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Ryan: Really? You want to end our marriage?

Annie: I didn't plan -- I had the divorce papers drawn up, yes, but I was just angry, Ryan. Like when I was angry, and I said that Emma was mine, and not ours. But then in there, we talked, and for a second, it was the way it used to be, and -- I should have talked to you about --

Ryan: It's ok, Annie. It's all right, it's ok. I mean, maybe this is the answer. Maybe it is time for us to move on.

Greenlee: You came.

Zach: You called.

Greenlee: You sound surprised.

Zach: I am.

Greenlee: I need your help.

Zach: My help? What, are we friends again?

Greenlee: Huh.

[Keys jingle in lock]

Guard: No physical contact with the prisoner. No transfer of materials. If you need to give the prisoner anything, give it to me for inspection first.

Jack: How are you?

[Door closes]

Erica: You can get a surprisingly good hairstyle from one of those wall-mounted hair dryers, you know?

Jack: You look wonderful. How are you?

Erica: It's good to see you. Just the way it was in Chicago.

Jack: You had me really worried.

Erica: You didn't need to be.

Jack: You held your own with Ortiz and his mother. You did good. You did. Erica Kane fights for love, justice, and the right to good hair.

[Erica and Jack chuckle]

Jack: I hate that I can't touch you.

Erica: So do I.

Krystal: Well wow, is all this for Jenny, Daddy? Is all this for Jenny? Huh?

[Krystal chuckles]

Tad: I can't stop thinking about Kate. I won't pretend I don't. But as far as this little one is concerned --

[Krystal chuckles]

Tad: Think about where we were a year ago. And a week after that. Never thought we'd see this beautiful face ever again.

Krystal: I can't think about that. It just hurts too much.

Tad: Well, we're here now, the three of us. A family. And that, my gorgeous wife, and daughter, is worth one hell of a birthday celebration.

Krystal: Hmm.

Angie: Hmm. Don't wake me!

[Jesse chuckles]

Angie: I'm dreaming about my gorgeous husband. We said these beautiful vows again and -- and we had to sneak off to be alone, again. Just like we did 25 years ago. It was real.

Jesse: As real as this.

Angie: Hmm. All right. All right, there's no time. We have someplace to be.

Jesse: Oh, don't say it, don't say it. Don't say the honeymoon is over. Come on.

Angie: Our honeymoon does not end when we leave this place. I swear to you.

Jesse: Well, you can't go anywhere if I won't give you your clothes.

Angie: Ok. All right, we can miss the big event. No big deal.

Jesse: "The big event" -- oh, that's today? Oh! Baby, I'm sorry -- when you said we had somewhere to be, I thought you --

Angie: I meant we have someplace to be.

[Jesse laughs]

Jesse: Then what you waiting on, woman? Get dressed. We got lives to live, to get on with. You know what I'm saying? Come on now.

Angie: You do, Jesse. You really do.

Jack: I filed the motions, I've taken depositions, I've been working with the D.A.'s office in Chicago and with the Feds here.

Erica: And that is wonderful. That is wonderful, Jack, really. But do you mind? Could we just skip the legalese? Because they have put a time limit on these little visits.

Jack: Sure.

Erica: And I just want to say very simply that Carmen had no idea that her ex-fiancÚ, Mando, was robbing that bank. No idea whatsoever. And we've got Mando and his mother to confess to the whole thing.

Jack: No, but unfortunately, that confession was not recorded.

Erica: Oh, well, not because I didn't try. That tape recorder that actually fried -- smoked, right -- was on me. Anyway, it doesn't change the fact that Mando is in custody because of Carmen.

Jack: Yes, he is, but not for the crime of the bank robbery, for other crimes.

Erica: I know, he violated his parole, he had a gun, a lot of stolen property in their apartment. Yeah, and here's Carmen. Carmen, Jackson was just telling me how he can help you.

Jack: Hi, Mrs. Morales.

Carmen: Call me Carmen.

