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All My Children Transcript Friday 2/8/08


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[Sitting at her desk, Angie notices the date on her calendar and recalls Jesse]

Angie's voice: All the years that we've loved each other, the things that we've shared. I am just so greedy for you. I want more. I want more. But if I -- if I can't have you, I will have what we always had -- the love, and Frankie. Frankie's a part of you, Jesse, and nothing will ever take our love away -- not even death.

Joe: Hey, how you doing?

Angie: Uh -- I'm fine, I'm fine. I -- Jesse's birthday.

Joe: Yeah. Oh --

[Joe gives Angie a hug and a kiss on the forehead]

Angie: Thanks, Joe.

Joe: Could I talk to you a moment in private, ok?

Angie: Is it about Frankie?

Joe: No, no, no, no, no, Frankie's fine. Thing is, I just -- I just came from a board meeting, and we had a vote, and the vote was unanimous and -- everybody wants you to come back to the hospital full-time.

Angie: Thanks, Joe. I know that's what you want.

Joe: It's what I need, it's what the hospital needs.

Angie: Maybe sometime in the future, Joe, but not now. There's no way that I can stay in Pine Valley now.


Dr. Newman: What have we got?

EMT: Male, 40s, has a blunt head trauma. He's still unconscious.

Dr. Newman: Looks like he might be coming around. Sir, can you tell me your name?

EMT: He didn't have any ID on him.

Jesse: Will you get that out of my eyes, please?

Dr. Newman: Sir, can you hear me? Do you know your name?

Jesse: Oh --

Dr. Newman: Jeri, can you check his pockets for, like, some kind of ID?

Jesse: Where am I?

Dr. Newman: Pine Valley Hospital.

Jesse: Oh, no!

Dr. Newman: Sir, you have a head wound.

Jesse: I -- I can't be here.

Dr. Newman: I need some help here.

Zach: Come inside.

Annie: I thought I was doing ok. I guess the sound of your voice just made me --

Zach: Has that effect on people -- you're not alone.

Annie: Ryan walked out on me.

Zach: What do you mean he walked out on you?

Annie: He just got uncomfortable and left and didn't tell me where he was going. So I thought maybe he came here to -- to see Kendall. She seems like the only person he trusts these days.

Zach: Come in. Kendall's on her way to Chicago, I just dropped her off at the airport.

Annie: Oh, yeah. It's weird -- I almost hoped he was here with her, you know? Then at least I would know he was safe. It's just we're supposed to have another MRI today, and we're supposed to have a meeting with a psychologist and --

Zach: Take a breath.

Annie: What?

Zach: Just forget about Ryan for a moment.

Annie: I can't. I don't know where he is, Zach. And Ryan doesn't remember me or Emma or anything about the past four years of his life. I'm scared -- like, what if he does something, what if --

Zach: No, no, shh -- he lost his memory, not his mind.

Annie: I know, I know. I just keep trying to put myself in his place. I mean, what must that feel like? He must be so disoriented and -- and confused and alone. But it's my job to make sure he knows that he's not alone in this. I just have to make sure he knows that -- that I love him, and I'm not going to give up on him -- ever.

Ryan: I come bearing contraband.

Greenlee: Is that B.J.'s? God, I could kiss you. But I guess things are confusing enough right now.

Ryan: There's that take-no-prisoner sense of humor I know and love, glad to see you're feeling like your old self again.

Greenlee: Oh, pop open the curly fries and sit down. Tell me all of your problems -- the doctor is in.

Ryan: We could be here a while.

Greenlee: What, you think they're going to let me go anywhere soon? Sit. Talk.

Ryan: Ok. Right now, my biggest problem is that the woman I love is married to another man. What?

Greenlee: Well, I had to see it for myself, but I guess it's really true. You are in love with Kendall again.

Ryan: Well, yeah, but, you know, for me, it's not "again," it's "still." But yeah -- I can't imagine my life without her.

Kendall: What are you doing here?

Aidan: I have a job in Chicago.

Kendall: Oh, that's great, that's just great.

