their root cause is psychological. Now you need help to understand how to fix it.

Adam: No, not me. I'm out of here. Drive me home.

Krystal: Adam, Adam, you need to hold it. Hold it right there. Adam, I have been through this. And my panic attacks stopped when I finally learned how to let go and cry, when I learned how to forgive myself and other people. Adam, you have to fix this or you're going to get hurt. Just give it a try, please.

Adam: Let's get the hell out of here.

Krystal: You stubborn goat.

Annie: You're trying really hard to love me. Aren't you, Ryan?

Zach: You had something to tell me. You go ahead.

Aidan: Regardless of how much Greenlee's worth, I want to do my bit. Now, not so long ago, you offered me the job as head of Cambias security. You talked about future possibilities. Now, at that time, I was kind of enjoying my independence I had working with Tad. But now, things have changed. So I'm here to accept the job.

Greenlee: You know what? I have a great idea. Why don't the four of us go out to dinner and celebrate?

Kendall: No. You know what? That's not a good idea. Not tonight.

Greenlee: Yes, it's perfect. You, me, Zach, Aidan, the fearsome foursome. I'll call Zach right now.

Kendall: No, no, no, no, Greenlee, don't. Don't.

Greenlee: Ok, Kendall. What's really going on?

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Angie (to Krystal): Does Tad know how you really feel about Adam Chandler?

Jesse (to Tad): What was buried at my funeral? Something had to be in that casket.

Aidan (to Zach): If you don't want me to work for you, the least you can do is tell me why.

Greenlee (to Kendall): Did something happen that I don't know about?

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