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Kendall's voice: I am going to tell Zach I slept with Aidan.

Erica: And how will his eyes look back at you? Are you going to be able to live with that?

Kendall: I am not like you. I cannot live with the guilt.

Annie's voice: Aidan is going on and on and on about how Greenlee doesn't love him anymore, so there's no reason for the two of them to still feel guilty.

Aidan's voice: What are you talking about? It's forgotten. And you've got Zach back, and I've got Greenlee back. All right? That's all that matters.

Kendall's voice: Zach doesn't know anything about the whole pregnancy thing, and I don't want to tell him.

Zach: You pregnant?

Kendall's voice: I don't need a bodyguard.

Zach's voice: I think you do.

Kendall's voice: No, Zach, I don't.

Zach: It would put my mind at ease.

Kendall: Ok, but why Aidan?

Zach's voice: I trust him.

Kendall's voice: I just want it to be you and me. And our boys. That's it. I just want it to be us. No one else matters. No one, ok, I don't want anyone to come between our happiness and our family.

Zach: They won't. Not if we don't let them.

Kendall: But that's just it. They do get in the way because I let them.

Kendall's voice: I let Aidan get in the way.

Zach's voice: Did that ever work for us, Kendall?

Zach: Keeping secrets? Did that ever work for you or me?

Kendall: Zach?

Zach: Yes? Tell me.

Annie: Livia. Hi. Did we have an appointment?

Livia: No, just a lawyer check-in.

Annie: You want to know if I'm going through with the divorce.

Livia: Well, there is some finalizing of those papers if we --

Annie: You're a genius.

Livia: I am?

Annie: You told me not to give up on Ryan so quickly. That I needed to really think before I ended our marriage.

Livia: And?

Annie: Well, we're taking it one small step at a time. Starting with no divorce. At least not yet.

Livia: But you're not back together?

Annie: No, and we may never be. If Ryan comes back to me, I'll be thrilled. But if he doesn't, I'll survive. God knows I've made it through a lot worse than life without Ryan.

Ryan: I remembered Greenlee. Just quick flashes, you know. Pretty quick.

Therapist: Tell me as much as you can.

Ryan: Ok, um, well, I'm into motorcycles, right? And, so, um, I remember riding along, and I see a woman on the side of the road next to her bike, which had obviously broken down. And I remember her taking her helmet off and, uh, and it was Greenlee.

Therapist: Go on.

Ryan: Well, it was the first time that she had ever ridden a bike. I mean, she could have killed herself, you know? But Greenlee being Greenlee --

Therapist: Anything else?

Ryan: Yeah. I had another memory about Greenlee. She'd surprised me with a picnic, and it was really elaborate, and she put up this whole nice spread, and I kind of figured that she would pull out caviar, or champagne, or something. But she didn't. She brought beer and barbeque. And I remember the dress that she had on.

Therapist: Sounds like a romantic memory.

Ryan: Well, it was a long time ago, so --

Therapist: Anything else?

Ryan: Uh, yeah. I had a memory of, you know, me and Greenlee -- making love.

Therapist: And?

Ryan: And what? That was it.

Therapist: How did you feel about Greenlee at that time?

Ryan: Well, I guess I was crazy about her, but I don't see how that matters.

Therapist: After recovering these memories, how do you feel about Greenlee now?

Ryan: Next question.

[Moaning and kissing]

Greenlee: This is real. I'm going to be Mrs. Aidan Devane.

Aidan: You know what? I think I prefer "the old ball and chain."

Greenlee: "Ball and chain Devane." It has a nice ring.

Aidan: I'm kind of wondering where I should put the "property of Aidan" tattoo. Should I put it here? Or should I put it here? Or maybe I should put it right here.

Greenlee: Hey -- wait!

Aidan: I know what I need, and I know exactly where to put it.

Greenlee: You better not have a tattooer thing in there.

Aidan: No, it's something better than that. It's a lot more important.

[Greenlee gasps]

Greenlee: My ring. You had it.

Aidan: May I?

Aidan: Oh, look.

Greenlee: It feels right. I shouldn't have waited too long to let you do that.

Aidan: I love you, Greenlee. I can't wait to call you my wife.

Greenlee: I love you. But I'm going to need some time -- to plan the wedding of the century. Huge band, tons of flowers, a dessert table that goes on for days, total fabulousness. And my father will give me away, of course.

