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All My Children Transcript Wednesday 3/19/08


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Greenlee: My eyes -- go on about my eyes again.

Aidan: They sparkle every time I give you a compliment.

Greenlee: Which is why you should --

Aidan: You're gorgeous.

Greenlee: They just sparkled again, didn't they? Oh! I almost feel guilty being us. We have all of the new love perfection and romance and none of the married drama.

Aidan: Come here, you.

Greenlee: Hmm.

Aidan: Hmm. You are perfection.

Greenlee: Hmm -- that's why I picked you.

Zach: What's the matter? Did you forget something in the car?

Kendall: No. Uh -- I'm -- I don't know. I think I'm just -- I'm still a little wobbly. I was really scared to tell you about me and Ryan in L.A.

Zach: But you did tell me -- unless there's something else you want to confess.

Annie: We already did this once. I told you --

Ryan: You told me no to the family dinner pizza date, but what about the you-and-me-alone date?

Tad: Look, you're sure that it's a real photograph, that it hasn't been doctored?

Jesse: They have Frankie. Tad, they've got my son. And there's a girl in this picture with him.

Tad: Ok, um -- you just sit tight. Uh, don't -- um, listen, I'm -- I'm on my way.

Adam: Tad, look -- no, wait a minute. Was that about Colby? Was -- was that talk -- what was the photograph about? Where is she?

Tad: Adam --

Adam: Damn it! I want to know where my daughter is.

Tad: This is just about my case. Now, you're going to have to forgive me. I got to get out of here.

Adam: No, wait a minute -- wait a minute. You go way out of your way to steal my daughter from my home, and now you blithely ignore she's missing?

Tad: Listen, I -- she's -- she's just not here, all right? Look, Dré, do me a favor -- go look for her at -- at Ren's or Corrina's, B.J.'s, anything you can think of, please.

[Phone rings]

Tad: Adam, why don't you just shut up and answer your phone?

Adam: I don't take orders from you.

Krystal: Adam, that could be Colby.

Adam: Oh, yeah, fine. Good, good, well, now -- Colby? No. No, Marlo -- yeah. Marley, Marley, it's you. I know, I know -- deal with it. I don't give a damn.

Krystal: Tad? What was that really about?

Tad: He's got her. Who's ever after Jesse has got Frankie and Colby.

Krystal: Tad, she's just a baby.

Tad: I know, I know.

Krystal: She's no part of this.

Tad: I need you to hold it together, ok? Just hold it together.

Adam: Well, obviously something's going on here. Now, would you please tell me everything you know about my daughter?

Jesse: See? This is why I stayed gone. I knew that they would come for you and Frankie. It hasn't stopped, it's not going to stop. 20 years -- it'll never stop!

Angie: I can't do this without you, Jesse.

Jesse: Baby? Oh. I did this to our boy. I did this to --

Angie: Stop, please. Please, baby, you're --

Jesse: I never did a damn thing for this boy -- you know that? Other than staying away? It's the one decent thing I did -- to show him how much I really love him, and I love him, baby, I love him.

Angie: And you think I don't know that? I know your soul. I'm the woman who loves you.

Jesse: I don't deserve that. This is what I bring you -- this. I'm going to find him, baby. I'm going to --

Angie: No, no, Jesse.

Jesse: I'm going to bring him back, and I'm going to kill --

Angie: Listen to me. You are staying here with me. Tad is on his way. We'll get the call.

Jesse: You're not hearing me. All right? It's my fault that Frankie is in this mess, all right? My fault -- not yours, not Tad's -- me and me alone!

Angie: If you walk out that door, I won't take you back again. Now, don't try me. Every day without you was like you dying again, and now that I have you back, I'm not going to let you think about leaving me. You owe me.

Jesse: If they hurt him, if they even touch him, that doesn't go away. 20 years -- it'll never go away, baby.

[Plane flies]

Rafael: The girl was necessary collateral.

Robert: That's no problem. You get the job done, always have.

[Rafael sighs]

Rafael: Got a signal from the warehouse trip wire -- place was visited by Jesse Hubbard as planned.

Robert: Hmm.

Rafael: His wife and Martin came along for the ride.

Robert: Well, I'm sure Hubbard enjoyed his trip down memory lane.