Aidan: Don't panic, Kendall, it's just a plane ride.

Kendall: Well, that's not what it looks like, Aidan -- you and me here together.

[Aidan sighs]

Kendall: If Greenlee ever finds out what we did, she would die.

Aidan: Are you really going to do this? Don't start, ok?

Kendall: And you never should've left her alone in that hospital.

Aidan: She's not alone, all right? She has hundreds of nurses and more friends than she's allowed. Plus, she has that book that you wrote -- and she told me to go.

Kendall: But not with me.

Aidan: Enough, Kendall, all right?

Kendall: Yeah, you know what? You're right, you're damn right.

Aidan: Where are you going? Sit -- sit down.

Kendall: Let -- let go of me.

Aidan: You're not going anywhere until we've sorted this out once and for all.

Ryan: What do you think?

Greenlee: Sounds awful. Some things are best not remembered? I -- but the good stuff like you falling in love with Annie -- not even a glimmer of a memory?

Ryan: No. And, you know, she's been really great about it. All -- all things considered, she's been amazing. But I feel like -- I feel like there's all this pressure for me to wake up and tell her it's all just a bad dream, you know? She wants me to hold her and tell her everything's going to be all right.

Greenlee: And you can't?

Ryan: She feels like a stranger to me.

Greenlee: Wow. And then there's Kendall?

Ryan: Who I definitely shouldn't be talking about this anymore.

Greenlee: Why, because Zach is big and scary?

Ryan: No, no. More because I don't want to freak her out any more than I already have, you know? It's clear that she's trying to help me with it. She's -- she's trying, but she just doesn't really know how.

Greenlee: Well, you have to admit it's pretty awkward. She's married, and she also cares a lot about Annie.

Ryan: Yeah, and then there's you.

Greenlee: Right.

Ryan: I mean, obviously, something went wrong with Kendall and me -- I don't -- I don't remember what that was. But all I do remember is -- you know, I remember the passion that I feel whenever I'm with her.

Greenlee: I'm not sure I'm the right person to talk to about this.

Ryan: Really? Because you seem like the best person. I mean, Kendall, you know, told me about what happened, why you and I got married.

Greenlee: You don't remember anything about us being Mr. and Mrs.?

Ryan: No. I'm sorry. Which is why I really need you to tell me, all right? I need to really learn about all the life that I just can't remember.

Greenlee: Are you sure? Because you might not like what you hear.

Annie: How's Spike? I know you're activating the implant soon.

Zach: Yeah, no, he's going to be fine. There's going to be a lot of speech therapy before it's all said and done, but --

Annie: Well, you know, Ryan and I will help with whatever -- oh, my God. Ryan doesn't even know.

Zach: He doesn't remember Spike now, but he will.

Annie: But it's just he's missing so much. I mean, Spike and Emma -- he has these two beautiful children.

Zach: And he's got you -- he's a lucky man.

Annie: Thanks. I probably really should go look for Ryan.

Zach: Let me help you through this.

Aidan: Everything was fine between us. Now all of a sudden, you've -- you've blown a fuse.

Kendall: Everything was fine, because we were focusing on helping Greenlee survive.

Aidan: Yeah, and Greenlee is doing great. Hello -- can you look at me in the eye?

Kendall: You know what we did, Aidan. Don't -- don't try to pretend, don't try to hide.

Aidan: I'm not trying to hide it, but I'm secure in my love for Greenlee. Spending one night with you is not going to change that.

Kendall: Would you be quiet? Be quiet. Someone might hear us.

Aidan: Look, what, are you going to spend the rest of your life peeking around corners and trying to avoid each other? It's ridiculous, it's immature. Why do you have to be so paranoid?

Kendall: Because what we did was wrong, and me keeping it from Zach is even worse.

Angie: Hello.

Frankie: Oh, Mom, what are you still doing here?

Angie: Well, if my favorite person is in the bed, I'm at the hospital.

Frankie: Hmm. I'm ok now. It's time for you to start taking care of yourself.

