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All My Children Transcript Friday 3/7/08


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Zach: I'll have a single-malt Irish with special water, please, Frank. Thank you.

Greenlee: I'll have what he's having, only make it a triple.

Zach: Hello.

Greenlee: Hi.

Zach: Bad day?

Greenlee: The worst. And it's not over.

[Greenlee sighs]

Zach: What's that smell?

Greenlee: Me. I'm wearing a revolting combo of just about every essential oil in existence.

Zach: Oh. And why is that? Keeping vampires away, or --

Greenlee: Ha, ha, ha. We're still working on the "Charm!" perfume upstairs.

Zach: Oh, yeah.

Greenlee: So far, it's a disaster.

Zach: No, it's very good. It's got -- I just can't inhale it right now. It makes my tongue burn.

Greenlee: Huh.

[Greenlee sighs]

Greenlee: Ugh.

Zach: Frank, how about a margarita for the lady?

Greenlee: Ah!

Zach: And some disinfectant.

Greenlee: Oh. You know, it's not just the perfume. We have no assistant, and apparently, we can't find anyone sane to hire. We have no Ava, and we need her for a print shoot.

Zach: Where is she?

Greenlee: She's off to Hollywood for a screen test.

Zach: Oh, Hollywood? Oh, God help Hollywood. What else is wrong?

Greenlee: Well, there's the shaky economy and global warming, and the summer shoe designs are so dull, but other than that, everything's fabulous.

Zach: Hey, Greenlee, what's the real problem?

Greenlee: I hate your wife.

Aidan: So how many books do you think you signed?

Kendall: I lost count.

Aidan: That was a big crowd, you know. I think you handled it really, really well.

Kendall: Hmm.

Aidan: Especially after what happened last night.

Kendall: Yeah, well, I wasn't going to let that creep rape me, Aidan.

Aidan: That's pretty obvious. Because when I turned up, he was on the floor, and he looked like he'd been covered in pepper spray.

Kendall: Yeah. Well, you know, my mom left me a message, and it sounded like she knew something had happened. I mean, with everything on her plate, I don't want her worrying about me.

Aidan: Zach said that she's handling it.

Kendall: Oh, yeah, she's really handling it well. She's going to prison. I don't -- I don't know. I feel like I should be with her right now.

Aidan: Kendall, Zach made it quite clear that Erica wants you to stay here and not to worry, all right?

Kendall: I can't not worry about her, Aidan. Ugh. I'm exhausted. Huh.

Aidan: It's been a long 48 hours, which is exactly why you need a distraction.

Kendall: No, I'm too tired to go out.

Aidan: Well, who says anything about going out?

[Knock on door]

Kendall: Hmm.

[A waiter brings in a room service cart]

Aidan: Hey.

Kendall: You did this?

[Violin plays classical aria]

Ryan: Hi there -- "Angelina." Oh, that's a beautiful name.

Angelina: Thank you.

Ryan: It's perfect for you.

Angelina: Oh, well, I don't know about that. I don't exactly look like the Angelina.

Ryan: Oh, are you kidding me? You're a lot more beautiful.

Angelina: Oh. Well, now I know you're looking for an upgrade.

[Ryan laughs]

Ryan: And a sense of humor -- my goodness.

Angelina: So how can I help you?

Ryan: I am here to see Kendall Hart.

Angelina: Oh, I'm sorry. It looks like Ms. Hart doesn't want to be disturbed this evening.

Ryan: Trust me. Kendall is going to be thrilled when I show up at her door.

Mrs. Remington: You say you're an old friend of my son's?

Angie: Yes. My name is Dr. Angela Hubbard.

Mrs. Remington: Oh, I see. John told me about you. Come in.

Angie: Thank you.

Robert: Keep them both in your crosshairs.

Jesse: Oh, man. You said you'd keep in touch, Thaddeus. Call me, damn it. I need to know what's going on over at Remy's.

[Jesse sighs]

Jesse: Oh. Are you out -- are you out of your mind? Rolling up on me and grabbing me like that, man!

Frankie: I was grabbing you, because you was trying to sneak away. I had to get you back inside before someone saw or heard us. Now, you're not supposed to be leaving the office.

Jesse: Well, who died and made your happy little ass lord of all? And do not presume to tell me what I can or cannot do!