Rafael: You know how to make a man feel welcome.

Robert: As do you, and your cut will reflect my thanks. Well, now that the kids have joined us, this is just the kind of icebreaker that Hubbard can appreciate. That poor thing has got to sit by a phone, wait for it to ring.

[Frankie and Colby groan as they're bound and gagged back to back]

Frankie: Hmm -- ah! Ah. Damn -- finally.

Colby: [Muffled] Oh -- help me! God, help --

Frankie: Calm down, calm down. Look, raise your left shoulder. Use the slack to move your right hand up, rub your chin against the rope, and --

Colby: Oh. Oh, God. Oh, my jaw. Hey, where are we? What happened? Frankie, who was that guy? What did they want? Why are we here?

[Plane accelerates]

Colby: Do they want money, ransom? Do they think we're someone else?

Frankie: Oh, stop -- stop moving now. Stop. Move any more and you strangle us both -- ahem.

Colby: Oh, God. Oh. I can't -- I can't breathe. Ugh.

Frankie: All right, that's better?

Colby: Yeah.

Frankie: All right. Now, you want to get out of here alive? Then you need to do what I say.

Colby: We could die. You don't even sound scared, like this is normal for you. No, we were at the hospital, and now we're tied up, and I move too much and we die? Frankie, we have to get out of here!

Frankie: Look, damn -- that hadn't occurred to me. I was just hanging out, you know, having fun. Why don't you call your personal banker, whip out your gold card? That should fix everything.

Colby: Did you just -- are you calling me spoiled?

Frankie: I'll call you whatever it takes to keep you quiet.

Colby: I am not spoiled. I just want to go home.

Tad: Look, maybe -- maybe Colby just needed a break, you know? Maybe she took off and she didn't call -- teenagers do that. Why don't you just try and stay relaxed?

Adam: This is on your head, Martin. You dragged my entire family in this case, because you're not fit to handle it on your own. What's the body count on your watch lately?

Krystal: Adam, don't. Don't say that.

Tad: I'm going to handle it. I'll look for Colby. Excuse me.

Adam: God --

Krystal: Don't -- no, let Tad go.

Adam: I want my daughter!

Krystal: She's going to be here, Adam. She's going to be home with you here soon.

Adam: Do you -- do you really take that buffoon's word? Really? What if it were Babe, or Jenny? Would you be standing here in front of me?

Krystal: Let Tad do what he has to do.

Adam: You know something. Damn it, I want to know what it is.

Annie: Why are you doing this?

Ryan: Uh -- because everybody likes flowers.

Annie: Why are you back when I told you to go away?

Ryan: Because I remembered that I was persistent.

Annie: Really? And who'd you have to sleep with to remember that? Because from what I recall, sleeping with me triggered memories about Kendall. Look, Ryan, I don't want to fight with you, ok, and since that seems to be the only thing that we can do lately --

Ryan: Dark pants that stop slightly above your ankles, a white sweater with a hood.

Annie: What? What does that mean?

Ryan: You tell me, Annie. I don't know, I -- I have this memory of you wearing those clothes, that outfit, and I remember you laughing, I remember you being very, very happy, and it -- and it feels like it was a honeymoon. But somewhere inside of me, I -- I know that it wasn't. Look, I -- I -- all I do know right now is that you and I -- we were really, really happy.

Zach: You told me everything, right?

Kendall: Yeah, I did, but I should've told you sooner. I mean, when Ryan showed up in L.A. with this memory, it was crazy but it was good news. And then, Aidan told him to leave and I felt like I -- I could still help him. So, I met him alone at this bar and all we did was talk -- that was it. He didn't push me, he didn't try anything with me, he --

Kendall: Ok, you're freaking me out now.

Zach: You're freaking me out -- stop babbling.

Kendall: Wait, I'm not babbling.

Zach: You were babbling.

Kendall: I wasn't babbling.

Greenlee: That was a happy kiss, right?

Kendall: Yeah, why wouldn't it be?

Greenlee: Um -- you can't make out in our entrance. We have customers, and I want them to come all the way in to open their wallets. Have I mentioned that we own this place?

Kendall: Have I mentioned " go away"?

Kendall: Ok. So, you're not mad -- or you are mad, and you're trying to confuse me.

