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All My Children Transcript Tuesday 3/18/08


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Tad: Angela, he's right. It's too dangerous. You've got to get the hell out of here.

[Gun cocks]

Jesse: Get back.

Angie: What was that?

Tad: I don't know about you, but I vote for "sounds like a gun."

Angie: Oh, my God.

Jesse: We walked right into it.

Distorted voice: Jesse Hubbard, welcome back.

Adam: Ah.

Babe: Yes, yes, we'll send you the press release first thing tomorrow. We're actually still deciding on the point of sale. Sure, I'll hold on for a minute. Adam -- now, there's a happy face.

Adam: Oh, no, no, I'm delirious. Absolutely delirious. Yes, I -- I just love the fact that my home is being invaded by the Carey family circus.

Babe: You know, Adam, this isn't anybody's idea of a picnic. Mama said Tad was worried about her safety.

Adam: I had no idea that Martin still was gainfully employed.

Babe: Yes? Yes, just give me all the contact info for your Florida people, and give me the email, and I'll send it as soon as we hang up.

Adam: Yeah, why don't you just move your office in here?

Babe: You are going to love the fragrance itself. And we will definitely, definitely send you some swag.

[Babe laughs]

Adam: "Swag" -- "swag" -- what does that stand for? "Sealed with a grope"?

J.R.: You know, I definitely think that Jenny looks more like you than Tad. I mean, no offense to Tad. But, you know --

Krystal: Well --

J.R.: That's a good thing.

Krystal: They change so much at this stage. She'll probably look completely different in about a month.

J.R.: Mm-hmm.

Krystal: Oh, shoot.

J.R.: What, is it too hot?

Krystal: Yeah, I got to put it back in the fridge.

J.R.: Let me do it.

Krystal: Oh, thank you.

J.R.: You still want some pizza?

Krystal: If you're ordering.

[Krystal chuckles]

Krystal: What? What, Adam? You got a problem with pizza now?

Adam: No, no, no, no. I just -- I'm just beginning to realize that my home is turning into a college dorm.

Krystal: Oh, well, just smile and relax. The toga party starts in an hour.

J.R.: I'm inside you. I'm in your veins, I'm in your bones.


J.R.: You know, you and me -- we're together forever.

Richie: All right, it must be the drugs they gave me, because it's messing up my head. I -- I --

[Richie laughs]

Richie: I don't think I'm hearing you right, man.

J.R.: I'm in your head, too.


Richie: I don't know how you found out I got your bone marrow, but I got it. I got it. It's too late for you, man. So get the hell out of my room!

J.R.: I don't think you're comprehending me. You see, you owe me your sad, miserable life! So, I'm going to be sitting on your shoulder, whispering in your ear until the day you die.

Distorted voice: Been a long time, Jesse. 20 years. You're looking good for a dead man.

Jesse: Who are you?

Distorted voice: We have a lot of catching up to do.

Angie: Where's the voice coming from?

Jesse: Where are you? Show yourself!

[Tad mouths words]

[Jesse mouths words]

Colby: I never said a slasher tried to break in my car, but look at the wire. Doesn't it look cut to you?

Frankie: You sure you didn't accidentally cut it yourself with your bracelet?

Colby: Yes, I'm sure.

Frankie: Oh.

Colby: Ok, what are you doing? I didn't say I need a mechanic.

Frankie: Just let me try.

Colby: You know, you -- that is so rude.

Frankie: What?

Colby: You think you can fix it, and I can't.

Frankie: Kind of.

Man: Can I help?

Tad: Oh, my God.

Angie: Jesse -- Tad, are you ok?

Distorted voice: How does it feel to be back, Jesse? You miss this place?

Angie: Jesse?

Jesse: It's ok, baby. No one's here. It's a recording.

Angie: Well -- Jesse, that's your obituary.

Jesse: Yeah, it's all me. Photos, articles.

Angie: Much of them are from 20 years ago.

Tad: It's like a shrine. Somebody worked on this.