Frankie: Why not? Because you're the dad? Look, it's a little late for you to be trying to lay down rules for me.

Jesse: You know what? I can't do this right now.

Frankie: Look, listen -- Tad told me to make sure --

Jesse: Frankie, boy --

Frankie: That you stay put!

Jesse: Obviously, I'm not staying put.

Frankie: Listen --

Jesse: Oh, my --

Frankie: I know about the stolen hospital DVDs. Now, whoever is after you knows that you're here in Pine Valley.

Jesse: Uh -- yeah. And I can handle it, Frankie. Step aside, son!

Frankie: No, you're going to have to fight me if you want to get past me.

Angie: I heard about your son, John. About how he died. I am so sorry.

Mrs. Remington: Everybody's sorry. You, the police detectives who keep coming and going.

Angie: I was questioned by the police, too. Mrs. Remington, I don't know how much your son told you about me, but we did spend some time together after my husband was shot. John was such a sweet man.

Mrs. Remington: Oh -- don't pretend you cared.

Angie: Excuse me?

Mrs. Remington: My son loved you, and you broke his heart.

Aidan: Sorry about the misunderstanding.

Kendall: Ok, I'm waiting for an explanation.

Aidan: Cheers, man. Thanks.

Waiter: Thank you, sir.

Kendall: Well? What is with all of this romance stuff?

Aidan: I don't know. Listen -- well, we left the book signing, I called room service, I ordered dinner. I -- I left the menu up to them. And all I can think of is they thought that you -- you're the big romance writer, so they thought that you wanted the works?

Kendall: Ok. So you have nothing to do with the candles and the flowers and the violin?

Aidan: All I did was I ordered food and champagne, that was it. The violinist --

Kendall: Yeah? Ok, let me see what's going on over here. Oysters for two?

Aidan: Romance swag -- that's the downside of being the queen of steam, I guess.

Kendall: Yeah, well, the queen of steam prefers ice cream. And this -- huh.

Aidan: Yeah, right. Kendall, how do you do it?

Kendall: Do what?

Aidan: Well, you write a book in -- in record time, and it's a bestseller.

Kendall: I don't know -- I was -- I was missing Zach. I needed something to keep me from going insane.

Aidan: And the author was born.

Kendall: Yeah -- you know, I think that we all have a hidden talent inside of us that's just waiting to come out, and I think you're one of them.

Aidan: Yeah. Yeah, I mean, my secret's out.

Kendall: Hmm?

Aidan: I'm one of the Rockettes.

Kendall: No. I think your secret is that you're a poet.

Aidan: I just know a few sonnets and -- and poems from my pub days, that's all.

Kendall: From your -- wait a minute -- you recite sonnets in pubs?

Aidan: Yeah. In England. You know, us English boys -- we don't just, you know, drink beer and talk sports.

Kendall: You actually perform poetry?

[Aidan sighs]

Aidan: Yes.

Kendall: Huh.

Aidan: I'll perform one for you now, if you -- if you want.

Kendall: I -- I do.

Aidan: Since you're such a successful writer.

Kendall: Yes, ok, go. Ahem.

Aidan: Ah -- here we go. "Can -- can death be sleep, when life is but a dream? And scenes of bliss pass as a phantom by? The transient pleasures as a vision seem, and yet, we think the great pain's to die." It's Johnny Keats.

Kendall: Whoa, whoa! What --

Aidan: You like that?

Kendall: Well, I do like that. Does Greenlee know you can do that?

Aidan: No.

Kendall: What? What are you waiting for? You ought to wax poetic for her! You got to get on it. Come on, Greenlee will love it. She will love it.

Zach: You hate my wife? I'll take it.

Greenlee: She's in L.A. having a great time with my guy, and I hate it. I hate anyone who's having a better time than me right now.

Zach: I see.

Greenlee: Envy is something that I'm very good at. I hate Annie, too, because she spent the night with Ryan, and he got some of his memory back.

Zach: What does he remember?

Greenlee: What annoys me is, he remembered with Annie, but when he was with me, he couldn't remember a damn thing.

Zach: Well, Annie is his wife --

Greenlee: Well, I was his wife, too. He loved me, too. You'd think that I would inspire at least one memory. But no, with me, he drew a blank, even when I kissed him.

Zach: You kissed him?