Aidan: What, do you think you're going to invite Erica to be a special guest?

Greenlee: Well, I did kind of screw up their first wedding, so I guess I owe her. She can park cars or something.

Aidan: You are so bad. Who else is going to make the cut, then?

Greenlee: Well, there's going to have to be a best man and -- I was going to say "maid of honor," but that sounds hideously old-fashioned, so what if --

Aidan: Oh, dear.

Greenlee: Oh, no, this is good.

Aidan: Come on.

Greenlee: What if we put a modern twist on the whole wedding party thing? Zach will be my best man, and your best woman will be Kendall.

Kendall: I just wanted to say -- how was Jenny's birthday party?

Zach: It was fine.

Kendall: The boys had fun?

Zach: Mm-hmm.

Kendall: Good, that's good. It's very good, actually. You know Spike's first birthday party was a total bust.

Zach: How's your mom?

Kendall: My mom is -- she's amazing. I walked into that prison, and took one look at her in the orange jumpsuit, and I almost broke down. She's -- she's so positive.

Zach: Glad she's going to be ok.

Kendall: Yeah? She sends her love. And she wanted me to tell you how grateful she was. I am, too. I'm so lucky to have you, Zach. How can I ever thank you for --

Zach: That's enough, no. No more thanks. Do you want a drink?

Kendall: Ok.

Kendall: I love you.

Zach: I never doubted that.

Aidan: Kendall, my "best woman"? It's so funny.

Greenlee: It wasn't meant to be.

Aidan: Oh, come on, Greenlee.

Greenlee: She's the perfect choice. Seriously, Aidan. Think about when Zach and I were in the bomb shelter.

Aidan: I'd rather not. I'd rather think of where we were an hour ago.

Greenlee: Mmm. You, me, Kendall, Zach, the four of us will always be connected because of what happened when we fell in that hole.

Aidan: Yeah, well, I thought you wanted to forget about that.

Greenlee: The snake and the skeleton, yeah. But what Zach and I shared? We got close. So did you and Kendall.

Aidan: No. I mean, Kendall and I are friends, but I don't think I want to make a spectacle out of that when we walk down the aisle, you know? I'd rather a traditional wedding.

Greenlee: Aw. You want a real best man.

Aidan: Yes, I do. And I want to ask Tad.

Greenlee: Ok. But you have to admit that it would be hilarious. You at the altar pledging your eternal devotion to me, and who is there to make sure you don't blow it? Kendall.

Kendall: So, tell me more about Jenny's party. Who was there?

Zach: Everyone was there. Annie was there.

Kendall: Oh. Oh, how is she?

Zach: She's good. She had divorce papers drawn up.

Kendall: What? They're giving up?

Zach: A marriage can only take so much. But Ryan asked her to stick it out, so she said yes.

Kendall: That's great.

Zach: And then Annie told me about you and Aidan. How he came to her house, drunk, and you got him out of there.

Kendall: I -- yeah, I told you I drove Aidan over to his office so he could sleep it off --

[Zach kisses Kendall]

Livia: At least you and Ryan are on the same page.

Annie: Yeah.

Livia: Ok. Well, I'm done here. I'll catch up with you next week.

Annie: Thanks, Livia.

Livia: All right, bye.

Ryan: My feelings for Greenlee are in the past, all right? The same as my feelings for Kendall. They've moved on, so I need to move on.

Therapist: Ryan, in my experience, not dealing with the past prevents one from adjusting to the present.

Ryan: You want to hear about my experience? You want to talk about Annie, and Kendall, and Greenlee, and all that. That's fine, we can talk about them. But what about the guy who comes up to you and says, "Hey, Ryan, great to see you. It's been a long time, man. How you been?" And I don't remember him at all. And he sees that I don't remember him at all.

Therapist: I know this is very difficult.

Ryan: No, you really don't. I don't think you could possibly know. Not unless you spend a couple of weeks in my skin, walking around in a world that you just do not recognize at all. Or -- or if you looked at pictures of yourself, and you saw yourself doing these really, really horrible, horrible things. And you ask yourself, "How could that possibly be me?" Or, how about -- how about if you looked into your kids' eyes, the same kids that call you "Daddy," and you have no idea at all who they are? But I can love them today, right? Like, I can be their dad today, and tomorrow, and forever. So, do you see what I am saying here? The past is like a trap. It's like a prison. And I just will not live there anymore.