Distorted voice: Remember this place, Jesse? Have you ever seen so much of your own blood? Oh, those were the good old days, weren't they? Does it still hurt, Jesse?

Angie: Whose voice was that?

Tad: There's no way of knowing. It was digitally altered.

Jesse: It was a setup. This whole thing was a show. They knew we'd come.

Tad: Like they're playing a game.

Babe: Exactly. No, I never said we just wanted to market 18 to 34s. We want to jump across demos with this. Yes, right. Ok, we'll talk soon. Bye-bye. What is it now, Adam?

Adam: Nothing. Since when did you become so schooled in business terminology?

Babe: Since I used to be part owner of Fusion.

Adam: Oh, yes, the little cosmetics company that could.

Babe: Fusion's a multimillion-dollar business.

Adam: Yeah, what is your title? Are you in charge of coming up with all those cutesy names for the hundred different shades of pink?

Babe: I happen to be head of my department.

Adam: Oh, well, that's very impressive. Well, what would that be? A department of one?

Babe: You know, I -- I don't know if you know this or not, Adam, but -- but women have come a long way in the business world over the last 50 years. And some of them are actually allowed to be CEOs, and I think that number rose 30% last year.

Adam: Well, that's not my fault.

[Adam chuckles]

Babe: But you don't have a problem with all women in business, do you? It's just -- just me, right?

Adam: Yeah, I'm just -- I'm just surprised that you've been able to parlay your cocktail-slinging talents into bigger things.

Babe: This has nothing to do with my career. This has everything to do with me and J.R. And you have never thought I was good enough for him.

Krystal: Oh, and, Kyle, we ran out of tomato juice for the Bloody Mary mix, so you probably ought to order six more gallons. Oh, well, you just tell them that I'll be back there at The Comeback as soon as I can. You know where to find me. All right.

J.R.: So, what's this mysterious case that Tad's been working on?

Krystal: Oh -- don't ask me.

J.R.: What, he didn't tell you anything? It was so dangerous he had to move you two in here?

Krystal: Tad and I don't interfere in each other's work lives. It's easier that way. You -- you should try it sometime.

J.R.: What? What are you talking about? Are you talking about Babe? I never interfere with anything at Fusion.

Krystal: Oh, right, right. So you trying to pull Ava away for that big Internet hoo-ha plan of yours -- that didn't count?

J.R.: Fine. I have had my slip-ups, but I've been getting better lately, even though Babe has given up on me.

Krystal: She hasn't given up on you.

J.R.: Yeah, she's still not convinced that I get drunk and sleep around with that woman that I never saw before.

Krystal: She wants to believe in you, J.R.

J.R.: But I've messed up too many times. You know what I got too? I got to figure out what happened, and then I lay it on Babe -- she'll take me back. I know she'll take me back.

Krystal: Do you -- do you hear what you're doing?

J.R.: I'm trying to figure out who the hell drugged me.

Krystal: No, I'm talking about what you're doing here, in the house. You're living in a place that you call the "evil empire" on occasion only to be close to Babe.

J.R.: Krystal, I told you I wanted to be back together with Babe. I'm not lying to anyone. I told Babe that I'd be here for her.

Krystal: That might not be enough, J.R. You're not the only guy in her life.

J.R.: Oh --

[J.R. scoffs]

J.R.: Richie Novak? Give me a break.

Krystal: Listen, things are different now. He's getting better. And when he gets out of the hospital --

J.R.: Then what? He's no match for me, healthy or not. He's not going anywhere near Babe.

[Monitor beeps]

[Richie chuckles]

Richie: Oh, so now you're supposed to be my conscience now? Oh, come on, Junior. Like you could be anybody's conscience. That's a good joke!

J.R.: Oh, come on, Richie!


J.R.: You know I'm no saint.

Richie: Huh.

J.R.: But I certainly never siphoned someone's bone marrow out of them. Drugged them and left them with a hooker.