Greenlee: No. Ok. But he kissed me back.

Angelina: Well, you can leave a message for her.

Ryan: Look, Kendall did this whole "do not disturb" thing because she wasn't expecting me. You see, I'm going to be a surprise. And then, I'm going to hit Kendall with an even bigger surprise.

Angelina: I really can't help you.

Ryan: No, wait, wait, wait. I'm going to propose to her. Iím going to ask Kendall to be my wife.

Kendall: Zach has been to plenty of pubs, but he has never written any poetry for me.

Aidan: Well, it's a guy thing. I mean, I never would've opened up to you if -- if you hadn't have caught me with a book of sonnets.

Kendall: Yeah, still -- a little poetry goes a long way.

Aidan: He loves you, and he's good to you.

Kendall: I know that. Believe me, I am not complaining. Zach and I -- we have -- we have never followed the romance rules.

Aidan: There are rules?

Kendall: Oh, we hated each other the first time we got married.

Aidan: Well, that's just not exactly a love story, Kendall.

Kendall: Yeah, well, neither one of us wanted to be in love again. We didn't want to risk being hurt. I mean, at that point, I was the poster girl for relationships gone bad.

Aidan: Yeah, well, I think I could beat you in that one.

Kendall: Uh-uh. Hmm -- listen to this. Zach's brother and son were just two of the people who broke my heart.

Aidan: And what about Ryan?

Kendall: I think we know who is to blame for that breakup. I couldn't trust him.

Aidan: So, what, you -- you think it's all your fault? I mean, don't get me wrong. Ryan's a good friend, but I think we all know that Ryan has a few issues when it comes to commitment.

Kendall: Yeah.

Ryan: So, yeah, Kendall and I got in a really big fight right before she came out here, and it was completely, totally my fault. And I take full responsibility, and I regret it, and I'm going to make it up to her the second I see her, you know. I'm just going to -- I'm just going to drop right down on one knee.

Angelina: Well, do you have a ring?

Ryan: No. I -- I don't. But tomorrow, first thing, we're going to go to Rodeo Drive, and I'm going to have her pick out whatever rock she wants.

Angelina: Well, she's a lucky lady.

Ryan: No, she deserves it. She's one of a kind.

[Phone rings]

Angelina: Oh -- front desk. I'll be right there. I'm sorry, I've got to take care of something in the office.

Ryan: You do what you got to do. That's a good girl, Angelina. You didn't log out. Very nice. Ah -- security-protected. "If this person is seen on the premises, contact Aidan Devane immediately"?

Angie: Mrs. Remington, your son and I dated for a while, but that's all.

Mrs. Remington: My son was devastated when he lost you. He just up and disappeared. I never heard from him again.

Angie: But now you know he didn't disappear because of me. Someone took his life.

Tad: Hey, what's going on?

Jesse: Oh, you know what's going on, Tad. You got my son to run interference on me.

Tad: Ah, so you did try to leave the office?

Jesse: Yeah, well, I'm worried about you and Angie.

Tad: We're fine.

Jesse: What's going on with Remy's mother, Tad?

Tad: She's inside with her right now.

Jesse: You let her go in alone?

Tad: Huh -- Jesse, I'm right outside the house, ok? I'm -- I'm checking the perimeter.

Jesse: Are you insane? You can't let her out of your sight, Tad!

Tad: Angela's perfectly safe.

Jesse: You don't know that.

Angie: Mrs. Reming --

Mrs. Remington: No, don't.

Angie: Mrs. Remington, I -- I never meant to hurt Remy. I didn't. I hate what happened. Oh -- what are you doing?

Mrs. Remington: This was a gift from my son. He gave it to me just before he disappeared. He said I should keep it loaded. And I do.

Angie: Mrs. Remington, please --

Mrs. Remington: You're not here to offer your condolences, you want something from me. And you brought backup. He's outside. I may be old, but I'm not blind.

Angie: I can explain.

Mrs. Remington: This had better be good. Otherwise, I'll do what John instructed me to do with this thing -- target practice.

Tad: Look, Jesse, you are just going to have to trust me on this, ok? I am watching the house. Nobody is going to get to Angela.

Jesse: You need to be in there with her, Tad.

Tad: I thought so, too, at first, but Angie thinks she'll get more out of Mrs. Remington if they're in there alone together.