Angie: You know, you were away for so long, it's hard for me to keep my eyes off of you. I'm afraid you'll disappear.

Frankie: Hmm -- like Dad did?

Angie: Oh. What are you going on about, hmm?

Frankie: I remember, Mom.

Angie: Do you still twist and turn your bed sheets at night, huh?

Frankie: Mom, it's ok to talk about it. Today is Dad's birthday.

Dr. Newman: Are you ok? That was quite a fall.

Jesse: I'm good.

Jeri: You sure you didn't hurt yourself?

Jesse: I'm good. Just -- just my pride. Look, I'm ok, all right? It's just a -- it's a little bump on the head.

Dr. Newman: The paramedics heard that you broke up a domestic dispute -- you maybe even saved a young woman's life.

Jeri: Sounds like we've got a bona fide hero in our ER.

Jesse: Yeah, that's lovely. Listen, I got somewhere to be.

Dr. Newman: I'd really like to have you looked at by another doctor. Can you page Dr. Martin?

Jesse: Oh -- whoa, whoa -- no, no, no!

Dr. Newman: Hey, calm down, mister. What is your name?

Angie: I didn't know you'd remembered.

Frankie: No, I think you do. Growing up, every year since I was 5, that was the day we spent together. You always let me stay home from school. Oh -- remember when I made that picnic for you at the house in Corinth?

Angie: Peanut butter and banana sandwiches with strawberry lemonade? That was some combination -- I'm still feeling sick to my stomach.

Frankie: Ok, ok, well, maybe my cooking wasn't all that.

Angie: Yeah, but your talent in helping us celebrate our life on your father's birthday was nothing short of pure genius.

Frankie: Yeah, well, I gave it my best shot. Oh, I still think of him. All the time -- especially the last Christmas we had together.

Angie: Well, now that I have you, what am I going to do with you?

Jesse: You going to have to take care of me, of course.

Angie: That was a good day.

Frankie: Yeah. And now my last memory of him is here, in this hospital.

Angie: Yeah.

Frankie: He told me to take care of you, Ma. He's a good man.

Angie: You know, sometimes I just wish I could look into his eyes just one more time -- just one more time.

Frankie: Oh, hey -- I got an idea.

Angie: What?

Frankie: How about we go for a spin?

Angie: Ok, but it's going to have to be in a wheelchair.

Frankie: Oh, I'm ready to go. Come on, take your boy for a spin.

[Frankie chuckles]

Angie: Ok. You going to do a few wheelies for me?

Frankie: Now, see, that's what I'm talking about.

Angie: All right, careful, now.

Frankie: Let's go -- ooh -- for this wild ride in the rough terrain of Pine Valley Hospital.

Angie: Ok, I got your rough ride!

Frankie: Ok.

Greenlee: From my side of things, our marriage was pretty good.

Ryan: I just can't get over the fact that we were married.

Greenlee: Don't make it sound like a life sentence -- actually, it wasn't. It was good while it lasted. We were completely focused on making each other happy. We made a pact to surprise each other every day. And after Leo, it was the first time that I felt truly loved -- being friends and then more -- and for a while, it was the happiest time in my life.

Ryan: Well, then what happened?

Greenlee: You really don't remember, at all?

Ryan: No. Sorry. But I need you to tell me, ok? I need you to tell me what happened.

Greenlee: I don't know if I can relive it again. It just has taken so much time --

Ryan: I really hurt you.

Greenlee: You broke my heart.

Zach: If Kendall were here, we'd probably be drinking some chamomile tea or something. This is stronger.

Annie: Beer?

Zach: It's ale.

Annie: Is this the good kind?

Zach: Yeah -- it tastes like beer.

[Annie laughs]

Zach: You never answered my question.

Annie: Um -- to tell you the truth, I haven't really had the time to consider myself in all this. I've just been so focused on trying to make sure that Ryan's comfortable.

Zach: Well, you have time now. How you feeling?

Annie: I feel like I am drowning in what-ifs. I may have lost the love of my life. But I have to believe that this is temporary.

Zach: You're not sure?

