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All My Children Transcript Wednesday 4/2/08


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Krystal: Babe? What happened? Is J.R. all right?

Babe: Um, he's stable, but it's not like it makes any of this all right.

Krystal: And -- and they still don't know what's wrong with him?

Angie: We do now. We just got the results back from the last round of tests.

Babe: And?

Angie: J.R. has hepatitis.

J.R.: What are you doing here?

Adam: Huh. What kind of question is that? I'm your father.

J.R.: You think I'm using again, don't you? You think this is my fault.

Adam: No -- no. No, I don't care whose fault it is. I just want to see you get better.

J.R.: Thank you for stopping by -- you can go now.

Adam: No, I'm not going anywhere, man. You can paint me as the devil himself -- I came here, because I wanted to help you.

J.R.: Oh, yeah? You really want to help me, huh? You want to help me?

Adam: Yes.

J.R.: If you're going to help me, then for once, why don't you try to believe me?

Zach: Want a glass of wine or something?

Kendall: No, thanks.

Zach: Cup of tea, maybe?

Kendall: I'm good.

Zach: Do you want to talk about this?

Kendall: Talk about what?

Zach: Ryan.

Annie: Honey.

Emma: Mommy.

Annie: Hi, sweetheart. Did you have a good time?

Emma: We went for pizza.

Ryan: I had such a good time. I will see you tomorrow, ok?

Annie: Hi.

Ryan: See you tomorrow, ok?

Annie: Hey.

Ryan: I'm going to leave.

Annie: Say "bye."

Ryan: Bye.

Emma: Bye. Daddy, wait. I want to show you the new pictures that I drew.

Greenlee: Oh, straight to voicemail -- turn your phone on already. Ryan, it's me, Greenlee. Um -- please call me back as soon as you get this. There's still so much you don't understand. Zach never should've shown you that video of the night that you rode off on your bike, and I'm just -- I'm worried about you, so call me, ok? I know you're dealing with a ton right now, but I really don't think that you should be alone. Don't push me away. Ok, I guess that's it. Um, wait -- have I told you to call me yet? Huh. Call me.

[Door opens]

Aidan: Hey, Greenlee. Let's get your coat, let's get out of here.

Greenlee: What? Wait, wait -- where are we going?

Aidan: I don't have time for your questions, and I'm not taking no for an answer.

Greenlee: Oh.

Erica: And the tables have turned.

Babe: Hepatitis? Isn't that -- isn't that dangerous?

Angie: Yeah, it can be.

Krystal: What happens next?

Angie: We're still waiting for culture information on the skin infection, and we've started him on antiviral medication to reduce any damage to his liver. Now, we're hoping that the acetaminophen will also bring down his fever.

Babe: Well, is it -- is it working?

Angie: Not well enough, not yet.

J.R.: I said for you to get out!

Adam: J.R.? J.R., please don't strain yourself.

J.R.: Look, I wouldn't have to if you would just go get my mom for me and tell her that I need her.

Adam: What did you say?

J.R.: I said I want to see my mom and tell her that it's -- I want to tell her that this isn't my fault.

Adam: Look, J.R.?

J.R.: Look, she'll believe me -- my mom has always believed me.

Adam: J.R.?

J.R.: Babe, Babe? Babe? Baby, baby -- will you tell -- will you help me find my mom? Will you help me find my mom for me?

Annie: Sweetheart, um, why don't you go get those pictures upstairs? Mommy and Daddy will wait right here, ok?

Ryan: Are you sure?

Annie: Emma shouldn't lose any more than she has to.

Ryan: I feel like I got to say it again. I -- I am so incredibly sorry for -- for everything, for all of it, Annie. It's not like -- I mean, you got to understand. It's not like I -- I set out to hurt you.

Annie: I don't have to understand anything, Ryan -- not anymore.

Ryan: Ok. Um -- I guess what I'm trying to say is that I -- it's not like I set out to do this, do you know what I mean? Like this is not easy for me, either, Annie.

