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All My Children Transcript Friday 3/28/08


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Carmen: "You are my heart" -- did he really say that?


Erica: Oh!

Carmen: Oh!

Erica: Oh!

Carmen: Erica, are you ok?

Erica: Uh-huh. You?

Carmen: Yeah, I'm all right. Can't anyone drive any more?

Erica: I don't know!

Carmen: My God, where'd this guy get his driver's license, a cereal box?

Erica: What happened?

Carmen: Well, the truck must have hit a monster pothole.

[Carmen sighs]

Zach: Hello, Ryan.

Ryan: I was just leaving.

Zach: You looking in on Spike, or --

Ryan: No, I was just checking on --

Zach: On my wife. I get it. Hey, Kendall --

Ryan: Kendall's -- Kendall's not here. Rachael's up with the boys. Kendall went to meet Greenlee at ConFusion. I actually just -- I just stopped by to see if I could help with the search for Erica, that's all.

Zach: The cops are on it, FBI's on it.

Ryan: And you're on it?

Zach: And me.

Ryan: Good. Look, I didn't want to step on anybody's toes or anything, all right?

Zach: You just wanted to help?

Ryan: Yeah. I just wanted to help. That's why I'm here.

Zach: Yeah -- no, you're here, I can see it. Hard to miss. Anything else, or --

Ryan: Um -- actually, ah. I thought I should maybe tell you that my memory is still gone. I -- I still don't remember Annie. I just did all that -- well, I was just faking it.

Zach: Mm-hmm. Believe it or not, that doesn't surprise me.

Ryan: Well, maybe this'll surprise you -- that I was doing it with good intention. I know I'm driving everybody crazy. I hope you don't think I'm enjoying this.

Zach: I don't care if you're enjoying it or not. What concerns me is you're in my house looking for answers.

Ryan: Like I said, I'm in your house, because I'm trying to help in the search for Erica. I didn't mean to interfere in anybody's life.

Zach: Well, you are, Ryan. You are.

Kendall: I should be home waiting for my mom to call.

Greenlee: That's why they invented call forwarding and cell phones. You, my friend, needed to be rescued. I needed the drink.

Kendall: Yeah, you know what, though? I should check and see if Derek has gotten any news.

Greenlee: Hey, hey!

Kendall: Come on.

Greenlee: All of your calls will be rerouted. Any word, and you'll know.

Kendall: Hmm.

Greenlee: God, this thing is heavy. You should have a wait limit. What do you have in this thing, huh?

Kendall: Just the usual.

Greenlee: The usual?

Kendall: Yeah.

Greenlee: Like what? Lipstick?

Kendall: Mm-hmm.

Greenlee: Pacifier. Sippy cup. Wow. You really are a mom, aren't you?

Kendall: Afraid so.

Greenlee: Cocktail?

Kendall: Yeah, whatever you're having.

Greenlee: This seems normal.

Kendall: Yeah -- no, not so much. With our crew? No way.

Jesse: Wow. It smells so good. Oh.

Angie: Don't even think about it.

Jesse: How do you know what I'm thinking, huh? Come over here.

Angie: All right, ok, all right. I'm -- I'm trying to cook.

Jesse: Hmm.

Angie: Mm-hmm.

Jesse: So, where's Frankie?

Angie: Late shift at the hospital. Where'd you go just now?

Jesse: Oh, I was -- you know, just checking the stairwell and the fire escape.

Angie: Jesse --

Jesse: Yeah, I know, I know. We're safe. No need for me to look over my shoulders anymore. Old habits.

Angie: Sweetheart -- I don't want you worrying about any threats, or the best escape routes. Look, right now, tonight, you're only allowed to worry about one thing -- did your lovely wife cook too much food for your romantic dinner for two?

Jesse: Mmm. Just as beautiful.

Angie: All right, all right.

Jesse: Just as sweet.

Angie: Ok, now, stop distracting the woman when she's supposed to be cooking. Here, open this.

Jesse: Yes, ma'am. I can do that.

Angie: Yep. That's more like it.

Jesse: You know, I can't remember the last time I had a bottle of wine, not like this.

Angie: You don't have to worry anymore.

Jesse: Yeah. It's still a little weird, you know, being out in the open like this.