Richie: Well, you got to give me props for that one. I mean, that was good. I just wish I was there to see Babe's face when she walked in on you.

J.R.: Yeah. The fact you pinned that hit-and-run on me -- that was pretty low, too.

Richie: Well, you skated out of that one, too, rich boy.

J.R.: Zach Slater didn't. Almost didn't. You left him and Greenlee to die in that bomb shelter.

Richie: And they, too, had a perfect ending to their story. So get out of my room.

J.R.: This isn't an isolated incident, Richie. Remember when you picked that rock up, and you killed the neighbor's pet rabbit? It was a dare. You wanted to prove that you were tough. You didn't want the rabbit to die, but you blamed it on the other kid, anyway.

Richie: How'd you know about that?

J.R.: What is it so hard for you to grasp about this? I am inside of you. I am coursing through your system. I am creeping into your bone cavities! You see, I understand. I feel your pain.


J.R.: Sucks to be you right now, doesn't it?


[Alarm sounds]

[Monitor beeps quickly]

Joe: What's happening?

Julia: He's burning up. His heart rate is elevated.

Joe: Yeah. Oh, do we have today's labs back, nurse? Let's hope his body's not rejecting the transplanted cells.

Julia: He was doing so well.

Joe: You never know what's going to happen in this kind of case.

J.R.: You know what your problem is?

[Krystal chuckles]

Krystal: Why don't you tell me.

J.R.: You like me. You don't want to, but you do. Yeah.

Krystal: Of course, I like you. Doesn't mean I don't think you're a damn fool sometimes.

J.R.: And I am. But just like you said, as of lately, I've been getting better. I mean, you're still the only person who believes that I haven't started drinking again.

Krystal: Maybe that's because I'm a damn fool sometimes. A sucker, more like it.

J.R.: Oh, come on.

Krystal: Oh, please, your story -- that you were beaten and drugged and dragged to that floozy's hotel room -- I believed it.

J.R.: Exactly.

Krystal: All right. So where are you going with this?

J.R.: Well, if you're on Team J.R., why do you have a problem with me and Babe being back together again?

Angie: Jesse, look.

Jesse: That's my police badge. Those bastards took my police badge.

Angie: Hmm.

Tad: This took a lot of effort. Check it out. We got multimedia.

Angie: I don't think I want to see it.

Tad: Well, you shouldn't have to. I'll take it home and take a look at it first.

Jesse: No. Let's see it now. I mean, the guy put it here for a reason. You all right with this? Hmm?

Angie: Yeah, I'm -- I'm staying.

Jesse: Oh, man.

Angie: Oh --

Distorted voice: Tell us what you know.

Jesse's voice: I don't know anything, man. I just want to go back to my family.

Distorted voice: You don't have a family.

Angie: Oh, my God! Make it stop! Make it stop!

Jesse: No, no, no, no, wait. Wait -- the voice --

Tad: What about it?

Distorted voice: It's just a matter of time before you give us what --

Jesse: It's the same voice we heard out there.

Distorted voice: It's time we meet again, Jess, and finish what we started 20 years ago. I'll be in touch. But next time, come alone.

Jesse: You heard what the man wants.

Angie: Well, you're not going to give it to him?

Jesse: Baby --

Angie: No, this sick game is over -- Tad?

Tad: Don't talk to me, you got to convince him.

Angie: Look, just being here is insane! This is dangerous enough! Jesse, if you love me as much as I know you do, you won't see these people -- you won't!

Joe: Transplanted cells could be attacking Richie's cells -- GVHD.

Julia: Graft-versus-host disease? That would explain the fever.

Joe: He's also been complaining about stomach pains. He needs to be hydrated. Yeah.

Julia: Yeah.

Joe: Call down to the lab and get his latest liver enzymes. And also, I want some blood cultures drawn.

J.R.: You're getting kind of jumpy there, huh, Richie?

Richie: Oh, would you just please shut up? Just shut up!

J.R.: So were you always this nasty? God, I feel sorry for Annie.