Annie: You have no idea how good it was -- our life together -- but I do. So every time you go trekking out to relive your glory days, I'm stuck sitting here knowing there's nothing I can do to get it back.

Ryan: They weren't all glory days, Annie. I've been learning about the last four years of my life and seeing what I'm capable of and, my God, some of it scares me to death.

Annie: God, you -- you can't even help it, can you?

Ryan: What? What did -- what did I do now?

Annie: I am sitting here talking about you and me and Emma and everything that we have lost, and all you want to talk about is Greenlee and Kendall.

Kendall: I don't want to talk about Ryan.

Zach: So you just -- you just want to sit there and stew? Is that --

Kendall: I'm not stewing over anything.

Zach: Really?

Kendall: Yeah.

Zach: Because ever since I told you about my little talk with Ryan --

Kendall: Your "little talk"? Zach, don't make it sound like you and Ryan went out for a couple of beers.

Zach: All right, fair enough.

Kendall: You sandbagged him with that awful, horrible footage from his past.

Zach: It needed to be done.

Kendall: Not like that, it didn't. You know what? I don't want to fight about this again.

Zach: I don't want to fight at all.

Kendall: Well, God knows I have bigger things to worry about.

Zach: Hey, hey, hey. Your mom is going to call -- it's only a matter of time.

Kendall: Yeah, but what if something terrible --

Zach: Stop.

Kendall: Has happened to her?

Zach: Don't jump to conclusions.

Kendall: Something is stopping her from calling us. What else could it be?

Carmen: That's just great. Who's playing who now?

Erica: What?

Carmen: I spill my guts to you, tell you all about my life and my stupid mistakes, and all the while while you're pretending to care, you were just trying to be sprung.

Erica: Well, if you were being held hostage at gunpoint, wouldn't you just try to get sprung? And I do care.

Carmen: So do I. But without that, you never would've gone with any of it.

Erica: Well, now you'll never know, will you?

Carmen: So, I guess you're taking off now?

Erica: I guess. I mean, yes.

Carmen: Figured. Well, I'll never forget this -- that's for sure. Huh -- what a trip. Who would've thought Carmen Morales and Erica Kane? It's like Thelma and Louise without the convertible.

Erica: Well, good luck.

Carmen: Have a nice life, Erica Kane. You forgot something?

Erica: Mm-hmm -- that you and I are not so different.

Carmen: You came back to tell me that?

Erica: Yes, and that I want to help you.

Carmen: Do what? Kill Mando?

Erica: No! I want to help you become the woman you've been dreaming of becoming ever since you were a little girl.

Carmen: Huh -- it's too late for that, don't you think?

Erica: No, it's never too late. New beginnings happen all the time -- yes, they do. They happen all the time for all kinds of people.

Carmen: Ah. Who are you kidding? I'm a felon. I ran away from the cops. Huh. They'll never believe me.

Erica: Why not? I do.

Carmen: Why are you doing this?

Erica: Because -- because I know what it's like when your father walks out on you. And because I know that I could've been nobody instead of somebody. And all you need is a chance, Carmen. I'm here to give that to you.

Carmen: Who am I to argue with Erica Kane? Sign me up -- where do we start?

Erica: Huh -- hair and makeup. Oh, oh.

Carmen: You got a beef with my hair?

Erica: I got "beef" with a lot of things, Carmen. But --

Carmen: Where are you going?

Erica: I --

Carmen: Cosmetics is over there.

Erica: I know. There's just one thing I have to take care of first.

[Phone rings]

Kendall: Who is it?

Zach: Don't know the number. Hello?

Erica: Zach?

Zach: Erica, is that you?

Kendall: Wait a minute -- Mom? Mom, say something. Are you all right?

Erica: Kendall, it's me, honey, and I'm just fine.

Aidan: Watch out for the dog.

Greenlee: Aidan! Don't!

