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All My Children Transcript Monday 2/18/08


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[Train whistle blows]

[Train bell chimes]

[Alicia Keys sings "Like You'll Never See Me Again]

Singer: If I had no more time, no more time left to be here, would you cherish what we had

Singers: 'Cause I'm everything that you were looking for

Singer: If I couldn't feel your touch, and no longer were you with me, I'd be wishing you were here

Singers: To be everything that I'd been looking for

Singer: I don't want to forget the present is a gift, and I don't want to

Singers: Take for granted the time you may have here with me 'cause Lord only knows another day is not really guaranteed

Singer: So every time you

Singers: Hold me

Singer: Hold me like this is

Singers: The last time

[Music plays]

Erica: Welcome to the American Heart Association's "Go Red for Women Movement" fashion show!


Erica: The proud sponsors of today's extravaganza are Campbell's and Fusion. They are working together to bring awareness to women's heart health, yes. The "Go Red for Women" movement is a nationwide campaign that celebrates the energy, the passion, and power of women joining together to fight the number one killer of women -- heart disease. And Valentine's Day --

Aidan: So --

Erica: Is not the only day that we should celebrate --

Aidan: What is Kendall's big secret?

Erica: The healthy heart.

Greenlee: Well, you'll -- ahem -- have to swear not to say anything, especially to Zach.

Aidan: Zach? Why?

Greenlee: Because she -- she's not telling him -- at least, not yet. She might be pregnant.

Erica: So what do you say? What do you say we start this show now?


Babe: All right, deep breath, set yourself. Ready? Ok.

Greenlee: Yay!

Erica: Our first model is Colby Chandler.

Babe: Go.

Erica: Colby's gorgeous, satin-belted, button-front dress has a tulle ruffle-beaded neckline.

Greenlee: Stand by, Ava.

Erica: The color red represents --

Aidan: Why doesn't Kendall want Zach to know that she's pregnant?

Greenlee: I'm not sure. Maybe it's because she already has two young kids. But you'd think if she was pregnant, she'd want the father to know.


Adam: You can't wait to find Babe, huh? Are you -- are you seriously going to offer up your bone marrow to her psychotic friend?

J.R.: Save it, Dad. Look -- Colby's already up.

Singer: Till we find true love what I want is the beat where my heart can be free

Erica: Thank you, Colby.

Babe: You were great!

Colby: Dad and J.R. are here!

Amanda: Good job, good job. Ok, Ava, you ready?

Ava: Yep -- piece of cake.

Amanda: All right, let's go, go, go!

Singer: I'll set you up so fun

Erica: Ava is looking fabulous wearing a stunning, gathered silk chiffon tea-length gown with spaghetti straps and a bubble hem.

Singer: Oh

Amanda: How nice of J.R. to come out from under his rock.

Babe: And now that I know he's here --

Amanda: Hey -- that's the dress I'm supposed to wear.

Babe: Thanks for switching.

Amanda: That dress is so not you!

Babe: Well, tonight it is.

Amanda: Just because J.R. showed up?

Babe: I want something from him, and this is going to help me get it.

Zach: You ok?

Kendall: Yeah -- yeah. What about you?

Zach: Me?

Kendall: Well, I mean, you said you had to go and do -- take care of something.

Zach: I met Ryan in my office.

Kendall: Oh. How did that go?

Zach: He accused me of stealing his life.

Kendall: Oh, my God. I -- I've got to go talk to him.

Zach: No, no, no, he's -- he's living in his own world right now, so let him be. He'll work it out on his own time -- with his wife.

Ryan: Emma looked so beautiful backstage -- and -- and so will you, you know, when you get all dressed up -- not that you don't look beautiful now.

Annie: I -- I know what you mean.

Ryan: Ok.

Annie: Thanks for being so sweet to Emma.

Ryan: You don't have to thank me, I -- I know that she's my daughter.

Annie: Well, it just -- it can't be easy, since you don't remember her.

Singer: Oh

Erica: Thank you again, Ava.

Singer: Oh, yeah

Angie: Please. Tell me I'm not dreaming. It -- is it really you?

Jesse: It's me, baby, it's me, baby.

[Jesse and Angie kiss]

Angie: Jesse?

Jesse: I'm here, baby.

Angie: Frankie said he saw you.

Jesse: Oh, God, I've missed you.

Angie: How is this possible? How are you possible? You were shot -- I -- I saw you die!