Annie: It's just tough.

Zach: Of course it is. And you're mad as hell.

Annie: No, see, that's the thing -- I can't be mad. This isn't Ryan's fault, he didn't choose this.

Zach: You didn't choose it, either. Come here. Stand up. Come on.

Zach: Hit the pillow. That's not code for something -- I mean, hit the pillow.

Annie: What?

Zach: Go ahead.

Annie: You want me to just hit the pillow? What, you want me to pretend the pillow is Ryan?

Zach: I want you to pretend it's fate. Fate hasn't been kind to either one of you. Go ahead, give it a shot.

Annie: Stupid.

Zach: Come on --

Annie: Just stop.

Zach: Give it a shot. Give it a shot.

Annie: Stop!

Zach: Do it.

Annie: That's enough!

Zach: Come on.

Annie: Enough, enough, enough! When will it ever be enough? I'm sorry about ruining your pillow.

Zach: It's going to be fine, and so will you.

Annie: And Ryan?

Zach: He's going to be great. You love him. You got so much love for him, how can he not love you?

Annie: You really think so?

Zach: I do. Look at Kendall -- she thought I was dead. She didn't give up. Some people in your life you can always count on.

Aidan: Hey, shh.

Attendant: Excuse me, miss, you'll need to remain in your seat -- we'll be taxiing soon.

Kendall: I'm sorry, but I need to move.

Attendant: The plane is full.

Kendall: Ok, that's ok. You know what? I'll stand in the back but I can't -- I can't be up here with him, I -- I can't.

Aidan: Sit -- sit down. She's fine. She's just -- she's a little nervous, that's all. I've got it. What are you doing? One more minute, and she would've called security, and you'd get chucked off the flight. Do you really want that?

Kendall: No, what I don't want is to keep remembering what we did.

Aidan: Well, then stop thinking about it!

Kendall: I can't help it. Aidan, it is tearing me up inside.

Aidan: All right, it was a one-time mistake, ok? It's not going to happen again.

Kendall: No, it's not like this was the first time.

[Aidan sighs]

Kendall: I lost Ryan because I tried to sleep with you.

Aidan: Yeah, but that was a long time ago, right? That's over, done with.

Kendall: Aidan, I can't -- I can't trust myself around you.

Aidan: Exactly. You can't trust yourself around me, but you can trust me. And I promise you, it's not going to happen again.

Kendall: Oh, yeah, right -- like you were so trustworthy the last time. I will not lose Zach because of you, Aidan, I will not.

Jesse: Write a prescription, then I got to go.

Jeri: We need you to fill out some paperwork.

Jesse: Ok, ok. Look, I'm sorry, I got a little upset, ok? Whatever.

Angie: How are things going in ER, Dr. Newman?

Dr. Newman: Business as usual. Hey, Frankie, feeling better?

Frankie: Thanks to my mom, yeah.

Dr. Newman: Good to hear it. Dr. Hubbard, now that I have you here, do you have time to take a look at a patient for me?

Frankie: Oh, go ahead, I -- I know not to try to stop you.

Angie: Oh, come on, I -- I promise it'll just be a minute.

Dr. Newman: He's over here.

[Jesse hides behind a door]

Dr. Newman: Mr. Kittrell, this is Dr. Hubbard. I'd like her to examine you.

Angie: Hello, Mr. Kittrell. What seems to be the problem?

Dr. Newman: Bobby's been complaining about mild abdominal pains with headaches and blurred vision. We've ruled out anything bacterial, but I'd really like your opinion on this, doctor.

Angie: Well, I tell you what -- we're going to do some lab work and run some blood tests and we're going to see if we can figure this all out for you, ok?

Attendant: I loved your book. Could I get you to autograph my copy?

Kendall: Of course, yeah. Just bring it by any time.

Attendant: Thank you.

Kendall: Ahem.

Aidan: Why -- why are you reading that when you wrote it?

Kendall: Because if I'm busy, I don't have to talk to you.

Aidan: Huh -- that's a good one. Did you at least base a -- a character on me?