[Greenlee giggles]

Greenlee: Where am I going?

Aidan: Almost there. Come here.

Greenlee: I feel sand.

Aidan: You ready?

Greenlee: Yes.

Aidan: Ok. Kneel down. Just kneel --

Greenlee: Kneel?

[Surf crashes]

Greenlee: Ok. All right.

Aidan: Ok, I'm going to take it off now.

Greenlee: Ok. Aidan. What is all this?

Aidan: Take a look.

Greenlee: Oh, my God. Our first date -- you've re-created it.

Aidan: Care to join me?

Ryan: So you know what happened between me and Greenlee when I -- when I almost hit her?

Annie: Of course, I know. We told each other everything, Ryan.

Ryan: Well -- honey, I -- I still can't wrap my head around it -- I mean, the thought of me doing something like that to the -- to the woman that I loved.

Annie: Ok, stop, please. I -- look, I understand what you're going through, Ryan, but I can't be your shoulder to cry on. I -- I just can't.

Ryan: You took your wedding ring off.

Annie: Yeah.

Ryan: Why?

Annie: Because we're not married anymore -- I mean, not in the way that counts.

Ryan: You didn't have to take it off.

Annie: Yes, I did -- until you remember me and until you remember us.

Ryan: You know, I'm really trying. Annie, I am really, really trying.

Annie: I miss you at, like, the weirdest times. Huh. It's like when I'm -- when I'm brushing my teeth, I -- I miss jockeying for the sink. And -- and I miss you when I'm -- when I'm making coffee in the morning.

Ryan: What?

Annie: My grinds-to-water ratio could use a lot of help. And I just figure if I'm missing all of these day-to-day moments, what must Emma be going through? So I just have to push through for her and make sure that -- make sure that she has a sense of normalcy.

Ryan: And pretending that we were still together -- you don't think that was helping?

Annie: No -- not for me or for Emma. And that's what's most important, right -- I mean, protecting my daughter?

Ryan: You mean our daughter.

Annie: No, I mean my daughter.

J.R.: Why are you all looking at me like that? Will somebody go get Dixie?

Babe: Um -- Dixie, she can't come right now, J.R.

J.R.: Why not?

Babe: Because she sent me instead. You know, she wants you to get strong and fight whatever it is that's making you so sick.

J.R.: She doesn't think it's my fault, too, does she?

Babe: No, no, of course not. No.

J.R.: But you do? It's always my fault.

Babe: No, J.R., it's not always your fault.

J.R.: My dad thinks I'm a loser. That's why I need somebody to go get Dixie for me!

Babe: No, shh, listen. Listen, I'm right here, ok? I'm not going anywhere.

Adam: What the hell is going on here?

Krystal: Adam, calm down.

Adam: No, I'm not going to calm down. My boy -- my son is in there asking for his dead mother.

Krystal: That is the fever talking, Adam. Right, Angie? You said that was to be expected, right?

Angie: Until we can bring J.R.'s temperature down, he's going to remain a bit disoriented.

Adam: Why are we even back here? I thought you fixed him last time.

Angie: Adam, we treated your son's infection. There was no reason to test for hepatitis at the time.

Adam: Hepatitis?

Krystal: Uh -- we didn't quite get to that part yet.

Babe: What's going on, J.R.? What did this to you?

Opal: Hey, there -- buck up, buttercup. You're bringing me down.

Richie: I just thought Babe was going to let me stay at her place, that's all.

Opal: Oh, really, after everything you've pulled? Boy, you should be lucky that you managed to score a shack with a -- an outhouse, say nothing about a place like this. Yeah, that's right, that's right. I have heard everything about all the ruckus that you have been causing ever since you showed up in Pine Valley, and frankly, some of it really gives me the heebie-jeebies.

[Richie chuckles]

Opal: So let's just get one thing straight, shall we? The only reason that I agreed to let you stay here is because Babe believes in you.

Richie: Ok, you're right.