Jesse: Baby -- baby, we got to go. We can't stay here, we got to leave.

Angie: "Leave"?

Jesse: Yeah. Trust me, baby.

Angie: No -- no, don't. Don't -- I want -- I -- I want to see you! Oh, my God, it's you. It is you, it's you!

Jesse: Shh, shh, shh, shh. We have to go, baby, we got to go.

Angie: Go where?

Jesse: Away from here, away from here, all right? Trust me -- hey, wait -- this way. Come on.

Erica: How are you enjoying the show, so far?


Erica: Oh, that's great! And after the show, I hope that you'll take the opportunity to pick out some of our heart-healthy literature. There are some great recipes in there from Prego Heart Smart, wonderful ways to exercise at home -- including making love.


Erica: So while you're giving that a thought, let's just take a little break, and then we'll be back for more "Go Red for Women" fashions.

[Music plays]

Babe: Could you make me, um, you know, edgier, you know, sexier?


Erica: Oh, thank you, but you are the ones who deserve all the applause. I mean, you are doing such a great job, so far. Colby, you were terrific, and, Ava, you were just a sight to behold. Hi.

Jack: Ladies, you were all wonderful. Can I talk to you for a minute, please?

Erica: Well, what do you think?

Jack: I'd like to know what Samuel Woods is doing out there.

Erica: Jack, you better be careful -- you're looking green.

Jack: No, you better be careful around this guy.

Greenlee: Hey, Dad? No groupies allowed backstage. Erica, you're on in 10.

Erica: I know. Ok, enjoy the rest of the show.

Jack: Knock 'em dead.

Man: Five, four, three --


Erica: Ha. And we're back with our "Go Red for Women Movement" fashion show. It's sponsored by Campbell's and Fusion. A healthy heart beats over 100,000 times a day, and we are campaigning for those 100,000 healthy beats today. But right now there is someone in our audience who's been campaigning for other good causes. Ladies and gentlemen, please join me in welcoming U.S. Attorney Samuel Woods.

Jack: That's right, Erica, do exactly the opposite of what I told you to do. Good God.

Erica: Our next model is Corrina Gonzalez. Not only is she beautiful, but she sings like an angel. Come on out, Corrina.

[Cheers and applause]

[Music changes]

Erica: Corrina is wearing a dynamic jersey empire-waist mini-dress with galard straps. Thank you, Corrina.

Krystal: You giving J.R. that spy ring was just beyond juvenile.

Adam: And who sent him to spy on me?

Krystal: You have information on Kate, and I sent J.R. to pull it out of you, because Kate is not just Tad's daughter, she's J.R.'s sister.

Tad: Hi. What am I missing out on over here?

Krystal: Adam has something that I want, and he refuses to give it to me.

Erica: Our next model is Babe Carey.

[Music changes]


[Camera shutters click]

Erica: Babe is wearing -- oh -- well, apparently Babe has had a change of heart as to what to wear. But that's ok because today we're celebrating the heart. And what a choice she's made -- uh, this silk --

Greenlee: Annie, you're almost up.

Annie: Right.

Greenlee: We've just put the finishing touches on Emma.

Singer: Lift me up lift me up, lift me up


Erica: And thank you for that surprise, Babe. I'm sure the audience will agree you certainly did that dress justice.

Greenlee: How's it going?

Ryan: Oh, every day, another surprise.

Greenlee: Hey --

Erica: And next we have --

Greenlee: It's going to get better.

Erica: Another Fusion beauty -- Amanda Dillon.

[Music changes]

[Cheers and applause]

Erica: Amanda is wearing a spectacular silk chiffon, deep-plunge, sleeveless cocktail dress with ruffled details and double-ruffle, flirty hem.

Singer: Need somebody to calm me I need someone to love and I really don't like to

J.R.: Need some help?

Aidan: Hey --

Kendall: What are you doing here?

Aidan: How are you?

Kendall: Well, I'll feel much better after I find this missing dress.

Aidan: You know, you were sick on the plane, you were acting weird in the airport. I just thought I'd come along and ask you how you're feeling now.

Kendall: Greenlee told you, didn't she?

Aidan: She was just excited, Kendall and she --

Kendall: She was, and, what -- what, she thinks I'm pregnant? Well, I'm not, ok? And if I was, you can be damn sure it wouldn't be your child.