Zach: I'm not mad, not at you.

Kendall: Ok, please, please, Zach, don't be -- don't be angry with Ryan. I know he drives you crazy -- he drives me crazy, too -- but he's always going to be in our life no matter what. I mean, he's family because of Spike.

Zach: Do you want me to shut you up again? I can.

Kendall: All right. I will not talk about Ryan, I will not try to fix him. I can't help him, but I can't hate him. And I -- I don't want you to hate him, either, please?

Zach: Come here. Hmm.

[Zach kisses Kendall]

Zach: We have a deal -- no more secrets. That includes wanting to be with someone else.

Kendall: What?

Zach: Greenlee. You two are good together -- a little twisted, but good.

Kendall: Yeah, it's good. Actually, I get a kick out of the whole thing. I mean, you and me and Aidan and Greenlee all chummy and happy? It's actually amazing. I mean, when you think of all the times we've hated each other and who did what to whom.

Zach: Yeah. And then Greenlee and I got stuck in a bunker, had to learn to try and understand each other. And you and Aidan thought we were gone forever. You went through something that's -- that's never going to go away.

Greenlee: Hey. If you don't come to our table right now, I'm going to have Aidan resort to his Special-Ops special trickiness.

Zach: Ok, now that --

Greenlee: Huh.

Zach: We don't want anyone to get hurt.

Adam: You and Tad know something about my daughter. And I demand that you tell me what it is.

Krystal: If I knew something, I would tell you.

Adam: Liar! Liar -- you lied to me about Charlotte, aka Jenny, and now you're lying to me about my real daughter. You'd rather just leave her out there, let something happen to her, than tell me where she is, whether she's in danger and from whom.

Krystal: Adam, could you just calm down, ok? Just -- just calm down.

Adam: Do you want to hurt me? Do you really want to hurt me -- is that it? You want to make me suffer, because of what I did to Jenny? You want something awful to happen to her out there and me just sit here, helpless? No. You want to hurt me that way?

Adam: I -- Krystal, I don't know what's happening.

Krystal: Oh, please, Adam, please. Please get up -- get up, Adam.

Adam: No, no, I am begging you, Krystal. I'm begging you -- this is for Colby. You love Colby -- I know you do. And you're scared. I can see it in your eyes, but she's my baby. She's my little baby girl and -- and if she's not safe --

Krystal: Yeah. Someone took her. Someone bad took her.

Frankie: You're not talking to me anymore? That's good. That's the way it needs to be. Now, maybe I can concentrate on getting us out of here without me having to listen to you whine. Hmm.

Colby: You don't know me. You don't know anything about me.

Angie: Now we need to call the police.

Jesse: No police!

Angie: Look, Tad called. He said that was Colby Chandler in the photo with Frankie.

Jesse: Liza's kid?

Angie: Now, do you think her father's not going to the police?

Jesse: My -- look, Tad will handle Chandler.

Angie: The police can help!

Jesse: Baby, the police? You saw that hole they kept me in, the videos? The police cannot touch this guy. The FBI have been chasing him, what -- 20 years! Hell, they might be one of them. I promise you, I will do whatever it takes to bring our boy back.

Angie: Yeah, yeah. You'll do whatever it takes except trade yourself for our son, because I know that's what you're thinking about.

Jesse: It's the only way --

Angie: No, Jesse. This is unacceptable. Now, you think that I think it's ok that some monster has our son? But I have a lot of fight saved up in me, and I will use it -- with you or against you.

Jesse: With you. You know, baby, it's always with you.

Angie: So, then we'll stop this, we'll slow down, and we'll figure out how to get Frankie and Colby Chandler back safe.

Jesse: You know there's only one way to do that.

Angie: Damn you, Jesse! Jesse!

Tad: Where the hell do you think you're going? I told you not to do anything.

Jesse: Tad, look at this. This is worse than bad. This is my son and Liza Colby's kid? You kidding me? That's practically your daughter -- our kids, Tad!

Angie: He was going to run out there --

Tad: I know what he was going to do. You're going to run out there, you're going to paint a bull's-eye on your forehead? That's exactly what's going to happen. Do you really want your wife to grieve for you some more? You don't think she's suffered enough?

Jesse: What -- she's suffering now. I'm supposed to watch this?