Opal: Hmm.

Richie: I'm going to stop whining, and I'm going to start thanking you for your kind hospitality.

Opal: Well, that's music to my ears.

Richie: So, you -- you know, you keep it kind of hot in here, don't you?

Opal: Oh, really? I didn't notice, but if you think it is, embrace it -- it's good for your pores.

Richie: Huh. Oh.

Opal: There -- is that better? So, the question is, now that I got you here, what am I going to do with you?

Aidan: I've got a surprise for you.

Greenlee: Ooh!

Aidan: Look who it is --

[Greenlee gasps]

Greenlee: Alphonso! Oh! This little guy got me through some tough times --

Aidan: Yeah.

Greenlee: Especially when you busted me out of prison, and we hid in that house, the first time that we said "I love you" to each other.

Aidan: Uh, it wasn't the first time for you.

Greenlee: The first real time.

Aidan: Yeah, well, at least when I said it, I knew you were conscious.

Greenlee: Hey. They may be three little words, but it was a huge deal for me. I was just testing them out.

Aidan: Yeah, on deaf ears.

Greenlee: With excellent hearing, as it turned out.

[Aidan chuckles]

Aidan: Quit -- hey.

Greenlee: Pretending to be asleep.

Aidan: Listen, look, in honor of that night, I have your winning combination of stout and champagna.

Greenlee: Uh, we'll definitely be drinking those separately this time. Oh, my God, I can't believe you did all this, Aidan. You're amazing.

Aidan: There's so much I want to say to you, Greenlee. I just don't know where to start.

Greenlee: I have an idea. How about we start with this?

Aidan: Good idea.

Ryan: What are you talking about, "your" daughter? What is that supposed to mean?

Annie: Hey.

Emma: Daddy, I found them.

Ryan: Oh, you did? Ok. Let's see what you got here -- come on. Okey-dokey. Gosh, you're getting heavy. So, what do we have here? What's this one?

Emma: This one is of Mommy and me at the fashion show.

Ryan: Oh, of course, it is. Look at you, you're at the fashion show -- that's so good with the pretty red dresses. Look at that. Oh. And -- who's this?

Emma: It's Aunt Erin.

Ryan: Oh. Yeah. Of course, it is -- wow. That one is so beautiful. Hey, um -- can I take this one with me? Oh, thank you. Thank you. Now, you know I love you, but I -- I got to get going, ok? I got to get going. I'll see you real soon. All right?

Emma: I love you, too.

Ryan: Ok. I love you. Just slip right off there. You're so heavy. How'd you get so heavy?

Annie: Hey. Come sit in Mama's lap.

Kendall: Mother, what happened? Are you sure you're ok?

Erica: I'm fine, sweetheart. I'm calling because I don't want you to worry about me.

Kendall: Are you still with Carmen?

Erica: I am still with Carmen, yes. But I'm fine -- cross my heart.

Zach: Where are you?

Erica: Uh -- I'm -- I'm in the Chicago area.

Zach: Well, tell me where I can find you, and I'll come and get you.

Erica: Zach, that's just the thing -- I don't want to be found.

Kendall: What do you mean, "you don't want to be found"? Are you crazy?

Erica: Kendall, honey, I assure you I'm not crazy. Carmen and I have some unfinished business that we need to take care of.

Kendall: "We"?

Zach: What is this unfinished business you're talking about?

Erica: I'm giving Carmen a new beginning of sorts, and I can't come home until we've finished. I love you, Kendall. Give the boys some kisses for me.

Kendall: Wait, wait a -- wait a minute, Mom. How can we reach you?

Zach: She's gone.

Kendall: Yeah -- off the deep end.

Richie: So this is what you do for fun around here?

Opal: Oh, stop your yammering and let me get some dirt on you. Come on over here now. Cut these cards.

Richie: Yes, ma'am. Ahem. Ah.

Opal: There you go, once again. Good. Quickest way to get to know a person is by taking a little peek into their past, their present, and their future.