[Mrs. Remington opens the door holding her rifle]

Tad: Oh, dear God.

Jesse: What's going on?

Tad: Uh, Jesse, I'm going to have to call you back.

Mrs. Remington: I know someone's out there. Show yourself.

Angie: Tad!

Mrs. Remington: Who are you?

Tad: My name is Martin. Thaddeus Martin. I'm a private investigator.

Angie: We're working with the police to investigate John and Jesse's murder.

Mrs. Remington: Why didn't you come right out and say that? And why did you hide yourself?

Tad: Mrs. Remington, I am sorry. I apologize. The only reason I stayed out here is we didn't want to overwhelm you. Now, I've talked to Derek Frye. He's a friend of mine. I know the police have had a whole herd of people out here to interview you. The fact is, I know exactly how you feel right now because my wife was murdered. Her name was Dixie. Dixie Martin? You may have read about her?

Mrs. Remington: That serial killer got her.

Tad: That's right. That's right. When it first happened, I thought the whole world was in my face, and I hated it. It took me a while to realize that people were just trying to help me. And that's all that Angela and I want -- is to help you.

Mrs. Remington: Come on in.

Jesse: Look, the people that want me are probably watching that house. Now, your mother is a doctor, she is not a cop. She won't know what to do if they want to close in on her, Frankie!

Frankie: Tad will protect her.

Jesse: Frankie, I want to protect her!

Frankie: See, there you go! Still itching to be a damn hero! You -- you don't get it. No, you don't get it, do you? Do you? When you died -- when you died, I went into a fog. It didn't sink in that you were gone. With -- even with Mom crying and everybody stopping by the house to cry with her. Even at your funeral, it just didn't -- it just wasn't real for me. You know when it hit me? The day when I went to school. The teacher pulled me aside, and she told me how sorry she was. And she went on to say that -- that I must've been proud, because my dad died a hero. That's when I lost it! I cried, and I couldn't stop! Mom had to come pick me up from school. I cried myself to sleep. I cried, because I didn't want a died who died a hero! I just wanted my dad! Alive.

Tad: Mrs. Remington, Angela and I want to find whoever killed your son and see them brought to justice.

Angie: For John and for Jesse.

Tad: You see, we think that the two murders may be connected.

Mrs. Remington: I've told the police everything I remember about the last few times I saw John.

Tad: Well, if it's ok with you, maybe Angela and I can help you remember a little more?

[Champagne cork pops]

Kendall: Whoo! Very good!

Aidan: Whoo-hoo-hoo!

Kendall: Very impressive.

Aidan: Yeah.

Kendall: Ok -- on that note -- love and romance -- it is nothing like it is in the romance books.

Aidan: Uh -- what are you saying? Your -- your book is a lie?

Kendall: No, it -- it's fiction. There's a big difference. So what about -- ooh, thank you. What about you and Greenlee?

Aidan: What about me and Greenlee?

Kendall: Well, I mean, it's not all like hearts and -- mushiness and -- and -- and stuff, is it?

Aidan: Um -- Greenlee's tough, you know? I mean, sometimes she softens up, but --

Kendall: Yeah. I know. She -- she softens up with me, too.

Aidan: Oh, yeah?

Kendall: Yeah. I mean, we love each other. I bet she loves me more than she loves you.

Aidan: Huh. Really? Let's not go there.

Kendall: Don't worry. I approve of you and Greenlee.

Aidan: Thanks. I mean, I think.

Kendall: Well, I mean, you guys are going to be together forever, right? Like me and Zach?

Aidan: I don't know. We'll see.

Kendall: What do you mean, "We'll see"?

Aidan: I love Greenlee, and -- and she loves me, you know? But recently, it's been crisis after crisis after crisis. And -- and now everything's back to normal. I don't know. I don't know how we're going to do.

Kendall: Ok. Listen to Kendall. Make Greenlee laugh. Make her laugh. Make her feel safe and recite poetry. You do those three things, you are good to go, and you can do no wrong.

Aidan: Is that it?

Kendall: There's one more thing. One more thing. When Greenlee gets bored, she likes to stir things up a little bit and create a little excitement. So watch out for that.

[Music plays]

Zach: You made out with Ryan?

Greenlee: "Made out"? That is so high school.

Zach: Whatever -- you -- what do you call it?