Tad: Jesse, listen to me. As bad as this is, things are not the same as they were -- you're not alone. You -- you can't go off half-cocked. You got to think, you got to slow down.

Angie: Jesse? I can do this. I can get through this if I know that you're with me. But if I have to worry about losing you --

Jesse: So, you suggest we do what?

Tad: We don't know yet. But the man who tortured you 20 years ago is doing the same thing right now, because he wants you to feel like this. Knowing that is the only thing we've got going for us. Now, he's going to make a call. He's got to, to let us know what he wants. That's when we make our move. That's when we're going to get our kids back.

Adam: Martin is a liar. He's left her out there, a captive, panicked, frightened. And he's left me in here in -- huh -- oh, panicked ignorance. And you -- you were going to start lying to me all over again.

Krystal: I love Colby -- you know that. I love her, and I love -- I want her safe. I want her safe just as much as you do.

Adam: To think I let you back in my house again. To think I trusted you with my daughter. No. You just don't get it, do you? Don't ever get in my way again.

[Music plays at ConFusion]

Greenlee: Ew.

Zach: What?

Greenlee: You so double-dipped.

Zach: We're family -- what do you care?

Kendall: Uh -- no, no, no, no. Germ girl does not like double-dipping. I don't care what you guys did in that bomb shelter, but Greenlee is not having it.

Greenlee: Thank you. What she said -- dipper.

[Kendall chuckles]

Aidan: I'm going to get another drink, all right? Come on, big man.

Zach: Fine. What do you want?

Kendall: I'd like one of Marcel's cupcakes, please --

Greenlee: Hmm.

Kendall: Three. I'd like three of them.

Greenlee: Ah.

[Kendall chuckles]

Kendall: Ah.

Greenlee: All right, now's your chance. You can lose your smile. Erica's sentence.

Kendall: Well, she's being brave, so I have to at least pretend. Actually, you know what? I was just brave, or crazy.

Greenlee: What are you talking about?

Kendall: Well, I just told Zach that I met Ryan alone in L.A.

Greenlee: Yay. Good for you. And Zach was fabulous about it, right, which I knew he would be, but thank God you said something and didn't wait any longer. Otherwise, he would've gotten more suspicious of you not telling him, and we wouldn't be having this conversation.

Kendall: Wait, hold on -- shut up a second, wait a minute. He already knows?

Greenlee: Did I say that? Ok, yes -- he knew.

Kendall: I can't believe you told Zach.

Greenlee: No. I wouldn't do that to you. You know what -- just forget about how he found out. The point is, you told Zach which means no secrets, which means no drama. Isn't that great?

Kendall: Yeah. It's perfect.

Singer: On the dance floor

Aidan: Now, Zach, you need to find Kendall another babysitter.

Zach: No, you didn't babysit her -- you protected her. I don't trust a lot of people. I don't need to. You think about it.

Ryan: Uh -- anyway, this one's going to sound a little bit crazy, but it's -- I remember -- I remember pink dots all over your face.

Annie: Chickenpox. I had chickenpox.

Ryan: Yes, and -- and I remember you being still so incredibly beautiful.

Annie: Are you sure nobody's told you about this?

Ryan: I am absolutely positive nobody said a word. "Our wedding -- May 10, 2007." Got it. It's because the memories are inside me, Annie, and they're coming out now and I -- and I know that now.

Annie: Ok, so taking me to bed doesn't jar any memories or at least any memories of me. So, what's changed, Ryan? What, you found some calamine lotion and the memories just come flooding back?

Ryan: Look, I can't explain the memories coming back any more than I can explain losing them to begin with, ok? I'm just -- I'm real trying to make it up to you, that's all.

Annie: God, I don't need your pity, Ryan. And I'm not your booty call or your mercy date, ok? I'm just the wife that you can't remember.

Ryan: The memories are there, Annie, and they're coming back one by one. So -- so just come out with me. Please? Emma and Kathy -- oh, they have a sleepover, they're taken care of, so just -- just be with me. Give me a mercy date.

Tad: So can I take that as a "yes, Tad, I won't do anything crazy"?

Jesse: I want my son back!

Angie: We both do, and we'll find him, working together.

Jesse: Baby, working together is what has gotten us into this mess.