Richie: Oh, so you fell for her sad eyes, too, huh?

J.R.: Oh, don't get jealous now.

Richie: Well, I'm definitely not jealous of my sister.

J.R.: You think you're riding high, huh, cowboy?


J.R.: Getting away with everything?

Richie: Well, I did get away with everything. I harvested your bone marrow, I saved my life, and I made you look like the little drunk that you are -- all in one shot! That's win-win for Richie.

J.R.: But -- but -- but, Richie, who says you're going to live?

Adam: You're right. I don't think you're good enough for J.R.

Babe: Did it feel good to say that out loud, Adam? Did it feel good?

Adam: Yeah -- don't -- don't get me wrong. No one would deny that you care for J.R., and you have cleaned up your act -- somewhat. You've gotten most of the grease out from under your fingernails.

Babe: Huh. Gee, Adam, you sure know how to sweet-talk a girl, don't you?

Adam: But you and your mother are genetically wired to lie and cheat. See, that is the problem.

Babe: You know, if you're going to start ragging on my mother, this conversation is over.

Adam: You're both cheaters.

Babe: Huh. Goodbye, Adam.

Adam: Hey, don't get me wrong. The truth hurts. Your mother slept with Tad Martin when she was still married to me. And you slept with Tad Martin's son while you were still married to my son. I call that real family affair.

[Adam laughs]

Babe: Yeah, and what about you, Adam? How many times have you been married? And you never -- you never lied to any of them, or cheated on any of them?

Adam: Yeah, good, good -- fight back. It's a gutter reflex. Aren't you glad it still works? But we're not talking about me, we're talking about J.R. and the fact that I have to protect him when he's too blind to do it for himself.

J.R.: So as much as you like me, you still can't see me together with Babe?

Krystal: I want what's best for my daughter.

J.R.: Well --

Krystal: Huh. Usually, that means her being where she's going to be the safest.

J.R.: You don't think that I'm safe?

Krystal: Ok, look, you don't want to rehash all this, do you? Look, I know you've done a lot of work on yourself, J.R. That's very true.

J.R.: Yeah, 110-day sobriety.

Krystal: That -- that's great. But, honey, you're still a work in progress.

J.R.: But that doesn't mean that you can't trust me with Babe.

Krystal: Ok, look --

[Krystal chuckles]

Krystal: I don't think you even want to go there, ok? You and Babe have more baggage than a 747.

J.R.: Yeah, but we've moved on. We -- we're over -- we're past that.

Krystal: J.R., you tried to kill Babe. Remember that? You can't just sweep that under a rug. That is too big, mean, and nasty. And your father -- your father tried to sell my beautiful baby. Lord knows what he's hiding about Tad's little girl, Kate. So don't. Don't you tell me that we have to move on.

Angie: You're not meeting these people anywhere.

Jesse: Baby, please, listen to me.

Angie: No, isn't this enough to convince you? This shrine that they made! Look, I just saw what they did to you. They are animals!

Jesse: Let me finish this.

Angie: By letting them finish you?

Jesse: Baby, let me take care of this so you and Frankie can --

Angie: Can what? Bury you again?

Jesse: I need to make you safe. I need to make you safe. You deserve to be safe, baby.

Angie: Yeah, so you have to do it on your own? Look, I am just done with that excuse!

Jesse: Angela -- Ang --

Angie: Look, you have to stop laying this "on us being safe." That's what took you away 20 years ago!

Tad: Angela, I know you're angry. You deserve to be, but --

Angie: "Angry"? "Angry"? After seeing all this, I want to kill these people myself!

Jesse: Please calm down.

Angie: Stop -- calm down so you two can go out for another shootout? Jesse, that last bullet you took didn't kill you, but it could have.

Tad: It's not going to come to that.

Angie: Can you guarantee that? Can you guarantee me that? No! Do you two really want to take a chance that you won't come back? For your kids to lose a father? Is that what you really want?

Jesse: Baby, you really need to calm down, please.