Kendall: The villain.

Aidan: What, you're not seriously trying to blame me for what happened?

Kendall: Oh, that's exactly what I'm doing. Because if I have you as a scapegoat, then I know I didn't sabotage yet another relationship all by myself.

Aidan: Yeah, that makes a lot of sense, Kendall.

Kendall: How do you do that? How -- how do you stay so calm? We slept together, Aidan. We cheated on our significant others and there you are -- eating your peanuts, waiting to order a Bloody Mary.

Aidan: Because I'm secure in my relationship -- I love Greenlee, and she loves me.

Kendall: Oh, ok. So you think that you love Greenlee more than I love Zach?

Aidan: Where'd you get that from?

Kendall: Because I love him. I love Zach more than I have ever loved any man in my entire life, and that is why I can't live with this lie.

Aidan: And if you tell Zach what happened, you'll be repeating history, Kendall.

Kendall: What?

Aidan: It is classic Kendall Hart behavior -- you're selfish and reckless.

Kendall: "Selfish" -- what? How is being honest with the person that you love selfish?

Aidan: Because, look, you'd be telling him to relieve your own guilt, all right? The only person that's going to feel better is you, all right, so get over yourself and think about Greenlee. If she found out what happened between us, it would crush her, and I'm going to be damned if I let you hurt the woman that I love.

Greenlee: I told you you might not want to hear about your past. I guess I was right.

Ryan: It's just a lot to process, you know, the -- the way that you talk about us.

Greenlee: The feelings were real, Ryan.

Ryan: You wanted a child, and I wouldn't give you one?

Greenlee: It was more complicated than that. You were on this dark, downward spiral, but you were the one person who loved me for me -- at least that's what I thought. And I thought that having a kid would make you see how lucky we were.

Ryan: So instead, I drove off a cliff?

Greenlee: You were afraid that you would end up like your father. You didn't want to bring another Lavery into the world.

Ryan: And now I have two? That must absolutely kill you.

Greenlee: No, no, they are two great kids. And I knew you'd always be an amazing dad. And you are.

Ryan: I am so incredibly sorry. For everything that I put you through, I am so sorry. If things were somehow different -- you know, like, if I could go back, and I could just change, take away all the pain -- I would make sure that I would never hurt you again.

Greenlee: We all made mistakes, Ryan. I mean, I've done some really horrible things, too. I mean, I came back to Pine Valley, and I was terrible to Annie. She didn't deserve it.

Ryan: It must've seemed like she and Kendall had the life that you always, you know, wanted.

Greenlee: Mm-hmm. Yeah, Kendall had Spike, Annie had you and Emma.

Ryan: Oh, this is so weird. It's so weird. It's like we've been playing musical chairs and everybody's sitting in the wrong seats.

Greenlee: I know that might be how it seems to you, but it's not how it really is. Aidan and I love each other. Kendall and Zach are happy -- they fit, Ryan. I know that's not what you want to hear, but they are so good together.

Ryan: You're right -- not really what I want to hear. Huh. I mean, I don't really get that guy. I got to tell you the truth, I don't get him -- and Kendall with him? I really -- I don't -- I don't get it at all.

Greenlee: Zach is unlike anyone I've ever known. I mean, he's a little dark sometimes, yeah, a little brooding, a little mysterious, but --

Ryan: Makes me want to rescue Kendall from the guy.

Greenlee: No -- you know what? I am the last person anyone would think would be a cheerleader for Zach. I hated him for a long time with good reason, but we were in an impossible situation together, and he was really there for me -- just like he has been for Kendall and even for Annie.

Ryan: All the ladies, huh?

Greenlee: Don't make it sound bad.

Ryan: Just an observation.

Annie: This is really nice of you, Zach -- listening to all my complaints, letting me, ahem, kill your pillow.

Zach: It was worth it just to see you smile.

Annie: Well, Kendall's a lucky lady.

Zach: No, I'm the lucky one. You know, I was stuck in that hole, and I thought I'd never see my wife again.