Tad: Jesse, listen to her. Maybe she's got an idea. Angela?

Angie: I need to get to the hospital and check on the security videos, see if there's a recording of what happened. Now, maybe we can get a look at who took Frankie before the call comes in, get a jump on the kidnapper.

Jesse: Good. This is good, this is good.

Angie: Don't you take that a being able to run out of here after I leave and offer yourself up to this lunatic, because I know that you won't let him, because you're my friend and because I will hurt you if you double-cross me on this.

Tad: He's with me until we get the phone call.

Angie: Well, I'll be back before then.

Tad: Ok.

Angie: I love you.

Jesse: I know you do. You're my life. You're the only reason I'm still standing, you and that boy. You know that.

Angie: We're going to have our family back again, Jesse --

Jesse: Yeah.

Angie: Me, you, and Frankie, the way it was supposed to be.

[Jesse and Angie kiss]

Angie: Don't you do anything until I get back.

Jesse: I promise.

Tad: So just out of curiosity, was that an act? You do intend to hold it together, right?

Jesse: You shouldn't make her promises you can't keep, Tad.

Tad: Jesse, please remember we're on the same side. And you're right about Colby, but not because she's Liza's little girl. She brought Jenny into the world.

Jesse: And I'm bringing her into this madness?

Tad: That's not what I meant!

Jesse: You don't get it, man -- anything could happen. These men torture for fun. How long before they just, what, need a laugh and take it out on Frankie?

Adam: Or Colby! Where the hell is -- Hubbard. Jesse Hubbard?

Tad: Adam, what the hell do you think you're doing?

Adam: What the hell does a dead man want with my daughter?

Jesse: You need to leave now. Tad, get him out of here.

Adam: Wait -- you don't order me around. You -- you don't even exist.

Tad: Adam, I told you I would handle it.

Adam: Krystal admitted that my daughter had been kidnapped, you lying piece of trash. But if my daughter is still in danger, and it's because of you, then you -- you may end up dead all over again, buddy. Now, tell me what the hell is happening here.

Tad: It's complicated.

Adam: Well, fine. I want my daughter back -- that's not complicated -- right here, right now. Give her to me.

Jesse: We don't know where she is.

Adam: "We don't --" you don't -- two of you together, is that it? Well, I'll gladly strangle both of you for the answers if I have to.

Tad: You're not helping anybody.

Jesse: Listen, it's your daughter -- I understand that. I will tell you whatever you need to know, whatever I can.

Adam: Is she in danger?

Jesse: Yes.

Adam: Because of you?

Jesse: Yes.

Colby: Yeah, I've done some stupid stuff -- like stealing the cars and a yacht, and even dating Sean Montgomery. But I've done some not-so-stupid stuff, too -- like looking after my baby sister and working at The Comeback, and you have no idea how hard it is to carry six tables' worth of plates. But I have the biceps to show for it. It's real work, not just waiting for my allowance. I'm not perfect. I watch enough "Oprah" to admit I have issues. Growing up without a dad will do that. But I love him, and I miss him and --

Frankie: And you finally ran out of air. I thought you'd do a whole lot better than that.

Colby: You don't deserve to know anything about me.

Frankie: Whatever you say. I grew up without a dad, too. But my mother -- she's the best mother in the world.

Nurse: Dr. Hubbard, do you need some results?

Angie: Uh -- no. Actually, I just needed to check out some security footage. I -- I lost something and wanted to see if I could figure out where.

Nurse: Well, what was it? I'll keep my eye open.

Angie: Keys. I lost keys -- a green key chain?

Nurse: Ok. I'll let you know if I find anything.

Angie: Yeah, thank you. Yes, this is Dr. Angela Hubbard. I need an access code.

Aidan: Oh. What is it? I could feel your death glare all the way over to the other side of the room.

Kendall: Well, maybe because Zach found out about my little late-night meeting with Ryan in L.A. Now, someone had to tell him -- wasn't me, wasn't Greenlee. Guess that leaves you. So, welcome to my death glare.

Aidan: So I told Zach. Get over it.

Kendall: You're a jerk. How did you even know?

Aidan: "Later, Ryan. We'll meet later, ok?" In the hotel room? I mean, it wasn't exactly subtle, Kendall, so I followed you.