Jack: Carmen, please.

Carmen: I know, I know. Escaped custody, took a cop's gun, kidnapped a world-famous inmate. How much extra time am I looking at?

Erica: Well, they can't give you any extra time on a sentence you shouldn't have had in the first place, because you never robbed the bank in the first place. I mean, doesn't make any sense. It defies logic.

Jack: Erica, you've been around the criminal system a couple of times. You know it's unreasonable to expect these charges are just going to go away.

Erica: Well, that's ridiculous.

Carmen: That's life, superstar. This is the way it is. You may not be used to it, but the rest of us are.

Erica: You're just saying you're giving up?

Jack: Carmen, I wish there was more that I could tell you.

Erica: You're both just giving up? What is wrong with you two? I have seen both of you act in a completely fearless way, and now you're just sitting here? You're just going to throw up your hands and hide in the corner? I am stunned. I mean, I'm sure that both of you are going to come out of this, you're going to come to your senses. But in the meantime, I'm going to have to fight hard enough for three of us.

[Music plays at ConFusion]

Zach: Am I wrong? Because I've been wrong before.

Greenlee: Listen, one fight doesn't end a friendship. Besides, I said way meaner things to you in the bomb shelter, and look at us now. We're buddies.

Zach: True.

Greenlee: Great. Let's move on.

Zach: What do you need?

Greenlee: I need the love of my life, that man of my dreams. And you have to help me get him back.

Zach: Ryan?

Greenlee: Aidan.

Zach: Aidan.

Greenlee: Aidan is the one I want and need and love, not Ryan.

Ryan: You've been amazing, Annie. I mean, you have been so unbelievably patient, and -- and honestly, I'm only starting to get to know you. You know what I mean? And what I see is, is I see all this kindness, and I see all this strength, and you just -- you deserve so much more. So if you decide that it is time to move on, then I'm not going to stand in your way.

Annie: Stop it. Not one more word. I swear, if you say one more thing, I will scream.

Colby: Hello, hello, hello.

Tad: Hey, buddy.

Krystal: Colby, come on! This is the sixth present you've brought by today. Come on, you got to get your gold card a rest. Right, Jenny?

Colby: No, this one is different, ok? This is her birthday outfit.

Tad: Ah.

Colby: "Ah"? What? What does that mean?

Krystal: He means that Ruth, Opal, Myrtle, and Babe already got Jenny a birthday outfit.

Colby: Oh.

Krystal: I know, I know. People just love to buy little girl's clothes. They're so cute.

Colby: Oh -- Jenny? Ok, listen here, sister. You tell them since I was the very first person to touch you, that you're going to wear my outfit, ok? It's a sister bond. I'm sure they'll understand. Come on, yes.

Krystal: Well, listen, I would love to back you up, girlfriend, but when those grandmas get together and they double-team you --

Tad: Oh, baby, duck and cover. It's the only way to go.

Colby: Oh.

Angie: Are we way too early?

Tad: Ah, hell, no. Come on, give me, give me, give me, give me. I believe there is a spare corner left in here that is not covered with gratuitous birthday decorations.

Krystal: Oh -- what Mr. Manners means to say is you shouldn't have, and thank you very much.

Tad: What Mrs. Manners means to say -- what the hell happened to you last night? And you may spare me some of the gory details.

Angie: All right, thank you for the translation.

[Krystal chuckles]

Angie: But listen, we -- we really did love the party you threw for us.

Tad: Oh, yeah, so much so, you snuck out without bothering to say good night.

Jesse: Oh -- stop it.

[Angie laughs]

Jesse: Oh, is this who I think it is?

Tad: You want me to make introductions?

Jesse: Of course.

Tad: This, Jenny Colby Carey Martin, is the best friend your namesake ever had.

Jesse: Hey there.

Tad: This is your Uncle Jesse.

Jesse: Hey. What's up? Hey, you. Hey there, little Jenny Jr.