Richie: Yeah? Well, do you see a beautiful blonde in my future right here for me?

Opal: Oh, Babe isn't meant for you, honey. She's got way too much sense.

Richie: Ow -- so you and these cards, you know everything?

Opal: Well, I know a heck of a lot more than you think.

Richie: Good, fine. Then what's my future say?

Opal: Well, you're going to have to hold your horses on that one. Ooh. Yep, these cards seem more interested in your past.

J.R.: Babe?

Babe: Yeah. I'm here.

J.R.: Is Little A ok?

Babe: Yeah, yeah, he's fine. He's fine.

J.R.: I love you. What? What's -- I'm going to be fine.

Babe: Yeah, I know. I just -- I just want to get you out of here, that's all.

J.R.: Yeah. Here's an idea -- when I get better, why don't we go back to San Diego?

Babe: San Diego?

J.R.: Yeah. We haven't been back there since we met. We go back and relax on the dock. We can make love in our room. We get married again. I'd do it every day if I could. And we could bring Little A with us this time -- would you like that?

Babe: Very much.

J.R.: Yeah. Yeah, me, too.

Krystal: You just got through one big scare with Colby and now life throws you another one.

Adam: J.R. will pull through just like his sister did.

Krystal: I'm sure you're right. But you're still allowed to be afraid, Adam.

Adam: Huh.

Krystal: He's your son.

Adam: All I wanted to do was try to turn his life around. But he's so angry with me.

Krystal: Because he's hurt, because he tried to tell you his side of the story, and you refused to listen.

Adam: Do I have to remind you where you found him, or the state and company you found him in? All pointing to the fact that he had fallen off the wagon.

Krystal: All of it except for J.R. saying he didn't.

Adam: Huh, yeah.

Krystal: You want to help J.R., Adam? You might want to try giving him the benefit of the doubt.

Annie: Is that you? Yeah? And that's me? Well -- well, look who's over here.

Emma: Daddy. I'll draw him in when he comes back to live with us.

Ryan: How did this happen? I mean, how -- how am I even here right now talking to you like this and not having any idea how this all happened? What was it like when we finally got to see each other again after all that time? God, what a gift. And I know I should probably find a little bit of comfort in that -- that I got to see you again, you know, before -- um, but I don't. I don't -- I don't find any comfort in it because I -- yeah, I don't remember it. I don't even know who I am anymore, Erin. I don't know who I am, I don't know what to do. I don't -- I don't know. God, I wish you were here, though. I know that if you were here, you would tell me what I should do.

[Surf crashes]

[Aidan and Greenlee kissing]

[Greenlee giggles]

Greenlee: If memory serves, this is the exact location of one of our earlier times.

Aidan: Well, if I had my way, I'd relive that moment over and over again.

Greenlee: Hmm. You know how I love a challenge, so I say we get started right now.

Aidan: Whoa, hang on. Not yet, ok? Not yet.

Zach: It's Zach. Do me a favor -- track a number for me. 312-555-0814. Let me know when you find something, all right? As soon as I get a location, I'll get Jack in on this. Everything's going to be fine.

Kendall: I can't get over this, though. I mean, how -- why wouldn't she want us to know where she was?

Zach: It's your mother. She gets something in her head -- don't get in her way.

Kendall: It doesn't sound like anyone we know, does it?

Zach: No, not at all. Erica's going to be perfectly safe.

Kendall: Yeah, and on a mission.

Erica: Come on, Carmen, keep up. We've got work to do.

Babe: Well, I'm no doctor, but I think your fever broke.

J.R.: Yeah. Was I totally out of it?

Babe: A little.

J.R.: Hmm. Thanks for staying, Babe -- uh, I don't mean just tonight. I mean, you could've walked away, but you didn't. Once I'm better, I'm going to prove once and for all that I didn't fall off the wagon. The last time I did that was at The Comeback -- when my car got stolen and ran down Zach Slater.