Angie: Would you stop telling me to calm down? We're talking about your life!

Tad: Angela, we all know what a miracle it is to have him back. We all want to keep him that way, but you got to give us some time so we can figure out how to play this.

Angie: Oh, "play"? So now we're going along with their twisted game?

Jesse: It's not a game.

Angie: Look, Jesse, these people are monsters. Now, you have been saying that from the beginning -- I didn't know it before, but I do now. But to meet them, on their terms?

Jesse: That's the only way to do this, to end this, baby. I don't want to have this conversation ever again. Ok? All right?

Angie: Oh, please. Please, I'm begging you, I'm begging you, let's take this to the police.

Tad: Maybe it's not such a terrible idea. I'd love to take a look at their database -- I can see if they got anything more current on Papel. Maybe I can still figure out what he wants.

Jesse: He wants to make me suffer. He wants to pick up where he left off 20 years ago. Now, if he wanted me dead, I'd be dead. And you're right -- we should get out of here.

Tad: Yeah, before we come across any other little surprises. Fine by me. I'm going to check on Krystal, Babe, and Jenny, make sure they're all right.

J.R.: Are you ok?

Babe: I'm fine.

J.R.: No, you're not.

Babe: Just had a heartwarming conversation with your father.

J.R.: I'm sorry.

Babe: You know, I -- I don't know why I let him get to me.

J.R.: Well, that's what my father does best -- he goes for the jugular.

[J.R. pours Babe a drink]

J.R.: Will this help? Look, I'm not trying to catch some vicarious buzz -- hmm. Here you go.

Babe: Do you think that we'll ever be able to look at each other and not see all the mistakes we've made?

J.R.: I don't know. But when I look at you, I see a lot more.

Babe: Me, too. J.R., I know this may seem like ancient history, but I really, really am sorry about sleeping with Jamie.

J.R.: Oh. What? All those years ago -- is that what my dad drudged up? He's unbelievable.

Babe: We, it wouldn't work if I still didn't feel bad on some level.

J.R.: Look, we have seen each other at our worst.

Babe: Yeah. Boy, have we.

J.R.: But in spite of all of that, we love each other. That's got to count for something.

Babe: I think it's just being back in this mansion, you know? I mean, it just brings back so many memories.

J.R.: Yeah.

[J.R. chuckles]

J.R.: No kidding.

Babe: I know Little A loves it.

J.R.: Of course, he does -- it's his home. We're a family no matter what.

Babe: You know, it would just be so easy to slip back into --

J.R.: What? This?

[J.R. and Babe kiss]

[Monitor beeps]

J.R.: You might not make it, Richie. You ever think about that?

Richie: Would you just shut up?


J.R.: Why are you so afraid of me?

Richie: Oh, I'm not afraid of you.

J.R.: Aw. Poor Richie thought he was going to win.

Richie: But I did win. I harvested your bone marrow and I got your girl.

J.R.: Yeah?

Richie: Yeah.

J.R.: Yeah? Think so?

Richie: Mm-hmm.

Babe: Hi, Richie.

J.R.: Hey, Babe.

[J.R. and Babe kiss]

J.R.: You see? I got the girl, and you got squat.

Richie: Get out and shut up. Get out!


J.R.: Aw, poor Richie. You were banking on this, weren't you -- banking on getting the girl? Too bad -- we're tighter than ever.

Babe: You know, I believed in you. I thought somewhere deep down, you were good.

[J.R. chuckles]

Richie: Don't -- don't --

J.R.: Wrong.

Richie: Don't listen to him, please? Just -- after all he's done to you? Come on.

Babe: It's obvious you're just the same old Richie.

J.R.: Ooh.

Richie: Let me show you, ok? Let me show you. I could show you.

Babe: Bore somebody else with it.

J.R.: Ouch. Oh. Yeah, it's ok that no one wants you. You know what happens now? This is the part where you die.


[Monitor beeps quickly]

Joe: Don't understand it -- his heart rate is still elevated.