Ryan: I'm sorry, Annie, I didn't --

[Ryan sighs]

Annie: It was such a dream, you and me, Ryan. It was a fairy tale. I mean, I almost couldn't believe it was happening. Me and Erin, and her taking me to your home, which then became our home. And you protecting me and Emma from -- from Terry, and then from the courts -- it -- it's just another long story, of many. But they all had such a happy ending of you and me and Emma as a family. It was -- it was magic. And now, I have to accept that that doesn't exist anymore.

Ryan: No, don't say that. Don't, because we did -- we -- you know, we -we made a home, we made a family. Ok? And to give that up -- it -- I hate it.

Annie: But you don't even remember.

Ryan: But it kills me, Annie. You don't even know. When I went back to where I grew up -- I mean, even though that the building was torn down -- even though that there was nothing there but a vacant lot, I could still hear my old man scream. I could still smell the booze on his breath. And I remember -- I remember thinking to myself, as a kid, that I would never, ever grow up to be like him. I would never, ever just drink all day, and -- and yell at my wife and beat my kids. And then I wake up one day, and I find out that I had the perfect life. And I had the perfect wife and kids and happiness -- happiness that I didn't even know existed when I was a kid. Only I had all that, except I don't know what it felt like, because I don't remember. What -- what I do remember is -- is still being with Kendall. And I know -- I know now that she's not the one. I understand that. I understand that Kendall's not the one, and I understand that Greenlee's not the one, but -- but the one -- the one is somebody that I feel like I just met.

Annie: You used to know everything about me. And now, I look in your eyes and none of it is there.

Ryan: But what if it comes back? I mean, I know I should move on. I know I should get on with my life. And I know -- I know without a doubt that you should, too, but -- but what if --

Annie: What are you saying, Ryan? What is it that you want now?

Greenlee: So trying for a repeat performance got me nowhere. I set up the whole romantic beach picnic, and no encore proposal from Aidan.

Zach: And this is after you followed Ryan to his hometown?

Greenlee: You know it was. Yes, I screwed up, and I know it was about Ryan, and I want to fix it. But how can I fix it if Aidan won't even forgive me? I mean, if he screwed up, I'd forgive him. That's what being in love is about -- love, forgiveness, total understanding. I would never walk away, no matter what he did.

Zach: You sure about that?

Jesse: Wow, those eyes, man.

Tad: Yeah, I know. Just like Jenny's.

[Jesse chuckles]

Tad: It's more than that, though. I mean, she just -- she's got my sister's soul, I swear. When she smiles, it travels all the way up her face.

Jesse: Yeah.

Tad: Into the corners, crinkles up.

Jesse: You know, I prayed a lot when I was out there. And I had Jenny looking over Frankie for me.

Tad: Mm-hmm.

Jesse: I swear, man, I -- I had so much fear for that boy.

Tad: Well, I've prayed for her from the day she was born.

Jesse: Yeah.

Tad: And every day since then.

Jesse: I hear you, man.

Tad: Yeah. Well, if I got anything to say about it, she's not going to go through anything like my sister did. And if she lucky, maybe she'll have a Jesse in her life, huh?

Jesse: What are you talking about? She's already got a Jesse in her life.

Tad: Yeah.

Jesse: Me.

Tad: Well, I'll let you two get better acquainted. I got to help out in the kitchen.

Jesse: Hey, how about a story? You want to hear a story?

Colby: Yeah, yeah.

Jesse: Hmm? You want to hear a story? About the best friend any boy from across the tracks could ever have. You want to hear that story? Ok, so, how we met -- hmm. We met at this tacky bar called "Foxy's." It was pretty embarrassing, but, you know, a guy's got to make a living somehow, right? So does a girl. She's got to make a living, too. Hey, looks good.

Jenny: Oh, I hate it. Give me some help here?

Jesse: Sure, yeah. You hate it? Why do you hate it? You look sharp in it.

Jenny: Thanks. It's tacky and stupid.