Opal: Hmm.

Richie: So, come on -- what does my future say?

Opal: Well, nothing good, I'm afraid. These cards here represent your past, and if I'm reading them right -- which I always do -- it says something was stolen and something was buried. This ring any bells for you?

Ryan: The doctors call it disassociative amnesia. I got -- I had a beautiful wife, and I got beautiful kids. I got a beautiful life, I got everything, it's great, it's beautiful, it's -- so why am I shutting it out? I got to tell you the longer that it lasts -- the longer it lasts, the more confused I get about who I am and about where I'm from. You know what I need? I need you here, to remind me.

Patrick's voice: You want to back-talk me, Ryan?

Young Ryan's voice: I'm just saying --

Patrick's voice: You live under my roof, take my food, and you want to back-talk me? You stupid, ungrateful -- you're one big disappointment, Ryan. You -- will --

[Belt whips young Ryan]

Patrick's voice: Respect -- me!

Greenlee: Um -- am I missing something?

Aidan: I really do love you, Greenlee. Being with you has been the most intense, craziest ride of my life.

Greenlee: In a good way, right?

Aidan: Yeah, in the best way, in the best way -- you know, from breaking you out of the courthouse, from flying vases, to solving mysteries.

Greenlee: Well, I like to keep things interesting.

Aidan: Oh, you keep things more than interesting. I mean, you keep me laughing, and you keep me guessing, and you keep me sane.

Greenlee: Me, Greenlee -- I keep you sane? Now, there's a first.

Aidan: I couldn't imagine my life without you.

Greenlee: Well, lucky for you, you'll never have to.

Aidan: Yeah, but I almost did, though. You know, when you were trapped in that bomb shelter, and then you got sick -- I've never been so scared.

Greenlee: I'm sorry I put you through all that.

Aidan: Yeah, well, I'm not, though, because it was in those moments when I was scared of losing you that I imagined the rest of our lives together.

Greenlee: You did?

Aidan: And I couldn't stand the thought of not having a future with you, so I planned one out instead.

Greenlee: Really? So, what does our future look like, Aidan? Is it fame, fortune, closet full of Jimmy Choos? What's our future?

Aidan: The only thing I'm sure of is that it starts tonight -- right here on this beach, you and me, Greenlee.

Opal: Do you need a hankie?

Richie: Oh, no, I'm fine.

Opal: All right. Well, here, something's been stolen, something's been buried. You still got no idea what these cards could be talking about?

[Tires screech]

Richie: Not a clue.

J.R.: This -- what -- I -- what -- what in the hell?

Richie: These cards are bust -- unless the stealing and the burying refer to a pack of gum and a dead hamster. Yep.

Adam: Son, what is it?

Babe: Were you dreaming?

J.R.: I saw some-- something. I saw someone.

Babe: Who? Who, J.R.? Who'd you see?

J.R.: I -- I --

Erica: Ok. This is the start of your new beginning -- and it's not going to include a murder rap.

Carmen: Mando has to pay for what he did.

Erica: Yeah, we're going to make him pay, but not that way. You, Carmen Morales -- you are going to be stunning. Trust me, that is the only weapon you will ever need.

Kendall: I love you so much. What?

Zach: I need you to trust this, trust us.

Kendall: I do.

Annie: I do love you, Ryan. That's one thing that will never change.

Ryan: I know what you'd do. If you were here, you would -- you'd take me by the shoulders, and you'd look me right in the eye, and you would tell me to fight like hell to get my life back, and to not give up until I find what I'm looking for. Well, I won't. I need you to wish me luck, because where I'm headed, I'm going to need it.

Greenlee: Oh, my God.

[Phone rings]

Greenlee: Oh, my God, not now.

Ryan: Come on, Greenlee, pick up, pick up, pick up the phone.


Greenlee: Stop ringing.

Aidan: It's Ryan.


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Aidan: Marry me, Greenlee.

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