Annie: Well, Kendall was really strong, and she never gave up on you.

Zach: Mm-hmm -- and now you got to be strong for Ryan.

Annie: You know, I was talking to Emma earlier, and I just told her that Daddy's not feeling well. You know, I mean, she misses her playtime with him, she misses that kid stuff.

Zach: Until Jonathan gets back from Europe, maybe I can help step up with the kids.

Annie: Thank you. You know, it's unfortunate that her other uncle, my brother, isn't somebody that can be relied on, but --

Zach: How's he doing?

Annie: Not good -- especially since he just found out that I'm not a match for his bone marrow transplant and neither is our father, so that leaves one person.

Zach: Emma.

Annie: I can't put her through that.

Zach: Of course, you can't.

Annie: That's the other thing, too -- Ryan was always the guy that protected me and Emma from all the bad guys of the world, especially Richie.

Zach: I know it's not the same, but if you need someone to, you know --

Annie: You're the guy to call?

Zach: Yeah.

Annie: Yeah.

Zach: I want this to work out for all of us.

Kendall: I'm sorry. I was wrong to pin all of this on you. This is mostly about me and my history of ruining my relationships. I betrayed Zach -- the one man that I completely trusted.

Aidan: It's all right. Don't beat yourself up. All right, if you remember, we were both suffering back then, too, and we had every reason to think that Zach and Greenlee were gone. Right, nobody could believe that they would survive out there for all those weeks in the woods with temperatures below zero.

Kendall: I lost faith in the person that I love.

Aidan: Yeah, for a second, Kendall, so this -- it's going to do you no good to dwell on it.

Kendall: You don't ever feel any sort of guilt?

Aidan: Well -- hello? Yeah, I mean, of course, I do but I would rather deal with that guilt every day of my life than hurt Greenlee. Every time she tells me she trusts me or -- or thanks me for never giving up on her, it breaks my heart. But rather me than her, because she's had enough pain to last a -- a bloody lifetime.

Kendall: I don't know. Secrets have a way of coming out.

Aidan: Well, only me and you know about it. So if we swear never to tell a soul -- think about it. There are good lies, Kendall, and this is one of them.

Kendall: Aidan, what we did was stupid and destructive and would devastate Zach and Greenlee.

[Aidan sighs]

Kendall: So I'm sorry, I'm sorry if I don't want to whitewash it and -- and make it easier on us. Oh -- oh --

Aidan: What, what's up?

Kendall: Oh, boy, I think I'm going to be sick. I'm going to be sick.

Jesse: Oh -- oh.

Julia: Who are you?

Jesse: I was -- uh -- looking for the bathroom.

Julia: So you came into the closet and closed the door behind you?

Jesse: Well, actually, the door kind of shut before I realized my mistake.

Julia: Ok. Yeah, you're going to need to give me a better explanation before I call security on you.

Jesse: All right, look, here's the truth. Um -- I lost my family here at this hospital, and normally I avoid this place like the plague, but I had no choice this time. And all of a sudden -- I don't know -- it started getting to me, you know, and I had to find a black hole to crawl into.

Julia: Oh, yeah, I understand -- that happens to a lot of people. I'm sorry about your loss.

Jesse: Thank you.

Julia: So why'd you come back to the hospital, considering all the memories?

Jesse: I had to visit someone.

Julia: Oh. I hope they're doing ok.

Jesse: As well as could be expected under the circumstance. But I've said my goodbyes and -- um -- I'd better be going.

Julia: You know, I'm sorry -- you look so familiar. What did you say your name was?

Jesse: Listen, thank you so much for your kindness, but I really have to go.

Greenlee: You know, Zach is not some Romeo type of guy -- I mean, not that he isn't attractive. I mean, the point is Zach and I were trapped for weeks together, and the one thing that got us through was our love for Aidan and Kendall. You love Annie that way, too. I know you don't remember that, but you would do anything to be with her.

Ryan: She's -- she's a really beautiful -- beautiful woman. You know, she seems like -- seems like she's a really nice person.

Greenlee: But she's still not Kendall.