Angie: So, did your loving wife pick a good wine?

Jesse: Yeah. Oh. "1982."

Angie: Heard it was a good year.

Jesse: Oh, the best year of my life, I'll tell you that. The year I met you.

Angie: All right, all right. Now, you keep this up, and your romantic dinner's going to be good and burned.

[Jesse chuckles]

Jesse: Hey, I spoke with Derek again. He called.

Angie: I thought he was done with all the questions about Papel. There isn't anything new, is there?

Jesse: No, no. We were just talking. He's a good guy. He just wanted to know what my next move's going to be, what my plans are, you know?

Angie: What kind of plans?

Jesse: It -- I -- I don't know.

Angie: Jesse Hubbard, if you even think about going back to the police force, I'll be the first person you arrest, because I will tie you up and --

Jesse: Hey -- hey, hey, hey. My plan right now is just to be with you.

Angie: Hmm.

Jesse: Pucker up.

Angie: Yeah, that's better.

Jesse: Hey, don't we have some lost time to make up for?

Robert: Well, hello, gorgeous.

Opal: Oh.

Robert: How are you?

Opal: Oh, thank you so much for coming, Robert.

Robert: Oh --

Opal: I really appreciate it.

Robert: No, it's nothing. Thanks for the invite. That was awfully nice of you.

Opal: Well, I got to confess, I do have an ulterior motive. I was wondering if you had heard anything about Erica Kane. I am just going madder than a box of frogs worrying about her.

Robert: Well, luckily, my retirement from the Bureau isn't quite final yet, so there's still a few guys still taking my phone calls.

Opal: Yeah, well, I bet you've got a lot more pull than that.

Robert: They got the best guys in the Bureau working on her case, so you just believe me, they will find her. Would you like a drink? Miss?

Opal: Um -- well --

Robert: Huh?

Opal: Don't mind if I do.

Robert: All right.

Opal: I'll have one of those pineapple thingies. You know, with the umbrella and the coconut. But not the -- the -- the ones with the blue, whatever that is.

Waitress: Oh, ok.

[Opal chuckles]

Robert: Aren't you something.

Opal: No.

Robert: I'll just have a single malt scotch, neat.

Waitress: Ok, I'll be right back.

Opal: Scotch man, huh? Strong, uncomplicated, hmm?

Robert: Something like that. Thanks.

Opal: For what?

Robert: For not holding my brother against me. I just hope maybe someday Tad will do the same.

Opal: Well, I think you just got to give him time. He will come around.

Robert: If you think so.

Opal: But I thank you so much for keeping an eye on Erica's case.

Robert: Oh, well, being in the Bureau's got to have some perks, right?

[Opal chuckles]

Erica: I wonder what's in all these boxes.

Carmen: Ugh!

Erica: Oh!

Carmen: Don't make me shoot you, Erica Kane.

Erica: I was getting the gun for you.

Carmen: Sure you were, superstar. Stop trying to escape. You're my protection. And besides, I don't want to miss all this girl talk.

Erica: Carmen, people are looking for me, and they're going to find me.

Carmen: No, we're going to take a trip to Chi-town. When I do what I got to do, I'll let you go.

Erica: You make it sound like you just have a shopping list. I mean, you -- you -- you want to kill someone.

Carmen: You know, no new beginnings for Mando -- too bad.

Erica: And then what?

Carmen: Well, I don't know. I haven't thought that far yet.

Erica: That's exactly what I'm talking about. Carmen, you have to think this through.

Carmen: Stick with me, and I won't hurt you, Erica Kane. We're a team. What the -- oh. Well, who said my luck was running out?

[Carmen gasps]

Carmen: Sexy.

Erica: I saw this at Fashion Week.

Carmen: You don't get this in the two-for-one rack. What do you think?

Erica: I think this dress would be better.

Carmen: You think?

Erica: I do.

Carmen: Of course. You're Erica freaking Kane. Oh!

Ryan: You don't think I want to remember my life?

Zach: No, I'm sure you do. But this isn't your life, this is my life with Kendall. And the next door on your list -- that's Greenlee's door, and that's her life with Aidan you're walking into.