Erica: Cardiovascular disease is a killer. No question. But it doesn't have to be so lethal. That's what today is all about. Campbell's and Fusion, today's sponsors, want you to join them in their fight against this killer.

Ryan: So Zach advised me to get out of the past and get into the present. The guy takes everything of mine, everything, and expects me just to sit back and be cool with it.

Greenlee: Zach didn't take anything from you. You walked away from Cambias -- and -- and Kendall. With a little help from me.

[Music plays]

Ryan: So Zach was the good guy in all this?

Greenlee: No, no, I wouldn't say that, but the point is we had gotten past all that crazy stuff. You, Zach, and Kendall and I are friends.

Ryan: That's just really hard for me to imagine, Greenlee. It's very hard. I mean, I understand how you two became close. You and Zach, you know, locked up in the bomb shelter all that time. Exactly how close did you guys get?

Greenlee: Look, Zach and I got close -- as friends, that's all. Just like Aidan and Kendall.

Aidan: We were only together once, Kendall, so if you are pregnant, it's got to be Zach's kid, right?

Kendall: Yes, right, of course.

Aidan: Well, then why all the secrecy, then?

Kendall: Because -- it's really none of your damn business, ok? And I've got work to do here.

Zach: Hey. What did she try and talk you into? I'll buy you a beer.

Erica: So, are you enjoying yourself?

Samuel: Well, I'm putting my money where my mouth is. You're doing some good work. Your heart is definitely in the right place tonight.

Erica: Thank you. I mean, thank you so much. And the -- the event isn't even over yet.

Samuel: I'm not going anywhere.

Pam: Erica, Mr. Woods -- we just got word that a bunch of the runway lights are out, so we need to fill 5 to 10 minutes when we go back on air.

Erica: Ah.

Pam: Until they fix the problem.

Erica: Samuel, why don't you do a live Q&A?

Samuel: Oh, that's not appropriate. This -- this is your night.

Erica: No, the -- everyone's getting enough of my time, believe me. You'll be great. Pam, you conduct the interview.

Pam: Me?

Erica: Yeah.

Samuel: All right, Pam?

Pam: Oh, ok.

Samuel: Huh? Let's do it.

J.R.: The zipper is stuck.

Babe: You can get it open. You were always good with zippers.

J.R.: You were great on that runway. You owned it.

Babe: Well, as long as I kept my eyes on you, I knew I could -- do it.

J.R.: I got it.

Babe: I knew I could count on you. Thank you.

Singer: I really pass the night so free make me feel emotion and never be

Angie: I can't -- I can't believe this is still here.

Jesse: It's our favorite little shack in the woods.

[Jesse chuckles]

Angie: We were so young.

Jesse: Yeah. Two crazy kids in love, huh? Crazy in love.

Angie: It's like time stood still. You, me, here. Oh, you -- you are alive.

[Jesse sighs]

Jesse: I never stopped loving you, Angie. You got to listen to me.

Angie: No. No, first, I -- I just want to -- I want to look at you.

Jesse: Hey, baby -- baby --

Angie: I just want to touch you.

Jesse: Baby, baby, listen to me. Listen to me. I brought you here, because nobody can see us together. Nobody can see us together now.

Angie: I know I want time alone, too. Oh, Jesse, we have 20 years to make up for.

Jesse: Oh, I'm so sorry.

Angie: No --

Jesse: I'm so sorry.

Angie: Shh. Shh. You're here now.

Jesse: There's so much you don't know. So much. So much you don't know.

Angie: All I care -- all I care about is that you're here now, and it's not a dream. I'm not -- I'm not going to wake up and -- and you're gone.

Jesse: Nobody can know I'm alive, sweetie. Nobody can know I'm alive. All right? I got to make sure --

Angie: Shh.

Jesse: It stays that way.

Angie: No, Jesse, please. Not now, not here. Jesse, we came here to shut out the rest of the world. Just you and me. Please, let's keep it that way for now. Please, just -- just you and me.

Angie: Baby -- just like it was.

Jesse: Yeah, I'm feeling it. Two kids, huh? Sneaking off to be alone. Honey -- come here, come here.

Angie: It was probably the first time I ever lied to my parents. But I was so in love with you.

Jesse: Oh, God. Me, too. I wanted you so bad.

Angie: I did, too. But it scared me.

Jesse: I knew that. I guess I shouldn't have got in that hotel room that night, huh?

Angie: Oh, no. Jesse, you are so wrong. You did exactly the right thing. You know, you just -- you made everything so right that night. And you made me love you even more.