Ryan: That's just how I feel.

Greenlee: Well, then snap out of it. Stop obsessing over a past you can't remember or you can't change.

Ryan: It's all I got right now.

Greenlee: Well, then you're going to be pretty lonely, because the rest of us have moved on. And we're finally with the person we're supposed to be with. Give Annie a chance.

Nurse: Hey.

Ryan: Hey.

Nurse: Greenlee, I have to hang a new IV bag.

Greenlee: Ok, that's fine.

Ryan: Ok, I'll let you get back to getting well. Hey, thanks for the talk. Hey, one last question. Um, you, Kendall, and me -- you know, like, the three of us -- did we ever, all three of us, kind of like --

Greenlee: Pig! As if you don't have enough women fighting over you already.

Ryan: Hey, a guy can dream, right?

Greenlee: No, you know what? Kendall and I have gone after each other's men one too many times -- that's never going to happen again.

Aidan: Hey.

Kendall: Ugh.

Aidan: What happened?

Kendall: I got nauseous, Aidan. Haven't you ever seen someone get sick?

Aidan: Well, are you ok?

Kendall: I'll survive. I'm sure it was just stress from all the lying. I freaked out, and it went straight to my stomach.

Adam: You look pretty pale, Kendall. Are you sure you're all right?

Kendall: No, I'm not all right. But what else could make me this sick?

Annie: So Kendall's supposed to be back tomorrow?

Zach: Yeah. I'll tell her you came by.

Annie: Ok.

Zach: Do you want me to help you look for Ryan?

Annie: I think that might just make the situation worse at this point.

Zach: Yeah, I'm probably not his favorite person at the moment.

Annie: No, not considering he thinks he's the one who belongs with Kendall.

Zach: Let me drive you home.

Annie: You know what? Thanks, but I think I could use the walk.

Zach: Come here. If you need anything, you let me know.

Kendall: Aidan, what are you doing? We're about to start taxiing!

Aidan: I'm going to go get you some ginger ale and some crackers, all right?

Kendall: Uh -- Aidan, I don't --

[Phone rings]

Kendall: Aidan, your phone?


Kendall: Aidan Devane's phone.

Greenlee: Kendall?

Kendall: Greenlee. Uh -- I'm sorry, I didn't recognize the number.

Greenlee: I used the hospital phone.

Kendall: Is everything ok?

Greenlee: I don't know -- you tell me. What are you doing with Aidan?

Joe: I just wanted to say I'm sorry.

Angie: For what?

Joe: Oh, for ambushing you with my offer to stay on the staff full-time.

Angie: Thanks.

Joe: Yeah. Hey, you look tired. Why don't you call it a day?

Angie: Oh, I only have a few more reports to file.

Joe: Mm-hmm -- I'll have one of the nurses do that.

Angie: I don't know, Joe. You know, I guess it's this day, being in this hospital -- it just makes me miss Jesse more.

Joe: Yeah. Do you think visiting Jesse's grave might help?

Angie: I haven't done that in years.

Joe: Yeah? Well, maybe it's time.

Angie: Maybe. Thanks, I'll -- I'll give it some thought.

Joe: Yeah.

[Jesse visits his gravesite]

Julia: Hey. I just checked on Frankie, and he tells me you're finally going to take a break.

Angie: Oh, that boy can't wait to be rid of me.

Julia: I'm sure he's probably just worried about his mom. So, you off to the Valley Inn?

Angie: No, actually, I'm on my way to see someone very special. Good night.

Julia: Good night.

Jesse: Look at that gorgeous smile. Oh, baby, I miss that smile so much. I miss you, I wish I could touch you.

[Angie sighs]

Angie: Joe's right -- it is time, Jesse.

Jesse: You need to know I never stopped loving you, Angela. I never stopped loving you.

>> On the next "All My Children" --

Greenlee (to Kendall): So you and Aidan are going to Chicago together? Does Zach know?

Zach (to Ryan): This is Spike, your son.

Ryan: Mine and Kendall's.

Angie: Jesse?

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