Ryan: No, I'm just trying to get some answers from some friends, that's all.

Zach: Your wife's your friend. Why don't you ask her?

Ryan: And I have done that. I tried that. It didn't work. You see, Kendall is the only person that I do remember in the last four years, so I'm just trying to fill in the blanks, that's all.

Zach: Yeah, she knows your history. Kendall does, right? So -- so maybe she can, but she's not a doctor. Go to the doctor. Have them check out your head a little bit.

Ryan: You know I tried that, too. I talked to doctors -- Joe, specialists. Everybody says that my brain is just fine, so --

Zach: It is, huh? And still, you can't remember? Your slate's just wiped clean, just like that?

Ryan: All right, Zach, what are you getting at?

Zach: Oh, no, I'm trying to understand. I mean, you ever wonder why you can't remember the last four years?

Greenlee: No word on Erica?

Kendall: Don't act too concerned.

Greenlee: She's missing. Of course, I'm concerned. Why does everyone think that I don't care that she's been taken hostage?

Kendall: Wait a minute, come on. No margaritas, no cosmos?

Greenlee: Erica was there when I was sick. She took care of the fashion show. Sue me for caring.

Kendall: That's not why you called me here.

Greenlee: Cosmos are so 40 years ago. Margaritas are classic, but it's time for a change.

Kendall: Hmm, thank you.

Greenlee: Cherry mojitos are very 2008.

Kendall: Yeah. Yeah, I hear that. You know what? We have not done this in so long.

Greenlee: Drink?

Kendall: No, just -- just be -- you and me. We haven't even had a chance to breathe.

Greenlee: Maybe we should get a karaoke machine for ConFusion. 

Kendall: No. Please, no. God. Be careful, or I'm going to toss you in a hot tub and make you swim.

Greenlee: Morning dress is optional. Hoo-hoo.

Kendall: Hoo-hoo. We were so -- how ridiculous were we?

Greenlee: Speak for yourself. Yeah, pretty freaking ridiculous.

Kendall: Yeah, we were. Maybe Ryan's not the only one who needs to get past four years ago.

Ryan: I don't have to justify myself to anyone, Zach, least of all you.

Zach: Well, maybe to yourself a little bit.

Ryan: I spend every single day trying to figure out why I've only forgotten the last four years of my life -- every day.

Zach: And you want the women in your life to lead you down memory lane.

Ryan: You got a better idea?

Zach: Well, maybe I do.

Ryan: All right, let's hear it.

Zach: Maybe this isn't about the women at all.

Ryan: Meaning?

Zach: Meaning maybe this is about who you really are.

Ryan: And you know who that is?

Zach: I sure do. Let's go on a field trip. I'll show you.

[Carmen gasps]

Carmen: Huh. This looks so expensive. Do you see any price tags?

Erica: Well, the buyer of these isn't concerned with price.

Carmen: Who the heck is Ricky Zia?

Erica: "Zee-ah." It's Ricky "zee-ah." Oh, this is a Tedaldi. Oh -- and a Modenato? This is a Chicklet. Oh, and this -- oh, this -- oh, this must be a Mazell.

Carmen: You can tell by just looking at them?

Erica: Well, yeah. It's -- it's a matter of the -- the line and the style. I mean, you see this? This -- this silk bias cut?

Carmen: This is silk?

Erica: So simple, so beautiful.

Carmen: Oh. I mean, I have my own style, but a girl can do but so much shopping in discount stores. No fancy-ass fabrics. None of that -- well, what do you call this?

Erica: Oh, draping. It's called draping.

Carmen: Yeah, none of that. More like drooping in all the wrong places.

Erica: Well, every woman deserves to have the feel of real silk against her skin.

Carmen: Oh. It's just so -- hmm.

Erica: It would look beautiful on you.

Carmen: You think?

Erica: Well, I don't lie about looking good.

Carmen: Do you think it'll fit?

Erica: Like it was made for you. What are you doing?

Carmen: I'm trying it on.

Erica: Yeah, I don't think so.

Carmen: Oh. Huh.

Erica: What?

Carmen: "Sewing Touch -- Golden Touch Sewing Company." Help me. Just --

Erica: Ok, all right.