Tad: Hey, kids. I see you met our new client.

Aidan: Yeah, thanks to you, you cheeky monkey, telling me there was a missing person's case on my desk.

Greenlee: Well, you solved it, didn't you?

Tad: I'd say so. Did these come in an egg?

Greenlee: Ah! You pervert. Give me those. I'm getting dressed.

Aidan: Hang on.

Greenlee: Tell Tad the good news.

Tad: You like credit cards? Say "Yeah"! You do know we have a dress code in this place, don't you?

Aidan: You're a funny guy.

Tad: No, I'm serious. I'm absolutely serious. This is harassment.

Aidan: So, how was Jenny's party?

Tad: Oh, come on. House full of kids, cake. What could go wrong? So, what's your good news?

Aidan: Greenlee and I got engaged.

Tad: Well, good on you. Congratulations. I'm proud of you.

Aidan: So, that means I've got a favor to ask you.

Tad: Name it.

Aidan: Will you give me away?

Kendall: What was that for?

Zach: You love me, I love you. Always only you.

Kendall: When you -- when you disappeared, I would dream about you. I'd imagine your face. I would listen for your voice and try to hear you telling me, "Don't worry, Kendall, I'm coming home." But I didn't hear anything.

Zach: You were never alone.

Kendall: But that's how I felt. I kept calling out to you, screaming, "Zach, where are you? Are you ok?" I saw your blood on the side of the road, and I was so afraid. I would fall asleep wearing your coat, so I could remember your smell. I'd wrap my arms around myself and imagine you holding me.

Zach: I fought with everything that I had to get back to you.

Kendall: But I couldn't feel you anymore. I couldn't. You were slipping away.

Zach: And there were times when I thought it was over.

Kendall: What did you do?

Zach: I thought about you. How much I loved you, and how I had to get back to you, so we could have the perfect family that we dreamed about. You gave me hope.

Kendall: I had hope, too. Until --

Zach: Until what?

Kendall: A month went by. One month of long, dark, freezing-cold days without a single word.

Zach: It must have been hell for you.

Kendall: People kept trying to prepare me for the worst, but I pushed them away. I tried, I tried so hard to hold on. I really did. But there was nothing to hold on to. No hope, no choice. So I gave up. Every single part of me believed that you were gone forever, Zach. Please, do you -- do you understand me? Every, every single part of me in my heart, and in my soul, I believed you were never, ever coming back to me. I thought that you were dead. And now I hate myself for that.

Zach: You were scared.

Kendall: I was wrong.

Zach: About what?

Kendall: Everything. What I knew, and what I did.

Zach: What did you do?

Kendall: It doesn't matter anymore. We're together, and we're safe. We can just forget about everything else.

Zach: Forget everything? Forget the time in the bomb shelter?

Kendall: Yes.

Zach: Look at me.

Kendall: I slept with Aidan.

Zach: I know.

Kendall: I -- I don't understand. How did you --

Zach: How'd I what? Find out that you slept with Aidan?

Kendall: Zach -- Zach, I need to tell you --

Zach: I don't want to hear it.

Kendall: No -- I -- you need to. Listen, please. Stop, stop. I have to tell you. I've got to tell you. Please listen. The only reason that Aidan and I were together at all was because the people that we loved were missing. We searched for you. We searched for you day and night in the snow and the ice. We were digging at the ground searching for any clue, any sign at all that you were still alive. I mean, there were search parties, and -- and dogs, and helicopters, prayers -- nothing worked. We didn't want to face it, but we had to. When Aidan and I looked at each other, and we realized it was over, I wanted to die. It was pure -- pure pain, and agony, and despair. And Aidan felt it, too. And we reached out for each other, but it was once -- once, Zach, only once.

Zach: I don't want you to explain it.

Kendall: No, please listen to me a second. I felt sick the second after it happened. I felt sick, I felt disgusted, and horrified. And you have to understand, I will regret this for the rest of my life, no matter what, but I was reaching out for you, Zach, you. I wanted you, but you were gone.

Therapist: What about the family -- you and Annie, Emma, and Spike? How's all that going?

Ryan: Better. Well, better, you know. Annie was going to file for divorce, and I convinced her to wait.

Therapist: Until you remembered her?

Ryan: Yes, exactly.

Therapist: And what if you don't?

Ryan: I will. I remembered Kendall, and then Greenlee, and Annie's got to be next.