Julia: Should we call his emergency contact?

Joe: Yeah, that would be Babe. Yes, please -- get her down here.

[Phone rings]

J.R.: Ignore it.

Babe: It could be work.

J.R.: Hmm. Ugh.

Babe: Hello? Oh, hey, Julia -- is everything ok? Oh, my God -- no. I'll -- I'll -- I'll be right down. Ok, thanks.

[Babe sighs]

Babe: There's been some complication with Richie. He's really, really sick.

J.R.: Um -

Babe: No. Please, don't say anything, ok? I -- I know what you're going to say, and I -- I don't want to hear it right now.

J.R.: What? I'll go with you.

Babe: Ok.

Adam: Whoa -- where's the fire?

J.R.: Richie's not doing well, and we're going to go see him.

Babe: Come on, J.R. You know what -- what if we don't make it in time?

Adam: Well, so he'll be dead -- huh. What's the problem?

J.R.: You know what? Ignore him -- let's go.

Krystal: What was all the commotion?

Adam: Oh, don't worry -- the toga party hasn't started yet. Your daughter, the drama queen, just got herself hooked into another crisis.

Krystal: Oh, come on, don't call her that. What was it about?

Adam: Contrary to popular opinion, I'm not in charge of everyone's social calendar.

Krystal: Just tell me what happened.

Adam: It's -- Richie Novak is not long for this world.

Krystal: Oh, dear Lord.

Adam: Yeah -- tragic, isn't it? Um -- hmm -- too bad. Well, at least that'll be one less person you try to move in here.

Krystal: Adam? I know it's an adjustment having a full house again.

Adam: Oh, no, it's not full. This isn't full. I could move the population of Slovenia in here and still have rooms to spare.

Krystal: Uh-huh. Well, then I wonder why we all stick in your craw so much.

Adam: Jenny does look more like you.

Krystal: I -- I like to think that she just looks like herself.

Adam: I'm not a baby-hating ogre, you know? It -- uh -- I think regardless of what I've done in the past, I -- you know I'd never hurt your child. She's so much a beautiful part of you.

[Door closes]

Tad: Krystal?

Krystal: Hey.

Adam: Visiting hours are over, Martin.

Tad: I'm sorry to interrupt, but I -- I really have to speak to Krystal.

[Krystal hands Tad baby Jenny]

Tad: Oh, I am so happy to see you, you little bean.

Krystal: What, what? What's wrong? I mean, you look like you've seen a ghost.

Tad: Practically. We went looking for the warehouse where they stashed Jesse 20 years ago after they got him out of the morgue.

[Knock on door]

Krystal: Adam? Adam, are you going to get that?

[Tad mouths words]

Krystal: Adam?

Adam: Why don't I just put in a revolving door? Oh -- Dré Woods. Well, how nice of you to pay us a visit. Come in.

Dré : Look, Mr. Chandler, you don't have to pretend to like me. I know you're a fan of my dad's, but I don't really have a lot of pull there.

Adam: Nonsense. You're welcome.

Dré : Well, I was supposed to meet up with Colby earlier. Uh -- do you know where she is?

Krystal: That tape sounds gruesome.

Tad: Even more so when you think about the fact that whoever made it's been hanging on to it for 20 years.

Krystal: Well, what are you going to do?

Adam: Krystal, have -- have you seen Colby?

Krystal: No. I -- I think she should be done volunteering, though.

Adam: Did you call the hospital?

Dré : Oh, I went by there earlier when she didn't show up at B.J.'s, but some nurse said she took off with a guy named Frankie.

Tad: Frankie? Frankie Hubbard?

Dré : Yeah, yeah, that's what she said. Weird thing is Colby's car was still in the garage.

Angie: Oh. Let me get you something to eat.

Jesse: No, baby, it's ok. I'm not hungry.

Angie: No, you -- you should eat.

Jesse: Baby, hey, hey, hey. Angela? What -- what's up?