Carmen: Well, are you going to sit there, or are you going to help?

Erica: All right.

[Erica chuckles]

Ryan: What the hell are we doing here?

Zach: You want the last four years back? It starts right here.

Ryan: What is this?

Zach: Read it.

Ryan: Greenlee was -- was drugged?

Zach: Yeah. But the file doesn't tell you who did it.

Ryan: Who?

Zach: You accused Kendall.

Ryan: What? Kendall would never do this. That's -- that's nuts.

Zach: Nuts, right? It is, and Greenlee tried to tell you that it was your own brother. Little brother, family, Jonathan. But you know what? That's -- that's just it -- there were so many issues no one wanted to tell you about. Here's another little interesting Lavery fact. Hang on one second. Where is it? Um -- ah -- "patient expressed desire to remain childless. Post-op report -- Mr. Lavery underwent out-patient procedure. No surgical complications."

Ryan: I know that I cannot have children, Zach. I realize that. I read my doctor's file. Where are you going with this?

Zach: This do anything?

Ryan: Should it?

Zach: Hmm. It's the address for a fight club. You'd go there and bash people's heads in, instead of being with your wife. So, have you seen enough of who you really were, or do you want to see some more? Brace yourself. You want to know what was going on in your life? Here's a crash course.

Ryan: You know what? This was a bad idea. If I want to find out about my life, then I'm just going to --

Zach: You're what, you're going to ask Greenlee? You're going to ask Kendall? Did they tell you any of this? No, they didn't, did they? Did Greenlee tell you how she cried when we found you in the fight club? How she begged you to have your kid? How you went behind her back to make sure that that would never happen? How you grabbed her by the neck and --

[Zach sighs]

Ryan: And what?

Zach: Let's go to the tape, shall we? Now, you'd just found out that Greenlee was pregnant. Surprise.

Ryan: You swore -- you swore. I was there. You swore on our love that you would never, ever get pregnant.

Greenlee: No, sweetie, I swore on our love that I would never have anyone's child but yours. And I kept my word. Remember that night in the park? You looked at me and you knew something was different. I was different. You were right. Because I had a tiny life inside me. An innocent life, our child's life.

Ryan: You are carrying my child? I'm -- I'm -- I'm so --

Zach: I'm sure you'll think of a good adjective when your memory comes back.

Greenlee: Stop saying that, Ryan. You don't want -- you don't want me to get rid of our baby.

Ryan: No, your baby. You made it, you decided, you end it.

Greenlee: No. No, Ryan, you don't mean that.

Ryan: Oh, I do mean it. I do, and I will not change my mind, and you cannot change my mind. You terminate, or I am so out of here.

Greenlee: You're so wrong about this baby, Ryan. How you would treat this child. You'll love this child. You would never hurt it. I believe that. Why can't you?

Ryan: You end it, or I end us.

Kendall: Ryan stopped by to -- to check on me.

Greenlee: I'll bet.

Kendall: Seriously, he wanted to -- he heard about my mom, and he wanted to make sure everything was ok.

Greenlee: Seriously, you're delusional.

Kendall: Ok, just because he wants me doesn't me I'm going --

Greenlee: What, that you what -- what -- want it, encourage it? Oh, come on, Kendall. Admit it. You like the attention.

Kendall: Oh -- well, he did leave me, twice.

Greenlee: There we go.

Kendall: Maybe karma's a bitch.

Greenlee: At least he remembers losing you. I've tried helping the poor guy.

Kendall: Oh, you did? You tried? Ok, you tried helping Ryan by shoving your tongue down his throat.

Greenlee: No one ever -- I mean, never forgets me.

Kendall: Well, you are a lot of things, but forgettable is not one of them.

Greenlee: I know, right? Ok, at least I didn't bust past my bodyguard to rendezvous with him.

Kendall: You know, actually, it was kind of fun. I felt like I was sneaking out of my parents' house when I was 16.

Greenlee: What good did you think it would do to go to the bar with him?

Kendall: Well, that was the one memory that Ryan had from four years ago, so it makes perfect sense that he thought something would click.

Greenlee: We did what we did for Ryan and Annie.

Kendall: Right, and Annie. Good, decent Annie.

Greenlee: St. Annie.