Jesse: Oh, man --

Jenny: Look at this. How would you like to wear something like that, huh?

Jesse: And after that, we were like this. We were tight. It was me, Angie, Jenny, and Greg.

[Dance music plays]

Jesse: Life wasn't fair to Jenny. Never was. I don't know -- I guess she was too good. Too smart. Doesn't make sense, does it? That's how it was.

Liza: And I have something for you. Newspaper clippings. Your father raped Mrs. Martin. They're very enlightening.

Jenny: Mrs. Martin never said anything. Mama never even told me.

Liza: That's because nice people don't talk about things like that, Jenny.

Jenny: But I lived with them.

Liza: But these are for you. I have others.

Jenny: To show Greg? Liza, please -- please don't.

Liza: You know, I think Greg deserves to know the whole truth about you.

Jesse: So, she ran. She left us. We were afraid we'd never see her again. That's pretty scary stuff. You know? Losing a loved one.

Annie: I'm not trying to push, Ryan, but I'm -- I'm having a hard time keeping up, so -- so what is it that you think you want now?

Ryan: I -- I told you, I'm trying to aim for the future, as tricky as that is.

Annie: You'll be ok, Ryan. You -- you have a lot of people that care about you.

Ryan: You see, that's another thing that I don't understand. I don't. After all the stunts that I've pulled, I don't know how anybody could be hanging around me.

Annie: Trust me, everybody in this town have made their fair share of mistakes. Look, if you honestly don't want to hurt me, Ryan, then just tell me what you want, because I'm -- I'm too tired, and I'm too hurt to have to figure it out myself.

Ryan: What if I asked you to -- just to hold off on the filing? What if I asked you to give our marriage -- to give me just a little more time?

Greenlee: Of course, I'd forgive Aidan.

Zach: Of course. Think of you, I think of forgiveness.

Greenlee: Did I not forgive you for torturing Ryan with his past?

Zach: Or maybe you glossed over it, because you want something.

Greenlee: Whatever, ok. So we need a plan. And since Aidan's a guy, and you're a guy --

Zach: I mean it. You'd forgive Aidan anything, everything, no matter what?

Greenlee: Well, I'd probably scream and get really upset, and then I'd forgive him. I hope he can forgive me for making him feel like he's not the one I want.

Zach: Is he the one you want?

Greenlee: Why are you doing this? You keep asking like I should come to my senses. I thought you lid Aidan. I mean, you practically staple him to Kendall for that L.A. trip. I mean, now we shouldn't be together?

Zach: You turned down his proposal.

Greenlee: And I told you, it was a mistake.

Zach: You know what I remember? I remember that pretty young woman in a bomb shelter. She was telling me a story about an empty house where she has no one to talk to, no one to care about. And she dreams about filling up the rooms.

Greenlee: Yes, I admit it. I'm doing that. Why can't you be happy for me? Why shouldn't I have what you and Kendall have?

Zach: Does it matter who's moving in? Ryan's not interested, so now Aidan will do?

Greenlee: This moment -- remember it. Because this is another one I have to forgive you for.

Jack: So, Carmen, I will follow up with the Feds. I just don't want you to get your hopes up.

Carmen: Yeah, I get it. No problem.

Guard: Time's up, Erica.

Carmen: Thanks, Jackie. As far as hearts go, you're solid.

Jack: "Jackie"? And I'm a "heart"? Am I? What exactly did Carmen mean by that, Erica? What have you been telling her?

Erica: Sorry. Our time is up. We'll have to discuss that later.

Jack: I'll be back. I hate leaving you here. I hate it.

Erica: But you just said you'd be back. And I believe you.

Jesse: Yeah, Jenny was something else. She was special. Because you see, back in the day, not too many people were feeling me, you know? I was a bit of a knucklehead kid. But Jenny -- she was my friend. She didn't care what people thought, or what they said. And this was the 1980s, you know what I'm saying? You'd think people would be further along, in terms of tolerance and whatnot. But no. Anyway -- Jenny was brave. She was the bravest person I knew. A lot of people see a black boy and white girl living together, and they get ideas. They can't deal with it, you know?