Jesse: I always want to do the right thing by you, Angie. I want to do the right thing by you now. But it's not going to be easy.

Angie: Jesse, I'm not stupid. I know you want to tell me something bad, about what happened -- what really happened 20 years ago, but I can't hear it. Not yet. I just -- maybe I just need you to give me some time. Please? I -- I need you to give us tonight. Give me my dream.

[Music plays]

Krystal: Adam has a picture of your daughter. Jenny. I had it in my purse, and it dropped out, and I could swear I saw Adam picking it up.

Adam: Now, why would I want a picture of any offspring of yours, Tad?

Tad: You tell me.

Adam: Ah.

Tad: Adam --

Krystal: Well, what -- you know what? Actually, here it is. It was in my purse, after all.

Adam: Well, I think you owe me an apology, don't you, Krystal?

Krystal: I'm sorry, ok? Tad, would you buy me a drink, please?

Singer: Gonna take my chance

Singers: Oh

Singer: Gonna hope he asks again, again, again, yeah

Singers: You wanna fall in love you talk about it, boy

Both: I have something I want to --

J.R.: Looks like we both have something to say.

Babe: Yeah. We need to get off our chests.

J.R.: You go first.

Babe: You first.

J.R.: Please.

Babe: I know you are a match for Richie. A donor match.

J.R.: It's funny you bring that up.

Babe: And I have a proposition for you.

Zach: Well, look at us, huh? A couple of tough guys. We got the night off. Where do we end up?

Aidan: At a fashion show.

Zach: Mm-hmm. And you, by the way, looked absolutely stunning on the runway. Cheers. Here's what I gave up.

Aidan: Tickets to the Red Wings, huh? In Colorado?

Zach: Yeah.

Aidan: It's a sacrifice.

Zach: I mentioned it to Kendall in passing. Thought we'd take a couple of days, go there, watch the game.

Aidan: And she said "Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah"?

Zach: Mm-hmm. Next thing I know, I'm getting dressed for this thing.

Aidan: Well, I was going to be putting up some shelves at Greenlee's penthouse tonight.

Zach: And here we are.

Aidan: And here we are.

Pam: Mr. Woods, tell us what --

Erica: Oh, it is all going so smoothly.

Kendall: Yes, except for the light situation.

Erica: Well, thank heavens for Samuel Woods.

Kendall: Yeah, and then there was a dress missing, but I recovered it.

Erica: Well, you are doing such a good job.

Kendall: Thank you.

Erica: And actually, I am so happy that you got that pregnancy test out of the way.

Kendall: Mom --

Colby: The lights have been fixed, guys!

Erica: Ok.

Kendall: Mom, all right, go. You're on in 10 seconds.

Erica: Ok.

Kendall: Ok, you look beautiful.

Erica: Bye.

Kendall: Ok. Hmm.


Erica: Welcome back to the runway. We apologize for the delay. But I know you enjoyed listening to U.S. Attorney Samuel Woods. Let's thank Samuel Woods. A big round of applause. Thank you, Samuel. And now, on with the show.

[Music plays]

Erica: Our next team is actually a mother/daughter team.

Singer: Let it shine

[Camera shutters click]

Erica: Annie Lavery is wearing a silk jersey tube dress with single strap and asymmetrical drape. Princess Emma is wearing a silk dupioni Victorian-style dress with ruffle detail at the sleeves and neckline --


Erica: And a flaired skirt and beautiful petticoat.

Greenlee: The cutest.

Ryan: She is easy to love.

Greenlee: And Annie?

Singer: Got a feeling inside of me

Ryan: I'm trying.

Greenlee: Huh. Yeah? That's what every woman wants to hear -- "I'm trying, honey."

Ryan: I -- I don't know what to tell you. It -- it just doesn't feel right, you know? I'm -- when I'm with you and I'm with Kendall, I feel something. There's something there.

Singer: Seduction of love and all that you're giving

Greenlee: It's weird that you forgot the years just after you were engaged to Kendall.

Ryan: I don't get it, either.

Greenlee: Well, until you figure it out, you got to stay away from Zach and Kendall.

Singer: Brighter and I'm gonna let it shine

Erica: Thank you, Annie and Princess Emma.


Erica: Thank you.

Singer: This light of mine I'm gonna let it shine

Singers: Shine

Erica: And now, I'd like to call two very special women to the stage. The founders of Fusion, my daughter Kendall Hart Slater and Greenlee Smythe.