Greenlee: Well, I was just trying to jog his memory. But it didn't work. I was humiliated and so annoyed.

Zach: And that's all?

Greenlee: Ok, I felt a little something when Ryan and I kissed.

Zach: Ah.

Greenlee: Just a twinge. Well, it's not like I'm in love with him or anything. It's just like a sense memory thing. I love Aidan, Aidan loves me.

Zach: But you want Ryan to love you, too.

Greenlee: I want to matter to him. I hate it when I don't matter.

Zach: Well, you matter to me. What we've done -- it matters. Always will.

Greenlee: Same here.

Zach: All right, so Ryan remembered something with Annie?

Greenlee: Yeah.

Zach: So, maybe he's getting better.

Greenlee: It seems like it.

Zach: Good. To Ryan and Annie.

Singer: Welcome to the light that I'm on

Angelina: What are you doing?

Ryan: Uh -- my cell phone fell off the counter back here, so I just came back here to get it, that's all.

Angelina: You can't be here.

Ryan: Oh, ok. All right. I'm -- I'm -- look, I'm going to -- huh -- I'm going to be out of your hair entirely as soon as you give me --

Angelina: Look, I can't give you her room number. Why don't you call her on your cell phone?

Ryan: And ruin the surprise?

Angelina: Please leave.

Ryan: I can't. I can't leave. Not until I see Kendall. Who are you calling?

Angelina: Security.

Ryan: Please don't do that.

[Music plays]

Zach: What? Why are you looking at me like that?

Greenlee: Because I was mad and depressed and you made me feel better. You're better than popping a pill.

Zach: Oh, good -- guess that's a compliment.

Greenlee: Uh-huh. Yeah, it is. It's pretty amazing, you know, this -- what you and I have going, you and me.

Zach: Yeah, no, it's good. If you want to keep it that way, don't force me to pole dance -- never again.

Greenlee: That will never happen again -- promise.

Zach: Good.

Singer: Welcome to the light whoa-oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh

Greenlee: I have a confession to make.

Singer: La-la-la, la-la-la

Kendall: Oh! Oh, God -- hmm.

Aidan: Huh. Yeah, I think we should -- I think we should eat something.

Kendall: Oh, no!

Aidan: Yeah.

Kendall: Uh -- no.

Aidan: Come on.

Kendall: I think that we should recite poetry together. Don't you think?

Aidan: Ah. I think you're drunk.

Kendall: No -- come on, come on, come on. I bet there is a poet inside you that is just dying to come out. I -- I -- come on. [British accent] Come on, matey. Yeah, give it a shot.

Aidan: Oh, come on, Kendall. I don't need paper. I just -- I just say it as it -- as it comes out.

Kendall: [Normal voice] Yeah?

Aidan: Yeah. You ready?

Kendall: Ok.

Aidan: "There was once" --

Kendall: Yeah, wait, wait, hold on, wait, wait, wait, wait. Get it, ready -- go.

Aidan: "There was -- there was once a woman called Kendall --"

Kendall: Oh, no.

Aidan: "That decided to light a big candle."

Kendall: That doesn't even rhyme.

Aidan: "She -- she picked up a blowtorch" --

Kendall: I'm not an arsonist.

Aidan: "And she thought it would so scorch --"

Kendall: That rhymes.

Aidan: "She decided not to ignite it --"

Kendall: Smart move.

Aidan: "Because she thought she might bite it and that would be the end-all of Kendall."

Kendall: "Of Kendall." I love it! Brilliant!

Aidan: Cheers.

Kendall: You're -- you're really good at poems. That was really good.

Aidan: Thanks --

Kendall: Mm-hmm.

Aidan: I think.

Kendall: You better keep your day job. Keep your day job -- ow! Ah.

Angelina: Are you threatening me?

Ryan: No, Angelina, no. No, no, no, I'm not. It's just I -- hey, I've made this big romantic plan, you know what I mean? And it's just -- it's really up to you to make it or break it, ok? So, look, just -- just one second, all right? Give me one second here -- I want to show you something. This is a picture of me and Kendall. I mean, look at us -- don't we look like we're in love?

Angelina: I have to honor guests' requests.

Ryan: Ok, all right. Well, hold -- hold on a second. Wait, one more -- I just want to show you this. This little guy here -- this little guy is Spike, Kendall and my son. I mean, come on, isn't he beautiful?