Jenny: Jesse, come on, knock it off. I don't care what a bunch of bigots think, I need you.

Jesse: Look, you don't understand, Jenny. You don't understand. Look, folks like to make it as hard as possible for people like you and me, you know?

Jenny: Yeah, well, so far, we've been doing just fine, and we'll keep on doing fine, Jesse. But look, you've got to stop talking about leaving, all right? Huh?

[Jesse sighs]

Jesse: Are you sure?

Jenny: Yeah. Yeah, I'm positive, ok? Huh?

Jesse: You're incredible, you know? All right. And she was something. She was amazing. And so are you. I can tell. So, Jenny was gone and nobody had a clue as to where she was. I mean, things were really bad here in pine valley. Really bad, because of Liza Colby -- no offense, but your mom was a handful when she was a kid.

[Jesse chuckles]

Jesse: Uh -- so, I decided I would leave, too. Yeah. I went to look for her, and I found her in New York City. New York City. And it happened to be one of the hottest summers in New York City history. It had to have been. And it wasn't too safe there, either. We were just two knucklehead kids knocking around this dangerous city. Huh. Even with all that, man, I wouldn't have -- I wouldn't give up that time I had with Jenny for the world.

[Piano plays as scenes from the past play]

Jenny: Jesse, come on, we're friends, right? Friends are supposed to share whatever they've got with each other. Right now, I've got the money.

Jesse: Oh, right. And I've got the "whatever."

Jenny: We're friends for life, right?

Jesse: Oh, and you know that.

[Jenny chuckles]

Jenny: And, no matter what, we'll always be there for each other, deal?

Jesse: Deal. What's this?

Jenny: Deal?

Jesse: Deal. We got back to Pine Valley eventually, to people who loved us. But still, it wasn't all good, not by a long shot.

[Music plays at ConFusion]

Greenlee: You want to throw the miserable rantings of my dying moments at me? Fine. Whose name did I say every five minutes? You wanted me off your back, and so you got me drunk and told me to think happy thoughts. Were those thoughts about Ryan?

Zach: No.

Greenlee: No, no. They weren't, they were about Aidan.

Zach: And when you told Aidan you needed more time, who were you thinking about then?

Singer: Dream on

Greenlee: We don't forget the people who mattered. I mean, I don't think I'll ever forget Ryan. A part of me will always love him. After Leo, I thought I was done, and Ryan proved to me that I wasn't. And now, I love Aidan with all my heart. You know, you told me that I was a brat and I was a whiner and I was spoiled rotten. Well, Zach, this is me being a grownup. This is me holding on to something that's good and real -- to a person who wants to just protect me and love me. Either back me up on that, or --

Zach: Or we're not friends anymore, and I was right.

Greenlee: I want this. And I want you to want this for me. Can you do that? Can you accept that I've truly moved on from Ryan?

Annie: Put the divorce on hold? But you said that --

Ryan: I feel like I'm on the road, you know? And I've got no map, and I've got no destination. And it used to be that that would make me feel free, but right now, it just -- I don't know -- it makes me feel trapped.

Annie: Right -- by me and by this marriage.

Ryan: No --

Annie: That's why I'm --

Ryan: No, no, no, no. Trapped by the unknown. You know, I just -- I just don't want to make any more mistakes.

Singer: Dream on, dream on

Annie: So is getting a divorce a mistake, or is staying married a mistake?

Ryan: Annie, I've taken so much from you. I know that. I've -- I've imposed on you. I've imposed on your kindness and your understanding and your generosity. And I have no right, and I know that. I guess I just -- I really want to have, like, a reason to move forward. I just -- I want something to hope for. I guess what I'm saying -- I guess what I'm asking is if you'd give me just a little bit more time.