Erica: They have both worked so hard, not just working the runway. But they've worked with Campbell's to make this show the success it is today. It's also about the messages in it, and I am so proud of what they've both done here today. I'm so glad that you're both happy and healthy, and that your lives are back to normal.


Singer: Higher and higher I climb on to the road I'm on was it all in my mind? Find a way to turn my dreams into reality I don't have time to worry

Greenlee: We're committed to fighting heart disease. What about you? Say it with me -- with every beat of our hearts, let's beat heart disease. All together.

All: With every beat of our hearts, let's beat heart disease!

Kendall: All right!


Greenlee: Ok.

[Music plays]

Zach: I'm worried about Ryan.

Aidan: What, are you afraid he's going to take advantage of your wife?

Zach: No, I'm afraid I'm going to kill him if he tries anything with her. I'm going to check on the girls.

Amanda: Hey, lover boy.

Aidan: What did you say?

Amanda: Calm down. I just came to tell you you need to get backstage for the finale.

Aidan: Right.

Greenlee: Hey.

Ryan: Hey!

Greenlee: Thanks for the cheer.

Ryan: You looked good up there, you did. You and Kendall deserved it. You deserve that and a lot more.

Greenlee: Annie helped us -- a lot.

Ryan: You know, you don't have to bring up Annie every time I mention you and Kendall, all right, because it's not like -- it's not like I'm setting out to hurt her.

Greenlee: Then don't. Find out why you lost four years -- maybe that'll help bring it all back.

Ryan: No wonder I fell in love with you.

Greenlee: Watch it.

[Ryan chuckles]

Amanda: Hey, Greenlee? Five minutes to finale.

Greenlee: Ok. Feel free to keep cheering.

Ryan: I will.

J.R.: So, what was your proposition?

Babe: We used to do some wild things together when we first met.

J.R.: Yeah, we did. I have some very fond memories of San Diego.

Babe: How about we -- we go back in time and we do some wild things again?

J.R.: I'm game. What'd you have in mind?

Ava: Huh. What, J.R., are you doing hair and makeup now?

Babe: What is it, Ava?

Ava: It's finale time.

Babe: Later, J.R. I've got to get my dress back on.

J.R.: I can help you with that.

Babe: Oh, get out of here.

Samuel: Sparkling water, please.

Adam: Samuel Woods. We haven't met. I'm --

Samuel: Adam Chandler. I've heard all about you.

Adam: High praise, I assume?

Samuel: They said you were a force to be reckoned with.

Adam: It's funny -- the same thing I heard about you. Um -- you're here to do some glad-handing tonight, I assume?

Samuel: Uh, yes, and I have some business to wrap up.

Adam: Oh? Care to share?

Samuel: You know, I think there's a little too much sharing going on in Pine Valley. Jackson.

Jack: Sam.

Samuel: How are you doing?

Jack: Tell me something, Sam -- what do you want from Erica?

[Music ends]

Samuel: Oh, got to go. Showtime.

Kendall: And welcome back, everybody! Welcome back!


Kendall: Now, before our grand finale, Greenlee and I would like to thank Campbell's for working with us on today's show.

Greenlee: Join Campbell's and Fusion and the red dress community. Help us raise awareness so that we can start saving lives every minute. And now, Campbell's and Fusion present the grand finale featuring the one and only --

Kendall: Erica Kane!

[Cheers and applause]

Samuel: Let's do it.

Erica: Ok. Let's do it.

Angie: I remember what it always felt like for you to hold me.

Jesse: Never got old?

Angie: Never.

Jesse: Even when you were steaming mad at me?

Angie: Even then. It was always you -- always you that I dreamed about, always you that I longed for. If only I would --

Jesse: Oh, baby --

Angie: I'd known, Jesse --

Jesse: Baby, please, stop --

Angie: If only you would've to me --

Jesse: Stop, stop, stop. I know that you love me, I know that. That's all that matters. That's all that has ever mattered to me.

Angie: Jesse, what is it?

Kendall: With every beat of our hearts, let's beat heart disease.

Greenlee: Bring on the red!

All: Whoo!

[Music plays]

[Cheers and applause]

Singer: Whoa

Singer: Whoa, whoa

Man: Whoo!

Singer: Love that girl oh, whoa, whoa yeah love that, love that girl you you say you need me I've been going away stay away so long

Zach: Look at Annie. Your wife looks great tonight.