Angie: The tape. You had to go through all of that -- why?

Jesse: Yeah, that's something I've been trying to figure out for years -- I got nothing. You ok?

Angie: You know, I just -- I- I just feel like I want to scream, hit someone.

Jesse: I know how you feel. But, listen, baby, that was 20 years ago, all right? They can't touch me anymore, they won't touch any of us. We just got to be strong, all right? What?

Angie: Jesse, that wasn't here before, was it?

Jesse: Not when Tad and I left.

Angie: The door was locked.

Jesse: Somebody's been here.

Angie: How'd they get in?

Joe: Yeah?

Babe: Is Richie ok?

Joe: Well, we're on the way, on the way. It was touch-and-go for a while, but everything seems to be in control now.

Babe: What -- what happened, Joe?

Joe: We had a few complications. It's not unusual in a case of bone marrow recipients. The healthy blood cells coming in are attacking some of Richie's cells.

Babe: But he's -- he's doing better now?

Joe: Yeah, yeah. He's beginning to respond to the treatment. Of course, he -- he won't be fully conscious for another few hours.

Richie: Oh. Babe?

Babe: Hey. Hi.

Richie: Don't you give up on me. Don't you give up on me.

Babe: Shh. Listen, listen, there's plenty of time for talking later, ok?

Joe: He's -- he's rambling a bit, he's incoherent. Yeah.

Richie: J.R.?

[Richie coughs]

J.R.: Hey, Richie.

Richie: I'm going to kill you. I'm going to kill you. You will not get away from me the next time -- no. I'll kill you.

J.R.: What the hell is he talking about?

Joe: It's the fever talking.

[Richie coughs]

Joe: He'll be a lot calmer in an hour or so.

Babe: Thank you, Joe, for taking care of him and for calling me.

Joe: Yeah, of course. We're very happy he pulled through. This goes to show the power of the will to live. But he's -- he's been a bit agitated, and I think we should give him some rest, huh?


J.R.: No problem. Well, Babe, you heard Joe.

Babe: Ok, yeah. Richie? I'll see you later, ok?

Richie: Hmm. Right.

[Richie wheezes, coughs]

Angie: Don't open it.

Jesse: What do you mean, "Don't open it?" I got to see what it is.

Angie: Well, it could be anything -- a bomb?

Jesse: No, it's not a bomb. It's not -- it's not a bomb.

Angie: You know, some things have not changed -- you're still as stubborn as you want to be.

Jesse: That's why you love me.

Angie: Be -- be careful!

Angie: What is it? Jesse, what is it? Oh! Oh, my God! They've got Frankie! Oh!

Jesse: "Holding your son as collateral just to make sure you show up."

Angie: Oh, my God.

Krystal: Colby loves that coffee shop near the hospital -- she's probably there.

Dré : Yeah. It's just weird, though.

[Phone rings]

Dré : Colby's, like, attached to her phone, and I haven't gotten a text or anything.

Adam: Have you tried The Comeback?

Krystal: Yeah. Yeah, nobody's seen her there all night.

Tad: Jesse, it's not funny. Don't play with me.

Jesse: Tad, I'm looking at a picture of my son, and he's tied up, man.

Tad: Oh, my God.

Krystal: Tad, what's wrong?

Adam: What's going on? Who's he talking to?

Jesse: What's going on over there?

Tad: Nothing, I just -- I can't hear. Is there anybody else in the photograph?

Jesse: Uh, yeah. There's a -- it's kind of blurry. There's a blonde girl in the back, and she's tied up, too.

Adam: What's going on? Do you know something about my daughter?

Robert: Everything go as planned?

Man: Close enough. See for yourself.

Robert: Well, it looks like everything is going right according to schedule.

>> On the next "All My Children"

Adam (to Krystal): You know something.

Krystal: Someone bad took her.

Jesse (to Angie): I will do whatever it takes to bring our boy back.

Angie: Except trade yourself for our son, because I know that's what you're thinking about.

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