Therapist: There could be a chronological element at work, but have you noticed any other patterns?

Ryan: No, not really. No.

Therapist: Well, how about a pattern in the way you feel about the memories?

Ryan: I don't really follow you.

Therapist: I've noticed a pattern. There are the memories that have come back to you on your own and those that others have helped you remember. So, why don't you start with the ones that you've recalled naturally.

Ryan: Ok. Um -- God, I can't -- I guess I remember the ones that, you know, came back to me on my own. I was just -- I was just really in the moment, you know? I wasn't really trying too hard, and I just remembered all the good stuff, all the good complicated stuff.

Therapist: About Kendall and Greenlee?

Ryan: About all of it, all of it. I had some fun in my life, you know? It wasn't all, you know -- it wasn't all horrible. I did have some fun.

Therapist: Anything else?

Ryan: My kids -- I mean, I don't remember when Spike was born, and I don't remember meeting Emma for the first time, but I've got to tell you that, you know, my love that I have for them, that is back all the way 100%.

Therapist: Mm-hmm. And how about memories that others have helped you with?

Ryan: I found out that my sister, Erin, was killed, and that my brother, Jonathan, hurt people, that I hurt people, especially Greenlee.

Therapist: Mm-hmm. It sounds as though you've remembered the positive memories -- the ones that feel good, but not the ones that feel bad.

Ryan: So -- wait a minute, what are you saying here? That I don't remember Annie because it wasn't any good? Because, I loved her. All right? Everybody says that I loved her. Everybody says that we were happy.

Therapist: Everybody says it, but you don't feel it, and you have to ask yourself, why is that, Ryan?

Greenlee: Ladies, it's a gorgeous night for a gorgeous bunch. Drinks on the roof on me. Where is everybody?

Annie: Uh, Babe was at Jenny Martin's birthday party, and Amanda went to see the distributor before heading home.

Greenlee: What about Kendall? Did she call?

Annie: Nope.

Greenlee: Well, any idea where she might be?

Annie: No.

Greenlee: Great.

Annie: What?

Greenlee: Nothing.

Annie: Ok, Greenlee, I have a lot of work to do, so is there something I can help you with?

Greenlee: Yes. Make a toast. Aidan and I are engaged.

Ryan: You're saying that I don't want to remember my own wife?

Therapist: I'm saying that's the pattern you're describing yourself.

Ryan: So, you're saying that I never loved Annie. That's your grand theory here?

Therapist: Ryan.

Ryan: No, you know what? This is crap because I'm trying to move on with my life, all of my life, and this -- you know what? This really isn't helping at all. You know what I mean?

Therapist: Ryan, I agree with you. Look, nobody could understand what this is like for you, how frustrating it is, how scary it must be. But I'm just trying to listen to what you tell me and help you make sense of it. I'm not here to judge you, and I know this is extremely difficult.

Ryan: Let me just say this. I loved Annie. All right? And I will love her again.

Annie: You and Aidan are engaged?

Greenlee: Isn't it unbelievable?

Annie: Yeah. Yeah, it sure is.

Greenlee: I have calls into all the top planners. Barefoot on the beach or wine country? What do you think?

Annie: Well, whichever you decide, make sure you hire a lot of security. You never know who might crash.

Greenlee: You can't really still be pissed I did that. That was like 100 years ago.

Annie: Ok, I was just giving you some advice based on my own experience.

Greenlee: Look, I'm sorry that I ruined your wedding to Ryan. I apologized. I was in a bad place. Let it go.

Annie: Is that how it works, Greenlee? You blow into other people's lives, turn everything upside down, but then when everything is shining again in your world, we're all just supposed to get over it?

Greenlee: You want to hold a grudge? Go for it, but I'm moving on to my fantastic future.

Annie: Right, because you're done messing with Ryan. So now, it's all about messing with Aidan.

Tad: I think this is a good thing, a really good thing, honestly. Marriage ain't half bad, especially the right person. So, when's the big day?

Aidan: Soon. According to Greenlee, very soon.

Tad: What's that supposed to mean? You getting the yips already?

Aidan: No, it's not that. I mean, there's no doubt that I want to get married to Greenlee. It's just that we got engaged and she's already started planning the wedding. She's gone nuts already.

Tad: Well, women and weddings, it comes with the dinner.

Aidan: I need your help.

Tad: Ok. I'd go with apricot and teal. That's just me. And unless I miss my guess, the calla lilies are in bloom again.