Greenlee: Campbell's and Fusion now give you the "Go Red" gown of the day -- a show-stopping, one-shoulder, bias-cut silk charmeuse gown with side split and train, modeled by our hostess, Erica Kane!


Singer: Higher and higher and higher until the world is mine I'll see it all in my mind I'll find a way to turn my dreams into reality I know that I can if I try

Jack: My God, are you sure about that? All right, thanks. Thanks for the tip.

Singer: Until the world is mine I'll see it all in my mind I'll find a way to turn my dreams into reality


Erica: Thank you. Thank you all so much for being here today! So much. The best, thank you. Thank you. So generous, thank you so much.


J.R.: Babe, Babe? So what was that wild thing that you wanted to do?

Babe: A poker game, Texas hold 'em, winner takes all.

J.R.: What are the stakes?

Babe: Well, if I win, you agree to be Richie's bone marrow donor.

J.R.: And if I win?

Babe: You get whatever you want.

Erica: Thank you.

Reporter: Good evening, Ms. Kane -- Ms. Kane?

Erica: Yes?

Reporter: Emily Francis from the CW-11 morning news.

Erica: Of course, hi.

Emily: Hi. You obviously look fabulous in anything you wear. You wore two dresses tonight, but if you were to choose one to take home, which one would you pick?

Erica: Oh. Well, actually, I do have a choice, so I'm going to take them both home.


Emily: Sounds great!

Reporter: Ms. Kane, Michelle Rivera from "Cosmogirl" magazine.

Erica: Of course -- hi, Michelle.

Michelle: Hi, how are you?

Erica: Fine.

Michelle: Can you tell us -- what will Erica Kane be wearing this summer?

Erica: Well, I think that "Cosmogirl" is going to be very happy to hear that this summer is all about flirty and feminine.

Reporter: And red?

Erica: Excuse me?

Reporter: Jocelyn Vena from "Ok!" Magazine.

Erica: Absolutely, I think so. I mean, I think every woman needs a red dress.


Jocelyn: Thank you.

Reporter: Miss Kane, Tracey Lomrantz --

Second reporter: And Carol Han from

Erica: Yes?

Tracey: You mentioned flirty and feminine -- how about hemlines?

Erica: Ooh. Well, I think hemlines are a bit like the stock market -- unpredictable.


Reporter: Emily Finkfinder from "Interview" magazine. How did you pick the designers?

Erica: Actually, that was very easy. I mean, obviously they're all very talented, very creative, and they're all very dedicated to this cause -- helping women stay more healthy. I'm sorry -- I think that's all I have time for. Good night.

Reporter: I'm sorry, one more question, please. Chris Kensler,

Second Reporter: Ms. Kane, Audrey Slater from "Redbook" magazine, and I think I have the same question as Chris. Can we expect another red dress fashion show next year?

Annie: Ryan? We need to go home now.

Ryan: No, let's stick around for a little while.

Zach: You scored.

Kendall: Yeah, I think we did.

Greenlee: Definitely. We are going to change the world. I love you, Kendall. Come here. Hmm.

Samuel: Now.

Angie: Talk to me, baby.

Jesse: Oh. I've wanted this for so long, I've waited for this --

Angie: Jesse --

Jesse: Baby --

Angie: Listen -- listen to me.

Jesse: I want you --

Angie: What-- whatever it is, whatever's making you pull away, it doesn't matter, Jesse. You say that you've always loved me. And I have never asked you this before but -- listen to me. Now I need you to prove that. Whatever is wrong, whatever is going on in your head -- Jesse --

Jesse: I need you, baby. I need you so badly. You know what, I need you to be safe, and I need you to be strong. Just be safe --

Angie: No, no! No, you're not leaving me! No, not now, Jesse! I'm not letting you go -- not again! No! No! No! No! No!


Jack: You've got to get off this stage right now -- right now.

Erica: Yeah, but, Jack, the show is not over yet.

Jack: Let's go.

Samuel: I'm afraid it is.

Erica: Well, what -- what's going on?

Samuel: Erica Kane, you're under arrest.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Erica (to Sanuel): I have something you want that money cannot buy.

Greenlee (to Greenlee): Ok, miss "I'm not pregnant," how many more signs do you need? Just take the test already.

Angie: You know you want me.

Jesse: Believe me, so bad.

Angie: I want you, too.

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