Kendall: We are full of crap, you know that?

Greenlee: We totally did it for us.

Kendall: Yeah.

Greenlee: Why are we fighting about Ryan? Why is he in the middle again?

Kendall: I don't know. We need another pitcher for that. Second pitcher.

Greenlee: Only this time, you have a guy that's crazy about you.

[Kendall sighs]

Kendall: Yes -- I do.

Greenlee: You do, damn right you do. He worships the ground that you walk on.

Kendall: Ok, yes, I get that. And you have a very sexy British guy who saves lives. He saved your life.

Greenlee: Sexy is right.

Kendall: Why are we still stuck on Ryan?

Greenlee: Ryan who?

Ryan: I -- I don't -- I don't even recognize myself.

Zach: It's not over yet.

Ryan: Shut up!

Greenlee: Ryan, take it easy. You have to listen to me.

Ryan: I've heard it, Greenlee. I've heard it, and I've heard it! And there's nothing that you can say. Nothing.

Greenlee: Ok, ok. Then we won't talk. We will -- let's just sit. Just hold me, hold me --

Ryan: Just get away from me.

Greenlee: No, Ryan -- wait, stop it. You won't leave me. I won't end this pregnancy. This is our child, Ryan. This is our life. You can't make me kill it. You can't make me kill our baby!

Ryan: Stop!

[Ryan slams Greenlee into dresser]

Ryan: One more word, and I swear to God, Greenlee --

Zach: Ryan Lavery, this is your life.

[Erica and Carmen chuckle]

Carmen: Aren't you going to try something on?

Erica: Oh, no, I don't want what I've got on to be cut off, and I have plenty of clothes at home. Thank you.

Carmen: Oh, come on. You're not going to be home for a while. I won't tell anyone.

Erica: No, you go ahead.

[Carmen sighs]

Erica: Go ahead.

Carmen: All right.

[Erica chuckles]

Carmen: Oh, what should I try on next?

[Carmen sighs]

Carmen: Classy, or -- fierce?

Erica: Both.

[Carmen gasps]

Carmen: I like where your head is at, Erica Kane.

Erica: Mm-hmm.

[Erica laughs]

[Music plays while Carmen tries on all the designer dresses in the truck]

Singer: I wake up in the morning and I gotta get a new look I'm going through my closet and I have to find something good I got my shoes, got my vest got my scarf and I'm almost there I'm looking in the mirror into this, so I'm out of here ha, that's right oh, well, you got style heads are turning hey, look at you now oh, whoa, you got style you got it all together hey, look at you now fresh look, fresh start fresh every day pretty, pretty, ah pretty, ah picture day and night in every way pretty, ah fresh look, fresh style fresh every day

Carmen: Come on, admit it. I look good?

Erica: You win.

[Erica laughs]

Carmen: Oh.

Erica: Yeah.

Carmen: Love it.

Opal: It's hard to forget somebody that hurt you so much, especially when it's your daddy.

Robert: Mm-hmm.

Opal: You know, and Tad -- he was just a little boy.

Robert: I know my brother Ray hurt you, too.

Opal: Well, yes, he did, but I was a grownup, and I -- I should've protected Tad more.

Robert: I'll tell you what, I hate my brother for what he did. You know, maybe I should just leave town and spare Tad any more reminders of being smacked around.

Opal: Well, not so fast. As I said, just give him some time. I'm sure once he gets to know you, he'll take a shine to you.

Robert: Like you have?

Opal: Something like that. You waiting on someone?

Robert: No, it's a -- it's a -- a work thing.

Opal: For Erica?

Robert: Uh-uh. Another case. I just have to close up my files before I turn in my badge, that's all.

Jesse: Watch me now.

[Angie and Jesse giggle]

Jesse: No, you didn't. That's not what I think it is, is it?

Angie: Raspberry.

Jesse: Oh. You --

[Angie chuckles]

Jesse: You woman, you. You know how to take care of me, don't you?

Angie: Shall we?

Jesse: Yeah.