Aidan: I'm being serious. I need you to help me and Greenlee elope as a surprise to Greenlee.

Tad: Oh, yeah, she'll love that.

Aidan: We go to ConFusion, we whack back a couple of tequila shots, we jump on a plane, we go to Vegas. Wham-bam, we're married, no fuss, no mess.

Tad: Every once in a while, it's not a bad idea to put on a monkey suit and throw yourself a once-in-a-lifetime party. I should know. I've done it so many times, I get frequent-flier miles.

Aidan: I don't know, Tad.

Tad: Aidan, don't you want your nearest and dearest to be there when you make it official? It's important. Unless I forget, Greenlee's soul sister and all-around gal pal, Kendall.

Zach: Pain, agony, and despair. I get it. I understand that, but you told me that I was the man that you trust completely with your heart, with your life. I know that was a huge thing for you. I don't -- I don't think you realize just what that meant to me. For the longest time, I had parts of me that I wanted to hide from you. You know, parts I didn't want you to see because -- because I thought you'd leave. But, hey, I loved you so much, I thought I'd better -- better risk it, and I did, and you didn't leave. You stayed, and you gave me the most precious gift anyone ever had. You gave me your faith.

Kendall: Zach, I do believe in you. I love you, and I trust you, and I couldn't tell you, because I couldn't hurt you like that.

Zach: I know, I know. That would have been a hard thing to say and a hard thing to hear, but then it would have been out there. Secrets and lies, Kendall, secrets and lies. That's what gets us every time. And if you'd told me, we could have dealt with this together, but you took that away from us. And now -- it's not that you slept with him.

[Zach sighs]

Zach: Pain, agony, despair, I get it. But you didn't tell me. That's the betrayal right there. So when was it? When did you stop trusting me?

Kendall: Zach, I kept this a secret from you, because I love you, and I was trying to protect you, but then finally I realized that I was wrong, and I had to tell you.

Zach: A little too late.

Kendall: Please don't say that.

Zach: I was right here ready to take on anything as long as it was with you, but you shut me out over and over again.

Kendall: Zach, you make it sound as if I wanted to hurt you.

Zach: You did hurt me.

Kendall: Ok, but, Zach, I thought that you were dead. I thought you were dead. My whole world fell apart, and I was scared. I was scared. I mean, when someone that you love is someone that you depend on -- when that person dies, when you think that they're dead, you feel abandoned.

Zach: But I wasn't dead -- I was fighting to get back to you.

Greenlee: I'm not messing with Aidan and if you think that I -- you know what? If you can't be happy for Aidan and me, that's your problem.

Annie: Aidan came to my apartment last night.

[Greenlee laughs]

Greenlee: Right. Did the Queen of England swing by, too?

Annie: He was drunk and confused, because he asked you to marry him and you said no.

Greenlee: First of all, that's not true. And second, how is this any of your business?

Annie: Aidan comes to me saying that you turned him down and now you're here saying you're engaged. So, what's the deal, Greenlee? My guess -- you only accepted Aidan's proposal because you got rejected, again, by Ryan.

Aidan: Kendall means nothing to me.

Tad: Ah, here I was thinking you guys are so close.

Aidan: I'm serious, Tad. All right? I'm fed up with it. All the time you've gone on about this special connection that Kendall and I are supposed to have, all right? There isn't one.

Tad: Ok, ok.

Aidan: So, leave it alone.

Tad: Look, as your best friend and partner, I'm telling you, you've been acting hinky for weeks. All right? Enough is enough. Out with it. What the hell is going on?

Kendall: Haven't you ever made a horrible, horrible mistake and wish that you could fix it? Zach, please. If I had known that you were alive -- if I had only known that --

Zach: I don't think you get it. I don't think you get it at all.

Kendall: Zach, I'm trying. I'm trying to, but please -- please, you have to understand, too, I felt lost.

Zach: At this moment in time, I don't care what you felt. I care about what you did and what you continue to do.

Kendall: Yes, and the guilt was eating away at me.

Zach: Stop trying to explain it, please.

Kendall: No, no. All of that time, you were down there with Greenlee comforting her and holding her and keeping her alive while I was out here alone dying without you.

Zach: I said stop!

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Angie: What are you saying?

Annie: He's remembered something else, and it's about Greenlee.

Kendall (to Zach): I'm not trying to hurt us. I'm trying to save us.

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