Kendall: You spied on me?

Aidan: I'm your security detail, remember?

Kendall: No, you're supposed to be working with me, not against me.

Aidan: Listen, when you married Zach, it was supposed to be the end of the back-and-forth dance between you and Ryan. Now the poor guy still wants to tango with you. Zach loves you, Kendall, and he asked me to protect you. And I will -- I'm going to protect you even if it means I have to protect you from yourself, ok?

Kendall: I don't need you to protect me from myself or from anybody else, ok?

Aidan: Just admit it, all right? Ryan still knows how to suck you in.

Zach: How's your man holding up?

Greenlee: Kendall's going to pour that pitcher on his head.

Zach: I'll pay for the dry-cleaning.

Greenlee: You don't care that she's angry at Aidan for telling you the whole story?

Zach: Hmmm -- no, I don't care. Speaking of caring, how are you doing with long-lost Lavery and his quest for a time machine?

Greenlee: I'm not going anywhere near that. I'm not in, totally uninterested.

Zach: Good.

Greenlee: Don't do that. Don't sound unconvinced -- I'm done, truly.

Zach: All right, "truly" it is. Aidan will be pleased. If Ryan tries anything else with my wife --

Kendall: Fell free to butt out of my life and leave me alone, ok? I can handle myself, and I can handle Ryan.

[Music plays]

Annie: We didn't mean to intrude. Um -- this is -- oh. Well, this is hideously awkward is what this is.

Ryan: Yeah, and we don't -- I mean, we don't want that for anybody at all.

Zach: Well, you're here.

Ryan: Yeah -- you know what? I'm just going to say a couple of things, all right? And I'm going to make it real short, ok? I just want to say to Greenlee and to Kendall that you guys have been substantially more patient than I deserve. You've been really, really good friends and I'm -- I'm extremely grateful for that to both of you, really, ok? And Aidan, too -- you said that we were friends. And honestly, I got to tell you the truth -- you acted like one. When I couldn't remember, you told me the way things are and, you know, not the way they were. Thank you for that. And I just wanted to say to Zach that I overstepped, more than once. Family is sacred, and I am very, very sorry. You know, I'm sorry for going to find Kendall in L.A., I'm sorry for intruding on your family. I am truly sorry, and I can tell you that it's not going to happen again, all right? It won't, and maybe you'll be happy to know that I am getting a glimpse, um -- my memory back, you know? And right now, that glimpse is looking like a beautiful woman on a black horse, so --

Kendall: Your wedding.

Greenlee: You remember the wedding?

Ryan: Yeah, glimpses, little bits and pieces and -- and they're coming back and I got to tell you, the ones that -- memories that I am getting of Annie, I honestly would not trade them for the world.

Singers: For your love anticipating

Angie: Camera 26, parking garage, there's static instead of -- what do you mean? Well, why wasn't it fixed? Look, I need to -- uh, never mind, never mind. Thank you.

Krystal: Angie.

Angie: Did Tad send you to check on me?

Krystal: A mother's brain goes places, I guess ours brought us both here. I'm just looking for clues, anything.

Angie: Well, the security cameras are useless so far. I lose Frankie and Colby once each of them get into the elevator.

Krystal: Maybe that's where they got grabbed. Listen, Colby is as sharp as a tack, and she's going to keep a cool head. If there's any way she can leave us a clue, she's going to do it.

Angie: And if Frankie could see a chance to save them both, he'll take it.

Krystal: I'm going to check the garage, ok?

Angie: All right. I'll check the elevator bank.

Frankie: Damn, you really can talk.

Colby: Which is what you wanted, though -- for me to talk. But when I talk, it all goes back to my dad.

Frankie: The billionaire?

Colby: But he's still my father. He loves me. He shows it in all these insane ways -- total pressure, way too protective. And I blow him off and pick other people over him. Frankie we have --

Frankie: Oh!

Colby: To get out of here!

Frankie: Stop, stop, stop. Stop. Now, you want to get out of here to see your dad, right? Then you need to do what I say. You hear me?

[Colby sighs]

Colby: I hear you.

Frankie: We got to get out of here -- for all our parents.

Tad: Adam, Colby was in the wrong place at the wrong time. It was a mistake we're going to take care of.