Angie: Dear Lord, thank you for this feast. It is through your greatness, oh, God, that we are brought here today. We survived the storm. And here we are, a family. We are one. Bless us, Father. Bless us, and show us how to love, and allow us to hold each other close, and never let go. Never again. How many times have I talked to him? How many times have I prayed about you? Prayed that I would -- I would never forget your face, your smile? Your touch? Your scent? Prayed that I would never forget, Jesse -- forget how much I loved you?

Jesse: You weren't alone, baby. You weren't alone praying. I prayed so much for my family's safety and well-being, peace of mind. Most of all, God knows I prayed that you would never forget about me.

Angie: How could I ever forget about you? I always felt you, always.

Jesse: And now, I just pray that this is all over. After all these years, here we are. It's brought us to right now. It don't get more real than that -- does it? You and me, baby?

Angie: I love you. From the deepest part of my soul, I love you.

[Music plays at ConFusion]

Kendall: We said we wouldn't do it. We wouldn't get sucked into the Ryan zone.

Greenlee: And we didn't. We won't.

Kendall: Think it'll last?

Greenlee: It better.

Kendall: Yeah. It's not worth it.

Greenlee: Hmm. No. I mean, who wants to relive the past anyway?

Singer: I'd follow you anywhere

Kendall: Not me.

Greenlee: Me, neither. Like you said, it's not worth it.

Kendall: No, it's not.

Greenlee: And we learned from our mistakes.

Kendall: Right. To learning from our mistakes.

Greenlee: Oh, cheers.

Kendall: Mm-hmm.

Singer: Too cold outside to play

Ryan: I almost hit my own wife.

Zach: Mm-hmm. Come with me.

Angie: We are so very blessed -- you know that?

Jesse: I never thought I'd see days like this again. Wow.

Angie: Yeah. We're here, your son's here, we're healthy, strong --

Jesse: Together.

Angie: Safe. You're home.

Jesse: Yeah. It's a nice space you and Frankie picked out here -- I like this.

Angie: Yeah, well, it's your space, too.

Jesse: No, it's not like I exactly have furniture to move into this space -- been on the run, you know?

Angie: Right.

Jesse: Kind of traveling light.

Angie: Not anymore. From now on you're going to stay put, and whenever you travel, you're not alone.

Jesse: You got it.

Angie: One thing still bothers you, though, doesn't it?

Jesse: Oh, yeah. What did this guy Papel want from me? What did he think that I knew? Now that he's dead, I'll never know.

Angie: Oh, poor Mrs. Remington. You know, she lost her son, and to die that way?

[Angie sighs]

Angie: She'll never know that you caught her son's killer.

Opal: My life is an open book. You can just turn whatever chapter interests you.

Robert: What chapter are you writing right now?

Opal: Right now? Um -- single woman swimming through a sea of couples, trying to keep her head above water. No, I'm not kidding -- dating at our age, you know, isn't exactly easy as punch and cookies.

Robert: The men in Pine Valley don't know what they're missing.

Opal: Hmm. I think they do. I let them know every chance I get.

[Opal and Robert chuckle]

Robert: You are a delight. You are absolutely charming.

Opal: Well, you're not so bad yourself, sailor.

Robert: Oh, now.

Opal: Here, let me read your palm.

Robert: Ooh --

Opal: I've got a feeling there's more to you than you let on.

Robert: No, I don't know what that'd be.

Opal: Hmm? Well -- oh, look right here. This here is your mound of mercury.

Robert: Oh.

Opal: And that means that you, kind sir, are shrewd in your profession. You see?

Robert: Came in handy.

Opal: Mm-hmm, I'll bet it did.

Robert: Yes.

Opal: Hmm.

Robert: Anything in there about being on time?

Opal: All right, ok, I get the hint. I got to get over to the hospital myself, but maybe we'll have dinner sometime.

Robert: Well, I'd love that.

Opal: Well, you get lonely, you give me a call.

Robert: Oh.

[Robert chuckles]

Robert: All right. Bye-bye, sweetheart.

Opal: Bye-bye. Thanks, again.

Robert: Not at all. What took you so long, huh? Have you got it?

Carmen: Oh, God. This is the one.

Erica: Oh. Well, that's Frederique. That retails for about $5,000 -- I mean, not that you can even just buy it in a store.

Carmen: Did you just say "$5,000"?

Erica: Give or take.