Angelina: He is.

Ryan: Well, I want to give Spike a family. And I love his mom, and I want to be with his mom forever. I do, I'm telling you right now, Angelina. Kendall is the one. She's the love of my life.

[Pinball machine dings]

Jesse: You're not watching the front door -- I could make a run for it.

Frankie: You want to run and get yourself killed, go ahead.

Jesse: Are you giving up on me now?

Frankie: No, you're going to do whatever it is you want to do, right?

Jesse: Frankie, I already told you, I did not want to leave you.

Frankie: Look, I don't want to go through all that again, all right? God --

[Frankie yells]

Jesse: Wow. You're really bad at that game.

Frankie: I'm bad at all games -- pinball, baseball, football, basketball, cards. You name it -- huh -- I lose it.

Jesse: What, because I wasn't around to teach you all the father/son stuff? I'm sorry. I don't know what to do, Frankie. I mean -- I don't know how to make it up to you. I don't know if I ever could. And if you want to continue just giving me a hard time, fine. Bring it on -- I'll take it. I'll take whatever you have to dish out to me because, truth be told, I thought I'd never see you again. But here you are, looking at me, talking to me, yelling at me, and I love it -- because I got you back. I got my son back.

Frankie: You can -- you can teach me now.

Jesse: Magic fingers. You got to learn how to work your flipper fingers, kid. Stand back.

Frankie: Flipper fingers?

Jesse: Flipper fingers.

Tad: Mrs. Remington, when was the last time you saw John?

Mrs. Remington: Eighteen years, seven months, five days ago. And I still miss him.

Angie: Can you tell us about that last time?

Mrs. Remington: Yeah, it was about 3:00 in the morning. He apologized for waking me. He said he was leaving town. I assumed it was another one of his business meetings.

Tad: What kind of business meeting?

Mrs. Remington: Oh, I don't know. John never talked about his work. It had to be with the government -- uh, maybe FBI. Your -- your husband would've known.

Tad: Did he do or say anything else that evening?

Mrs. Remington: He gave me money like he did every time he visited. But that night, it was a lot -- a few thousand. And then he kissed me goodbye and left.

Angie: And you didn't hear from him again?

Mrs. Remington: John gave me something else. I didn't tell the police because it's personal.

Tad: Well, look. We don't mean to pry, but you would be surprised what can help out in an investigation.

Mrs. Remington: John gave me this that night. He said it was an early birthday present. He didn't tell me what kind of stone it was.

Angie: My gosh, it's -- it's -- it's stunning.

Mrs. Remington: I've never taken it off -- and it's a good thing.

Tad: Why?

Mrs. Remington: Well, it would've been stolen the night of the break-in.

Kendall: Let me think. Uh -- "there once was a man named Zach he was like no other man."

Aidan: That doesn't rhyme.

Kendall: "Zach is cool and quiet and guarded until he loves you. And when he loves you, he opens this door and lets you in. He lets you in to see the real him. And once you're in there, ooh, it is -- it is a dark place. But after a while, then you can see you get to see who he really is. And he's beautiful. Zach is where I want to be always."

Zach: So, what's this big confession?

Greenlee: I tell you things I could never tell Aidan.

Zach: Yeah, all right.

Greenlee: Well, isn't that bad --

Zach: No.

Greenlee: For me and Aidan, I mean?

Zach: No, not at all. There's things that -- that I would tell you that I would never tell Kendall.

Greenlee: Really?

Zach: Sure. There are things that you don't talk about with the people you love. It's --

Greenlee: Or go to bed with every night?

Zach: Yeah, it's almost like you're protecting them in a way.

Greenlee: So we're kind of like each other's therapists?

Zach: No, not at all. It's a complete waste of money. No, it's -- we get each other and that's a good thing.

Greenlee: Yeah, it is. To getting each other.

Zach: Wow, all right.

Tad: When was your house broken into?

Mrs. Remington: A couple of weeks after John disappeared.

Angie: Were you at home when it happened?

Mrs. Remington: No, I was visiting my sister in New York City.

Tad: Mrs. Remington, did you report this to the police?

Mrs. Remington: Yes. They -- they never caught the burglar.

Angie: What was stolen?