Adam: "A mistake, a mistake"? You're saying it was a mistake, huh? Are you saying my daughter was kidnapped? That's what you're saying, and he did it, right? Maybe -- what was it, drugs?

Tad: Oh, God.

Adam: You were gone for God knows how many years. What was it, are you a drug lord or --

Tad: Adam.

Adam: Maybe just a criminal? Or maybe under deep cover police work?

Tad: Stop.

Adam: How about that? Maybe -- it was revenge because of somebody you locked up?

Tad: Adam, stop. Keep your mouth shut for two seconds, please.

Adam: All right, fine. You -- you knew there was danger, and you could've stopped it but you didn't and my daughter got sucked in, so to hell with you. And to hell with you! I'll handle this myself.

Tad: No, you won't. No, listen, you don't know who you're dealing with.

Adam: Yeah, Adam Chandler here. I want Derek Frye -- get him on the phone.

Jesse: Give me the phone -- give me that.

Adam: You son of a --

Jesse: Your daughter will come home to you safely, I promise.

Kendall: He remembers the -- the wedding, the beach. I mean, for God's sakes, he remembers a dress that you wore at some party at the Miranda Center. Zach loves me, but he only remembers two dresses and that's because one of them are always, you know -- fine.

Greenlee: Uh-huh. It's great. Embrace the memories -- you're getting your husband back. Little Emma is getting her father back -- it's fantastic.

Zach: Good news.

Ryan: Yeah, it is for everybody.

Zach: Happy for you -- come sit with us.

Ryan: Oh, thanks. Uh -- you know what? I got a date and I -- I don't want to miss out on a second, but thanks.

Aidan: So, do you still want to take me on?

Zach: Sure. Not for Ryan -- he seems to be doing better.

Greenlee: Great job -- totally convincing. Yeah, you know, I told you way back at the fashion show to fake it. You did great. I mean, come on -- all those memories? It was BS, right?

Ryan: Everything that I said I saw, I -- I did see it.

Greenlee: Where, in a photo album? It -- it was, wasn't it? I mean, you can tell me -- I'm not going to say anything. But I'm just -- I'm happy for you, and for Annie. It's exactly what you two need -- what we all need.

Frankie: All right, shoulder up.

Colby: Oh, got it! Oh.

Frankie: Ok. Now, I need you to give me a little me slack around -- there you go -- yeah, like that.

Colby: Yeah --

Frankie: Good.

Colby: Go ahead. You can take more if you need to.

Frankie: You sure?

Colby: Yeah, hurry just before I pass out!

Frankie: Ok.

Colby: Ugh.

Frankie: Oh.

Colby: Oh! Oh! Ooh.

Frankie: All right, I'm out.

Colby: Oh, good work! Me, next. Hurry.

Frankie: Ok. Hey.

Colby: Hmm!

[Colby pants]

Robert: Host has to get things ready for his other guests.

Krystal: Nothing in the parking garage except Colby's abandoned car.

Angie: Nothing in the elevators or the break room.

Krystal: Adam is terrified. I can just see it.

Angie: Because he knows he could lose his baby. He loves her. You know, Jesse -- he was gone, and I got him back. And then Frankie and that -- that damn disease, I thought I lost him, too. I just got them back. I just got them both back, and I -- I'm so afraid that I'm going to lose them both.

Adam: I'm going to have you two arrested as soon as I find my daughter.

Tad: Adam, you got to give us a chance. Let's not explode any sooner than we have to.

Jesse: Look, he's right. It's my responsibility. I'm responsible for this mess, it's my responsibility to get these kids back.

Adam: And just how are you going to do that? You need me and my money to bargain for their freedom. That's the only language these people understand.

Tad: Adam, you don't even know who you're talking about.

Adam: Everybody has their price. That's why you two need me.

Jesse: We don't need you.

Adam: Really? What are you going to bargain with?

Jesse: My life. I'm going to bargain with my life.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Robert (to Jesse): There's a private air strip at the edge of town.

Jesse: I know it.

Robert: Come alone.

[Jesse hands Adam a gun]

Jesse: You know how to use one of these?

Adam: Yes, I do.

Tad (to Adam): We're working together tonight, and if we don't, somebody's not coming back alive.

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