Carmen: Here. You hold it. I can't.

Erica: What do you mean, you "can't"?

Carmen: Oh. It's nice, it's too -- it's beautiful. I'm almost afraid to touch it.

Erica: Don't you dare be afraid. You try this on.

Carmen: Oh. Oh. So you think I'd be able to wear this sometime in my real life?

Erica: If you don't shoot Mando.

[Music plays]

Greenlee: Still worried about your mom?

Kendall: Mm-hmm.

Greenlee: Erica's going to be fine, you know?

Kendall: Yeah. As crazy as it sounds, I think you're actually right.

Singer: 'Cause step by step

Kendall: My mom has a way of rising to the occasion.

Singer: I go out stepping

Kendall: Actually, we're pretty damn lucky.

Greenlee: Mm-hmm, all things considered.

Kendall: Yeah, and I'm considering. I'm deeply, deeply considering. But I am not considering Ryan.

Greenlee: No, no. Why would you?

Kendall: No, no.

Greenlee: I mean, we would be stupid --

Kendall: Yeah.

Greenlee: To screw up what we've got now over a little extra attention.

Kendall: Yeah, and we are definitely not stupid.

Greenlee: No. We're young, we're fabulous, we're hot.

Kendall: And I am a best-selling author.

Greenlee: Oh, that's true, my friend.

Kendall: So, here's to deserving it all.

Greenlee: And then some.

Kendall: Yeah. You think people can change?

Greenlee: Uh -- God, I hope so. Otherwise, I'm doomed.

Kendall: True that.

[Kendall and Greenlee chuckle]

Greenlee: Or maybe we're just doomed to take two steps forward and --

Kendall: Mm-hmm. And a gazillion steps back.

Greenlee: Hmm.

Kendall: Hmm.

Greenlee: It was a nice sunset.

Kendall: Yeah. End of the day.

Greenlee: There will be another one tomorrow.

Kendall: Another chance to get things right.

Greenlee: Some days, you need all the chances you can get.

Ryan: So this is -- this is it?

Zach: Yep. You ran out of the hotel room, jumped on your motorcycle, and ran off the cliff right there.

Ryan: On purpose?

Zach: Not for me to say.

Ryan: You got to tell me what happened, Zach. Just -- just tell me.

Zach: They thought you were dead -- the two women you care so much about. Kendall and Greenlee were standing right up there. Greenlee tried to climb down -- of course, we stopped her. She had a baby to protect.

Ryan: A baby that she lost?

Zach: Baby that she lost. She lost, Kendall lost. And what about you? You asked me to help you disappear -- what's going on in your head?

Ryan: I did this, I -- I faked my own death?

Zach: Yeah, you did, same way you faked remembering Annie. The more things change, huh?

Ryan: And I asked for your help? You helped me with this?

Zach: I did, but not now. Don't look to me and don't look to Greenlee or Kendall. You want your life back, it's all up to you. And it starts right there.



[Key turns in lock]

Erica: No, no, no, no, no. Please don't do that.

Carmen: Shh. Fashion show's over.

Man: Here you go. Cut and polished -- flawless stone.

Robert: Thank you, Mrs. Remington.

Man: She had no idea she was wearing a diamond around her neck all these years?

Robert: In this uncut state, she couldn't tell.

Man: Well, you got any more, bring them by.

Robert: Oh, you think this is something, you just wait till you see the next rock. And my new friend Jesse Hubbard is going to lead me right to it.

Angie: It was strange that they didn't find Mrs. Remington's necklace in any of Papel's things.

Jesse: What's it look like?

Angie: Big old rock -- well, it obviously meant a lot to her.

Jesse: And this guy Papel took it?

Angie: That's what the police think.

Jesse: But they didn't find it in any of his stuff?

Angie: No.

Jesse: I mean, Derek would've said something if they had.

Angie: What do you think it means?

Jesse: Oh, nothing. I'm sure it's going to turn up somewhere.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Annie (to Aidan): My husband forgot me, and tonight, I want to forget him.

Tad (to Jesse): We just want you to relax.

Jesse: I just got this feeling that it's not over.

Ryan (to Greenlee): You told me that you would tell me the whole story, so you don't get to stop now.

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