Mrs. Remington: My television, stereo -- insurance covered it all. Oh, I wasn't too bothered by it, because they didn't get my one treasure -- the necklace from my baby boy.

[Music plays]

Zach: Let me buy you some dinner.

Greenlee: Hmm.

Zach: How about --

Greenlee: No, thanks. I got to get back up to the perfume factory.

Zach: All right. Tell Annie I'm happy that Ryan is remembering things.

[Greenlee recalls kissing Ryan]

Zach: Hey. How you doing, where'd you go?

Greenlee: I was just thinking about Aidan.

Zach: Well, he'll be back soon.

Greenlee: And so will the great author, Kendall -- she'll be back soon.

Zach: And so will the great Ryan, hopefully back to remembering who he was. And then my hair was on fire -- what are you doing? Can you -- hey, hi!

Greenlee: I -- I got to run. I got to run.

Zach: I'm pretty, too.

Greenlee: Bye, thank you.

Singer: How do you feel?

[Zach sighs]

Zach: All right, I'll just --

Singer: Free you're burning up so easily

Kendall's voice: Hi there. I can't pick up right now. Leave a message.

[Voicemail beeps]

Zach: Hey, honey. I hope you're behaving yourself. I love you.

Singer: Are burning up oh, oh

Aidan: So the idea of the game is --

Kendall: Ok.

Aidan: Is we kick this pillow as if it's a soccer ball --

Kendall: Uh-huh?

Aidan: In between that chair and that other benchy thing over there, all right?

Kendall: Benchy thing -- ok, I got it. I'm going to try it -- ready? All right.

Aidan: You got to drop-kick it.

Kendall: I am drop-kicking it.

[Aidan chuckles]

Kendall: Ooh -- ow.

Aidan: Yeah, you're really good.

Kendall: Ok, wait, wait.

Aidan: Yeah, you're amazing. You should, you know -- David Beckham.

Kendall: I -- you know what? My feet were not cooperating. I can do this, I'm really good.

Aidan: So you need a coach, is what you're saying?

Kendall: Yes, coach me, ok?

Aidan: So, you stand behind the ball, put your left foot next to the pillow, right? With your right foot, you give it a good, hard kick --

Kendall: Good, hard kick.

Aidan: In that direction?

Kendall: All right. I want to try it.

Aidan: That's your right foot.

Kendall: Wait, I -- I -- I know what to do. I'm just testing you.

Aidan: Listen, come here, come here, come here.

Kendall: Oh. Aidan -- yes!

Aidan: Stand by there. Move your right foot -- look at my right foot --

Kendall: Ok, I'm not stupid.

Aidan: Bring it back and kick it like the queen of steam --

[Kendall growls]

Kendall: I'm going to do this -- ready? Out of my way.

Aidan: Go on, girl.

Kendall: Ugh!

Aidan: It's a goal!

Kendall: Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah! Oh, yeah! Ha, ha, yeah!

Aidan: Whoa. You are so crazy! What are you doing?

Ryan: What the hell's going on in here?

Mrs. Remington: These are some of John's papers and letters to me. Maybe they'll help.

Tad: Oh. Mrs. Remington, I give you my word -- I will return this to you just as soon as I can after I look it over.

Angie: I am truly sorry for your loss.

Mrs. Remington: And I'm sorry I was so nasty at first.

Angie: It's all right.

Mrs. Remington: Good night.

Tad: Yeah, well, good night --

Angie: Bye-bye.

Tad: And thank you.

Angie: Her house was broken into just like mine.

Tad: Angela, listen to me. Don't do anything, don't say anything. Let's just get to the car as quickly as possible. We're being watched.

[Pinball machine dings]

Jesse: I'm really glad you're back with that intern program, kid. I remember your mother went through that -- it was brutal. What I'm trying to say is it's late. You need to get home, get you some rest, ok?

Frankie: But, Dad --

Jesse: Come on, come on. I gave you my word I'm not going anywhere, all right? Got to get some sleep.

[Jesse opens the front door]

Jesse: Who are you?

Robert: I'm Tad's uncle -- name is Robert. And you are?

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Adam: I want to help, J.R. I want to make things better with us.

Kendall: Ok, Ryan, I think you better leave now.

Ryan: No, I think I'd rather stay.

Jesse (to Robert): Tad's not here.

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