Singer: Dream on dream on life is what we make it dream on oh, dream on life dream on, dream on I always get so taken

[Annie tears up the divorce papers]

Annie: Ahem -- I am -- I have to get home to Emma. Ryan, stop. I'm trying to get out of here without crying, and I don't know if I'm going to make it.

Singer: Oh, no and dream this dream of life

Erica: No map on an escape hatch on the back page?

Guard: Funny.

Erica: Ok. Jack is a brilliant lawyer. In fact, he's one of the great legal minds of our times. But around here, we're going to have to pull our own weight.

Carmen: Do you not listen to that man? He said we were out of luck.

Erica: Well, that's because Jack is -- huh -- he's such a pragmatist. But that, frankly, is a worldview that I do not subscribe to. I dream big, I don't give up. So this is your next lesson in how to accomplish that for yourself.

Carmen: I dream big, Erica -- then I have the sense to come back down.

Erica: Please do not tell me that I am out of touch with the real world. I told you I wasn't born rich and famous -- fabulous, yes, but not famous and not rich. I told you I -- I grew up with a single mom who -- who worked as an assistant back when they were called "secretaries." I worked for everything I have.

Carmen: Honey, I work every day, too, except I can't call the governor and bitch him out. It's just the way things are.

Erica: But you don't expect me to apologize because I have connections. I mean, why wouldn't I reach out to somebody who could help us if he just understood the situation?

Carmen: Huh. Hell, call the president. But don't kill yourself trying, because it's not going to change anything. At the end of the day, I'm me, and you're you, and I'm not going anywhere.

Erica: You don't know that.

Carmen: Look around, Erica. Look at all the other women in here. They spend $400 on rent, not shoes. Things go bad, they're in the wrong place at the wrong time, cop takes their hands, locks them behind, puts their face down on the floor, and then they get 10 years. They screw up, they get another 15 tacked on. If they had money, the right skin, the right address, maybe things would be different, but for the rest of us, buena suerte, you know?

Erica: Yeah. I think I'm beginning to.

Jesse: Hey, I told you how beautiful Jenny was, right? Huh? Well, everybody thought she was -- well, she was a model. And her brother -- oh, man. Oh, man.

Tad: I hear my name being mentioned. But if it's in vain, I'm going to throw you right out.

[Jesse chuckles]

Jesse: Yeah, well, the kid deserves to know what gene pool she's from.

Tad: Oh, Lord, I knew I should've kept you in the basement.

[Jesse laughs]

Colby: Oh.

Jesse: I got one word for you, Jenny Jr. -- "Machismo."

Tad: How do I look, sis?

Jenny: You'll pass, but I wouldn't want to dance too close.

Tad: Oh -- is something missing?

Jenny: Machismo. Without it, you're just another guy. With it, you're a man.

Tad: La la la la la la la la la la I'm not listening, I'm not listening.

Jesse: Oh, Daddy's mad, poo-poo.

Tad: Forget it -- you know what?

Jesse: Daddy's mad.

Tad: You see if you get an invitation to her next birthday.

[Colby and Jesse chuckle]

Jesse: Whatever, dude. You're out of here -- all right. So, let's wrap up our little story, huh? Problem is, this is a story without a happy ending. I really wish it could've been a happy ending. You have no idea.

[Music plays]

Greenlee: Ok. That's it. I couldn't walk away from your silent treatment in the bomb shelter, but I can walk away from you now.

Zach: Hey. I'm sorry.

Singers: Turn the beat up mix the beat up, come on

Greenlee: Whoa, whoa. Hold on a second. Right -- Mr. No Apologies just said --

Zach: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah -- no.

Singer: Let's keep going

Greenlee: Does that mean you're on my side?

Singer: Let's go far and dance around

Zach: Aidan Devane -- he's the one you love?

Greenlee: Yes.

Zach: He's the man you want?

Greenlee: Totally.

Zach: Ok, I will do whatever I can to keep you two lovebirds together.

Greenlee: You're a prince -- you know that?

Zach: Yeah, I do know. What is it about that guy anyway? Silly accent or smile or --

Greenlee: Hmm, he ducked really well when I threw a bedpan at his head.

[Greenlee chuckles]

Zach: He makes you smile -- you smile a lot. He makes you happy.

Greenlee: Well, he's funny and goofy, and he lets me be funny and -- that's it. You're brilliant. That's who he is.

Carmen: What? You want my autograph, too?

Inmate: Sure, Morales -- whatever.

Erica: Yeah -- don't say it. I know what you're thinking, but don't say it.

Carmen: What? That maybe you just proved my point? A whole lot of Carmens in here, only one Erica.

Erica: Ok, I know there's only one Erica in here -- I know that. I accept that, I embrace that. But what you have to accept and embrace is the fact that now, all my celebrity is in your corner. I'm ready to do whatever it takes and I am not going to just throw up my hands and give up until I get you out of prison.

Carmen: You go, tough girl.

Erica: Carmen, this is not just talk. This isn't funny. This is your life. This is your freedom.

Singers: Turn the beat up mix the beat up come on, shake the room now got to make it boom loud D.J., make it boom now turn the beat up mix the beat up yeah, baby yeah, baby turn the beat up mix the beat up come on, shake the room now got to make it

Zach: And she's done with me.

Greenlee: Hey. I'm conquering the world or at least one man's heart -- now, shush for a sec.

Zach: You're welcome.

Singers: D.J., make it boom now turn the beat up

Greenlee: Thank you.

Singers: Mix the beat up come on, shake the room now got to make it boom loud D.J., make it boom now turn the beat up

Greenlee: I'd be honored to be Mrs. Dynamite Kiddo. Oh.

Singers: Come on shake the room now boom loud turn the beat up D.J., make it boom loud turn the beat up mix the beat up D.J., make it boom loud boom loud turn the beat up D.J., make it boom loud turn the beat up mix the beat up

Zach: Hey -- may I be excused?

Greenlee: I'll race you out of here. I got a proposal to accept.

Singers: D.J., make it boom loud turn the beat up mix the beat up

Guard: No physical contact.

Kendall: Mother -- oh, hi.

Erica: Hi.

Kendall: Are you ok?

Erica: Oh, yes.

Kendall: Did -- did that crazy woman hurt you?

Erica: No, no, she didn't. I'm fine. She's not crazy.

Kendall: But she could've killed you. You could've gotten killed.

Erica: But I'm fine.

Kendall: How could you possibly be fine?

Erica: Kendall, stop it. You got to stop it. If you don't, I'm going to have to turn around, walk right back to my cell. You won't see me for six months.

Jesse: She was gone -- too soon, way too young. Being left behind -- oh -- that hurts like I can't even begin to tell you. Yeah. But we had to hang on to hope. All of us did. Jenny would've wanted it that way. That's what she was all about. When Greg asked me to get up here and say something today, I -- I wasn't sure I could do it. Then I remembered Jenny, the kind of friend she was. And the way she treated people. She treated people so good, I knew she would want me to get up here, stand up here and say what was right. And once, she told me that there were three things that you needed in life to be happy. One was something to do. Someone to love. And something to believe in. And you know something? The girl was right. Because she believed in the power of love. Which is why I know she is still here, with me just like -- just like I know she is still here with all of us. And it's that kind of love that never dies. It's -- it never dies. Well, I'm proof, Jenny. Your dad, Angie, this one over here --

[Colby chuckles]

Jesse: We're all proof that that kind of love just never dies. It never does. Never. Never, never, never, never.

Colby: Mm-hmm.

[Jenny coos]

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Adam (to J.R.): Somebody came after you, and they hurt you. We're not going to let them get away with it.

Greenlee (to Aidan): I love my man. I want him back. Will you help me find him?

Kendall (to Erica): I cannot live with the guilt. I am going to tell Zach I slept with Aidan.

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